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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 25, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> oh that's a gross one. >> that is it for this special report. fairing with balanced and unapproved. this is the fox report. tonight, three big stories. first, george zimmerman got away with murder. that is the new word from one of the jurors who acquitted him. details from this explosive on camera interview. why didn't she vote guilty? >> plus, anthony weiner today admitting there was more sexting with more women. now one of those women is speaking out. and new polls in his run for new york mayor. plus, the moment of impact. dozens dead in a speeding train crash, caught on camera. a devastating crash caught on camera.
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now experts say they may have figured out why the train jumped the tracks and killed dozens of passengers. plus, the feds call it the biggest cyber heist they've ever uncovered. >> causing hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. >> hackers accused of stealing millions and millions of credit and debit card numbers from some of america's largest companies. >> and the people's pope causes another mob scene in brazil. as he visits a slum the locals call the gaza strip. but first on fox this thursday night, anthony weiner today admits, he sexted as many as three women after he quit congress. he says he doesn't believe it was more than three. in fact, the guy who calls himself carlos danger on-line, says he can't tell us exactly how many women there were before and after his resignation.
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there are few. i don't have a specific number for you. it is not dozens and dozens. it is six to ten, i suppose. but i can't tell you, absolutely what someone else is going to consider inappropriate or not. >> six to ten, i suppose. tonight anthony weiner is refusing again to drop out of the race for new york city mayor. even after one of those women went public. with graphic photos and messages that, trust me, you do not want to see pch. she's 23-year-old sydney leathers and now she has talked to "inside edition". >> you thought he was a dirty old man. >> he actually said that about himself to me. his exact wording is that he is an argumentative perpetually horny middle-aged man. at the time, i was like, oh, no you're not. but yes, he is. >> well her mother, laura leathers, tells the new york daily news this.
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god help new york if he gets to be the mayor. you can print that. with the rest of this story, anthony weiner was the front-runner, but there are new polls, i understand? >> yes. the latest marist poll has anthony wean are plummeting from 25% to 16% in the aftermath of the sexting revelations. new yorkers opinions seem to reflect those numbers. >> i think he has proven in the past that he's not to be trusted. you know, his morals, i don't want anyone like that. >> i'm a democrat. i think he should drop out. >> i think he should drop out. >> if he is troubled, he didn't show it last night at a forum when asked if his campaign uses twitter. >> mr. weiner?
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>> all i can say is, don't ask me. >> weiner is vying to stay in the race. his wife still sticking by him. >> his wife may have troubles of her own, it looks like. >> yeah. charles grassley, in fact, has written huma abedin and john kerry to explain, why she, as secretary of state under hillary clinton, allowed her to work at home part-time with pay after the birth of her son, and represent clients for the term teneo, who bill clinton served on the board. she provided no insight to her clients. >> doug, a third woman is accusing san doing's mayor of sexual harassment now. she says it happened four years ago when he was a democratic congressman. she claims fillener tried to kiss her not once but four times at a meeting about child welfare. she says he only stopped when he
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got a phone call and had to go back to his office. the mayor apologized for disrespecting women but is refusing to resign in san diego. he says he is a hugger. both men and women. just in to fox news. we're learning new details in the aaron hernandez case. remember, he is the former new england patriot who police charged him of murdering his friend, lloyd. we are si seeing images of his home security system. it shows him carrying a gun inside the home. much of aaron hernandez security system had been mysteriously destroyed. ted daniels with the news, from our fox 25 in boston, what's the latest? >> hi. new documents have been coming out just about every week. as we learn more about this case, it just keeps getting worse for aaron hernandez. a guy with a $40 million football contract, and what
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appeared to be a promising career. according to the paperwork, police tried to question hernandez at his home within six hours of oden lloyd's body being found, just about a half mile away. cops made the connection because lloyd add key in his pock fret a vehicle rented in hernandez's name. the paperwork says hernandez initially told detectives that he had been with lloyd the day before but hernandez couldn't remember where. things went south from there. according to the paperwork, hernandez asked hey, what's with all of the questions, before he slammed his door. several pictures were included in court filings. poor quality photo copies. it is hard to tell. but according to the docks, picks show hernandez in his home allegedly holding that gun in his hand. no word if police believe it is the suspected murder weapon. as far as we are aware, the murder weapon hasn't been recovered. the state has first quality color images and video. hernandez is charged with first degree murder. he remains locked up in jail.
