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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 25, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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convicted. >> do you have any tattoos? >> absolutely not. no. >> we're a no tattoo zone. >> thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. "special report" is next. >> oh, my gosh, eric! it's not your average legal battle. the nation's top cop bucks the nation's top court. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. attorney general eric holder has his sights on texas. he's ignoring a major supreme court ruling that came down recently regarding the voting rights act and ticking off a lot of people in the process. senior correspondent eric sean has the story of the newest legal battle the department of justice is about to launch. >> reporter: one month after the supreme court rejected a part of the historic 1965 voting rights act that monitored elections in
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mostly southern states, u.s. attorney general eric holder did the opposite. he announced the justice department is targeting texas, trying to force the state to get federal approval for any changes in its voting laws over the next decade. holder spoke at the annual national urban league convention in philadelphia. >> it is the duty of today's justice department to continue monitoring jurisdictions around the country for changes that may hamper these voting rights. >> reporter: last month just hours after the supreme court ruling, texas became the first state to react by immediately implementing its new voter i.d. law. but holder cited another court decision that found the texas legislature's congressional redistricting plan discriminated against latino voters. >> in that ruling, the court noted that the parties, and i quote, this is what the court said, the parties provided more evidence of discriminatory intent than we have space or need to address here. this is a federal court that said that. >> reporter: in texas, reaction
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was sharp. republican governor rick perry branded holder's move as an end run around the supreme court. he said, quote, once again the obama administration is demonstrating utter contempt for our country's system of checks and balances, not to mention the u.s. constitution. and republican senator john cornyn accused the white house of bullying his state. not to protect voters, but for partisan political purposes. >> part of the long-term strategy of this administration is to try to turn texas blue. and so they are engaging in this kind of bogus political activity to try to raise concerns with regard to things like minority voting that simply aren't supported by the evidence. and i think this is to create a false impression that somehow minority rights are not being protected, which they are. >> reporter: texas republican senator texd cruz was also critical, accusing the attorney general of politicizing the justice department.
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he said holder's refusal to accept the judgment of the u.s. supreme court regarding preclearance continues the department's long standing pattern of refusing to follow the law. the controversial use and voter fraud group went even further. it promises legal action. it says this is the same justice department that criminalizes journalism and fails to prosecute irs agents. as for mr. holder, he promises even more actions on voting issues in other states. bret. >> eric live in philadelphia. thank you. it is day two in president obama's campaign style pivot to get the focus back on the u.s. economy and not on what the administration continues to call phony scandals. the results and the reaction so far do not appear too promising. here's chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> we've begun to lay a new foundation for stronger, more durable, more sustainable economic growth. >> reporter: day two of president obama's latest push on the economy and the early reviews are already in.
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the president's hometown paper, the "chicago tribune" declaring that in the illinois city where he launched this series of speeches, there are few signs of recovery and residents are struggling to rebound. >> the speech turned out to be all sizzle and no steak. that's assuming there is any sizzle left. >> reporter: today in florida the president repeated yesterday's talking points about wanting to shift the focus away from what he calls phony scandals. though in jacksonville he was greeted by a couple of dozen protesters with signs marked phony president, while others referred to the controversies over the irs and benghazi. >> the point is with an endless distraction of political posturing and phony scandals and lord knows what, washington keeps taking its eye off the ball. and that needs to stop. >> reporter: top administration officials will not say what the president hopes to gain from these speeches in terms of specific legislative results.
