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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 29, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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rewards for good behavior. >> how would you handle that? >> it is difficult. my son is very skinny. >> we hope you have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning. it is wednesday, may 29, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're going to have a great day. new overnight, a stunning announcement from minnesota congressman onetime presidential candidate michele bachmann. >> i have decided next year i will not seek a fifth congressional term. >>gretchen: details on her stunning decision ahead. >>steve: it only gets worse for the nation's top cop. new details today on eric holder's shopping spree. he was looking for a judge. who wants to subpoena fox news? >>brian: al qaeda bosses nail this diva terrorist for not filing expense reports and ignoring their calls. who knew terrorists took
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job performance into -- i don't know. i didn't think they had a role to play. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: like every other organization, it's good to know that al qaeda would have some sort of corporate structure where they would review the troops. >>gretchen: i think we talked about this before. haven't we discussed before that they have like a corporate structure? and they have soefrt -- sort of the head of the household and moving down. this may be dink with regard to resumes. let's get to headlines. republican congressman michele bachmann will not seek a fifth term next year. she made the announcement this morning in this sraob on her website. >> the law prohibits anyone serving as president of the united states for more than eight years. in my opinion, eight years is long enough for an individual to serve as a representative for a
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specific congressional district. >>gretchen: michele bachmann is the first female republican congressman from minnesota. >> a man arrested for the stabbing of a french soldier. the soldier was on patrol in paris when the suspect came up from behind and slashed his throat. the suspect has a rap sheet and recently converted to radical islam. the soldier survived. the attack comes day after a pwrerbt soldier -- a british soldier was murdered in a terror attack in london. >> a leading college football player found dead. police do not suspect foul play. but his family told them finnerty might have been having a mental episode. he was only 30 years old. brand-new video on the
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exact moment -- of the exact moment a freight train slammed into a garbage truck. this happened near baltimore. >> back up! >>gretchen: an explosion knocking 15 cars right off the track that sparked the fire for the blast felt miles away. >> you could feel the heat coming off of the flame. we were standing there looking at the loading dock. when it went, it knocked me down and my two other co-workers. >> i felt the heat off of the explosion. it scared me so bad. >>gretchen: several buildings completely demolished. the truck driver is in serious but stable condition. those are your headlines. >>steve: let's talk a little bit about the i.r.s. scandal. it's getting bigger. we heard in the beginning it is just low-level people in cincinnati. now we're finding out that letters have gone out that have the signatures not of
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low-level operatives, of agents there at the i.r.s. in cincinnati, but at offices across the country and including lois lerner who, of course, last week went on administrative leave after she refused to quit and is getting paid $180,000 while watching television. >>brian: nbc went out and found letters shown to them. they requested information from an office in washington, so that shows it did go outside cincinnati asking for additional material for a tea party-type organization. they also say, it does note lerner's signature requesting additional information for one of the tea party groups appeared to be a stamp rather than the actual signature, but it goes to show you it was spreading beyond. now it's spreading beyond other journalistic entities. >>gretchen: what is important about this is we heard in the past week or so that some people had heard when they were being investigated this comes from higher ups in washington. but nothing was written down up until that point.
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now if it's actually on paper, it's a different story. here's jay sekulow, an attorney who has received some of these white house letters. >> we have a letter that we received in our office on may 6 of this year from the i.r.s. asking for responses to entrue seive -- intrusive questions. we have a series of questions from last year from lois lerner herself, she is now on administrative leave. we've got letters from lawyers in washington, d.c. and, sean, i'm holding in my hand a lawsuit being filed in u.s. district court tomorrow morning representing 25 conservative groups, not all tea party groups. there are other conservative groups in this list. >>steve: that is what he's doing today. the interesting part was at the beginning of that sound bite from hannity last night, he said the letter went out may 6 of this year. this is not something that was happening in 2010 or 2011. it's still going on. >>gretchen: let me clarify. from washington, not
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necessarily the white house. that remains up for grabs exactly where that information came from. >>brian: it's more than tea party groups. a virginia-based leadership group, they asked for a 501-c-3. their goal was to train young conservative activists. audited in 2011 and 2012. they were asked to produce 23 #,000 pages of documents for the i.r.s. and a bunch of questions about where the interns came from, where they are currently employed. that question came from the i.r.s.'s baltimore office. >>steve: the question is: did the i.r.s. target groups that support israel? in particular there is one called z street, they applied for a special tax-exempt status and they were really cracked down on, various application processes. they told the auditors -- they contacted washington and said why is it taking
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so long, and they said -- the auditors did -- that apparently they were supposed to give special scrutiny to groups connected with israel. >>brian: diane gentry is the one who said it. >>gretchen: also religious groups. billy graham's group was looked into. this particular problem came out of the baltimore office of the i.r.s. it appears to be growing. >>brian: try to follow this. evidently the administration's policy with the west bank in israel is to get the settlers out. they want the settlers out. so there is this group, "the new york times" reported this in 2010, that applied for tax-exempt status and they were actually donating to west bank settlement. that is not good if you want to bring middle east peace from the obama perspective to that area. that's get the israelis out
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into israel proper. these people were put through hoops as the american government said i don't want your organization supported. i don't want them green lighted. the american treasury was giving them problems. >>steve: the question is were people at the i.r.s. saying that the state department doesn't want settlements in israel. z street is trying to build settlements, so let's crack down on them. was that happening? let's hope not. >>gretchen: the interesting thing is how many other groups are out there that we haven't heard about yet that potentially did not agree with president obama's policies? i mean if it's just west bank settlement groups, that's kind of an obscure group is it not? targeting tea parties and targeting patriots, that was a big, huge movement. but if we're going to start finding out about these little entities and all these different groups that didn't agree with specific different policies of this administration, this is going to become a much more
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widespread investigation. >>brian: like a mob working underneath to forward their agenda. >>steve: let's move on to another particular scandal that the white house is weathering right now and that is eric holder and him signing off on, going ahead and looking into the records of james rose s-pb of fox news. -- james rosen of fox news. they are investigating whether he lied under oath when he said this regarding whether or not the d.o.j. could prosecute journalists. listen. >> that is not something i've ever been involved in or heard of or would think would be a wise policy. in fact, my view is quite the opposite. >>steve: the problem is holder personally to nbc signed off on the rosen case. while he says i was never involved in anything like that, that's not true. >>brian: he's
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participated in conversation regarding the rosen case that talked about him at the very least aiding and abetting in a coconspiratorial fashion this person from, in the government that evidently gave intelligence -- mr. kim -- on the north korean situation, which gave that controversial news that if the u.n. issued sanctions against north korea, they would send missiles. they always send rockets. >>gretchen: i think this may be the most egregious thing that comes out of this case so far today, which is it's now becoming apparent that possibly eric holder was judge shopping so to speak. he had to go to a judge to get a subpoena to be able to look into james rosen's personal e-mails, phone calls, et cetera, who he was talking to. now it turns outs that apparently he went to not one but two, no three judges on a shopping spree to find a judge that would actually say let's not tell james rosen that we're doing this. let's not tell fox news or news corps that we're doing this. and i find that to be the
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most egregious part of this story thus far. >>steve: the first two judges said no, we can't do that. you're prosecuting journalism eventually. judge royce lamberth overturned the first two judges and away we went. >>gretchen: that is a lot of deliberate work to go from one judge to two judge to three judges and then for eric holder to get under oath and say he's never done this and never had anything to do with this, to me that is one of the most important points of this story so far. >>steve: another great writer comes from the new yorker who has revealed who said what the government had against mr. kim, they had plenty without looking at the james rosen records. so why did they go ahead and target james rosen? they didn't need it to prosecute. >>brian: i don't understand what the attorney general is trying to say. he said in the daily beast,
