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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 21, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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opine. word of the day, calumny. when writing, no calumny. i am bill o'reilly. the spin stops here because we are definitely looking o welcome to "hannity." tonight on the very same day that it was revealed, the obama administration's nsa spy program is far more invasive than originally suspected. new polling data has emerged indicating this unprecedented invasion of privacy is taking a major toll on the president's popularity. hi, everybody, i'm monica crowley in tonight for shaun. we'll have much more on the brand new approval numbers from karl rove. first, let's take a look at the explosive revelations at the white house. the national security agency's
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security network has the ability to spy on 75% of all u.s. internet traffic. in addition, quote, it retains the written consent of the e-mails sent between citizens within the u.s. and also filters domestic phone calls made with internet technology, but that's not all. according to newly declassified documents, the nsa was rebuked in 2011 by a secret court for collecting thousands of e-mails from americans. the agency admits those e-mails had absolutely no connection whatsoever to terrorism. here's why the story is so critically important. number one, nsa officials admitted to the journal that the systems' reach is so broad domestic communications are more likely to be intercepted than foreign ones. number two, this proves that the government's ability to spy on you and your neighbors is greater than we've all been led to believe. and number three, chalk this up
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as yet another piece of evidence that the self-proclaimed most transparent administration in history is anything but. joining me now with reaction to all of this is former bush senior advisor and fox news contributor karl rove. so, karl, welcome. i have to say, looking at the history of the american people's reaction to these revelations since edward snowden made them, i think most americans have been supportive of this nsa domestic spying program as long as they thought that it was solely being used to track and stop terrorism. even though they had deep concerns about potential abuses of this, they were still generally okay with it until now. now we find out that it's far more widespread than anybody thought and that there are big serious and repeated problems with the program. i think the american people are getting increasingly upset, don't you? >> well, i think there is some concern. let's come back to the substance of the issues that you raised earlier. but let's look at the data first. you're right, there's a new
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economist yuga poll sampling the president's job performance before the nsa broke and today. his job rating has declined four points among all voters. among 18 to 29-year-old voters, there's a 14 point swing. the reactions that people have to the snowden incident themselves, did what snowden did, did it serve the public good? those that are 65 years older say it's done the public good. 16% among 18 to 29. the younger you get, the more likely you are to think it is serving the public good. should they pursue a criminal case, 18-29%, 50% say no. again, the older you get the more likely you are to say the government ought to do that. there is, if you will, a generational gap between the
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privacy questions. it's sort of ironic that the younger generation will give up their privacy and older voters won't. >> younger voters voted for president obama last time around by 60%. 5 million more voters in that category voted for obama than they voted for mitt romney. this is a huge slide among one of the president's most major constituencies, right? >> right. right. remember this, of all the age cohorts, the age cohort that moved most against president obama in 2008 to 2012 were younger voters. mitt romney picked up more younger voters compared to john mccain's vote in 2008. monica, i want to go to a couple of the points that you raised. before we get too carried away
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by some things, "the wall street journal" report doesn't say that they're examining 75% of domestic traffic, it's saying it has the capacity. there's a big difference. >> how do we know? this is what i think so many americans are bothered by. we haven't gotten a straight story from this president or anybody on his team. first we heard, well, it's a limited program. now we know that's not true. then we heard there are no abuses. now we know that's not true. then we heard there's ironclad support and now we know that's not true. so this president, his credibility on this has been shattered. why should we believe anything that comes out of him? >> yeah, don't ask me to defend the president on this because i think he has made a horrific mistake by not stepping up when the snowden leaks came and when other leaks have come about these programs and defended them and explained them to the american people. i think that's one of the reasons why his approval rating
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has dropped. for example, look, we do know this. we know, for example, that 56,000 domestic e-mails were captured over a -- for each of three years, 2011, 2010 and 2009. we know those e-mails were not supposed to be captured. 56,000 e-mails out of how many trillions of e-mails domestically sent during that period of time. second of all, it was identified that there was a mistaken algorithm that was causing these e-mails to be captured and retained. they reported that to the fisa court. the court ordered them to, a, fix the problem and figure out where it was so it wouldn't happen again and, b, to immediately destroy all of the records. there are safeguards in the system. we as a public don't know all of what's going on in this but we a system in
