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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 21, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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we have a big show for you. >> brian: kip, you were awesome. how good was this guy? [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: have a great weekend, everybody, we'll see you back here monday! star aaron hernandez. the patriots player has faced a media frenzy. >> were you involved in the murder at all? what happened monday night? are you being arrested? are you being arrested? have you been asked to turn yourself in? martha: he's hounded by reporters on the ground. there were choppers in the sky flying over his car yesterday as he went to his attorney's
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office. rick: details coming to light showing possibly why the nfl star is such interest to police in this murder. sources telling fox 25 in boston that hernandez is being charged with obstruction of justice and more charges can be on the way. it's not immediately known where he is right now. martha: a new video shows hernandez with the victim hours before he was shot. and hernandez was seen walking into his house within minutes of the gunshots. molly line is with us. >> reporter: a lot of new details. law enforcement sources say
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authorities have this arrest warrant in connection related to this homicide investigation issued early this morning, related specifically to this murder. odin lloyd, just 27 years old, his body was found in taken industrial park just one mile from where hernandez lives. sources telling fox 25 that a hard drive to the home surveillance system in the hernandez home was heavily damaged. and there is evidence of two hooded men walking into the hernandez home shortly after neighbors heard gunshots. another source says hernandez, lloyd and two other men were reportedly at a bar in boston on the night of the murder. at some point they all left together in a car driven by
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hernandez. that was confirmed by a text lloyd sent to another friend. shortly after hernandez entered his residence he was seen at the lloyd residence in at th -- in h attleborough. a mirror was broken off the car and it could be advice able between dorchester and north attleborough. complicating this investigation there could be a number of rental cars involved. one of the rental cars had been rented in his name. martha: all of that raises a lot of questions. rick: four days ago a man's body
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was found a mile from hernandez' home. reports the patriots player was questioned none day in connection to the death. tuesday spending time inside his home and they spent time searching outside the home as well. wednesday prosecutors called this a homicide. 7 state troopers searched a road near the nfl player's house. a report says that police say that hernandez has not been ruled out as a suspect. today new reports that an arrest warrant was issued for hernandez for obstruction of justice in connection with that homicide investigation. wall street coming off its worst day of the year as the fed
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signals it may wind down its stimulus policies. the dow tumbling by 354 points. it's the lastest one-day point drop since november of 2011. on the year it's still up. what does this mean to stuart varney, anchor of the fox business network. >> reporter: here's what's going to happen when the stock market opens. it will stage a very modest rebound. it may be up 30 to 50 points. that's not much of a bounce after coming down 560 points in the last two days. the price of gold very, very modest bounce. up maybe $4 an ounce after dropping nearly $100 an mount
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last three days. interest rates will stay at the new higher levels. that's the big problem. under rates. ben bernanke opened his mouth wednesday afternoon and said watch out. the 30-year decline in interest rates, the cost of borrowing money is going the other way. and we have. rick: i listened to the chairman and he was talking about that interest rates are a bit higher as a sign the overall economy is strong and these are good things. i would think that would be good for the market and investors. >> reporter: ben bernanke is talking about a growth rate of 2.5%. and he's not talking about a flood of new jobs coming into the economy tither. he's got to quit the printing money at some point.
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he's hinting he will do it soon but he's not leaving a strong underlying economy underneath it. that's why to some degree you have got the selloff in the stock market. martha: an all female jury will decide if george zirmman committed murder when he shot and killed teenager trayvon martin. today we expect we'll hear whether a potentially critical piece of evidence will be admissible during this trial. phil keating is live in miami. this hearing focuses on that 911 call we heard so much. in that call we hear the gunshot, right? >> right. this is potentially decisive expert testimony money that can persuade this jury to go guilty or not guilty.
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whether it's george zimmerman's voice or trayvon martin's voice screaming in the audio tape. even saying quote, i'm begging you. but the defense has its own experts saying it's zimmerman yelling. experts say it's impossible to tell given the quality of the tape. >> 911, do you need police or medical? >> maybe both. there is someone screaming outside. >> reporter: what the judge will decide today is whether experts will take the witness stand to weigh in their opinion on who is yelling. the judge will rule on whether the prosecution can use inflammatory language such as profile and vigilante in their opening statement. martha: what about this jury?
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how do they feel about the fact that it's all females and mostly white jury? >> reporter: the attorney for george zimmerman and the family of trayvon martin said they are comfortable with this jury. >> people can look at it and have this reaction, there is no blacks in the jury or no this or no that or no men on the jury.
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tell me we did something belong the process and i'll agree with you. if you look at that process and say it was done fairly then the the results are fair. >> reporter: this started february 26 of last year. 16 months later george zimmerman will have his day in court and for the parents of trayvon martin they hope to gain justice in memory of their son. martha: thank you, phil. we are just getting started in america's newsroom. beefed up border security has brought more republicans on board with this senate immigration bill. but not all in the gop are convinced this is a good bill. mike huckabee joins us on where he stands on all of this. >> you are judiciously challenged and you are one of the stooges of the left. you suffer from bob beckelitis. rick: a debate over whether the
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attorney general committed perjury. did this debate on hannity cross the line? martha: we are getting new images of the attack on our u.s. embassy in benghazi. what these pictures tell us about the administration's response to the attack. >> the attackers come in here and ransack the place. then they go for the locked gate. they look inside and they can't see anything. then they try the lock. they can't open it up. inside agent uben has a gun trained on them, ready to shoot if need be. like a big business. just go online to pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. we'll do the rest. ♪
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rick: here is a blast from the past. a resentencing hearing is set for former enron executive
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jeffrey skilling. his original 24-year prison sentence is expected to be reduced as part of a deal that would give victims more than $40 million in restitution. martha: the senators will begin debate on a landmark immigration bill that will be up for discussion this morning. but this time there is a new border security surge amendment bringing both sides closer on this issue. we talked to marco rubio yesterday and juror john mccain made a passionate plea for this bill on the senate floor. listen. i'll take responsibility. i didn't do a good enough job on selling my candle easing on the absolute need for immigration reform. the fact is 11 million people live in the shadows and they live in de facto am necessary
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city and they are being exploited every single day. martha: then bill o'reilly weighed in and said it could be politically damaging for republicans if they don't pass it. >> reporter: the republican party has a lot to lose here. if they don't compromise many hispanics will reject the party from the future. that's reality. martha: governor huckabee, it's good to have you here. bill o'rely said this bill and this amendment works as far as he's concerned in his opinion. he says this is the right thing to do. >> immigration reform is necessary, but i think getting it right is more important than doing it quickly. republicans are saying if we don't do it right we'll be toast. but we'll be toast if we don't
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get the border secure. it's more about people picking tomatoes and making beds in hotels. we are talking about an open, porous border that makes it easy for bad guys to get across. it's the security issue that has to be addressed first and foremost. if that's not done, if this senate amendment doesn't do it, then republicans stand to lose more than they gain. both sides have culpability. democrats want a new influx of voters they think will fall their way. republicans like open immigration because it's cheap lane for their businesses. both sides ought to recognize we have to have laws and enforcement and make them consistent. martha: john mccain said we failed back then, and some will look at the disintegration of a lot of potential republican vote in this country.
