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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 26, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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university officials say they are fixing the mistake. good thing. >> good to know. keep it in mind, folks. have a great day, everyone. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. >> hey there. it is wednesday, june 26. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen carlson. this guy's boss is so radical that he's banned from the united states. so why was he the number-two guy just inside the white house? >> yeah, why? he's here but you can't have him. russian president vladimir putin taunting president obama over the n.s.a. leaker mr. edward snowden. is this the start of czar wars? >> do you act like your dog is your baby? is that over the top or is it totally normal? the science is in.
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"fox & friends" starts right now. >>steve: the rooster is crowing. 6:00 a.m. new york city. good morning. anna. look, it's tucker carlson. thanks for being here. >> it's time to give it up. >>steve: for the next three hours we're anna's book ends. >>anna: we're going to get to your headlines on this wednesday morning. we start with a fox news alert. while you were sleeping high drama in texas after a 13 hour filibuster the senate passed legislation to stop abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy. democrats claim some of the
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republicans came after the midnight deadline. the lieutenant governor looking into it and did in fact discover several votes were cast after that deadline. the bill now dead. governor rick perry could ask for another session. >> also happening, 20 tourists are drifting on a chunk of ice in the canadian arctic. among them two americans. right now helicopters are on the way but it will be hours before they'll reach them. the group was on an expedition when the ice broke free and drifted some two miles out. there are no injuries at this time reported. it's about 35 degrees where they are. chilly. it's like the scene out of "good fellows." >> from the scene of the heist of jfk, looks like a big one. >>anna: $1.2 million stolen from a swiss air jet at jfk airport. the money, $93 million in total, was heading to a federal reserve facility in new jersey.
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when it arrived, workers found a huge hole in one of the crates holding the cash. according to an exclusive report in this morning's new york post, the feds believe it was an inside job. the plan, to give a lie detector test to airport employees. she plays the good wife but is julie anna marguiles ? margulies who plays a lawyer had a setback. she claims an agreement was not in writing and therefore not valid. your morning headlines. >>steve: that is reminiscent with what we've got going on with russia.
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it's not in writing. right now mr. snowden is still holed up in that no man's land, the transit zone at the airport. we're saying give him to us and vladimir putin is saying no. it's like czar wars, according to ""the new york post". a clueless president, a traitor on the run and the evil president who won't give him up. vladimir putin as himself. >>tucker: our reaction is unbelievable. have you seen the secretary of state, john kerry's response. quote, we would hope russia would not side with someone who is a fugitive from justice. >>anna: there have been outcries from the left and right. we heard from senator john mccain going on the record last night saying the president needs to really get tough with putin especially when they clearly only care about
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their own interests with the flowing of arms into syria while bashar al-assad is massacring his people there and also everything going on in china, and it seems they orchestrated this whole thing for him to go from hong kong to moscow. >>steve: it is interesting. you mentioned our secretary of state john kerry. remember he said there will be consequences. yesterday he completely pwhabgd off and said -- backed off and said if you can give him up, that will be fine. there will be no confrontation. this after the foreign minister said we're not going to let you talk to us like that. it is clear putin is running the show right now. when asked about giving him you be, heeding the u.s. demands for snowden, here is the quote from mr. putin: it is like sharing a piglet, too much squeaking, too little wall, which is pretty funny. causing the question our standing in the world.
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lindsey graham said we're becoming a joke in the eyes of the world. there is a way to be tough. the president of the united states has the strongest voice in the world. use that voice. stand up to putin. >>tucker: it is pathetic, especially over someone like ed snowden. if you're going to identify him as a wanted man, then go get him; right? there's no -- we get nothing out of blustering in public and whining that russia doesn't respect the rule of law. of course they don't respect the rule of law. it's russia. it's run by a dictatorial strong man, vladimir putin. wrestles bears. talk less, do more. >>steve: what is our president talking about while snowden is over there? by the way, you know there is a tgi friday's? there is a russian coffee chain that sells coffee for 11 bucks.
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any way there's some new fox news polls out that show the president of the united states has taken a pounding in the polls when it comes to his job performance. you've got to figure this kind of adds to all -- think about the scandals with the department of justice, the state department regarding benghazi and all the like, including the i.r.s., and the president's approval rating now 43% from a year ago. it has gone down 5%. and take a look at when it comes to independents. the president's standing had been in the 60's. and now it is in the 30's. >>anna: part of that really is clearly coming from this n.s.a. scandal because it affects, you know, hreuts -- literally everybody. essentially it is every day we have some sort of new scandal. yesterday we were hearing about the i.r.s. stuart varney will outline more of the fallout from this. the gross mismanagement of
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funds and the abuse. expensive bottles of wine. thomas the tank engine rubber band bracelets. we're always waiting for another shoe to fall. >>tucker: you can go through the roster of issues and with every one the president is in the negative category. economy, gun control, health care, immigration, foreign policy. he's losing on every single one of these issues. the only one the president seems to have an advantage on according to this poll is terrorism, and then just by 11 points. the irony is there is a remarkable piece i think in the daily caller today about a man called abdullah bin baya, vice president of the international union of muslim scholars winds up two weeks at the white house meeting with high-level national security figure there in the obama administration, gail smith. this guy has ties to some real creeps. >>anna: absolutely. they've parentally called for the destruction of israel. according to their website,
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and they actually have a picture of him meeting with the obama administration officials on their website, and they say the -- there it is -- that they are the ones who actually called this meeting and also out this morning we're hearing that the white house has not responded to repeated calls for comments about this. >>steve: it is interesting, because apparently this radical muslim preacher's own website said he was meeting at the white house with the national security advisor. i think people from the daily caller called the white house and said he met with tom donilon and apparently that was not answered. it is extraordinary this level of guy would end up at the white house talking about all sorts of things including terrorism. steve emerson, investigative director of the investigative project says this is the equivalent
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of recognizing al qaeda. dr. jasser who has been on the program many times says this demonstrates hypocrisy and tone-deafness at best and at worst a facilitation of america's enemies in the war of ideas against islam. >>anna: g.m. may be alive and osama bin laden may be dead but as articles and pictures start surfacing like this, you never know. >>steve: we have got a very busy wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. straight ahead, mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest leaker of them all? is it president obama or edward snowden? we're going to lay out the case next. >>tucker: the supreme court's decision on the voting rights act. does it really set us back 50 years or does it prove how far we've come on civil rights in half a century? we report. we report. you decide. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. >> mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest leaker of them all? is it president obama or n.s.a. leaker edward snowden? david hanson is the author
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of "the savior generals" and he joins us now live. thanks a lot for coming on this morning. i'm struck by how the president is outraged, the administration is outraged by the leaking of this information by edward snowden and yet it was the obama administration that leaked information when it helped the president, for example, surrounding the killing of osama bin laden. double standard? >> yes. that was all in the context of the 2012 campaign. it wasn't just the bin laden raid. we had reporters from "the new york times," "washington post" that bragged they had exclusive access and reported things favorable to the administration. the cyber war against iran, how did we find out about that? administration leaks. the reason we found out about the a.p. was not because they were trying to
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expose leaks but they were competitors with the administration in a sense. they lost credibility on this issue. >> the irony is no administration in history has been tougher on leakers than this one, gone after journalists, including one here at fox, and has charged more people under the espionage act than all previous presidents combined. why is that? >> i think the problem here is their credibility, that they come across in the public not so much they're opposed to leak but opposed to the idea they don't have a monopoly on them. that's dangerous. have all these problems, the i.r.s. problems, the a.p. profplt. suddenly what is a high school dropout making $200,000 doing essentially shutting down the n.s.a. for two weeks. it is an issue of confidence. >>tucker: then getting away. that is an excellent point. you can't simultaneously argue the u.s. intelligence agencies are all powerful and then at the same time
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watch the incompetence with which they have handled this. >> it's bad to be seen as unethical and it's bad to be seen as impotent, but it's really bad to be seen as impotently incompetent. the same thing with russia and china. the united states would like not to be indecisive and not to be predictable but to be predictably indecisive, unfortunately these people who are not so principled as american politicians don't fear us, they're not in suspense about what we're going to do. that's dangerous when we have these issues down the road like iran coming up or syria, et cetera. >>tucker: it seems like the president's rhetoric is tougher when he applies it to his domestic opponents than our international opponents. >> when he says people are acting stupidly or the attorney general can say americans are cowards or the president can urge latino leaders to punish
3:18 am
their enemies, i wish he would use the word enemies against people abroad. substitute the word conservative republicans and put in the word chavez or putin and we'd have a pretty tough president. >> victor davis hanson, i'm a long time fan. thank you for coming on. first they blew your cash on dancing lessons. now the i.r.s. is spending your dough on romance novels, wine and popcorn machines. stuart varney on deck with more details. >> do you treat your dog like your baby? dress him up? give him cookies? is that bonkers or is it justifiable according to to science? we have the latest coming up. ♪
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>>steve: quick wednesday morning headlines. microsoft previewing windows 8.1. it includes a free update that promises to address some of the gripes people have with the latest version of that microsoft operating system. carnival c.e.o.'s is walking the plank. mickier rickson is stepping down after 34 years after incidents like fires on ships. customers don't like that when they're on the high seas. >>anna: your hard-earned tax dollars at work. a report revealing i.r.s. employees have been using agency credit cards to spend millions on everything from romance novels to popcorn machines. >>steve: makes sense. >>tucker: in one year more than 5,000 i.r.s. card accounts racked up over $100 million in purchases.