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monday morning when i looked in "the washington post," i realized -- to paraphrase -- how bad this is and i haven't gotten to the bottom. he's not satisfied yet. not satisfied yet? either he read it and blacked out, literally lost consciousness like hillary clinton did when she bumped her head, being totally forgetful or not being transparent or truthful. >>gretchen: the article yesterday that came out that now he's really thinking about it and he's not satisfied, sort of these buzzwords that don't mean anything. what does it mean to you? that this attorney general was involved in this story from the beginning or he just started thinking about it in recent time and maybe wants to readjust. >>steve: for him to say i didn't realize how bad it was until i read it in the paper and then there was this sense of personal remorse? come on. >>brian: 12 minutes after the hour. it is a story we're following. we have a young girl who
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cannot get a lung transplant she needs to survive, because she is only 10 or 12. there is something you can do and we'll tell you next. >>steve: he got booted from the high school track team. now his father is suing for $40 million saying his son missed out on some college scholarships. does the father have a case? a debate straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >>gretchen: we've been telling you about little sarah's desperate fight for a lung transplant and her family's plea to change the rules so their little girl has a chance at life. >> they're saying they can't measure how sick a child is. well, you know what? come to my hospital room, and you will see how sick sarah is. she is dying. she is dying. >>gretchen: she is the aunt of ten-year-old sarah murnaghan who needs a lung transplant. she is with us now from philadelphia to stress how important this is. good morning to you, sharon. we heard your sister's
3:18 am
desperate plea for her child. i can't imagine what she's going through or what you're going through as you watch this little girl lay in the hospital bed waiting for an orange -- waiting for an organ. what is the update? >> there are no lungs. she is desperately holding on to life. we were rejected, the second request for little sarah. there will be no exception for sarah, no movement. children will stay at the back of the line. >>gretchen: you're talking about the united network for organ sharing. that is the group you need to petition to. you're saying they haven't khaepbd their -- changed their mind. the rule is you have to be 12 in order to get an adult lung and pediatric lungs are very rare? >> pretty rare. they let the children stand in the back of the line after the adults. if the adults don't want a lung they'll give them to the children, not much
3:19 am
different from not allowing them to get adult lungs. the reality is there's only 20 pediatric lungs every year and 2,000 adult lungs. by excluding the children from the adult lung pool they are keeping the children from getting lungs. the only lungs that will slide to the kids are those that are damaged or diseased. >>gretchen: sarah suffers from cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that affects the lungs. but she only became sick about 18 months ago; right? >> that is true. she's been battling the disease her whole life but she became very ill 18 months ago and she went on oxygen. she couldn't go to school anymore. she couldn't do her normal things. then about 100 days ago she went into the hospital full time and hasn't been out since. >>gretchen: i want to read the statement from optn, a different organization connected to the health and human services department with the united states government. the biological needs and circumstances of candidates younger than age 12 are different from add less --
3:20 am
adolescent or adult candidates. one key difference is the size of lung capacity -- et cetera. your next step to go to the organization. you have a congressman helping you? >> yes. we are going to the department of health and human services and take up sarah's plea and ask the next celt of adult lungs to go -- next set of adult lungs to go to sarah. we're hoping people contact their congressmen and ask them to do this for us because we need this to be heard. >>gretchen: i know you're asking for help and people can go sign a petition as well. you have 61,000 signatures. that website is >> yesterday it was 20,000
3:21 am
petitions. now it's 60,000. we are grateful to have that support for people who care about sarah. >>gretchen: next on the run down, how do you fight crime on the streets? streets? we'll tell you. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. lets you connect up to 25 devices on one easy to manage plan. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone but i'm still on vacation. still on the plan. nice! the intern gets a tablet? everyone's devices. his, hers-- oh, sorry. all easier to manage on the share everything plan for small business. connecting more so you can do more. that's powerful. verizon. get the blackberry z10 for $199.99.
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>>steve: quick headlines from the control room on this wednesday morning. nothing good happens at the strip club. and two employees of the u.s. embassy in venezuela found out firsthand. they were shot outside a strip joint in caracas after getting into a fight. the men expected to be okay. no arrests have been made. disneyland back open this morning after an skpwhroegs -- explosion forced an evacuation of toon town for two hours.
3:25 am
nobody thankfully was hurt. brian, over to you and the lawyer. >>brian: does father really know best? in this one he thinks he does. he's suing his son's high school for $40 million for kicking him off the track team. in the lawsuit, irving myers claims his son was bullied, harassed and cut. but does he really have a case? here for our legal debate to talk about kids' sports, parents and more, arthur aidala and former prosecutor david schwartz. is this kid wronged because in eighth kid he was an undefeated champ in the 200, 400 and 800. is there something fundamentally wrong with that? >> i'm not a fan of these lawsuits. i think schools need to be able to do their schooling business. what the dad is saying here is, look, my kid was a superstar in eighth grade.
3:26 am
he won all these races, ran all of these events. i was a superstar not only in school but in the military. the kid has the genetics to do really well. but because of a personal animas between the coach and student, the kid gets thrown off the team. you know how important athletics are being a world-class coach yourself. >>brian: and david, can you sue to get your kid on the team, to get him off the bench to get him on to varsity? >> anybody can sue anybody in this country. however, not only am i not a big fan of these lawsuits, these lawsuits are destroying the court system. this is completely frivolous. you do not have a constitutional right to extra curricular activities. this is what that is. you have a right to an education but not extra curricular. >>brian: true or false you can get up to full tuition, full ride up to $60,000, 70,000 if you are that great athlete?
3:27 am
>> there is the emotional damages and the real damages. if this kid is as spectacular through his high school career as he was in eighth grade and then goes on to spectacular college and goes to the e-limb picks and is on the -- olympics and is on the cover of the wheaties box, how much is that worth? >>brian: the father says he was unbelievable in eighth grade and this is about him racing certain events the coach didn't want him to race. he says kids have rights too. all this may be very sympathetic. it doesn't matter. you still have no case. you do not have a right -- >> the coach's decision is arbitrary and caprice. >>brian: he was discriminated on the basis of race, religion -- >> what about personality? >>brian: you have a great personal but even your personality -- >> his father ticked the
3:28 am
coach off and coach doesn't like the dad so he hurts the child. >>brian: i've lost track of things. arthur, that's the way you order lunch. the bottom line is it's extra curricular activity -- >> you know how a parent can be wrecked and a child can be wrecked when -- >> transfer schools. >>brian: transfer schools, that's the answer. thank you, arthur. we have to rest now. we're out of time. >> the defense rests. >>brian: two minutes before the bottom of the hour. next, he's quitting soccer but david beckham is not going away. we have details going up and soon he'll put his shirt on. how do you fight crimes on the streets of america in america's most violent cities? a green beret shows anna
3:29 am
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>>gretchen: one way to shave your beard. it's your shot of the morning. a b.m.x. free styleer showing off amazing tricks. watch this. here he goes again. >>brian: absolutely incredible. >>steve: i think he's done that once or twice before. >>brian: isn't that bike too small for him? >>steve: if he would have had a big bike he would have gotten stuck in the first trailer. >>brian: steve kn ievil. >>steve: let's talk about al qaeda. did you realize al qaeda does worker reviews? we found this out, the associated press in the mideast got their hands on a worker review by a man known as abu abbas. as it turns out, he got this scathing letter that said all this stuff you've
3:34 am
been doing wrong. why didn't you return our phone calls? why didn't you answer the phone? why in particular did you botch that kidnapping of the canadian diplomat? you didn't ask for enough money. >>gretchen: what really got me was apparently he also botched filing expense reports and also he was not a team player. >>brian: he went out on his own. >>gretchen: how do you file expense reports to people hiding in caves? >>brian: i'm amazing. >>steve: the hard part is getting a receipt for c-4. >>brian: amazing they have gotten to this level. he says the problem with you is you don't want to follow. you only want to be followed. he says you're right. i'm on my own now. he formed his own terror organization. i don't know how long he has to wait for his 501-c-4. >>steve: when he was with al qaeda, they said you haven't carried out anything spectacular. so far on his own he's killed in one instance over 100 people. it looks as if he was
3:35 am
involved in that plant storming where they did take hostages. >>brian: there is a structure for terror. >>steve: we've got headlines on wednesday. an american mother jailed in mexico. we'll find out today if she can go free. she was with her husband on their way back to arizona from a family funeral in mexico. authorities arrested her on drug smuggling charges. they claim they found marijuana under her seat on the bus. they were riding upon. her daughter says the mom was framed. >> let her come home. let her come home. she is's innocent. >> we're finding there's so much red tape and bureaucracy in the mexican government just to get evidence that will easily prove their innocence submitted to the judge is a huge, huge bureaucratic mess. >>steve: the mexican emabout a says her rights to due process are being closely watched. >>gretchen: big development this morning in the benghazi terror attack
3:36 am
