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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 15, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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we'll see you back here tomorrow night. this is a fox news alert. tonight there's breaking news about the nsa. "the washington post" just reporting the nsa has broken privacy rules or overstepped legal authority thousands of times each year since 2008. according to an internal audit, most of the violations are of americans or foreign intelligence officials in the united states. and the "washington post" also reporting that the chief judge of the secret court that's supposed to provide oversight of the government's spying program says the court's ability to do so is limited. john sununu joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> with the news breaking, certainly an expansion of what we have been hearing about the nsa in terms of swpying. your thoughts? >> two things. a lot of what happens in an
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agency, even the nsa, is a reflection of the culture they see from the top. you have a. president and administration that levels in going beyond the box f you will, that they are limited to by law. i think that seeped all the way down into the nsa. even though the audit says i think it's in the last year they point out there's nearly 3,000 violati violations, it does say that the bulk of them were "accidental or ined a ver tant." that's just a reflection of a sloppy attitude that i think flows from a culture that starts in the president's office. >> you know, i think maybe one instance where some privacy was broken. that might be an act that was inadverte inadvertent, but you're talking about thousands. they overstepped thousands of times. if that doesn't put them on notice. plus you have the situation of
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nothing but denial out of the nsa in terms of the extent of the story. maybe in part a cultural thing. >> inadvertent and accidental was the words used in the audit. that's not my words. >> i find it stunning that could happen thousands of times. to me, it's stunning. >> i think it's a reflection of a cultural seepage of not feeling any obligation to be held within the box of what laws say you can and can't do. i think that comes right from the white house and right from the president. and i think people have to understand that having a liberal media and a liberal press giving this president a free pass on all his constitutional violations is what creates the climate under which an agency like the nsa gets sloppy to do what they have been doing.
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>> some of the violations were from typographical errors. but the article says they are significant violations of the law. that's where we get a little bit away from the inadvertent when you have this reporter, who has been around the "washington post" for years, that's what he says. significant violations of law. >> i agree. this is something that should not be happening. the point i am trying to make here is that i believe it's happening in virtually every agency of government and every department of government. this exceeding the right and authority under the law is a culture that this administration has cultivated. it's terrible that it's happening in the nsa, but it's happening across the board. >> we certainly have seen things happen to the irs in the last few months that have been stunning. here's another thing that i think is particularly painful in looking at this article tonight. it's not just the nsa doing these thousands of violations
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for the report. we hoped that the fisa court would be a stopgap. but what the article says is that in another case, the foreign intelligence surveillance court which has authority over some nsa operations did not learn about a new collection med until it was in operation for many months. then the court when they learned about it, they ruled it it unconstitutional. so the gap between what they are doing and when they serve it it up to the court is another egregious violation in thmy min. >> this whole process that this administration has let get to this point really does have to be reviewed. i recognize a need for a lawful and efficient nsa operation. i think it's critical to the national security. but i do understand that there are bounds under which they are required not to cross, limits that they are required not to
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cross, and they can't cross those under the law and they shouldn't cross them. if the court needs more tools because we're counting on the fisa court to make sure that those bounds are not exceeded f that court needs more tools it it ought to tell congress and act quickly to provide the legal and financial framework for this thing to be done right and to protect american citizens. >> judge reggie walton is the chief judge of that court. he's been around here for years. a very law and order type judge who follows the law. i don't imagine he's going to be particularly happy. he gave a statement tonight in which he said, the fisa court is forced to rely upon the accuracy out of the information provided to the court. if the government is lying to the court, the court essentially becomes sort of a rubber stamp. that's a terrible thing in terms. if you're supposed to oversee the constitutionality of something. he goes on to say that the fisa