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instead they say he wants to change the conversation ahead of potentially bruising budget fights this fall that could include a possible government shutdown and another clash over raising the debt ceiling. >> unfortunately over the past couple of years in particular, washington hasn't just ignored the problem, a lot of times it's made things worse. >> reporter: at the start of this year republicans threatened to hold up raising the debt ceiling unless they got more spending cuts. they backed down as the president was riding high after his inauguration, though now his numbers are coming down. in december the president's approval rating among independents stood at 46%. it has now dropped to 25% in the latest fox news poll. at this point in his own second term that was rocky over the iraq war, then president george w. bush's rating among independents was 44%, 19 points above where mr. obama is now. perhaps one reason why republicans were emboldened earlier this week to issue new threats. >> we're not going to raise the debt ceiling without real cuts
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in spending. it's as simple as that. >> reporter: officials here say they simply will not negotiate with republicans on the debt ceiling because those talks spooked the markets and hurt the economy, which is why the president today declared if the republicans don't want to pay the nation's bills, they're deadbeats. a sign we're headed for a big showdown. >> here we go again. thank you, ed. 40% self identified as democrats in this latest poll, 34% republican, 22% independent or other and 3% as don't know or wouldn't say. on wall street today stocks were up. the dow was up 13, the s&p 500 added 4, the nasdaq gained 26. in washington, when numbers are your friend, you point to them. and when they aren't, you ignore them. that seems to be the case again with a new report from the nonpartisan congressional budget office that looks at the sequester. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has
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details. >> reporter: a new analysis from the congressional budget office estimates if sequestration is eliminated the rest of this fiscal year and next year shall 900,000 jobs will be created and gdp will be boosted. senate budget committee republican roger wicker says smarter cuts are fine but is skeptical of the predictions. >> not only would it not go to those jobs but also it's not going to happen. if there's one thing that we're committed to, we're committed to keeping the overall budget savings that were negotiated in the budget control act. and to lose that would be to lose everything we worked for. >> reporter: critics note this is the same cbo that predicted president obama's 2009 stimulus package would produce three million jobs and fell short. ahead of the budget office release, leading democrats talked about the effect of the sequester. >> the sequester was an economic punch to the cut for transportation, housing and development programs. >> reporter: while the cuts have had an impact on people in terms of furloughs and some reduced
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benefits, experts say they have not led to the predicted massive breakdowns in critical services. though democratic senator patty murray held out hope that congress will stop the cuts. >> the impacts of sequestration, like the furloughs of 650,000 defense workers now, keep piling up, the pressure is going to grow among republicans to come to the table. >> reporter: about that jobs prediction, some leading republicans say employers are reluctant to hire with obama care on the horizon, and they know part-time employment is the growth area. bret? >> mike, thank you. in our latest "it's all your money" segment, since the worst of the financial crisis, belt tightening has become popular again with individuals and families. most by necessity with fewer dollars coming in, less can be spent on frivolous things. but it's been a self-imposed necessity. a choice. well, now in california, those already struggling to get by may
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be forced, forced to live with even less now in hopes of having more in the future. we explain. >> thinking about retirement, they're thinking about today and i need my money to eat today, not to retire with. >> reporter: the california solution, force employers who don't offer retirement plans to withhold 3% of every worker's paycheck. >> mentally, it's a lot easier to put the money away before you touch it, before you can even spend it. >> reporter: managed by the state, the new pool of money would deliver a meager, though guaranteed, rate of return. >> what is promised in the bill is not possible to deliver. if you could deliver guaranteed returns with less than 1% cost, no employer liability, no government liability, that's a fantasy. >> reporter: supporters disagree, arguing an insurance policy can guarantee treasury bill type returns. >> i think we can fix it by making it easier for people to
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spend less and save more. >> reporter: savings that will pay dividends for the millions trying to get by on $14,000 a year. that's the average annual social security income of a california retiree. >> most people can't save money, and then to save it for when you're retired is very hard. it's like saving it for 50 years. >> reporter: businesses oppose the plan for several reasons. one, employers who fail to comply will be fined $250 per worker. they also fear the state will require them to match the employee contribution, as many large corporations do now. >> it just becomes another opportunity for liability, another opportunity for a lawsuit and yet another burden that we're placing on the employer. >> reporter: currently, 62% of private sector workers do not participate in their employer's retirement plan. the state wants to reduce that figure by requiring universal automatic enrollment for everyone. now, employees can periodically
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opt out, but the state predicts most will not. the plan still needs irs approval, bret. but california hopes to get this off the ground in the next two years. >> okay, william, thank you. if it happens in california, could it happen elsewhere? what do you make of california's plan forcing people to save for retirement. let me know on twitter. sac capital advisers, the hedge fund operated by steven cohen, was hit with white collar criminal charges today. it's accused of making hundreds of millions of dollars illegally. a related government lawsuit, meanwhile, said insider trading was pervasive and unprecedented at the firm. cohen himself wasn't named as a defendant in the criminal case, but the charges could threaten to topple the firm he foundinged. sac says it has never encouraged, promoted or tolerated insider trading and takes its compliance and management obligations seriously. those who admit they broke the law don't reflect the company's
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values. more turmoil in egypt after the overthrow of the country's president. so what is next in cairo and will the u.s. help or not? but first a live look from kttv from our affiliate in los angeles. the big story out there tonight, a comedian who unleashed what's being described as a racist standup routine at the l.a. county sheriff's day luncheon yesterday. kttv is also watching a surfing competition in huntington beach. surf's up out there. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. members of the american postal worker's union handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? not a single cent. the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars. it's funded solely by stamps and postage.
