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tv   America Live  FOX News  June 3, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> not to everest, but to another one in nepal. two thumbs up. you can see you in the suit? >> i will let you know. >> fox news alert. new details behind the bombshell allegation that the irs is targeting of conservative groups was being managed bite boston washington. we heard incidents of this and now getting down to the nitty-gritty when they believe they have proof it is true. welcome to american live. i am megyn kelly. we are hours away from the commissioner and jay russell george. they will likely be asked about who will be punished and who is
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the to blame. how can we be so far in this and not have the answers? >> you listened to the acting commissioner testify. and stephen miller and i don't know if they will name, names. >> and darril issa released introduce done on a bipartisan basis by his committee's investigators with the irs employees caught up in this scandal. that is important. the other side suggest it is a partisan witch hunt and yet they are bipartisan introduce. the marching orders came straight from the nation's capitol. chris, welcome. as i say, we have had people on the she. we had a cincinnati reporter and anchor that did great work talking about how this was
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linked to washington and they talked to actual irs employees in cincinnati that said that. this is the first we have seen it go up to the congressional investigation level. now you have the issa committee releasing the transcripts. they talked to two employees, one current and one recently departed from that office who placed the blame squarely on washington. where does that get us? it gets to the boomerang. and those rogue agents and people were ignorant of the law or acting in bad faith. in the agency of 100,000 people and field of bureaucrats, how can we know? those folks over whom the bus has been back say wait a minute,
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before you get too carried away mr. grayhound driver. don't do this. it looks political. go a head. washington wants these done. and they want it done, send them on their way. >> look at a couple of them, this is the question. early 2010, was there a time when you were aware of applications that referenced tea party and other reference groups? >> in march 2010 i was aware. question, was there a point when your super visor asked to you do a search. keep going. we'll get to it. and did they give you any idea of the search context? >> he told me that washington d.c. wanted some cases. >> keep going. >> april 2010. 40 cases were 4e8d.
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yes, some were less than 40 and some went to washington. how many went to washington, i is not seven. one guy telling them washington d.c. wants some cases and talked to a supervisory employee who testified specifically that he did nothing, and he didn't want to be a rogue employee who later got blamed for that and that fed in his decision to leave the agency and there was a specific question later asked. was scrutiny begin to the tea party. iminated from washington and the worry -- answer, i believe so. >> you have the people who said no scapegoating for me. i will go my own way. when you have that happening, then it is clearer. we sort of knew it all along.
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we got closer to the actual testimony. back in washington, back in washington, and then in washington, things start to get nervous- making for the administration. former commissioner's many authorized visits to the white house campus and a closer direction and that is lois lerner fifth taking and democratic organizations and it gets one step closer to the orbit of the house of obama. political? white house administrative? anything. all we are looking for is where the lines crossed and people who might have been part of directing and authorizing and allowing it to go forward, where do their paths cross with senior obama officials? this led to a dust up on the sunday talk she with darril
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issa. this is not the administration want to pan it off on issa, he loves to investigate things and he is a partisan true, it may or may not be true. the house ways and means committee is equally unhappy of the irs and they are not accused of normally behaving in that area. four committees investigating it on capitol hill. they went after issa this weekend in a big way, he went on a sunday talk she and referred to jay carney as a paid liar. and then we saw everybody from robert gibbes. who said he must apologize. over carne saying it is a cincinnati rogue irs. and issa said he is a paid ligi the goods, let's see them.
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well, we have transscripts and david plouffe who is very tight with the president coming out and saying that darril issa is an arsonist and insurance fraud. >> 1972 arrest. youthful indiscretion. what does that tell you? >> they are freaking out and they need to some doing that if they want to get through. this they would like to turn darril issa in ken starr and evil character and maybe they can try that, but the truth is, this is not about the sex life of anybody or anything like. that this is an abuse by the least trusted and liked government agency, the irs taking shots at the president's political opponents. it will not wash to talk about
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darril issa is doing in 1972 and tells me that the anger stems from fear. issa is not ideal with the republican when he uses hot words like liar, that's not a good thing to do. they will not cut. it they will need more than character assassination. and when you respond in time it doesn't elevate your own arguments. we'll talk about how ugly it got with the panel coming up. chris, thank you. >> and tomorrow, the house ways and means committee called a hearing with groups targeted by the irs. and we invited several of those groups to come on the broadcast with a preview for you today. we'll share them for you in just a bit. right here.
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a tragic story to tell you about the veteran storm chaser was among those killed in the deadly tornado that tore through oklahoma. long team colleague was all killed on friday. he was a leader in the field and worked with discovery chan and he will devoted his life to studying the science from the storms. trace has more. >> yeah, these guys were great, megyn. we still don't know how they got caught in the tornado. it may have been rain wrapped or the tornado was moved so fast and shifting directions, they could not get out of the way. by all accounts, tim and his son
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paul and carl. they were regarded as some of the best in the business. carl young among them. they is not back amazing video over the years. but the money shot was not their goal. they went out to gape information to feed that information back to the national weather service to increase lead time for warnings. listen to tim's brother. >> the passion was there and tuck with him and he devoted his life to saving other's lives and to be able to capture tornados and save lives through the technology he developed. >> these three men were well known for the she on the discovery channel and reportoth weather channel and among the pioneers with storm chasers. but there are a slew of storm chasers and emergency managers
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complain so many are out there, they are clogging in the roads and getting in the way of first responders who are trying to get the victims and they are trying to make their names in a dangerous business. >> it is the beauty in the stops from the scientific stand point and the dark side they leave behind is what we are trying to prevent and better understanding the tornados and calling in the reports and streaming live video to media. >> you have networks as well as ours kind of relooking at the way we cover the tornados and exactly how much danger the storm chasers are in. >> some are calling for the end of this type of storm chasing and upsets law enforcement and whether it should be kelly.