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perhaps the rush to do something comes from that feeling of playing catchup. we are behind the 8 ball on this issue and if we don't do it fast we are going to be in the dog house through another presidential election. >> a false view is that all the hispanics in america have a disregard for the law. that's not fair. the hispanic people are very law oriented. this is a community that wants to do it right. i don't agree they want everything to happen at once if it's not done correctly. the cbo point out be you have 11 million, if you grant them a background check, 3 million won't pass it. so what are you going to do with the 3 million who don't pams. there is nothing in the plan to say those who don't pats background check, what do we do with them?
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and those who cross the borders how do we weep them from the rush to get in before we do something about security. martha: it seems part of this argument is -- marco rubio was on and the amendment seeks to truly close the border. another 20,000 border agents at border and wait until that process is finished, and somebody magically stand back and says done. then you proceed with the next part of this process which is to sart to allow the eventual legalization and work permits for illegal immigrants. that's 13 years away by the time you start this process. doesn't it make sense that you will agree what you are going to do. >> you get it working. you don't wait and do nothing on the pathway process while you are work on the fencing. we are never going to have 100%
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border security. there is always somebody who will find a way to break through the system. where we have made an honest effort like the san diego area, there has been some success there. martha: are you in the corker, rubio, hobin camp on this? >> they want to enforce e-verify. that way you don't have employers exploiting immigrantser to cheap labor. it's wrong to exploit people and using them as a cheap form of labor. that's almost as wrong as having an open border and not who gets here. rick: secret surveillance and gathering of information on
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citizens. we'll have a live report straight ahead. martha: a scary scene in the skies. two airplanes came way too close for comfort. we'll tell you where that happened. rick: happy summer. today is the first day of summer officially. the longest day of the year, 14 to 16 hours of sun, depending on where you live. enjoy it. we'll be right back. so... [ gasps ]
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accomplishment. he just made his 640th blood donation. he says his dedication to saving lives is because someone gave him a blood transfusion when he was a baby. >> my dad thought he had a lot of friend but only one stepped up to the plate. >> reporter: it's estimated perez has saved 2,000 lives. rick: in the skies over new york city, the faa investigating a near miss by two airplanes. one arriving at jfk, another take off from lookin la guardia airport. it's especially busy in the
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skies over new york city. one of the busiest travel corridors in the city. how close did the planes get to one another? >> reporter: we not was close enough for the faa to get involved. the incident happened in the skies above jfq-la guardia airports. they are about 12 miles awart from on -- apart from one anoth. the faa released this statement. delta airlines boeing 747 arriving at jfk's runway 4l lost the required amount of separation from a shuttle america. as they were turning away from each other both aircraft landed safely. that from the faa.
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experts say these times of incidents are routinely investigated by the faa. faa regulations require the planes be separated by at least 3 miles or 1,000 feet in altitude. we are waiting for word from the faa to determine how close these two planes came. rick: laura, thanks so much. martha: we are getting stunning new images that were taken after the terror attack in benghazi. the questions the pictures raise about the obama administration's response to the attack. >> reporter: . ambassador and sean smith are brought to this room for a safe
6:28 am
haven. a big, dark, windowless closet.
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martha: you have been watching the gandolfini family in italy. they are doing a press conference and answering some questions. the autopsy did reveal the cause of death was a massive heart attack. the emergency room chief says the doctors tried to resuscitate him for 40 minutes when he arrived at the hospital
6:32 am
wednesday night and he was pronounced dead 40 minutes later. the manager of the hotel where he was staying came forward to say that the reports that came out this morning about his last meal, big story this morning that said he dined on this rich meal of fried prawns and pina colatas with shots of rum. she says that report is false. rick: critics of the obama administration say this next story is why it is so hard to get to the heart of what happened in benghazi. the pictures show burned out vehicles, an arabic graffiti
6:33 am
with religious slow tbans referring to allah. the ceo of d.c. international advisories. steven, good to talk to you. why do you think it was so hard for these images to pry them from the state department? it took a lawsuit to get their release. how come? >> it's difficult to tell. you look at the images themselves it's not readily apparent why they are problematic. once someone reviewed the georgia graffiti they don't add a lot more to what we know about what happened, and any reshape the discourse about why the state department had a difficult time sharing more of this information. rick: we have been reviewing videotape shot by our colleagues. it seems like you see more in the video than you do in the
6:34 am
state department images. do you think there is some kind of an attempt on the part of the administration to keep information about the attack and the aftermath, to keep that from being made public? >> certainly there were complications with the messaging as has been well discussed. there were differing accounts for what was the prime mover in the attack. there were changes to the talking points about terrorism. we don't have any indication of who -- at what level in what agency white house or otherwise injected the youtube video into the discussion. but this disclosure of photographs after a lawsuit of many, many months of seemingly innocuous photographs is part of a pattern of delaying information that could easily go out and contrast that with the boston bombing and the investigation there where they released images of suspects and asked the public to help. there is a contrast in the seriousness of the
6:35 am
investigations. rick: take us inside the bush administration. what kind of intern discussions take place when deciding what to release and what to hold back on. what to say is classified and should not be out out there for not be put -- not be put out there for a number of reasons. >> one would be the policy decisions on what the administration intends to do and who they hope to influence abroad and at home. other conversation is what information if disclosed could compromise the investigation. could be signals to others to conduct attacks or otherwise aid the enemy. that second layer of decision would be made in consultation with inner agency lawyers and people, intelligence professionals representing the agencies involved. rick: there has been so much
6:36 am
criticism leveled at the administration for mentioning that youtube video and the fact it was made reference to in the immediate aftermath by then secretary of state hillary clinton. then on the sunday talk shows. but could that have been something they decided was an important message to get out to the arab world and get out to muslim communities that's any misinterpretation on the part of those communities that the united states government was behind that video, that film, could be the cause or the impetus for further attacks? might florida there have been a policy reason for putting that story line out there, that narrative? >> there are two policy reasons why they might have wanted to go with that narrative. one is they were concerned about issues beyond benghazi itself. they hadn't quite focused on what was happening there and 8 wasn't related directly to the events in cairo and elsewhere that did seem tied to the video.
