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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 30, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the person that steals. >> did something happen? >> yes! i want that back, dana! i know you have it! "special report" next. >> bret: media organizations refuse to meet the embattled attorney general over three little words -- off the record. this is "special report." >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. off the record is a common phrase in this business used by reporters and their sources, rarely, though, does it cause as much of an uproar as it did today. it's different today. that phrase is leading to a boycott of sorts for the embattled attorney general's clear the air session with journalists and news executives. it is the latest damage control effort from an administration dealing with several scandals all at once. we have fox team coverage
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tonight. ed henry looks at how all the problems are affecting president obama's push to get democrats back in control of the house of representatives, but we begin with shannon bream on holder's outreach to the media. shannon? >> the invitations from the justice department have gone out, but a growing number of media outlets are saying no thanks to an off the record discussion with embattled attorney general eric holder. fox news will not attendant the doj meeting if it's off the record, according to vice president of news, michael clemente. same goes for cbs. cbs news does not plan to participate in the off the record meeting with attorney general eric holder. we would be willing to consider an on the record discussion. also taking a pass on any off the record opportunities, nbc, cnn, "the new york times," the associated press, and the huffington post. but there have been some takers. quote, abc news will attend the meeting and press for that conversation to be put on the
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record. politico editor-in-chief johnç harris says i feel anyone, whether an official or ordinary reader, should be able toç have an unguarded conversation in a position of accountability with a news organization when there's good reason." brad wood-house said, kind of forfeits your right to gripe. >> when you've lost the press, especially a press that's been so supine, and so supportive of this administration, bent over backwards to give them every break, then you're really, r ty we're having this extraordinary attempt to kind of set the record straight on an off the record basis. >> meanwhile the clock is ticking toward the wednesday deadline for holder to reply
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from a set of questions from republicans on the house judiciary committee, who believe he may have misled them on during his testimony on may 15th. regardless or how he answers, many believe it's time for president obama to ask for holder's resignation. >> absolutely. the reason is this department of justice has demonstrated a willingness to disregard the laws. >> also today, james goodale, "the new york times" general council at the time it decided to publish the pentagon papers, called for holder to resign, saying the attorney generalç hs created a precedence, that reporters can be treated as criminals. bret? >> bret: one way for the president to escape would be to snatch control of the house from republicans. president obama says it's possible. chief white house correspondent ed henry explains the reasoning. >> while storm clouds are still forming around his attorney
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general eric holder, president obama was home in chicago raising money for house democrats, to try to help get nancy pelosi back in charge. >> outstanding leader. soon once again to be leader. we love nation. >> the president's mission is not just helping democrats take back the house in 2014 so they can pass his second term agenda. a democratic victory would knock speaker john boehner out of power, making sure that darrell issa would no longer have gavels to investigate the string of controversies dominating congress' attention right now. >> a democrat house would cease to ask appropriate questions, whether it's theç irs scandal, the events surrounding benghazi or the department of justice. >> a new quinnipiac poll shows his approval rating has dropped to 45%, a loss of three points since may 1st, before the irs
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admitted targeting conservative groups. meanwhile 76% said a special prosecutor should be named to investigate the irs situation. the white house is also on defense over holder's claim to congress that he had never been involved in any possible prosecution of a reporter, just days before it was revealed the attorney general himself signed off on labeling fox's james rosen a potential criminal co-conspirator. >> was he not telling the truth on that? >> he was involved in it. >> involved in what? >> he signed off on the search warrant. are you not involved after signing off? >> i'd refer you to the justice department. >> the poll also shows on benghazi, the percentage of people who believe the administration mislead the public increased five percentage points. over the same time period people who believe the administration shared facts has dropped from fm 47% to 41%.
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>> for me to govern effectively over the next 3, 3 1/2 years, part of my task isç to constantly, continually reach out to the other side to try to find common ground. >> of course controversies like the irs one call into question whether the president can govern effectively. today the new irs chief named a chief risk officer that he said will improve internal controls and restore integrity. breath? >> bret: ed henry live on the north lawn. ed, thanks. republicans are asking for emails between the president's re-election campaign and the state department. about the benghazi terror attacks. the gop sent a request under the freedom of information act. the republicans accused the medication of misleading americans for political purposes. >> i can assure you i did not have any emails with the state department. [whistle] i was at the campaign, but this is a larger question. i don't want to speculate further, because we haven't taken a look at the formal request yet.
