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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 9, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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time. despite what brit says a lot of people will be tuning in to see what the president says and how the speech writers perhaps are adjusting this. thanks for inviting us into year home tonight, that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, a potential game changer in the showdown with syria. a proposal to avoid military action. but the president tells fox news this is not the time to back down. >> we would not be be at this point without a credible threat of a military strike. but. >> >> shepard: but syria's president tells cbs this morning america will pay the price. >> expect everything, expect every action. >> shepard: and the debate heats up on capitol hill. >> if we fail to act again here, you will continue to see the threat to america. >> are we really unleashing the dogs of war and they are going to come back and
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bite us? >> shepard: tonight, the countdown to a crucial vote in congress. plus, a fan take as deadly fall outside an nfl stadium. and. >> calm down. >> shepard: dennis rodman says he is planning to go back to north korea with other former nba stars. >> i will be the first guy to ever interview kim jong un on tv, watch me. >> shepard: he is also inviting kim the younger to the united states. first from fox this monday night. what president obama calls a potential break through in the showdown with syria. the president has been making his case for military action for more than a week now. trying to rally support on capitol hill and around the world. but frankly it hasn't been working. and he says he welcomes the proposal from syria to turn over all of its chemical weapons to avoid a strike.
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actually, that proposal is from the russians. pushing toward the syrians. but the president tells fox news he wants to know how serious an offer this would be and he says it would never have happened without the threat of force. >> i think we should explore and exhaust all avenues of diplomatic resolution of this. but, i think it's important for us to keep the pressure on to quote or paraphrase at least a former u.s. president, ronald reagan. it's not enough just to trust. i think we are going to have to verify. >> shepard: so much happened today to get us to that point. started early when a reporter asked the secretary of state john kerry if there is anything the syrian president bashar assad can do at this point to avoid a military strike. now, this was earlier. listen to kerry's response. >> sure, he could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week, turn it over. all of it without delay,
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and allow a full and total accounting for that, but he isn't about to do it. >> shepard: or is he? a few hours later the russian foreign minister says he would push syria to take secretary kerry up on his offer and the syrian foreign minister says his government would fully cooperate with russia. who knew? the former secretary of state hillary clinton happened to be at the white house today for another event. and she commented on the proposal. >> now, if the regime immediately surrendered its stockpiles to international control, as was suggested by secretary kerry and the russians, that would be an important step. but this cannot be another excuse for delay or obstruction. >> shepard: well, in the middle of all of, this a new fox news series of polls, this one shows more than 60% of americans are
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against a military strike it comes as president obama's disapproval rating in that same survey hits an all-time high, 54%. "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace on fox top stories from d.c. tonight. chris interviewed the president today after we learned of what sounds, chris, like a complete turn around on a roller coaster day. >> no. when we went in to interview the president in the blue room this afternoon that there was a turn around. in fact, he was talking to me and also five other network anchors. and we all thought he was there to lobby for the fact that he wanted to get a vote in congress and to strike against syria. and, of course, there was this news today about senator kerry's proposal or secretary of state kerry's proposal which had been picked up by the russians, and immediately was kind of discredited by the state department and said this was just off the top of secretary kerry's head. he wasn't serious. by the time we sat down with the president, it had gotten very serious.
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>> shepard: in fact, a series of time lines has changed in an enormous way. here is another quote from your interview today. listen. >> we have seen some indications from the russians as wells a the syrians today that they may be willing to look at the prospect of getting those weapons under control, perhaps even international control and getting them out of there where they could be vulnerable to use by anybody. and that's something that we're going to run the ground over the next couple of days. >> shepard: chris, what did you make of all of that? >> well, you can't overstate how many flips are involved here. as i say, secretary kerry made this off the cuff idea of, well, you know, assad could turn over all of his weapons but, of course, he is not going to do that the state department immediately walked away from it. the russians said hey, this was a good idea. the syrians said this was a good idea. by the time we sat down with the president he said it was a good idea. so that's one flip. another one is in the course of our interview.