6:37 am
the other is they found some concerns we have not been able to verify about the disclosure of what really happened and what they were learning realtime from the state department's own mission was not a dominant and more accurate message to share with the public in the media aftermath of the attack. if i would be concerned that they actually decided to go with a hunch rather than the clear evidence of their own admission of the state department. they refer to cia talk can points when the state department was talking in realtime with the white house that night and thereafter. bill: a majority of democrats now feel benghazi needs further investigation. we'll see how this goes. steven yates, good to talk to you. martha: the market is up a little bit. up about 90 points.
6:38 am
still up off that 15,000 mark. but the market very rattled. down 560 points over the last couple sessions. there were comments by ben bernanke they might stop the rapid asset buying program they have been in and that could lead to a situation where you see prices dropping in the bond market and interest rates going higher. but perhaps there is some encouragement in the markets this morning they won't want to see a huge gyration in the markets and an increase in those interest rates that would sort of send us in the other direction. so that's what they are supposed to do, the federal reserve. >> reporter: that bump, sort of a modest bump. exactly what stu varney predicted. martha: he puts an envelope up to his head. >> the news is breaking fast in the case of new england patriot player aaron hernandez.
6:39 am
reports a warrant has been issues for his arrest on constructi where is this guy now? martha: a debate over attorney general eric holder got very heated last night. >> sign the petition, tamara, to call for the resignation of the chief law enforce -- officer of this nation because he lied under oath when he criminalized journalism. you know it's right and you know it's right. >> i hope when you speak to a judge you don't point your finger in the person's face the entire time. everybody has different investment objectives,
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rick: raging floodwaters causing big trouble in canada. hundreds of thousands of people in calgary might be forced from their homes. look at this video. one person is missing. here is reaction to the damage that's already been done. >> everything is destroyed there. our homes, everything. >> we were working in the store and we came out to see the parking lot and everything was flooded. we quickly got our vehicled out and tried to move them to higher ground and now we are stuck. can't get back into work. >> reporter: emergency officials are warning more rain is expected over the weekend. martha: when attorney general eric holder and whether he lied
6:44 am
to congress with snooping on reporters is the topic of a huge and heated debate. tempers and emotions can run high on both sides. but one guest on hannity last night, did he cross the line in this exchange? >> you are one of the stoodges of the left that will always be there to excuse away criminal behavior. you you suffer from bob beckelitis which is the failure of liberalism. sign the petition to call for the resignation of the leave law enforcement officer of this nation because he lied under oath when he criminalized journalism and you know he did it but you refuse to do what's right. >> i hope when you speak to a judge you don't point your finger in the person's face the entire time. >> whose finger is in my face right now? >> mine, because i'm telling you
6:45 am
to shut up. >> know your role and shut your mouth. martha: really? juan williams is here. is this what we have come to? is this civil society, juan? really? >> not in my opinion. i debate mary catherine all the time. i'm glad she doesn't tell me to stay in my place. dishe cross the line? he not only cross the line, he obliterated the line. he called her a stooge and stuck his finger in her face. how was she supposed to respond other than in personal conversation. >> the merits of eric holder might be on the cunningham side
6:46 am
but on on team a mara when it comes to knowing your role. you are in standard name calling mode until you go there. i'm surprised she didn't get madder. martha: he was points the finger in the face which nobody likes at all. we did get -- i had correspondence with tamara this morning. i want to show you what her response is. it's pretty professional. i would say. i'm not sure i would have been able to say quite this way. she said, which we do understand, i'm always honored to join sean hannity's shows. i have long considered mr. cunningham as my professional friend so i was shocked by how he spoke to me. just because i'm a democrat does not mean i approve of this administration's behaviors. because of bill's comments pointed at me personally i
6:47 am
wasn't able to share my opinions on a serious matter. the question whether the attorney general lied under oath. and what does this say about our ability to communicate and have a serious respectful discussion on these things these days, juan? >> i think it's broken down in so many ways. bill cunningham is a talk radio guy. i think a lot of talk radio is speaking to people who already agree with your side and beforen times demonizing the other side. but it make it difficult to cross lines to have reasonable conversation. i may be a democrat but i think holder was wrong on this point. the point about criminalizing journalism is a real point of concern to people on the left and the right. he would have hawnld holder was more open to his position if he hadn't personalized it. if he hadn't called her a
6:48 am
stooge. martha: then he said are you going to cry. sean asked them just so the viewers know he said, why don't you guys just shake hand and let's end it on a nice note and they both said no, we are not doing that. go ahead, mary catherine. >> these things happen. you have a blowup every now and then. tamara has been a little personal with conservative women in the past. and these things happen. in bill cunningham's life he's married to an appeals court judge in the state of ohio. so it appears he doesn't have a problem with women in that particular role. but you have got to be careful when you are on the air. that's why juan and i try to keep it sane. martha: thank you very much, you have a good weekend. juan williams and mary katharine
6:49 am
ham. rick: major developments on cap til where senators are bating over a controversial immigration bill. will promises of beefed up border security get more republicans on board? nnouncer ] erica had a rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever. as in never ever. now about that parking ticket. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply.
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martha: president obama will anoun his pick for the nation's next fbi director. james colmey is a former justice department official during the george bush administration. he will replace mueller. he's known for his opposition to the wiretapping program. we'll see what the president has to say about him this afternoon.
6:53 am
rick: mortgage rates you might have noticed are on the rise. what do these rising rates mean for the housing markets? >> consider this. home prices are up just over 10% according to industry analysts in just the last year. a moderate increase in mortgage rates they say will not hurt the housing recovery. according to freddie mac the average 30-year fixed mort age is 3.93% compared with a low of 3.31 last november. fears that rates will continue to increase has caused potential buyers sitting on the sidelines to jump into the market. >> i was waiting to see how low they would go. now i wanted to lock why they when were their lowest.
