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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 1, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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do not be obtuse when you write to us. i'm bill o'reilly, spin stops right here. definitely looking out for you. tonight, new developments and all highlights from day six of the george zimmerman murder trial. the jury heard a taped police interview of zimmerman giving his version of the events the night of the shooting, key testimony from an audio voice analyst who said it was impossible to determine the age of the person screaming on the 911 tape the night of the shooting. watch this. >> i have to render my final conclusion, that type of, you know, voice sample is not fit for the purpose of voice comparison, and this kind of, you know, judgment is based upon
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the research and also common sense type of understanding among the community. >> so you concluded based upon finding out you what told us about, 18, 16, and 3 seconds and the type of recording that you couldn't make a comparison, am i understanding that right? >> that's correct. >> doctor, have you yourself made a sense in actually taking exemplars and able to estimate the age or at least the general age of the speaker with prior samples? >> it occurred to me, but i decided it was not possible to determine. >> on this one? >> on this particular case. >> but you've done that before? >> yes. i have analyzed audio voices in
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the past. >> i sat down with george zimmerman, and he told me that the voice on the recording is absolutely his voice. more of my exclusive interview later in the show. joining me now, fox 25 orlando reporter, valerie boyd, peter johnson jr. and prosecutor anna. you have been in the courtroom the whole time. bring viewers inside and told us what happened today? >> i can tell you, i had two officers from the sanford police department testifying, and with six women jurors watching, they are not very expressive, but they are very focused, looking up and down, taking notes and all, but when they played those 911 calls, b-29, the only minority on the jury, kept looking over to trayvon martin's parent. another jury also did that a few weeks ago, it makes you wonder whether or not they will rule by emotion rather than evidence. >> i see three things that came
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out here today. number one, lead at the techtive in the case pointed out that george zimmerman's story was consistent, and also very big today, valerie. zimmerman got his version out without having to take the stand and be cross-examined. >> exactly. that was very, very powerful today. last thing the jury heard, mark o'mara, george zimmerman's attorney, said do you think he was telling the truth when he was interviewed by you? and chris cerino, the lead investigator said yes, yes, i do think he was telling the truth. that's what the jury went home with tonight. >> peter johnson jr., how powerful that the lead detective in the case believed he was telling the truth and was consistent? >> he wasn't all the way for zimmerman today, but that's a ringing endorsement of the defense in this case. that, taken with the fact that the only evidence that could have come from the grave,
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literally, the recording, him saying, well, the expert said yes, that was trayvon martin screaming out, a different case, so a very, very strong day for the zimmerman defense. >> what do you think, anna? >> i think friday was a much better day for the defense. george zimmerman got the story out today and it will be up to his lawyers if he needs to testify. he may not well testify, how much more can he give? it gives room to cross-examine him. have you his story and many who believe it, it's there. if you start to pick it apart, which is what i do, i start to see inconsistent things that don't make sense, when he says i got out of my car to see the address. i don't think it's coincidental that he does that right after you hear him on the recording saying oh, [ bleep ], he's running. right after that, you hear him running, or where he asks for the address, george zimmerman doesn't give him the address.
