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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 31, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good friday morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am patti ann browne. >> thanks for watching fox and friends first. >> we begin with a fox news alert. finally free, overnight the american mom jailed in mexico on drug charges was released. this is new video of her car crossing the border into the united states. >> anita vogel is live for us in los angeles with breaking details. congratulations to her, right? >> that's right. she is one happy camper this morning. good morning to you guys. she is on her way back to arizona. this is brand new video of her car crossing the border into the
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united states. it's believed around 10:00 p.m. last night. the mother of 7 locked up on drug charges walked out of a mexican jail and into her husband's arms. this after surveillance video shows maldonado boarding with only water bottle and blankets in her hand. she was on the way back from arizona from a funeral in mexico when authorities arrested her. they claim they found this 12 pounds of marijuana. thanks to the crucial security video it is showing nothing could have carried the amount of drugs. she professed her innocence saying she was framed. the naturalized u.s. citizen born in mexico says she will likely avoid trips there. anita, thanks so much. cheb check in with you in a little
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bit this morning. >> romney returns to the stage after 6 months. romney tells the wall street journal he is plan to go work on ways to help shape our national priorities. so starts next week with a meeting with 200 friends and supporters from utah he is disappointed the white house lax a clear agenda. he is considering writing a book and a series of op eds. >> employees who care for wounded will get furlough notices. they will be furloughed without pay one day a week for the next 11 weeks. walter reed is not sure how this will effect care for those beginning july 8th. >> an american woman reportedly killed while fighting there. the family of 33-year-old nicole lyn mansfield of flint michigan
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says the fbi said she was dead. man's fooemd and two others were killed fighting for the opposition there. the state department says they are working to get more information. no more invasive full body scanners at the airport. the tsa reports it has gotten rid of the controversial technology that produced virtually naked photographs of passengers. they switched to only generic body images. the scanners were removed last year. >> the word knadel it spelled a win last night for a 13-year-old boy last night. >> may i have the origin. >> germander rived yiddish. k- n-a- i-d-e-l.
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(cheers) >> he is the new scripps national spelling bee champion. he correctly spelled the yiddish word for dumpling. he was in third place. he will spend more time studying physics now that he won the spelling bee. >> kids smarter than you. >> that is your 5@5:00. >> more on the justice department spying scandal. many members of the media saying thanks but no thanks to eric holder's off the record sit down. he's still on the hot seat for possibly lying under oath and more lawmakers are calling on him to resign. elizabeth pran is live with more. >> good morning elizabeth. >> the scheduled meetings
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continue into today but since the stipulation was that it was off the record thmany news outls refuse to go. nbc news ap, cnn, cbs, huffington post all on thursday refuse to go send a representative meeting with eric holder on the department surveillance of reporters. the organization which did go the new yorker daily news. poll lit co "washington post" and the wall street journal we know abc news and other news organizations announcing they may attend but will press for further meetings to be held on the record. they will take place over the next couple weeks they want the attorney general to engage in all media organizations with sprint, radio and television. they will have experts and intelligence and investigative agencies. not everybody feels these meetings are productive. >> it is a pr gesture more than a substantive gesture.
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i don't think it will repair relationship with the press nor is it going to give the american people greater confidence. president obama is ill served keeping them there. he has been an infective disorganized attorney general demonstrated very bad judgment. >> republican lawmakers are waiting it until june 5th for answers to elicit questions including a search warrant for james rosen letters and e-mails. patti and heather back to you. >> thank you so much. talk to you later. more developments to talk to you about in the irs scandal. four more employees will be questioned about who knew what when about the agency's targeting of conservative groups. the house weighs and means and house over site committee will speak with the employees. they all come from the cincinnati office the administration claims is at the center of the scandal.