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>> bret: the state department also saying today, they're still deciding how to respond to the subpoena by republicans in the house. the benghazi attacks, of course, left four americans dead, including the u.s. ambassador to libya. as if president obama doesn't have enough to worry aboutè:'@vóo someone sent him ar letter laced with a deadly toxin. also on the delivery list, no,'w york city's mayor. >> i apotential ricin square targeting gun rights has targeted the white house. alar similar to one sent to new york city mayor michael bloomberg and his antigun group was addressed to president obama, intercepted at an offsite mail screening facility and is being tested. authorities say the letters to bloomberg, one of the country's most outspoken supporters of gun control andj>(!=iñ background c, contains threats about the nation's ongoing gun debate. >> the letter, in essence,
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complains about gun control, says that anyone who comes from for my gun will be shot my face. >> three police officers were treated for minor symptoms. bloomberg's washington, d.c. nonprofit, mayors against illegal guns. it was open on sunday by its director, who suffered no effects. the american postal workers union says the letters were mailed may 20th and postmarked in shreveport, louisiana, where the postal center handles mail from louisiana, arkaísm and texas, meaning the letters could have come from any one of those states. bloomberg, a billionaire, has spent $12 million fighting various officials, republican and democrat, who have blocked stricter gun laws. he said the ricin threat will not deter his campaign against gun violence. >> the letter was referred to our antigun efforts, but 12,000 people going to get killed this year with guns, and 19,000 commit suicide with guns.
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we're not going to walk away from those efforts. >> ricin can be so deadly that a small speck, the size of a grain of salt, can be fatal if swallowed or inhaled. this happens to be the third ricin letter case in the past three weeks. last week in washington state a man was arrested and charged with send a ricin-laced letter to a federal judge. last month in mississippi, another man was charged with making and possessing ricin. that part of an investigation into ricin-laced letters sent to another federal judge as well as to president obama. breath? >> bret: eric, thank you. there is confusion tonight over whether russia has already shipped sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles to syria and exactly what that would mean for the u.s., israel and the rest of the region. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is following the story from thöqlupg pentag. >> when asked whether the russians had delivered a controversial arms shipment that
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the u.s. has described as a potential game changer, syrian president bashar assad hinted that the anti-aircraft missile system was on its way and parts had already arrived. >> there has been agreements between us and the russians for a long time. the russians are committed to their agreement. all that was agreed with russia will be implemented. part of it has already been done. >> u.s. officials say he was bluffing, and that they have been watching russian arm shipments to syria closely. so far the u.s. and israel agree that the advanced surface-to-air missile system was not among the many arms already been delivered. israel threatened to take military action if the russians completed a missile shipment to syria. the mobile nature and far reach of the s-300 would make it difficult for the u.s. and western allies to set up a no-fly zone.
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chairman of the joint chiefs, martin dempsey explain pentagon concerns about these weapons. >> i worry that assad will decide that somehow he has these systems he's somehow safer or more prone to a miscalculation. again, an unfortunate dis. >> meanwhile syria's deeply divided opposition is calling for help in a town where they're battling assad's forces, reportedly joined by lebanese hesitathezbollah fighters. senator john mccain just furnished an unannounced trip to syria in recent days to meet with rebel forces and continues to press the administration to get involved to remove assad. mccain's visit wasn't without controversy when lebanese press reported he posed with two known militants, allegedly wanted for kidnapping shiah muslims. mccain's office put out an explanation tonight, quote, "if
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the individual photographed with senator mccain, that would be unfortunate, butç it's ludicros to say that he has any communication with those responsible. >> bret: the attorney general for the army soldier accused of slaughtering 16 afghan villagers says his client was crazed and broken, but not legally insane. staff sergeant robert bales will tell his story next week as he pleads guilty in order to avoid the death penalty. the army wants bales executed. afghan villagers have expanded it. some government workers on furlough are getting free money. we'll explain next up on the grapevine. and smokers and overweight people, beware.very the government may be coming after you. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low.
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it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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>> some forms of discrimination
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are apparently still legal in the u.s. tonight chief national correspondent jim angle reports on how obamacare may make people with certain lifestyles pay a real price. >> if you smoke, you're overweight, or have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, you could be forced to pay a lot more for health insurance, according to new regulations just issued by the obama administration. >> for smoking, being overweight, being obese, and basically for generally not meeting the health guidelines, an employer can charge 30%, for smoking 50% more. >> when it comes to smoking and being overweight and other health measures, if employees don't participate in wellness programs they will pay more. >> on the other hand, they're trying to ban discrimination based on health status, but, on the other hand, they're trying to say,ç well, some discrimination based on health status is good discrimination.