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>> and investigators run down who specifically, we are talking names now for the irs scandal and ordering it, people are paying new attention to the wife of the irs commissioner doug shulman who was in power. and what this man's wife was and doing for a left wing political group at the same time her husbands employees were going after conservative groups. that's after the break. >> chilling crime scene photos and oscar pistorias faces in the murder of his girlfriend. >> three schools recently took to doing iris scans of young students without notifying their parents and how would you feel
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>> i personally don't remember. >> the ig. >> i don't remember speaking with miss lerner. not that i remember. >> you never had a discussion? >> i don't remember. >> no discussion about 501 c4? >> i don't remember. >> that was douglas shul man unable to answer questions about the irs. some of those questions are turning toward her name. her name is susan anderson and she is program advisor for public campaign. an organization that describes itself as opposing outside
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groups that want to help support political campaigns and issues, the same kind of groups singled out. that is not how it is described itself. i will get it for you in a moment. joining me now to discuss it is guy benson. guy, good to see you, i want to make sure i get it right. their own description raises questions of how they see themselves and it appears if i get my papers, straight they see themselves as very, and have a problem and concerns about groups 501 cfour's that spend a lot on the elections. that is at the heart of the irs scandal. and the folks are asking who is this woman and how much influence over the line of the spouse? >> that is a interesting data
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point and interesting to see what happened and motivations behind the actions. i am a little bit wary of drawing direct lines between the spouses and what one person is doing for a living versus the husband or wife. in the obama supreme court, there were people on the left that demanded justice clarrence thomas recuse himself from the case because jenny, his wife worked with organizations that were against obama care. justice thomas declined and i think it was the correct thing to do. i am not willing to call it a bombshell or anything like that. it is helpful, megyn in one sense. over in over in the hearings, i expect we'll hear it. one of the talking points and refrains that we hear from democrats, that mr. shul man is a bush appointee is dispositive.
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it is a republican guy and maybe bipartisan. we knew he was a dnc donor and that was a fact on public record and the additional fact of what his wife does, indicates to me, we are not dealing with conservative and republican people in the shulmans and that is instructive in some sense. >> that donation was in 2004. we don't know if she is. this is the wife's organization. an organization dedicated to sweeping campaign reform that aims to dramatically reduce the role of big special interest money in american politics and that is arguably at the heart of 501 c4 organization does at times. it is not supposed to be political but obviously a lot of
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them are like organizing for america president's 501 c4 group. >> i want to give the viewers a sense of who this woman is. she doesn't like a lot of republicans and has very strong views, it doesn't sound wishy-washy on these issues and tweets. just to give you a background on what she worked with ofa after working three days with ofa. someone asked me if i know about the chrysler ads. and karl rove, there is a tweet about karl rove. >> she retweeted. american cross roads. that is his group he is affiliated with. i get them confused insists donors stand by rove and blame losses on very weak candidates.
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i think that is the minicackal laugh is. i am not sure what it is. >> you got it. >> and then number three. someone tweeted out lipstick on the pig but it is racist and she agrees and sends out one about jack welch and are you put murdoch calling them angry old rich guys that hate obama and why don't they shut up and create jobs? this is an interesting person. >> and if you look at her group. her donors are public sector union and move it is clear where her politics lie. and that is not proof of anything in the irs scandal at large, but it gives you a glimpse of the politics
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discussed around the dinner table, in the shulman. >> we are 24 hours before the testifying of the groups that have been targeted by the irs. three of those are live with us today. spokesman i have to look my so bbest on camera.sing whether i'm telling people about how they could save money on car insurance with geico... yeah, a little bit more of the lime green love yeah... or letting them know they can reach geico 24/7 using the latest technology. go on, slather it all over. don't hold back, go on...
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>> investigators looking into a horrific plane crash in afghanistan. seven u.s. crew members were killed when the boeing sen 47 plane dropped out of the sky last april. trace? >> in fact, the last word that the pilot said was the worst wait. not in stop or in pounds. weight appears to caused the shift in the cargo.
10:26 am
you can see it right there. it was carrying five armorred vehicles and the way they are loaded up on the plane. they are looked into place. you hay have had a domino affect and they fell loss and fell back. the plane 747 normally take off like. this but because of the enemy gunfire they take off to avoid the gunfire and it goes to the tail, it stall because of no air flow and falls to the ground. that appears to be what happens. it goes up and wobbles and falls to the ground. this investigation could take a better part of a year to conclude, but investigators looking into the crash debris.
10:27 am
they have a good idea of what they are looking at. six of those who died were from the state of michigan. >> thank you, trace. yesterday one of the president's top advisor darril issa of being a car thief and arsonist. mr. gibbes attacked him has no credibility. and why those attacks are coming. fascinating story of the eye scans conducted on u.s. students, young as kindergarten age without their parent's permission and notification to the parents. michelle shares her own theory of what is going on. and an incredible new lead in ricin laced letters that were is not to mayor bloomingdale's and others. the woman who appeared on the
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>> what a development in the fort hood shooter, army psychiatrist charged in the fort hood shooter case. he can represent himself. we talked about this last week. major hassan is said to have killed 13 people and injured dozens of others. and now, the guy who ran in tlo there who shoot all of the people will cross misdemeanor the ones who survived the attacked that is our right. the judge said that hassan is mentally competent to represent himself and wanted to get a report on his physical capabilities and they are deemed adequate for him to represent
10:33 am
himself in the trial. he understands the disadvantage. and so now there is a question of whether it will be a sideshow and give this man a platform and the victims who have to look at him and answer the questions he asked them at trial. much more on this, coming up. . >> the administration is still their paid liar and spokes person. he's making up things about what happen and calling it local rogue. >> that was congressman darril issa referring to white house press secretary jay carney and the idea of targeting conservative groups and a couple of rogue agents out of the cincinnati. the jab was met with a sharp response by a couple of the
10:34 am
president's top advisors. this is what david plouffe had to say. tronning words from mr. grand theft auto and suspected arsonist and insurance swindler. and loose ethiccally today. and robert gibes attacked him today. >> can i tell you, well, first of all. darril issa should call jay carney and apologize and as an investigator, i know where i want to get, but i am getting around to proving it. it is a stunning thing and what five people in the town take darril issa seriously. >> the notion of him as government over sight is the biggest joke in all of washington. >> joining me is dan.
