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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 29, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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well come to "red eye." it is likeey that's incredible if by incredible you mean likely to clear up and go awaysd permanently. get used to it because that's what i did, mr. timberlake. now to andy levy for a pre fo game report. what is coming up on tonight'ssc show? >> thanks, greg. that was dangerously close to libel. our top story, last week weld y told you about the coming man who says an fbi faces ofe globalism was offensive to muslims. tonight kind of joke we won't be hearing during tonight's show. and taco bell tests new branding for its product replacing the word neat with protein as in, man, that taco
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bell protein just made me sick. >> thank you. it will be a challenge doing this anthony wiener segment sense we have paul mccurio. >> i know. it is never going to happen of. >> it is not going to happen. it will go to predictable, stupid puns. >> we can drop those out and it will be like he was never on the show. >> and it will be three minutes and we will have to put stuff in there like a funny comedian. >> do you want to help here? >> we will welcome the guests no i. lets -- now. let's go. >> her day job is getting bad men off. and at night the same thing. i am here with defense attorney remi spencer. you look delightful. and he is one of the greater comics of his generation. but bill cosby was busy so we got this guy, paul mccurio. and join the dozens of fans who check out his pod cast called the paul mccurio
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show. like most meed yolker products , it is free. >> i am going to leave now. i just interviewed paul mccartney for my pod cast. >> i doubt that. >> i swear to god. it is coming in two weeks. >> and he is a drink umbrella, bill schulz. and his mustache once stole a pick up truck and kicked a bear's ass. he is also the president of "red eye." ya y. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. nice to see you sober for a change, greg. >> all right. should they be taken down because their faces are brown? bus ads in seattle feature photos of terrorists following complains that the ad stereo types muslims. the campaign carries the tag line, stop a terrorist, save lives. up to $25 million reward. it is now a victim of hurt
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feelings. congressman jim mcdermot is that the impression is brown skinked men with beards. some express fear for their safety. and now the campaign is caput. an fbi special agent said it is a result of our continued engagement with the community and the feedback we are getting. they released a new ad that is less hurtful and more hopeful. >> ♪ >> why is paul mccurio semisuccessful and that person on secure when that person brings joy and pleasure to everyone's life? don't answer that. i have a real question. are you surprised by the reaction? i am sadenned, but i am not surprised. >> unfortunately and i think the affect of the obama administration on the fbi is
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now demonstrated through what they have done. it is not a question of the impression the ad leaves with you, but it is the facts of what the ad conveys. in new york they have the famous saying, if you see something, say something. now when you see something you are not supposed to say something if it would leave an impression. >> if you see something, seattle. you know what i am saying? >> i thought it was if you see something, spray something. >> apparently is if you see something, say something. unless it is a dark skinned man with a beard and then keep an open mind. >> the new york city council would forbid the police to describe suspected it criminals by race or gender or ethnicity or anything like that. presumably, you can say you were accosted at gun point by an entity that you probably can't say how tall it is. >> you can mention the color of your shirt which the perp would remove. even though it is hot pants in
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my case. remy, you defend murderers and you are proud of that. you are taking the side of the terrorists in these ads. am i right? >> as always you are absolutely wrong. i think the problem is not with the posters. it is with the people viewing the posters. i don't understand why our society these days tends to cater to the ignorance, to the lower -- to the lowest level of intelligence in society. if you don't understand that these people on the side of the bus are not emblematic of a race or culture, that's your problem. let's not dumb down to the americans. let's teachers and them so we don't have to worry about this perception. >> a good p oi nt, remi. paul, you are as hated as the terrorists in those ads. should the fbi have caved to pressure? >> no, this is ridiculous. i'm sorry they happen to all look alike from a certain region of the world, but that's the way it is.