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a major train derailment in spain last night tops our world headlines. it's believed the crash happened because this train was going too fast around a turn underneath a bridge. take a look at that video. at least 80 people died, dozens more remain hospitalized, as you
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see it coming off the tracks. spain's government said two probes have been launched into what is the deadliest train wreck in that country in four decades. we told you yesterday about president obama's plan to hold off on sending f-16s to egypt. today more trouble in egypt between the army and the muslim brotherhood. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has that story from the pentagon. >> reporter: egyptians are bracing for violence after the egyptian army chief called for pro-military protests after friday prayers. >> the truth is it's all a bit frightening. the presence of weaponweapons, intimidation, fear. >> reporter: the interim egyptian government is trying to halt pro-muslim brotherhood rallies that have been growing this week as islamists call for the release of former egyptian president mohamed morsi, whose family says has been kidnapped by the army.
3:17 pm
pro-army groups issued this call to arms. >> translator: the egyptian people are invited to protect and complete the achievement of the egyptian revolution and support the military forces in its holy war against terrorism. >> reporter: egypt's army chief called for mass protests friday to, quote, put an end to violence and terrorism. more than 100 egyptians have been killed this month during increased clashes between the muslim brotherhood and the security forces. shortly after the general spoke, the white house and pentagon announced it would delay sending four f-16 fighter jets to egypt, but u.s. official sources tell fox the egyptians believe they will get the weapons eventually. the pronouncement came as the administration tried to convince congress not to cut off all u.s. aid to egypt at this delicate time in egypt's transition. >> as we have said repeatedly that we do not believe it would be in the best interests of the united states to immediately change all of our assistance to egypt. >> reporter: the administration
3:18 pm
told congress today it does not consider president morsi's ouster a coup. >> we should try to exercise the influence that we have to shape the direction that egypt takes. we have a huge stake in how egypt evolves. >> if we do suspend the aid, it's not going to fundamentally make a difference in terms of the political calculations that the military or anybody else is making at this moment of crisis. >> reporter: meanwhile, william burns, the state department's number two official, held closed door briefings with key members of the house and senate defense, intelligence and appropriations committees to explain why the u.s. needs to stay engaged in egypt and not cut off aid. senator bob corker came out of that briefing and said that the administration as of now has not yet determined whether or not a coup took place in egypt. >> jennifer, thank you. the mother of one of the four americans killed in the benghazi terror attack last september, shawn smith, was asked about a familiar refrain that the obama administration has been repeating in the last
3:19 pm
few days about phony scandals. here's patricia smith from "your world with neil cavuto" today. >> it's not fake, my son is dead. why is he dead? all i'm waiting for even to this date is for someone to get back to me and tell me what happened. why did hillary do what she did? why was there no security there when there was supposed to be? and who was the general or whoever it was that called back the troops when they were going to help. >> still ahead, a big day for the hope on his tour of the world's most populous catholic country. first, closing arguments in the case for accused wiki leaker, bradley manning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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given all the drama surrounding the nsa leak case
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and edward snowden's terminal lifestyle in russia, it's easy to forget about the other major leak case. closing arguments are going on right now in the case surrounding army first class -- army private first class bradley manning and wikileaks. correspondent peter doocy is at ft. meade with more. >> reporter: this 25-year-old wanted to be famous. that's why prosecutors said today army private first class bradley manning turned on the united states and pledged a new allegiance to julian assange, the founder of wikileaks. major ashton fine argued that manning wasn't interested in oaths, obligations or simple acknowledgements that he would protect closely held information. he was interested in making a name for himself. one person who apparently wanted access to the files manning leaked was osama bin laden. prosecutors earlier this month provided evidence that when navy s.e.a.l.s raided bin laden's compound, they found a letter from the al qaeda leader to wikileaks asking for