10:35 am
>> the odds of he be calling him up & apologizing is slim. carne never used the word rogue agents in referring to who is responsible for the irs scandal. he did repeat the story that these are just matters involving the office in cincinnati. it is not just today. we heard that news week tied the scandal to some in washington. that's where they are at issue. this is getting really ugly now. brad, i want to get your take on. this chairman calling them a paid liar and then david plouffe, coming out and calling him a thief and a criminal, your thoughts? >> it is time for a special prosecutor and we need someone independent between the executive and legislative branch.
10:36 am
things are heating up and someone with no a xe to grinned. look, i was a target of the irs in 20 where are 9 and 11 because i ran a successful 501c4 and they came after me and the donors. they attack individuals for their political beliefs in light of that fact, this is attacking groups seeking 501c4 status. we know it is wrong because they admitted to wrongdoing. what was the intent for political targeting? that has yet to be fully flushed out. and as always fls washington directing it? we know two u.s. senators wrote letters asking for the irs to target the groups. certainly the president spoke
10:37 am
out personally against the 501c4's and so i think, now, we'll get fresh eyes and let the chips fall where they may be. something went wrong in the irs and whether it is still going on today, we'll see. >> dan, we want to ask you about the substance. chairman issa, you know, a lot of people may share his fews, with all disrespect to jay carney, a lot of people don't believe the white house spokesperson these days. it is a different matter when the chairman of the oversight committee to come out and call him a paid liar. >> i think it is fitting they are holding a mental health conference in washington. everyone in washington seems to have lost their minds. it is getting so out of control. what chairman issa said was
10:38 am
beneath him and hurts his credibility that was in question and what david plouffe did was beyond comprehension and pety and childless and concedes the high ground. >> the administration is taking a beating from both sides. but for a brief moment they hay have had the high ground and they gave it away. >> i don't get. it the republicans are turning the grassy no party. a special prosecutor is, what are you talking about? >> are you kidding me? 70 percent of the american people believe there is a cover up here. and that's the whole point of a special prosecutor. how is it that the republicans are doing something that the people themselves want. >> brad, you want to engage in witch hunt to attack the
10:39 am
president. >> a president who feigns he is outraged and allows people to step down and resign instead of firing for cause that they politically targeted people. >> brad, before i give it back to dan. the president can't fire everybody. only the political appointeys. >> he fired stephen miller and the second guy beneath him, he went to and that's it so far. what more can the president do in firings? >> the bureaucrats can fire people for cause, certainly and the burden is on them to prove that they were fired injustly and the irs has the burden to prove they were fired for cause. the idea that a bureaucrat can continue in their job after wrongdoing is ridiculous. as a matter of law, they can be terminated.
10:40 am
>> first the conservative talk about benghazi and a complete pattern to attack the president. >> there is wrongdoing. >> there is no evidence that the president did anything wrong. >> it is a cover up on the evident. >> dan, here is the question, today, there does not appear to have evidence linking it to the president other than inferences that the president is making, does that mean they shouldn't probe the angle? >> listen, what the irs did was wrong, dumb and unacceptable and there should be accountable and i am fine holding congressional hearings, but the conservative are compiling on with conspiracy theories. >> he said it comes from washington headquarters, we just discussed the proof.
10:41 am
nfine, investigate how far it went up in the irs. but to go with a special prosecutor and taking an elephant gun to shoot the ant. >> dan, the president could solve it. release your schedule mr. president. you told us what you were doing. tick- toc and chapter and verse. >> you are talking about talking points. >> and on the irs, mr. president, why the head of the irs was summoned to the white house over 150 times. i schedule the president. it is incomprehensionable they would come and speak to them three times more or less a 150 times. you will not tell us why he was there. >> talking about implementation about obama care? >> nonsense. >> he said he went there for the easter egg roll.
10:42 am
>> i am sure there is. >> but that leads people to say i don't feel like i am getting the whole truth. >> we are awaiting a new hearing about the irs that may feature new questions about lois learner and sarah ingram and why they are both on the payroll when they had big roles in the group. miss ingram got a promotion and lois learner was asked to step down and refused. and we'll see more on the oscar pistorias case tomorrow in the connection of his model girlfriend. >> and schools taking iris scans of students without telling their parents. next on that.
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10:47 am
kindergartener, right, michelle. >> three kids from elementary to high school. i have interviewed the facility supervisor, it is not chlor how many students were affected and how many records were gathered or even if the school claims they were destroyed. we meant to send the notifications out and it was an oversight and we realize today and let the parents know. >> big deal, big deal, right? >> it is a disturbing sign of our surveillance state age and it is a tribute to the vocal parents who raised the alarm on this in social media. one mother spread it on education reform facebook pages.
