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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 28, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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thanks for watching. "studio b" with trace in for shep, starts now. >> the news begins anew on "studio b". pure chaos as crews wake up to shouts of may day and flames climbing the back of their ship. now those passengers are running home and telling their incredible stories of the dream vacation gone terribly wrong. we'll talk with one passenger live on "studio b." then the attorney general, eric holder, under fire and under investigation. fox news confirming a congressional committee is looking into whether he lied under oath to congress about the government's secret snooping on journalists. plus, big developments in the benghazi controversy. congress just sent a subpoena to
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the secretary of state, john kerry, we'll tell you what republican lawmakers are now demanding to see. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b." >> we begin with breaking news on "studio b." and take a look at these pictures out of downtown -- just outside of downtown baltimore, maryland. this is a freight train that derailed about 30 minutes ago, and there is huge smoke. you can see part of that train is engulfed in flames. we have no idea what the cargo train was carrying but you can see the smoke from downtown baltimore' from miles away and at last report there was word that some nearby buildings had been heavily damaged, maybe even collapsed. now, about 30 minutes ago authorities on the scene said there were no reports of injuries. clearly that was before. take a look at this. this is a wide angle shot. this is before authorities got
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on ground and realized there were some warehouses, very industrial section of downtown baltimore, the outskirts of downtown baltimore, and you can kind of see there -- look at the building on the outskirts. you can see first responders spraying them with foam and some chemical retardant. it's unclear how many people, or if there were people at all, inside these buildings which apparently housed some of the freight that the freight train carried. we also do not know what chemicals were on board this, and if there are any nearby residential areas that might be in the vent here because as you saw the giant plume of smoke, you would have first responders going going to any nearby neighborhood and telling people to stay indoors, at the very port, telling people to evacuate. we'll keep our eyes on this. train derailment just outside of baltimore, maryland. as get more information on information and more damage, reports of buildings collapsed, as we get more on that, we will
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keep you up to speed on "studio b." but first, to the cruise passenger who made it through a terrifying fire. they're arriving back in the united states and describes scene office chaos as flames ripped through the ship. the fire scorched a good deal on the teche of the grandeur of the sea. wiping ute restaurant and the bar. it happened in the dead of night as the ship neared the bahamas, passengerring woke up to the sound of big explosions and crew maybes screaming "may day." we heard from passengers. >> they woke us up in the middle of the night and we staggered down to the deck at the muster station. there was a big flareup of flames and we all were called to go if to the side. >> the more than 2,000 people on board scrambled to put on life jackets as crew members battled the flames. it took more than two hours to put this thing out.
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witnesses report smelling the sickening scent of smoke as the fire jumped from one deck to the next, and seeing people crying and throwing up, even some passing out, because of fear. one telling reporters, she thought the ship was going to sink. steve is live in our south florida newsroom. steve, really terrifying moments there clearly. >> trace, keep in mind all this went down just about 3:00 in the morning. so people were really woken up to the smoke and the flames. pounding on cabin doors, telling people they didn't have time to get dressed. .their life vests on. no real clear idea what caused the fire which burn for more than two hours in the stern of the ship. but the ship itself never lost any power. it was able to dock on monday afternoon, in the bahamas and there were no injuries no serious injuries prong the 2,200 passengers on board, just two people who report fainting at the sight of the flames.