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place by which the intelligence agencies have to report these miss steps to the fisa court and is it can make them make changes and it terminated the program. >> karl, the system that's in place has failed on multiple occasions. now we've got thousands and god knows how many e-mail records, telephone records, texts being looked at. look, here's the thing. i think the american people believe in stopping and preventing terrorism pretty much at any cost. if this program is in the right hands, no problems. the problem is it's potentially in the wrong hands. you have a president who's repeatedly light to the people. i'll cut the deficit in the half. if you like your health insurance, you can keep it. all lies. you have an attorney general who has lied about fast and furious. he's lied about getting a search
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warrant. the point here is this program is now in the wrong hands and so many people are worried about abuses. >> look, again, don't ask me to defend the president and you've laid out a good bill of particulars for holder and the president. these programs are overseen by the national security agency. my experience was that they were exceptionally honorable, decent people who were trying to protect america, and i have confidence in general alexander and the people at the nsa. i have no confidence in the department of justice, the top floor of it. i have no confidence in the west wing of the white house, but i do have confidence in the intelligence agency of the united states. these things we know about through the leaks of snowden we know because they were reports reported to the appropriate authorities to say, we have identified a problem.
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someone mistakenly entered the code for d.c. versus a code for another country. that generated 7,000 records that should not have been captured. >> that's what we're worried about, karl. that's exactly what we're worried about. >> and reported it. and reported it had. >> karl, thank you so much. great to see you. coming up next when "hannity" continues, a 22-year-old college athlete is dead. the details surrounding his brutal murder will leave you stunned. >> he's turning blue he said. >> all right. is he breathing? is he conscious? is he talk being to you? what's he doing? >> he's not conscious. is he still breathing? barely. >> that 911 call was platesed moments after these three teens reportedly hunted down and assassinated an innocent man.
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prosecutors are arguing they did it, quote, for fun. another one says they were board. mark furman and rob wheeler are up with this very disturbing story out of oklahoma. also tonight, as always, we need your help selecting the video of the day. go to the first one is using the president's own words to drum up support for defunding obama care. >> can we restore the united states constitution? yes. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less.
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welcome back to "hannity." there are new developments tonight regarding the disturbing murder of an australian student, christopher lane, in oklahoma last friday. prosecutors have charged james france ses edwards and chancey allen luna as adults. they're being held without bond. 17-year-old michael jones who allegedly drove the car carrying the other suspects was charged with an accessory. his bail was set at $1 million. the teens were fighting boredom when they saw lane jogging by and they got in the car following him until one of the
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boys, luna, was close enough to fire a single fatal shot at lane. take a listen to the 911 call from a passerby who saw lane fall over after the shooting. >> young man in the -- he just fell over in the ditch and he's got blood on him. he's got on blue pants with white stripes and a gray shirt and he's got blood on his back. >> okay. is he in the roadway or is he in the ditch? >> no, he's in the ditch. come around the corner off of twilight beach says he's been shot. tell them to hurry. he's turning blue he said. >> all right. is he -- is he breathing? is he conscious? is he talking to you? what's happening? >> he's not conscious. is he still breathing? barely. he said they're on their way. >> officials are now calling this vicious murder a, quote,
9:16 pm
thrill kill after one of the suspects told police, quote, we were bored and didn't have anything to do so we decided to kill somebody. police say lane, an australian student, was visiting duncan, oklahoma, where his girlfriend lived and they came to the united states because he loved baseball. here with reaction are former lapd detective mark furman and former d.c. homicide detective, rod wheeler. >> thank you. >> mark, let me begin with you. this is pure unadulterated evil as far as i'm concerned. how rare is this kind of thing where the motive to a homicide is apparently simply boredom? >> well, i think it's -- it's extremely rare, but let's -- let's not use the thrill kill and the boredom. the essence of this murder is simply one thing, it's a hate crime and it's probably a hate
9:17 pm
crime based on his race as he ran by. i wish i could hear the conversation between these three idiots about just exactly what the conversation was before they got in the car, the conversation in the car, the conversation post shooting, just what was said so we could have a little bit better window. >> we don't know that. they're certainly thugs. >> we don't need to know that. >> they're murderers here in cold blood. we don't know if there was a racial element. what we do know so far is one of these thugs has spewed some antiwhite racist comments and tweets. we don't know if they're tied to the krips gang. so based on what you know so far, this looks like a purely clearly premeditated murder, right? >> premeditated murder -- >> hold on, mark. let rob respond. >> there's some additional information that we know that just came out today.