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what they want to do is take the faces off and leave the words up. apparently i need a poster to tell me, if you see a terrorist, report it? the other thing is if this is the worst thing that we can say -- it is in seattle. is that a hotbed for terrorism in seattle? >> i think every city can be. >> i guess. i mean it feels to me sort of like we are so politically correct that we are putting our own lives at stake to be politically correct. >> you are right. for once i agree with you. we are putting split cat correctness before security and it does not make us less safe. bill, your face has been on the side of a bus, but you were trying to lick dried ice cream off it. >> trying? i succeeded, dude. it was delicious. >> ambassador, you were supposed to focus on mccurio. i am in a hands-off position right here. >> i didn't get the memo. >> mccurio is on, we don't
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abuse bill as much. we abuse mccurio. but to a lesser extent we can abuse bill. >> these are the vacation days for mee. these are the one days i don't have to suffer as much abuse and you are making a block hard on me. what was the question? >> the question was why are you a loser? >> i don't like the way this show is going and i would like to further remind you that paul mccure -- paul mccurio is to my right. first look at the color combo. it is like the gap exploded on you. >> i thought this, woulded out well. >> no, it looks nice. >> what do you have to say, mustache? >> i don't look like your normally polite comrades here. >> bill never asked the question. >> paul and i will give you this is right. they are leaving two ads in the airport that have the text saying this is what the faces of global terrorism look like, and then nothing. they can at least put psych
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pee bottom or the emotico in is going -- but not only the ads and the photos, but they are taking away the message. >> it is insane. we live in a country where you have a right to bare arms, but you can't have posters with terrorists on it. what am i supposed to use as target practice? >> there is a serious point -- don't hold it in. there is a point about freedom of speech that there is an effort to narrow not necessarily by government action, but by intimidation, but what is permissible and what is not. you can agree or disagree with somebody and you can think they characterized somebody, but the notion of taking something out of range of permissible discourse is troubling. >> that's a good point. >> where does it stop? i am italian and we are depicted as being with the mofia. why can't i get upset about that? why can't i get somebody upset about doing that? >> they will respect your opinion.
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>> and the mob thing is a pretty fair assessment. >> from ads to cads. he once critiqued those who leaked. edward snowden was not always a fan of turning oversee create info to journalists. according to internet chat logs from tween, that must have been fun, the man who deashed to greenwold took a dim view of the new york times publishing a story about covert u.s. efforts to sabotage the nukes. the logs compiled by the website ars reveal an angry snowden ripping the times and its sources. he says, quote, who the f are the anonymous sources telling them this? those people should be shot in the balls. meanwhile -- you don't have to worry about that. meanwhile, officials tell the ap that because of snowden's leaks al-qaeda and other terrorists are already changing how they communicate. as one former intel officer tells fox news, it is frustrating to have to start all over again and track the
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target. i am leak that in the park at midnight. meanwhile, a special k-9 unit has been enlisted to track down snowden. >> that's why we lost the cold war. no, we won it. we won the cold war. remi, what do you make of snowden's uh parents change of heart about leaker. >> first i want to say that dog was precious. it looks just like mine. and it was going the wrong way. >> so paul -- >> is he a hipocrite? it certainly seems as though what has been reported today. i don't know if we know for sure or it has been proven that he has been leaking these secrets to people other than
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americans. judge napolitano was on talking about the word espionage. that is when you take american secrets and you trade them or sell them to foreign countries or to the enemy, and if it's not established that he has done that, i am not sure we are seeing much of a hipocrite with these reports. >> ambassador, that's strong stuff coming from what's her name. it does show that it is maybe more about echo than principal. >> i think snowden is a traitor. let's just start right there. of course he is conducting espionage. if you give secrets to one country, that's espionage. if you give them to 192 which is what you do when you make it public it is worse by definition. i think it is possible a person can change his opinion as clearly snowden did. but it adds to the bigger question, we don't know much about this guy. he sold his message effectively. we don't know if he had assistance.