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>> trace: we mentioned some of the passengers getting off the ship. what's next for them? >> there are charter flights being arranged by executives at royal caribbean that are landing in baltimore. that's where this cruise originated on friday. they'll be given a full credit for this cruise and 50% off a future cruise, and our producer on the ground talked to many returning families who almost universally praised the way the royal caribbean handled the situation. >> some people were very, very nervous, my husband and i had to talk one guy down from freaking out. everything that was happening. the staff did a really awesome. >> though. like throughout the entire time they were very calm, courteous. >> despite the five and the panic, many passengers say they'll renew those coupons on 50% off a future cruise. trace? >> trace: steve, thank you. well, pang ben warren was on the ship and says crew members
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banged on her door in the middle of the light creaming for her to get life vests on. she said she ran to the assembly area where the crew was read using the life boats and running up and down the deck with jobs send. i understand they told you you didn't have time to get dressed. what was that like? >> it was very surreal. i didn't know what to do or what was going on. i did get dressed and i ran in my socks -- i didn't have time to put my shoes on -- grabbed my life vest, and just ran to my pre, arranged muster station. >> so then you see people, the life boats getting prepared. when you have life boats in the middle of the ocean getting prepared you know that's got to be frightening. what were people saying and what
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were you going through at that point? >> everybody was calm. i was extremely frightened at that point because it was a wakeup call. this was it. i thought that maybe i was going -- a goner and my life was in their hands or god's hand skis accepted that, and just stayed calm and told myself that everything was going to be okay. >> the reports were that the crew was doing a great job of keeping people informed. while you were in your muster area and you know the ship is still on fire because it burned for the better part of two hours, were they giving you an idea of where the fire was and how bad it was and kind of what your predicament was at the time? >> yes. the captain came over the announcer and told us that there was a fire, everything was under control, that they were trying to put it out but they kept
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giving us updates, that it was still on fire. i feel they were being very honest with us, and the crew was just wonderful. >> trace: bang, i have to ask you, they're going to give you motor vehicle back and a free cruise. are you going to take them up on it? >> yes, i am. in fact i'm booked for my birthday cruise september 1st. >> trace: well, bang, the best to you and all the other passengers. we're glad you're back in port safely. thank you very much. back now to breaking news we brought you. a freight train has now derailed and gone off the tracks just outside of baltimore, maryland. an area called rosedale. a very industrial area. you can see the flames still burning there. we had some wider shots earlier. authorities told us earlier there were some buildings in the area.
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up clear what type. that had actually been heavily damaged. some word of buildings collapsing. i want to bring in reporter rob base with the total traffic network, and give us a better sense, rob, what we're talking about. what type of area is this and how bad is your understanding of the damage? >> this is a very highly industrial area on the northeast side of baltimore city. the actual incident is in baltimore county. but the incident would be in the baltimore county area, just north of baltimore city. unfortunately it's so close to the i-95 corridor and pulaski highway is shut down, which is an alternate for i-95. what i'm being told there is was a train dry railment and also a truck that was struck. at one point in time i heard that the driver of that truck was actually trapped and what appears to be is the train went into and possibly over the truck, and in some of the shot
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is have seen the truck is sit can parallel upside-down to the track. that driver was reported as trapped and so far no word on if he has been extricated from the accident. >> trace: we're also hearing, rob, some people who are around the area and some of the surrounding highways say when this went off the tracks you could see the fire, and then they felt this massive explosion. if you know this area like you do is it the explosion you think that was damaged or destroyed some of the buildings in the area? is that what we are talking about or the actual derailing. >> it was absolutely the explosion, and the shock wave most likely that would have damaged the building. there's a real good shot that i've seen a couple of, of the warehouse that was sitting right next to the tracks, probably about 20 to 30 yards. and that definitely was an explosion. the train hasn't gone that far but the wheels of the train actually came off of the undercarriage of the train. >> i know you're with the total
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traffic network. give us an idea what you're hearing on scanner traffic as far as first responders heading to the scene. are they sending ambulances? any idea if they believe there are any injuries or worse as we look at these pictures coming out of just outside of baltimore? >> the only injury i heard of is the one and that would be the truck driver of the train that struck the truck, but otherwise we're coming from mutual aid -- right now in baltimore county's property. they have requested help from baltimore county and also i notice a bwi truck -- foam truck had been called to the scene. so far -- this is the frightening part -- wore not sure what the train was haul so we have a hazard yours materials group on standby. >> rob base with the total traffic network. he makes a great point.