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>> it is definitely the nanny state trying to tell us what we're going to do, unleashing their employers to be the agent of the government, telling us what we're going to do. >> smokers do run up healthcare bills, but that habit and other unhealthy conditions are associated with lower incomes, so higher rates will hit those the administration aimed to help. >> it will be push premiums higher, primarily on people struggling to pay thefqyy+e÷ó ps in the first place. >> many employers already offer wellness programs but the new 123-page regulation tellsç them exactly how they must be organized. >> just one more massive regulation on top of thousands and thousands of pages that have already been issued that employers have toç deal with. i think the whole system is starting to choke on so many rules. >> there is 1-irony in all of this. on the day officials released the new regs, it released a new study. >> a rand corporation study paid for by the obama administration, called for in the affordable
3:18 pm
care act, and it studied wellness programs all over the country and ba3ically says they don't work. >> in fact the study found those trying to lose weight in these programs lost an average of a pound a year, and though some employers offer gym memberships, those who take them are using the gym already, not those who >> bret: jim, thank you. do you think it's right to make smokers and overweight people pay more? let me know on twitter. follow me @bretbaier. the economy grew less, but pending home sales were up .30 in april. the dow today was up 22. the s&p 500 gained 6. the nasdaq finished ahead 24. still ahead, why florida is proud and promoting its $6 billion a year food stamp industry. first president obama's pick to
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>> one of the two main suspects in last week's brutal slaying of an off-duty british soldier was in court today. 25-year-old lee rigby was hacked to death in broad daylight on the streets of southeastñoo lon. authorities believe a tie to islamic extremists. the father of a chechen immigrant killed during an fbi interrogation last week in florida says his son was unarmed and executed. the bureau says the 27-year-old attacked agents during the question. he was being questioned about connections to one of the boston marathon bombers. meanwhile the mother of surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev says her son sounds
3:23 pm
normal after her first conversation with him since his arrest. president obama has picked a rmer bush administration official to beywg the new head f the fbi. chief intelligence correspondent katherine harridge on what james comey is facing. >> a former prosecutor who also served as deputy attorney general under president bush, jamejames comey is seen as a stg bipartisan choice for fbi director. >> to the extent the president wanted someone who is confirmable, he's chosen the correct man. ÷ to face an interrogation on benghazi and the failure to disrupt the boston marathon bomb u.s. >> wouldn't surprise me that the president thoughta÷qr] cq/l if o nominate lisa monaco he'd be inviting a debate on subjects he'd rather stay away from. >> instead a comey hearing, with
3:24 pm
his boss john ashcraft in the hospital, he was in charged. when he refused to renew a controversial surveillance program, then the white house council, alberto gonzales, and chief of staff, andrew card, rushed to the hospital to get ashcraft to overrule him. tipped off to the plan, comey was already there. >> ashcroft stunned me. lifted his head off the pillow and in very strong terms expressed his view of the matter, rich in both substance and fact, which stunned me. >> ashcraft supported his deputy. the next morning he went to the white house for a routine briefing. >> as i was leaving, the president asked to speak to me, took me in his study, and we had a one-on-one meeting for about 15 minutes. >> after that the president met briefly with muller. >> after those two sessions, we had his direction to do the
3:25 pm
right thing. >> in a statement, a senior republican on the judiciary committee, senator charlesç grassley, hinted comey might face questions about his recent in the hedge fund industry. >> bret: a follow-up on a story from china. officials there say the mother of the newborn rescued from a sewer pipe over the weekend will not face charges. authorities have concluded the child fell into the toilet accidentally. the baby has been released to the hospital and turned over to his maternal grandparents. it's also apparently just a coincidence that the husband of one senator standsç to make a pretty penny from the postseason. post office. we'll explain. and the pushback to a do nothing congress. the grapevine is next. both tylenol and bayer advanced aspirin
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. for all the talk about the u.s. postal service losing money it's getting attention from congress. lawmakers are especially productive at naming post offices. more than 18% of all legislation passed by the 111th and 112th congresses were bills to name post offices. that's 116 out of 623 statues that's controlled by democrats and republicans. in other postaln
3:30 pm
federal government has placed 57 current post office buildings on the market. that prime real estate will likely fetch millions of dollars bringing in añr hefty commissio, of course, for the realtor. that would be the form cbre group. the chairman of the board is richard blue. his wife is california democratic senator dianne feinstein. the senator says she's not involved in her husband's business dealings and had nothing to do with her husband being awarded the contract. some federal workers furloughed are applying for unemployment benefits. eligibility differs from state to state. some are taking five# once, so they're eligible to recoup salary in the form of unemployment checks. some say that defeats the purpose of the furloughs." sequestration demonstrates that