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court does not have the capacity to investigate issues of noncompliance. they are in position as any other court when it comes to government compliance with this order. the way i read that is we have this powerful court because the information is being provided to him. >> two things, one, if the court needs more help, more support, if it needs more laws or more money, it ought to ask specifically for what it needs to do to protect american citizens. it's been given a responsibility under the law, and it it should make clear what it needs in order to fulfill that responsibility. at the risk of being repetitious. i go back to what i said earlier. the biggest problem in all of this is this culture and attitude that the lines of the law don't have to be followed strictly and that culture and attitude comes from a president who tries to impose taxes on his own, who decides when obama care
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can meet the letter of the law and when it doesn't have to meet the letter of the law. it comes from a president that instructs his epa to invent ways to get around congress, where he stands up and says to the public that the executive branch is going to find ways to avoid the limitations imposed constitutionally where congress has a responsibility. that's a terrible attitude and it's what promotes and nurtures the kinds of things that you're seeing coming out of the nsa. >> any reason to believe that the president was aware of any of this? >> i have no specific reason to be able to say that, but i don't think it's inconsistent with the style that comes out of that white house. >> governor, we're going to continue to stay on top of this developing story. obviously, it was just breaking a short time ago. right now, i want to turn to the
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new poll that may ruin the president's vacation if this nsa report doesn't do it or egypt doesn't do it. a new poll showing the economic approval rate sinking to 35%. that's down seven points from june. you had to know that rush limbaugh would have something to say about that. here's rush. >> the disapproved number of obama on the economy is 62%. it's not possible for this economy to grow given what obama is doing to it. he's shrinking it. 62%, it dove tails with the polling ta data on people who don't want obama care. the american people do not want obama care, nor do they want an alternative of obama care. what they want is not obama care. they want it yanked. why do we have to accept their claim that the health care system is broken? i would submit to you it's being broken. i would much rather take the
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american health care system before obama care was elected than what we have now. it's a no-brainer. the biggest problem in american health care is it has no relationship to the cost of living of the average citizen like every other business does. there's simply no relationship, no market relationship between the costs in health care and the lives of the american people. 62% of the american people oppose the economic policies of the regime. what's the republican party doing? on issue after issue, there's a giant majority waiting to be connected. >> governor, just to reemphasize, this is a gallop poll. this is not a fox news poll. it's the president's approval rate on the economy is 35%. >> this president has ignored
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the reality that obama care is depressing the economy. he's ignored the fact that overregulation is costing jobs. he's ignored the fact that people are walking away from being part of the workforce. we have the lowest percentage of our workforce with jobs in decades. this president does not understand that one of his principle responsibilities is to do the things that really do create jobs. and i'm afraid he's going to continue to be indifferent to the economy. even though he said about a week ago he was pivoting back to the economy. we have a devastation of small business and in particular in my state, small business and the tourist industry are being devastated by obama care. all of a sudden, people are beginning to understand that when obama care causes a problem to a business, it causes a problem to their job. it causes a problem in terms of the amount of money that's available to pay wages.
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and all of this is seep ing out and the american public is discovering how bad obama care is. but the bad thing is the president is discovering and a political panic is delaying the enforcement of the tough issues of obama care until after the 2014 election. this is the clearest evidence of how bad it is. >> the one thing, though, that i can't reconcile in my mind is he dropped 7 points since june. that seems like a tremendous number. but when you look at education rates, terrorism, foreign affairs, immigration and health care, they are largely static. he's exactly where he was before. even the question of static in terms of the numbers, the american people are tying the health care to the economy. it seems like they have one-dimensional thinking.