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that is what the key is with these accidents, what is on the train and what is now burning and how close are people, residencal areas and business areas, to the actual burning train and do they have to be evacuated inside. as we get answers we'll upindicate you on the train off the tracks. meantime, another possible problem for the attorney general of the united states. payable of lawmakers investigating whether attorney general eric holder lied under oath when he testified on capitol hill about leaks involving journalists. next, what it could mean for his future in the obama administration. plus, republican congressman darrell issa sends a subpoena. the new secretary of state john kerry is the recipient of that subpoena. what the cockman says he wants to know about the benghazi attack. that is next on a breaking news edition of "studio b."
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fox news now confirms the house judiciary committee is investigating whether attorney general eric holder lied under oath to congress about leaks involving journalist. it has to do with his testimony during a hearing two weeks ago. >> with regard to the potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material, that is not something that i've ever been involved or heard of or would think would be a wise policy. >> but the justice department confirmed last week attorney general holder himself approved a warrant request to search fox news correspondent james rosen0s phone records and personal e-mails and as they news came to life the daily beast holder began feeling a creeping sense of remorse over the warrants. doug is live in washington. the attorney also feeling pressure from within his
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own party. >> that's right. some democrats are joining republicans in calling for greater shield laws to protect journalists from illegal jeopardy. other democrats are singling out the doj's targeting of reporters as doing a lot of damage. >> it seems to me clear that the actions of the department have in fact impaired the first amendment. reporters who might have previously believed that a confidential source would supreme to them, would no longer have the level of confidence. >> hold iris under growing pressure to amend the warrant that named rosen a co-conspiracy sir. i'm told the 'affidavit is ludicrous and every fact should have been rejected by the attorney general. here's senator lindsay graham. >> we're criminalizing journalists and that should
12:18 pm
worry us all. >> many of the reasons the republicans are calling for an independent counsel investigation. >> we mentioned as well, doug, that eric holder had some reported remorse. >> i can tell you holder is getting the message loud and clear, according to this daily beast article. he was asked if he stood by what he said in the daily beast. his rye reply, quote, i'm not satisfied, i'm not satisfied. he said, quote, we understand why this is so controversial and we're ready to make changes to fine the right balance. the 30-day review will begin with a dialogue with media news organizations. the invitations are going out today and the first meeting next week. >> trace: doug, thank you. another scandal consuming our nation's capitol. the house oversight committee chairman demanding the state department turn over more documents related to the
12:19 pm
department's talking points in the wake of the terror attack in benghazi. darrell issa issued a subpoena aimed at ten current and former state department officials. james rosen has more in our d.c. news room. james, what kinds of documents are house republicans demanding to see here? >> trace, you'll remember five days after the attacks that killed four americans in libya, back on september 11th of last year, our u.n. ambassador susan rice appear on five sunday talk shows maintaining the evidence thus far pointed to benghazi being the result of a troats gone awry. not a premeditated terror attack. however, 94 pages of e-mails sent to and from senior officials at the state department, the white house, and cia in the two days preceding rice's appearance, showed that senior officials knew that stromic extremists with ties to al qaeda participated in the
12:20 pm
attacks. a sentence scrubbed from the talking points for susan rice. the officials are among the deputy secretary of state. undersecretary of state, and former state don't spokesman, and beth jones, the acting assistant secretary of state for the middle east. tom nice, nyse, and sheryl mill, this assistant to secretary of state hillary clinton, and knewland was just nominated for a position that requires senate confirmation. i reaction from the obama administration on this? >> i've checked in with the state department. so far nothing from them. chairman issa says this quote-unquote narrowly tailored subpoena has been issue baud secretary of state kerry failed to live up to promises. >> i will work with you, mr. chairman. i do not want to spend the next year coming up here talking about benghazi. if there's something legitimate
12:21 pm