3:31 pm
the best way to cut spending is to eliminate the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars that washington wastes over year on obsolete programs." now to a group collecting unemployment benefits, along with food stamps. prison inmates. the new jersey comptroller's office says inmates received $23 million in benefits in a 22-month period, ending in april 2011. one drug offender, for example, collected $40,000 in unemployment while sitting in his jail cell. the comptroller says agencies overseeing public assistance are not comparing the welfare lists to a database of county and state inmates. if you have a story for the grapevine, we want to hear it. tweet usñ+w @srgrapevine. tonight we continue our look at the big business of a big government program designed to help people in florida. correspondent steve harrigan on whether all that goodwill is good for the people who receive
3:32 pm
it. >> milk, bread. >> by the third week of the month, this woman's $240 in food stamps has run out, leaving her $9 in cash and seven people to feed. >> food stamp and child support, that's whatç i got. >> yet the 50-year-old single mother, who entered the u.s. by swimming across the rio grand, has government funded housing, medication, and $700 a month in social security. she's been on assistance for 20 years, and wants others to know that help is available. >> when you really, really need it, go look for help before it's too late. >> that message is heard in florida where expert navigators now help clients apply online for multiple federal aid programs at the same time. the goal of the recruiters, who say they are privately funded, is to increase federal aid to
3:33 pm
florida by $1 billion a year, using a single app they're able to test someone's eligibility for 11 different federal programs. they make two arguments in support of increased federal spending. people deserve to receive the benefits for which they're eligible, and in the longç run, they say, many of these programs, especially assistance for mothers and children, are cost effective, and end up saving the community money. >> to provide this care is pennies compared to the cost]%[ that it will take for our community to care for a newborn that is born with health concerns. >> others say efforts to expand uncapped federal aid programs threaten to create a culture of dependency. >> government efforts to expand these food programs like food stamps has broken down a traditional american reservation to not want to go on government handouts. >> one thing is clear about removing the stigma from federal aid, it makes fraud easier.
3:34 pm
the manatee county sheriff was puzzled when raids on drug dealers kept turning up stacks of food stamp cards. >> i think that they went away from the actual food stamps and went to these cards, these credit cards, just because of that, because they felt like that there was a stigma attached, but the bottom line is now there doesn't appear to be much control at all over it. >> florida's governor today signed a bill, outlawing the use of electronic benefit cards in strip clubs and casinos. bret? >> bret: steve, thank you. the american mother of seven being held in a mexican jail says she's confident of her release. yanira maldonado is accused of trying to smuggle nearly 12 pounds of marijuana under her bus seat. she denies that. >> i was in shock. i'm, like, this is not real, this is not happening.
3:35 pm
they put my cuffs, and it was horrible. i'm going do be free. i'm not guilty. i don't have nothing to hide. >> bret: why many news organizations are not attending the attorney general's briefing, and what's next in this scandal. we'll get reaction from the fox all-stars when we return. ♪
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>> it's unprecedented. and the degree of willingness of
3:39 pm
this administration to target, target a reporter for this network as anuiy co-conspirator, that is without precedent. unfortunately i think it's part and parcel of a pattern from this administration of not respecting the bill of rights. >> he's asked the attorney general to meet with media organizations. he's asked the attorney general to review policies and procedures that govern the way the justice department approaches these issues. to report back to himç on that review. >> the invitations from the justice department went out for the meeting with attorney general eric holder. that was one problem, though. it was said it was going to be an off the record meeting, sparking a growing list of media organizations saying no thanks, at least if it's off the record. the organizations not attending, fox news, "new york times," associated post, huffington
3:40 pm
post, cbs news, and late before the show nbc news adding their name. the organizations who will attend, politico, "washington post," abc news, "wall street journal," "los angeles times," "chicago tribune," bloomberg, "usa today." they will attend. josh ernest, the deputy press secretary said about it today, in terms of the details and ground rules for the meeting, i'd refer to you the department of justice, conducting the review, but we're hopeful media organizations will take advantage of the opportunity to constructively contribute to this process. let's bring in our panel. tucker carlson, host of fox and friends weekend.z.i weekend. kiersten powers and charles krauthammer.