9:18 pm
i'm not sure you heard about this, but apparently one of these three individuals had posted on his facebook page a day or two before the shooting that two people would drop the next day. bang, bang is exactly what the guy posted on his facebook page so now the police right now are looking at whether or not this was, in fact, a premed dated murder. also, these guys had a .22 caliber gun. they made a statement and said today, they believed these guys was going to go on a shooting spree and thankfully the police were able to catch these guys before they murdered other people, monica. >> mark, you've got 15, 16-year-old thugs who have access to these kinds of weapons, this kind of ammo, maybe associated with the crips gang going out on a murder scheme. we have a clear intent that they
9:19 pm
intended to go out and do something like this. that this looks like a pretty air tight case. >> i think it is an air tight case. remember, they were using a .22 pistol, something that's been around for 100 years. 50 rounds, that's 200 rounds. the essence of this case is the 17-year-old is talking and that means that he is giving up the conversations that they had before, during, and after. at some point he'll give up the statements that they were bored. that's premeditated murder. if you have this kind of confession, these three thugs are going to lawyer up apparently. they're going to try to delegitimize their confessions.
9:20 pm
where does this investigation go from here? >> look at this. you have one of the three co-con spiritors and participants in the time that hasn't got a filing for the first degree murder. the other two have been certified as adults. they haven't on the 17-year-old. he's obviously already made a deal. he's already been represented and he is going to be a state's witness. he turned into a snitch. he's rolling his two buddies and he's going to send them for life. >> ron, do you agree with that assessment from mark? also, all three of them are under the age of 18. the supreme court said they can't be subjected to the death penalty, but this looks like pretty much life in prison? >> it does, right. mark is correct. i think the one older guy is going to roll over on the other two people, too. this is not all that unusual. >> we've had incidents where teenagers have shot people. the reason they gave to law
9:21 pm
enforcement was because they were bored. just yesterday in indiana a 16-year-old killed three kittens, the animal kittens, and said the reason he did it was because he was bored. he posted it on facebook. we have to make sure we can try to stop these things from happening. >> sure. >> thank you so much. coming up next when "hannity" comes back. >> in fact, oklahoma is a gun-friendly state, guns get into the wrong hands. we need more gun control in this country. >> liberals are always calling for new gun control laws after christopher blake's new murder. also tonight, we need your help in selecting our video of the day.
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the one thing about the trayvon martin case and this case is that two young men died before their prime.
9:26 pm
that's why you'll see gun rights folks to say we have to have more gun control in this country to stop innocent deaths like this. the fact that we have guns in wide proliferation, in fact, in oklahoma is a gun friendly state. guns get in the wrong hands of wrong people. that's why we need more gun control. we're only a few days removed from the very vicious murder of christopher lane. joining me, the man you heard, radio talk show host richard fowler and michelle malkin. good to see both of you. nice to have you both here. richard, let me start with you. what you just did there is what a lot of leftists do. it's called a transfer of spons bill. you trarchs ferd the responsibility of the perpetrators and their personal criminal behavior to some big amorphous social issue, in this case gun control. you don't want to talk about who pulled the trigger, you want to
9:27 pm
talk about the gun. that's called a deflection and we're calling you on that. >> monica, i've got to tell you i think if there was no begun they wouldn't be able to load a trailer. if you can take the gun out of the violence and recreate real gun safety laws, we'll solve this problem. >> richard, let me tell you something. i just did a segment with mark furman and rod wheeler, what we know about this case is that it was premed dated. they posted that they intended to go pop off a person or two. so this is all about their minds, it's not about the weapons. >> but there's a big threshold often beating somebody to death versus shooting them. that's the distinction. this is a heinous act, we all agree. at the end of the day, this is a
9:28 pm
personal responsibility and how we can make sure our children and young men stay safe. the only way we can do that is by putting in real gun safety laws, background checks. there's no reason for them to have a gun and 50 bullets. that's the reason. >> michelle, richard laid out the argument that we have all made which is the hypocrisy of the left. they don't care what actually happened whether it was trayvon martin or whatever, so that they could use it to have a schedule. i've encountered many arguments in my life and this is low a wattage as i've ever encountered. what gun laws in particular do you think would have saved this man's life? an assault weapons ban? whoa, whoa, whoa, it's my turn. no. an assault weapons ban?