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i'm going back to his car, have them call me. because he's going to follow, to find this punk because he called him. >> our experience showed through, and a prosecutor's bias will always show through, anna, as seeing right here. the more important testimony, the fact that he had to defend himself, the fact that he felt he was attacked by mr. martin jumping out of the bushes to him, and by the fact that he -- mr. martin allegedly said he was going to kill him at the scene. you talk about a self-defense issue, in this particular case which is overcharged. talking about a depraved mind case going to life in prisonment. i think there are strong arguments in terms of self-defense and compelling and mr. zimmerman made them very shortly after the incident took place. not coached by a lawyer at this point. >> an important point. let's go back to valerie, a
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chance to respond in a second. pretty interesting to me. multiple times he was read his miranda rights, valerie. even the lead detective, all of the detectives in the case said he was cooperative. never wanted an attorney. he went back to the scene of the crime as they asked him, forthright in the answers. will that play with the jury? did you get any -- did that seem to get any reaction from them? >> yeah it seems as though the officers thought he was very truthful and the jury, i watched them. taking notes. any time the really good details came out, they all started looking down, taking notes. sometimes they would -- during those important details, they were focusing -- i also noticed when officer dara singleton, said she was interviewing him, sxat fir and at first he didn't realize that trayvon martin was dead. that was also a surprise to me today. >> how do you get past, because
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it's on the prosecution to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. how do you get ground and pound, mma style from an eyewitness in this case that saw punches going down, which corroborates the story which zimmerman gave from day one? how do you get past that? >> that's just one piece of evidence. what else does he give you? never saw goreorge zimmerman's head being ground. >> he has injuries. >> he has two one-inch cuts. i think he well was punched. we know that. and george zimmerman says in his statement that his nose was covered and mouth was covered. guess what? you hear those screams on the 911. >> one portion. >> it doesn't make sense. >> taking out one little segment. >> put it together -- >> i guess the prosecution case is they have to show such a level of animus and aggression
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on the part of george zimmerman that he precipitated this attack. up to this point, there is no evidence to that at all. the evidence we heard last week and this week, is evidence that's four square for the defense. big time. >> especially with the standard that the prosecution must meet, beyond a reasonable doubt. >> well, and it's -- it's a deprave indifferent standard here in terms of getting a conviction in this case. and i can't see how it's been met under any legal standard, florida, new york, national. >> i see manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide. the jury may well agree with you. i don't see it, i see criminal negligence. i think he followed him, he was overzealous, i think he scared trayvon martin. i think trayvon martin -- >> but these are things -- >> without justification. >> it would equal manslaughter in florida. >> if there is justification
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there, is no manslaughter. >> i don't think there is justification. >> somebody slamming the head into the ground. >> what is the evidence to support what you are saying. >> when you see things that don't make sense, you see lies, you have to wonder why, you put it together with the other pieces and i believe he was being followed. >> we haven't seen -- >> no proof. >> where are you lies? >> i'll start to go over them? you think that trayvon -- >> when we come back, we'll get to the issue of lies and more from the courtroom. more from george zimmerman in his own words as we examine a portion of the exclusive interview with the man who was accused of murder. >> maybe he afraid of you? >> no. >> why do you think he was running then? >> well, maybe -- >> you said he was running. >> like skipping, going away
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quickly. but he wasn't running out of fear. >> and, later, chaos on the streets of cairo, as violent protesters have ordered egyptian president mohamed morsi to step down. who will fill the power vacuum. and tonight, help us select the video of the day. a sneak peek of option number one. a classic moment from the first ever obama supported beauty pageant. >> the obama administration pays women less than it does men? >> the obama administration does that? >> yeah. >> every time i hear about this guy, i'm going to be sorry for voting for him. (annouer) scot trr ients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help.
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folks have suffered from frequent heartburn. but getting heartburn and then treating day after day is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. welcome back to "hahn it'n"" today, the interviews that vest gators conducted with george
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zimmerman to focus on discrepancies on his accounts. i asked george about this last summer. this is what he told me. he's running, said that to dispatch. any chance in retrospect as you look back on that night, what happened. and the nation paying a lot of attention to this, try to maybe get into the mind-set. we also have learned that trayvon was speaking with his girlfriend supposedly at the time, maybe he was afraid of you, didn't know who you were ? >> no. >> you don't think that -- why do you think he was running then? >> well, maybe said running, but he was more -- >> you said he was running. >> yes. he was like skipping, going away quickly, but that he wasn't running out of fear. >> you could tell the difference? >> he wasn't running. he wasn't -- >> he wasn't actually running. >> no, sir. >> that's what you said to the dispatcher, you thought he was running. let me ask you this.