3:23 am
joining us now to weigh in with details, stuart varney. stu, this is unbelievable. >> you sound like you're ready to be fired up. >>tucker: i am. a lot of these cases, these employees came their credit cards were stolen, in some cases multiple times. come on. >> this goes back to the years 2010 and 2011. in both of those years our government was overspending to the tune of $1 trillion in each of those years. private enterprise was cutting back. government was not. the i.r.s. issued, i think it was over 5,000 credit cards, and in those two years they racked up $103 million in purchases. let me highlight just one particular example that's going to really get you outraeupbled this morning. they -- outraged this morning. they hosted an international conference. they brought in foreign tax collectors and entertained them. $140 per person, that's per person. $100 per person for one particular lunch, and at that lunch they consumed 28
3:24 am
bottles of wine for 41 guests. if you go out for a private enterprise business lunch these days, people don't drink. that went by 30 years ago. that's gone. >>tucker: not a bottle and a half a piece. i.r.s., no, things are different. >>anna: people are upset more than the star trek videos and cupid shuffle videos, dances they were learning. you mention these credit cards, they were used for terrible things. on-line pornography and these credit cards were supposedly stolen; rights? >>steve: that's what you always say. look at the porn bill. that card got stolen. >> lots of private companies issue credit cards to their employees to go out to entertain or buy things for the company. we accept that and we accept it with the government as well. but this kind of excessive spending at a time of massive deficits rubs people the wrong way. >>steve: one thing that really stood out amid this
3:25 am
story is the fact that of the many i.r.s. employees who did this, not a single one was disciplined. >> that is correct. >>steve: not one person got in trouble. >> not one. >>tucker: at all? >>steve: no! can you believe that. >> i told you you'd be outraged. >>tucker: you are more likely to die as a federal employee than you are to be fired as a federal employee? >> that is statistically accurate. these revelations keep on coming. the star trek c.o.o., the laugh vick -- the star trek video, the lavish spending on conferences. one thing after another. you have to conclude the i.r.s. is a rogue agency. outrageous behavior, spending our money at a time of massive debt. >>anna: not just a couple of rogue employees in ohio who are targeting conservatives for their political beliefs. >> not the case. >>steve: you call it probing conservatives.
3:26 am
i call it something else but that's for another show. stuart varney is going to be on the fox business channel today at 9:15 through noon. he works almost as hard as we do. welcome to our land. >> thank you very much indeed. >>steve: stuart, thank you. >>anna: 6:26 is the time. next on the run down here on "fox & friends," outrage on the supreme court decision on voting rights act. does it set us back 50 years or prove how far we've come? >> do people make fun of you for dressing up your dog and talking to your dog in a baby voice? they probably do but don't sweat it because science, it turns out, is on your side. details coming up.
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>> white house spokesman jay carney said he's hoping the russians will give back edward snowden. good luck with that. we can't get putin to give back that super bowl ring he stole. let's get that back first. don't worry about this guy. >>steve: in exchange. meanwhile, in other news, two big decisions expected today from the u.s. supreme court as the justices end what has been a dramatic
3:31 am
term. yesterday's ruling may be among the most controversial. we're live in washington to tell us what they announced yesterday. >> good morning. yesterday's supreme court ruling on the voting rights is any indication, today will be another busy day for the justices as they take on gay rights. the supreme court is ruling on the defense of marriage act today or doma and proposition 8. doma determines if married gay couples can receive tax benefits such as tax privileges or social security. the second case in california questions same-sex marriage all together. yesterday the court did rule on the voting rights act of 1965, striking down a major provision which until now required states and jurisdictions with a history of discrimination against minority voters to ask the federal government's position before making any changes to their election procedures. the justices say it was based on data which was more than four decades old that doesn't reflect racial progress. supporters agree the law was outdated.
3:32 am
>> put a dagger in the heart of a big that has succeeded whose time has come and gone. in five of the six states the original southern states to whom all of this was applied, the rates of voting among blacks is higher than it is among whites. this is a classic case of reactionary liberalism, hanging on to all the successes of the mid last century without recognizing that conditions are radically different and some things have to change. this one has skubg seeded. -- has succeeded. >> eric holder and the administration says the opinion is deeply disappointing. civil rights leaders say it will have a negative impact but future changes remain in the hands of congress. they'll have to update the formula if needed. senate judiciary committee chair patrick leahy says hearings will take place on
3:33 am
this next month. >>anna: 32 minutes after the hour. a lot of other news developing as well. monster energy being served with another lawsuit. a 19-year-old boy died last july of a heart attack and his family says he developed an irheartbeat because he drank -- an i are i -- an i irregularheart beat after two drinks a day for two years. >>tucker: nearly $1 million in rolex watches gone in seconds. take a look for yourself. a group of men walked into a jewelry store in atlanta around dinner time. they pulled out sledgehammers, they smashed open display cases and ran off with more than a dozen rolex watches. a short time later police found a van with three of the watches still inside. the suspects long gone. >>steve: barnes & noble in for a rough morning on wall street. their stock plunging 17% after announcing it is
3:34 am
closing the book on the nook. the company will stop manufacturing its signature color tablets after revenue dropped 34%. barnes & noble will continue to sell its existing inventory through christmastime. >>anna: a scandal developing involving captain crunch. internet sleuths called into question his rank after noticing his uniform has three stripes. that indicates a commander. the captain is addressing the controversy himself. >> i have noticed a few other things about me. i have four fingers. my first mate is a dog. my eyebrows are attached to my hat for crunch's sna: blowinf naysayers, the cereal legend says to supporters, i will always be your captain. >>steve: got a good point on the four fingers.
3:35 am
>>anna: the crunch berries are good, peanut butter good. >>steve: maria molina outside with a preview of what this wednesday holds for us. >> depends where you live as far as dog days of summer goes. if you live across parts of the plains, parts of the southwest, you're talking temperatures climbing into the upper 90's and triple digits for some of you including the city of dallas, parts of new mexico and phoenix, arizona, which by tomorrow could actually reach 113 degrees. death valley could make it into 120 or 130 degrees. extreme heat even across parts of the southwestern u.s. where they are used to it. a little bit too hot for this time of the year. out west into the northeast we have risk for large hail and isolated tornadoes. we've had showers and storms across parts of the ohio valley and the midwest over the last several days. the ground is already saturated. we have a concern for flash
3:36 am
flooding from parts of western pennsylvania into parts of illinois. showers and storms already fired up early this morning from minnesota to illinois and parts of pennsylvania. you do need the umbrella throughout the morning hours and even later on as temperatures continue to climb into the afternoon. we should make it to 90 in new york city, 967 in -- 97 in dallas. tomorrow the heat continues. 102 in dallas. 106 in the city of el paso. >>steve: the 6:36 bus is right behind you. >> people heading to work. somebody wearing a hoodie to work. >>steve: we're all dog people here on the set. as it turns out, a study has been conducted, and is now being released in a journal. it turns out our dogs are kind of like our babies. look at this, anna. baxter is kind of like your
3:37 am
baby. >>anna: he's definitely spoiled. in fact, i was just out of town and his birthday was while i was gone. so i had a rawhide cupcake one of my girlfriends gave to him while i was away. >>steve: where do you get a rawhide cupcake? >>anna: any of the dog stores. you were actually the pack leader for brian's dog when he was here. that was kind of bizarre. >>steve: a very big dog. the reason we say it turns out dogs are kind of like our babies, with a study they determine dogs react to us in a manner that mimics how kids respond to their parents. they did some tests and they realize dogs would rather get a treat from their caregiver rather than just from -- >>anna: i completely disagree with the study. >>tucker: it's one of those studies that proves what you already knew. as any dog owner would know, it says if you are an owner that provides a
3:38 am
stable environment, your dog is happier. >>anna: it says the secure base effect like toddlers have with their mother, they are more likely to interact with other toddlers if their mother is in the room. baxter will interact with anyone and beg for a treat whether i am in the room or not. 100%. >>steve: sorry to hear that. all right. what do you think about that? do you treat your pets as a person? >>tucker: of course you do. good for you. >>steve: e-mail us at friends at gabrielle gomez was supposed to be the next senator scott brown but massachusetts said no thanks. scott brown joins us. >>tucker: these guys know how difficult it can be to go from soldier to citizen because they have lived it
3:39 am
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>> another explosive day expected in the george zimmerman trial. this after prosecutors
3:43 am
showed jurors some gruesome evidence that included a shirt trayvon martin was wearing the day he was shot. what can we expect today in the trial? joining us now from sanford , wofl reporter lauren johnson. >> good morning. today judge nelson is expected to rule on those five 911 calls george zimmerman made to the nonemergency number in the fall a few months before he shot trayvon martin. the states wants to allow that into evidence because they say it paints the picture of george zimmerman as racially profiling suspicious people he sees in his neighborhood always describing them as black males. the defense says that is not what this is about. they do not want this evidence in because it is not relevant. they say he was doing his due diligence as neighborhood watch commander. we're expected to hear judge nelson's ruling on that today. yesterday we heard from a witness who lives inside that complex. she described exactly what she heard and saw moments before george zimmerman shot trayvon martin.
3:44 am
the defense attorney had to grill her during cross-examination saying her story doesn't add up. she added details in her testimony yesterday that she never told anyone before that day. so he started to question her trying to paint the picture of her as a questionable witness, so the jury had a little bit of doubt in her. but the state came back saying she was never asked details, just asked the facts of the case. they're hoping they can use her as one of their good witnesses as to what happened that night just moments before. we are hearing, tucker, there might be a star witness who was the person trayvon martin was speaking to on the phone moments before that shooting. we're not sure if she will make it on the stand today. if judge nelson rules on those 911 calls, we'll have to call back the witness who is the record keeper of those calls in the county. >>tucker: thanks, lauren. steve? >>steve: it was a valiant effort that fell short by republican candidate
3:45 am
gabriel gomez in massachusetts, special election for john kerry's senate seat. ed former navy -- the former navy seal losing to ed markey 45% to 55%. it was seen as an opportunity for republicans to grab a senate seat held by democrats for decades. scott brown pulled that feat off years ago and he joins us live from boston. good morning to you, scott. >> good morning, steve. >>steve: great to have you again today. given the fact that republicans are outnumbered by democrats three to one in massachusetts, he didn't do too bad. >> he didn't do too bad hreufplt -- do too badly. a lot of republicans listening on the radio yesterday, they sat it out. shame on them because we missed a great opportunity to pick up a seat. kweubz here in -- republicans in massachusetts they want
3:46 am
some ideological purity test where they want pure republicans whatever that means. they sat out, shame on them. so we missed an opportunity. >>steve: i don't get why they would sit out. >> i don't get it either. that is part of the problem with our party in massachusetts. you take somebody who has been a republican their whole lives but they are not good enough. they are not a national republican. i'm not from south carolina, neither is gabe. my and gabe's national credentials are up against anybody. on social things we're a bit more moderate. they want to show us a less sofpblt the -- lesson. the lesson is business as usual in washington. you're going to send a rubber stamp to washington and go harry reid, how do you want me to vote? that is a problem with our democracy now. >>steve: there was low
3:47 am
turnout in massachusetts. when you were running three years ago, the nation was captivated by obamacare. in massachusetts you were effective in saying i can be the one guy who votes against it, so put me in. and they put you in. >> even last year i had at one point 350,000 more votes than i had in the special. this race yesterday was about getting out the vote. they didn't do it effectively. either side didn't do it effectively. washington had 17% turnout. there were many parts of massachusetts that had 50, 70, 80, #90%. quite frankly the republicans were outspent three to one and the negative ad blitzes against this navy seal, this guy who served his country, comparing him to bin laden. it's really, it's terrible. shame on them. >>steve: they're going to have another election in 18
3:48 am
months. you might be running again. >> there's a lot of things on the table. the bottom line is if we don't be part of the process, if people don't get involved at the local, state or federal level, our founding fathers are going to be rolling in their graves going why did we go through all this sacrifice. i encourage everybody to continue to stay involved. >>steve: if you can't vote, you can't complain. there you are. >> that's right. >>steve: scott brown joining us from massachusetts today. sir, thank you very much. >> thank you. >>steve: it is now a dozen minutes before the top of the hour. think you only have to worry about tsunamis in places like japan? think again. one just hit new jersey. not kidding. these guys know how hard it is to go from soldier to citizen because they lived it. they created something to make it easier for all veterans. if you're one, got to hear this story. it's coming up next.