9:29 pm
do you think that would have saved him? >> your question is a as far as. why do 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds have a gun to begin with? >> the reason why you won't answer my question -- >> do you believe that a 16-year-old or 17-year-old should have a gun. >> the weapon, the weapon in question that killed chris lane was a .22 caliber pistol. are you proposing he shouldn't have it it at all? >> i disagree. >> it is already legal for teenagers in every -- >> wait a second, michelle. >> one at a time. >> to murder anybody with any weapon, period, okay? instead of talking about gun control which, by the way you really mean gun confiscation. >> no, i mean gun safety, michelle. >> let's be honest. that you want to deflect from talking about the real issue here. it's on the table. there is a huge social media
9:30 pm
already and it is not begun control, behavioral control. impulse control and moral guardrails. >> you're missing the premise. >> richard, respond. >> you know nothing about -- >> listen, he'll tell you exactly what the issue is here, michelle. if gangs didn't have guns they wouldn't be that powerful. the reason why they run the streets -- >> richard, that is the point that michelle is trying to make. it should not have fallen into the hands of this thug in the first place, okay? >> i agree. >> what you're saying is gun control should be leveled against law abiding citizens. >> what michelle is trying to say there is a gang culture not in the hands of law abiding
9:31 pm
citizens. >> what i'm saying is if you go to a gun show and buy up enough weapons of the taliban, there's a problem. when kids can buy these weapons, we have a serious problem. >> young people can access weapons. michelle, hang on. the dishonesty of the gun grabbers is naked here. it's as naked as a newborn baby. he's talking about gun controls and national registry. they do whatever they need to do to kill and wreak havoc on people. >> that is not true at all. >> these boys were intent on killing. >> that is not true. if you don't have a gun to kill with -- >> richard, it doesn't matter. if you're intent on killing somebody, you're part of a gang, whatever your intent may be, it
9:32 pm
doesn't matter what the weapon is. they would have found a way to acquire. >> listen, we already know that. >> black and latino gangs are using their bare fists. it's not about the weapons, it's about the morality. >> we have to leave it there. richard, i appreciate your passion very much. you're totally wrong. michelle, thank you very much for being here. richard, you too. coming up next right here on "hannity." >> i know the red line we start saying a whole bunch of chemical weapons being moved around or being utilized. >> he better get ready to put his money where his mouth is because there is word that the syrian government used weapons. follow the live show and vote for tonight's video of the
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we cannot have a situation where chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people. we have been very clear to the assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus. >> that was president obama one year and one day ago clearly laying out that the use of the chemical weapons by the syrian government against its own people would cross a red line for his administration. well, today there are multiple
9:38 pm
reports that the syrian regime carried out a toxic gas attack this week. while the government is denying it used chemical weapons, earlier today the white house was asked directly what it would take for america to use military force. >> so far in syria more than 100,000 people have been killed. that's effectively like wiping out the whole city of south bend, indiana. how many more people need to die before the u.s. does employ some force beyond the humanitarian aid we're providing before there is a u.s. military use of force? >> peter, what the president does is he is a setsing the national security interests of the united states of america, and that's exactly what the president has done in this circumstance. he has assessed that the best way for us to tackle this problem is to work closely with our international allies to present a united front to the
9:39 pm
assad regime. it has involved working with our partners to pressure bashar al assad to respect basic human rights and to leave power, it has involved providing assistance to the syrian opposition counsel and to the syrian military council to aid them as they fight against the elements of the assad regime troops that are wagging war against them. it also means providing humanitarian assistance. >> well, that answer alone explains why other countries have stopped taking america seriously. last june the white house confirmed that they had used those agents against their people. joining me is rick grenell and from the law fair project, rick goldstein. rick, let me begin with you because about a month ago when samantha power, our new u.s.