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we don't know what force has moved him from where he was in 2009 to the polar opposite position. there is a lot missing in the picture of snowden that would be revealing if we could get behind the persona that he has been able to broadcast. >> does this support the theory that he has been paid to trade these secrets? that the change of heart may be justified because of money? >> my sense the guy is a rock star. he goes to the chat rooms and he brags about being a serbian or a boston rock star. but he goes off to russia and now he is in russia which for a guy who is all about democracy and freedom, you go to russia with vaw lad vladimir putin. he stole the super bowl ring. th is not a guy that i feel is being genuine. i feel like he has an agenda which is bigger, much bigger -- more about his ego than
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anything else. >> bill, i'm sure you have a couple things to say about this story. choose the least stupid one. >> ?oi den first said -- snowden first said he got into the nsa so that he could reveal this stuff. if we were to take him at his word that might have been a nice red herring on-line to say something like that in 2009. am i the only one who thinks as the nsa as getting worse and worse? you have a midto high level employ egoing on chat rooms and talking about the things he is working? condemning them or not he should be no where near environments like that. no one saw him and he continued to workup until now. >> in defense of snowden he was using an alias like high level officials in the obama administration and accounts they didn't know exist. >> nobody knew he was use an alias? they are supposed to be the highest level of security in america. they are supposed to get through that immediately. >> if they president cay find
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him -- can't find him, why are they worried about us? >> he will end up in cuba or iceland. it is either half of the earth. it just feels like a bunch of incompetence right now. >> i swear he is leafing down the street. living down the street. what is the mexican place we always go to? >> chili's. >> i think he works at chili's. >> he definitely looks like one of the waiters. >> an amazing service on his part. >> he did have the telltale mole. >> and one quick question about the changing tactics, the treyses are changing tack -- the inning terrorists are changing tactics. >> let's take the prison program and the verizon data that everybody was concerned about affecting privacy of americans which it doesn't. while we are on the subject once terrorists or anybody else and they change the way
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they communicate to deny. >> i operate every week and still -- still paul mccurio can find me. >> when i say something there is a part of a story about al-qaeda is changing his techniques and in an anonymous source in the intelligence community he came out and spoke anonymously. they were not authorized to speak of the intelligence matter publicly. why are they talking at all? why aren't they keeping their mouths shut? why not just put a kiosk in the middle of grand central station and anybody can get any information they want. >> that's called congress. >> victoria's secret keeps better secrets and nobody is wearing anything. >> and let's look at the big picture of the comment. we had known to a certain extent that verizon was being taped by the nsa as far back as the bush administration.
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that had been revealed. if this is such a big issue for the nsa, i would assume by now they would have a plan b, and they don't. that blows my mind. well, now we don't know what they are doing if they are talking into cans with strings. we have to go back to the drawing board. >> i hear what al-qaeda is doing, the new form of communication. it is secretive and people are not aware of it. they will use the u.s. postal service. >> does that even exist anymore? >> i did learn a lot in this segment. i learned there were 1192 countries. i didn't know. >> he comes on the show. >> there are 193. i just wasn't counting us. >> see, i wouldn't have known that. i would have said 192 and i would have lost that question. >> do some countries really count? like malaysia. >> canada. >> hey, anyway coming up, is ambassador john bolden's mustache made of shredded cevlar.
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hard as steel and smooth as murder. and the new york times best seller already. good job, ambassador. is wiener on his way to being new york's next mayor? dear god i hope so. and i would like bill to get bitten by a thousand snakes.
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will wiener be the winner? looks like it. according to a new poll the disgraced former congressman has taken the lead of a wide open mayoral race. the wein is ahead of kristine quinn by 5% among democrats. there is no candidate that is close to the required 40% needed. 49% of local voters said they would consider voting for wiener. up 9% since the start. that's right. the man whose direct message
12:21 am
sent unsolicited pictures of his peepee. the race changed when he got into the race. he has been able to survive and returning to politics at least to this point. you would say that, nerd. i have no idea what that meant. i am more focus owed this contest. focused on this contest. >> that would have been pointless. >> if they put the ring around anything it is great. as a voter not just a defender would you be able to separate anthony's perversions from his public policies? >> as you know i don't live in new york so i am not a voter in this election. i am in new jersey, the fabulous state of new jersey.
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i think new yorkers want to see him come back. i really do. i think there is something satisfying. it is human nature to see somebody fall from grace and then help him back up. people feel noble about that. it makes them feel good. >> i would be more inspired if the woman came out and had sex with him. that would be more inspiring. at least we would have shown it worked. >> you don't need to be inspired by that. >> this is only the democratic primary we are talking about, the insignificant thing in new york. the real question is whether you were running for mayor as you revealed for the first time. >> first of all you have to be this tall to run for mayor. >> right there, everybody. come on. it. >> i am running. my platform is good stuff and death to mccurio. i think already i will get about 40%, 50% of the vote based on that. but i also have name recognition without sending nude pictures of myself out there.