that really needs to be put on the table, i'll about it on the table. and i'll work with you in good faith. >> of course it bears mentioning secretary of state kerry at the time the benghazi attacks occurred was himself serve in the u.s. senate. >> james, thank you. there are new signs that the united states and russia could soon be sucked into opposite sides of the bloody civil war in syria. and that is next. kinnier, you know? not really. aaah! jessica! whoa! your friend's a rate sucker. her bad driving makes car insurance more expensive for the rest of us. try snapshot from progressive. snap it in and get a discount based on your good driving. [pop!] stop paying for rate suckers! try snapshot free at
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chase liquid. so you can. >> a potential arms race is now brewing over the civil war in syria. israel's defense minister says his nation's military is prepared to strike russian weapon shipments to the syrian government. that warning comes after a top russian official said his nation reserves the right to provide
12:25 pm
syria with advanced air defense missile systems similar to this one. israeli officials have repeatedly voiced turns that syrian weapons could end up in the hands of their enemies, including hezbollah, all this while the united states and russia try to bring the leaders to switzerland for a talk, and a day after the european union agreed to lift the arms embargo. >> this spat between israel and russia could be extremely significant. >> and extremely dangerous. the russian missiles are antiaircraft missiles and obviously they're of great concern to the israelis because they could be used by the syrian government to attack israeli war planes. they could also be funneled from the syrian government to hezbollah in lebanon, who would then in turn use them against israeli forces.
12:26 pm
for that reason, the israeli defense minister said today, quote, if, god forbid, they do reach syria, well will know what to do. and of course, israel has already shown its willingness to carry out air strikes inside syria against missile shipments they say were directly headed to hezbollah militants. >> there is a certain irony here that the russians are being highly critical of the european nations spraying weapons to the syrian opposition. >> the russians are saying we will continue to fulfill our contract to arm the syrian government of assad, while criticizing a move by the european union to now allow european nations that want to, to send weapons directly to the rebels. state department officials were asked about this today at their daily news briefing. they didn't want to be withdrawn
12:27 pm
on saying that outright arming the rebels is a good idea. listen. >> our position is that we want to negotiate a political settlement but we want assad to change the calculation so he realizes he has to negotiate so we can get a transitional executive body. >> senator john mccain who has been hawkish on syria throughout, has added to the pressure on the obama administration to aid the rebels by making an unannounced visit across the border from turkey, into syria, to meet with some of those rebels yesterday. there is no sign that the pressure is working. no indications at the moment that the u.s. is about to change its policy, and actually start funneling weapons to the syrian opposition, trace. >> trace: jonathan hunt, live for news new york. thank you. joining us now is john busy, executive business edit for the
12:28 pm
wall street journal which is owned by our parent company. the same first question to you, you talk about israel making threats about russian arms shipments to syria. how does that escalates? >> it escalates because both sides are now talking about funneling ever more sophisticated weapons into a very dangerous spot in the world. and the europeans and the americans are looking at this and saying, how do we get some kind of advantage for the rebels we like as opposed the rebels we don't like there are strom gist extremists who have funded into syria, who are fighting asaud, people that the americans and europeans do not want to get weapons. so america and france and britain particularly are saying, we want to get assad to the bargaining table but we have to give some thrown the -- some leverage to the ebb rebels. so if we signal there could be more weapons coming to the rebels, that gives them power at the negotiating table but the
12:29 pm
reality is tough bought the americans and french and british are having trouble finding the right rebels to get the more sophisticated weapons to. >> how do you get assad to the bar gappenning table -- bargaining table? if he knows he can outgun the rebels for the next couple of years why would he say, let's talk about this. >> that's the biggest concern to the west. particularly if this air defense system is put into place. which would preclude any kind of no-fly zone creation or make it a lot more difficult. and the french are saying, and the americans, too, that, well, one thing that could counterbalance the fact that assad is using his air force more effectively now against the rebels are shoulder-held antiaircraft missile. how do you get those to the right people and make sure they don't get to al qaeda, linked groups that can use them in some other theater as well.