6:54 am
>> reporter: many economists believe a year from now mortgage rates will hover around 5%. but how high will rates go? that's anyone's guess. if they spike to 7% or higher they say the housing market could be in serious trouble. report rrp what do economists say would be the impact there? >> they say different parts of the country would experience different problems. according to freddie mac buyers with median incomes would be priced out of already high cost markets such as san francisco, southern california and the northeast from washington to boston. other areas that could become unaffordable for many buyers include seattle and miami. while the prospect of 7% interest rates would chill home sales. most economists say they don't see that happening anytime soon.
6:55 am
>> i don't see that as something that's likely. you would have to see something else happening say inflation spikes higher. i don't think that's likely. >> reporter: interest rates aside. experts say the housing market is on target for recovery. new home construction dropped by nearly half. but thanks to supply and demand the market is expected to improve if the economy doesn't suffer any serious setbacks. so the moral of the story here, rick. if you haven't done so and you want to buy, lock in that right as soon as possible. martha: we have breaking news out of boston as police reportedly issue an arrest warrant for the patriots tide end aaron hernandez. new reports that the security system in this house was damaged
6:56 am
and the house scrubbed by a professional cleaning crew. more on this information coming up. rick: the white house in damage col mode over the spilling of surveillance secrets. the president meeting with the privacy watchdog years after it was established. >> for the security of the american people was this trust violated? >> it has caused damage to america. >> has it hurt america and its allies? >> i believe it has.
6:57 am
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martha: fox news alert, all eyes on capitol hill this morning. we're waiting for another round of debate on the senate's immigration reform bill set to get started about a half an hour from now, and it is likely to get heated because republicans will face off against each other, really, over this controversial amendment. we welcome you to a brand new hour on this friday of "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. rick: and i'm rick folbaum in for bill. border security was added to this bill hoping to bring a lot more republicans onboard, but not everybody's happy with it. here's the texas senator, ted cruz. >> what i think the american people want is real border security, not an empty fig leaf, and they want border security
7:01 am
first, before legalization. if the legalization happens first, the border security never will. martha: there you go, from ted cruz. chris wallace joins me now, good morning. >> morning to you, martha. martha: well, you know, you've got this attempt at republicans, including marco rubio, to hold this together, and they've tried to satisfy that need that ted cruz just talked about to insure that there will be border security before the rest of this process kicks in. how is it going for them? >> well, in the sense of getting votes, apparently pretty well. martha: yeah. >> bob corker and john hoeven, two republican senates, have added an amendment, it's called the border surge amendment. much like the surge in iraq, because their going to double the number of border patrol agents along the border. they're going to have 700 miles of fencing, they're going to have drones and radar and all kinds of technological devices. also a much strengthened e-verify system at a cost of $30
7:02 am
billion, a mind-boggling amount of money. but one of the reasons today say they can afford that is was -- because the congressional budget office came with an estimate if you add 10 or 12 million legal citizens to the country, it's going to be a huge boost to the economy. it's going to cut the deficit, grow the economy, so they say they can afford this $30 billion extra. now, they believe this is going to bring around about a dozen more republicans to support the bill instead of getting a bare majority of 60 votes, it might get as many as 70 and send it on to the house with momentum. ted cruz, john cornyn, chuck grassley, they don't buy it because they say it's all about inputs, putting more border patrol agents and things like that, but it doesn't guarantee there's going to be 100% p apprehension rate, no guarantee it's going to stop people from going across the border. martha: we played some sound from senator john mccain who tried to get immigration reform
7:03 am
through famously many years ago, and he's saying we've got to stop spinning our wheels on this. we've been at this for a long time, and it's time to sort of make this happen. is there the momentum, do you think, on the republican side with this, because they feel it would benefit them politically as well, can they get together on it? they seem very divided right now. >> yeah, i think that it's going to get enough votes to pass the senate, and with a big number, well over 60 votes, as i say, which they have to have to break a filibuster. then the question is the house, and you've got a conservative majority in the house. john boehner has said he's not going to bring anything to the floor unless it has the support of the majority -- of the majority, yards, he's not going to pass something with mostly democratic votes. he's got to have a majority of republicans supporting it as well. they don't like the idea of a comprehensive bill in the first place. they want to cut it up into smaller, bite-sized pieces which a lot of the democrats aren't going to want in the senate because they want, obviously,
7:04 am
we'll give you border entoesment -- enforcement, but we want legalization as part of the plan. i still think that's going to be a tough fight. martha: you're right. and they say before the fourth of july, through a good chunk of this process. we'll see how it goes, it's a hot one. thank you very much, chris. >> yeah, listen on sunday we're going to have a debate, you're exactly right. this is a fight among the republicans, and we're going to have a debate between lindsey graham who is a member of -- gosh, you guys are good, you've got the pictures up there are. [laughter] martha: we're always ready for you, mr. wallace. >> lindsay grimm and mike lee and gabriel gomez in that special election against ed markey on tuesday. we've invited mr. markey to participate as well, but the invitation stands. martha: we'll work on that, chris. we're scrambling over here, buddy. thank you, chris. we'll see you sunday. >> you bet, thanks. rick: for a little more context
7:05 am
on illegal immigration in this country, consider this: there are roughly 11 million all legal immigrants in in the u.s. right now. u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement removed more than 400,000 illegals in 20120, that was an all-time high, and the u.s. spent about $18 billion on immigration enforcement last year and that is more than the combined budgets of the fbi, atf, dea and the secret service. martha: listen to this, today is sentencing day in one of the biggest corruption cases to hit the u.s. border patrol in decades. raul villarreal seen here in 2002 and his brother were convicted of smuggling hundreds of people into the united states. they each face up to 50 years in prison and more than $1 million in fines. the probe into the villarreal brothers began back in 2005. they spent two years in mexico trying to hide from justice but
7:06 am
were extradited to face trial. that gets underway today. rick: well, for the very first time, president obama will be meeting with a special group tasked with oversight of government surveillance programs. this board was established back in 2004. doug mckelway is live at the white house. good to see you, tell us more about this special board. >> reporter: well, rick, you know, most people have never heard of this board, it is called the privacy and civil liberties oversight board. it was created pack in 2004 -- back in 2004 during the bush administration as questions swirled in the post-9/11 environment about the level of u.s. involvement in electronic eavesdropping. it is the first time that the president of the united states has ever met with this board, and what will come of the meeting we don't exactly know. we do know that this board's oversight role is limited largely to an advisory capacity, it has no subpoena power, it has no enforcement power. but the meeting comes amidst new calls for more transparency about the government's eavesdropping capabilities from both ends of pennsylvania avenue. in congress members are signing
