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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 10, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>>. >> neil: now we know, republicans are fighting to delay it. i'm talking about the individual mandate in the president's healthcare law. >> individual responsibility requirement is what it is called. >> it is mandated by the government. that is not individual liberty, that is individualism. >> like the government requires car insurance. >> late before a holiday weekend the administration on a blog post essentially whispers, this is not working, oops. this is a mess. >> and we don't know tomorrow. what the next shoe to drop? what else are they going to
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hold back on? >> i don't know how you can't conclude this a total fiasco. >> neil: so a switch for democrats to prevent it from getting blown up. welcome, i'm neil cavuto and a new poll finding 12% of americans wanted the individual mandate to kick in next year. that provision and healthcare law that would force americans to get health insurance or pay a fine. this after the white house made a similar provision for large employers. pennsylvania congressman mike kelly says is that not only not fair but the whole law ain't looking right. good to have you. it does seem to be imploding? >> it is unraveling before our eyes. we are watching it day after day and it doesn't make sense. i read some testimony and trying to figure out how in the world when i passed it how did they think it was going to work from day one.
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we are eliminating certain pieces and deciding what to enforce and not to enforce, what is palpable and what is not pa latdable. you know what, we thought it was good idea. we're going to work on this and we're going to repeal it holding it back pushes it to the back-burner. we need to get this pulled back off and replace with something that makes sense and is fair to the american people. isn't that what we want? >> neil: here is where some of your colleagues confuse me. i understand what you are saying. many of your colleagues was using the law itself as an excuse for not changing the law. once it is a law president has to effectively go back to you guys, congress, in delaying a key provision like the insurance mandated. now you seem to be saying, what you do for one you ought to do for the other. if you are going to delay
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it, you got to delay it for the workers. i'm confused. >> the law has been put in place. we know that. there are certain things we can do. we can defund certain parts to slow it down, but overwhelmingly more and more people this isn't going to work. now president did what he did and now we are looking at it so you can pick and chew choose. we're not going to enforce the employer mandate but the we are going to do the individual mandate. >> neil: so you are not going back to some of what the colleagues were saying yesterday. law says you can't do anything individual or employer mandate without going through us first? >> what i'm saying, suspend this whole process and let's go back and fix it. we have to do something to take care of healthcare in this country. we agree on that. this isn't the way. the way it's unraveling, it's drawing a wedge between the people and government. it destroys the trust
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people have. we have a responsibility to do something that makes sense that is fair to the american people. this is not fair. this doesn't have anything to do with republicans and democrats, this has to do with fairness and fulfilling our pledge to them. whatever the process is i know there is qufgh on this from time to time. we are looking at piece that is a law, president has chosen to not enforce one piece of it. there is an individual mandate that people overwhelmingly don't think they should have to be forced to follow it. >> neil: it all makes sense. congressman, thanks very much. >> thank you, neil. >> now to the woman who says she knows what the president is really up to. this mandate deal isn't about helping employers. it's about saving those pressures exchanges? >> that's right. this was a ploy to drive healthy, younger people, people who are working into the health insurance exchanges. that is what it does. this isn't a victimless
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crime, by the way. of course it tramples the constitution but it impacts ten million works and their dependents. they are uninsured or inadequately insured and their employers would be subject to the mandate. they would have gotten health insurance. now, they are between rock and hard place, they will have to find $95 penalty for being uninsured or have to go to the insurance exchange. that is what intended. kathleen sebelius tried to get the n.f.l. and n.b.a. and other sports group to lure young people to go to the exchanges. when they refused to show up for the health insurance exchanges they postponed the mandate giving ten million workers no choice. >> neil: it sounds like the exchanges are nowhere near to be up and running and this is acknowledgement of
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it of delaying the corporate mandate. >> in addition, the taxpayers are victims. delaying it for one year is going to cost $60 billion, $60 billion. it's the $10 billion in forgone employer penalties but in addition, every person that signs up for that subsidized exchange coverage is according to the cbo it will cost $4,820. even if only half of those ten million workers and their dependents sign up, you've got a bill of over $48 billion right there out of the $10 billion. do you realize that is cost of major federal programs like medicare drug program. with a snap of a finger they decided to get law and not enforce it. >> neil: i don't think this
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thing is going away. they may try to delay provisions or republicans may try to go back and forth to o ways to enforce. it's stuff a monster. it will be hard to unravel. there are provisions in there if coming from the younger workers or low age workers finding it too expensive sign up and very uninsured aren't signing up, there are ways they could sneak taxes on top of that. there are those provisions that will allow them to find or ways to raise money for this that we may not like? >> clearly this move, no one could argue this law is paid for. this is a real budget buster. >> neil: that wouldn't be the first time that happened? >> that that's true. >> but this is not the first time that the
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president has simply ignored the written law defining the constitution which part of the law he will enforce. i would think members of the house of representatives would call him to task for failing to observe his oath to uphold the constitution. >> neil: betsy, you have been all over this. she memorized this thing. >> section 1513, he has to enforce it. >> neil: don't even get me going. [ laughter ] >> neil: i'll be here all day. anyway, from a health care law to winding nsa scandal that may have i puking. not only is the agency snooping on america and europeans but latinos and others. and emails from latin america that were also targeted. judge napolitano is saying no way. what do you think of it?