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a law enforcement tells us he is under investigation for a drive-by shooting that killed two men? boston back in july of last year. it would appear if he is in pretty deep right now. >> ted daniel with us from fox 25 in boston, thanks. we are seeing dramatic video of a train crash that killed 0 0 people, including one american. the train skipped the tracks and hit the wall. cars flew off the rail and at least one burst into flames trapping passengers inside. experts say they think the train may have been going as fast as twice the speed limb knit that turn. the jonathan hunt is in our newsroom. it looks like the focus of this investigation, looks like is on the driver of that train. >> very much on the driver, right now. he is said to be under police guard. not arrested but under police guard in the hospital and being
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requested. and obviously the focus. the speed at which he was traveling as you look that horrifyinger surveillance vide. twice the speed he should have been at that curve. and another focus safetive systems used on the spanish tracks. they didn't have the most sophisticated system. had a secondary system. but that system should have warned the driver he was going too fast. and could in some cirques overrule the driver's actions by automatically braking. so the other question beyond what was the driver doing, is did those fail safe systems actually fail. >> a third of the passengers killed. and a lot of survivors still in the hospital, right? >> yes. something like 100 victims still being treated in the hospital. and we understand that more than two dozen of those are said to be in critical condition. the king of spain visited the scene of the accident today and
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talked about it a little later. listen. >> translator: we hope those injured will recover gradually. we want to congratulate the volunteers, medical staff and blood donors. the way they have behaved and the spirit of citizenship they have shown do wlag they did. to all of them, we want to say, thank you. >> tonight, among those hurt and killed in the accident, one american dead, five injuries. and caution from those same state department officials, that those figures could yet rise. >> jonathan hunt in the newsroom. thank you. now, the explosive interview with the george zimmerman juror. for the first time, speaking on camera, and now we know a juror believes tonight that george zimmerman got away with murder in the killing of trayvon martin. so the question is, why did she not vote guilty? she's speaking on camera and telling her story.
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george zimmerman got away with murder. that is the word, not from prosecutors, not from supporters of trayvon martin, but from one of the six jurors who acquitted the suspect. the first juror to publicly show her face and reveal her name, maddie. in an interview with robin roberts on abc, juror b-29 says she was the last hold-out. she said, i was the juror that was going to give them a hung jury. i fought to the end. she added, for myself, he's guilty.
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because the evidence shows he's guilty of killing trayvon martin. but show goes on to say, as the law is read to me, if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, you can't say he's guilty. she says, she is puerto rico, married, a mother of eight. the juror told abc that she did not think race was a factor in this trial. but she does feel like she owes the parents of trayvon martin an apology. she is now the second speaker to speak out. last week b-27 told cnn's anderson cooper she believes zimmerman's heart was in the right place until things just went terribly wrong. that juror did not show her face. well it's being called the largest hacking and data breach scam ever prosecuted in this nation. 160 million credit and debit card numbers stolen. that's according to federal officials today. feds say five individuals are responsible for running what they call a sophisticated hacking organization over the past seven years.
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the scam involving the computer networks of more than a dozen major american international companies. some of them you see here. the fox business network live tonight. what more do we know here? >> we know four is russian. one is ukrainian. or two in custody. three are at large. when you talk about the magnitude of this crime, roughly $300 million is taken, stolen from just three of the companies over that seven-year period. so this is much larger than the federal authorities are let awning at this point. what they do is hacked into computer systems, stole credit card numbers an pass words. imprinted them on deactivated cards, activated them, and would sell this information to another crook who would then withdraw stuff. sometimes sell it for as little as 10 bucks. >> and adam, a new study by mcafee, a new of its kind, says cyber crime may cost our economy
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$100 billion a year. and across the nation, half a million jobs. wow. a convicted sex offender is about to leave prison. it appears the only thing police can do is put out a warning. plus word we can soon hear, game-changing testimony from michael jackson's former wife. in the family's trial against the concert promotor. and remember that threatening voice mail from his personal physician, conrad murray? now you'll hear it for yourself. plus a fox urgent. the southwest airlines hard nose-down landing. it is suggested that pilot error may be to blame. i want to make things more secure. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business?