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lois lerner the woman who manages the office is on paid leave. a new poll shows overwhelming americans supporting a special prosecutor to be named to investigate the abuse. 76 percent of those surveyed in a poll says one should be appointed. >> speaking of the irs yesterday we learned former commissioner doug shulman made 159 visits to the white house between january 2009 and november 2012. it is an extremely high number and raises the question why. last night the former commissioner over bush said during his tenure he could not image going to the white house that many times. >> i testified last year i only went over there to my recollection once on an inner agency policy manner if you will to talk about immigration reform. >> can you, because you know the job, is there anything on earth
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that could get him in that white house 157 times? can you give me any reason? >> he bung elled. >> is there any reason that would braining hing him over th times? >> the administration was considering healthcare and tax reform. the service needs to be part of conversations about what is going to happen if that bill becomes law. that's totally legitimate. what i did do, bill, i testified before the isa committee and expressed concern about the service being wrapped up in the affordable care act. it can create a perception that the irs duties somehow changed to such a degree that they lose their historic independence.
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>> more on this later. tlr claims the benghazi medical center was under the name john doe under ambassador chris steven's death certificate. u.s. officials didn't want to draw undue attention to his importance as they tried to recover his body. it is unknown when they brought him to the hospital and when he died. we have also learned the state department may not comply with congressional subpoenas for more documents related to the benghazi talking points for ambassador susan rice. more on this also later. >> extreme weather alert. what a week. another massive storm system spawning at least five foreign does in america's heartland. this is new video of one of the twisters that hit the town of broken arrow, oklahoma. >> you can see some of the damage it did. look closely to the building's proof. twisters touching down in
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arkansas injuring 9 people in both of those states. this is now being considered the most active tornado week all year. no surprise there. >> maria molina is tracking a storm for us today. this is hard to report all of the families being paekted by the storms. >> the injuries of people recovering in moore oklahoma in that area. it is an intense situation. it has produced more than 800 reports of severe weather including damaging winds and hail it was really packing a punch. today we are talking extreme weather in parts of texas toward tornadoes that includes today tulsa, oklahoma city and moore oklahoma you need to remain alert and have a way to get the warnings as we head into the afternoon hours and into the evening. if a tornado warning gets issued
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you need to seek shelter immediately. temperatures continue on the rise to the east of the storm system. still to come, how much do folks know about obama care? o'reilly's jessie waters went on a mission to find out. >> do you supported obama -- support obama care? >> i do not. >> why not? >> why kathleen seb beal why yous sebili -- >> a lady trapped under her car under water and how complete strangers came to her rescue. you can see her in his arms right there. we will be right back. hey, look! a shooting star!
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>> good morning to you. we have a fox news alert. we have brand new video. this is the american mom who had been jailed in mexico on drug smuggling charges she has now been release. this video of her getting into her car and crossing the border into the united states. what a homecoming she is going to have. she is on her way home to arizona. a judge from mexico dropped the charges against her after a security camera footage showed her board agabus in mexico only with blankets bottles of water and her purse in hand. not enough room to carry 12 pounds of pot. congratulations to her. we have learned a person is being questioned about ricin laced letters sent to president obama and new york city mayor michael bloomberg. they were postmarked on may the 20th.
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>> could another scandal be brewing on the hill? republican law americas are determining if kathleen seb beal why yous solicited donations from private healthcare companies for obama care. they sent a letter asking for a list of everyone she solicited for money. hhs claims sebelius did nothing wrong. do everyday americans get it? jessie waters went to dc to find out. >> do you support obama care? >> yes. >> of course not. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i think it is one of the worst pieces of legislation in the last 30 years. >> what is obama care? >> no idea. >> you support it you don't know how it works? >> oh my god. >> east an idea but i think he's going about it the wrong way. >> obama care, explain that because i don't really -- yeah.