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>> i make of it that the government is largely out of control. that is the government willingly ignores the constitution and frustrates federal law to give us the impression appearance that it is keeping us safe. it has given us this line which doesn't make sense but most americans accept it. well, i have nothing to hide so i don't care if they listen to me. if they are listening to me they are listening to the bad guys. if they are listening to the bad guys we'll be safe. you know what? it doesn't keep us safe. ask the people at the boston marathon. it tramples the constitution. it will turn us into east germany. in east germany at the very end before was liberated most frequently prosecuted crime was failure to report another crime. how did they know you knew about another crime and didn't report it? because they heard everything you said on the telephone and because they read your mail. do we really want that kind of society here?
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if we don't stop this, that is what is coming in. latin america, it's dumfound to go me they would do it. >> neil: i could see, tracking exchanges between them and the united states. ecuador and relations with the united states but its stretch even then? >> to suggest that they should listen to phone calls from people just on the basis of where they are sending the call without evidence that the receiver of the call is an evil person and the call may contain evidence. >> neil: what if they are just collecting records. the judge phoned a lot of people in caracas and they phoned him? >> would you trust them if they say, hey, neil, we have transcript email you have sent and tape of every phone call you have made, but trust us, we won't listen to them? >> neil: there are more
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surprises. i'm sure the calls to ireland and italy -- where does it end? >> it appears that the fisa courted has given the government everything they wanted. it's not compelled the government to distinguish or explain the likelihood that a call or a class of calls is likely to produce evidence of ill behavior. it is just that we need everything so if anything happens we can go back and figure it out. >> neil: your argument the next logical step? >> to start listening and reading it and looking for other things wrong so they can justify having it. does that keep us safe? is that the society we want? did any of us consent to that? is it authorized by the constitution? the answers to those questions are painfully obvious. >> neil: very well put. nsa are looking at those calls it was to a synagogue.
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♪ ♪ >> neil: better late than never. faa is cracking down on getting more experienced pilots even though it didn't have anything to do with this with the crash landing inside the san francisco airport. >> under new rules, copilots working for their certification will be spending a lot more time inside the cockpit. rather than 250 hours of flying time, first officers will now need at least 1500
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hours of experience and more training on specific aircraft. coming in response to a crash that happened in buffalo in 2009 and left 50 people dead. what is still unclear in the san francisco crash whether the pilots were continually monitoring their air speed as they tried to correct their approach which was off center and too low. investigators say they are relying on the automated throttle, a cruise control to maintain correct speed. they are trying to determine if the auto throttle malfunctioned and wasn't set properly and whether that contributed to the crash. flight 214 is now being cleared off the runway and new questions why the flight crew was not tested for drugs or alcohol. drug testing rules for foreign carriers vary. this is the first fatal airline disaster in the united states in nearly four years. and they predict air na will have to pay out
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millions to the survivors. several of them are paralyzed. the airlines ceo yesterday and he was mobbed by reporters and whisked away by san francisco police. he and other korean officials will be working closely with federal investigators as the investigation continues to move forward. we are awaiting another press briefing coming up at the top of the hour. >> neil: thank you very much. as i pointed out the pilots of flight 214 were never tested for drugs or alcohol. not that either appeared to have played a role in the crash but foreign airlines are not subject as u.s. carriers but if a plane lands here shouldn't it be subject to the rules here. attorney heather hanson says yes, attorney says no. you land here and the rules are the rules? >> absolutely if i were to get in a car accident in london they would test me for alcohol in london. if foreign tourist is here we test them for alcohol.