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a a when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network.
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>> anna: great to be with you on your wednesday morning. 52 minutes after the hour. our next guests are army veterans whose service to our country tin stop when they left the military. they created an organization. just this year they were selected the most veteran friendly small business. >> steve: that's right. part of that price was this 30 second spot about how they're continuing to give back. >> my name is blake. i spent 15 months hunting high value targets in iraq. >> my name is matthew thompson. i led army rangers on multiple deployments to iraq and
3:53 am
afghanistan. today we're the founders of truth i.dechnology company that employs veterans and empowers members of the military community. >> they were the 2013 most veteran friendly small business in america. >> steve: that's fantastic. we're joined live in new york by blake and matt. good morning to you. >> anna: congratulations on winning, too. >> thank you very much. >> anna: tell us about troop i.d essentially you're trying to cut down on fraud and help veterans access their benefits on-line and in person. >> we met at harvard business school after we served chat deployment to iraq and afghanistan and we noticed that service members and veterans were having problems accessing their benefits on-line. we noticed that leading technology company that was providing elearning vouchers to veterans required them to bring their paperwork into a department of labor office in order to claim the benefit, which to us seemed to defeat the entire point of the voucher in the first place. >> steve: sure. so you came up with this idea,
3:54 am
troop i.d., that allows people to do who served in the military, and their spouses, is to prove, hey, i was part of it. now, give me what i'm entitled to essentially. >> that's right. the problem even got harder when you got out of the military because the only form of identification that we have as a veteran is our dd 214 which is kind of like your birth certificate, merged in with your resume. it has every piece of personal identifiable information on it. >> anna: you don't want to just give that away. >> no. >> steve: how were you proving that you had served? >> the only way i had was my facebook profile pictures on my business and the business didn't accept that, they asked me to go back home and get my dd 214 form and drive back. >> anna: tell us about some of the businesses that you partnered up with so far. >> so really under armor was one of the first companies to look at our technology. they had in-store program, but not able to deliver it to their
3:55 am
site. overstock offers 5% off in free shipping. tough motor does $10 off to events. veterans affairs with their vendors uses us to deliver benefits to veterans 'cause their vendors don't need the social security number. they just need to know yes, they're a veteran. the v.a. will reimburse me. >> steve: i bet there are a lot of business owners and people ho work for businesses watching now and think we offer benefits to military members and retired military as well. maybe we should contact them and become part of their troop i.d. team. if anybody is watching, how would they do that? >> go to we've merchant program where those who want to reach and give back to the community in a trusted and verified way can list their business there and we'll contact them. >> the other part, we hope more businesses are inspired to hire more veterans.
3:56 am
part of our commitment to serving veterans involves hiring veterans as part of the chambers, hiring 500,000 heros campaign. so we hope that more businesses hire vets as well. >> anna: tipping our hats to you. thank you so much for your service. 35% of your company is both military and their spouses. very impresssive. >> steve: where did you get those pants? >> from vinovo. just in time for the fourth of july. >> steve: good luck. >> thank you. >> steve: can you show me how to get awith way from sesame street? the bad news that has a lot of people leaving. >> anna: plus it's the summer's biggest blockbuster. "fox & friends" got an exclusive invite to the set you and -- and you get to come along with us in the next hour. don't go anywhere i'm jennifer hudson.
3:57 am
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3:59 am
it was very painful situation. the rash was on my right hip, going all the way down my leg. i'm very athletic and i swim in the ocean. shingles forced me out of the water. the doctor asked me "did you have chickenpox when you were a child?" the pain level was so high, it became unbearable.
4:00 am
>> anna: we sure hope you're doing well. 6:59 is the time. it's wednesday, june 26. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen. the irs scandal gets deeper. while some workers were busy dancing on your dime, others were kicking back and sipping taxpayer-funded wine. it only gets even more bizarre from there. >> tucker: yeah. he's here, but you can't have him. russian president putin taunting our president, president obama, over the nsa leaker. you might call it czar wars. >> steve: and do you have digital dementia? cell phones and tablets literally erasing information from your brain? we're going to explain how it works. i think i am a victim. "fox & friends" -- you are too, scott. don't pretend you're not. "fox & friends" hour two for this wednesday starts right now.
4:01 am
>> steve: welcome aboard live at the studio e. gretchen and brian are off today and in their place we have anna and tucker. >> anna: good morning. >> steve: good to have you. >> anna: everybody always wants tom love advice, right, whether you're married or single. the author of "love rehab" will be coming up in a bit. e-mail us your questions. we'll put up our e-mail address there. any with a, this book is absolutely hilarious. one of the reviews says if you ever had your heart broken and cut your bangs, this book is for you. that's what a lot of women do. we cut our hair. >> tucker: never, never get a hair cut when you're feeling sad. >> steve: really? >> tucker: i think it's not an issue for us, really, 'cause it's always the same. no, women should not mess with their hair. >> anna: it's the kind of thing if you're sitting at the pool, people will wondering why you're giggling or if you're on a train or pool or whatever.
4:02 am
>> steve: we've got a busy two hours that starts with headlines. >> anna: fox news alert, while you were sleeping, in texas, a democrat stated a 13-hour filibuster. the senate finally passed legislation to ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. the democrats claimed some of the republican votes came after the midnight deadline. the lieutenant governor looked into it and found out several votes were, in fact, cast after that deadline. so the bill is now dead and governor rick perry could ask for another session. also overnight, 20 tourists are drifting on a chunk of ice in the canadian arctic. among them, two americans. helicopters are on the way, but it will be hours before they reach them. the group was on an expedition when the ice broke free and drifted two miles out. there were no injuries at this time. about 35 degrees where they are. very chill cree for them. it's like a scene out of "goodfellows." >> recovered live, it looks like
4:03 am
a big one. >> anna: this is wild. $1.2 million stolen from a swissair jet at jfk airport. the money, $93 million in total was heading to a federal reserve facility in new jersey. when it arrived, workers found a huge hole in one of the crates holding the cash. so who took it? according to the "new york post." >> it an inside job. now airport employees are going to have to face lie detector tests. it's hard to believe, but a tsunami hit new jersey. two weeks ago, two small waves hit a jetty on long beach island and that was followed by a six-foot wave that knocked several people into the water. two were hurt. >> never seen something like that, no. when we get big waves, but not things that come out of the inlet, completely out of nowhere. >> anna: scientists say what hit is actually called a medio tsunami caused by the weather above the surface of the water
4:04 am
and likely the slumping of the continental shelf. tsunamis, like the one that hit japan, are generated by underwater earthquakes or landslides. >> steve: let's keep you updated. edward snowden is still tuck at the airport in moscow. our government wants him back. putin says no. it has prompted the "new york post" to put this on the cover. take a look. czar wars, a clueless president, putin, a traitor on the run, snowden, they say. and the evil russian who won't give him up. wait a minute, the clueless president, according to the new york post was barak obama and the russian who won't give him up is mr. putin. >> tucker: the shirtless evil russian. the bottom headline says wiener top banana in new poll. that's anthony wiener, now leading in the mayor's race in manhattan. >> steve: completely unrelated. >> tucker: completely unrelated.