3:24 pm
information. pru prosecutors argued that because manning excelled as an intelligence analyst, he knew the files he leaked would reach america's enemies. saying, quote, manning spent hours searching for topics that only related to one mission, finding and disclosing what wikileaks wanted. he was not a naive soldier. manning's team will present their closing arguments next. lawyers previously defended the private first class by denying he acted criminally, saying instead he was a thoughtful and select selective activist and he had access to hundreds of millions of documents and these were the documents that he released. and he released these documents because he was hoping to make the world a better place. the defense also called on a harvard law professor before resting their case earlier this month to explain the ways he believes wikileaks serves a journalistic purpose and that, quote, it's a clear distinct component of what in the history of journalism we see as high
3:25 pm
points. if private first class manning is found guilty of all the charges against him, he could spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. there is no jury in this military trial, so one judge will decide the verdict, but we don't yet have a timetable on how long she plans to deliberate for. bret. >> peter doocy live at ft. meade. peter, thank you. another day, another revelation by scandal-prone new york mayoral candidate anthony weiner. today we learned he exchanged lewd mess annuals with up to three women after resigning from congress. he insists it has stopped and he's vowed to stay in the race. however, a new poll suggests the new disclosures are taking a toll on his mayoral prospects. the lewd texts have dominated coverage, but the woman standing by her man, huma abedin is facing controversies of her own.
3:26 pm
>> reporter: her husband's indiscretions are now the butt of nonstop late night jokes. >> i have said that other texts and photos were likely to come out and today they have. >> so hold on, let me get this straight. you're spinning this by saying, see, i was right all along. >> reporter: but the public humiliation of her husband may be the least of huma abedin's problems. on june 13th senator john grassley wrote her and john kerry asking why abedin was granted status as a special government employee after the birth of her son, a tieltle tha allowed her to work from home earning $135,000 as a government employee, while also earning $355,000 a year as a consultant for teneo. who authorized her change in status, what effect did that change have on her security clearances, did the department interact with the companies that she consulted with.
3:27 pm
grassley's office gave fox news the written responses sent to him from the state department and from abedin. she wrote that as a consultant she was not asked nor did she provide insights about the department, my work with the secretary or any government information to which i may have had access. the department wrote it uses special government employees to provide services and expertise that executive agencies require. grassley says neither response provided a single document that i requested. >> if this story pans out that huma was actually -- had access to inside information while serving as a government official but at the same time serving as a strategic consultant to a firm that actively trades in the stock market, this could be quite a problem. >> reporter: huma abedin's split role as a state department employee and political consultant is especially curious, given that the state department is involved in any number of import/export issues.
3:28 pm
president obama's nominee for deputy homeland security security got a warm hearing because republicans boycotted the event. gop senators want to wait until the homeland security department's investigation is complete. mayorkas is suspected of using his position to help a business run by the brother of former secretary of state hillary clinton. mayorkas told the hearing today the allegations are, quote, unequivocally false. an unusual rule for the 'em ballotsed san diego mayor. wait until you hear this one. and a barrier cannot stop love. we will explain what you're seeing on your screen right now in the grapevine. ♪ [ lighter flicking ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where giving up isn't who you are. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to make things happen.
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the list of complaints of unwanted sexual advances by san diego democratic mayor bob filner just keeps getting longer. yesterday a third woman came forward. the school psychologist told a local tv station that the mayor repeatedly tried to kiss her while she tried to discuss a children's charity with him. in light of the recent allegations, the city attorney in san diego has a new rule. that filner cannot meet alone with any women. meaning aides, reporters, colleagues must all be accompanied by a third party, a chaperone, if you will.