1:18 pm
they should be judged by the rules here. the people in the crew for rescue there was some question whether they had liability in the death of one. young ladies that died. they were test at the time for drugs and alcohol. >> what do you think? >> i think we shouldn't see imposing any new rules requiring foreign pilots to be tested. under the faa they can be tested. if not their license will be revoked. >> neil: but a foreign carrier and foreign pilot? >> under faa regulations. in this situation may have happened is the question may not have been expected. someone may have improvised but we have to be careful because we don't want to burden foreign pilots and then have to face the same burden when we go to their country. >> neil: it might be a moot point because it's not an issue in this crash. you argue if there is a risk that our pilots could
1:19 pm
face scrutiny in other countries, knew technique rules, what do you think? >> i expect something but they have rules and regulations they have to follow. with regard to the investigation, the country where the investigation occurs should be in charge of the investigation. therefore, we should be able to test these pilots just as if it was car accident here in america. i don't understand what the difference is. i don't understand, i understand the argument free market and we would be subjected go to different rules in different places but this is investigation in regard to a plane crash. >> and plane crash in nova scotia, canadian rules ruled. isn't that the case. wherever it occurs sets the rules even after the fact? >> yes, faa, guess what, we can subject you to alcohol
1:20 pm
and drug test. if you refuse we can revoke your license. >> neil: you say you don't have to make new rules to work under existing guidelines. that country's rules even retroactively? >> as heather pointed out there is conflicting stories as to whether or not the tests were done. the issue may be something somebody didn't expect the question at the time. >> that is another issue. n.t.s.b. has been extremely forthcoming, but the policy against it because of this. >> neil: that is another element. ladies, thank you very much. >> meanwhile, pass a wage hike and we'll take a hike. why walmart is prepared to tell you, see ya. ♪
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>>. >> neil: in washington and we are out of washington. walmart, council members are going to hike the minimum wage to 12.50 an hour at large retailers like walmart but it does seem to be localized. they will tear down plans to build three stores if it happens. fox business network's charles payne and elizabeth mcdonald. what do you think? >> local officials in d.c. have wanted a walmart for ten years because it cheap goods to the area, cheap groceries. not good groceries where walmart wants to build. there is no walmart in a nine mile raid are just. now, they are moving to say, walmart, listen you have to do a living wage because your workers are on the edge of poverty. $26,000 a year but the
1:25 pm
thing is, what they are overlooking, they bring economic development time and again. they bring other stores that create jobs. >> neil: i don't think they care about the customers or the revenues anyway. >> this is called the large retailer accountability act. anybody has the nerve to use accountability kills me. this is what liberals talk about. income and equality so the top fifth percent of washington, d.c. still, $190,000 a year. bottom fifth, $9,000 a year. even 8.50 you are going to make double in poverty. but this is the problem. poor and black people, when are they going to stand up and fight the politicians. ward 8. >> 94% black, 34% poverty rate. they need those jobs.
1:26 pm
if you don't tell the liberals you are not helping me, you get what you serve and that means no jobs. >> no jobs at other stores that other businesses if walmart didn't build there. i'm not an advocate on either side. i'm not advocating for or against wal-mart but i have seen economic development in burlington, vermont but this living wage has been defeated three times since 2005. i'm not sure it will pass the city council. >> neil: about if it was going to all across, all big box stores are going to have to pay it. this is really meant to target wal-mart. i don't want to be jaded but the fact that it's a non-union shop may have thing to grow. >> union grocers are exempt. this is specifically at walmart. but d.c. can afford it. they have 5.5% unemployment
1:27 pm
employment because federal spending doubled ten years. have you been down there lately. it looks like dubai. rich people are getting everybody's money from around the cooking. they are living high on the hog. top ten counties in the th country five of them is around d.c. high government and federal taxes except for the poorest people and they have nerve to talk about accountability and a walmart to foot the bill? it's ridiculous. >> d.c. has been a boom town for a while. the iron triangle, but your point is well taken about the jbls rated where walmart was going to build. the top officials in washington, d.c. have actually went out and woo'd walmart. we need the grocery that are affordable to sell. to say that the workers are underpaid at walmart, that has been an issue, with a living wage change.