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federal investigators just released new information about that southwest airlines jet that made an awful landing monday at new york's la guardia bp they say the plane landed at the wrong angle so the wheels in front touched down before the wheels in the rear. you'll remember the front gear collapsed and the plane skidded like 2,000 feet down the runway. jonathan hunt's in the new york city newsroom. jonathan? >> anyone who has flown on commercial aircraft know that the plane should come in with the middle landing gear hitting first. you can see this video shot inside southwest, it did not do that. ntsb says the front landing gear hit first with the pitch down at an angle of 3 degrees. it slid across the tarmac for some 19 seconds. coming in at that angle, clearly raises the possibility of pilot error being the cause of this
4:21 pm
particular crash. you'll remember half a dozen people were taken to the hospital. their injuries not serious. but this comes just 16 days of asiana crash landed at san francisco's international airport. to people were killed in that one. dozens more were injured in that landing. and as we well know, pilot error is very much the focus of that particular investigation. now it seems in this southwest one, they may also start to look seriously at pilot error. >> thanks. there is word michael jackson's. wife may soon take the stand. with testimony that could seriously hurt the family's case against promotor aeg live. michael jackson's mother says
4:22 pm
aeg did not properly check out dr. murray. now tmz is reporting that his ex-wife, debbie roe, may well testify next week, on mun dior tuesday, potentially exposing evidence that michael jackson was an addict way back in the 1980s and '90s and that she had no idea at the time. meantime we reported yesterday how jackson's convicted physician, conrad murray, left a voice mail for a friend that threatened both sides in the trial. demanding that they stop what he called slander. now we have the audio. >> i've drawn the line. please stop. if you don't, let this serve as my final warning to both sides. don't incite me to testify. consider this as an imminent nuclear warning. enough is enough. i have no further tolerance for
4:23 pm
lies, your deception, nor your ins lens. or, none of you have to guess who is coming to dinner at the courthouse. a judge sentenced conrad murray no four years in prison in jackson's death. today a nurse who add mitt administered anesthesia to michael jackson ten years ago testifies he had a high tolerance. a convicted sex offender is about to get out of prison and leave the state. they aren't saying where he is going next. but they say where he ends up, blonde haired, blue eyed boys, between the ages of 12 and 13 could be in danger. this admitted pedophile will be released tomorrow. he served all of his sentence and the government warns, he is at high risk for offending again. trace gallagher from our west coast news hub. what do we know about his crime?
4:24 pm
>> he was shooting bottles by a river in vermont when he noticed a 13-year-old fishing. he walked up, introduced himself to the boy, grabbed him and carried him away. he handcuffed him and raped hm twice. the only reason he is out of prison now is because prosecutors struck a deal to avoid a trial so the victim did not have to testify. if he had gone to trial, and been found guilty by a jury, he could have gotten life in prison. >> he did get treatment, right? for whatever that's worth. >> he got sex offender treatment in prison. but i was very interested to hear what the chief of police in springfield vermont told you today on studio b. listen to this. >> i know he's taking treatment for being a sex offender. and last i knew, they planned on having him continue the treatment outside. but once he gets outside, obviously he is not obligated.
4:25 pm
>> then many experts say the treatment didn't work because you cannot cure a pedophile. now authorities in vermont certainly believe that to be the case. vermont is one of only 20 states that have no residential restrictions for sex offenders. so if he moves to one of these states that are highlighted, he can pretty much live by a school. he can live by a playground. anywhere where young boys congregate. the aclu says that's his right, and i'm quoting here, the courts have determined the appropriate sentence for him. he served his sentence and now he is getting out. again, we mentioned those 20 states, but we have no idea exactly where he plans to move outside of vermont. >> trace, about 20 states have civil commitment laws that allow high risk sex offenders who are released from prison to be sent it mental health facilities. vermont is not one of those states. making hundreds of millions of dollars on wall street is easy business. all you need is information that nobody else can have. of course that's very illegal.
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through several rooms of the house. this is about 70 miles south of indianapolis. workers say the crash injured two people on the plane. at last report the pilot was serious. the passenger, fair. the woman in the house, miraculously unhurt. i'm shepard smith. this is a fox report. it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. don't be a dead beat. that's the message president obama sent to the republican party today. as he talked about a looming showdown or raising america's dep limits. the last such debate last year nearly resulted in the nation defaulting on its loans. ed has the story at the top of the hour. ed? >> shep, as you say, the last time there was a showdown over the debt ceiling, america's credit rating was downgraded, the economy took a pounding. and the president today out on the stump, as you say, was saying, don't be a dead beat.