10:48 am
it really got the word spread over twitter and i picked up and called rob davis listed on the letter that the parents had posted on line which was a post letter. it was not until after they had done unauthorized scans that the partners found out what happened. and it happen just days before the memorial day weekend when families were not paying attention and that is part of the problem. government schools that are so reckless and so apathetic about parent's rights. >> what do we have to fear? the children said we want to track them getting on and off of the school bus. we can say he got on the bus and so and on so forth? >> this is the main talking point of the nanny state when they try to excuse and
10:49 am
rationalize and unconstitutional behavior and breeches of family privacy. the problem is, it is a larger trend of undermining parental authority in the school system and i believe it is of the piece with a kind of national data mining that is now underway thanks to fed ed and common core which is unfortunately a bipartisan beast supported by jeb bush and obama administration and gates foundation and ill- informed and delewded conservative governors and what you have in the national level now are i think, really trouble system breaches of federal privacy law. there is a family educational rights and privacy act that is supposed to guarantee that the breach that you are see in the
10:50 am
local level and iris scandal story doesn't happen. and the obama administration is slowly undermine those protections. there is a lawsuit carried by epic on behalf of families that are protesting this kind of data mining that is drilling down to the individual level. we are not testing scores. what we're talking about is things like individual health histories. family incomes and even to the level of -- and this was in some of the common core information that was publicized, even which corner your kid is at at the bus stop which brings you back to the iris scan scheme. the iris scan companies were going to track students on buses. >> megyn: parents are asking how can web sure that data has been discarded. we don't want to find out years
10:51 am
from now if our child attends a meeting the school opposes, they have it. new worries about the increased attacks on christians and jews in countries across the middle east.
10:52 am
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10:54 am
>> megyn: oscar pistorius back in the spotlight. the olympic athlete makes his first court appearance in months after the leak of photos from the bathroom where he shot reeva steenkamp in an allegedly intentional murder. trace gallagher is live in los angeles with more. >> i want to warn you the pictures are graphic but these are the first pictures we've seen inside pistorius's home in the hours after the shooting. he claimed he shot his
10:55 am
girlfriend as an intruder in the bathroom. remember the they're she -- they she was near or behind the toilet? there was blood on the toilet. you see the pictures of bullet holes, the two pieces of tape? that's the bullet holes but they're below the door handle and may backup oscar pistorius's claim that he did not have time to put on his prosthetic legs. the prosecutors say his legs were on. there are pictures of bloody footprints which might indicate the crime scene was tainted. police acknowledged not wearing protective feet covers during the first part of the investigation. pictures also show a trail of blood leading from the bathroom down the stairs. you see blood on the couch. pistorius says he carried her downstairs and then tried to get help as quickly as he can. authorities are irate that the pictures are out there to begin with because they believe the pictures were taken by a police
10:56 am
officer. they have confiscated 40 cell phones from police officers to see if they can find the source. they're not going to taint the jury because there's no jury in south africa. it's decided by a judge. >> megyn: thank you. new questions about the two women at the heart of the irs scandal. two women so far. there's another whose name never gets mentioned by authorities. an actress who lurched across the scene in walking dead in the center of the ricin laced letter scandal. the death of three storm chaser raises questions about the pursuit of killer storms. h, we're so choosy about the cuts of beef that meet our higher kosher standards that only a slow-motion bite can capture all that kosher delight. and when your hot dog's kosher, that's a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national.
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it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> megyn: fox news alert on a hearing that could shed new light on who is responsible for the irs targeting of conservative groups. what's going on with those in charge? welcome to a new hour of "america live." i'm megyn kelly. he's only been on the job a couple weeks but the acting irs commissioner is expected to get be a earful from lawmakers who want to know how high up the order went to single out tea party groups. lawmakers may ask why two irs officials at the center the of the scandal are still getting paid by the taxpayers. lois lerner on the left is the current head of the unit that singled out the tea party groups. lerner on paid leave after she
11:01 am
pleaded fifth. on the right, sarah hall ingraham, above lois lerner when there. whose new job is to head up the irs office that enforces obamacare. joining me, florida republican andard crenshaw. representative crenshaw, thank you for being here. you -- your committee is the one to which the now infamous testimony about we don't know anything about targeting conservatives. wasn't us, back in 2012 was offered by mr. shulman among others. today he will try to hold some folks responsible. who are you going to speak with and what do you hope to accomplish? >> main witness today is going to be the new acting commissioner, daniel werfel. what we want to hear today is what happened. who came up with this plan?
11:02 am
we know for sure they targeted individual groups for extra scrutiny and bullied them, intimidated them and we want to know how far this abuse goes, we want to find out who is responsible. we want to find out who is going to be held accountable and we want tune how we're going to make sure this never happens because we give the irs $10 billion a year and we're not going to give them another dime until they come forward with answers. >> megyn: but with due respect to you, how do you expect to get those answers? it's been an extra -- exercise in frustration watching them say i'm not going to name names on camera. i'm not sure. we're looking into it. it's aggravating. no one is taking responsibility saying i'll tell you how it went down, how it got orchestrated. who oversaw it and intervened and so on. >> that's supposedly what daniel
11:03 am
werfel was brought in to do, have a top got review and get to the bottom of this. that's what we're going to talk about, we cannot in good conscious appropriate 10 or $11 billion to an agency to use to abuse rights of american citizens. we want to get to the bottom of it and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> megyn: there was a dustup over the weekend we talked about in the last hour between chairman issa over the oversight committee and some of the president's top representatives, including david plouffe. issa said jay carney is a liar when he suggests this is a cincinnati operation only and two rogue employees, which was suggested by an unnamed official at the white house. do you believe based on what you have seen so far, that this thing has ties to washington? >> well, it's hard to believe that these were just a bunch of rogue folks in cincinnati that some day decided let's give extra scrutiny to people that have a conservative political
11:04 am
philosophy. that's hard to believe. that's what we want to find out, how widespread was that abuse and who's accountable. the story changes every day. it's time for the irs to come clean. i hope that happens today. >> megyn: how do you get danny werfel to do that? he's only been on the job a short time. what's going to stop him from saying mr. crenshaw, i'm new to the job. i don't have the answers but we're going to look into that and that other thing as well? >> we'll probably hear a lot of that but he's been told that in the next 30 days, the treasury secretary, mr. lew, say you go in and do a top to bottom review. he's been on the job 12 days, 18 days from now he has to come up with a 30-day review. i hope he's been working at night to find out what's been going on and have more answers and tell the truth and not give us the run around. >> megyn: what can you really
11:05 am
do? i know you control some of the dough that funds the irs. you know, you need the irs, right? i mean at least there's an argument you need the irs and you can't defund them and -- what could you do to force force mr. werfel to give you answers and for the irs to get in line. >> he's going to understand today we could not in good conscience keep appropriating money for an agency that abuses rights. we're not going to spend more money until we get answers. they need the money to do the job. we need the irs but we're not going to keep giving them carte blanche. we find out all this waste and abuse that's been going on. the money they're wasting unconscious and videos was unused money from the enforcement budget at the same time they're asking for money
11:06 am
for enforcement. how outrageous is that. >> megyn: they spent tens of thousands of dollars on storm tracker trek videos and other videos relative of a about by gone era. let's hope that's true. thank you. we'll watch you at the hearing less than an hour from now. tomorrow the house ways and means committee will hold a hearing with several groups targeted by the irs trying to get a picture. we know this isn't just tea party groups. it's not just folks who believe in limited government. it goes beyond that based on what we heard from direct testimony, folks on the show. they're trying to establish the broad picture of who was targeted and why. we have several representatives here with us in a special panel today coming up at 2:30 and they'll offer you a preview of what we're likely to hear before the house ways and means committee tomorrow.