1:28 pm
would it hurt job growth in the area, yes, if you have a wal-mart backing away. that is why they backed away from new york city because new york city tried to push forward a living wage too. >> neil: is eight bluff on walmart's part? >> no, it's not a bluff. this is big planet. there are three cities in china, it's a legitimate thing. these guys are destroying it. it's a steppingstone. >> why doesn't say the president, hey, raise your wages after the fact. let walmart build and then go in there, your wages should be better. i don't see why -- the other issue why should they be stepping in and dictated go to a company. >> you get a job at walmart. pride of earning your own income. >> and getting benefits. >> i'm still relatively poor in grand scheme of things but i have a job and i learn how to work.
1:29 pm
then maybe i can work myself you up the system called america. >> you and getting the health benefits too. >> neil: i've never seen one -- meanwhile, look at the dow this year. did this guy turn it upside-down by something he said this day?
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>>. >> neil: speaking is wall street worrying. right now folks are trying to figure out when the federal reserve will start cutting back on all that easy mean. charley says sooner if the economic numbers look good or better and best selling author bernanke will fine new plans if he cools it on the cash. when is that ever going to happen? >> i've been on this show and been on record i think the market made too much of it when he made statements suggested that maybe the end of the money printing, by the end of the year. i don't think it's going to come. i think ben bernanke is going to finish out his term. he will be out sometime end this year or early next year. president obama is going to person in there and they will look at economic numbers and see businesses are going to do okay. you got obamacare and all this other stuff that drags
1:34 pm
the economy. how do you slow down money printing. >> neil: how about if you curb it. $58 billion a month. the idea, you know what. if you cut it down to 57 or 70? >> there is a wealth effect by the market going up. if you want to dampen that wealth effect, that is big thing. >> neil: but it's artificial? >> it's still money. >> neil: but it's propped up? >> it do lead to massive deflation inflation. >> but the hinted next month to put a timetable on this? >> no. what is so bizarre about this. this is why, you know this a joke because what we do with the markets should be reflecting the real economy. they are reflecting whether the fed is going print money. remember, bernanke came out
1:35 pm
with a statement like tapering is coming out soon. next week, no, you are not going to do that. then the market went back up again. now today which made no sense. markets could figure out what they meant. some of them said maybe taper. >> neil: maybe is that is guy grand design to confuse people? >> i don't think so. i don't think they know. that is the answer right there. the market has no idea what he is talking about. >> neil: if he were to put a date or time line, it is going to 58 to 70 to 60 -- which he never would -- you would have something else? >> the other thing in his defense, he is saying, his m.o. was prevent another great depression. and following the financial crisis. so i think she worried that still might happen. this is very precarious economy made more
1:36 pm
precarious by president obama's economic policies, stimulus that didn't stimulate. you spend a lot of money and get little bang for the buck. obamacare and all stuff that drags the economy down. even in a good day we have 3% g.d.p. growth, that is pretty lookouts si. >> neil: but because what the feds are doing and this cushy relationship it is true to the circle of friends they look after each other? >> wall street has a huge circle of friends, inside trading, i would use another word but this is family station. >> neil: i'm glad you stopped. >> i have the sense of presence to do that. >> neil: i read a lot of business books, this is best one in years. last one was charlie's book. i'm not kidding. circle of friends. you got to read it. makes sense.
1:37 pm
>> oil prices, inventory is sinking. supply falling twice as expected. demand is ticking up which generally should be good news but list the prices on oil north of $106, but no, another new jersey democrat hitting a at chris christie's weight. didn't this guy prove fat chance that ever works. >> christie got off easy. if you didn't pay your taxes, ignore ethics laws would you agree with it. christie, one set of rules for himself and another for everyone else. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help.
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note. >> neil: for christie's sake, going after his weighted again. >> there is governor christie traveling to another political event. he has plenty of time for iowa.