3:33 pm
mayor filner has admitted to improper behavior but says he will not step down. conspiracy theorists have leveled claims that this week that the accounts of george zimmerman helping rescue a family of four from an overturned four are untrue. despite a police report and accounts of a deputy who responded to that crash, the liberal leaning bill press radio show speculated tuesday that it never happened at all. the producer saying, quote, the story stinks to high 11. zimmerman's attorney laughed off such things. he said those who believe it's staged, they can go ahead and believe that. they can believe the earth is flat. meantime the family involved in that crash backed out of a news conference amid concern over being tied to such a controversial figure. and serious fallout now for a florida preacher whose name happens to be george zimmerman. despite having a different spelling, two ns on his last name, he tells local tv stations he's been getting death threats
3:34 pm
over the phone. he has been forced to change his phone number and get police involved. and finally, proof that barriers cannot stop true love. workers at an animal reserve near florence, italy, were very surprised this week when a donkey gave birth to a partially striped foal. apparently the male zebra scaled the fence to visit his lady friend, producing, depending on who you ask, a zonkey or a zedonk. d deebra could work to. congrats to the happy couple. today is a crucial day for pope francis who is looking to return catholics to the church in brazil and to also reach out to young people. religious correspondent lauren green has highlights. >> reporter: pope francis welcoming catholic youth for the first major event of world youth day, a week-long gathering
3:35 pm
bringing young pilgrims from around the globe from the famous copa cabana beach for a mass lie the first latin american born pontiff. the faithful rushed to greet pope francis, running after his motorcade on his visit to one of the many shanty towns. it's home to the poor and needy, the backbone of the church, as francis seeks to reinvigorate his flock on his historic visit to the world's most populous catholic nation. a recent poll shows that only 28% of brazilian catholics go to mass at least once a week, a worry to the church as evan gel can protestantism makes gains in this catholic strong hold. >> never tire of working for a more just world. >> reporter: earlier in the day, pope francis attended events more to do with showing off brazil's growing influence in the world than his pastoral dultys. blessing the olympic flags in preparation for brazil's hosting of the 2016 olympics.
3:36 pm
on wednesday night he visited with drug addicts at a rio hospital and called on society to do more to take on drug use and trafficking. his determination to reach the faithful in a more open and visible way, while worrisome for his security detail is perhaps the boost the church needs to reignite its imannuanuaimannua >> shehe's calling for each christian, each catholic to be a witness to the faith. and in that sense then to really gear the church toward a better encounter with the modern world in providing the answers that the world needs. >> reporter: tomorrow evening the 76-year-old pontiff will return to the copa cabana beach for a way of the cross ceremony where organizers say he will read a specially prepared text for the occasion. bret. >> lauren green live in new york. lauren, thank you. attorney general eric holder and texas spar on the voting rights act after the supreme
3:37 pm
court ruling came down. what's next in this? we'll talk about it all with the all stars in just a moment. pretty good so far. [ herbie ] eh, hold on brent, what's this? oh, that's the new nissan. there's no doubt, that's definitely gonna throw him off. she's seen it too. oh this could be trouble. [ sentra lock noise ] oh man. gotta think fast, herbie. back pedal, back pedal. [ crowd cheering ] oh, he's down in flames and now the ice-cold shoulder. one last play... no, game over! gps take him to the dog house. [ male announcer ] make a powerful first impression. the all-new nissan sentra. ♪ i guess. did you download that book i sent? yah, nice rainbow highlighter. you've got finch for math right? uh-uh. english? her. splanker, pretend we're not related. oh trust me, you don't want any of that. where you can sit can define your entire yea and what's the most important thinto remember? no face to face contact until we're off of school property. you got this. sharing what you've learned.
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today i am announcing that the justice department will ask a federal court in texas to subject the state of texas to a preclearance regime similar to the one required by section 5 of the voting rights act. this request to bail in the state of texas and to require it to obtain preapproval from either the department or a federal court before implementing future voting changes is available under the voting rights act when intentional voting discrimination is found. >> one month after the u.s. supreme court ruled that a part of the 1965 voting rights act that monitored elections in
3:41 pm
mostly southern states, they rejected that part, one month after that, the attorney general is announcing that the department of justice is moving forward. they are targeting texas specifically over a new voter i.d. law. take a listen to texas senator john cornyn. >> well, unfortunately this is a part of a continuing trend on the part of eric holder and this department of justice to play politics and to disregard the decisions of the united states supreme court which have upheld the validity of voter i.d. as a form -- as a way of protecting the integrity of the ballot. and when they lost the recent case, recent voting rights act case in the supreme court, now they have taken to this what i would call a vindictive measure. >> so what about this? let's bring in our panel. juan williams, nina easton and charles krauthammer. nina. >> well, i think this is about politics.