12:23 am
that happened awhile ago when nobody new me. >> i mailed them out and they are about to get there any day now. >> i drew myself naked. >> you had an ambassador here. >> and you are an ass. >> i thought you were talking about what went on in the united nations on a daily basis. >> it is no time to be worried about the wiener entry into this race, right? >> when you actually get to the real general election, that's when people will get serious. that's why he is doing so well now. people just don't pay attention. >> according to the poll, bill, over 800% of all new yorkers want you to get run over by a mac truck. i apologize. i haven't turned this into a question yet. do you want me to phrase it like a question? >> maybe put an inflection at the end like a mac truck? >> bill, did you know over
12:24 am
800% of new yorkers want you to get run over by a mac truck? >> did you know. okay. i am proud of you. i am so upset i am choked up. i am a [bleep]. i am fearful of bees and that's why they would be in hell. having said that, it takes a certain type of narcissism and an awful sort of pathological narcissism to do what he did. i go back and forth by being ambivalent of him having to do well or him being concerned. the flip side is maybe all politicians are like that. maybe the same gene that makes you think it is okay -- there is an unsolicited wiener pick to some nameless girl across the country is the same thing that gets people who want to be in politics. maybe i am slashing against wiener when they are all like that. >> i agree with you.
12:25 am
i blame bloomburg for not outlawing over sized egos in the city. that's the thing that has brought us to this. >> i think there are so many people who have done things just like what he did. they are in politics and they are in law and they are in government. >> that makes it okay. >> i think people do that when they are in relationships. you deny it until you die? i think people relate to that. i don't think it is that foreign to a lot of people. >> if you ever watched the movie "fargo" he was william may see crawling out the window at the end. he had the look of being caught and lying. i just want to ask one question. don't you think a lot of this comes down to a refusal to believe that you have to work for a living? he doesn't want a job where he has to, would. >> don't people have the
12:26 am
skills to do something other than run for office? >> yes, that's my point. >> and can't you find something else to do other than go to people and collect other people's money and ask them to give you a job? >> but this goes to bill's point about the ego and to remy's point, yes he appeals to the electorat that made the mistake 423 times. it wasn't like he did it once. the way he was defiant and the way he was in everybody's face about this, when he gets in power in new york, do you -- it is going to be ugly. >> i am not suggesting it is a good thing. i am suggesting a lot of people can accept it and move on from it. >> i agree with you. >> good question. we invited him to be on "red eye" like two weeks ago. he said he would keep us in mind. by the way. >> if he is not on "red eye." she not a serious candidate. >> exactly. >> he has a reputation for being dom nearing and
12:27 am
aggressive to his employees. he likes positions of authority without actually going up the ladder that people do in private enterprise and work. they work hard to get to where they are. he just wants to be voted in so that he can yell at this person and yell at that person. he hasn't been humbled by this. >> that's coming from you. editor at a magazine and tv show host. you climbed the ladder and you paid your dues. >> three magazines in six books. so shut the f up. >> and then you sent the wiener pic to me. >> clem thompson is an old classmate of mine and staying with me with week. on the couch. no funny business. paula deen on "the today show." i think i have gone and died.