7:07 am
on to a bipartisan house bill calling for the attorney general to declassify secret legal opinions from the fisa court. listen to this exchange from yesterday. >> beyond the two programs at issue here to the degree you can classify other fisa court opinions, i think it's in the public interest. >> yes. i think that's part of what we're doing. >> reporter: today's meeting comes as "the new york times" reveals just how close the connection is between the national security agency and private internet companies. the times reported that the head, the chief security officer for facebook left that post in the year 2010 to go to work for, you guessed it, the national security agency. rick? rick: okay. also at the white house today, doug, this was reported a while back, but it becomes official today, the president names his new nominee to direct the fbi? >> reporter: that's right. james comey you're talking about, and you might recall that during the bush administration when he was acting u.s. attorney general when john ashcroft was
7:08 am
in the hospital, comey threatened to resign over the administration's plan to renew an electronic eavesdropping program. that comey found simply to be too intrusive. here's a window into comey's thinking from a recent promotional video that he participated in for a recent employer of his, bridgewater securities. listen up to this. >> i had sat in the white house situation room in meetings chaired by the president where i could tell from the body language of people around the table that there were things to say, and they didn't say them. >> reporter: the president set to introduce james comey as the new fbi director nominee at a rose garden ceremony, 2:05 this amp. rick, we'll be there for that. rick: doug mckelway, thanks so much. martha: nearly 500 homes have been evacuated as air tankers are dropping fire retardant on wildfires that are going on in arizona, along the arizona/new mexico border. the evacuees are streaming into
7:09 am
shelters hoping for any good news out there. >> the dc-10s were flying over the tops of our houses, and that fire was coming down, the smoke was coming down. it's the scariest thing i've ever had in my life. martha: what a
7:10 am
rick: why john boehner says the hoover dam or golden gate bridge would not have been able to be built in this kind of political environment. >> this administration would have us believe that we can build a great nation on the reames of red tape while operating the service economy with things built by earlier generations. now listen, this is not an issue of republicans versus democrats. it's about america, and it's about the world.
7:11 am
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7:13 am
rick: well, this will probably not satisfy everybody, but the police in los angeles ruling out foul play in the death of a well known investigative journalist. the level a. coroner's office identifying michael hastings saying he was the driver killed in a crash early tuesday morning when his mercedes hit a tree and burst into flames. hastings you may remember best known for an explosive article
7:14 am
for rolling stone that led to the resignation of u.s. army general stanley mcchrystal. his death now, hastings' death, generating a flood of conspiracy theories. martha: fox news alert now as reports come in that an arrest warrant has been issued for new england patriot aaron hernandez after a body was found less than a mile from the 23-year-old tight end's home in massachusetts. that happened on monday. sources are now saying there's a new video that has surfaced that connects the nfl player to the victim on that prior night or earlier that morning, essentially. and the victim's mother has spoken out as well. >> [inaudible] martha: heartbroken, of course, and that's a picture of her son as we watch all of this unfold this morning. very tough time all around for all of these families and the
7:15 am
players in this situation. jim gray, sports caster and a fox news contributor, of course, steve -- [inaudible] is a former nyc chief investigator, he's also the director at good to have you both here. jim, let me start with you because i know you've been uncovering stuff in this story as we've gone along. what have you learned? >> well, it doesn't look too good for hernandez, obviously, to have this warrant issued. obstru justice, i guess that would get him in he was being uncooperative. this will bring him in. obstruction of justice you don't know where that could lead to but, certainly, all signs are indicating that he's had a role in this affair. martha: yeah. and it looks like, steve, there's a video that shows the two of them and two other friends, i believe, leaving a nightclub in the early morning hours. and also there were gunshots that were heard by neighbors, and then there's a video of the
7:16 am
surveillance, apparently, that picks them up going back into the house shortly after those gunshots were heard. so what you've got developing here is a pretty serious timeline. >> in the timeline they want to connect those two gentlemen together. martha: right. >> and they're going to be able to do that not only through the surveillance video, but through their phones and perhaps other video that may be available from nearby homes. so they're going to make the connection. martha: broken, you know, apparently the house was scrubbed clean, according to the reports that we're hearing this morning, broken cell phones, also a security system that was messed with at the house. all of that, you know, points at an attempt the cover something up, obviously. >> absolutely. and what they're going to do is forensically they're going to try and rebuild that security system. also his phone records, even though he destroyed his phone, his phone records are 110% available, and they'll be very valuable. is all that being said, they're going to interview the cleaning crew as well, say why were you here? they're going to also confiscate
7:17 am
any of the things they used, if available. martha: let's talk a little bit about aaron hernandez, jim, as a player, as a young man. what do we know about him? >> well, as a player, he's been an outstanding player, that's why he was awarded with a $40 million contract extension. on the field he's been excellent. he's had some excellent seasons, he had shoulder surgery so he was being repaired this off season. he missed some games last year because of his ankle, and with rob gronkowski having surgery several times on his forearm, he's out. he just had back surgery a few days ago, so the future on the football field was very bright for aaron hernandez, but he's had a troubled existence. gang activity where he grew up in bristol, connecticut. he's been accused now in florida of shooting a friend of his in the arm, it traveled to his face, took out his eye, $100,000 -- martha: surprising that story didn't surface until all of this came out, wasn't it? >> it looks as though his friend
7:18 am
was covering up and now he wants money. that doesn't add up either. martha: not at all. >> and he wouldn't identify him to the police in florida and said he didn't know who it was who shot him. so on the field he's been excellent. off the field he also admitted to marijuana use, that's why he slipped considerably in the 2010 draft. i talked to a couple of player personnel directors who said they really didn't want any part of him. that's why he went in the fourth round. martha: and you were saying before we started, you know, there are parallels to the ray lewis story. >> well, ray lewis was involved in that double murder which took place after the super bowl in atlanta. obstruction of justice is what he ended up pleading to. ray lewis and football is really in the background here, but ray lewis has gone on and had a terrific career and was able to get himself out of that circumstance, and no one was convicted. you have no idea where this is going with aaron hernandez because we still don't have all of the facts, and we have so many reports. i guess, essentially, when this
7:19 am
all comes to trial or comes out, we will know just exactly where it ends. martha: very tense and tragic times for all these families involved and the players and all of it. so thanks, you guys, for coming in. steve, good to have you here. >> good to see you. martha: thanks very much. all right, rick? rick: lots more straight ahead. controversy over a poster of the world's most wanted terrorist put out by the fbi. why one lawmaker says this ad that's showing up on some buses is racist. plus, the best viewed owe you'll see today. >> daddy loves you. daddy loves you. rick: unbelievable. a little boy's reaction to hearing his father's voice for the very first time. the medical miracle that made this possible. that's coming up.