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>> what's happening is that after the 201 election, people are now making this obama's economy. he got away with the lie that all his problems were bush's all the way through the election cycle. now it's his economy. so that's getting pasted back on to him. it will be like an onion in terms of the revelation of problems. first the economy, which is impacting pocketbooks, is what they will gripe back. then they will move back one layer and be concerned about the things that are causing the problem to the economy, and that's when you begin to see them talking about their concern with obama care and health care and then they might move to another layer and recognize that over taxation and overregulation is also part of the problem. so right now, they are being impacted by the economy and that's what they are responding to in the polls. and they made it obama's economy now. >> you are curious if i were in president obama's shoes, next week he's going on a bus tour of
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new york and pennsylvania. that's talking. and the american people, they are eager for the do part of that. i suspect that they want him back here actually working with congress, even though congress is running up against him. we're missing the do part of this. we have had a lot of the talk parts, but we're missing the do. now he's going back out on another bus tour on us. >> look, this president doesn't know how to do. and let's get back to the most fundamental problem people love talking about in washington. everyone talks about the gridlock and the fact that it's a partisan climate in washington and nothing is coming out of congress. nothing will come out of congress until a president leads. a president must be the one to lead. and people have to understand that even the though the democrats love to complain about the republicans in congress, they are not going to move and the democrats in congress aren't going to move until the president leads and makes some
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effort to find common ground with enough members of congress to get real legislation. he wants to tick indicate, he walks to talk, he wants to ride buss, he wants to pontificate, but he doesn't want to lead. >> governor, thank you, sir. >> thank you. now to the rising costs of obama care. one business owner saying obama care could increase her health care costs to her company $1.5 million. that's right. you heard right. $1.5 million. mary miller now facing tough decisions. she's the ceo of janitorial services. good evening. >> good evening. >>. first of all, how many employees do you have? >> we have 340 employees and 98% are full-time and e we did that intentionally. >> i'm curious, why intentionally? >> back in the late '90s, my husband started our business.
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we're 41 years old. we decided to change our business model to have full-time employees so we can help them improve their quality of life. they can depend on a certain amount of money to be able to create their balance and budget every week. we agreed we would train them and improve their quality of life and have benefits like health insurance. >> of that 340 or so going into obama care, the estimate, was i correct your costs could be up to $1.5 million? is that how you estimate it? >> actually, i got the estimate from the u.s. chamber that's been helping me on this. they told me that if i want to continue to provide insurance for my employees, it would cost me another $1.5 million. if i choose to do the penalty tax, that would cost $680,000. >> what do pay -- is that more
10:16 pm
than you're paying or were you -- so this is $1.5 extra on top of what you're already paying. >> correct. >> and the penalty is only $680,000 -- only, so it's about $700,000. >> we're a cleaning company in cincinnati. we clean toilets and mop floors. we don't have large business margins. $680,000 a year in cost is something that takes my breath away. we don't have those kind of margins. we have to be very competitive. i have competition with national companies and even other local and regional companies that don't do full-time employees so they won't have that cost. >> so you'll pay $1.5 million to continue health insurance for your employees or pay a penalty of $680,000? what are you doing to do? >> i'm going to continue to pray really hard.
10:17 pm
what's got me through the 20 years i have worked with my husband and the 41 years since he started our business is faith in the government and knowing they are going to make the right decision and we're going to somehow start leading this country and figure out the jobs are the most important because if companies like mine go out of business and we don't have the amount of jobs we have now let alone new jobs, the companies go out of business, that's going to hurt the economy more than anything. and companies like mine can't absorb that kind of cost. there's no loopholes. there's no way to take my company at this point and move them all, double the employees and make them all part-time employees. it doesn't work in our business model. that doesn't help the american individual to improve their quality of life and sw v to do two to three jobs to make ends meet. >> thank you very much for joining us. i hope you'll come back as this develops. thank you. obama care is forcing some