4:05 am
but worth noting. the u.s. reaction to this has really been disspiritting, so ineffectual. you saw our secretary of state, former senator john kerry of massachusetts say, in essence, i can't believe the russians aren't interested in the rule of law. [ laughter ] really? this is news? you're shocked that putin might be enjoying this opportunity to stick it to the united states, the historic enemy? >> steve: after we've been hack into their computers for years? >> anna: there are reports that snowden has more information that will be helpful to the russians and the chinese, information that could potentially harm the united states. so where is president obama on all this? we've heard from senator john mccain who went on the record with greta van susteren last night and said, hey, you know what? this is ridiculous and the rest of the world is not respecting us because of this behavior. >> steve: meanwhile, mr. putin himself says this regarding giving up snowden to the united
4:06 am
states. here is the quotation: it's like shearing a piglet. too much squeaking and too little wool. it's interesting, wikileaks had suggested that they had secured passage to ecuador for mr. snowden. but yesterday they twittered toward the united states, canceling passport and bullying intermediary countries may keep snowden permanently in russia, which is interesting because apparently they figured it all out. but then suddenly when they canceled the passport and our government is reaching out to cuba and venezuela, which because there are no direct flights to ecuador from moscow, he might have to stop in one of those countries and they're putting the pressure on them not to allow them. there is also -- it was interesting, tucker, i don't know if you saw this, but a couple of days ago in a white house briefing, bill plant of cbs asked jay carney, there is a report in a russian news service that perhaps mr. snowden has not
4:07 am
taken off for fear that the united states might actually force a jet down, you know, if he crosses air space or anything like that. and mr. carney would not speculate on what would happen going forward. >> tucker: the sad part about all of this or many sad parts of the story, but lost in this conversation is the fact that the u.s. government is spying on its own citizens. you and you and me. >> steve: that's right. >> tucker: and now edward snowden, who is this child i think, reckless and stupid, probably anti-american, is the center of the story, but it obscures the real news, which is the government doesn't trust its own citizens. >> steve: he's the distraction. >> tucker: exactly. i hope we don't forget that. >> steve: yeah. 'cause people don't like the fact that they can track us through our phones, through our e-mail. >> tucker: every e-mail you send is in some database in the desert. >> steve: it's supposed to be to keep us safe. >> anna: yeah. the american people are upset about their tax dollars being hard at work here. the irs is also wasting
4:08 am
millions, using credit cards for wine, romance novels, baby clothes and so much more. you remember this video that surfaced recently, two of them doing the cupid shuffle and all of that. this just coming out and people are outraged about it. >> steve: let's look at some of the watch. according to this investigation, there were 5241 card accounts with 234,000 purchases, over $100 million spent. in particular, there was this international conference, right? what did they do to spend $126,000? for the middle part, for lunch, they spent 100 bucks per person where they had 28 bottles of wine for 41 guests. it sounds like a dinner at the tucker carlson house. >> tucker: oh, man. >> steve: and spent $140 per person. the inspector general said this is just way too much. and then they've got -- we're going to put them up -- the
4:09 am
improper transactions, against the rules. >> tucker: yeah. so that would include, but not limited to, popcorn machine rent al, novelty decorations, toys purchased for team building exercises, nerf footballs never used, jigsaw puzzles and the world's largest puzzle. a total of four grand. >> anna: this is for adults, mind you. >> steve: extraordinarily, even though they spent over $100 million on all this stuff, nobody has been held account annual. nobody disciplined. >> tucker: you can't be fired from the federal government. you're more likely to die as a federal employee. >> steve: culture of corruption? have we heard that before? >> anna: it's not just corruption. this is criminal. they're stealing, too. some of these credit cards, they've been reported stolen and for whatever reason have not been canceled. then found out that these employees were purchasing on-line pornography with these stolen credit cards. >> steve: yeah, but their defense attorney would say if
4:10 am
they were ever brought on charges and of course, they never would be, would be, well, nobody told them they couldn't charge porn at work. >> tucker: but they were stolen. that's like saying, you know, the parking ticket, my car was stolen when i found it and it had a parking ticket on it. is this a culture of corruption? well, congressman rosskin was on greta and said maybe this illuminating a larger problem. >> history is measured by tipping points and i think that this is going to be a tipping point in how the relationship is between the governed and those who govern us. and this is a huge event. we're seeing not just one off episode of one be a rant behavior, but it's all within a larger context. it's a culture of abuse. abuse of resources that were entrusted to them and abuse of power as it relates to us. >> steve: indeed. meanwhile, the culture of corruption, all these scandal
4:11 am
the apparently taking a toll on the president's approval rating. very latest. 43%. it's dropped five in the last year. he is closing in on the. >> tucker: among independents, the drop has been precipitous. june 2009, only four years ago, but it feels like a different age, 66% of independents approved of the president. now 31%. >> anna: unbelievable. >> tucker: that's a bad number. >> anna: it really is. we are just waiting for another scandal to happen. we heard about the gross misuse of money from the irs yesterday. it was the irs targeting conservative groups for their political beliefs. it's one thing after another, after another, after another. >> steve: meanwhile, this may make a lot of sense to you if you can concentrate on it. it turns out -- focus. a german neuro scientist has
4:12 am
talked about how this is happening, particularly in south korea. they're referring to it as digital dementia. the overuse of smart phones and computer tablets and stuff like that, apparently what it has done is it's developing the left side of your brain and then the right side of your brain does not get developed. it's irreversible. it's worse with children. the problem is, if you don't develop that right side, the right side is linked with concentration and it affects your memory span. >> anna: so we're even forgetting things like a lot of people don't know -- one of our producers said she didn't know her husband's phone number because it's in her phone. here is the interesting part. we're having this conversation. i said, i remember all of my childhood friend's phone numbers because before -- >> steve: just dial it. >> anna: right. so it's just funny how things really have changed because of technology. we rely on these smart phones. >> tucker: after five years more, you won't remember your childhood friends because it does affect your memory.
4:13 am
also affects your ability to follow a consistent thought. spend all day on a computer screen, go home, open a book, try and read five pages without jumping ahead. it's very difficult. it changes the way you read and the way you process information. >> steve: all you have to do is look at a computer screen and you're reading across here and then you're supposed to go down there, but it's like what, is that? next thing you know, five minutes later, it's like what was i looking at? it's crazy. >> anna: i would hate to be a teacher right now dealing with kids who have been in this digital age since birth essentially. >> steve: yep. it's 13 minutes after the top of the hour. they were planning on expanding their businesses, but now they're laying people off instead. up next, meet the real people watching their businesses get crushed by obamacare. >> tucker: and it's the last thing you would expect from the people teaching our children. two major mistakes, right there on their college diploma. irony alert coming up.
4:14 am
>> steve: it's that right brain thing. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. all your imptant legal matters in just minutes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side.
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4:17 am
>> tucker: small business owners across the country living in fear over the cost and impending impact of obamacare.
4:18 am
recent gallup poll shows small businesses stopped hiring, while 19% cut back on the number of employees they do hire. the future of our economy, after all, many parts of this bill haven't kicked in yet. joining me now, just a few of the hard working americans who are being hurt by this health care law, jeff hanson, owns a landscaping company in st. louis. judy nichols runs papa john's in texas. thank you both for joining us. so jeff, tell me the effect that you know of at this point of obamacare on your business and what do you think the effect is going to be. >> well, that's a great question because i don't think we really know for sure. i've talked to several huge corporate health care companies and nobody really knows. that's part of the problem is you can't create new jobs. you can't expand your business because you don't know exactly what the impact is going to be. and after coming through 2009 and 2010 and just trying to sustain the business with the increasing fuel costs and
4:19 am
everything else, the problem is i don't think we still know what the full impact is going to be on our business, other than we know it's going to cost us a lot of money and that we don't have a choice anymore 'cause the government has taken that away from us. >> tucker: there are a lot of people in that boat. judy, you own a number of franchises. you have over 50 employees. 50 employees is the threshold, is that going to affect the size of your business, these new regulations? >> absolutely. i have to reduce my staff to stay under that threshold and stay small business because we forgot to put a medium business clause in the law so i have to give my pizza delivery drivers the same as an ibm engineer. >> tucker: so you're going to have to lay people off because of this law. do they know that yet? >> no. i'm hoping because of my high
4:20 am
turnover, that i'll just not hire replacements when kids go back to school this summer, or this fall. >> tucker: now, jeff, is it possible you've had your business 20 years. could you just close it up? >> you're going to have to do something. when you can't -- it's just like the fuel problem. quick and dirty. we bought 300,000 gallons of fuel at 80 cents a gallon higher. then you had the obamacare 4 to $5,000 per employee. we have 85 employees. there is just not that kind of profit left in it, guys. >> tucker: no, there isn't. thanks both very much for joining us and good luck. >> thanks for giving voice to this issue. we appreciate it. >> tucker: it's one of this summer's most anticipated action thrillers and "fox & friends" got an exclusive invite to the set of "white house down." we'll take you there coming up. then show me how to get away
4:21 am
from sesame street. the bad news that has a lot of people leaving [ female announcer ] caltrate's doneven more to move us. because vitamin d3 helps bones absorb calcium, caltrate has the highest level of vitamin d3. more than any other brand, to help maximize calcium absorption. so caltrate women can move the world. when you experience something great, you want to share it.
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4:24 am
>> steve: time for news by the numbers. first, 80,000 soldiers. that's the number of troops the army will be eliminating over the next four years because of budget cuts. it's the largest shakeup since world war ii. 80,000. next, $27,000. that's the new reward being offered to find the criminal who threw joey the dog from a speeding car. happened on long island last year. joey was left for dead until a good samaritan saved him. they both appeared on "fox & friends." and finally, 10%. sorry, big bird. that's how many employees were
4:25 am
laid off from sesame street. the company says the cuts of 10% are necessary to focus their resources. sorry, big bird. >> anna: 25 minutes after the hour. might be this summer's most anticipated action thriller. "white house down" depicting a terrorist attack on our white house hits theaters this weekend. >> tucker: it's from the same producer who brought you "independence day" and" air force one." so what can you expect? heather nauert got an exclusive look. >> good morning. how cool is this to go behind the scenes for an only fox look at the set of this summer blockbuster movies. this is one of these big summer blowup movies that a lot of people will want to see. we went there and look what we found. the white house under siege. attacked by a group of heavily armed paramilitary terrorists.
4:26 am
can capitol hill police officer police officer john kill, played by channing tatum, save the president, played by jamie foxx? that's the premise of the $150 million action thriller "white house down." fox news visited the 1600 pennsylvania avenue movie set for an exclusive shot in montreal. in between his take, we sat down with james wood. >> this movie is as big as it gets. it's the biggest movie ever i worked on. the reason i look a little dusty is i just got blown up, which is i would say a scene in the picture, but it's sort of every scene in the picture, i'm shot, stabbed, blown up, in water, in smoke, in dust. >> you play the head of the secret service. >> it's great that i get to play a character who is imbuyed with the sense much heroism. it's one of the best scripts i've ever read and everyone is remarkable. channing tatum is a star.
4:27 am
guys love him. women love him. >> he's a nice look young man. >> he's a dancer, you know. all this action stuff. the guy really knows how to center. >> for hollywood, blowing up the white house is something that director roland does very well. his films, including "independence day" have grossed more than $3 billion world wide. what is it about all these blowup big action movies you like? >> myself am still a little kid and i have fun blowing up things. the movie has to be fast, otherwise they don't like it. >> he sees more independents in his future. so "independence day 2", i understand that may be in the works. >> 2 and 3. >> is that so? >> i'm in a contract with fox to do it. >> we're excited about that for you then. we love it 'cause it's fox, right? >> steve: so it's a comedy. >> no, it's one of those big fun summer one, as you can see. i took some pictures behind the
4:28 am
scenes because they recreated the white house, literally to scale. some of the rooms right there. there you see the red room and that's on the public tour. this scene you saw that was shown in the piece. but then also the big foyer, the main foyer, the front of the white house, amazing that they did that and all that research. >> steve: and it opens? >> on friday. >> anna: is it bad that i'm just as excited about watching channing tatum? >> you and me both, as all the ladies are. thanks. >> steve: thanks for going up to canada. >> it was fun. >> steve: it's the last thing you would expect from the people who are teaching our kids. two major mistakes on the kids' college diplomas. >> anna: then move over, dr. ruth. we have our own relationship expert here today. e-mail us your questions. nothing is off limits. she'll answer them next hey, it's michelle bernstein.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
or when nsaids are taken for long periods. nsaids, like celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions, or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> tucker: a fox news alert. we have just learned moments ago that pardoned financial trader mark rich has died in switzerland. many were outraged when former president bill clinton pardoned rich in 2001, just hours before he left office. rich is known as the king of
4:33 am
commodities, was put on the f.b.i.'s most wanted list after being indicted for fraud, racketeering, trading with iran during the hostage crisis, and most famously, tax evasion. our current attorney general eric holder facilitate that had pardon for clinton. he was 78 years old. >> anna: 33 minutes after the hour. nearly a week after a dea special agent was killed in colombia, a break in the case. this morning four men are under arrest. they're believed to be part of a gang known for its robberies. james watson was stabbed inside a taxi. he managed to escape, but later died at the hospital. police say the men were working in tandem with the taxi driver. a funeral for watson is being held this morning in louisiana. >> steve: $1.6 billion vanished without a trace under jon corzine's watch at mf global of the this morning we've learned the former ceo and former democrat governor of the state of new jersey could face charges before the week is out.