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we can hear the unbuckling of the seat belt. opening the car door, and the dispatch asks you at this point and this became a very key moment that everyone in the media focused on and the dispatcher asked you, are you following him? and you said yes. explain that. >> i meant that i was going in the same direction as him, to keep an eye on him so i could tell police where he was going, not that i was actually pursuing him. a quigg programming note. tune in wednesday night, 9:00 p.m. on "hannity." the full interview i did with george zimmerman in july of last year. let's get back to fox 35 orlando, pete and anna. the lead detective said that george zimmerman today was consistent and truthful. watch the truthful part. >> the fact that george
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zimmerman said to you, thank god, i hope somebody did videotape the whole event, what did that statement indicate to you? >> either he was telling the truth, or he was a complete pathological liar, one of the two. >> okay. now let's look at overall, anything else in this case where you got the insight he might be a pathological liar? >> no. >> in fact, everything he told you to date is corroborated by other evidence that you are aware of in the investigation that he was unaware of? >> correct. >> what do you do when the lead investigator says he is consistent and he tells the truth? >> you remind the jury it's up to them and not the lead investigator, and if you look at the different interviews today, you saw the demeanor of the detectives evolve. they are confronting him with different things that didn't
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make sense, talking about things that are lies, not everything that says is a lie. i don't think he went in with the intent to kill this kid, but what he didn't tell the truth about are things such as is he getting out of his car to follow him. he's not going to look at an address. >> he later says he's going back to his car and he's jumped by trayvon martin. >> but he's consistent. >> just because are you consistent doesn't mean you are telling the truth. >> do you have evidence? >> sure. the reason he doesn't say is he's going back to the car is because he's following him. you but that with ms. jeantel, a lot of issues, but i believe her, evidence about that. >> let me go to a big point that came out today. he said before he knew there was ever a recording of his voice screaming, he said to the police he was screaming help, help, help.
6:18 pm
does that help his credibility, peter? >> oh, sure. different accounts, up to 50 times he's screaming for help. i'm still focusing on this notion they are lies. waited for ana to expose some. haven't exposed any. talks about induction, logic, maybe we've even talked about common sense, though not a lot of it in terms of actual evidence. the evidence we've heard so far is consistent with self-defense, and the issue becomes how far do you have to come near death in order to act in self-defense? and was it commence rate with the risk that he was facing at this time? now, he's made clear that he is afraid, and i think he did to you, he would go unconscious. and he said his head was being banged on the ground repeatedly. no objective standard in the state of florida about how much pressure per square inch should be placed on your head as it is
6:19 pm
slammed on the ground. >> and his injuries are consistent with what he is saying. >> there is lacerations on the back of the head, black and blues, marks on his body. not such marks on mr. martin. there is no witness that says that mr. martin was below. the evidence shows that mr. zimmerman was below and was the victim of the pummelling. >> one last word from valerie, if i can. the standard of proof is on the prosecution in this case. after the testimony of that one eyewitness last week, that is a very high bar to overcome at this point, in terms of reasonable doubt. what is the consensus among those in the courtroom? >> i think the consensus right now is the prosecutions have a lot of work to do ahead of them, also, going back to him, george zimmerman changing his story, he said in recordings, i have a bad memory and by the way, when he did say that, tracy martin,
6:20 pm
trayvon martin's father, shaking his head like that. but he said i do have a bad memory and some of the stories do keep on changing. >> we're looking at small details here and i think the big picture is an eyewitness, ground and pound, fists going down. that's hard to overcome. >> you have to look at it together. no witness corroborates that his head was pummeled into the ground, no witness that he had a hand over his mouth this is a very technical case and question of degree, but if he didn't feel reasonably he was in fear of death that makes him culpable. >> the witness corroborates the swing, the fact that mr. zimmerman was down on the ground for a prolonged period of time. >> all right. i think as of now, i don't see how the prosecution meets that standard of reasonable doubt. i don't see it. >> okay. >> we'll watch and see. coming up next, more analysis on the george zimmerman trail, and
