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  FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 24, 2013 4:06am-4:12am PDT

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>> steve: someone else who is an old friend, donald trump. you have known airline calculate for many decade -- carol alt for many decades. >> i wouldn't go that far. she was on the aparenesis test and she -- apprentice and she did fantastically well. >> carol: congratulations this year. it did very well. >> you were great and you look great on the show. >> thank you. >> i hear you're having the show on saturday. >> the couch suits me. >> i'll have to watch that one. >> brian: donald, let's talk about edward snowden. he was the one who dominated coverage over the weekend. hong kong says thumb in your eye, u.s., he's gone. china let's him go. he lands in russia. they say no problem. it looks like he might even think about staying there. everyone seems so empowered to stick it to us these days. >> first of all, he's a terrible guy. i said it right from the beginning. so many people are trying to defend him, look at what he revealed and isn't it wonderful. and yet people marching in his
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favor. he's a terrible guy who really set our country back. china is now looking at us like -- we were hitting them hard on what they were doing in terms of what they were taking from us and now they are really going at it. they're saying we're far worse than they ever were. he's really hurt us in terms of relationship and it really shows how weak our country has been and has become when you can not get this guy back. you think you tell these country, hey, folks, we're not doing any deals until this guy is on a plane. and that includes russia, that includes everybody because we really have become a very different nation than we were. >> steve: it's interesting, the front page of the "new york times" this morning, mr. trump, legal experts say the administration appeared to flub the case. why didn't they revoke his passport after the charges were filed, because they essentially had the chance to freeze him in plays and they didn't do it. they dropped the ball on this. >> well, maybe they thought it wasn't politically correct. spies in the old days used to be
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executed. this guy is becoming a hero in some circles. i will say with the passage of time, even people that were sort of liking him and maybe trying to go on his side are maybe dropping out. but you look at where he goes. now nobody knows where he is. but we have to get him back. we have to get him back fast. they're talking about it could take years, it could take months, but maybe years. that would be pathetic. >> carol: i grew up in the american military, mr. trump, and i totally agree with you. i think anybody that does anybody against this country should be taken to task for that. don't you think the things we're doing here, other countries are doing, too? mine, all of the spying or quote, unquote, spying, is just to protect this country. what do you teal? >> well, they are. and the other countries are definitely doing it. we used to hit them pretty hard for doing it and now they just look at us and smile because what he's revealed is incredible. he's revealing things that nobody thought possible. i think he's probably got stuff that's maybe why he's staying in
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russia. they're very smart and getting every possible thing out of him. they say, wait a minute. let's not send him to ecuador. let's immediately talk to him for a couple more days. this is pretty good stuff. >> brian: i got to ask you, donald, first off, the president was so angry when gun control failed. he was so angry and determined against mitt romney, where is that anger against china? where is that anger against russia and against all these countries that are defying us and making this president, our administration, our country look pathetic? >> well, china has been on my mind for years and you know it better than anybody because i do your show every monday and we have a little thing going on china. it amazes me when i see what goes on of the for him to be ensconced in china and then all of a sudden, he gets out because they say, i'm sorry, you sent the wrong documents and we would have done it but you sent the wrong documents, and they got a lot of information out of this guy. this guy is a bad guy. you know, there is still a thing
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called execution. you really have to take a strong -- you have thousands of people with access to material like this. we're not going to have a country anymore. >> brian: the country is talking about global warming! >> the great global warming debate. in the 1920s, magazine covers had a very, very scary phenomenon. it was called global cooling. the planet was cooling. but the planet was severely cooling and everybody was worried about global cooling. now it's global warming. no, we have bigger problems, believe me. >> carol: i have a quick question. how do you feel about the newspapers that printed what snowden gave them? what do you think? >> i think it's disgraceful. that's what they do. >> steve: it's a story. >> yeah. they have information. wouldn't it be wonderful if you could say, couldn't you -- folks, come on, give us a break. but how does he get this information? here is a guy, didn't even graduate from high school. he was a high school dropout. how did he get the job in the
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first place? where did he come from? now he's traveling the world and everybody is protecting him. it really is a shame. our country is in very sad shape. look, we have to do something. you have thousands of snowdens out there. i would imagine most of them at least have a high education. but you have thousands of people with this kind of access and who is going to be the next snowden? >> carol: how do we protect ourselves in the future. >> unless the retribution is swift, rule you'll is more people coming out with more information. >> brian: wikileaks is their greatest allies. they are escorting them around the country, providing free legal service. >> well, it's very, very sad. i just wonder whether or not perhaps the president is concerned that records from -- the only thing we don't seem to get are the records from the president. isn't that a thing. >> brian: nobody leaks that. >> steve: it's always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> good luck, carol. >> carol: thank you, donald.