4:34 am
"wall street journal" reports the commodity futures trading commission told corzine's lawyers it is urging civil charges be filed. the suit must be approved by the agency's commissioners. that could happen as early as this week. former treasurer o'brien could also be charged in the case. >> tucker: well, maybe some radford university officials need to head back to class. they sent out diplomas, thousands of them with two spelling mistakes. the first mistake is the word virginia. turns out there is an i at the end. they had no idea about that. and then further down the word thereto is missing an e. students are let down. >> just like this, big old envelope sitting on top of my mailbox. i was all excited, called my parents. immediately took it out. >> tucker: university officials blame a computer glitch. it turns out those are not hand drawn by a calligrapher it's
4:35 am
like the inverted jenny stamp. >> steve: exactly. let's talk about dogs. we all love dogs. as it turns out, there is a new study that shows -- it shows essentially that our dogs are kind of like our babies to a lot of people. in fact, dogs react to us in a manner that mimics how dogs and kids respond to their parents. isn't that interesting? >> anna: a lot of people did think that. this is kind of confirming what we already knew, scientists. our viewer jim is saying, our angel knows and understands everything. if you talk to your dog like you would a kid, they will get it. >> tucker: they don't leave. they don't go to college. [ laughter ] >> steve: there is angel right there. adorable. meanwhile, from kent, my wife asks, what teddy wants for dinner. in a baby voice. what do you want for dinner? of course, she asks me.
4:36 am
i think our puppy is very happy. >> tucker: wait, are you saying there is a woman who treats her dog better than she treats her husband? >> steve: yes. that is no doubt. [ laughter ] meanwhile, over on the curvy couch, suddenly a little crowded because maria molina joins us. >> thanks for having me on here. we want to mention severe storms because we are expecting that again today. it's very common this time of the year to be seeing thunderstorms firing up and the potential for severe weather during the months most active, being may and also into june and april. we do want to talk about lightning safety because that's always a concern with thunderstorms. here on this picture, you can actually see lightning. this is in the background. that lightning strike. that building is cleveland's iconic terminal tower. we did see thunderstorms across parts of cleveland yesterday. today you could be seeing more storms. we want to mention about 70% of deaths in terms of lightning occur during the months of june,
4:37 am
july and august. summer time, a lot of thunderstorms. we've had so far seven deaths this year. some of the safest places to hide are in a building, of course, and also in a car, believe it or not. a place that's not safe to hide in is underneath a tree. so many people when it starts raining you start let me go under a tree to be shielded from some of the rainfall. not a good place to be during a thunderstorm. keep that in mind. from parts of the midwest into the northeast, we're expecting more severe storms, large hail, winds and isolated tornadoes will be a concern. flash flooding another concern from western parts of pennsylvania to northern parts of illinois. again damaging winds and hail being the main ones. as far as concerns, showers and thunderstorms already early this morning to the west of chicago and moving into parts of the northeast. temperature wise, it's going to be a hot one. 90 in new york city. 100 in dallas. 107 in phoenix. phoenix, by the way, tomorrow you'll be about 113 with your high temperature. >> steve: well, it's summer all right.
4:38 am
so if you're in a storm, the conventional wisdom is like you said, go under a tree. but you shouldn't do that because you want to get out of the rain. but it's going to get hit by something. what do you do instead? >> stay in an open field. you want to be in the lowest in terms of height. you want to be lower. lightning gets attracted to the taller object. sky scrapers or a tree, if you're in an open field. >> tucker: obviously the first thing do you is say a prayer. >> say a prayer. and i'm an advantage in terms of you. >> anna: with the height difference there? [ laughter ] >> i have better odds. >> tucker: also i bet your prayers are listened to more than mine. >> anna: that, too, huh? >> steve: all right. we all know relationships don't always go as planned. like this. >> over a week went by. i didn't call you. >> maybe he did call and i didn't get the message. or maybe he lost my number? or is out of town, or got hit by a cab, or his grandma died. >> or maybe just didn't call 'cause he has no interest in seeing you again.
4:39 am
>> anna: if your relationship tactics are like that, you may need help. the executive news director of in touch weekly and author of "love rehab," a novel in 12 steps joins us now. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: good to have you. you have some tips. >> i do. >> steve: the first one i think is brilliant. stop picturing your wedding day on the first date. >> tucker: do women do that? >> oh, my god, it's so true. i have so many friends that will go on one date and they'll come back and said, his parents had a house upstate. it will be beautiful for the wedding. it's hard tore break up with your future husband. [ laughter ] >> tucker: wow. you say reality shows are not reality. don't drink that kool-aid. what does that mean? >> it's true. so many people get stuck in the shows on the bachelor. the second time you meet them, i
4:40 am
think i'm falling in love with this woman. and women are like, it's strange that he hasn't told me he loves me after we've gone out twice. isn't that weird? and i think these reality shows are sending out false hopes. >> tucker: we need producers in our lives. >> if we all had producers, things would go a lot better. >> anna: also you say never make social media and relationships. is that from the very beginning, even tagging pictures? >> oh, my gosh, especially tagging pictures in the beginning. i don't think you should mix social media and relationships until he puts a ring on it, because you can just drive yourself crazy. i think social media has really made us all way more neurotic daters. so if you become friends instantly, right after you meet a guy, scrolling through his female friends, seeing him liking his page and driving yourself bananas. i think anything that can cut the crazy out of the beginning of a relationship is going to benefit you. >> steve: save that 'til you're married. >> exactly. >> anna: so many people have broken up because of facebook or twitter and i mean, it's easy to
4:41 am
get jealous, i guess, if you're like, who is so and so and why did they miss you? >> yeah. it's so awkward. even just saying poke, you're like she poked you? really? >> tucker: i have no idea what you're talking about. [ laughter ] >> anna: we have been asking our viewers for e-mails and kimberly writes this: my husband spends a lot of time with his ex-girlfriend. i know he loves me so much, but this really bothers me. you think? >> that's fair. kimberly. >> tucker: wake up. >> she has a fair complaint. i think the best advice for kimberly is that she should ask her husband if she can hang out with him and her at the same time, if they can go out as a group and see if her husband and kimberly are getting a little too close for comfort. >> steve: good advice. susan says, my boyfriend and i have been together for seven years and he always changes the topic when i bring up marriage. >> seven years. maybe she should stop bringing up marriage. seven years is a long time.
4:42 am
if he's not comfortable talking about marriage after you guys have been together a year, two years. >> anna: hey, prince william and kate middleton. >> fair. complete. good point. >> tucker: they were together seven years? >> they were together seven years. >> steve: they broke up for a while. >> we don't know that they never talked about it. if he doesn't want to talk about it -- >> anna: good point. >> seriously, i don't know if any of my rules apply to princes. we're just talking about normal guys, normal guys here in new york, across the country. >> steve: that would be a windsor loophole. >> there is always a windsor loophole. >> steve: absolutely. that follows mojitos and kool-aid. check out her novel in 12 steps called "love rehab." very nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. thanks for having me. >> anna: thank you so much. >> tucker: we just told you that science proves you've got a special connection with your dog. but what if your husband pays more attention to the dog than to you and your children?
4:43 am
is he normal or is he bonkers? dr. keith ablow's diagnosis coming up. >> anna: and then a pastor was pronounced dead and then came back to life. so where was he? he says heaven. so what's it like? he's here to share his incredible story coming up [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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4:46 am
esurance. it was very painful situation. the rash was on my right hip, going all the way down my leg. i'm very athletic and i swim in the ocean. shingles forced me out of the water. the doctor asked me "did you have chickenpox when you were a child?" the pain level was so high, it became unbearable.
4:47 am
>> steve: did you hear the voices or are they in my head? great. who is normal and nuts? each week dr. keith ablow stops by to answer your e-mail and joins us live from boston. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning. how are you? >> steve: fine, thank you very much. let's help some people. first e-mail, i always need to ask my husband if he loves me. sometimes i ask after he's already told me. it annoys him, but i can't stop doing it multiple times a day. every day. am i nuts? >> itbecause, yeah, you're nuts. here is the thing. you don't have to ask me that question three times. i'll tell you and you should listen the first time. this is because of your anxiety. anxiety breeds anxiety. if you're not careful, you're going to end up like checking the light switches, washing your hands 50 times, get some help
4:48 am
for this because your relationship will benefit and he really loves you if he's staying with you after all those questions. >> steve: you sure it's not normally insecurity? >> well, it is insecurity, but listen, we're not going to start normalizing that level of insecurity. you said you love me and you're going to ask again? do you really love me? we've been married. we own this home together. we have a family. i love you. asked and answered. >> steve: all right. good enough. e-mail number two. i check in with my two parrots throughout the day via skype. they are five it ten minutes. they're very smart and come to the front of the page to super act during my call. my co-workers think i'm nuts. you know what, keith? i think most of the audience does, too. is it normal or nuts? >> look, maybe take me to work with you and i'll tell your co-workers, no, she loves animals. she's normal. if you've got birds that respond to you via video and want to
4:49 am
come to the camera to listen to you and you want to comfort them, are we going to start calling humanity insane? no, we're not. i like people who like pets because they humanize people. so i'm going to call her normal. >> steve: she's normal that she calls her parrots and talks to them for 15 minutes? >> but she doesn't ask if they love her more than once. >> steve: good enough. final one. my husband has a dog he loves a lot. but i feel he gives more attention to the dog than he does to our baby and me. am i normal or nuts? >> totally normal. he has a special relationship with fido. don't worry. when your child starts talking, the dog will go to the doghouse. he'll be smitten with love and the treats will be exclusively for you and your baby. >> steve: all right. the dog will go to the doghouse. good advice. dr. keith ablow joins us once a week. thank you very much. >> take care. >> steve: go talk to your parrot. all right. it is now ten minutes before the
4:50 am
top of the hour on this wednesday. a pastor pronounced dead after that horrific crash. then he came back to life. so where was he? he says heaven. what's that like? he's here to share his incredible story coming up. first, on this date back in 1987, "i want to dance with somebody" by whitney. number one. snowe ♪ yeah i want to dance somebody ♪ ♪ with somebody who loves me loy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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4:53 am
>> anna: grab a cup of coffee. this is a great story. as the years go by, more and more people have surfaced claiming they've been to heaven and back. we're bringing you their story, like the pastor who claims he was killed in a 1989 car
4:54 am
accident and declared dead for 90 minutes. he says he went to heaven during that time. he and his wife tell the story in the best selling book "90 minutes to heaven." good morning to both of you. eva, we'll get to you in a moment because you have a book coming out next month. don, tell us your story. this horrific car crash left you dead for 90 minutes and you say you went to the other side. >> yeah. i'm the dead guy. i was on my way to church actually to speak in a road ridge in texas, an 18 wheeler crossed center stripe and killed me instantly. there were two other vehicles involved, two other cars and a big truck. it just ran over me. it took a long time for help to arrive. and minute examining all the victims. >> anna: i understand a pastor was singing over you, and you came to and began singing.