11:07 am
also developing in washington, a stunning new plame president obama made a secret deal to support hillary clinton if she runs for president in 2016. what? what about biden. as pay back for the support bill clinton gave president obama in 2012. >> an intriguing possibility. a deal between president obama and the clintons to spoof each other for the white house. that is the claim in the paperback version of the book the amateur. ed kline says former president clinton agreed to throw his weight behind president obama and give the rousing democratic national convention speech in exchange for mr. obama agreeing to back hillary for the white house in 2016. he claims that is why the president sat with mrs. clinton on "60 minutes" and praised her
11:08 am
during the interview. so far neither the obama nor clinton camp responded to our request for comment but jay carney was asked about it and chuckled saying he wasn't aware of the claim and he's now going to buy the book, adding the president is not thinking about the next election. a former clinton campaign advisor and fox news contributor doug shone says he doubts there was a specific pact. >> there doesn't have to be a explicit appeal. there's a understanding of a common interest and people can pursue those interests to a logical conclusion. >> republican karl rove says maybe there was a deal but finds it hard to believe. his gut just says no. >> this was a deal that didn't need to have 2016 ramifications to come together. obama needed clinton at the
11:09 am
democratic convention to say things about him that were awkward for him to say about himself and clinton wand the stage. he likes being on the stage and obama knew it and turned it to his advantage. >> yes, he notes president obama has to remember he will still have joe biden looking over his shoulder over the next 3.5 years. >> megyn: thank you. fox news alert. just the last hour, the chief medical examiner in oklahoma reporting a 14th victim killed in friday's tornadoes and flash flooding. nine adults and five children. crews today are searching for more victims reported missing after the violent storms raked the region. clean up and recovery under way as folks deal with the aftermath. many helping less fortunate neighbors. will-car is in he will reno with more. >> when you look at the damage and destruction around here it's really hard to believe more people weren't hurt or killed.
11:10 am
this storm ran through walls leaving chunks of bricks scattered through the area. i want to show you one house that took a direct hit. you're about to walk in the garage, or what's left of the garage. the door crumbled on the ground. a truck to the left completely destroyed. long beams lining the ground. amazingly this homeowner wasn't hurt. he ran into his bedroom seeking shelter and somehow got out without a scratch. others weren't at lucky. we're told people through the area were jumping anywhere they could to try to seek safety. six people are missing. four children and two adults apparently jumped into some storm drains nearby and were swept away. search crews still looking for them. it's only a matter of time before they find their bodies. >> megyn: thank you. three people killed by friday's tornado were veteran storm chasers who died while
11:11 am
tracking a twister that turned their way. now the results are raising new questions about the risky endeavor as a growing number of people put themself in harm's way, some to save lives, some because they think it's interesting, and they just want to get the video of the storm. we're going to talking about the growing legal debate about whether this should be allowed at all. that's in today's "kelly's court." new worries that christians and jews are targeted across the middle east. ralph peters and john bolton are next. an actress to lunch lurched across the screen in walking dead is in the center of the investigation into who centuryo ricin -- sent ricin laced letters. >> two groups testifying about being parted egg targeted bit irs and three of those organization people on today's broadcast with new details about what happened to them. >> apparently because some
11:12 am
people think perhaps that this administration thinks otherwise, that it was okay to target our organization and hold us up. of course that's completely inappropriate. it is discrimination, it's it is discrimination, it's viewpoint discrimination and unconstitutional. ve known someoe who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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>> megyn: minutes ago a moment of silence for new jersey senator frank lautenberg. the oldest member of the senate and last world war ii vet in the senate. flowers on the desk. chris christie will appoint a successor. for frank lautenberg dead at 89. christians and jews under attack showing the ugly side of the arab spring. rebel held aleppo in syria,
11:16 am
seven people hold up in a nursing home are all that's left of a vibrant christian community as we hear accounts of a entire christian community, maybe many much -- many of them wiped out in the civil war. john bolton, a fox news contributor and ralph peters, who just wrote an eye-opening column on what he sees as the accepted wide scale general size of christians and jews in the two years following the arab spring. let me ask you about that. a lot of folks have come on and said things are no better under morrissey in egypt than mubarak but no worse either, the targeting of christians in egypt and other places in the wake of the arab spring has been going on a long time, even prior to the arab spring. >> well, i think you'd have to ask cop tick christians in
11:17 am
egypt. they don't think they're better off. there's been much more violence. the long-term persecution and driving out the jews and christians who inhabited this region 2,000 years for the christians, for the jews, 3,000 years, they've been systematically murdered or driven out by radical muslims will you in the last decade it's accelerated. the christians in iraq has fallen by two-thirds. bethlehem, the population is over 80% muslims with christians fleeing every day. it's much worse for christians today. and you pointed out, the very insurgents that our government is thinking about supporting are the ones killing christians in syria. >> megyn: embassy bolton, why
11:18 am
are the numbers shift to go dramatically? >> i think the wave of islam i can fundamentalism through the region is having impact. the comparison in egypt is particularly acute. i've seen figures over 100,000 cop tic christians having fled from egypt and that number is a year old. my guess is it's much higher. the difference from the mew mubarak era could not be more clear. >> galilee was accepted at u.s. secretary general. >> you say we're witnesses to murder and our governments are accomplices. what do you mean? >> look at the way washington falls all over itself to please
11:19 am
the worst elements among american elements, saudi funded elements and at the same time will not stick up for christians being murdered or driven out, most of the suezo jews have been driven out and it's a terrible double standard. the same rules should apply to muslims, christians and jews. they should be treated fairly and when one religious group is slaughtering the others, it's time to call a timeout. every time the american establishment media chastises israel and says they've got to give back palestinian land, remember the arabs stole land the jews inherited for 3,000 years. where is the equity in that that? >> ralph believes we're at the end of a story. an old, old story near its end and you don't like the way the end looks.