3:41 pm
>> what justificationwx$íj share with the public? applaud the news organizations who aren't biting, but i hope the ones that are going, a, will leak the discussions immediately, preferably by twitter, and b, ask the following question -- why was "the new york times" not targeted as fox and the a.p. were? "the new york times" leaked details about obama, all of which made him look good, the killing of obl example. were their reporters' emails read? >> bret: chris hayes on msnbc talked about that, the fact we don't know the answer to the "new york times" question as of yet. >> a triumphant thing the administration did, this incredible virus that took out the nuclear program. it's an incredible story, right? it is very clear that information was classified, and it is very, very clear from the article that it was leaked by senior administration officials. there's just no way it wasn't,
3:42 pm
right? the question is, okay, fair is fair. if you're going to go afterç low-low guy in the state department for leaking something, go after senior officials. there's no way, in my humble opinion, "the new york times" was not subject to the same kind of warrants. >> bret: so what do you think of that, kiersten? >> well, i mean, not to be too cynical, but i think the story that painted obama in a positive light probably were sanctioned leaks. you know, i'm just going to go out on a limb there. that's been the accusation that a lot of concerned about his war on whistleblowers, which is that classified information is okay to leak, or gets declassified along the way when it makes obama look good, but when they don't like it, then they persecute these people, some of whom are spending time in jail actually for doing the exact same thing his staff did. >> bret: charles? >> that's at the core of these
3:43 pm
scandals. the president's role ties faithfully execute the laws, to do it impartially, to do it faithfully. so on the irs, you know, you audit only the conservatives, and here what's been screamingly obvious ever since we had the leak of the stuck nets virus, all the other leaks that made obama -- the ones on the drone, which are even more extensive, remember that leak story, said obama was so troubled about this, he reread it i think it was. i can't even remember. that's not stuff you'll get from a state department official in the lower levels of the bowels of that building. you're going to get it from obviously the president's close associates who speak with him. we know there aren't a lot of them. it is scandalous that while going after this low-level guy over a korean leak, which appears reasonably enok cuous,
3:44 pm
ignoring the torrent of leaks that made obama look good. if it makes you look good, you ignore that. ifx@f makes obama look bad, you nail the reporter, particularlyñ if he's a fox report. >> bret: quinnipiac had a new poll about the president's approval rating, handling his job, approve or disapprove. you can see by the numbers here that it is down slightly, 45% approve, 49% disapprove. two other questions in this poll, interesting about the irs investigation, should a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate it, 76% of those polled today saidç yes, there should be a special prosecutor. and then on the other question, the other scandal, obama administration, did they deliberately mislead the american people about the events in benghazi, and there you see the uptick, a little bit, deliberately misled up to 46% compared to december of 41%.
3:45 pm
tucker, do you sense -- i mean, this is one poll obviously -- that american public opinion is changing as these things continue to drag on? >> be unusual if it weren't. it's been a long time, any decades since we've had a second where. president's approval rating didn't move steadily downward. the most resonant of the scandals is the irs scandal. this is a procedural point, but i think it's meaningful, what a shame that people don't trust congress to carry out that role. special prosecutor, fine, but the committee should be doing that. that's what we have a congress for, in part. people don't trust them, and for good reason. >> bret: kiersten, for the ones going to this off the record meeting, they're saying it happens all the time in
3:46 pm
washington. >> i'd say it happens all the time on steroids under this white house. that's why i wish everyone would push back against them. anyone who's had the pleasure of dealing with this white house knows, they will never say anything on the record, won't even say what branch of government they're coming from. they do everything they can to hide it. this is not normal operating procedure. this is not how past administrations have behaved. they make reporters get approval for quotes, if you want to go on the record. they often only conduct interviews in an email. so i think that this is a bigger pushback. it's not just about this interview. it's about enough is enough. like why are you guys off the record on everything? >> bret: last word. >> the farce here is that this whole exercise is about making the administration=mz2jwn accou. the way to be accountable is to speak on the record, so everybody has a look at what you say, see if it's true, to make it off the record, of course, defeats entirely that purpose. >> bret: and they say they want
3:47 pm
to go forward about policies, forward and not look backward. >> always. >> bret: which would be a lot of questions about what's happened. next up, is the u.s. getting closer to getting involved militarily in syria? and what about russia's role? i see you have allstate claim free rewards, for every year you don't have a claim, you'll get money off your home insurance policy. put it towards... [ glass shatters ] [ girl ] dad! [ girl screams ] noise canceling headphones? [ male announcer ] get allstate home insurance with claim free rewards. talk to an allstate agent... [ doorbell rings ] and let the good life in. talk to an allstate agent... [ doorbell rings ] at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in
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>>' agreement between us and the russians for a long time: the russians are committed to their agreement. all that was agreed with russia will be implemented and part of it has already been done. >> what i really worry about is that assad will decide that since he has got these systems, he is somehow safer. and/or more prone to a
3:51 pm
miscalculation. so, you know, again, an unfortunate decision. >> syrian president bashar assad with a hezbollah television interviewer essentially hinting that they had the s-300 missiles from russia already. several u.s. officials pushing back saying that delivery hasn't happened. we're back with the panel. it has been described, charles, as a game changer when and if they get these antiaircraft missiles. they dotion is what because russia seems determined to get them to him. >> if it happens, the israelis will take them out. the israelis have to do it. not because they want to tilt the balance in the civil war, the israelis have only enemies on all sides. they don't have a dog in that hunt. but the problem is that it is extremely, extremely sophisticated. range is over 200 miles. israel son the doorstep of syria. damascus is about the same distance from israel as baltimore and washington.