4:55 am
tell us what you saw while you were in heaven, though. >> the moment the truck struck me and i took my last breath on that bridge where the accident happened, i was standing at the gates of heaven. there were 12 of them, of course, according to revelation 21. i was standing at one of them, looked like the inside of an oyster. it was a gate truly made of pearl, dazzling, amazingly beautiful. i thought it was a living gate. not sure it was now. but it looked that way because of the light of heaven. i was surrounded by people i had known and loved in life who had preceded me in death. and they all looked good. >> anna: i read you saw your grandfather who looked beautiful as well. this is interesting. you didn't tell your wife about this. so eva, what was that like for you? that's what your new book is about. >> well, my new book is a walk through the dark, and it's my side of don's story. he didn't tell me about going to heaven. i overheard him telling a dear friend about a year and a half later. it really was a relief because he had been so depressed and so
4:56 am
down. i didn't understand why he didn't seem to be happy, to be back with me and our children and the rest of our family. once i understood that he had been to heaven and seen how wonderful and glorious that is, i had a better understanding of how difficult it was for him to come back to all the pain and the extended hospital stay, the 34 surgeries, and just the depression of having seen that and then coming back to a very difficult earthly experience. >> anna: and don, you have mesmerized some 3,000 audiences and i imagine eva, you'll be doing the same with this book as well. thank you so much for your time and giving us hope that we have a lot to look forward to. thanks so much. >> thank you. we do. >> anna: 56 minutes after the hour on your wednesday morning. this guy's boss is so radical, he's banned from the united states. so why was he, the number two guy, just inside the white house? we'll talk about that. then, who is coming to breakfast this morning? here is a clue, a prosecutor by trade, he became a top ranking
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> anna: i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen carlson. break news this morning. he was parred by president clinton. moments ago, we just learned mark rich is dead. so what happened? >> steve: also moments ago, paula deen breaking down in tears as she was forced to explain using racial slurs. a controversy that is costing geraldo rivera career. you're going to hear her explanation right here on this program. >> tucker: and if you guessed who is coming to breakfast this morning, here is another clue. this politician started his career as a democrat. he ran for president as a republican in 2008. hmmm. "fox & friends" starts right now.
5:01 am
♪ i like to move it, move it ♪ you like to move it ♪ >> anna: here is the deal, why do we have so many pooches on the fox news channel plaza this morning? having a gym membership, why not get a dog? we'll be highlighting some that are very active and keep their owners active as well. >> steve: they certainly put you through the paces.lv2h lincoln tunnel. tucker carlson is here today sitting in brian's spot. we got anna kooiman in for gretch. great to have both of you. we got rudy guiliani, he's going to be with us in a minute to talk about our lead story. >> anna: that's right. we are going to start with that fox news alert. mentioning that we just learned moments ago financial trader mark rich has died. happened in switzerland. many were outraged when former president bill clinton pardoned rich in 2001, just hours before he left office.
5:02 am
rich, known as the king of commodities, was put on the f.b.i.'s most wanted list after being indicted for fraud, racketeering, trading with iran during the iran hostage crisis, and tax evasion. our current attorney general, eric holder, facilitated that pardon for clinton. mark rich was 78 years old. more on that in a minute. moments ago, paula deen breaking down in tears about the scandal surrounding her. she admitted to using racial slurs and has since lost her show on the food network and several of her sponsors. deen is extremely emotional while asking for forgiveness and a second chance. >> i've had to hold friends in my arms while they've sobbed because they know what's being said about me. it's not true. i'm+m tell them it's going to be all right. if god got us to it, he'll get
5:03 am
us through it. >> anna: deen is being sued for alleged discrimination and harassment at a restaurant. in another developing story, while you were sleeping, a lot happening in texas. a democratic state senator tried to filibuster a bill that bans abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. >> i'm rising on the floor today to humbly give voice to thousands of texans who have been ignored. >> anna: but the senate managed to pass the legislation, or so they thought. democrats claim some of the republican votes came in after the midnight deadline and the lieutenant governor looked into it and found out that was true. the bill is now dead and governor rick perry could ask for another session. it's like a scene out of "goodfellows." >> recovered live from a heist. it looks like the big one. >> anna: this is so crazy.
5:04 am
$1.2 million stole finance a swissair jet at jfk airport. the money, $93 million in total was heading to a federal reserve facility in new jersey. when it arrived, workers found a hole in the crate. who took it? according to this morning's new york post, of it an inside job. now airport employees are going to face lie detector tests. those are your headlines. >> steve: meanwhile, i kind of messed this up a little while ago. guess who is coming to breakfast? did you guess? today it's former new york city mayor, rudy guiliani. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> steve: doing okay. what's your reaction to mark rich passing away over in switzerland? you actually prosecuted him? >> i was united states attorney. it was my first big case. it was really going on when i got there. i think within a month of the time that i became u.s. attorney, he ran away. he fled with all his documents. left. he was a fugitive for several
5:05 am
decades. one of the most wanted men in the world. many attempts during the reagan, during the bush and even during the clinton administration to get him and bring him to justice. all of a sudden, president clinton for no reason at all, pardoned him. totally unusual pardon. usually you pardon someone after they've been convicted, after they've served their sentence. this is a man who remain add fugitive forever. thumbing his nose at justice. never admitting his guilt. it was an outrageous situation. it got the democratic u.s. attorney in new york at the time, mary jo white, now the head of the sec outraged. it bypassed janet reno. eric holder bipositived her. she was outraged. and there has never been explanation of why clinton did it. there has been suggestions that there were big donations to the library and all kinds of other things. but the investigation went nowhere and i think it's one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in the last 42 years.
5:06 am
>> tucker: it's so sleazy. i understand how mark rich got away with it. how did bill clinton get away with it? [ laughter ] i'm serious. >> we could have a book about that. >> anna: he got away with a lot of things! >> i was informed of it at president bush's inauguration. i was in the mayflower hotel, my press secretary, she said mark rich was just pardoned. i said to my press secretary, you got to be kidding. it's probably mike milken or somebody else. in his case, he actually did straighten himself out. he went to jail. he did his time. he now does great work with prostate cancer. i am not an opponent of pardons. i supported many, many in the reagan administration. i was in charge of the attorney's office. this is an outrage of the pardon office. >> steve: you're outraged today and you were outraged in 2001. >> pardon of mark rich is an outrage. there is no conceivable explanation of it that i can
5:07 am
think of that has anything to do with decents law enforcement. one of the reasons i feel very upset about this is the president, ex-president in doing what he did has demeaned the pardon process. >> steve: and who was big on that? eric holder, who is our current attorney general. >> right. he snuck it through. they e-- there is a whole process where you get the justice department to weigh in. you get the u.s. attorney to weigh in. you do an investigation. they just subverted all that, went right around, got it through the white house, kept the justice department out. and holder orchestrated the end run on the justice department. >> tucker: you look younger now, by the way. [ laughter ] >> that was right after a giant defeat in the super bowl. >> steve: all right. from one fugitive to another, i'm sure you've seen the cover of the new york post today, here it is. they're talking about czar wars. putin tells the -- >> this is not a fair match between putin -- >> steve: clueless president.
5:08 am
>> who would you count a traitor? who would you give greater odds would catch a fugitive former kgb agent or forearmer community organize -- former community organizer? a contest. give me a break. the kgb agent is working him over. >> steve: right now. >> he worked him over during that conference. unfortunately, he's our president and making our country look so weak that it's dangerous. >> anna: what do you think the rest of the world really thinks of our response? >> i was just in france, which supposedly is sort of favorable to obama. basically -- maybe they didn't like us under bush. i went to france a lot during the bush administration. but they respected us. now they still don't really like us, and now they totally disrespect us. they laugh at us. >> steve: if you were president of the united states, it's interesting, moments ago in the green room -- >> i gave you a great suggestion. >> steve: you did. >> you grabbed somebody that is
5:09 am
very close to mr. putin, who is spying on us, allegedly spying on us. you grab them, you hold them. >> steve: you mean a loved one. >> i don't know who it is. [ laughter ] putin is alleged to have girlfriends and all kind of stuff going on. some of these girlfriends spy, if the woman is spying. but you grab some people that are important to putin and you say okay. you want them back? we want him back. come on. and putin would love that. how many deals has he done with the kgp agents. obama doesn't know how to play the game. this is why i wasn't kidding. this is an experienced manipulator of intelligence, world power against a man who has extremely not very well developed views and no experience doing it. >> anna: putin -- >> this is the price we pay for voting for inexperienced
5:10 am
president. that's what's coming out right now. i don't know how willful any of this is, but clearly irs, the whole situation with fox, what's going on with this guy, the boston situation, inability to catch the people in benghazi. this is imcompetence because we elected a president who was never prepared to be president and he hasn't figured the job out yet. >> anna: we're being made fun of. this is from putin saying that it's like sharing a piglet. too much squeaking and too little wool. he's playing dirty with us. >> he is. he basically looks at our president and says, ha. i got this guy's number. unlike you take a look at ronald reagan and admitted, he came in office, the first thing the iranian government did was release the hostages. jimmy cart her been saying for 18 months, please release the hostages. we'll take action, we'll do this or that. ronald reagan came in. they looked in his eyes, iranian hostages were released in one
5:11 am
minute because they saw in his eyes, you don't release them, baby, and there are real red lines and there is a real price to pay. >> steve: i'm not afraid of you. it's interesting, i saw you in the green room reading up about a radical muslim cleric was invited extraordinarily to the white house. sat down with a couple of high ranking white house officials, even though this particular person has got quite a web behind him. >> it was just at a meeting a couple months ago. there is a big picture in one of the publications of him with all these people who call for the destruction of the state of israel. now, we invite a cleric to the white house who is in favor of the destruction of one of our strongest allies. i don't know if this is on purpose to try to send a signal. i don't know what kind of signal we're sending, but we're not allied with israel? but i think it's another example of completely incompetent white house. can't control the justice department, the operatives in
5:12 am
the white house of who they meet with. can't control or even influence china, hong kong, russia. we'll see what happens with ecuador and cuba if we ever get there. >> anna: what could the reasoning be behind this? we saw the picture from their web site and the same web site says that the president, or the obama administration is who called for the meeting. >> they wanted to get his views. i suggest another way of getting his views. read what he had to say. i got his views. he wants to destroy israel. i now know your view. you want to destroy israel. thank you. i'll move on to somebody else. >> steve: it's that easy. real quick before you go. reaction to the latest poll numbers. the president's approval rating. i think you detailed all the scandals. >> i think that's the reason. i don't think the americans will come to the conclusion that the president is doing this for some malicious reason. i think people will come to the conclusion he can't handle the job. this job is beyond him. i think maybe that was clear the day we lie detectorred him. -- we elected him.