12:30 pm
>> john bussey with the wall street journal good to see you. >> a set back in court for george zimmerman today. the central florida neighborhood watch man accused of kill unarmed teenager after an altercation. we'll show you the pictures a judge ruled the jury will not get to see. plus, huge flames forcing thousands to clear out of parts of central california. now investigators are looking into the possibility this fire you're looking at is no extent. block whether -- is no accident.
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continuing coverage now. breaking news happening just outside of baltimore, maryland. this is a train that went off the rails and exploded. it's a freight train. you're seeing pictures now of parts of the industrial area where this happened, and this -- just about 40 minutes ago the train went off the track. we don't know the chemicals but whatever was on board exploded and we're being told a number of buildings in this industrial area just outside of downtown baltimore were either damaged or destroyed. what is unknown is if there were workers in and around the building at the time of the train explosion. we do know that a truck driver was apparently trapped inside his rig. we do not know the severity of his injuries or if first responders have been able to contact him or not. the big thing here is we don't know what was on the train, and what is now burning, and what
12:35 pm
residencal areas in and around the area might have to be evacuated or at least have the residents stay indoors. ty ? these tapes of scenarios they let the chemicals burn because putting them out can be more dangerous than letting them burn. we'll keep you up to date what is going on outside of baltimore. the train explosion after it derail. continuing coverage. >> a major rule out of florida. trayvon martin's troubled past is now offlimits when the trial over his death starts in two weeks. he is the teenager whose death last year divided a central florida community and sparked a nationwide debate. today a judge shot down requests from defense attorneys for george zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman whom prosecutors say spotted the teenager in his neighborhood, stalked him and then gunned him down. zimmerman says trayvon martin attacked him first. the judge ruled during opening
12:36 pm
arguments the defense cannot talk about trayvon martin's drug use, his suspension from school or alleged involvement in fights. the ruling comes a few days after zimmerman's defense released these pictures found on trayvon martin's cell phone, pictures showing marijuana explant the teenager blowing smoke. another one shows somebody holding a hand gun. the defense argued that trayvon martin's past is critical to the case, showing the teen was hostile and that drugs influs his behavior on the night he died. >> says my guy was the aggressor. we say trayvon martin was the aggressive. study suggest aggressive behavior can be residual from marijuana use. >> still, the judge says the jury won't be allowed to see or hear that evidence, at least not for now. the judge made some other big rulings as well. phil is live in our south florida news hub. those rulings were defeats across the board for the defense. >> they were, trace, and they
12:37 pm
came in quick order from the judge who ruled on 20 notions just two hours this morning. the man accused and charged with second degree murder was not on hand in court today. however, the mother of trayvon martin did show up. the defense wanted to take the jury to the scene of the shooting. that 'twas denied. the judge not going to have that during the trial. the defense a little wanted to delay the trial by another two months. also denied. the judge also ruling out the unarmed teenage 'er0s social immediate gentleman and cell phone date a as irrelevant, pleasing the martin family. >> they were intending to try this case about marijuana, guns, and fighting. none of which had anything to do with the seven-minute period on that night of february 26th as trayvon martin was killed. >> however, as for marijuana usage by tray son martin, it is likely that the toxicology tests
12:38 pm
done during his autopsy will be shown and presented to the jury during the trial, and you may recall that showed there were trace evidence of marijuana in his system the night trayvon martin died. >> trace: and so we're still waiting for the key ruling whether the jury will hear a potential explosive audio analysis. right? >> absolutely. this special hearing will be heard next week. that will likely be the last pretrial hearing before the trial. this is critical evidence and controversial as well especially for george zimmerman's defense. a new audio expert for the prosecution analyzed the screams heard in the 9-1-1 call background that night and determines it is trayvon martin yelling for help, even saying, quote, i'm begging you. here is that call. does he look hurt? >> i can't see him. i want to go out there. i don't know what's going on.