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>> do you support obama care? >> i do not. >> why not? >> there should be healthcare for those who don't have it. >> i wouldn't go that far. >> how does it function? >> i know there's lots of forms. >> i haven't read obama care. >> if you don't have healthcare they are going to fine awe grand. >> the government comes for the regular people first. >> have you noticed a difference since obama care passed? >> as a doctor, you are just automatically cut youring own pay because you don't get reimbursed enough. >> i always wanted to be a doctor. ask any girl i grew up with. >> i had been rejected for
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healthcare because of a simple injury. >> was this this preexisting situation. >> yes, i had a broken finger. >> you see health insurance premiums going up employers dropping people from their coverage. >> it is stunning to see how many people are unfamiliar and represents sewage a huge successor of our country. >> people have to wise up about that. >> remember when your banks said they wouldn't charge you fees on your checking account? that was a long time ago. they may have been lying to you. we will tell you about that coming up next. >> plus big trouble for bacon lovers. >> that story ahead.
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>> it is 21 after the hour. time for quick headlines. watch out a huge astroid is set to sail past earth today. it is so big scientist discovered it even has its own moon. the rocket is over a mile and a half wide. it is not a threat to the human race. it will pass over 3 and a half million miles away from earth. the royal caribbean cruise ship that caught fire monday will be back in the water very soon. the grandeur of the seas will set sail again july 12th. it was badly damaged the fire. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> heather? >> thank you so much. it is time now to bank on this. if you are a homeowner struggling to pay your mortgage a lot of folks are. there is good news to tell you about this morning.
2:23 am
we have the surprising details. the home modification tell us about that. >> homeowners people who wanted to buy homes were planning to face fewer options coming up. the program is set to expire. >> at the end of this year. the department of treasury said they are going to expand it the end of 2015. people will have more options for two more years to pay for it. it is known as the home affordable modification program, hamp. it allows homeowners to change the terms of their mortgage to lower monthly payments. so they offer that option it is good for them because they get an incentive paid for by the government. it is not happening. >> this is one of my pet peeves you go to the bank open up an account they nickel and dime you there's a push to try to get
2:24 am
them to show you the fees. >> they are not transparent muf. you know there are hidden fees on your checking account. pugh found that 36 of the biggest banks in the u.s. have fees that are so not transparent they are 43 pages long. that doesn't explain what the bank wants. they want to limit that and put a label on your bank account. they are applying toer more transparency. >> when you go to the grocery store and you get a label for food. >> that is such a great idea. they tell you you have to have 5,000 dollars just to get free checking. if you go below that it is 20 bucks a month. there is a company buying a huge
2:25 am
process or in the united states. >> chung way international group is buying a smith field which is going to be a deal if it is approved the u.s. government. this organization is buying it. it is like chinese organizations buying a car company. >> everyone is worried about the bacon and where it is going to come from. don't worry we are doing this because we want it growing in demand. it is changing there and quality bacon quality will not change. >> we are not going to be getting our pork from overseas it will still be here in the united states. >> that is what he is saying. >> jolene kent great to have you on board with us. >> a fox news alert we are about to hear from the american mom who was 7 who was just released from a prison after officials
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dropped her drug smuggling charges. do you really need to take a class on r and r? this is what some congressional staffers are now doing. and no surprise here they are doing it on your dime. >> beyonce is once again in the middle of a sole doe fl-- solo . she thinks something is wrong with this picture and she is mad at somebody. h, he's a fighter a. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage, groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work! ♪ you got it! you got it! yes! aflac's gonna help take care of his expenses. and us...we're gonna get him back in fighting shape. ♪ [ male announcer ] see what's happening behind the scenes at
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>> good morning yeeveryone. welcome to "fox & friends" fi . first". >> i am heather nauert. >> i am patti ann browne. she is finally free. we are talking about the american mom of 7 children who had been jailed in mexico for a week now on drug charges. she has been released and this is brand new video of her leaving the country. >> hi there anita. >> great to have a happy ending to the story. she is on her way back to arizona. this is the new video of her car crossing the border into the united states. it's believed around 10:00 p.m. last night. the mother of 7 locked up on drug charges walked out of a mexican jail and into her husband's arms.