investigation. house oversight committee chair darrell issa issuing subpoenas to the state department. he claims the department is still holding back critical information from then skraeufrt hillary clinton -- secretary of state hillary clinton. lawmakers want answers about the talking points. as we all know, they were changed. >> there was a meeting in the white house saturday before susan rice came on the sunday shows on the 16th of september where they had an interagency meeting with white house personnel president that led to the talking points being changed. who was in that meeting? and what did they talk about? we still have no idea who was in that meeting and how the talking opponents -- points got changed. >>gretchen: u.n. ambassador susan rice blamed video for the terror attacks. >>brian: a man quitting his hike to the top of mount everest. he was trying to become the oldest man to reach the summit but his team had to
3:37 am
call off the climb when the weather got too bad. the record was broken last week by an 80-year-old japanese climber. man, do i feel lazy. >>gretchen: the smell of pizza too good. the delivery guy busted eating the toppings before he tkhreufrz -- delivers it. he was in the elevator picking off the pie. in 20 seconds he cleans it off, sticks it back in the box in his carrier and off to phaebg the -- to make the delivery. fortunately for him the video has not gone viral and now the russian pizza company is investigating. isn't it the case when you work in a restaurant you tire of that particular food? >>steve: he looks like he was starving. >>brian: i don't have deep dish pizza because we
3:38 am
worked in a place called my pie. we used to have to clean the pots. by the time people said it is time for your dinner break, have pizza, i'd say no thanks. i'll have the taco. >>gretchen: that's the abridged version. >>brian: eufg -- i have a longer version. nike hitting the brakes on making products for live strong charity. lance armstrong lost his personal sponsorship to nike after admitting to doping for seven tour de france titles. his playing career may be over but david beckham looking to make moves on the field. he is visiting miami where he's looking to make ownership of a soccer team. there's also a report that beckham may open up a restaurant in las vegas with gordon ramsey where ramsey will scream at people and then he'll
3:39 am
console them. >>gretchen: let's go to maria for the weather. >> good morning. we're out here in new york city where we actually have very dense fog. that is the story of most coastal areas on the northeast. temperatures will be warming up into the 80's. we have a storm system farther west. it is quite dangerous. anywhere from parts of texas all the way up to minnesota and wisconsin. even in the northeast we could be looking at severe storms. we have all the ingredients coming together to produce a severe weather outbreak especially as we lead into this afternoon and this evening. this area shaded in red is where we could actually see very violent tornadoes, longer track and maybe ef-3 strength storms. parts of kansas city and oklahoma and northern parts of texas. heed the warnings if they are issued for your county.
3:40 am
80's across the eastern part of the country. we've been talking about flooding ongoing across parts of iowa, next several days more rain, some spots maybe even seven inches. >>steve: we have plenty of spring rain. maria, thank you very much. >>gretchen: can counterinsurgency tactics used in iraq and afghanistan work at home? now a marine is using them on one of the most violent streets in america. >>steve: anna kooiman found out how this method is being used in the united states and the commonwealth of massachusetts. >> we've been learning about these neighborhoods where crime was so prevalent people didn't want to call 911. they were scared of retaliation. but now things are changing thanks to countercontinuum
3:41 am
policing. spinning field, massachusetts, ranked 12th most dangerous city in the united states. >> there was a lot of gang shootings, a lot of deaths in the neighborhood out in the open. they had no value for life at all. they could care less who was hit and who wasn't hit. drugs were rampant in the neighborhood. people were scared. >> it was incredible that i couldn't go out on the streets and walk by myself because i didn't know what could happen. >> a massachusetts state trooper, a green beret home from iraq came home with countercontinuum policing or c-3. counterinsurgency tactics are applied to local law enforcement. >> i came into the meeting, had an idea. >> c-3 leaders say the behavior of insurgents is overwhelmingly similar to drug dealers and gang bangers at home. >> they move into
3:42 am
neighborhoods and communities because they know they can freely operate and folks are not going to report on them. >> springfield's c-3 policing helps earn the trust of business owners and residents. anonymous tip hot lines are established. cops walk kids to school, lead community meetings and paint over graffiti. >> if you put up gang graffiti, we're going to make it painful for you to put it up. >> neighbors are reporting crimes boxing out criminals. what are some of the obstacles you've come across? >> trying to organize all the different n.g.o. groups on governmental agencies. we're not asking for money, not asking for resources. what we're asking for, whatever program you have up and running, a talent, let's bring that to bear in the north end. >> government agencies are working together more efficiently and the community feels safer. >> there's been a huge change. people are not talking. you see people finally come around again. kids are able to get outside. >> as for this trooper everything is coming full
3:43 am
circle. in a few weeks he'll be deployed to afghanistan and apply what he learned on the streets of springfield. >> they become your eyes and ears. >> the proof is in the numbers. the program is really working. according to f.b.i. statistics, violent crimes in springfield dropped from under 2,000 in 2009 to slightly over 1,500 in 2011. >>brian: it's unbelievable it has come to this. in an american city you've got to start winning people over like it's falujah. >> they say 911 calls are up which normally you would think that is a bad sign in a community but it is a good sign because people are not scared to report the crimes anymore. >>gretchen: coming up, a corporate giant investing billions in fracking. what has the left-wing base
3:44 am
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3:47 am
>>steve: a corporate giant getting on board with fracking? general electric once claimed it had nothing to do with oil and gas but now they're jumping into the industry and investing $15 billion. and it's making the
3:48 am
political left pretty unhappy. stuart varney is here to explain. general electric is getting into fracking because that is where the money is at? >> the revolution has arrived and g.e. is part of it. the revolution is fracking. the revolution is going after america's own fossil fuel reserves, natural gas and oil. g.e. is spending $15 billion very quietly, but $15 billion going into improving fracking technology. they built a lab right in the center of the oil and gas industry -- oklahoma city, that's where it is. and they are developing new fracking techniques to make it safer and more environmentally friendly. the revolution is here, and it is a very big deal because america is on its way to a boom in the economy, a boom in employment, and energy independence, if we could just get behind fracking, and it looks like we are. >>steve: the president of the united states dragging his feet on it, and it's so
3:49 am
ironic that here is the chairman of the president's jobs council who runs general electric and now he's going let's double down on fracking. >> g.e. is uber green. jeff immelt is a green guy. $15 billion into fracking, which the environmentalists hate. you've got a lineup here. you've got the private enterprise, which is developing fracking and creating this energy boom opposed by president obama, the greeners and the neanderthal states like california and new york dragging their feet on exploiting their own reserves. >>steve: the argument from the political left and greenies is it is not safe. now general electric investing billions of dollars to make sure everybody understands it is safe. >> the environmental left
3:50 am
oppose all natural gas drilling in the united states. they don't want fossil fuels period. >>steve: general electric stock went up pretty good yesterday. we're going to be watching you 9:20 business time on fox business. parents, want to get your kid more interested in history, stick around. a lesson they will never fort. bill o'reilly's book "killing kennedy" we just found out who is behind that question mark. ♪ i'm doing my own sleep study.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
>> all right, do kids like
3:54 am
learning history in school? could the school system be to blame if kids don't like it? >> this man was killed while deployed in iraq so his step mom is living out the dream of teaching our nation's history. she has just authored this book. so sorry about your loss. why was it so important for you to bring his mission forward? >> christopher loved history and i realized our children don't like history because they see it as learning places and dates and moving on to something else. christopher, by teaching me to love history, made me realize if we could teach kids about the sacrifices and courage of our military and what they have done to keep us free that they may
3:55 am
enjoy learning about history. >> it's more the stories than dates and times or what is different? some of the other characters are paratroopers with the 101st airborne and they're pa paratrooping in and they learned what it was like for the greatest generation when they landed on d day ether in no normandy or on the beaches. >> i had great teachers. they said grab some paper and go in and out of the desk. to this day, it whets your appetite to find out more and you find out what focus of the
3:56 am
american history you want. >> it's not being taught in an appropriate manner. >> why do you think that is? >> the curriculum that is put forth by the states and federal government is something that does not emphasize patetism and honor and sacrifice and that's what this book does. it gives parents and grandparents the ability to teach and show their children what our values are and what they should be and this is what the greatest generation sacrificed for us and what every military member now is sacrificing for us. >> no doubt. you tell me 8 to 12-year-olds is the perfect age group? >> yes. >> great thing you're doing for
3:57 am
your son. >> thank you. >> the government using millions of your dollars for welfare. there are a lot of people getting it that happen to be dead. >> and the guy who wrote men are from mars women are from venus. battle of the sexes at work. ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever. as in never ever. now about that parking ticket. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply. ...and a great deal. thanks to dad. or an annual fee, ever. nope eeeeh... oh, guys let's leave the deals to ooh that one! nice. got it!