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yes. >> and he said he did need
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medical treatment? >> he said that he didn't from what i recall when i first walked into the room. later on in the interview he said he was not sure. >> and did you discuss that with him in terms of providing him an opportunity if so desired to get medical treatment? >> yes. >> did he decline that? >> yes. >> did he complain of an injury, headache, i can't think, i'm in pain, ever express that to you? >> no, he never said those things in that way. >> that was detective for is a attempts to minimize the seriousness of zimmerman's injuries, questions being raised about how much injury is required before self-defense is justified. two statutes in florida is justifiable use of deadly force, which states the use of deadly force is lawful when a person is
6:26 pm
resisting any attempt to murder such person or commit any felony upon him. the second use of force in defense of person states a person is justified in the use of deadly force if he or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bod i will ha-- bodily harm. we have anna young and rod wheeler. rod, the second part of that, great bodily harm, imminent death. it seems that standard has been met here unless the prosecution is hiding something, going to spring something upon us. tell me i'm wrong? >> i think at this point, sean, are you correct. you look at the evidence presented up to this point, i haven't heard the convincing -- the clear and convincing evidence that george zimmerman actually committed a crime. however, if you look at the second part of that law, that self-defense law, makes it clear, sean, you cannot put yourself in a position whereby
6:27 pm
you have to use deadly force. so in other words, you can't start a fight, pick a fight and because are you losing the fight, now you got to pull your gun. it doesn't work that way. >> the jury heard which is amazing, because by introducing that tape, the jury heard george zimmerman in his own words say he was walking back to the car, and he got hit blindsided and he would lose consciousness. all the other things. >> that's right. they heard version three. >> i'm sorry, go ahead. go ahead. >> what i wanted to say, sean, and rod, the issue is not what actual injury george zimmerman sustained, but his reasonable belief at the time did he reasonably believe that he needed to defend himself against imminent harm or death. the problem with what the prosecution is doing right now, there has to be some sort of checklist. broken nose, broken jaw, you can
6:28 pm
claim self-defense. broken nose and lacerations on the head, you can't. that's not the issue. what was his state of mind, did he reasonably believe at the time that he pulled the trigger that he needed to use that force to defend himself against imminent bodily harm or death? >> wasn't that achieved, though, anna, with the testimony of one eyewitness in this case on friday? >> i hear you on that sean. with the witness saying that, it was achieved. but by virtue of the prosecution introducing george zimmerman's own statement during their case in chief, it just bolsters what he's saying from the beginning which is i needed help. i needed help. someone, please, help me. he said it 14 times. >> anna, let me just add. >> apparently, my interview, i am told from my sources on the ground, they will play my interview tomorrow, and, again, under no scenario is george zimmerman going to be testifying
6:29 pm
in this trial anymore. he got his testimony in with no cross. >> are you exactly right, sean. >> i totally agree with you. >> sean, your interview will be version five of four interviews we've heard so far and that's the strategy that the prosecution is going to use. clearly trying to show that everything this guy has said changed three or four times, only route going down at this point. clearly this case is not a case of second degree murder. >> they might get -- minute differences, but the main story remains the same and has been totally consistent throughout. that's what is -- >> that's what the detective said today, what the detective said today, just because there is minor inconsistency doesn't mean someone is lying, one of the most crucial pieces of evidence today when detective cerino testified that he believed him to be telling the truth. he said either he's a pathological liar or telling the truth.