11:20 am
embassador bolton? >> i agree. it's not looking good. christians communities in egypt and throughout the middle east are ancient. traditions go back a long way. they haven't been large for many years but they're being systematically ground down in this conflict. this is a manifestation of the religious nature of the conflict. it's not about economics or deprivation. people don't become radical islamists because they were born poor. it's religious fanaticism and that means wiping out the opposition. people worry if the opposition prevails in syria, there's going to be a blood bath, especially against the christians but the drews and supporters of assad. it's very worrisome. >> megyn: thank you both. interesting piece, ralph. an actress who once lurched across the scene in walking dead in the center of an
11:21 am
investigation over who sent ricin laced letters to mayor bloomberg and president obama. what do you think?
11:22 am
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>> megyn: the search for a teen swept over a 600-foot waterfall in yosemite national park is on hold. the 19-year-old was swimming in the river 150 feet upstream from the falls when the strong current swept him away. >> he actually got swept away in the current and unfortunately got swept downstream over the waterfall. it's a 600-foot fall and we believe it's impossible to survive. >> such strong currents, it's incredible that someone tries to go to swim there. >> i understand people wanting
11:25 am
to cool off, but i mean they should -- there's risks when you're going into the high country and they should plan accordingly. >> megyn: a parks spoke woman says rangers keep an eye on the stretch of the river below the waterfall but they do not believe the man could have survived. now the dark twist in the investigation into who sent ricin laced letters to the president and new york mayor. one person of interest grilled in texas was turned in by his wife, who happens to be an actress to has appeared in two popular television series. trace gallagher is live with more. >> reporter: the man's name is nathanial richardson and he's not yet been charged or arrested. his wife, shannon richardson, the actress, turned him in. she found some, you know,
11:26 am
suspicious substance in the family refrigerator but they won't tell us what was found. ricin is a by-product of caster beans. the richards sons have five kids. she's appeared in shows like walking dead and vampire diaries. he works at a army depot. the letters had low-levels of ricin. the poison was crudely made and poor quality. the letters from sent to new york mayor bloomberg and his group called mayors against illegal guns and president obama. all the letters sent from shreveport, laws louisiana and all said you'll have to kill me before you get my guns. anyone who comes to my house will get shot in the face. the right to bare arms is deny god-given right. what is in this letter is nothing compared to what i have planned for you. there have been two recent case, others involving ricin letters. one in mississippi where a man
11:27 am
accused of sending ricin letters to a mississippi senator as well as a judge and president obama. and then in spokane where a man is accused of spending ricin letters to a federal judge, a local post office as well as president obama. nobody so far has been injured or sickened because of these letters. >> megyn: thank you. now they'll get their turn, three conservatives groups targeted bit irs are scheduled to testify tomorrow. but you'll hear from them today in just three minutes. plus the deaths of three experienced storm chasers raising questions about the pursuit of killer storms and families and tour companies get in on the chase. should this be allowed? "kelly's court" takes up that question. >> i'm so proud of my brother in everything he did. i could never think it could happen to him because of his level of expertise, years of doing this, the safety and all
11:28 am
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>> megyn: fox news alert. we're 30 minutes until the first of three hearings on the hill on the irs scandal. the irs subcommittee will talk to danny werfel. tomorrow, some groups actually targeted will be heard in front of the ways and means committee. joining me, three groups who have been targeted.
11:32 am
brian brown, president of the national organization for marriage. lori marcus, president of z street. and scotty hughes, news director for the tea party news network. thank you for being here. this is interesting tomorrow because it will be the first time they cast a wide net. so far the story emerged in a piecemeal fashion. we have day by day more groups saying i believe i was targeted. brian, your group, the national organization for marriage came up as recently as the presidential election because you believe you were targeted and confidential tax return was leaked. >> a year ago, march of 2012 we found out our political opponent, the folks at the human rights campaign, had a copy of our confidential tax information including our donor names.