5:13 am
unfortunately, he hasn't grown in the job. >> steve: he's got three more years on the clock. >> wow. he's got three more years on the clock, but five years of experience. then you should expect at this point a lot better performance than this. >> steve: all right. rudy guiliani, always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: hungry? >> yeah, they look great. >> anna: drooling over here. we didn't offer you any. >> what looks best here? >> anna: banana nut. >> i'll take this one. >> tucker: good call. coming up, terrorist are taking advantage of the nsa leaks and changing the way they communicate. if they attack and innocent americans die what, does that mean for edward snowden? peter johnson, jr. joins us next with that. >> anna: and then she plays the good wife. but you'll i can't in a mar -- julianna margulies, a really bad client, that's straight ahead alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone.
5:14 am
♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet? yes i did. backflips and cartwheels.mile? love, warmth. yes i did. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s.mile? ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
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two trusted names, one amazing product. car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how're they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. >> anna: 17 minutes after the hour. good morning to you. military leaders sounding the alarm after fox news confirmed terrorist groups are changing the web sites they use to communicate in the wake of the nsa leaks. >> i'm very concerned about this leak. it's not just about leaking
5:18 am
information from my viewpoint. it's much bigger than that. it puts american people, american soldiers at risk. actually soldier, sailor, airmen, marines at risk who are overseas conducting operations. >> anna: so if edward snowden's leaks lead to another terrorist attack, can his supporters still call him a hero? with me now is fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. it seems like as time has gone on, people have started changing their view of edward snowden. >> they have changed their view. i think when the general talks about a risk to american troops and when secretary of state kerry talks about the ability of americans to die as a result of that and when we know now that terrorists, according to the government, are changing the way that they communicate based upon the leaks of mr. snowden, yeah, there is a big, big change and it's reflected in a new poll that basically says that he's not viewed by many americans as a hero. 44% of americans see him as a
5:19 am
misguided criminal in a fox news poll. only 22% as a hero. 8% as a spy for china. 24% of the people are unsure. >> anna: right. as these terrorist groups, if they do indeed really start change the way that they communicate, we've mentioned the web sites. but even if they started communicating using the courier system that osama bin laden did, that took us a decade to find them. >> that's a great, great point. osama bin laden said, i'm not going to be out on the internet or using lines of communication like telephones and cell phones. we're going to use couriers. as a result, it took a decade in order to take him down. we now have mr. snowden, a man without a country. he's living the life of tom hanks in the terminal in a moscow airport. it's kind of purgatory for spies. so he's probably been spoken to by the chinese spy officials. he's probably been spoken to by the kgb. he may be on to havana if he can get there.
5:20 am
then on to south america. so this man without a country is now become the poster boy for communist countries in the world that say oh, yes. this is a human rights activist. we see him as a felon, a fugitive, a person who has given up american secrets. i think more and more over time and over time people will say yeah, there is an effect to what he has done and it's not a positive effect for the united states, whatever you think, and most of us condemn this notion that we're being listened to in the united states. >> anna: it could be affecting our men and women in uniform. thank you so much for your time. >> great to see you. >> anna: 20 minutes after the hour. a plane packed with over 300 people about to take off and then this happened. the engine explodes. what would you do if you were on board? and then the president promised a war on coal and now he is ramping it up. pushing for more crushing regulation. now even some democrats aren't happy about it, including
5:21 am
democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia. he joins us live coming up next. don't go anywhere.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> anna: 24 minutes after the hour. brand-new information about those 20 tourists trapped on a floating chunk of ice. they are now on solid ground. the ice moved closer to land and they were able to walk on shore. they were on an expedition when the ice broke free in the canadian arctic. monster energy being served with a second lawsuit. a 19-year-old boy died last july of a heart attack and his family says he developed an irregular heartbeat because he drank two cans of monster every day for three years. no comment from monster. steve and tucker?
5:25 am
>> steve: does this country need more regulation? president obama yesterday said yes. >> tucker: he is making a major push to combat climate change he says. >> i'm directing the environmental protection agency to put an end to the limitless dumping of carbon pollution from our power plants and complete new pollution standards for both new and existing power plants. what you'll hear from the special interests and their allies in congress is that this will kill jobs and crush the economy and basically end american free enterprise as we know it. >> steve: some people are unhappy with the president's plan, including some democrats who say this is a terrible idea. joining us right now, one of them, senator joe manchin who represents west virginia. good morning. >> good morning. how are you all? >> steve: doing okay. better than you. the president of the united states declared a war on coal and a war on jobs and essentially a war on west virginia. >> really a war on america. when you look at it from that
5:26 am
standpoint, 8 billion-tons of coal is being burned in the world as we speak. the united states of america consumes about one billion tons. now, what's going to happen to the other 7 billion-tons? what's going to happen to the countries that are consuming and using 7 billion and it's increasing rapidly. nothing is being done there. we have done more to clean um the environment than ever in the last two decades. there is more that can be done. the president is looking at scientists and whoever is advising him trying to meet standards that haven't even been perfected because the government hasn't worked with the sectors to perfect technology. we have. we're caught in between right now, we have older plants, coal fire plants that would be retro fitted. but if they do, they have to meet standards unattainable. so you know what they do? nothing. >> tucker: they can't become cleaner because of government regulations. so by the way, there is no scientific consensus on the degree to which we can stop or slow climate change no matter what the president says.
5:27 am
that's ridiculous. what do you think of his description of you and the coal industry as, quote, special interests, whereas the renewable people, solar, wind who take tons of government subsidies, they're not special interest? >> the president and the leadership of this administration has to realize that they're the leaders of all 300-plus million of us. all 50 states are involved here. we're all looking to be part of this great economy, great society and this great democracy. we need some leadership that really brings us all in and rather than dividing us apart. i'm not a scientist, but i don't believe that wind currents or the ocean currents begin or end right over america. if that's the case then, we only burn one eighth of the consuming one eighth of the coal burned in the world. how are we all to blame and why are we taking the hit that we're going to be taking? why is this economy going to be taking this hit? why are jobs going to be lost? and they will be lost no matter what -- here is the other thing.
5:28 am
even the energy department that the president, his administration, they're saying that they're depending on coal up through 2040 for about 35% of the energy. how are they going to replace it? >> steve: you know what? i think when george bush left office, gas was what, 1.90 a gallon. now it's close to double that. this essentially, by restricting the coal industry, would cause every time we flip on a switch, that price is going to go up. every time somebody plugs in their electric car, that's going to go up as well. senator, i want you to listen to the president of the united states calling out people who aren't on his side. >> i'm open to all sorts of new ideas. maybe better ideas to make sure that we deal with climate change in a way that promotes jobs and growth. nobody has a monopoly on what is a very hard problem, but i don't have much patience for anyone who denies this challenge is real. we don't have time for a meeting of the flat earth society.
5:29 am
>> steve: is he calling you a flat earth society member? >> i don't know what he's calling me, but i'm willing to give him some ideas that will work. why don't we use the scr's and the low knocks burn increase plants right now that haven't been retro fitted? why tonight's you work with the technology you have rather than meeting technology that's not been perfected because this government hasn't perfected the carbon cap for sequesterration. why don't we do that? we've done more than any other country has done. >> tucker: senator, thanks a lot for joining us. >> thank you all. we're going to continue with common sense. that's all. >> steve: on a scale of one to ten, how angry are you about this? >> i don't think that you have a scale. >> steve: we can tell by your passion today. all right. >> it's just ridiculous. this is just ridiculous. i should not have to be sitting here fighting my own president and my own government. that's ridiculous. i want to work with them. i have reached out. i will continue to reach out. but i need a partner here.
5:30 am
i don't need an adversary. i need a partner and advocate. >> steve: they just heard you down the street. senator, thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: it is crazy. >> tucker: great questions. i don't think you have a scale. next up, outrage over the supreme court's decision on the voting rights act. does it really set us back 50 years? is jim crowe on the way, as one democratic president said yesterday, or does this prove how far we've come on civil rights? >> steve: who needs the gym? just get a dog. you may want to get one of these. we'll show you why. i can't keep up with that dog the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening!
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>> earlier today, president obama gave a big speech on climate change. he believes global warming is getting worse because apparently he's sweating a lot more during his second term. [ laughter ] >> steve: i think he'd be sweating a little if he just heard joe manchin on our air. >> tucker: that was unbelievable. >> steve: it was. meanwhile, in less than two hours, we're expecting two big decisions from that building, the u.s. supreme court, as the justices end what has been a very dramatic term. in yesterday's ruling may be among the most controversial. to tell us what that was, elizabeth prann down in the bureau. >> good morning. perhaps saving one of the most impactful decisions for last, the supreme court is wrapping up its session and set to rule on gay rights today.