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4:00 am
>> thanks for sharing part of your day today. fox news alert. a stunner frommy shell bachmann. >> i have decided next year i will not seek a fit congressional term to represent the wonderful people of the sixth district of minnesota. >> we'll tell you the reasons why straight ahead. >> who wants to subpoena fox news? eric holder went on a shopping spree to find a judge that would agree to the media
4:01 am
investigation. >> is there room for obama? why there is a push for president obama to be added to mount rushmore. what do you think? hour two of "fox and friends" starts right now. >> it rained, most of the time, and there is a mount obama there. >> named for our president? >> i don't think so. i think it goes way back in history. we will tell you why some people think that president obama would be at mount rushmore.
4:02 am
>> and we might be out of chis l chisels. >> and michele bachmann will not seek a fifth term. >> the law limits anyone from serving as president for the united states for more than eight years and in my opinion, eight years is long enough for an individual to serve as a representative for a specific congressional district. >> she was first elected in 2006. she is the first female republican congress woman from minnesota. >> and a boy went missing. he told that he was nervous about something and he might be having some kind of mental
4:03 am
episode. he led grand valley state to more than 50 wins and went on to play for the broncos and ravens. he was only 30 years old. >> a freight train slams into a truck in baltimore. that explosion knocking 15 cars off the tracks. sparked a huge fire and blast felt half a mile away. >> the flame was running to the top of the clouds. we were standing there looking at the loading dock. when it went it knocked me down and two other co-workers. >> i felt the heat off of the explosion, it scared me so bad. >> several buildings completely demolished right now. the truck driver is in serious but stable condition. >> the film adaptation of bill o'riley's best selling book has
4:04 am
found its leading man. rob lowe will take on jfk. jennifer goodwin will play jackie kennedy. it is set to air later this year on the nat geo channel. >> it's okay. >> clean up, aisle couch. >> it has that green thing in >> a stopper. >> we're all okay. >> there is somebody who may be taking a break from his job. attorney general eric holder because now the house judiciary committee announcing that they will investigate whether or not the attorney general of this country lied when he was under oath on may 15. that's when he said he had never
4:05 am
had anything to do with looking into journalists who might be supposedly breaking the law. listen to this. >> with regard to the potential prosecution of the press for disclosure of material, that is not something that i have ever been involved in, heard of, our would think would be a wise policy. >> not only is that wrong and incorrect, the justice department said this was approved at the highest level and discussed with the attorney general. for the attorney general to kind of remember it or say i hope they don't find out about it, i will pretend not to know. roll the dice and play at home. do we have the game trouble? remember when you would click the little thing?
4:06 am
what's worse? >> he has got plenty of trouble there are a number of people who don't think he can possibly survive this. it looks to many like he lied under oath. this is the same eric holder behind fast and foouurious. this is the same eric holder working under bill clinton, got mark rich, one of the biggest tax evaders in history a pardon. that's the eric holder we're talking about. it was not until he read in the washington post at his kitchen table that this is big and bad. >> there is a lot of people in the administration that apparently find out the news in the newspaper. >> now we have the president saying he found out about the irs scandal from the news. >> you know what i get my
4:07 am
information? sky writers. i look up and wait for some plane to put it out there. >> usually you see s.o.s. eric holder may need an s.o.s. >> you are dieing to keep me on track. >> i am trying to keep the ball rolling. that's my job. he was apparently judge shopping to get this whole thing to happen to get this investigation on fox news. why did he have to judge shop? let's look at the three judges. the first two said no, we're not going to let you subpoena and not tell james rosen that you're looking into his personal e-mails, phone records and more. judge allen key denied it. judge paciola denied it and it finally went to rois lamberth,
4:08 am
who did approve it. it was not a whim. this took a lot of work and effort and finally the third judge said yes. >> that's the way washington works. >> it's a lot of work that he said he didn't know or do. the man who signed off on it, doesn't remember it? perfect indeed. meanwhile, holder is going to have to go. >> i think holder is going to have to go because he is a liability to the president. it's all about the president and is there space under the bus? there are a lot of people and he may have to get a tukt bus. now president obama learns that he clearly did not say the truth
4:09 am
and he can't pretend that he didn't remember because he signs a lot of stuff because the release from the department of justice was he didn't only sign the search warrant against rosen that named him as a criminal co-defenda co-defendant, he actually discussed it. so he can't say like hillry did, i sign a lot of stuff. >> but he did say that. >> in the movie jaws, they said i think we need a bigger boat? apparently washington d.c. is saying we need another bus. >> the other thing is is he actual lly eating controversy f the president or someone else? is he just doing what he is told to do? there should be a dissemination between the white house and the justice department. >> when axelrod felt troubled by
4:10 am
the pointing out of journalists, he might have said i will say this on tv. he sees the peril on prosecuting journalists. >> maybe it was not just groups who could speak out about the elections? could it be that there were other groups targeted who opposed administration policy priorities? israeli groups that supported the west bank settlers? made them do something like produce 23,000 patients to sign off on it. could it be because he supported
4:11 am
a republican candidate? could it be mushrooming? >> the leadership institute is another one. >> take a look at this. we have got video, survey lens video as you can see where the ashts come in and at some point it looks like a s.w.a.t. team is raiding the joint. it is peculiar that they would go after gibson guitars because of exotic wood. and the competitors were using the same wood and they were donators to democratic causes? is it a target? that's a gazillion dollar question. >> maybe the administration is against music? >> i hope not. i guess we don't have time for mount rushmore.
4:12 am
>> try to hide your disappointment. i have never seen you so crushed. >> we will remind people who are on the mountain. washington, jefferson, roosevelt, lincoln. and could it be president obama now? >> there is a push for president obama to be added to mount rushmore. what do you think? >> and she loves president obama so much that she voted for him twice. and now an update on how a judge will make her pay now. >> maybe she got confused. ♪
4:13 am
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it might be off a dock or on a boat. upstre or in the middle of nowhere. wherever it may be, casting a line in the clear, fresh waters of michigan lets us leave anything weighing us down back on shore. our perfect spot is calling. our perfect spot is pure michigan. your trip begins at >> we just told you about attorney general eric holder and now we are learning the attorney general is feeling so remorse hoping to get guidance on how to update the guidelines regarding journalists. will it be enough for eric holder to survive in the job?
4:17 am
>> it didn't sink in how bad this was until he read about it in the paper. >> from what i understand from talking to people close to holder is monday morning that the story appeared in the "washington post." big story, sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper and that's when it fully sinks in. not that he didn't realize there is going to be controversy here. but a big story in the washington post has a way of making you feel that in a personal way. >> he personally signed off on investigating james rosen. he knew about it from years ago.
4:18 am
>> i interviewed the attorney general. i can't look into his heart or soul. i can only tell you what he told me. he was speaking with some conviction when he talked to me. at this point the best way to judge how he feels about it is what he ends up doing about the controversy. and that is to say improving the guidelines. >> although with the shield law, we don't know in this case when it involves national security whether it would be better than the first amendment. >> as a general proposition, i think a lot of peep, a lot of reporters think that these decisions ought to be in the hands of an independent judge. >> do we have any idea if there are other reporters who have been investigated by the department of justice? we know about james rosen and
4:19 am
the ap. you have got to figure there are more, right? >> look, the question is, are there reporters who the justice department, other reporters who the justice department is thinking about actually pruting. i str strong doubt that that is the case. there has never been a prosecution under the espionage act of a reporter. what happened in the rosen case is because they were trying to get the affidavit to search his e-mails. they said he was a co-conspirator with criminal conduct. >> that's a crazy story, knowing james rosen. before you go, inside the department of justice is the sense this is a mortal wound to the attorney general? that he will have to go? >> i don't think so. i mean president obama continues
4:20 am
to standby him. holder has given no indication that he is planning on leaving. i think this will cause some ripple inside the department. now holder is expressing some remorse, there will be rank and file prut prosecutors, but i do think he is in any danger of being fired. >> the government using millions of our tax dollars for welfare, but there is a problem. a whole lot of people getting it are currently dead. then, think men and women should be treated the same at work? the fellow who wrote men are from mars and women are from venus says no way. he is here next.