11:33 am
through research we realized this had come directly from the irs. we don't have the document with the irs stamps on it. this is only held by the irs. the human rights campaign and other groups had taken that document and tried to white out and stamp out the the fact it hd identifying information. it's a felony to use the private and confidential tax information tax returns. this goes back to the articles of impeachment on president nixon. and this was given to our political opponents, the head of the human rights campaign was a cochair for president obama's reelection campaign. we've seen donors targeted to stand up for traditional marriage. over the last year we've heard excuses. the watchdog group of the irs launched an investigation but
11:34 am
they're not giving information to congress. this has to stop and these folks held accountable. >> we heard it in the run-up to the last election. among your donors was mitt romney and whether he supported traditional marriage. so this became -- that information became relevant in the presidential campaign, leading some to question what would the motive have been in leaking it and how can we establish if it was leaked. one of the things they're looking into. laurie, we stoke to you about z street, the organization that's pro israel with but you don't rally donors so much as promote your belief. yet i believe the mere beliefs subjected you to additional scrutiny. tell us again. >> yes. absolutely. because that's all we do is educate, provide information, period. we don't give resources in any way, shape or form to anyone anywhere.
11:35 am
so the targeting of our organization was purely on the basis of our beliefs. and we were told by the irs agent in charge of our case that the irs apparently regularly looks at groups who take -- which take positions that are inconsistent with the administration's public policy. that is unconstitutional. >> scotty, you're with the tea party group and there's no question the tea party groups were targeted. yet today we have emerges of testimony from one of these cincinnati caseworkers who is refusing to be thrown under the bus as rogue saying i took my marching orders from speers year and i believe the superiors included those in washington, d.c. and said specifically that i was told -- he said we were told in march of 2010 to go and get dc wanted some cases. how many were there? less than 40. some went to d.c.
11:36 am
>> how many? i sent seven, he or she goes on to say that they said dc wanted seven cases. your reaction to that news that somebody in washington calling up the cincinnati tax exempt group saying get me specific tea party cases and here's the bare minimum. >> if anybody thinks this is a bunch of frat boys in cincinnati saying let's target the tea party, i have a bridge in brooklyn to sell for $5.50. america has shown over and over again and starting to learn why we don't trust the government. everything we've been saying, that the government is doing, like valerie jarrett said when she said they will not forget is happening and we're seeing them targeting different groups, religious or irs or tea party groups and that's one thing i
11:37 am
don't think anybody's surprised about that it did go to the white house. now we have to get people to remember or not claim the fifth and take claim for the problems they created. >> megyn: brian, your situation alleges something even more sinister, it's bad enough to target groups applying for tax exempt status but you take it to another realm when you said tax return information, confidential tax information, was leaked to hurt us. now that's something -- people don't want to believe the irs will use the data we're forced to provide to them to try to hurt us politically or any other way. have you been able to substantiate that it was an irs person? is there any other way they could have gotten their hands on your tax data? >> the stamps on the document, we don't have the document that was released.
11:38 am
irs.s stamps that are internal that's clear. it came from the irs. look, it doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum you're on, if the government is targeting and attempting to intimidate political opponents, today it can be us, the next day, it could be the other side of the aisle. it has to stop. it's profoundly un-american. we've been screaming from the mountaintops for the last year about this and i am just very glad that congress is moving forward, that the american people are seeing what is going on. and at the end of the day, we need answers. we've done repeated freedom of information act requests to see if anything has been found out and we've been stonewalled. we need congress to move forward. we need a thorough investigation and we need to know if this goes -- how high this goes. it's not at all encouraging this was given to a cochair of
11:39 am
president obama' reelection campaign. that's wrong and we need answers and we need them quickly. >> lori, when you hear the administration leaked to news outlets this is two rogue employees in cincinnati and there's no link to d.c. and the inspector general said he did an audit, not a full investigation. just audited the facts and figures. he says i didn't uncover that challenges the assertion, that this was not political. what is your reaction? >> well, i happen to know that plenty of organizations whose views were consistent with the administration's with respect to israel did receive tax exempt status and so every excuse so far doesn't hold water. it is clear to me that there was an effort, a concerted effort, not just from some, quote, rogue
11:40 am
employees, to stall those whose views differ from those of the administration's. whether it came from the white house itself or someone -- some people connected thereto, i don't know but it's clear it wasn't just people in cincinnati. >> megyn: when you hear some on the left, including the president's top advisors saying this needs to be about this extra scrutiny that the groups applying for the tax exempt status should get. in other words, they're turning this to be more about the 501c4, an issue big from the beginning. they don't think there should be so many tea party groups able to engage in political activity and they think that's the heart of what we should walk away with, the extra scrutiny the 501c4's deserve. >> you're right. we're for the extra scrutiny but be fair. let's do it to the democratic organizations, the independents as well as the conservatives. do it across the board. that's not what we're screaming.
11:41 am
we want to make sure all rights are protected going forward. and instead of that, what we've seen is the pointless targeting for conservative groups and tea party groups. that's something that doesn't need to happy with any administration. if we're talking about an organization that's had 220 conference with the $50 million bills and they're doing the cha-cha or the cupid shuffle, there's more corruption than just targeting our group. they need to look internally. >> megyn: scotty, when you hear that the donations that come out of the irs union went 95% to democrats and president obama, and the actual tax exempt group out of cincinnati, the reported contributions according to the washington examiner said they went 100% to democrats, how does that make you feel? do you feel the tea party groups will get fair treatment going forward? >> oh no. there's no doubt we're never going to see fairness across the board but america has woken. everybody is watching and they're going to pay attention.