12:39 pm
>> is he yelling help? >> yes. >> the fbi incidentally last year gave up trying to determine whether that was george zimmerman or trayvon martin scream can in the background, saying the recording quality was too poor but this i potentially damning for the defense because it's a self-defense claim for them, and this actually goes to support the state's case here that george zimmerman was the aggressor and instigator that night. trace? >> trace: phil keeting live in miami. thank you. what do these rulings do the defense team's case? let's bring in criminal defense attorney. john, mark o'meara got skunked today. got shut out. >> he did but for now. what the judge did is she is leaving the door cracked occupy a little bit so that when and if the -- when the testimony is -- take place when the trial actually starts, if the defense can show that there's a reason to exercise an exception to the
12:40 pm
evidentiary rules, i think the judge has left the door open for those certain information to come in. here's the general rule. the general rule is you can't use somebody's bad character to approve they acted in conformity with that character on an occasion. normally that relates to a defendant. here different because george zimmerman's defense is affirmative so it puts the victim in the defendant's shoes. he has to prove that trayvon martin was the aggressor. >> you know mark o'meara knew that it wasn't getting in. is this strategy to put this out there and make sure everybody knows we have pictures of him 0 smoking dope, all these other things. it that a strategic think that mark o'meara might have pulled? >> you betcha and it's going to be successful in the court of public opinion, and it's going to do something else, too. now that we know the evidence exists, the prosecutor should
12:41 pm
have turn it over before. shame on them for not. if the prosecution attempts to put on evidence of trayvon martin's good character, this evidence is going to come in full sweep. so i think it was smart on the defense to have this hearing even though they didn't technically win. >> criminal defense attorney, johna good, do see you. >> battling a huge wildfire forcing thousand office campers out of the mountainness central california, it broke out yesterday afternoon in the los poudres national forest. it has scorched nearly three square miles and are investigating whether somebody caused the fire. the national forest is near santa barbara, adam housely is here. >> we are hearing from different campers that are reporting a man was doing a camp fire and when he was done, with his family,
12:42 pm
rather than putting the fire out he dumped the ashes out, still burning and that eventually caught the land on fire and that show ohio dry it is in california. that when the winds ticked up. stokees the fire and now we are being told a second fire started in an area near santa clarita. opinions are supposed to pick up. they are worriedded about the winds. >> winds and heat. >> adam housely, thank you. chinese hackers have infiltrated pentagon computers and viewed designs for some of our nation's most sophisticated weapons, missiles, helicopters, drones, even the costly new f-35 fighter jets. all this a week before president obama is to meet with china's leaders, and that's next.
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12:46 pm
>> trace: pentagon sources confirm that chinese hackers have gained access to the designs of more than two dozen of the nation's most advanced military weapons. as the washington washington post first reported it included the missile defense system, the c-22 osprey, and the blackhawk helicopter. the article cites a confidential section of the study that a group of government and civilian experts prepare for the pentagon in january. the white house says cider
12:47 pm
security will be major topic of discussion when president obama meets with china's president next week in california. jamie is a partner and co-chair of cybersecurity at a major u.s. law firm and also a former rear admiral in the navy. it's no secret the chinese have been hacking us for a long time. this seems to be a much wider campaign of espionage and likely more dangerous. >> absolutely unprecedented. the list you mention there is appalling. it endangers u.s. missions and u.s. troops. >> trace: is it -- the fact the pentagon can't counter this, is that the problem? which seems a little scary. talk about chinese getting some of our vital information. you know north korea is right on the edge of going off the cliff, and now you have reports there's a possible the pentagon can't counter this. >> you know, interestingly, our military systems are pretty well protected. they haven't always been but we
12:48 pm
have learned and protected them. what the chinese did some response is start attacking the periphery, the contractors and even the subcontractors we depend on for these various systems, and they have been fairly successful. all of these folks are very careful. they have cios and chief information security officers and fire walls and antivirus but the fact of the matter is they're still getting through and we have exposed our defense system and have given them a tremendous advantage by providing them billions, maybe even trillions of dollars worth of research they don't have to do because they can rely on ours. >> that's the whole thing you. talk about president obama meeting with president jinping next week, and you think, how do you broach the subject? quit stealing our stuff? >> you have seen over the last few months an increasing number of public disclosures that
12:49 pm
target the chinese as being the ones that have been behind it in the past the chinese have simply said you can't attribute it to us. but with the report in february, with the pentagon's report and now with the defense report, you see it ratcheting up so there's a basis for saying you can't get out of this in the public's perception the chinese are doing that. >> we have to do more than the diplomatic thing weapon have to provide more things for our defense industry to be able to protect themselves. >> put a lock on the pentagon. sieber security expert jamie barnett. admiral, thank you, sir. >> thank you so much. >> trace: president obama making his first visit to the jersey shores since the days right after superstorm sandy hit and you now there's word some storm victims are not gel what they should when it comes to insurance payouts. what could that mean from the folks recovering from other natural disasters is next.