4:21 am
what that's great. it won't take long, will it? nah. okay. this, won't take long will it? no, not at all. how many of these can we do on our budget? more than you think. didn't take very long, did it? summer is here, so are the savings. that's nice. post it. already did. more saving. more doing. get 1 cubic foot bags of racle-gro garden soil, that's the power of e home depot. 4 for just $10.
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4:24 am
>> all right. wake up, everybody. 81 is the age of the hiker from that p nepal. next, more than $2 million. the amount of welfare benefits paid out to nearly 2 million dead people. some have been dead for nearly two years. and finally 40, the percentage of homes in america where moms are the primary breadwinners. that's a quick look at news. >> ladies, do you feel like the guys you work with just don't
4:25 am
listen? >> and guys do you feel like you have to walk around on egg shells? >> the man who famously claimed that men are from mars and women are from venus is back and says they are not just stereo types. his new book is called work with me. here to let us in on the secrets of working better together is author john gray. >> clearly our differences at home show up in the workplace but in a different way. the home is about nurturing and supporting and loving. the workplace is about productivity and making money. when you put men and women in that environment there is still a lot of misunderstanding and room for growth. if we understand our differences in a positive way. >> you have these eight blind spots. do men need to change? are women being excluded? women too emotional? men insensitive? it's like a yin and yang.
4:26 am
you say one of the tips is we aren't equal so we should recognize and appreciate the differences. >> i'm saying we're not the same. we all have equal potential. women feel in the workplace, half the women felt they were not being appreciated by men and 90% of the men thought they were appreciating the women. women often feel appreciated when you take extra time to find out what they are doing and let them express themselves like asking a few questions and saying that must be really frustrating. just a little bit more involvement. then women feel seen and valued. >> this is your next point. we're not mind readers. if a woman is not saying anything a person might think she has got nothing to say but in reality, what's going on? >> guys will be like playing
4:27 am
soccer, kicking the ball back and forth. but sometimes a woman is processing so much information, she is thinking about a lot of things and a man assumes she must not have anything to say if she doesn't speak up. so noticing and asking her saying what are you thinking about this, it's amazing how much more comes. when we take the time to hear diverse points of view that allows us to come up with better solutions. >> silence could be trouble for the guy because the woman is coming up with stuff. let's talk about what kind of feed back. tell me about what men want. >> what men are looking for is often they feel frustrated when women ask a lot of questions. it comes across as challenging and questioning abilities and so forth. so women have to soften their questions. >> what if one of the questions are -- >> one of the most annoying
4:28 am
things for men is when women are asking too many questions. >> you are asking too many questions. >> talking about things does sometimes prevent mistakes. >> brian, go ahead to the question. >> just because i'm not saying anything doesn't mean i'm not thinking it. >> what about when women come out with questions when they mean what the heck are you doing? i don't understand you. you can take women literally? or is there a method to their question? is there something behind their words? >> sometimes it's a good communication skill but 90% of men in our survey feel annoyed and irritated when women ask more questions. so that is one of the disconnects. they can then learn new ways to communicate that are not so piercing with why would you do that as opposed to she could say help me understand what is going on here. >> you make so much sense. i just had this conversation with my husband last night.
4:29 am
he said don't worry about that, don't ask so many questions. talk about what's on the table right now. the differences. >> he is your husband. >> i will stack it up with mars and venus, too. the book is "work with me." check it out. thanks, john. >> thank you. >> it is now 29 minutes before the top of the hour as you work with us, there is a push for president obama to be added to mount rushmore. your e-mails are pouring in. >> and calling all coecoeds. >> he is four points from leading in the mayor race. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
4:30 am
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4:33 am
>> shout out in the morning. move over washington, lincoln, jefferson, or roosevelt? a survey was taken and it said that president obama should be added to mount rushmore, but there is no more room. do you support that move? no president has been added since. so he is an historic figure. >> no doubt. they survey the professors there and 30% generally endorse the
4:34 am
idea of the eventual addition of president obama, being the first african-american president. but would you put him on for his accomplishments and policies? >> why is jefferson there? what did he do? >> one of the problems with the survey is they only talked to ten professors but seven of them just said no. absolutely not. what do you think? >> does that remain to be seen? >> that was jodi, wasn't it?
4:35 am
>> i called it dodi. bruce, absolutely not. the monument should remain for great presidents. >> habitat for humanity. he could build his own bust. >> true, but i don't think they are made out of wood. >> true. >> both here and in paris, as you know. there appears to be a break in the case of the attack on a french soldier. that happened over the weekend in paris. police say they have arrested the 21-year-old man in the suburbs to the west of that city. police say they are considering the attack a terror. the man had a clear intent to
4:36 am
kill. one of the main suspects is being interrogated for the first time today. he was discharged from hospital. the other main suspect remains hospitalized. both were shocked by police after they alleged committed that attack. it is revealed that that man was picked up on terror charges three years ago and then was deported back to london and allowed to go free. they are sending c ining condol.
4:37 am
they say there is no place for violence. i will give you the bottom of this terrible act. >> thank you very much. >> now the rest of your headlines today. an american mother jailed in mexico. we will find out if she can go free today. they were on their way to arizona from a funeral. authorities claimed they found marijuana under her seat on a bus. her daughter says she was framed. >> let her come home. let her come home. she's innocent. >> we are finding there is so much red tape in the mexican government just to get evidence that will easily prove their evidence submitted to the judge is a huge mess. >> mexican embassy says that her rights are being closely watched. >> meanwhile the guy accused of freaking out mid flight and
4:38 am
trying to open an emergency exit says he is bipolar. he told investigators he had been hearing voices for four days and was not taking his meds. he did not enter a plea in court. >> she admitted voting twice for president obama and could go to prison for up to six years for it. a judge convicting the woman of first degree faud. the 58-year-old pole worker said she voted illegally for relative who was in a coma. >> all right. calling all coeds, anthony wienor is looking for a few young aids. is there anyone who should make a flier? weiner who got busted sexting half naked pictures.
4:39 am
he has stiff criteria. he needs an intern to enhance his mi his message. >> if someone wants to make fun of it because it's me, that's their prerogative. these types of things did not come up. people want to know how you plan on funding the schools, how you plan on getting discipline back in the classroom and getting bad kids out of the school. those are the ideas that people want. if they want to talk about a posting on the internet that my campaign put out for volunteers, so be it. >> weiner is now four points from the lead. hide your kids.
4:40 am
>> he jumps in and he runs away with it. >> he would run as a republican, no doubt. >> would he? >> i think so. maybe an independent. he has to contend with christine quin. but four points behind does not surprise me. it does not surprise me at all. >> wouldn't you think new yorkers would have a higher standard? >> we have got to get to some weather right now. >> we do. life right now. that's a live picture of somebody who is stalled out in chicago. the city currently under a flash flood warning. around 21,000 without power right now. more with the bad weather. we have maria. there was a big mile-wide tornado last night? 20 miles from my dad's house out in kansas. >> i actually thought about you. tornado warnings were issued during the was a large and confirmed tornado on
4:41 am
the ground and it lasted for several minutes. pretty long time for a tornado. in terms of flooding we are also expecting that as we head into sections of iowa, illinois, and you saw the images in chicago. that's what you're not supposed to do if you are driving. if you're not sure how deep that water goes, a lot of times it's muddy and you can stall out. if you live across parts of the plains today, heed any warnings. take a look at this. that same storm system today could be producing severe weather. anywhere from parets of texas al the way to the northeast. some of the cities included up here are highlighted. but the area shaded in red is where we have the biggest concerns. parts of kansas could be looking at more tornados. what that means is you could be looking at longer tract
4:42 am
tornados, stronger tornados of ef 3 and ef 4 strength. and moore, oklahoma, could actually see more tornados. very warm, well into the 80s and 90s. steve, gretchen and brian? >> another busy day. >> it's a story we have been following here. a girl who can't get a lung transplant she needs to survive because of rules that may not make sense to everyone. what we found out is coming up next. >> and can't seem to pay attention to a long meeting or hour-long class? is that normal or not? please lie down on the couch. >> that is peaceful music. >> that is appropriate. >> normal or not has nothing to do with the question.