6:30 pm
and those minor inconsistencies aren't going to deface and believe george zimmerman is a liar. >> and he said that he told the truth and that he was consistent. >> that's not unusual, guys. anna, you know yourself as a former prosecutor, a lot of times we will get suspects in, and very consistent, especially if they are a pathological liar, so you can't really say that's edd in and of itself. again, i don't think the prosecution has clearly made their case, i think there is more evidence that comes along. have to be fair to zimmerman, but we also have to be fair to trayvon. >> let me say this. if this case were to end today, trial ends today, i think it would be a not guilty verdict based upon law and evidence, and if i'm the prosecutor, i wouldn't introduce these statements, that means he is not going to testify. >> i think they would be nuts to let him testify. >> absolutely. >> i agree with that too, sean. >> only downhill from there. he got his full statement in, and if they run the interview with me tomorrow, as i'm told
6:31 pm
they will. i think whatever "minor inconsistencies that they found, i think the big picture story stays the same. any of you disagree on that? >> i completely agree with you, sean. if i'm the prosecutor in this case, i'm questioning that tactic. why would you introduce these statements? he's not going to testify. and trust me, when i was a prosecutor, i was salivating, champing at the bit to cross-examine defenses. >> real quickly, anna. it depends on how much weight you put into the multiple stories he has given, coupled with the fact that there is other evidence, physical evidence, all of that, the totality of that is what they have to look at. >> yeah, i -- >> it's going to be an uphill battle for the prosecution. >> it's uphill vertical and 500 miles. not going to happen. all right, guys. good to see you. up next, live update on the serious situation unfolding in egypt. protestors demanding the
6:32 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." it pains me to say this. we warned you this would happen. protests in egypt. millions demanding morsi step down. this on the first anniversary since he was elecelected. mobs of people made their way into the muslim brotherhood building. morsi has failed to tackle economic and security problems. he is vowing not to give up his post. the military is giving morsi "two days to meet with the people's demands." if that doesn't happen, they will intervene. let's see how the white house has backed him in recent months.
6:37 pm
he is a 9/11 truther. referred to israelis as the descendents of apes and pigs. and john kerry met with morsi, and announced he would get $190 million in aid. and that's chump change to the money we have already given. we are slated to give the regime more than $1.6 billion and vowed to give the egyptians 20 american f-16s and abrams tanks. he spoke to president obama over the phone. at this time, not sure what was said. here, president of the american together foundation, matt gous and also blogger pam geller. we're sending over riot experts and teargas canisters to support the muslim brotherhood radical extremist? >> obama spent 140,000 teargas
6:38 pm
cannisters, committed himself to the muslim brotherhood government against the democratic forces. this is a huge repudiation of the muslim brotherhood and the united states and obama should be repudiating the muslim brotherhood and side with freedom, we're not seeing that. notice his tepid comment today, he merely urged restraint, 20 million people signed a grassroots petition. only 13 million voted for morsi. 22 million signed a petition to outst morsi. to be on the wrong side of history will place us in a bad place in history when the next government takes place. >> obama paid the way for this. and you told me when i told you the brotherhood would be in power that i was wrong. do you think it's right for the president of the united states
6:39 pm
to give money, f-16s and tanks to a guy who views israelis as descendents from apes and pigs. >> i think he's doing that to keep peace. it's really protection money. i think it's wrong to give money to egypt when they are not complying. morsi has got to go. president obama should hold himself and let people decide. let the phone station, let them pull this guy down. military has given him 448 hours, he's got ten hours left. they will take action, and i think the military doesn't really want to rule, neither the public, morsi wants military rule, but they may not have any choice. morsi is a dictator kind of guy, kind of a bully. >> he's an islamic extremist much let's call him what he is.
6:40 pm
an islam an islamic extremist. >> i'm a muslim. >> muslim brotherhood, a terror organization, and he referred to the israelis as descendents of apes and pigs. the united states of america should not be supporting him. why would you not agree with that? >> i'm agreeing with you. we should not we supporting him. we should hold ourselves down and let the public make the decision that he should come down. step down. >> morsi's aid told "the guardian" no change will be made without the sanction of the. he is confident. morsi is koft that nothing will happen. obama won't side with the protesters. this is very dangerous. consistently on the side of jihadic islamic supremacist regimes, whether it was libya, egypt, a consistent anti freedom policy. >> let me ask, what happened. you were supposed to go to the -- to great britain.