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7:23 am
martha: well, there was a massive, deadly explosion at a canadian fireworks factory. plumes of smoke and flames reaching hundreds of feet in the air. looked these pictures. police had to close down all the nearby roads. investigators say there are at least two victims in this. >> there's an investigation that is ongoing because, unfortunately, two bodies were found on the scene. so we're presently investigating to try and figure out what caused this incident. martha: yeah. the cause of the explosion, she says, is still under investigation. rick: a democratic lawmaker writing a letter to the fbi director robert mueller about this ad. take a look. it shows mug shots of the most wanted terrorists in the world. it's a publicity campaign offering rewards for tips in the war on terror offered by the
7:24 am
fbi. but washington congressman jim mcdermott has a problem with it. michael graham is a radio talk show host, a columnist for the boston herald, good to see you. this is what congressman mcdermott says. he says it's offensive to muslims and it encourages racial profiling and religious profiling too. what do you think? >> are these the actual terrorists we're looking for? are these photos that look like them? were they doctored in any way? what are we supposed to do, put up 12eubg figures -- stick figures, hey, congressman mcdermott, do you recognize this guy? the world is the way it is. as you know, we have the boston bombing, and tamerlan tsarnaev has problematic ties to terrorist supporters, and yet even after the fbi had photos of tamerlan and his brother, they didn't know who to look for. and a lot of officers in boston are asking, wait a minute, how
7:25 am
can the nsa be spying on us but they not know about this guy that the russians had already indicated? could it be that law enforcement with political leadership like we have is reluctant to look if the suspect is in the muslim community? rick: i want to read some of the statement from the congressman. this is in the letter that he sent to director mueller. he said that the ad representing terror is only from one -- terrorists only from one ethnic or religious group promotes oh forms of extremism. the fbi's most wanted terrorist list includes individuals of other races and associated with other religions and causes but their faces are missing from this campaign. michael, there are a couple of non-muslims who are on that list and yet they're not in this ad, so does he have a point at all? >> well, i mean, if you're trying to create a list for diversity, but my understanding is -- and i'm not privy to the fbi. they're looking for a list based on dangerousness. in other words, these are the people who are the top ten or whatever, you know, the top number of terrorists that we're
7:26 am
looking for. and, in fact, it's -- look, i know that liberals like congressman mcdermott would feel better if we could get the norwegian grandmother on the list somehow, if there is a crazy group of amish terrorists out there so we could have the funny little hats, but the world is the way it is. al-qaeda, taliban, that is the source of the overwhelming number of people who want to kill us, and we need to be uni grade to look. the problem -- can unafraid to look. the problem is we know once you gather the data, politics is going to have an impact. and a guy who would be painted up if he were me or some aryan nation not from idaho is possibly going to be overlooked specifically because politicians and government agencies like the fbi try to bend over backwards to not look like they're profiling. we just want the facts -- rick: i wonder if the average muslim would be offended by this, or if congressman mcdermott was just sort of needlessly speaking out on their behalf? they might be to fended that
7:27 am
radical elements are using their religion to justify terrorist activity. we'll have to see, but this is the letter that was sent to the fbi. we have no idea if they're changing their ad strategy. michael graham, radio talk show host and columnist out of boston, good to talk to you this morning. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. martha: well, allegations of out of control bureaucracy standing in the way of american progress. why house speaker john boehner says the hoover dam would never get built in this day and age. is he right? rick: also, take a look at this. those guys catching a falling baby. martha: my gosh. rick: we'll tell you how that happened. with free package pickup from the united states postal service a small design firm can ship like a big business. just go online to pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. we'll do the rest. ♪
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martha: well, there's some serious questions today about the government's use of unmanned drones here in the united states. this week outgoing fbi director robert mueller confirmed what had been a secret surveillance program. today there are new reports on how the fbi is using these drones that we just learned about the presence of here in our country over the course of this week. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington. catherine, what are we learning about new documents that lead to some of this, right? >> reporter: well, thank you, martha, and good morning. the documents were released by the faa after a freedom of information act request by a california-based group, the electronic frontier foundation, which says it's a privacy rights group. and the documents you see here
7:32 am
are heavily redacted citing the sensitivity of law enforcement activities, but they do show that the fbi has sought and received permission from the faa at least four times to fly surveillance drones inside the united states. you are not allowed to fly drones in domestic air space unless you have faa approval, it and has been granted to law enforcement and universities in dozens of cases. in a statement after director mueller testified wednesday, the fbi said it used a drone during this hostage standoff in alabama last february after jimmy lee dykes snatched that 5-year-old boy off a school bus. that standoff ended with dykes' death and the boy's rescue. the newly-released records show that the fbi first formally asked the faa for approval in 2009, and then they subsequently got approval in 2010 and 2011 for other operations, martha. martha: that's very interesting x. some might find it, you know, disturbing in terms of all the privacy conversations we've been having, but those are interesting examples of how it was used. so it's on a limited basis, as
7:33 am
we understand. so what are the rules that they have to go through, catherine? >> reporter: well, based on the testimony, critics say the fbi has put the cart before the horse when the rules are still in development. listen to this exchange between director mueller and senior republican senator chuck grassley. >> so instead of asking a question, i think i can assume since you do can use drones that the fbi has developed a set of policies, procedures and operational limits on the use of drones and whether or not any privacy impact on american citizens? >> well, we are in the initial stages of doing that, and i will tell you that our footprint is very small. >> reporter: well, we also learned the atf and the dea also use drones in the u.s., but what we don't know is how many and whether they have rules already in place or like the fbi, they're using drones, but the r50u8s are still in adopt --
7:34 am
rules are still in development. martha: catherine, very interesting. thank you. ♪ ♪ rick: house speaker john boehner lashing out at the obama administration and what he claims is an environment of overregulation in a speech yesterday. the speaker criticizing the president for not doing more to reduce the government's growing mountain of red tape which he says has made it harder than ever to build in this country. >> politicians and bureaucrats bet that taxpayer money -- they'll bet that taxpayer money on pet projects like solyndra while blocking private sector initiatives like the keystone pipeline. meanwhile, the hoover dam, the golden gate bridge, even our highway system would be impossible to build in today's regulatory environment. rick: steve moore is senior economics writer for "the wall street journal". steve, good to see you. >> hi, rick. great to be with you. rick: is the speaker right?