4:43 am
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage, groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work! ♪ you got it! you got it! yes! aflac's gonna help take care of his expenses. and us...we're gonna get him back in fighting shape. ♪ [ male announcer ] see what's happening behind the scenes at >> 10-year-old sarah is dying from cystic fie bbrosis is wait for a lung transplant. she is two years too young to receive an adult liver. >> we are asking for fairness
4:47 am
for children. all children should have equal rights. children should not be at the end of the line. it's immoral and unjust. not just for sarah but for all of the children waiting. >> obviously i meant lung not liver. we spoke with sarah's mother yesterday and invited to visit sarah in the hospital. he met with one of the doctors who can help transform the organ donor rule. >> i met with sarah yesterday. she is the loveliest young woman i have ever met. she asked me about her life story and told me hers. we played cards. she is strong and also smart. i think she understands what is going on in her life now. the struggle that her parents and aunt are undergoing to keep her alive. she and her family are trying to fight this regulation that discriminates against young children, children as young as 10 years old. more children die on the waiting
4:48 am
list than get transplants. what we have is a strangulation by regulation, death by bureaucracy. i had an opportunity to speak with doctor stewart yesterday. one of the board members, a smart and compassionate man admitted to me that they don't have the data to make the decisions on how 10-year-olds can be treated. he said they will be looking at it soon and quickly. the question is, is it soon enough for sarah and the other children who are dying? >> the debate being that 10-year-olds can not be on this list, you have to be 12. but the fact of the matter is there are only about 20 pediatric lungs available but thousands of adult lungs? >> the children become the stepchildren as it were. the children become the least among us.
4:49 am
the children who need it the most, for whom we have the greatest instincts, the instincts to nurture our young because the forgotten. and they die. i looked at the statistics and they were staggering. speaking with the doctor, i tried to speak also with dr. john roberts, the president of the organization. he wouldn't speak to me on the telephone. they don't understand the statistics. they say we can't model or come up with a number that will judge who should get the lungs and who doesn't get these lungs. >> so they don't have the data. are they not sure it would work? >> they have said if you're 12 or older we will come up with a number based on 15 to 20 parameters. if you're 12 or younger, we will have priority one and two. if you're sicker than the adults you have to wait on all of the
4:50 am
adults. more healthy adults are getting the lungs. sicker children are not getting the lungs and dying. that's the fight of sarah. she says it all best and we will say it again today. it's not easy, but it's possible. >> i'm not going for easy. i'm just going for possible. >> and you also spoke with her mother. do we have that? yeah. >> i don't know if we're going to have time to fix this for sarah, but we're going to fix this as a collective group. we're going to be heard and the people's voice matters. my voice matters, sarah's voice matters. she's not just a statistic. she's a person. she's a child. she is suffering and dying. that is a fact. >> people can go to >> good work. thank you. >> does this sound familiar? a wife has more than 100 pairs
4:51 am
of shows and still shopping for more? is that normal or what? this day in history, living la vida loca was the number one song. g. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. with three of your daily vegetab♪e servings
4:52 am
(announcer) iskies. now serving breaast.
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> the trivia question. she's not crazy and annette benning knows the answer. >> and dr. keith joins us each and every week and that means it's about you. >> nobody asks me how i am. >> okay. i'm here for you. >> thank you. >> let me get to the other people. here is one question. my wife has over 100 pairs of shoes. i know the cliche but don't tell
4:55 am
me this is normal. doctor? >> here's the thing. i wouldn't know, this guy wouldn't know but it's normal for women to love shoes. it helps them express themselves. it's not something that a male psychiatrist will be able to fathom. red bottomed shoes might set you back a couple thousand dollars. >> a high school student and i can't seem to pay attention in class. the whole hour turns into a bunch of gibberish. i get distracted easily. is it normal? >> it's not. this person is describing
4:56 am
potentially add. potentially major depression because that can lead to distractability. despite the fact that many systems don't command attention, this is an outlying case. not normal. get help. >> you got to go see a psychiatrist. hand gestures. why do some people use hand gestures when they talk. i find this very annoying but does this make a person nuts? i think it makes the person italian. you? >> no. it's not nuts. some people like to use their muscles, movement in order to communicate. that's not crazy. now it might be a little bit on the crazy side to be so much undone by it. a little obsessive right? >> thank you so much for joining us. >> you are really caring for me today. i appreciate it.
4:57 am
>> i'm looking out for you. straight ahead, eric holder now feeling remorse over his fox news record grab. is that enough? wayne rodgers says no way and he was on m.a.s.h. there you go. come on, let's play! [ male announcer ] there's an easier way to protect your dog from dangerous parasites. good boy. fetch! trifexis is the monthly, beef-flavored tablet that prevents heartworm disease, kills fleas and prevents infestations, and treats hook-, round-, and whipworm infections. treatment with fewer than 3 monthly doses after exposure to mosquitoes may not provide complete hrtworm prevention. the most common adverse reactions were vomiting, itching and lethargy. serious adverse reactions have been reported following concomitant extra-label use of ivermectin with spinosad alone, one of the components of trifexis. prior to administration, dogs should be tested for existing heartworm infection. to learn more about trifexis, talk to your veterinarian, call 888-545-5973 or visit
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5:00 am
>> good morning. wednesday, may 29th. maybe check your calendar. fox news alert for you right now. stunning news from michelle bachmann. >> i decided next year i will not seek a fifth congressional term to represent the wonderful people of the sixth did of minnesota. >> why not? we will have the answers straight ahead. >> meanwhile, the news only getting worse for america's top cop. we're learning that he went on a shopping spree for judges until he could find somebody who would let him secretly investigate fox news. details on that. >> even terrorists get performance reviews.
5:01 am
>> that how to record coming your way. fox and friends starts now. >> we get to dial in every time we do this. >> it's fox and friends. >> this hour is a little more daunting. just off camera we have wayne rodgers, television legend, trapper john, m.d., he's coming up in a minute. he will sit over there and watch us do the news. >> he doesn't sit in judgment. he sits here to learn. >> he has got 59 minutes worth coming up right now. >> maybe he will comment on
5:02 am
things coming up. we have a fox news alert while you were sleeping. michelle bachmann will not seek a fifth term. >> the law limits anyone from serving as president of the united states for more than eight years. and in my opinion, eight years is also long enough for an individual to serve as a representative for a specific congressional district. >> bachmann was first elected to the house in minnesota in 2006. she was the first female republican congress woman from minnesota. >> one of the winningest college quarterbacks ever was found dead, he went missing three days ago while fishing. police do not suspect foul play but a family member says he was nervous about something and he might be having some kind of mental episode. he led grand valley state
5:03 am
university to three wins, went on to play for the broncos and raifrs and was only 30 years old. >> one of president obama's top money men cashing out. he was previously an assistant secretary. he is leaving to teach students at princeton coming up next fall. >> al qaeda bosses nailing this terrorist for ignoring calls and not filing expense reports. they even accused him of not being a team player. they also blasted him for botching a routine kidnapping in 2008. that seems to be a little more important to their protocol. he got his revenge by quitting and forming his own terror group. >> it's not like he left the business, he just got a franchise. al qaeda 2.0.