1:41 pm
guess what? -- >> did you see that romney thing, wasn't that last year? the governor's challenge will hope they will eat this up but the real skinny, they really didn't care back then. fast chance they care now? >> neil, new jersey voters they know chris christie is fat but we like him. i think this is something as you mentioned that has been tried if before against kristi. she doesn't have a lot of money. democrats don't think she can win. one thing christie has to be careful on because he has been defensive on his weight before. this could be a baiting game. >> neil: i almost think that is what is going on. he does have a temper and let's know people how he feels. being from new jersey myself, there are a lot of frivolous people in new jersey -- i don't think that can go your way.
1:42 pm
what do you think of going for jugular and taking a cheap shot? both sides do it during campaigns but it wreaks of desperation she has to do something to touch his but the oftentimes and i think christie is not going to respond to this. if he does he is going to make a joke about it. sometimes he has joked about his weight effectively like on david letterman. >> neil: moot point but having said that, i think you are right. she wants to get a fight going here. where and how could she succeed? >> it all comes down to him. if he is able to be cool about it. not an issue. he can say listen, this is an issue i've dealt with. i had the surgery. i'm addressing it seriously but if he lashes back at her, that could lash back at him. >> neil: do you think whatever his popularity in
1:43 pm
new jersey, he is up by the polls, 30 points, that extends now because everybody thinks he has presidential ambitions and its blue state. he can click on the national level but he would have to first get by a conservative republican primary base that tends to have long memories about his friendship with the president? >> i think in a state like iowa it will be difficult for christie. if he is able to win by 20 points, it's about hillary clinton. >> neil: who do we have to beat her? >> i think christie can make convincing case, i can beat her. it's hit larry and no one else. he has to focus now on winning this race and winning it in a big way. >> neil: he is always walking a fine line. he was against the way gay
1:44 pm
marriage handle it but as much he wanted to the referendum to the people. it's the shades of gray saying, you are playing politics with us. >> i think christie's strong suit he can deal with his weaknesses, i think his style is effective. this is my sin, so be it. i'm not going to be wishy-washy like romney was. >> neil: a lot of those videos are year old or more? >> it's old footage and web only. >> neil: we shall watch very closely. bob, good seeing. >> you and school kids to to start eating green but instead they eat anything. ,
1:45 pm
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♪ >> my family when they cook vegetables, they were just like boil them. remember that? and they get all soft and mushy, nobody wants to eat a pea or buries el sprout because they tasted terrible. now, i actually like vegetables because they are prepared right. >> neil: he may like his vegetables but school kids do not so they have brought back the lis wiehl says they have but tanya says they have not. they are not giving up. >> no. far from giving up e we can't give up. this is too important. currently the statistics are staggering. what they are selling is that one out of three children in this country are either overweight. >> what failed here.
1:49 pm
cold turkey? >> what failed the kids weren't buying into it. portions were too small. they didn't like the food. they weren't eating it. >> because they were hungry. [ laughter ] >> this calorie restricted diet and they were also force fed this. you know how hard to make your kids eat the vegies. and tofu burger here and that means you can have a little hamburger beside it but coming in and forcing kids -- kids react against that. they will say if you tell me what to do i'm going to do the opposite. >> neil: i thought a lot of schools didn't have a choice. you could have the health choices were lousy? >> they weren't that lousy. it was, pasta and meatballs
1:50 pm
and these are actually foods that adults should be eating and kids should be eating. restriction, once again, this is incorrect. when i looked at the when i looked at the calories. incorrect. it's exceeding what kids need. >> something went wrong and the kids just bolted. >> because i think kids are used to the standard american diet which is overprocessed high in salt, high in fat and low on fiber. >> as a parent i can say this, when my kid's school started to offer more healthier fare they kept a lot of stuff there so that the kids can had exposures to other options. not that you should all go one option and just have rice krispie treats, although not bad for your kids but there were more options that could satisfy parents that felt they were being limited for their kids and those that wanted to provide other options. >> exactly. not force fed and having to go
1:51 pm
cold turkey on all. what happeneds is they say a we're hungry and b they offpted completely out of the program. we're talking about a lot of money here. >> what if they just prepared them poorly. there's a lot of healthy foods that can be prepared right but if you just throw steam beans on a plate. >> i want to stress the fact that the menu here had a ton of variety and the foods were not so healthy to the point that they were inedible. >> you might have looked at this stuff and said i can have this but these kids said no. this is hell. >> i'm a mother of three kids under the age of ten. as much as i know what my kids should be eating have to manage my children's expectations and what they want and what their friends were eating. so i'm looking at it first as a professional saying is this adequate nutrition? is the calories enough? is there enough balance. then i looked at knowing my three kids is this stuff they
1:52 pm
would eat? this is stuff we do have in the house and i do not overpolice my kids knowing that the one that are overpoliced go to their friends house. >> exactly. it's so strict. >> there is enough variety. >> whatever happens, they're losing 100 grand a pop trying to lose from this. something went wrong. what should they do to fix it. >> first, they could have a program like this but a variety. offer a variety of things. kids are people too. one day you want a hamburger. >> sure, string beans, arugula. >> that's how it works. >> the kids reacted so violently. they weren't eating food. >> because they were force fed. >> but they were not used to these foods. >> more reason then. >> for example in my house we have one bread and one bread only. it's wheat bread. it's not a choice of white or whole wheat. >> plus you police the shelves. they don't have nonsense home. >> this is where we have a huge responsibility. mothers are the gate keeper.