4:31 pm
republicans, playing chicken on the debt ceiling and without spending cults we won't lift the nation's debt ceiling. the president saying he won't good along with that while speaker john boehner says you have to have spending cuts. take a listen. >> unfortunately over the past couple of years in particular, washington hasn't just ignored the problem, a lot of times it made things worse. >> we're not going to raise the debt ceiling without real cuts in spending. it's as simple as that. >> white house aides say they won't negotiate because the sheer negotiations back in summer of 2011 spooked the market. they became a sort of self-inflicted wound on the economy. the president is out on the road warning american people about all of this. as you hear from speaker john boehner, republicans not giving an inch either. we have another showdown in september. >> this is the third speech the president delivered on the economy this week. he is scheduled to deliver more
4:32 pm
on days to come, focussing on specific topics. including manufacturing and healthcare. the feds slammed one of wall street's largest and the most profitable hedge fund with criminal charges today. the allegation, sac capital, not only made hundreds of millions of dollars illegally but actually encouraged insider trading among its employees. sac denies it. the man at the helm of the hedge fund is according to forbes magazine, the 40th richest person, steve cohen, worth $90 billion. today's new charges could make it very difficult for that fund to even keep operating. charlie gasperion is with us. man. >> they are probably done. it said sac is a criminal enterprise.
4:33 pm
he is probably the greatest investor for the past 20 years. they say he ran a criminal enterprise that made money on insider trading. they haven't indicted him. that may still come. but they say, we want all of your money back. there is $10 billion under management, they want that 10 billion back. >> wow. incredible. >> eric holder says the justice department is take action after the supreme court took part of the act. requiring the state of texas to get the okay from the feds before changing any laws. >> it is the duty of today's justice department to continue monitoring jurisdictions around the country for changes that may hamper these voting rights to take appropriate action against any jurisdiction it intends to hinder with free access to voting. >> it is important to not lose the sight that voter identification lawes have been
4:34 pm
preapproved by the united states supreme court. the obama administration should not deny texas what was already allowed across the country. >> the texas attorney general is vowing it fight what he calls the obama administration's effort to control elections in his state. the u.s. soldier, bradley manning, wanted world war anarchy when he linked hundreds of thousands of secret government files to the website wikileaks. worldwide anarchy. that's from the lead prosecutor today. first day of closing arguments in bradley manning's court-martial. he faces 21 charges in connection with the largest leak of classified information we've ever seen in america. one of those counts, aiding the enemy. could carry a life sentence. prosecutor's closing arguments today lasted hours. he told the court that manning quote, searched for his much information that he knew would guarantee his fame. information that wikileaks wanted to publicly release. defense attorneys are set to
4:35 pm
present their closing arg umgt tomorrow. they deny that bradley manning aided the enemy because they say there is no evidence that he knew al qaeda militants ever looked at wikileaks. bradley manning did not take the stand in his own defense. peter ducy is live at fort meade maryland for us. peter? >> shepard, prosecutors hammering home that this private with access to so many secrets wanted the spotlight to himself and prosecutors argue that's the process behind his decision that led him to leak 7,000 classified files. also reminding the court that just before his death, osama bin laden was seeking manning's leaked files and say since manning was such a talented analyst, he knew that was a possibility. saying, quote, this act resulted in unfettered access to enemies of the united states. an outcome all too clear to him because of his training. the defense has argued all along
4:36 pm
that manning took great care not to leak any documents that could harm the united states. his defense team will begin closing argument tomorrow morning at 9:30. then after that, one judge will decide his fate. shep? >> congress is ramping up the fight against someone who tried to help other countries, edward snowden. linds lin no word on what punishments might be. today a senate panel approved his proposal. as an amendment to a future bill so it is not law just yet. snowden's lir says his client has asked for temporary asylum in russia. he's been hold up in the transit zone of the moscow airport for more than a month now. >> fox news tonight will show you rare video of glenn
4:37 pm
dougherty, former navy seal and one of the four americans who died inyear's terror attack. here is a clip. >> what gets my juices flowing is roaming the earth and having adventures with good people. and it can be for a righteous cause that just makes it taste even sweeter. >> greta van suster will have more on fox news channel. the water is still rising. that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. >> india, days of heavy rain reportedly washed away 100 villages in a northern state where ten rivers are flooding. some people had it climb on rooftops to wait for help.