7:35 am
>> he's right spot on, rick. and, you know, i would add that you probably couldn't build the interstate highway system today in the regulatory environment that exists in washington. you, i'm sure you could not build the great alaska pipeline that was built in the late 1970s and 1980s. and even major airports and infrastructure projects like the reagan national airport in laguardia in new york where you are, those would be extremely difficult and costly to build because of federal rules and red tape and especially all of the green regulations that are so persistent today in washington. rick: well, it's not just regulation though, steve, it's money too. and congress holds the pursestrings. and this is a headline from november of 2011: senate republicans block the president's $60 billion infrastructure that was aimed at exactly the types of projects that you were just mentioning, highways, rails, airports. so it seems like it's either blocking the funding, or it's regulations and that both may be contributing to this.
7:36 am
>> well, look, i disagree with this idea that there's not enough money for infrastructure. there clearly is. and by the way, the biggest infrastructure program we need right now in this country is, obviously, the keystone xl pipeline. and, rick, that would not require a penny of government money. that's all private sector money that would be used for that shovel-ready project, and washington and the epa are holding that up. so i do believe the primary impediment here is regulation in washington. i talk to people who are involved in building these projects, and they've been involved in it for decades, and what they tell me is 20 years ago you could get the permits to build these things in a matter of weeks or -- i'm sorry, weeks or months. now it takes years, sometimes decades to get the approval to go forward with these kinds of prompts. projects. rick: and then there was the speaker's comments on what we expect to hear from the white house relatively soon which is the president's plan to regulate carbon emissions as part of an overall climate plan strategy. here's what the speak or had to
7:37 am
say. listen. >> i think this is absolutely crazy. why would you want to increase the cost of energy and kill more american jobs at a time when the american people are still asking the question, where are the jobs? rick: he doesn't mince words, does he? [laughter] >> he sure doesn't. and, you know, in the first term, as you know, rick, one of the most controversial features of the president's agenda was the cap and trade legislation that would have taxed energy production and industrial production in this country. that was killed because of the job environment. i think the point the speaker is making, which makes a lot of sense, is why would we want to come forward with those regulations now at a time where we still have 20 million unemployed people in this country? and i would only add to that, rick, look, if you're concerned about global warming and climate change, that's fine. but whether the united states does anything has a minimal impact because so much of the carbon emissions are going on in china. even if we reduced our carbon emissions to zero, rick, it would almost have no impact
7:38 am
because of what china and india and these other developing countries are doing in terms of increasing their industrial production. and they're not passing cap and trade, and they're not reducing their emissions. rick: steve moore, thanks so much. economist and writer with "the wall street journal." martha: there's a good story, the minnesota twins might want to add this ball boy to the roster. take a look at this. in the fourth inning of yesterday's game, watch this. oh! rick: wow. martha: nicely done, right? that is some arm on that ball boy. look at that. he got the -- made a catch on a line drive foul ball. came down hard on his back, but when he got up, the ball was in his glove. the announcers were quick to say he may have saved somebody from getting hit in the head. rick: that's quite a vertical leap. martha: impressive, right? rick: sign him up. martha: way to go.
7:39 am
rick: the days of having to turn off your cell phone when you get onto an airplane may soon be coming to an end. new rules for flying, straight ahead. martha: and this is interesting, okay? an all-female jury will decide george zimmerman's fate in the shooting death of trayvon martin. they are finally done impaneling this jury. why the attorney for casey anthony says that this is a slam dunk for the defense. our legal panel, coming up. >> i think he's really encouraged that it's done, you know? it's the waiting that is frustrating for everybody, particularly him.
7:40 am
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rick: a repeat for the miami heat. >> spurs will not foul! final seconds, what a finish! [cheers and applause] it's back-to-back titles for the heat. the 2013 championships reside once again in miami. rick: miami beating the spurs 95-88, game seven of the nba finals. lebron james, the mvp, finishing up with 37 points, 12 rebounds. james saying that he went to miami to win championships, so far two is, quote: the ultimate. martha: tough to achieve that goal. all right, well, a pretrial hearing is just wrapping up in the george zimmerman murder case. this, one day after an all-female jury was selected to decide the florida man's fate in the death of teenager trayvon martin. zimmerman's attorney says his
7:44 am
client is encouraged by this decision. >> he's been waiting 15, 16 months to clear his name. and now he gets to start. so that's real good. so i think, you know, he's happy that we got the jury in place because rather than this process that you guys have been so patient for that we have to do, now that's done, and we can move forward to, you know, the real stuff, the evidence and all that. martha: this is going to be the trial of the summer, folks, when this gets underway. i'm joined by a criminal defense attorney and jeffrey gold, former prosecutor. good to have both of you with us today. marla, let me start with you. what do you think of this panel? oops. i think we're having a little audio problem with marla -- ah, there we go. there we go. >> hi, martha. martha: you heard my question okay, i assume? how do you like this panel, and do you agree that it's good for george zimmerman, this panel? >> absolutely. i think that women will find that what he did was more
7:45 am
reasonable. they tend to be more sympathetic to violence and self-defense. i think women have a different viewpoint that can be beneficial for the defense in this case. member -- men are more aggressive, and they may think why did he follow him, so women have a different perspective of walking alone, being alone, bearing armings. so i think it's definitely encouraging for the defense. martha: jeff, it's so hard, though, to read a jury. i mean, i went through the descriptions of these jurors, and, you know, they do seem to be a fairly educated group. there's a number of moms among this group. of but, you know, when i have had the experience of being on a jury, and i feel like people are very good at taking this process seriously. they've listened to the evidence, and i think it's very difficult to tell just looking at these descriptions which way this jury will go. >> well, i think you're right, martha. this is a particularly hard case. i think that if you just listen to your viewers, you'll find there are so many people entrenched that think they're going in one way, and they may
7:46 am