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americans to make a different kind of tough choice. that's despite president obama's promise. >> here's a guarantee i have made. if you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance. if you have a doctor that you like, you will be able to keep your doctor. nobody is trying to change what works in the system. we are trying to change what doesn't work in the system. >> but john nowac says the president is wrong. good evening. >> good evening. >> i take it the president says. you like your insurance, you can keep it. is that happening to you? >> no, it's not. i'm actually -- i found out through the grapevine i'm going to lose my doctor if i want to keep him or i have to lose my insurance company or pay out of pocket. >> in terms of losing your
10:19 pm
doctor, you mean your insurance company isn't going into the exchange spp that right? >> no, it's not. they are actually going to limit their network. so right now, my doctor is in the network and they are going to combine their network or make their network smaller. >> if you kbo into the exchange s there some other insurance company to include your doctor so you were covered? >> no, no, not at this time. >> what's your thought on all this? >> i'm a lil bit disappointed. i was happy with my insurance, obviously. i like my doctor. and i'm not going to be able to keep him. i either have to pay out of pocket or go through another insurance company or find another insurance company that will carry. >> have you had any conversation with the doctor to see how he or she feels about this? >> no, i haven't. >> is there any other solution
10:20 pm
you have to try to figure out how to keep your doctor and not have it it be an out of pocket expense? >> what i'll probably end up doing is looking at other insurance companies. i'm happy with my insurance company now, but i'll probably look at other companies is see if there's any that will carry a larger network. >> how often do you see your doctor? do you have to see often that out of pocket would be terrific or is it a one-time deal? not that that's cheap. >> i don't see my doctor that often. what's kind of funny right now is what may work for me is not having insurance and paying penalty. and then if anything ever happens, i can go and get insurance, if there is a medical problem later. >> that's because you have a preexisting is not a bar anymore. thank you pr joining us and good luck, sir. >> thank you. straight ahead, is governor
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10:25 pm
navigate the new coverage options that are available. three branches of planned parenthood received these grants. >> so who actually makes this award? >> it came from the health and human services department. there were about $67 million in total awards to 100 organizations. planned parenthood the got. three of those. >> i take it the whole point is that the navigators is to educate people about how to figure out what's the best obama care option in this exchange. it this why? >> you're dealing with a lot of people who haven't had insurance before or who have had a very difficult time and not many plans to choose pr. it's a complicated new thing they are setting up, all the exchanges in each state. >> in terms of the people, who decided that -- was there competitive bidding? it seems to me these are pretty good jobs as navigators.
10:26 pm
people want these grants. was there competitive bidding so some other organization says i can do it cheaper or better? >> we asked how many total applicants were there. hhs wouldn't say. >> what do you mean they wouldn't say? that's just insane. it's like a state secret, how many people applied? you're not hhs, but go ahead, i'm sorry. >> if you're the administration, you can see why planned parenthood would be an organization you'd want to work with if you're looking for young people who are uninsured. that's an organization that has a lot of trust with that population and a lot of connections there. >> it wasn't so much that it was planned parenthood but the idea of bidding. if planned parenthood has something s there some sort of financial scheme so we're not
10:27 pm
paying extra and people are getting these contracts? >> the information that we have that was released today was who the organizations are that received these grants and how much each organization received down to the dollar. and sort of a short description of what they plan to use them for. >> so if you have $100,000 u one may have $10,000? >> that's right. we don't have that information. >> planned parenthood, any objection? have we heard from republicans or people who are pro life? >> they certainly will. you have already seen some objections where they have gotten previous grants. it's easy to see why that's controversial. republicans have been trying to cut off federal funding to both planned parenthood and obama care. >> there will be a long discussion and debate over that. >> i'm sure.
10:28 pm
>> i'm curious if there was competitive bidding. i like to make sure we got our best deal. sam, thank you. now to tonight's hot button issue. should planned parenthood good federal money? yes or no? go online and vote in our poll. coming up, we take you live to cairo where the sun is now rising. everyone is on edge because there's expected to be more trouble. and how is president obama handling the egypt crisis? we're talking about that. that's n when you realize you need to switch to verizon,