11:42 am
instead of thinking it's just them, we'll know we need to voice our opinions and show these things are happening. in reality, they can sit there and have their parties but they have to realize the only party i want to see is when they cut my taxes and are responsibly spending my dollars. >> megyn: interesting point. i imagine all three of you sat there and said, am i nuts? am i paranoid? they're targeting me because i'm pro israel or pro traditional marriage or tea partyer. it's not until you hear other stories of validation, like it happened to me too, and you get validated by the inspector general and you realize you're not crazy or paranoid. this really was happening. brian, last word. >> again, i think it's critical that all of us unite together. whatever our political stance is, this is america. this is not the soviet union. we do not and cannot allow the government to target different
11:43 am
viewpoints and punish and marginalize them. the critical thing is to stand up and refuse to be intimidated. this is about intimidation and all of us need to stand up and say we're not going to be intimidated and we're going to pursue this to the end to get the answers we need. >> megyn: the process is underway. panel, thank you. thank you. next, the deaths of three professional storm chasers putting their dangerous job in the spotlight. should this behavior be allowed? should this even be legal? there are some questioning that today. "kelly's court" takes it up next.
11:44 am
11:45 am
... ... ... ...
11:46 am
11:47 am
"kelly's court" in session. the deaths of three professional storm chasers raises questions about whether the practice should be allowed. tim samaras and his son, 24 years old, and their colleague lost their lives studying the twisters. emergency management personnel say storm chasers clog roads and make it difficult for first responders to reach victims. others say they save lives by increasing warning times. join me, lis wiehl and marge -- >> there have been complaints
11:48 am
among law enforcement and first responders for a long time that even the experienced researchers, the noncowboys, like these three, who, according to every report, were legitimate researchers and scientists, but the law enforcement complained about them for a long time as well saying they don't -- they do more harm than good. >> i agree with them. i agree with law enforcement. it should be illegal. in a town, a city, a council when they have a imminent threat can say to amateurs, you may not be here. it's a time, manner and place restriction on the first amendment. that's in the case law forever. towns, localities, can do that if they think these guys and women are endangering themself and others and not let first responders get there. >> you see guys who dedicate their lives to advancing the field of meteorology and trying
11:49 am
to get information we can use to protect ourselves. yet you think about a storm that picks up their car and falls on god knows who. that's not what happened. no innocent bystanders were killed by their car but it does make you ask the question. >> yeah, it definitely does. i see both sides of the issue. no question these people who jeopardize their lives have helped save our lives but getting us reliable information. but many of the amateurs think it's like the 1996 movie twister. but that was based on fiction. these people weren't actually driving into the tornadoes like in the movie. now anyone unfortunately with a cell phone thinks they're professional videographers and as the trend moves towards extreme behavior and social media is available to show their clip, the trend will continue. >> megyn: that's the problem. a good issue, copy cats. people put their lives on camera and videotape and document it.
11:50 am
they want to go out and be like the professionals and there are more people driving into these storms. >> exactly. they're storm chasers. they see that they're getting tv shows and discovery channel is hiring them. >> and to be honest, we're putting them on tv. >> we're putting them on tv. but the point is if they're going out there, they're hurting themselves but that's -- you assume that risk. you assume that liability if you're going to chase a storm. when you climb mount everest, there's a assumption of risk. but to endanger others who can't get away from the tornado and get first responders in, that's wrong. >> over the years, the incidents in which those folks have killed anybody, i couldn't find any doing my research. anybody -- i couldn't fine any. >> i couldn't find anything, either. the problem is there are people who do not have basements. they don't have a place to go. so they're actually experts who
11:51 am
say, okay, go 90 degrees from where the storm is heading. so, some people to save their own lives, have to get on the road. >> but then get these guys off the road. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back. and taste a. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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11:54 am
>> megyn: a fox extreme weather alert. you're looking at live pictures of the wildfires in southern california, and crews are actually get something relief today from the weather. adam housely is live in palmdale, california. reporter: the winds have picked up here at palmdale but firefighters assure us they made should good headway last night they're in a good position. we have the live aerials you showed. we can give you a couple of good signs. the first good sign, you're seeing helicopter and aircraft in the air, dropping fire
11:55 am
retardant and water so the winds are not strong enough to ground them. and you're seeing a lot of smoke and less flame. firefighters say they got a 40% handle on the fire. at it burned 29,000-acres and last night, that's where they really made significant headway, as you see it here, fires in southern california,ly the santa ana winds that blow from the east to west that bring in the hot desert air. these winds are coming across the pacific, much cooler and more humidity so last night there were helicopters up and firefighters and they made significant progress and doubled containment from 20 to 40%. so as the winds blow today they're confident they got a handle on this thing. the area now burping -- burnings towards a more rural area but it was a difficult firefight and we are still in the first part of june. at it going to be a long fire season in the west. we know of two major fires burning in new mexico, firefighters having difficult conditions there as well. we'll keep you updated.
11:56 am
but as the wind picks up here, good news. >> megyn: all eyes on capitol hill today where moments from now the first of three hearings is set to begin focused on the irs political targeting scandal. we'll take you live there in ♪ the joint is jumpin'
11:57 am
[ male anuncer ] osteo bi-flex helps revitalize your joints to keep 'em jumpin'.° like calcium supplements can help your bones, osteo bi-flex can help your joints. osteo bi-flex... now available in all major retailers and warehouse clubs.
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make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! [ male announcer ] but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then dre is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >> as george zimmerman roz murder trial is set to begin, his defense team is apologizing for, quote, misstating the nature of some evidence. mark o'meara claimed he had a
12:00 pm
videotape showing trayvon martin filming the assault of a homeless man. now he says it's actually two homeless men fighting over a bicycle. >> thanks for watching, here's shepard. >> shepard: we begin with breaking news at 3:00 on the east coast. the irs facing even more controversy today, not only for targeting conservative groups and also for spending tens of millions of dollars on conferences and thens of thousands of dollars on some videos. a live look at today's congressional hearing which gets underway moments from how to. lawmakers are set to grill the new acting head of ther isers and the watch dog whose first report detailed how that agency singled out tea party and other groups for extra scrutiny before the 2012 election. two irs


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