2:31 am
>> glory god i am free now. he sented me good people. i am grateful for my family, my children. >> a judge dropped the charges after court officials had surveillance video of her boarding a bus with only blankets bottles of water and a purse in her hand. this started last week. she was with her husband on the way back to arizona from a funeral in mexico when authorities arrested her. they claim they found this 12 pounds of marijuana under her bus seat. thanks to the crucial security footage it was obvious nothing she was carrying could have held the amount of drugs authorities
2:32 am
say she brought on to her. she professed her innocence saying she was framed. she says she will likely avoid future trips there. >> we are getting a live statement from the mother in arizona. we will bring that to you. we have got it right here. >> (speaking spanish snchl ( >> what was it like holding your husband in your arms for the first time. >> (indiscernible)
2:33 am
>> what were his first words? >> i love you. >> what were your thoughts when you were released? >> i am free. i am free. i was innocent. so i was very happy. >> what was your life like in the jail? what did you do for all these days? >> first i was very sad, because i am there and i was innocent. i was told that i would be sent to another prison, a federal prison. it scared me. but it really got my faith and reading the scriptures i found the book of mormon
2:34 am
(indiscernible) talking to them and getting to know them i feel that other people going through their own problems makes yours smaller. >> have you already spoken to your children? >> they are so happy that i am out. so they can't wait to see me. >> when did they tell you you are going to be able -- what did they say to you? >> they told me -- i don't know what time. probably around 9:30. >> what did they say? >> someone came from the court to sign papers so i signed the
2:35 am
par papers. >> what was your reaction? >> i screamed yes. (speaking spanish) >> they have not done so much would you still be in there had the press ignored this story? >> thank you to the press i think i am out. god is the one, but you guys did
2:36 am
an amazing job out there for me putting the word out and i was in there that i was innocent. that was key. >> (inaudible question) your faith how much of a role did it play to get you through this? >> that was the main thing my faith and my family kept me going. >> how do you feel about traveling to mexico? >> i love mexico. my family is still there, so mexico -- it's not mexico's fault. a few people -- (indiscernible snchl ) i probably will go back.
2:37 am
mexico is a beautiful country. >> what do you say to the people who did this to you? >> to repent. i don't know. to work, honest find a job a decent job where they can make a living not putting innocent people through this nightmare like they did fto me or my family. >> do you for give them? >> i do. i am not frustrated. i was questioning myself, someone did this, but they have to do it like that to get to where they wanted to get, their
2:38 am
job but they should be more hones honest and do things right. >> do you think you were targeted or unlucky to sit there? >> i don't think i was targeted. maybe -- (speaking spanish) (speaking spanish)
2:39 am
(speaking spanish) >> (inaudible question) >> i am sorry?
2:40 am
>> (inaudible question) >> we believe in god and we are always communicating and praying, and you know, i think that even though it was a bad situation... >> that is yanira maldonado who's free after spending almost a week in a mexican jail on what appears to be trumped up drug charges. >> amazing she said after all she is been through image being in a mexican jail, that is one tough border town. one of the things she said is her faith and family got her through it and she doesn't really blame the people there. >> she also said she read scriptures to some of the other women she was in jail with and got to hear about their problems and it made her feel like her
2:41 am
problems weren't so bad. that is good perspective for you. >> amazing. we will bring you more later. in the meantime we have headlines. >> mitt romney return to go the public stage nearly 6 months after his loss in the presidential election. he plans to work on ideas to quote help shape nationality priorities. this will start next week with a three-day meeting for 200 friends and supporters in utah. romney says the white house lacked a clear augen sdau in the first 100 days of the second term. he is kerring writing a book and a series of op eds. >> trauk pulled out in front of a plane and caused a dramatic crash. the driver and his company had a poor history of safety. maryland state police now investigating that company. the crash caused more than 600,000 dollars in damages.