5:35 am
this as supporters and opponents alike are speaking out on the high court's ruling yesterday on the voting rights act of 1965. the justices struck down a provision which until now, required states in jurisdictions to ask the federal government's permission before making any changes to their election requirements. the areas typically are discrimination against minority voters. they say it was based on data more than four decades old and doesn't reflect racial progress. supporters agree the law was outdated. >> it's a dagger in the heart of a bill that has succeeded, whose time has come and gone. the conditions, as the chief justice wrote, are radically different. in five of the six states, the original southern states to whom all of this was applied, the rates of voting among blacks is higher than it is among whites. this is a classic case of reactionary liberalism. hanging on to all the successes of the mid last century without
5:36 am
recognizing that conditions are radically different and some things have to change. this one had succeeded. >> on the other hand, attorney general eric holder and the administration says the opinion is deeply disappointing. >> this decision represents a serious setback for voting rights and has the potential to negatively affect millions of americans across the country. >> any future changes or updates to the law remains in the hands of congress. senate hearings reportedly take place in the next month. now look forward, we can expect reaction again from both sides of the aisle after the high court's ruling today on the defense of marriage act. otherwise known as doma and proposition 8. steve, tucker, anna, back to you. >> steve: you've got another busy day down on the bureau. thank you. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. other headlines. the measure executive being held captive in his own factory in china speaking out this morning.
5:37 am
chip stand says he's close to reaching a deal with the workers. they're holding him hostage while demanding severance packages. they want to have the same deals offered to laid off employees even though these folks aren't losing their jobs. this is video of him trying to leave the plant. only to be met by a blockade. local authorities have done nothing to stop the situation. >> i did try to leave the other day. i said i at least got to attempt being told and not trying are two different things. i did try and i tried to go over the gate, but they would not let me go. i'm here, i think i'm here to stay. it's a real issue. sometimes it's like a movie, surreal. >> steve: it is. the stand-off has been going on for a week and starnes says he's finally getting food and water with some regulate. >> anna: dramatic video to show you, showing the moment a plane's engine suddenly explodes right before takeoff. it happened right as the plane was taxiing on the runway at an airport in england.
5:38 am
325 passengers were on board headed for the dominican republic. everyone managed to get off that flight safely. an investigation now underway. >> tucker: and she plays the good wife, but is julianna margot lease a bad client? >> i promise. ♪ >> then yes. i would love to renew our vows. >> tucker: playing a lawyer was dealt a setback in a lawsuit from her former management firm. she was trying to avoid a trial, but a judge said no. the firm is suing for $420,000 in unpaid commissions. she claims the agreement wasn't in writing and therefore, it wasn't valid. maria is outside. >> anna: yes, she is. we've got some dogs that we'll be showing. but give us the weather. >> that's right. talk about the weather out here
5:39 am
in new york city for the dog event we'll have in a couple of minutes. it's going to be a beautiful day. a little bit on the hot side. so it is definitely feeling like summer. we're talking high temperatures making it into the 90s. not just here in new york city, but even areas across pennsylvania where we have a heat advisory in effect. stay hydrated if you're headed outdoors. areas farther west are looking at the threat for severe storms. we're talking about anywhere from parts of the midwest, tennessee, even parts of missouri, all the way up into new england. showers and storms expected and there is even a threat for flash flooding across parts of west virginia, western pennsylvania, all the way westward into parts of eastern iowa. you can already see some storms, showers and thunderstorms fired up, especially across the chicago area. you really need that umbrella as we head outdoors. speaking of temperatures, i want to mention across parts of the plains, widespread 90s, even triple digits. we'll have a heat wave out there that we'll be talking about over the next couple days. temperatures in the triple ding
5:40 am
tribute gites. at the -- triple digits. phoenix tomorrow, 113. even for them, that's hot. >> steve: thank you very much. speaking of hot, just about ten minutes ago we had on this air senator joe manchin from the great state of west virginia and he is angry at the president who is now going to use regulations to crack down on coal. mr. manchin says this is going to cost his state jobs. it's going to cost us more out of our pocket. and he is angry about the situation in washington. >> tucker: he's telling us this and right at the end of the interview. and steve stops and says, how mad are you? and he gives this answer. >> steve: on a scale of one to ten, how angry are you about this? >> i don't think that you have a scale. >> steve: we can tell by your passion today. all right. >> it's just ridiculous. this is just ridiculous.
5:41 am
i should not have to be sitting here as a u.s. senator fighting my own president and my own government. this is ridiculous. i want to work with them. i reached out, i will continue to reach out. but i need a partner here. i don't need an adversary. i need a partner and advocate. >> steve: they just heard you down the street. thank you. >> anna: senator manchin there upset clearly about the president and him cracking down on control fired power plants and having a new condition for approval of the controversial keystone pipeline. really the bigger problem he sees is just that nothing is getting done in washington. >> he's on the president's side on most things. >> steve: clearly the president is not on his side. >> tucker: i got to say, for those coal state democrats, border state democrats who have been with obama since the beginning, this can't be too much of a surprise. the candidate obama in 2008 said, i'm against coal. i'm going to shut them down. now he's doing it. >> steve: right. remember back when it was the senate that passed cap and trade back in 2009, i believe.
5:42 am
but then it went to the house and it was like, are you kidding? no. we're not going to touch it. or was it the other way around? >> tucker: the president's views have never been a mystery. a lot of his supporters were hoping he didn't mean it, but turns out he did. >> steve: he's end running congress. rather than going and asking for s using -- >> tucker: get the agencies to do it. >> anna: all right. still to come, 42 minutes after the hour, the nsa leaker is on the run and not one country wants to help us. so what's happened to our standing in the world? would our founding fathers be ashamed? a closer look at that coming up. >> tucker: who needs a gym? just get a dog. you might want to get one of these dogs. these specific dogs. we'll show you why coming up next everybody has different investment objectives, ideas, goals, appetite for risk. you can't say 'one size fits all'.
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5:47 am
>> anna: let's see it. >> all dogs are great doing agility. dogs to be happy need socialization, exercise, and mental stimulation like training. agility is a great way to do all of those things. and this breed, even though they're a little sensitive in the heat, if you like to do endurance sports, if you like to run long distance, the outside in the cold, this would be a great breed for you to do that with. and it's a great way to train your dog. >> tucker: what's good for runners? let's say you run five miles a day? >> one we have here is a dalmatian. they were originally coach dogs where they would run along with the coach driver and keep the coach safe. >> anna: this is a nontraditional looking dalmatian to me. when i think dalmatian, i think of 101 dalmatian. let's see him run through the track. >> exactly the same except for the color. this is a breed that has a lot of endurance. if you want to run all day, this is a breed that would be happy
5:48 am
to do it alongside with you, as long as you train it properly. >> anna: what about for people who are workaholics. >> we have a border collie. they were bread to herd cattle and sheep. they can be trained to do anything. and they're probably the most successful dogs that there are in agility because they're so darn smart. >> tucker: they're smarter than a lot of people. >> smart, smart, and the hardest working dog in the agility world for sure. >> anna: what about the sheep dog that we see here? >> this is another high energy breed if you want to do fun things. they're easily trainable because they're so smart. a smaller portable size, originally they were bred for farming, but again, agility is a great way for all dogs to work out their exercise needs. >> anna: i could watch this all day! >> what's great to know about
5:49 am
agility is that not only pure breds can compete, but mixed breeds can compete in agility who are kay bailey canines. >> anna: i was like, i'm never going to get outside if i don't get a dog. so they can come for that purpose. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: steve, you got to get one of these dogs. they're unbelievable. >> steve: beautiful dogs. very nice, tucker and anna and also maria. thank you. meanwhile, the nsa leaker is on the run and not one country wants to help us. so what happened to our standing in the world? would our founding fathers be ashamed? a closer look at that. first a closer look at what happens on the channel in about ten minutes. >> how are you doing, steve? >> steve: good, thank you. >> big morning. what will the supreme court say about gay marriage? there are two big cases to be decided. you'll catch that live here. big morning from the high court on that. senator marco rubio will talk about the latest on the immigration bill in the senate.
5:50 am
he's here live on that. did you hear what putin said about the snowden matter? more lavish spending from the irs. you're not going to believe this. the man who walked across the gran canyon walks into our studio without a harness. we'll see you in ten minutes [ female announcer ] caltrate's doneven more to move us. because vitamin d3 helps bones absorb calcium, caltrate has the highest level of vitamin d3. more than any other brand, to help maximize calcium absorption. so caltrate women can move the world. to help maximize calcium absorption. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in
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>> steve: a new fox poll shows that most voters, a whopping 82%, say our founding fathers would disapprove of how things are currently going in washington, d.c just 13% say they would approve. so how can we get back to the country our founding fathers envisioned? joining us is author of the book, still the best hope, why the world needs american values to triumph. thank you for joining us from
5:54 am
l.a. >> thank you, steve. >> steve: once upon a time, the world used to be afraid of us and when we would ask russia of something, they'd cooperate. now we ask russia, we ask china, we can't even get syria to cooperate and syria is a tiny little country compared to everything else. what happened? >> we are governed by a man who doesn't want the united states to be feared. our president is -- this is the most important thing to know about him -- is a man who believes in the most dynamic religion of the last 100 years called leftism. it's not an insult. it's not an attack. it's a description of fact. for the left, the united states should be a co-equal with other countries. the idea of a dominant america repels people on the left, therefore, it repels this president. however, there is a terrible moral consequence to america's weakness. when we are strong, there is less cruelty on earth. it is a simple -- as simple as
5:55 am
that. >> steve: sure. well put. let's talk a little bit about your book because you make the case how the world is at a crossroads. they can look to our model. they can look to islam, they can look to the european model as well. let's talk first about epleuribus unum. what do you mean? >> i identify the american trinity. i realized it one day many years ago, emptying my pockets at night, i took out the coins in my pact and sure enough, there was the american value system staring at me. liberty, in god we trust. no other country on earth has those three values as its core values. those are ours. it means from many one. it is a belief that blood doesn't matter, race doesn't matter. you are all american. the idea of a national identity above ethnic racial and other
5:56 am
identities is one of the things that has made america possible. every country ideally would adopt that. you can't become a japanese -- you can't even become a german if you are a third. you can become a german citizen, but never really considered a german. in america, you become an american no matter what you look like, no matter where you are from. then there is liberty. the european model, the left wing model is equality over liberty. not equality at birth burks equality of result. therefore, we can take away your liberty in the name of equality. the most obvious one being we will take as much money that you have honorably earned away from you for the sake of equality. in europe, they tell businessmen, if you own a store in germany, you can't keep it open past this hour. >> steve: you know what? that is such a good point. absolutely. dennis, we're short on time. but folks, if you knead a thought proceed -- need a
5:57 am
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>> anna: breaking news, fox affiliate in massachusetts reporting aaron hernandez has been escorted from his house in handcuffs. >> steve: have a great day. see you back here tomorrow. on two definitions that could change the definition of rights in america. i'm bill hemmer. martha is on the road. how you doing, heather? heather: we could have some clear answers in just 60 inus. bill: one case. the constitutional challenge to the defense of marriage act known as dom


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