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the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. this is a fox news alert. right now egypt in a state of emergency. it's about 4:30 a.m. there. it's a new daybreaking, and there's more likely more trouble ahead. the muslim brotherhood calling for rallies on friday. with the time change, friday is right now in egypt. we are live in cairo with very latest. jake, i take it that things are a little quiet right now, but
10:33 pm
there's fear of what's about to happen? >> reporter: absolutely. as you said, it's about 4:30 in the morning now. most people are asleep. there's a curfew underway. by and large, people are respecting the curfew. they are expecting the muslim brotherhood will hold mass rallies today. they will probably be running street battles as both the police and anti-muslim are gearing up to fight them in the streets. >> the numbers that we saw from today or thursday, were staggering the number of people killed in these protests. >> reporter: it's very horrific and one of the more horrific things and given the fact that society is so polarized along political lines, many people here think it's entirely justified. now there's still significant minority that supports the
10:34 pm
muslim brotherhood and are calling for a new revolution against the military. >> has the word gotten there about president obama's statement today about egypt? has that hit the streets at all? >> it has. i talked to some people and most people are very e defiant here. the military has adopted a very nationalist stance. they are actually using obama's criticism and the international community's criticism as ammunition to boost their nationalist credibility. >> jake, thank you again. as i said last night to you, be very cautious as you cover this. thank you, jake. >> thank you. today, president obama speaking from his vacation condemning the violence in egypt. john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. what do you think about the response of the president's
10:35 pm
statements today from martha's vineyards that's being repeated? >> it's a sign of declining u.s. influence. it's part of the inability to see through to what america's real interests are. and in the case of the past couple weeks, the fact he has put a thumb on the scale in egypt on behalf of the muslim brotherhood. he did it again today essentially blaming the military and interpret government for the violence. a very slight criticism of the muslim brotherhood for torching scores of churches. but basically he blames the military in the cancellation of this military exercise aimed directly at the military. >> we look at what's going on in the streets. we see the battle between the muslim brotherhood and the military. this is a big problem for israel. it's like sitting on a powerer
10:36 pm
for israel. >> this is one of the critical u.s. interests. the camp david peace acord between egypt and israel be upheld by both sides. that means you need a government in egypt committed to the camp david agreement and that's prepared to uphold it it. neither of those conditions describe the muslim brotherhood. >> we have an awkward situation where morsi was elected by democracy and he turned. >> democracy is not just holding an election and counting votes. this was a situation where the brotherhood used democratic processes to get control. then was engaged in a creeping coupe to make sure it never lost power. >> that's where you and i agree. >> the muslim brotherhood is not a traditional political party. it's an armed militia. using the analogy of the communist party that the supreme court described it as a state within a state. that describes the muslim brotherhood. that's what the struggle is
10:37 pm
about here. >> we've had a good relationship with the military for decades. >> before the the. 's statement today, this is why this controversy over whether to supply continued military assistance to the army in egypt is so important. regardless of what the statute that's been the subject of controversy says or doesn't say, it's contrary to america's interest to cut off this military to military relationship. cancellation of the exercise is only part of what the president said today. he also strongly implied that the military aid is on the chopping block next. i think what that does to the minister of defense and military is to that nationalism and say we're going to defy the united states. they will have popular support
10:38 pm
for that. >> why did congress talk about that. we can't give aid to a country that's a military coupe. >> we have had it for a long time. >> i think the obama administration did itself a big d disservice by saying we don't have to decide if it was a coupe. of course, it was a coupe. it's another act of lawlessness by the administration. they had an obligation to go to congress and say this statute is contrary to america interests. we want a presidential waiver inserted into it, which almost all over foreign aid statutes have. give us the authority to exercise that. >> i think congress would have given that to him. >> i think there's a strong case to be made. i think he would have had a majority. he chose to do the worse thing of all. he said i'm going to ignore the statute. >> where do we stand? the sun is rise iing in egypt.