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was endless. you are sitting at home trying to stay awake. imagine me. will her whale help her prevail? paula deen sat down with matt lauer to defend her against charges of racism. and like my morning shower routine it started fine, but then it ended in tears. >> if there is anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they
12:32 am
could take back, if you are out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me, please. i want to meet you. i want to meet you. i is what i is and i am not changing. >> popeye is rolling in his grave. by the way, popeye is my ferret i buried alive this morning in a makeshift grave. discuss. >> lightning roooouuuunnnnddd. lightning round. >> r me y, you defend -- remy, you defend horrible people all the time and you love it. i think she is sincere, and she is sorry. >> two things. number one the reason this came out was she is being sued and deposed. she is testifying under oath. she was asked have you ever used this word? almost -- well, a lot of people would say no because
12:33 am
how dowry but that? it is impossible to really challenge that. she said yes 20 some years ago this is what i said. i give her credit to owning up and being truthful. >> she is better than anthony wiener. >> no she's not. she said in the deposition i said it several times. in interviews since then she said she said it once. she is lying one way or the other. >> i can say this because i'm a lawyer or if you want on this panel, the way things are presented and the way they are worded call for different answers. it is not that clear cut. >> she is a racist lover of diabetes. >> i didn't read the deposition transcript, but i will say she needs a new pr person. the performance -- >> do you mean by pr? >> public relations. >> oh, okay. >> it appeared to me to be a performance more than an apology. i am not sure if she is sorry she is losing her fortune and fame or because she said these
12:34 am
things in the past. >> i agree. paul, let me ask you, you are a fellow racist and you have been fired for many, many expwrobz your outspoken beliefs on all minorities. was it right for companies to fire her? >> absolutely. they had to get off the sinking ship. i agree. she was not crying on "the today show" which is shocking because if there is one thing that will make you cry is matt lauer if you are a woman. >> it is the cologne. he wears over powering cologne and it makes her eyes water. >> her ego is so big, that anybody would question her is what is getting to her. she is used to being treated a certain way. >> strong reactions. i go back to the ambassador. she is -- at least she was honest about what she did. maybe not as honest as what bill thinks is honest. but i have a loose definition of honesty. >> and a love of the n-bomb.
12:35 am
>> she did wrong, but should she be castigated? >> i grew up in baltimore in the 1950s and the 1960s. i heard that word all the time. a lot of people used it. it is offensive then and it has gotten more offensive. a lot of people have a lot to uh apologize for. at some stage you have to say you have made mistakes and gotten past it. i will say she didn't make that case with that performance at all. >> water has to come out of yore eyes and not melting better. >> bill, you have more to hide than anybody in this building. you are a horrible, disgusting loser. >> mecurio. >> no, that was for you. i guess i should move on. >> look, her whole point does not have anything to do with what happened. what she was talking about was he hath sined cast the first stone. we are talking about companies.
12:36 am
companies that sell to not just white people, but african-americans as well. you said it once and you said it a couple times. you were talking about having a wedding with a is slavery theme. that was also in the deposition. you have got to be kidding me. i have zero sympathy for that woman. the crocodile tears made me dislike her even more. a lot of these people who were coming out recently and saying how great she was aside from all of these, i would be interested to see what they said when the liberal jew michael richards said the sale thing. i would like to know. >> how about the prominent civil rights leader who called new york tiny town. >> i think that is terrible too. i am not allowing any of it. >> but there is no self-awareness. matt lauer asked her, would you have fired yourself and she said no. >> good for you. you have the undieing support of yourself. >> put things in per --
12:37 am
perspective. she is not a politician. >> no, i understand that. >> she is a chef. there are a lot of people -- >> she is an advertiser. >> that's what she wants you to believe. i am a dumb cook. >> i am just saying there are a lot of people who will not care about her social views. they enjoy the 30 minutes where she teaches them to cook something. why we care that much is questionable. >> i said this earlier on "the five" i have a problem with this ritual we have of throwing people into volume cain knows. and then we forget about them. michael richards has never recovered from his thing which was caught on tape and then you remember dr. laura has also -- i mean you disappear after this stuff. >> that would have happened to her if it were on tape. >> that might -- maybe that's why she did it. i don't know. who knows? that was 30 years ago. time to take a break. more stuff is on the way "the joy of hate" an amazing book. it is about this very thing. autographed copy g
12:38 am
it is better than most books out there.
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well, will the president of this show some day replace o? national review reports that the "red eye" president and former ambassador to the u.n. john bolden is being encouraged by gop leaders to consider a 2016 white house bid. that got us thinking. what would a bolten presidency look like? would he let me sleep over in the oval office? would he can sell all other shows except "red eye"? would mustaches be mandatory for many over 18? let's ask him this important stuff. ambassador, thank you for coming. i appreciate you being here unlike mecuro who does sympathy booking we enjoy having you here. >> are you really running for president?