3:42 pm
it's sort of an ongoing electoral strategy by this administration to gen up the black and latino vote. look at the end run he's trying to make around the supreme court decision. the supreme court decision basically updated the voting rights law by saying, look, these nine states that were subject to federal review, it's less of a problem now. it's not -- in fact in most of these states, not only is black voter registration higher than white voter registration, black turnout was higher than white turnout in the last election. so this is clearly -- and clearly the president said he didn't like this decision when it came down and they're going to make an end run around it. voter i.d. laws, the idea that these are discriminating i think is just a liberal ruse to, again, gen up the vote. >> juan, i want to ask you about the politics of it but let's go to the voter i.d. law first. if you have to have a voter i.d. to get welfare, to get food stamps, to get housing, to get a
3:43 pm
rental car, to get in this building, to get to the department of justice, if you have to have an i.d. for all those things, if texas wants to have a voter i.d. to vote, what is the problem with that? >> voting is a right in our country under the constitution. you as a citizen have a right to vote. so in order for me to say to you, gee, bret, i want you to satisfy other requirements in order to have your constitutional right, you know, that's -- on the face of it that doesn't make sense. the case would be, i think, if you had evidence of fraud. if it was the case that you, for example, regularly pretended to be somebody else or tried to vote twice or something like that, then you'd say we have a problem here. there's no evidence of a problem. and in the case of texas, the attorney general properly cited a federal court ruling just last year that said texas in imposing this law had discriminatory impact on latino voters.
3:44 pm
the court said that. that's not a political or partisan judgment, that was a federal court speaking. and so i think that when you ask about this and when you ask about the reality of depressing voter turnout being to the advantage of the republican party, because the party is so heavily white and depressing minority turnout would be to their advantage, you're in a very dicey area here. >> but aren't you also in a dicey situation with same-day registration and absentee balloting if you don't really know that those people are who they are when they go to the ballot box? >> yeah. if i said to you before, if there was any evidence of fraud, action would have to be taken. but we don't have any. we have all these things now for a few cycles and we haven't seen any evidence of fraud. >> and you think it's not about politics, this move? >> of course, we're in washington. >> no, i know. but to nina's point. >> no, no. i think protecting the right to vote and the act of depressing voter, suppressing, depressing voter turnout is an intentional
3:45 pm
political strategy being used by republicans. >> charles. >> just because something is a right doesn't mean that it can't in some way be restricted. in fact the right to vote is restricted. you have to be a certain age. you have to be of a certain residence. in some states if you're a felon, you can't. so the question is are there restrictions? yes, there are. the real question is are you allowed to ascertain if the restrictions -- the qualities you have to have are met. it seems utterly logical that you would have to ask for a simple demonstration that you are of age, that you live where you live. you aren't a felon and in fact that you haven't voted an hour and a half before. and in fact it's not even a question of logic, it's a question of law. the supreme court ruled on an ohio case and ruled 6-3 that the voter i.d. laws are not unconstitutional and that the decision, the majority opinion, 6-3, was written by john paul
3:46 pm
stevens, a liberal icon and lion on the court. and this is all about the voter i.d. law. what holder is doing is he wants to stigma ties it and to go after any state that actually institutes it and i think he has a very weak case. >> i was just going to add to all of this, i think it ghettoizes minority voters to say you can't possibly produce an i.d. as bret was saying, you need an i.d. to get everything from welfare to a job these days. i mean to say that you can't get an i.d., i mean what does it say to these voters? and most states provide -- these states provide it at no cost. it's not a cost issue. >> well, it is a cost issue if you have to drive 250 miles, which was the determination by the court in the texas case, in order to get the i.d. but the problem is not so much, oh, gosh, it's just minorities who are going to get a license,
3:47 pm
you look at the elderly and oftentimes they don't have government issued i.d. you look at poor people in general. i'm sometimes stunned at how many people don't have any federally issued identification. >> what about the point that eric holder is now thumbing his nose at a u.s. supreme court ruling just one month ago? >> well, i think he's doing an end run. it's not thumbing his nose. it's not as if he's acting in violation or contrary to the spirit of the law. what the law did -- what the decision did by the court was to send it back to congress and say if you can come up with a new set of -- what we think the standards you used go back to the 1960s, so come up with something else. but you don't -- >> they haven't yet and eric holder is moving. all right, last word. >> i think if you were holder and you thought it was a wrong decision, what you ought to do is not shop for a judge in texas who will give you the ruling you want, because it will ending up in the supreme court and it will be defeated. you go to congress and you say