5:04 am
let's talk about the irs scandal 2.0. it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. despite what we were told earlier, it was not just cincinnati but offices all over the country. and on some documents it's not lower level people. it goes right up the food chain. listen to how apparently some of the groups are still getting the lessers as recently as may 6. >> we have a letter we received in our office on may 6 of this year from the irs asking for responses to intrusive questions. we have a series of letters from lois lernor herself. we have got letters. shawn, i'm holding in my hand
5:05 am
right here the lawsuit that has been filed, representing 25 conservative groups. >> many letters, including one from washington, not the state but washington d.c. it says lois lernor eo eo eor - name is on it, but it's stamped. >> if you hear something from washington d.c., a letter from somebody in office, and it's signed by them, they didn't sign it. essentially, that's what it sounds like. >> if lois is signing or stamping these letters, that flies in the face of what we had heard before. remember the story line was that she -- when she found out about it, told her underlings to stop
5:06 am
doing it and the story is they concerned to do it on their own. she is actually stamping these letters or somebody is doing it on her behalf, that could be one of the many reason ys she elected to take the fifth and not testify. >> it goes to show you, with a broader reach from more offices than you might have suspected but didn't know but now it's out. >> meanwhile, let's talk about not apparently just targeting conservative groups. there was an organization called v street based down in pennsylvania which is a pro israeli group. they apparently were targeted. they put the application in and it was taking forever and they called down and said why is it taking so long? they were told that they were supposed to give special scrutiny to groups connected
5:07 am
with israel. >> listen, if you're a worker for the irs, how could you say that? how could you be that transparent about your objectives? you're saying don't even try to hide it? >> if you called and talked to the irs as an individual, who would you call and say i can't believe this is happening. there are people who did bring this to the attention of others and said -- remember the journalist who we had on last week who received an apology. he would call the news media and say i have been targeted. this is what the irs is telling me and nobody believed him. >> i would immediately get a lawyer and say i'm not answering that. you're targeting me? how could you say that? >> if people are saying, okay, i talked to the irs agent and said the instructions are coming from
5:08 am
washington d.c., ding ding ding. that indicates that this was not low lying. apparently it goes right on up. how high up? >> they had to provide details with the relationship. where did you interns go and where do they work for now? it's the kind of questions a little beyond the pay out. >> another huge question is did eric holder lie under oath on may 15 when he gave testimony? the house judiciary committee is now asking that question and they want to know, listen to what eric holder said about
5:09 am
whether or not he was ever involved in looking into reporters' e-mails, phone calls, etc. here is eric holder. >> with regard to the potential prosecution of the press, that is not something that i have ever been involved in and heard of or would think would be a wise policy. my view is quite the opposite. >> what's interesting about that ishe was up on capital hill, regarding the use of the espionage act of 1970 to prosecute journalists. they were talking about the associated press case and he didn't think about the james rosen case, which mr. holder had personally signed off on a couple of years earlier. it does look as if it's not a lie, it's misleading. now the big question is whether or not he's going to be held in some sort of trouble. >> not only did he sign the
5:10 am
investigation saying he might be aiding and abetting criminal behavior but he also discussed it. the justices at the highest levels including with the attorney general. that is the quote from his own office. you can't have it both ways. >> and the story gets deeper. it appears that possibly this attorney general was judge shopping to find somebody who would actually sign off on giving that subpoena to look into james rosen's e-mails and phone calls. two judge s denied it. so it looks as if there was, you know, a plan here to continue this process. they went to another judge and yet ood judge.
5:11 am
>> exposed the president's kill list they investigated from the white house out. >> that didn't make any sense. they had plenty of information on mr. lee. they didn't need to go into james rosen's phone records but they did. how many other reporters out there has the department of justice looked into their records in ongoing investigations? nobody knew about this until the guy with the washington post wound up with blod on his hands.
5:12 am
>> we told you yesterday that the price of meat is up 22%. we will show you cheaper cuts that taste better. >> i'm all about minute steak. >> and eric holder is really sad for spying on james rosen. is feeling sorry and sad enough? wayne rogers is often sad. how does he handle it? mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
>> all right. attorney general eric holder apparently feels remorse and regret for his role in the fox news case. other evidence suggesting he shopped around for judges, three of them hoping to keep fox news in the dark. is anyone really buying that? wayne, you have had a lot of success in business as well. when you saw all of this come down, what were you thoughts? >> this is not the irs trying to recapture some taxes that somebody didn't pay. this is all targeted, of course. >> how does this end? >> i don't know. i would hope it would end with eric holder going to jail if you
5:17 am
want to know the truth. here you have the attorney general of the united states violating the constitution of the united states, the first amendment and going on a fishing expedition. he went judge shopping in order to get the subpoena, i mean, the. >> in order to get the subpoena, you're right, to get the subpoena -- >> well, you have got to go to three judges to do that and finally he gets the third one to sign off on it? he knows all of this. this is -- this is outrageous, really outrageous use of -- it's almost like a totalitarian government. >> the whole thing is disconcerting. all of the people who claim they were not responsible. to the attorney general to say
5:18 am
he never heard about it. do you find that intolerable? >> it's -- i find it's worse than that. i'm laughing because it's so le ludacris that these guys lie and say i didn't know that. he signed exit kn eed it and kn what he was doing. it's not enough that he should resign. he should go to jail. imagine an average citizen behaving like that. they would have him in a heartbeat. >> and we know about obama care. unimplementable that will be enforced by the irs. in light of what has been going on, how do -- how would you amend that process? >> i wouldn't amend it, i would cancel it. you have got to overturn this
5:19 am
act. it's over 2,200 pages. the people who passed it never read it. these are people we elect. there are 20,000 pages of regulation to enforce this act. nobody knows what it's going to act or what's going to happen and you let the fox in the hen house? nobody -- everyone was proud of it when it passed but no one is backing it now. and unions are now abandoning ship. >> not only that, but nobody -- the reason is nobody knows. nobody has any idea. >> you don't think the president knows? >> absolutely not. no. of course not. whether he's going to read 2,200 pages? none of those guys have read it. >> as a business owner who has to insure some workers, how do you feel about it? >> i don't know what's in it
5:20 am
either. they got a stack of regulations. how is anyone going to know this. it's an outrageous act. the reason the unions are against it is because they think companies are going to drop out. and their workers are going to be subject to something much wor worse. >> did you call hot lips off the set? >> no, i called her sweat off the set. >> i always wanted to ask that. >> thapnks for cashing in. >> and she loves president obama so much that she voted for him twice. a big update in how she is going to pay for it. and we told you yesterday the price of meat is up 2%. the cheaper cuts that taste better and i'm not talking rump roast. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong
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>> a french soldier. the soldier was on patrol. and recently converted to radical islam. >> and a state audit found more than $2 million in welfare benefits were paid to people in massachusetts. only problem is they're dead. some of them dead for more than two years. let's go outside to steve. >> thank you very much. the price of beef hitting america where it hits. in the wallet. take a look at the price of steak. up 5.3%.
5:25 am
and hamburger meet is up 9% over the last 12 months. how can you get the best bang for the buck? >> you're hear to help us pick out cuts that are actually decently priced. >> everybody needs to understand that it's supply and demand. right now the supply is low because that's the most profitable meat has ever been. if the demand doesn't match up you have to get rid of it or discount it. >> you suggest let's have a london broil? >> right now, because of political issues, russia is not buying our meat. the top round is their biggest cut. >> what's the matter with russia? why don't they want our meat? >> you have to talk to obama about that. this is one of the most affordable cuts in abundance. great on the grill.
5:26 am
marinate it 24 hours ahead. that's the key. slice it against the grain. you will be very satisfied. >> next we have the pork chop. >> mcdonald's has gottensured t boneless breast meat is in short supply. for every breast, there are two thighs. the government guideline is 160 for pork. medium rare. inch, inch and a half thick on the grill. you can see. pork has got more flavor than almost any other meat. you can see how juicy that will stay. >> you were telling us to marinate. we do not want to poke holes? >> no. every time you poke holes you are losing natural juice.
5:27 am
>> nothing says summertime these days more than pulled pork. >> absolutely. now let's go to the burgers. >> the top sirloin is an excellent cut to buy. you can get, out of one piece, i got a couple of great london broils, and lean sirloin. you will feed ten to 12 people on that one piece of meet. what is that per pound? >> low $3 a pound. that is sirloin. the other side of the top round. >> and these are all high quality meats. >> absolutely. >> first we have got to do this.
5:28 am
>> this is your first look at the fed trade on gibson guitars. their crime? being conservative. is it part of a larger attempt to isolate the president's opponent? an interview you will only see on fox and friends. >> and calling all coeds. want to be mayor? wiener is looking for a few young aids. with the spark cash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards.
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>> time for your shot of the morning. toby and willie sang about beer for my horses, i don't think this is what they had in mind. a man walks in with his pony. the store only called the cops when the pony made a pit stop and the owner refused to clean it up. >> horses have a tendcy to leave something behind. >> yuck. >> they do. that's apparently what happened. >> so the lesson is don't take your pony to the liquor store.