12:42 am
sorry. >> i told him to heckle from the gallery. >> first off, mustaches, mandatory? >> i wouldn't make anything mandatory. that's part of my platform. >> well that's good. i like that already. how about tax breaks for mutton chops? >> i think taxes ought to be as low as we can make them and as flat as we can make them. no tax breaks for facial hair. >> that's a good question now that we are into this irs mess. are you for fare or flat tax? i am confused. >> a flat tax is premised on the idea that the only purpose of taxation is to raise mown to run the government. if we had that kind of guiding principal, a lot of the distortions that we see would be taken out of the market and the irs would be a lot smaller. >> how about a fare tax? >> i don't know what a fair tax. a flat tax is as fair as you can get. everybody pays the same percentage. >> i get confused. everybody says fair tax, flat tax.
12:43 am
i think it is a sales tax i think. >> if you could switch from an income-based tax system to a sales-based tax system that would be better. the way congress works you would end up with both. >> that is true. never met a tax i didn't like. >> what would you need to convince you to run? >> what i am interested in is making sure that national security is at the top of the political agenda. we have gone for four and a half years without discussing it and that has to change. we face threats around the world. we have seen them and talked about them in the show. i think the american people actually expect their president to defend them. >> what do you think -- what would you do in terms of changing the foreign policy with people like syria and iran and north korea? >> i think you have to take these threats seriously. the idea that underlies obama's policy which is you can negotiate with these people leaves us in greater danger. right now we have a lack of respect around the world that this president campaigned against pointing to the bush
12:44 am
administration. now we can't get edward snowden back from china, from russia and pretty soon we won't be able to get him back from ecuador. that's a serious problem. >> would you abolish the u.n? >> no. gene kirk patrick was once asked if the u.s. should withdrawal from the u.n and she said not worth the trouble. >> it is like swlu an ugly, grotesque tree in your yard. if you try to remove it though it will leave a weird hole for years and so you leave the stupid tree there. sorry, tree. >> this is not necessarily my environmental policy. >> what is your environmental policy. >> i know that the president's determination to put climate change -- his climate change policies in affect with that legislation through the apa is a power grab that is very dangerous. >> one more question, who would be your running mate and does his or her name rhyme
12:45 am
with smeg-schmutfeld? >> i saw lis sit ideas from the american -- solicit ideas from the american people. we got one right here. >> vp? >> well, we already had a first black president. maybe the first sequential hemaphrodite. >> i would build a lot of roads. >> you would build a lot of bridges. >> and i would have parties on the bridges with other sh's. >> if you run -- >> i got completely lost in this conversation. >> i am able to change gender. >> you know what happens where you live, sir. >> well that started promising -- >> and went straight downhill. >> i tried to make it serious and thoughtful. >> if you do run i would never advise you to be interviewed by him again. >> they told me you were going to ask me if i left the
12:46 am
presence of "red eye" who would succeed me? i didn't give my answer. >> who? >> i have this office for life. >> you are going to hold two offices at the same time. all right. well i'm for that as well. we have to move on now. the post game wrap up or the report from andy levy. report from andy levy. that's coming up. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged ocera torque, only from sprint direct conct. buy one get four free for your business. folks have suffered from frequent heartburn but now, thanks to treating with prilosec otc, we don't have to suffer like they used to. [ bell dings ]
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>> shut up. andy, post game report. help me. you don't know what it is like. >> no, i have hosted when he was on and i know what it is like. >> i'm talking about the ambassador. >> i know. >> fbi pulls bus ad. here in new york city if you see something, say something. now you are not supposed to say something. they are not saying you are supposed to see something. >> well, it is obvious that they are worried that people will look at the pictures and draw conclusions from these facts. and if you are not willing to face reality, it is pretty tough to deal with it. >> paul you said seattle is a
12:51 am
hotbed of terrorism. not really, but it is a port city so you have to consider it a potential target. and in 2011 two men were arrested for uhing taying a military recruiting station. i could show you their faces and tell you their names, but jim mcdermott would say i am staple lating muslims. >> they want posters for the face of terrorism, but not have faces of actual terrorism. >> very smart guy. >> also, paul, you said you are italian and italians are depicted as being in the mofia so why not get upset about that? you mean the fact they won't have you? >> do i have a cousin that sold car alarms. >> seriously. my cousin, bobbie. >> high level mob stuff. >> you know what is funny? he is bragging about it which is more pathetic. >> did you just break the code? >> i did. >> i hope you wake up in the morning with a missing foot.