2:42 am
the truck driver is in serious condition. >> a dramatic rescue caught on camera. >> there she is. >> is she okay? >> three men are being hailed as heros after saving this woman who crashed and ended up upside down in a pennsylvania creek. the car quickly filled with water. the men rushed to her aid. she sent her an air pose to breathe and used crowbars to pry the door open. >> take it easy. that is the message the government is sending congressional staffers. the government is offering an employee listen to this lifestyle lesson. it teaches members of congress and staff members how to for give, how to sleep and how to relax. it's a webinar and it's coming under major scrutiny right now? because it's funded by us taxpayers and has nothing to do with legislative history. >> beyonce is ordering
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executives at the retailer h & m to ditch photos of her modeling the bikinis after they shrank her curves. she inist cyst-- insisted only natural pictures could be used. that is your 5@5:30. >> 43 after the hour still to come do you take ibuprofen to ease aches and pains? it may be dangerous. >> call it mcdiet. we will tell you how one guy lost 20 pounds just eating mcdonalds. 20 pounds in mcdonalds. there's a catch. we will explain. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
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>> people who take high doses of ibuprofen are at greater risk of heart disease. it gave them 30 percent increase risk of getting a heart attack. mcdonalds helps you loose weight. don thompson claims he has lost 230u7bdz over the last year by eating mcdonalds every single day. thompsons went on to say staying physically active has been a key to his weight loss. >> i would think that part would be important. heather thank you. summer is here.
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full charges for any of your devices. inside the backpack throw an ipad you are out hiking for a full day you don't have to worry about finding a plug. 6 hours of sun gives you a fully charged iphone. >> great stuff. clat monday morris. see you over the weekend. >> it has been called a threat to the entire world. what you test test test test tt
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>> fox news alert, breaking news. overnight the arizona mom imprisoned in mexico on drug charges released from
2:54 am
jail. spaoe spoke out moments ago -- she spoke out moments ago. >> i'm free. i'm free. i'm free. i'm free. i was innocent. so i was very, very happy. >> officials let her go after reviewing security footage that showed her and her husband boarding a bus in mexico with only blankets, bottles of water and a small purse. nothing large enough to carry the 12 pounds of pot she was accused of having on that bus. >> they are calling it a threat to the entire world. the world health organization is now raising very serious concerns about a deadly new sars-like virus. it's the corona virus and it's referred to also as mers. it's responsible for 30 deaths. maybe that doesn't sound like a big deal worldwide but the concern is that it would come to the united states because this thing is spreading really fast. let's talk to a doctor, nita radcliffe.
2:55 am
how concerned should we be about this? >> we don't know at this time. we don't want to get caught with our pants down. we don't want this to be a deja vu with the sars virus. we want to get ahead of 8 ball. >> this is more deadly than the sars virus was because the number people contracted by it, a large portion have died. >> the sars virus affected over 7,000 people of which 700 died. in this case there have been a little over 40 people diagnosed but more than 50% died. >> this is a respiratory issue which can cause kidney failure. what is the u.s. doing? can they prevent this from coming over here? >> we need to have more information. the world health organization has committed to finding more information. the world health organization has sent people to the middle east. >> that is patient zero. it has moved to the u.k.
2:56 am
it only takes somebody hopping on a plane. >> we're more connected but not in a good way when it comes to containing communicable diseases. >> i assume the infants and elderly are most at risk. >> right now we're seeing it is more affecting men. we don't know why. we don't have a large group of people to see the trends in this so we'll have to continue watching this and making sure we figure out what is going on. >> dr. radcliffe, a dr. here in new york, thank you for coming in. affects men disproportionately. disproportionately. prove it, we setp our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged ocera torque, only from sprint direct conct. buy one get four free for your business.
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>> that arizona mom who had been stuck in a mexican jail let out of a mexican prison. more on that on "fox & friends" which starts right now. have a great weekend. >>gretchen: good morning everyone. it is friday, may 31. we start with a fox news alert because we have breaking news overnight. an arizona mom has been freed from a mexican prison after being framed for drugs. >> i'm free! i'm free! i'm free! i'm free! i was innocent, so i was very, very happy. >>alisyn: how were officials able to prove her innocence so quickly? we'll tell you. >>steve: eric holder's efforts to smooth things over with the news media may have backfired. wait until you hear how he plans to apologize. >>brian: everyone from john wayne to ronald reag


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