3:52 pm
and it has a range of 200 miles. israel is a country that's about that long. and 8 miles wide at its waist. so it could actually attack israeli airplanes over israeli airspace. israel will never allow that kind of weapon to be in the hands either of the syrians or hezbollah. and the russians who know that, that's why i think the report that's already been delivered is not true. the israelis are saying it isn't. and the day all of the parts arrive and are assembled. they are going to be knocked out. >> bret: u.s. officials are telling us that they have been watching these armed shipments very closely and they have not arrived as of yet. this comes, kirsten, as the eu has opened up shipments to the other side, the rebels allowing that russia is stepping up its support. i mean, it seems like this is escalating. it's already been there, but it's getting even more intense. >> i think, you know, if, in fact, they do end up getting these weapons, it takes somewhere between 3 to 6 months for them to actually be operational.
3:53 pm
that does give israel a little bit of time to react before they are actually operational. and yes, it's escalating. this is just a bad situation with really not very many good options. even if they are arming the renels, who are the rebels? they are a group of people who are very disorganized. have a lot of infighting. the strongest fighters are jihadists, you know, al qaeda connected jihadists. you have the christians siding with assad, your army people against the christian population. so it is just a terrible situation which i don't see a clear military solution to. >> bret: secretary kerry was over in russia. he had what they described as a break through to try to get the peace negotiations underway between the syrian government and the rebels. now, it seems clear that the rebels, tucker, are backing out of this sitdown and it does not seem like anything has been accomplished. >>. no and we know, by the way, whether or not these
3:54 pm
missiles have been delivered to a damascus or not. we know the russians have been supporting the assad regime. pretty complicated situation. the problem is the president, our president has pledged america's reputation on removing assad. and that may not really be in our control unless we are willing to get deeply involved militarily. to give you some sense of how confusing this is. i think you showed early in the show pathetic photo of senator general mccain. honorable man but with people whose identity he knew nothing about. might turn out to be war criminals. we actually don't know. people who support immediate removal of assad, including the president ought to have to explain what happened in egypt. what comes next? that question. >> what's happening is battle shifted it shifted in favor of assad. the russians have huge shipments of arms. hezbollah is in the fight city, a strategic town that
3:55 pm
controls the route between damascus and the interior. that's hezbollah who are the most experienced in the region. iranians have troops on the ground as well. this is iran, hezbollah, russia alliance fighting a foreign war in syria. and the reason that the american secretary of state was looking for a peace negotiation because it looks as if assad could prevail with all of that assistance. >> bret: we'll follow, this it's developing every day. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for the latest fitness craze.
3:56 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, there is a new exercise video that has gone viral. prancer sizing. it is a unique workout routine that involves prancing like a horse created by one woman. joanna roar back. my executive producer doug war beck is not related but he apparently likes these moves. he wanted this kicker. as expected the internet is already erupting with prancercizing parodies. >> let's stop talking and do some walking.
4:00 pm
>> joanna. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: breaking news now as fox reports tonight. a tornado touched down. a powerful storm system moving through the center of the country right now. conflicting reports on injuries. but more tornadoes, rain and hail all in the first alert forecast. plus, hearing from the american mother accused of trying to smuggle drugs from mexico [inaudible] >> mexican forces say they found marijuana under her seat on a bus. but the mother of seven says she is an innocent victim. >> i'm like this is not real. this is not happening. >> shepard: tonight, the evidence and the push to bring her back home. poisoned letters targeting the billionaire mayor of new york city over his stance onun


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