9:40 pm
ambassador to the united nations, testified before congress, she called u.s. and u.n. security counsel in action on syria a, quote, disgrags. we held an emergency meeting and they were a no show. first of all, can you tell us if that, in fact, is true and, secondly, where is her responsibility to protect? >> right. exactly. she basically won the nobel peace prize putting forward this idea that we had a responsibility to align and that she was going to be there to watch over all the crises in the world. the simple fact is she's been on the job for 19 days now and she was a no show at a cabinet meeting. the problem with this is we've been told by years by the obama administration is that our
9:41 pm
policy is via the u. snmpt. the only thing we're doing is via the u.n. if our policy is all about the u.n., how can we not have our ambassador only shoot up. do they think the american people are going to be fine with this? this is really an outrage. when president obama decided to make that promise litter rally weeks before his campaign, we knew it would be a candidate obama promise. >> he promised a, quote, red line. it looks like that red line is a pink, funky line apparently. what happens when the u.s. draws a red line, the enemy crosses it, what does that mean for our credibility and our ability to influence people there. >> we set a precedent that you
9:42 pm
can use chemical weapons against innocent people and the west will do nothing about it whatsoever, and this is extremely important to note. it doesn't matter who is using the chemical weapons in syria whether it's the assad government, whether it's the rebels, whether it's the other playerers to interrupt. it is a collection that other islamists aren't using these chemical agents and blaming the government. >> they're fighting with the muslim group is. if we set this red line and we don't keep it, we're saying to them, go ahead, use chemical weapons mp you can do so with impunity. >> here's the difficulty of this situation which is so rare. the syrian quote unquote were
9:43 pm
like assad is a brute it will, brutal dictator. he's been shown to be absolutely ruthless but if he falls we could get total chaos or we could get an islam misz regime. in this case we have u.s. interests and the interests of our ally, israel. i both know that assad is not a reformer. >> he's not secretary of state at this point. here is the realtd, monica. syria is becoming yemen. it's becoming the place where all islamists and radicals are having a safe haven. sadly this is happening on the united states' watch. when we helped push the syrians
9:44 pm
back, we said this is the time. somebody needs to be obama. they've looked the other way at all of the attachments and lebanon, turkey, we've got a region in chaos and all of the craze yis are going into a series. >> bernard lewis once said after 9/11. the question is not why did they fear that. after the arab spring they've learned to no longer fear the local tyrant, mu bar ras, assad, gadhafi. now you have a region that's im34r0eding. >> it's interesting that you mentioned 9/11 because we all know that he went on and cold
9:45 pm
for it. that's coal. the -- we have a policy of not only turning the other way when it comes to slaughter with the use of chemical weapons, we have a policy of coddling the muslim brother hood. we have muslims in the government. i can name arif ali caakahn. this is a question that all-americans deserve an answer to. >> i think you've touched on an important question which is that he's very sensitive. thank you very much. coming up next, it appears the war is already revealing the democratic circles. we'll explain after the break. >> there's still time left to vote in tonight's video of the day left.