10:39 pm
everyone expects violence today. >> because it's after the friday prayers shs the brotherhood will bring people around the streets at noon and there's every risk of more violence. the brotherhood. s this confrontation. they. ed it because in their twisted view of life having a couple hundred mar tars increases their appeal. so the military, in a way, is playing into their hands. the military undoubtedly, or the security forces, undoubtedly weren't observing rules, but that's inevitable in a society like egypt. that's just a fact. >> it's certainly a very dangerous. thank you, sir. coming up, we're following breaking news here in washington. disturbing new information about the nsa and the secret court. and could it it be true? a member of th
10:40 pm
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more on breaking news about the nsa and secret court that the police government spying program. reporter carol lenik joins us. the story on "the washington post" online at 8:48 p.m. talks about the fisa court. the way i read your story is that the court says it's at the mercy of the government giving its information. is that a fair description? >> that's pretty fair, but of course, i was a figure that you would discern quickly in front of the court. i think also as well the court is responding to the information obtained by the paper, which shows that compliance violations are extremely high, that the querying of the database of americans telephone and internet records involve thousands of violations in the year's time and the court reasonable is
10:46 pm
saying that it has limitations on the extent to which it it can police that and fact check the government claims. >> i know that you also work ed on the nsa story that you just mentioned. i'm curious. i assume that you and "the washington post" went to the nsa. what did they think when you told them you were breaking the news about the violations? >> well, it's a little bit of a sen sensitive topic, but the general answer i can give you is that the nsa gave a statement of some sort and my understanding is the government has not disputed that there are thousands of violations in a year's time. but there's not been a lot of forthcoming information about the nature of those violations. and the nsa doesn't seem to want to explain or elaborate on the details of why this happens so
10:47 pm
frequently that they appear to be searching on the names or searching on u.s. persons improperly or searching on people who they have no reasonable suspicion are linked to terrorists groups. >> the story that you wrote about the nsa is that there are typographical errors, but also says significant violations of the law. what falls into that category? >> well, you know, as my colleague reported, there was a pretty significant violation in 2011 where the court, the fisa court, which is secret surveillance spy court concluded that there were significant fourth amendment violations meaning that u.s. persons privacy and their right to privacy was being intruded upon. that 2011 finding, we don't know how the nsa fixed that problem,
10:48 pm
but our understanding from the nsa is that they did address the court's concern. it's believed that they basically stopped that collection. as i reported in the story that involved the chief judge of the fisa court, there was also a significant violation in 2009. it was so significant that the nsa described it as a major event that caused it to create a whole new wing of compliance offic officers. it it involved collecting more information than the court authorized it to collect about american telephone and internet records. >> i got to go. i. to tell viewers to go to "washington post" online. thank you. >> thank you. bye-bye. what do you think of the fisa court now? go online and vote now.
10:49 pm
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>> greta: what can you get for a dollar anymore?
10:53 pm
in gary, indiana, you can get a home. is it such a great deal? >> mayor, tell me why you houses for sale fr 1s ndz gary, indiana? >> we've had a tremendous problem with abandoned homes like other communities. and our answer, one of our answers was to look at those houses that could be rehabilitated for a reasonable amount of money, and to offer them to residents for a dollar. >> greta: what do you have to do to qualify? you have to have more than a dollars. are there other requirements? you have to show ability to rehabilitate houses so have you to have some money through money in the bank or ability to get a loan, you also have to show that you can in fact bring the property up to code.
10:54 pm
many of these houses have been abandoned for an extended period of time. they do require work generally between 20,000ses today $50,000 worth of work must be put into them. but you know, with the work that they need, it's a great bargain for someone who is looking to own a home. >> greta: mayor, i have to tip my hat to you. you've got a tough job and new ideas. gary indiana had tough times, what happened to gary? is there a simple way to say what happened? >> well, like many other cities that had great dependence on industry, we were a town built by u.s. steel. we were dependent on the steel industry when the steel industry got into a lot of foreign competition, and many jobs were sent overseas, that impacted gary greatly so. we
10:55 pm
saw a population that went from 175,000 in early 70s to 80,000 now. actually over 80,000, closer to -- 85, really. >> greta: mayor i hope you come back. i know you have great ideas for gairy. i want to follow them, thank you, mayor. >> thank you so much. >> greta: coming up did >> greta: coming up did governor chris christie just she knows you like no one else. and you wouldn't have it any other way. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis.
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11:00 pm
sitting in the oval office? thank you for being with us tonight we've got new polls up, lots to talk b good night from washington, d.c.. low forever. ain't happening. tonight at 8:00. >> hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. along with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it's 11:00 p.m. in egypt where new clashes between the country's interim government and supporters of the old one have thrown the country into another wave of chaos. more than 600 egyptians have been killed within the last 24 hours. president obama made a statement on the deteriorating situation from martha's vineyard earlier today. >> the united states strongly condemns the steps that have been taken by egypt's interim government and security forces.


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