be coming out exactly the same way. can the jury, however, be fair and impartial? that's what we'll have to see. i tend to agree with you. and there are five moms, i believe, on this jury, and we have a 17-year-old victim here. and i think although there's some gun-toting floridian women on the jury, the fact that they're moms may balance that out, so i'm very hopeful they can be fair and impartial. martha: yeah. does it matter that there are no african-american jurors? we understand that five are white, one is a hispanic woman. marla, is that significant? >> i mean, i definitely think this case brings up a lot of racial tensions, so when you pick the jury, you tend to see why it's going to benefit you and what are the problems of your case. and this case is about race, unfortunately, and it's also about reasonableness and self-defense. so they, the lawyers look to see what is going to benefit their case. their positions, what people that they think would be more like-minded for those issues, and i think that in this case to have mostly white people as jurors is something that the
7:47 am
prosecution may need to think about in regards to playing up whether there was racial tension or not. martha: yeah. you know, when you think about this whole situation, jeff, i mean, trayvon martin is not there to tell his side of the story. and there are pictures of george zimmerman with injuries to the back of his head which would appear to line up with some of what he said happened that night. and then you've got this tape with the screams on it that the experts say there's no way to figure out who was screaming. and, boy, won't that be helpful? that would have been very helpful. >> right. well, let's hone this down for the viewers. i think there's two important facts from the one point of view, the state's point of view. we all know that george zimmerman was told by the 911 operator to stand down, and he didn't do that. that's the worst thing for them. martha: yep. >> on the other hand, the autopsy seems to indicate that trayvon martin was on top of george zimmer match when the gun went off. that's obviously a factor is other way. so there's two things that are competing, and the whole case is
7:48 am
going to come down to george zimmerman's testimony, should he testify, as to how this happened. that's what this case will come down to. martha: marla, you know, what do you think? is that what the case comes down to, ultimately? >> yes. ultimately, these six women are going to have to determine what george zimmerman did was reasonable or not. they're going to have to determine if him being beaten on, on the ground, someone on top of him, if he can shoot and use deadly force and if that was reasonable. the threat does not have to be real, martha. it can be something that george zimmerman thought was going to be deadly to him. so these women are going to really have to kind of get into the minds of both mr. zimmerman and, unfortunately, mr. martin who can't tell his side of the story. martha: it's an emotional case all around, and it gets underway very soon. thank you so much, both of you. good to have you here. >> thanks, martha. rick: "happening now" coming up in just about 12 minutes or so. jon scott has a preview. jon: those alleged terror plots,
7:49 am
50 of them supposedly broken up by nsa surveillance? they're still not in the hands of congress as promised, and so far no explanation as to why. the battle over border security back on capitol hill today. we have an all-star lineup looking at it, senators john corker and john hoeven -- bob hoeven will join us live. then senator john mccain joins us with his thoughts. and he was destined to live his entire life in silence, now a little 3-year-old gets to hear his parents' voices for the very first time. his story could help thousands of others, it's a great one, and it's coming up, "happening now". rick: jon scott, thanks very much. we'll see you and jenna at the top of the hour, and we'll be talking a little bit about that story that jon just mentioned, very emotional. a young boy who had never heard before given a cochlear implant. an amazing story. we'll talk with how doctors were able to make this happen, that's straight ahead. >> we don't really know exactly
7:50 am
what it's like for him. we don't know exactly what he hears, if he hears everything we hear, some of what we hear. his brain is still trying to organize it still to use.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
martha: boy, look at this rescue in china that was caught on camera. a group of deliverymen spot a 2-year-old girl -- did you see that? they stand underneath, their arms outstretched to break the fall of that child who fell out a window, apparently. the child suffered a bruise but was otherwise not seriously injured. two of the rescuers were also hurt, as you can see that one guy grab his arm from breaking that fall. boy. ♪ ♪ rick: well, a life-changing moment captured on video.
7:54 am
a 3-year-old boy, deaf since birth, hears his father's voice for the very first time as doctors turn on his brand new cochlear implant. >> daddy loves you. daddy loves you. [laughter] daddy loves -- rick: unbelievable no watch that. this technology's been around for more than a decade, but little grayson is one of the first children to receive it. dr. marc siegel is a number of the fox news medical a-team, professor of medicine at nyu, and if you have any kids -- and we both do -- you can't watch that without getting a lump in your throat. a whole new world has been opened up to this little boy. >> we've been featuring children that are getting treatment and technology that before they couldn't. this is called an auditory brain stem implant, and basically, it looks like a snail in the inner ear. we all have them. and we've been transplanting that cochlear, and we've been putting implants on that cochlear, but in this child, the
7:55 am
nerve that goes from the inner ear to the brain, it didn't develop. so we have to figure out a way to bypass that, rick. so in this case they put the implant right on the brain, right on the brain stem. and the biggest problem when you do that is that you can't understand speech very well. you can understand environmental noises, but you can't understand speech. so they've developed a speech processer that the child will wear on his skin, and it will literally interpret sounds and frequencies and beam them right to the brain with a wireless device. this is modern technology. rick: unbelievable. and what are the, what's the potential here for this kind of technology for other types of procedures? >> well, i think for one thing we're going to use this more and more in adults. now, this has been in europe and now it's coming over here, but there's a tumor that's very common so that a lot of adults that are losing hearing are going to have this, and probably it's going to help us in technology with the hearing impaired. as you get older and older, you have more and more problems with that cochlear. this type of wireless device is
7:56 am
really, really helpful. rick: dr. segal, thanks very much. martha, over to you. martha: huge story today because we've got the latest on new reports that police have issued an arrest warrant for nfl football player aaron hernandez. sources say there is new video evidence in this case that connects the star athlete to the murder victim. what does that mean for him? when we come back. ahhh let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 30% off. only at even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good?
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. . martha: there is a scandal rocking the u.s. navy have you heard and one of its
8:00 am
most recognizeable figures. captain crunch is not a captain at all. three stripes, on the uniform means he is a commander. a food blogger first noticed this supposed fraud. steven colbert was upset about it right now. >> "happening now" is starts right now. martha: thanks for being here, rick. jenna: start off with a fox news alert, breaking developments in a murder investigation involving a player for the new england patriots. police are issuing an arrest warrant for aaron hernandez for obstruction of justice. we're learning a little bit more. so according to reports at this time, by reuters aaron hernandez is investigated for interfering with the investigation. a hard drive was heavily damaged. he was with lloyd the night he died. the lloyd was found dead in industrial park less than a mile from


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