12:50 pm
hi. i'm henry winkler.
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>> trace: president obama at the jersey shore today with the new jersey governor chris christie. the first time the president has been to the area since last october. just a couple of days after superstorm devastated so much of the northeast. the president and governor visiting families and businesses still recovering from sandy's destruction, and walking along one of the boardwalks, which just opened for the summer season. meantime, some victims of sandy and other recent disasters say their insurance companies are short, changing them a bit. even though they thought they had full coverage. the fox business network's jerry willis is all over this. how many claims have actually been settled? >> 96% of claims have been settled in new jersey. that sounds good, right? one in four got no money at all.
12:54 pm
so, these people think they're due money, they apply, and 25% of them, 100,000 people who made claims got no cash. what is more the attorneys who are representing some of these people are saying that the insurers are overestimating damage from flooding and underestimating damage from winds. now, why? because the federal government has to back claims for flooding and the private insurers have to back claims for wind damage. >> trace: how does that affect victims of other storms. >> the tornadoes damage hit a new high hoff 20 bill in 2011. insurers have been dialing back the amount of money they're willing to give people when they file claims for damage. consider there are higher deductibles out there, and instead of having 250, 500, now
12:55 pm
you're paying a percentage of the inched value of your house so 1% of the insured value, 5%. there are lower reimbursements. so, even for big ticket items like a roof, you may not get the reimbursement you're owed and they're limiting total loss payouts so if your house was completely flattened you may find your not getting paid everything you need to rebuild the home. trace and. >> you look at those pictures in oklahoma and the jersey shore and think, the last thing those people need, not to get fully reimbursed. jerry, great to see you. >> some folks say their money smells funny. in fact they say the aroma puts them in mind of breakfast. and that's next.
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>> trace: then there's this before we call it a day. who doesn't love the smell of money? nice big pile of cold, hard cash. apparently in canada they have a problem with it. the canadian treasury just released a new batch of hundred dollar bills and a lot of folks are flooding the government with complaints, complaining the money smells like maple syrup. only in canada. officials claim the money is not scented and are urging folks not to each the cash with their morning pancakes. well, if you're 401k was up big-time this morning, not so much today but not a bad day at the corner of wall and broad.
1:00 pm
still up 108. neil will have more coming up. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. that's "studio b." fox report later, 7:00 eastern, neil cavuto and eye "your world" starts right now. >> it's absolutely critical that we reach out to uninsured americans and get them ready to sign up for coverage. >> neil: sign up while the getting is good or a way of saying sign up or this whole healthcare law risks going down. welcome, i'm neil cavuto. with critics piling on the white house is gearing for a 50-state tour to prop the healthcare law up. the majority of americans still oppose it and the administration is now getting slammed from all sides. from ther is is to even democrats who feare


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