4:38 pm
others waded through waist-high water. there is word locals are complaining government is slow to respond. ireland, crews rescued 18 people from a sailboat sinking off the coast of cork. officials say rough waters slammed the ship into these rocks. workers used life boats, helicopters and nearby yacht to get everybody to safety. no word of anybody hurt. thailand. these giant sculptors are all made of wax. they are part after traditional candle festival marking buddhist lent in an eastern city. the event attracts thousands of visitors. some are so big folks have to lift power lines to let them pass. once the festival is over, organizers will melt down the candles it make next year's sculptures. mexico, thousands of clowns parade through the streets of mexico city. in honor of the patron saint.
4:39 pm
they ask for gaud guadalupe for blessings for the next year. >> o.j. speaks. o.j. talking about the botched memorabilia speech he gave. plus a potentially historic legal case. as a bicyclist pleads guilty to manslaughter. what he did, and what it's going to cost him next.
4:40 pm
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4:42 pm
the pope's on the road. the pope's international trip is proving to be a nightmare for his security detail, anyway. the pope in his pope mobile with the windows open. people running down the street after it. even handing the pope babies to kiss. the people's pope walking
4:43 pm
through one of the country's poorest slums. an area also considered to be among brazil's most violent. swarms of followers gathering as the pope walks through crowds into a muddy soccer field to deliver a speech. as we reported here, there have been major security issues all week. on monday the pope's driver apparently took a wrong turn straight into a mb scene. that is one day off military officials say police found a small explosive near a shrine the pope was scheduled to visit. and in yet another test of security, officials were expecting 1 million people to attend tonight's welcome ceremony for his holiness. lauren green is here with the rest of this. wow, what a trip. >> the pope gets another rock star welcome on coba cabana beach. and an estimated million young pilgrims replaced the usual night life in rio.
4:44 pm
earlier in the pontiff known as the pope of the poor, a brazilian area so violent it is nicknamed the gaza strip. as francis seeks to reinvigorate his flock. rs. >> translator: never tired of working for a more just world. no one can remain insensitive to the inequality that exist in the world. >> now tomorrow evening another major event for world news say it is back to coba cabana for a solemn ceremony, the way of the cross. >> good stuff, lauren. thanks. the latest since t shows $123 million catholics live there. what the most of any country in all the world. >> now oj. he pleaded for lienen he is not today. o.j. says he regrets his actions, the ones that landed
4:45 pm
him there in the pen and considers himself an upstanding inmate. he makes an appeal vee via video from prison. >> i said i would be the best prisoner they've ever had here. i think for the most part i've kept my word on that. i've not had any incidence, despite the stories in the tabloid. >> o.j. was convicted after a botched heist of his memorabilia. the 66-year-old former football star and one time -- well, not convicted killer. the reason they are considering it is because simpson was sentenced to consecutive terms on several charges and is eligible for parole on only one of them. >> police say a utah man shot and killed his wife in a fake call claiming a home intruder did it.
4:46 pm
take a listen to this frantic 911 call. >> well police say money was the motive there. truman stood to collect nearly $1 million from his wife's multiple life insurance policies. right now they are holding him on a million dollar cash bail and he is charged with murder in the first degree plus obstruction of justice? is this could be a first. a bicyclist pleaded guilty to
4:47 pm
vehicular manslaughter after striking a 71-year-old man in a crosswalk and the man died a year later. prosecutors said the guy had been riding recklessly, run throwing red lights. he won't go to prison. he will have three years probation and 1,000 hours community service as part of the plea. the di says it appears to be the first kind of case anywhere in america. a new sheriff in one florida town is reviving chain begins as part after of a new anti-crime campaign. prisoners are shackled together at the feet and do work together on county road sides. civil rights activists say ankle chains are outdated and unconstitutional. but the sheriff says his gangs instill a good work ethic. stef is in our florida newsroom. steve? >> shepard, this chain gang is all volunteer. 35 people apply for eight spots.