6:41 pm
what happened? you got banned by great britain? >> i was banned by great britain. i was supposed to lay a wreath at the side of the fwrisly beheading. lee rigby, slaughtered in a public street by jihadists, i was banned because "my appearance would not be conducive to the public good." i submit to you, sean, that it would be conducive to public good. there have been preachers -- >> adam chowdery lives there. >> they just let in someone who says they should smash the skulls of infidels. in london, over and over we see this, and this is our ally, the nation of the -- >> go ahead. >> i agree with pamela. there should be freedom of speech, and there should not
6:42 pm
stop her from going and speaking there. >> may i ask something. last week on another show, awe excused me of causing the death of a person in the subway system. that was patently untrue, you you owe me an apology. you blamed my ads. they haven't run in the subway. i know essentially you are dying to apologize to me, so i'll give you the opportunity to do just that. >> not at all, pamela. in fact, your ads went up, and last september, i was on fox news when the ads were shown, and i mentioned the danger of those ads. someone walks in -- >> wait a minute. >> he was slaughtered. >> why are you accusing you of killing somebody. >> i am not accusing of her. yes, you did. >> posters cause danger and there was a guy who got killed. >> my ads said nothing about
6:43 pm
muslims, about islam. any war between the civilized man and savage, you support the civilized man. defeat jihad. are you supporting jihad? >> i don't support jihad. >> we're in agreement. you owe me an apology. >> you owe an apology to those who hurt. >> you are saying the truth hurts people. you see how irrational your logic is? >> truth doesn't hurt people. >> if you don't support jihad, you support my ads, that's it, plain and simple. no islam in my ads and no muslim. >> black and white -- the world is not black and white. >> answer the question. >> you can't be that simplistic. >> how dare you accuse me of murder and don't bring up the fact that a devout muslim threw subway train. you didn't bring that up. >> we talked about it. >> he's done it yet again. father of the year candidate,
6:44 pm
alec baldwin a hate-filled homophobic meltdown on twitter. where is the outrage? what if a conservative said the things he said. debate the double standard, next. logon to leave your comments, cast your vote for video of the day. we'll continue. d a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card.
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welcome back to "hannity." it appears he cannot help himself. liberal loud mouth alec baldwin put his foot in his mouth again. the left-wing actor and his wife, hilaria atteed the funeral of james gandolfini, and the daily mail incorrectly reported that mrs. baldwin was tweeting during the funeral. and he responded, my wife and i attend a funeral to pay our respects and some toxic brit writes this [ bleep ]ing trash. i would put my foot up your [ bleep ]ing [ bleep ] george stark, but i'm sure you had dig it too much. i am going to find you, george
6:49 pm
stark, you toxic little queen, and i'm going to [ bleep ] you up. so it didn't sit so well and even some of baldwin's friends say they were anti gay. this is just the latest of baldwin being himself. unhinged. we have tamara holder and no el mcport. good to see you. going to defend him? >> yes. >> take your finger out of my face, or i will break it off of your hand. >> that's my billy cunningham. >> yes, you know what happened to him. what he said is absolutely inappropriate about the guy being a queen. but what is the obsession. >> more than that. that he would enjoy certain -- >> that isn't anti gay. >> saying it to mock? >> people say that when they get angry. let me finish my point. the press out to get alec baldwin and his wife. some guy sued her because he went flying out of his yoga pose
6:50 pm
and couldn't stand in a hand stand or whatever it was. and then the press is after him on the streets, and he's there to protect his pregnant wife and now they are tweeting about her, at a funeral? come on. >> he started the rant and -- didn't mean to point, and he -- >> thank you. >> and they should. the gay community, i stand with anderson cooper on this. he was wrong to do this. if sean hannity had tweeted something like that, the same words that alec baldwin, wouldn't the media be all over sean hannity. >> why are you rolling your eyes? >> sean hannity is the biggest show on cable tv and the media is all over on alec baldwin. >> he's a big media star on "30 rock." >> rush limbaugh doesn't get a pass. no repercussions for a liberal. if i did it, a huge price for me to pay. >> let's see. why don't you make an antigay
6:51 pm
statement. >> i don't talk like that and i'm not enraged. >> what if somebody was attacking your wife. >> nobody was attacking his wife. >> why are they obsessed with the funeral? why? >> he calls his daughter a rude thoughtless little pig, multiple inciden inciden incidents grabbing a photographer, wanted to play words with friends, the plane had to go back. >> the guy is a jerk, obviously he's a jerk. why does the press go after him? it's like taunting him. >> why does his pr agent not tell him to stop using social media. don't have a twitter account. take it away. >> let's go to anderson cooper's tweet about baldwin. why does alec baldwin get a pass when he uses gay slurs? if a conservative talked of beating up a queen, they would
6:52 pm
be vilified. >> when i got that tweet, i told anderson cooper on my twitter account, that i told him i agreed with him. >> i definitely agree with him. >> let's take a trip down memory lane, because apparently have you selective moral outrage. him back in 2009, when he said about republicans, and he used his own little phrase. let's remind people. >> republicans have a way -- still haven't found their voice, anderson. this happened to a minority party after it lost a couple of bad elections. >> hard to talk when you are tea bagging. david gergen, appreciate it very much. >> why are you laughing? >> why are the republicans so sensitive? it's a funny phrase. tea bagger, not gay, anti gay, anti stray, whatever. >> do you know what it means? >> yes. i do. why don't you explain, sean. >> it's a family show.