5:33 am
>> that is one of the main reasons i have a car is because i don't want to take the horse. i don't trust it. >> been there, done that. >> they usually show up on time. >> so you drive to the liquor store. where you have got your own personalized spot. >> i only drink mike dicta wine. >> let's talk about anthony wiener, the congressman from new york who resigned after sexting photos. now he is running for mayor in new york city. the latest twist is that he is looking for young interns who understand social media really well. to help him out. if you want to be an intern, here are the lists of criteria. willing to put in long and irregular hours, goal oriented, metrics driven, on and on. all of this would be unpaid.
5:34 am
>> plus you have got to be able to handle the fact that he is running for mayor but the snickers from friends and family members when they go "you're working for wiener". >> my campaign does what every campaign does. put out a notice for volunteers. if someone wants to make fun of it because it's me, that's their prerogati prerogative. these types of things did not come up in the debate. i will say this. if you're against the ad, if you think the sexting pictures is a big deal. he called in every media organization and wasted everybody's time for weeks and yelled at people who accused him of doing this. he lied to people's faces over and over again. this is a guy that is now four
5:35 am
points from the lead. >> time and time again. >> we just had an election in south carolina. >> uh-huh. >> if one of your kids was looking for an internship, would you be okay with them working for mr. weiner? >> i think new yorkers have got to come together and beg ray kelly to run. he has to run. >> but then he would leave the police department. >> he is leaving it >> but put someone in charge that gets it and that's the case. >> let us know what you think about that. american mom in mexico, we will find out if she can go free today. they were on their way back to arizona from a funeral in mexico. authorities claim they found
5:36 am
marijuana under her seat on the bus but her daughter claims she was framed. >> let her come home. she is innocent. >> we are finding there is so much red tape and bureaucracy in the mexican government just to get evidence that will easily prove their innocence submitted to the judge is a huge bureaucratic mess. >> mexican embassy says that her rights are being closely watched. >> it's a story we have been foll following. a 10-year-old girl is dying from cystic fibrosis. if she does not get a lung transplant soon, she will die but she is two years too young to receive an adult lung. her aunt joined us earlier on "fox and friends". >> our plea, our second request for consideration for sarah was rejected. there will be no movement. the children will stay at the back of the line. the reality is there is only 20
5:37 am
pediatric lungs and many, many adult. >> sign a petition to help her get the transplant she needs. >> meanwhile she admitted voting twice for president obama last november and could go to prison for up to six years because she voted at least twice. a judge convicting the woman of first-degree fraud. the 58-year-old pole worker said she voted illegally in 2008, 2011, and the 2012 elections by voting for a relative who was in a coma. >> and the jumbotron. they are both clearly
5:38 am
embarrassed and not about to lock lips. the guy even runs away. turns out the girl was his sister. >> that is weird. you can't -- >> that would be a little strange. >> a lot of people, i never thought that could be a scenario when the kiss cam goes wrong you're not having a good day. have you ever turned up on the kiss cam? >> none of that stuff on camera. >> we have some video. can you roll it? >> you're on the rain cam right now. >> yes. if you're going to be doing any kissing outdoors today you could actually be looking at some showers and thunderstorms today. some of the storms in the northeast could produce severe weather. damaging winds and large hail. that will be a huge concern across the northeast. as we head farther west, take a look at this storm system. this is going to be moving into
5:39 am
areas across the midwest. we are looking at possible tornados, stronger tornados. huge concern. heed the warning today if they are issued for your county. back to you. >> maria, is charlie the security guy? >> i don't know. what is he doing? i saw him from the corner of my eye. >> look over to the right. could you ask him what he was doing. there is charlie. charlie, come over. what were you doing? what were you doing behind her? >> i saw you doing something back here. you were like, what was it? >> i was talking to one of my comrades over there. >> all right.
5:40 am
>> like third base coach signals? >> just telling them something about, you know, what we do over here, that's all. >> working. >> a security guard coach. >> yes. >> today he is on maria duty. >> we just added him. now we can't do undercover work. >> it's a fox and friends exclusive. he says he was targeted by the white house, too. >> and no last laugh on this one. >> there is charlie. ♪ ♪
5:41 am
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5:44 am
>> the film adaptation of "killing kennedy" has found its leading man.
5:45 am
and actress jennifer goodwin will play jackie. >> and the company putting swim suit model on the back of its new catalog, this despite prior claims that they would never hire her. >> turns on the cameras and tells employees to go home. the iconic american company, gibson guitars. >> it could have something to do with its political beliefs and the recent scandals at the irs helped prove his point. >> were you?
5:46 am
>> yeah. >> no. we were not. in fact, the issue really was pretty esoteric. it had to do with laws not in the item but in those countries, and it had to do about the amount of labor content in the wood. it had nothing to do with conservation. in the second race, the wood that was seized was from india. and we got that wood and we continue to buy that wood legally as we had for many years. >> as i remember covering the story a couple of years ago, i believe it was in august of 2011. at the time maybe it was fox news pointing out maybe it would have to do with your political donations. you have given to republicans in the past.
5:47 am
that you now were also part of a pattern that would be orchestrated from washington d.c.? >> well, i don't know specifically that it had to do with my political leanings or beliefs. but i clearly believe that someone targeted our company inappropriately. there are many, many companies doing business with wood from other nations. we were in the process of certifying and all the wood sourcing. we had third party certificat n certifications.
5:48 am
>> there is a very short statute of limitations. -- >> meaning we never were charged and never formally in the court
5:49 am
of law to defend ourselves on the order of 5 million dollars. >> why cannot not -- explain the statute of limitations. >> there is a statute of limitations that you have to file an action within 12 months within our particular case. that statute is a state statute. put that in contract with the fact that the government is allowed five years just to think about it. >> unbelievable. >> your company has certainly been through the key hole. henry, we thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. henry you can play the guitar right? >> i love playing the guitar. >> i knew it. >> thanks. >> okay. coming up next, want the designer dress for that wedding you were invited to but don't
5:50 am
want to pay the dough? >> let's check in with another great musician. >> i didn't know that about him. >> piano, acoustic. >> it just shows you listen to our show. for that we are grateful. >> did eric holder lie under oath? we are now seeing paper work on the irs scandal. the lawyer representing many groups. are there missing e-mails? we will examine that issue as well. a busy wednesday. ten minutes away here on america's newsroom. [ lighter flicking ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where giving up isn't who you are. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have.
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>> welcome back, everyone. the average wedding guest
5:54 am
spending $500 from travel to accommodations and gifts. how can you attend multiple ceremonies without breaking the bank? we have the deputy editor of "glamour" magazine. let's start with the wardrobe. >> weddings can be so expensive. social media has been a huge game changer here. back in the day you could wear an outfit to one wedding and now the next. now everyone who follows owe have all seen that outfit so you can't really recycle. that's where a website that has a huge array of designer dresses, things that are in stores now, it's free to sign up and as little as 60 bucks. they will send you two dresses in two different sizes at home. when you're done you put knit the mail and send it back to the company. looks like you went shopping and you didn't. >> rent the run way.
5:55 am
very successful company. you can make your dress look different by the way you access rise. >> that's right. you invest in a fun cocktail dress like this one. it is dressed up for night and this look is for day. you can change the look ot your one dress with accessories. we are all about accessories. you buy one dress and wear it all summer long and you're done. a cheap way to deal with the dress problem. >> what about the gift. >> go to the couples wedding website and sign up for the store e-mail list. i know it seems like a pain. you can unsubscribe later. but any time there is a sale, free shipping or buy one get one deal you will be the first to
5:56 am
know. scoop up the gift for less and the couple will never know. >> if you get a muffin pan, supplement it by adding cook books. >> exactly. maybe a personal family recipe, your mother's favorite muffin recipe. every time they make muffins they are thinking of you. >> what about if you're going to fly on the airplane? >> that's right. you don't want to get strapped with baggage fees. don't stick it in your suitcase. have it sent right to your couple and most websites will do that. or get some cash and put it in a card and travel light. who doesn't want cash? >> good point. we will be right back. we're cracking down on medicare fraud.
5:57 am
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>> tomorrow we have got lots more news. >> we have new york giants star, we have joe namath, and a football player nicknamed the black widow. >> see you tomorrow. >> stunning new details revealed in the irs scandal. we are being given new evidence. the target is not only more widespread but requests from high level officials. the white house always said -- and a stamped signature by the woman who headed the legislation. she invoked the fifth when she said she did nothing wrong. a lawsuit filed against the irs today and the chief attorney has given us some of the documents. we have had a look at those.


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