12:52 am
>> president bolton's health care. >> under my health claire plan we will find -- health kay -- care plan we will find jimmy hoffa. >> selling secrets to a foreign country or the enemy. not legally. it applies to who ever knowingly and willfully communicates, furnishes, tran mitts or makes available to an unauthorized person. >> thank you. i stand corrected. >> snowden is being charged with unauthorized communication of national defense information and willful communication of classified communications intelligence info. >> the point i was trying to make and clearly did not do a good job is if americans are learning things about our own government, does that make him an enemy? it is much more complicated than that for sure. but if he hasn't sold these secrets to foreign countries, if he has n shared it with others it makes a difference. >> that is no reason to give
12:53 am
legally false information though. just my opinion. >> if i were a lawyer i wouldn't go around on tv doing that. that's just me though. i'm weird. >> well, you are not a lawyer so you don't have to worry about it. >> exactly. ambassador, you say snowden was using an alien in the chat rooms like the obama folks with the secondary e-mails. how about this, why is it okay for anonymous intelligence officials and lawmakers to leak to the press that we know al-qaeda is changing its method of communication? if snowden is a traitor, aren't they traitors? they are letting al-qaeda know we know. >> i think it is something that the administration really ought to do a lot more about. they go after journalists for printing the secrets leaked to them. but the administration themselves have leaked more sensitive information for their own political position. these leaks do cause real consequences. that's why even on the prism
12:54 am
and verizon program, the damage they do to our intelligence is real. what he is possibly giving to russia and china has nothing to do with the private citizens, but everything to do with causing us grave harm. >> the nsa said we've got to have this program because we have -- and obama backs it up to keep the e-mails and phone records out of the wrong hands. those are the wrong hands. >> we have a real problem when bradley manning and edward smoa den and their like can get this -- edward snowden and their like can get this stuff. that would be the focus immediately. >> you would think. it is not that the nsa doesn't have a plan b if the terrorists are changing their methods of communications. what they are saying is it might take time to reacquire their tracks. that doesn't mean they don't have a plan to do so. they are doing so right now. >> don't speak for the nsa. >> by the way, this is what they say.
12:55 am
they say, oh no. we lost track of them. have they? >> it was a planned leaker. >> wiener leads in polls. bill, you said it tax a certain nare saw -- it takes a certain kind of narcissism. anybody who sends a picture of his penis to somebody is garbage. why do a lot of new yorkers not seem to care? >> i think you answered your own question there, andrew. i was speaking from a personal level. i thought of all of manhattan, special certainly specific parts. i bet that person would let them get off scott free. >> seems odd to me. i >>- q. you know who is not getting -- >> you know who is not getting off? anyone who gets the pictures. >> you say they will find something else to do besides run for office. but new yorkers seem okay with them. >> well, i think it is a test for new york.
12:56 am
if he is able to do what he planned to do before the scandal broke, this run for mayor was planned year as. years ago. it was part of the plan to the top. i agree with what a philosopher once said, people get what they deserve. >> why does the wife stay? >> thanks for staying. we have had this conversation before. >> paula deen, last week she apologized and hours later the food network fired her. she goes on "the today show" and wal-mart severed ties. maybe take a break from public appearance. that's all i'm saying. remi, i believe you suggested that paula deen lied under oath. nothing i would go on tv and do. >> i was not suggesting it. i just said a lot of people do when they can't beacon fronted with their -- be confronted with their lies. >> she is a great defense lawyer. >> in my opinion every chef is racist.
12:57 am
let's be honest. >> terrible thing to say. remy, bill, ambassador john, e 28, 2013.esident.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
i'm harris. two seconds the factor. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what you saw was the person on top mma style straddle position, correct? >> correct. >> laura: bombshell testimony today at the george zimmerman/trayvon martin murder trial. >> the person who you now know to be trayvon martin was on top, correct? >> correct. >> as a key witness takes the stand, we will have complete courtroom analysis. >> anybody who tries to inject race into it is wrong. >> laura: after trayvon martin's friend uses racially charged language on the witness stand the martin family lawyer suddenly claims race is not a factor in the case, but it wasn't always that way. >> he was executed for


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