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welcome back to "hannity." the next presidential race is still more than three years away, god help us. drama is already brewing in the
9:50 pm
democratic party. according to "the wall street journal", quote, political allies of vice president joe biden have concluded he can win the 2016 presidential nomination even if >> joining me now to respond are former clinton pollster and republican strategist. both are fox news contributors. guys, great to see you. first we want to send our best wishes to the biden family. his son was hospitalized. he's been released. but we're praying for them and wishing them well. >> absolutely. >> turning to the presidential race, doug, do you think this news that the vice president is considering a run is keeping hillary clinton awake at night? >> i don't think she has much trouble sleeping about vice president biden. but politics is a volatile business. you never say never. and what i really think vice president biden is doing is preparing for a possible
9:51 pm
candidacy if hillary clinton for whatever reasons decides not to run. then he'd be the frontrunner. >> the dirty little secret here, tony, vice president biden is actually a pretty good retail politician. he's actually a pretty good candidate out there. whereas hillary clinton is a god awful candidate out there. there might be an opening for biden as democrats are fed up with the clip tonian entitlement and all their drama. >> in presidential campaigns you have a frontrunner and anti-frontrunner we saw that with mitt romney and others. i think joe biden is the natural choice to be that kind of counter to hillary clinton. what this tells me, monica, frankly, one of the reasons hillary has gotten this moniker as being inevitable is because many believe there was either an implicit or explicit deal between bill clinton and barack obama during the re-election campaign of 2012 whereby if bill
9:52 pm
clinton was a good boy and helped the president in awn qualifieded way which he wasn't doing until the convention, the president would turn around and clear the path for hillary. now you see the vice president who's very loyal to the president emerging through sources as potentially wanting to run in spite of hillary's run. it leads me to think that now president's focused more on who could protect my legacy better. that's certainly going to be joe biden and not hillary clinton. >> now that we've given vice president biden his props let me tell you why i think hillary is probably inevitable as a candidate. >> i agree. >> i think she's got two waves of goodwill coming at here, neither deserved. first she was humiliated by her husband. secondly she was humiliated by barack obama. both of those men went on to become president. she did not. i think there are a lot of democratic voters throughout who desperately want to make it up to her. >> i would put ate little bit more positively than you and tony. i think tony in all candor, bill clinton probably had as much to do with re-electing barack obama
9:53 pm
as anybody. and i don't think there was any deal. but i do think that president obama understands the power of the clinton brand, and monica, my sense of it is that the democrats who on balance love hillary clinton and love bill clinton not understanding whatever issues it may be feel it's her time. with the republican party as tony you both know totally divided between the rand paul wing, the chris christie wing. the democrats are basically pretty aligned. >> these debates are so healthy for the conservative movement. >> definitely are. that's what this process is for. but bill clinton even knows hillary is the frontrunner also. it's going to be very hard after eight years of barack obama even if he by some miraculous magic comes back from this very low popularity because of all these collective scandals, failure overseas and his porn followsy. bill clinton knows after eight years of a president it's hard to want to re-elect their vice
9:54 pm
president. they want some difference. you've seen bill clinton stake out the claim hillary having different foreign policy. >> whoever runs against little for the nomination, not just running against her but against bill. that is a tough uphill climb. >> it is. hillary has the advantage as obama gets less popular of being out of the administration. she needs to frame an agenda of her own as she goes forward without attacking or criticizing the president. she's started that with her speech on voting rights. i'm very confident she'll continue. >> whoever gets the nomination, it may not be such a great deal for them to be the natural obama successor with a crap economy and who knows, obama's personal appeal may not translate. >> hillary will do whatever she needs to do to separate. >> the media is coming after her already. look at the "new york times," maureen dowd called them the wiley coyote. >> that's early. watch the protection racket switch from obama to hillary
9:55 pm
pretty soon. thanks so much. coming up next, right here on "hannity" we will reveal the viewer's choice for video of the day. stick with us. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed.
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welcome back to "hannity" it's time now to reveal what you the viewers have chones as tonight's video of the day. you've selected the clip of a pickup truck going airborne off the michigan highway. the amazing cell phone video was captured by a quick-thinking motorist who noticed a truck traveling down the median at a high rate of speed. the vehicle then suddenly struck an embankment, launching the truck 70 feet through the air before coming to rest in a ravine below the highway. according to reports, the driver did survive the horrific crash and is now recovering from his injuries. that's good news. that's all the time we have left tonight. thank you for being with us. we toss it now to greta van
10:00 pm
susteren who is standing by live to go "on the record." tonight president obama jumped into the trayvon martin shooting. will he jump into the oklahoma thrill kill, too? when you get bored, do you ever think, you know what, let's go shoot somebody? well, that's what these three guys did. oklahoma. they got bored. let's go shoot a white guy. >> a 22-year-old college baseball player is dead. >> he just fell over. he's been shot. he's turning blue. he's not conscious. is he still breathing? barely. >> cops say the baseball playerer was just jogging along this road here when those three teenagers rolled up behind him in a car and shot him in the back. >> the 17-year-old said we were bored and we decided to kill


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