1:53 pm
>> maybe they should leave it there and not at the schools. >> i disagree. the schools have every right to get involved. >> no they don't. >> explain why. >> no they don't. >> they absolutely do. >> you're doing a great job with your kids. >> the schools are funded by the government, correct? therefore since the burden of the healthcare system falls on the government, the government has a responsibility to get involved and if you don't like the public schools home school your kids. this is what is offered within the schools. people get their feathers in a ruffle when the government sets the mandates whether it's on the size of the sodas. >> don't give up the fight. >> it's ridiculous. >> size of our sodas? just get more sodas. >> we don't know how to stop. >> moderation. >> everything in moderation. >> kids just want barbecue chips. >> a day. >> when we come back, do you ever get a letter from the irs? congress just sent them an even scarier letter right back.
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well, the irs won't cut employees for hassling taxpayers maybe cutting their funding will get them moving because nothing else appears to be working. when i heard i was thinking to myself so, it's a start. taking politics aside republicans seem to get it because the president wants to increase the irs budget by another billion dollars effectively rewarding them for all the messes, spying on conservative group thing, the individual donor thing, the commissioner pleading the 5th and getting paid as she sits and stews on leave. if heads aren't going to roll maybe it's time the irs roll in less cash. nothing else stops the guys. why not reign in the budget of these guys. nothing else is working. not a single worker fired. not a single worker so far as rebuked. an investigation two months in that's yet to question a single
1:58 pm
group targeted. an fbi director that couldn't remember the name of the person leading the investigation into the person that was targeted. cut the folks who cut us at the needs at their needs. it seems like common sense and it's reaction from the democratic congresswoman down right comical. look at this. >> what do you want to do? go around and give people a tin cup and collect money to pay for our police, our firefighters, our government, our capitol building. how do they expect to run this country? >> what? first of all congresswoman, this isn't about cutting pay for police or firefighters. stick to the topic. this is for cutting the budget at an agency now under fire. this is the irs. it's agents running amuck. tens of thousands of them not doing irs work but union work on our dime. i say cut the dimes, a lot of dimes and do it now. if the irs can do all the nonsense on a $13 billion budget
1:59 pm
he can do the same nonsense, just hopefully less nonsense on about a $10 billion budget. which is why we are so all over this irs mess tonight. after years of giving us the business, time to start giving the irs the business and forking over fewer taxpayer dollars to it's business. we're on it with a congressman that wants to get the cutting going and get it going now and one of the targeted tea partiers that says why not a chainsaw? forget trimming off the top. this partier wants to shut the irs down tonight. what are you going to be doing alt 8:00 p.m.? watching a fight? or saving your country? it's your call. be a patriot and watch the financial factor. do the right thing. i'm thinking to myself, self-they might not have fbn. what do you do?
2:00 pm
what do you do? then what do you do? >> caution. >> keep demanding it because we're here to help you, money-wise. you figure the rest out. see you tonight. hello everyone. i was reading something. it's 5:00 in the new york city and this is the five. >> well, two years ago tomorrow "the five" launched over 500 plus shows and we've only had a hand full of guests, barbara bush, sarah palin, donald trump, it's my pleasure to welcome the king of talk radio, it's limbaugh. welcome. before we get into the important news of the day, they spun a headline to make it look like you had an issue with fox new


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