6:53 pm
go ahead. >> why don't you explain? >> i don't know. don't know what that means. i think it was a faux pas. there is a different between a faux pas and the difference of someone having an out and out rant. he said -- >> tea bagger was an accident? >> when the tea party first came about, they accidentally would say tea baggers. i can't believe i am actually -- >> this is really your excuse? >> i think anderson cooper had a point to make and i think anderson cooper did -- when he said the tea bagger deal, he shouldn't have said that, and people were after him. >> he intentionally said that. let's be honest. >> who? >> anderson cooper. >> of course he did. let me be clear, i don't care what he says, and neither apparently does the rest of america. >> really? whose show is higher rated? >> i agree with what he said here, but the reason to make
6:54 pm
that attack against alec, he has to live up to his own standard. >> he does. absolutely does, and issued apologies for what he said in the past. >> who? >> anderson cooper. >> did he apologize for that? i didn't see it. >> i don't think anybody demanded one. >> demanded? >> are you demanding one? >> i don't demand apologies from everyone. >> i have to go. good to soo yee you both. up next, the video of the day. ♪
6:55 pm
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what you have chosen as video of the day, you are the obama supporter beauty pageant video. recently, obama supporters asked that very same beauty pageant contestants were recently asked. did they fare better? >> recent polls have shown that a fifth of americans cannot locate the u.s. on the world map. why is that? >> because they are against us. >> that's your answer? >> no maps. no research. not good enough maps. >> because -- yeah, what she said. >> in 40% of american families with children, women are the primary earners, but they
6:59 pm
continue to less men than men. what does that say? >> men can go and, you know what i'm saying, do more things and get more money, and the woman can do exactly what we're doing and still try and charge her less just for her position. >> the obama administration pays women less than the men. >> the obama administration does that? >> yeah. >> every time i hear about this guy i'll be sorry for voting for this guy. >> it's not good for women to be given less money. very unfair and very sexist. >> okay. and you are an obama supporter? >> i'm an obama supporter. >> and a prove this. what is the tattoo? couldn't figure it out from this distance. we're told, by the way, the interview that i had with george zimmerman, scheduled to be played at the zimmerman trail tomorrow. when that happens, we'll keep you posted. we'll air it wednesday night
7:00 pm
right here on fox news channel. we'll keep you posted on all the latest developments. let not your heart be troubled, greta in orlando tonight, standing by to go "on the record." we'll see you back tomorrow night. thank you for being with us. tonight, live in sanford, florida, right outside the courthouse, where a couple of hours ago the jury hearing what george zimmerman says happened the night trayvon martin was shot. >> walking back through to where my car was, and he jumped out from the bushes and said what the [ bleep ] is your problem, homie? i got my cell phone out to call 911 this time, and i said, man, i don't have a problem. and he said now have you a problem, and he punched me in the nose. >> the entire scuffle takes place. trayvon trying to keep him quiet. george is yelling, help, help, and he covers his mouth. at the time he removes the hand off the mouth, squirms


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