4:48 pm
some inmates say they prefer being out on the chain gang to sitting in jail. >> sometimes it gets to the point where you lose your mind. but if you get out here, you get fresh air. not crammed up inside like you're going crazy. >> the new sheriff told us his goal is to send a message to the community. >> this is crime prevention tool that screams out to a child that drives by or to a young teenager driving by and said, don't come to jail. you don't want to be in brevard county jail. >> the inmate on the chain gang are provided with sunscreen, protective clothing, and training on how to walk in chains. shepard? >> steve, many sheriffs use chain gangs in the south until the late 1950s. but alabama brought them back two decades ago in 1995. >> the feds have issued a new warning about sunscreens. we will show you why certain product maept to protect you
4:49 pm
from the sun could actually leave you on fire. plus one of the most gruesome sports injuries this year. we will show you what happened and what the atlanta braves are now saying about the kg of their ace pitcher. ready for you first day, little brother? i guess. did you download that book i sent? yah, nice rainbow highlighter. you've got finch for math right? uh-uh. english? her. splanker, pretend we're not related. oh trust me, you don't want any of that. where you can sit can define your entire yea and what's the most important thinto remember? no face to face contact until we're off of school property. you got this. sharing what you've learned. that's powerful. verizon. get the samsung galaxy s3 for $49.99.
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hurricane season and a tropical storm named dorian is brewing off the coast of africa. it gained strength today, continues across the atlantic. forecasters say it could spread across the blams and then sometime next week, then, what about it? >> there's a chance it could have some impact across florida or the east coast. we're about nine days away from any kind of u.s. impact. this is a very small storm right now. all the models are doing the exact same thing, at least in the short term.
4:53 pm
this storm doesn't have a chance of moving off to the north. what it possibly does is pulls down into the caribbean and interacts with the land mass of cuba and the interrepublic of haiti, that sort of thing. possibly a storm by the time we get to next friday or saturday. this is the official forecast over the next five days, getting somewhere here around the bahamas, shep. we also know we're at the very early part of the hurricane season. we're only there. expecting a peak near september. >> thank you. >> you bet. heavy rain and mud slides shut down one major road. crews there say they hope to have it cleared and opened later tonight. look before you lather up with sunscreen. there are five incidents where peep caught fire, suffered severe burns after applying sunscreen, the spray-on kind and then standing near open sprays.
4:54 pm
they used sunscreen sprays that involve alcohol. they're no longer on the shelves. sunscreen is not the only worry. >> there are a number of spray-on products that also contain alcohol including bug spray and hair spray and people need to be aware that that can be an additional factor. >> long story short, if you see a flame, stay away from fire. this is not for the squeamish. tim hudson broke his ankle in last night's game. it was awful. hudson covered first base on the ground ball. he put his enentire base over it. he steps right on it. the team reports he'll need
4:55 pm
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the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars. it's funded solely by stamps and postage. brought to you by the men and women of the american postal worker's union. sightings of bears in colorado rocky mountains these days, but not like this. this black bear wandered into a bar. it happened near rocky national park and parentally the people inside took the surprise appearance inside. >> i tried to holler bear so people could hear me. they were oblivious. he kept wandering up toward the middle bar where all the patrons were. >> the bear didn't stay long. locals say they're not sure if he's the same bear that broke into a nearby chocolate store last summer. update. anthony weiner now admits he sexted with as many as three
4:59 pm
women, none of whom was his wife, and he did so after congress. now one of those women has gone public. prosecutors say these newly released surveillance videos show aaron hernandez holding a gun. shortly after somebody was shot to death, his friend. hernandez has pleaded not guilty to murder. and on this day in 1978 our first -- the first babe conceived outside its mother's womb was born. it happened in england where louise joy brown became the first test tube baby. her parents had been trying to have a baby for more than a decade before undergoing a special procedure called in vitro fetter tillization. now she has a child of her own who she says was conceived naturally. since her birth, millions of couples around the world have relied on in vitro infetter i
5:00 pm
fertilization. now you know the news for this thursday, july 25th, 2013. now bill oh rayly. >> o'reilly factor is on. today -- >> this growing inequality, it's not just morally wrong, it's bad economics. >> but why is there inequality, mr. president? could it be that you're looking the other way? the factor will continue our reporting this evening. >>. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] ♪ >> part of the problem with young black males is many of them listen to garbage put out by the likes of lil wayne and become desensitized to positive behavior. what does al sharpton have to deal


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