3:48 pm
here are a set of criteria we want to enact and you state the criteria will be under the jurisdiction of the doj. produce legislation, have a national debate, put it in congress and stand up. but judge shopping is not the way to do it. next up, president obama. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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healthcare costs starting to slow down. deficits, plummeting. jobs up. exports up. energy production up. we've cleared away the rubble from the financial crisis,
3:52 pm
thanks to the grit and resilience of the american people. and we've begun to lay a new foundation for stronger, more durable, more sustainable economic growth. >> the president pivoted this week to jobs, as he has been known to do on occasion. but his speech turned out to be all sizzle and no steak. that is if there is sizzle left after you have reheated this thing so many times. >> seems by that sentence we played there, that paragraph, that things are going pretty well. if you look at the latest fox news polls, how do you think things are going in the country? you see not a lot of people were satisfied. 35% and 63% say they are not satisfied with how things are going. we are back with the panel. nina, what about what the president is trying to sell there. >> whenever the president pulse out his speech to talk about the economy or jobs, he tends to emphasize income and equality
3:53 pm
and attacking that overpromoting growth. he does mention growth but he is really focused on economy and jobs. the rich are fine. the rich are -- the stock market, thanks largely to the fed, is doing gang busters. but look at median income household -- median household income is down 5% since -- over this recovery. the percent of people in the work force has dropped. the unemployment rate remains at historical highs. this is not an economy that's helping the middle class. unlike, i have to say, the reagan recovery after a very severe recession in '82, '83. it lifted median not comes as well. >> by the way, these polls, a lot of p.m. ask what the break down is. and we say, we said it in the show, these polls, 40% democrat. republicans, 34%. independents, 22%. that the internals of the fox
3:54 pm
news polls this time around. in the new year, expect the new healthcare law will cost me more money. 47%. those that save me money, 11%. and 34% stay the same. 53%, keep the law in place. 41% want it. i think there's a need to focus on the economy and his pitch here is that the congress has been blocking his initiatives. which is why speaker boehner says this is warmed over stuff. we looked at your initiatives and we didn't like them. and it's not going anywhere and washington a stuck. last week you recall fed chairman bernanke saying, yeah, the government is a major economic activity and washington, congress, is not contributing to getting this economy in motion. >> so essentially, the president is saying, i cannot lead congress to the table to solve this problem. that's what he is saying. >> in fact, you've heard this from republicans on the hill.
3:55 pm
where's the leadership? where's the white house offering a decision -- the contrary point is, why is congress not supporting more stimulus spending? >> charles? >> what is surprising is why he wants the rhetorical pivot. he's lousy economy. all he can say, is that clear through the rubble. this is not a ringing endorse many of what he has achieved. he has 1% growth. he has chronically high unemployment. he's got part-time employment rising. full-time employment falling. now he is saying, you know, give me another endorsement. and when he says that, the deficits are plummeting. from the historic high he gave us in deficits, his lower deficit now is higher than the highest ever in the bush years. it isn't exactly a record. i think he aught to be running on again as he thinks he is running again.
3:56 pm
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. hundreds much seagulls are flying into the stadium at night. >> the san francisco giants can't catch a break. even the birds are giving the team hard time. seagulls have invaded the park and giants' officials haven't figured out how to get rid of them. they often show up at the end of night games leaving a mess.
4:00 pm
>> oh that's a gross one. >> that is it for this special report. fairing with balanced and unapproved. this is the fox report. tonight, three big stories. first, george zimmerman got away with murder. that is the new word from one of the jurors who acquitted him. details from this explosive on camera interview. why didn't she vote guilty? >> plus, anthony weiner today admitting there was more sexting with more women. now one of those women is speaking out. and new polls in his run for new york mayor. plus, the moment of impact. dozens dead in a speeding train crash, caught on camera. a devastating crash cgh


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