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the president said well, you know, while we're delaying the vote, while this debate in congress, which was supposed to happen urgently is going to take weeks to go on, the u.n. can have their weapons inspectors, they can debate. this you have got to remember a few days ago beings the administration was saying the u.n. is meaningless. they are out of this because the russians will block any action. so that was a second flip. >> shepard: then not long after your interview the senate came forward and delayed the first vote on possible military action. listen. >> for the last several days. >> couple of weeks? >> do i believe it's going to take some time. look, chris, you guys have polls and you do head counts and right now. >> home. >> right now the american people are not persuaded. right now members of congress who are just getting back still have questions. >> shepard: they weren't persuaded either the truth is, chris. the british had said no and though they have said that they're trying to build a coalition, frankly they didn't have it this looks like the president realized
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i'm going to fail here and decided not to take it on. >> chris: exactly. that's the only way you can read this is that the president read the polls. he was getting his vote count in congress, which was 10 to 1 against a resolution authorizing the use of force. and he grabbed at this russian proposal like a lifeline because it gets him off the hook. it allows another effort at diplomacy. maybe, maybe not likely but maybe the syrians and the russian also go along and help the president out. but, in any case, you know, better to put this thing off for a little while while there is some diplomacy and some continued debate than to push ahead with a vote that he was going to it lose. >> shepard: how in the world could he have miscalculated in this way could this white house have calculated so egregiously. >> that's the question because the president had made clear and his spokesman from the staff had said for days we don't need congressional approval and then suddenly a week ago saturday in head
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snapping decision the president said he was going to go to capitol hill and a lot of on capitol hill think it was huge mistake he goes off to sweden and russia. meanwhile public opposition and, therefore, the opposition on capitol hill builds so that when he came back it was 10 to 1 in the house against. and he was facing a tremendous defeat and tremendous embarrassment. now, this russian idea of turning over the chemical weapons to international forces may never happen, but at least it delays all of this for a while. and gives the president some time to try to maneuver. >> shepard: certainly does. chris wallace who interviewed the president today in washington. chris, thanks it all comes on the heels of syria's president making statements to news. warning the united states will face retaliation if the u.s. does go ahead with any military action. today, assad told cbs this morning and charlie rose the u.s. should expect everything. >> expect every action. >> including chemical warfare?
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>> that depends. if the rebels or the terrorists in this region or any other group have it, this could happen, i don't know. i'm not a fortune teller to tell you what's going to happen. >> shepard: i'm not a fortune teller. but we should expect everything. jennifer griffin at the pentagon today. jennifer, what's the thinking about what he he meant by that? >> well, shepard, few at the pentagon thought that he was referring to russia. assad seemed to be hinting about a possible terrorist attack. his ally hezbollah in lebanon has 60,000 plus medium range rockets capable of hitting israel. an iraqi group said it has 23,000 fully trained and equipped martyrdom seeking forces who can blow the u.s. interests in iraq and the persian gulf at any time if the u.s. commits such a stupid act. >> it is our judgment that
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president assad and syria would have very little interest in picking a fight with the united states of america. >> but this white house never expected assad to use chemical weapons when it drew a red line a year ago. now, they say it -- he doesn't want to pick a fight. it seems he already has. >> i don't want to venture to guess what bashar al assad means when he says certain things. but clearly we know, we have seen how brutal he can be. >> in other words, expect anything and everything, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. go live to the white house for more other angle with syria and fox news polls which are very revealing. that's coming up just minutes from now inside fox report. and we're following some other very big news items tonight, including another encounter between police in florida and george zimmerman. his estranged wife called 911 today. said her husband punched her father in the face and threatened her with a gun. >> oh my god, dad, get behind the car, something. i don't know if he is going
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to start shooting at us or not. >> are you guys outside right now. >> yes, we. >> there is much more from that 911 call and whether there could be charges against george zimmerman. that and the continuing about face on sir from the journalists on fox news on this monday fox report. [ male announcer ] there will be more powerful storms. that's why there's a new duracell battery. duracell quantum. with its high density core, it's a quantum leap in battery power. power. in the hands of the most powerful. duracell. trusted everywhere.
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911 call this afternoon and told the 911 dispatcher that her husband, the man acquitted of murdering trayvon martin months ago trend her life with a gun. here listen. >> we do have units in route to you, ma'am. is he still there? >> yes, he is, and he tried to shut the garage door on me. >> is he inside now? >> no. he is in his car, and he continually has his hand on his gun and he keeps saying step closer. is he threatening all of us with his firearm. >> step closer and what?
4:15 pm
>> and he is going to shoot us. >> okay. >> he punched my dad on the nose. he has a mark on his face. i saw his glasses were on the floor. he accosted my father and took my ipad out of my hand and smashed it and cut it with a pocket knife. and there is, a city worker across the street that saw almost all of it i don't know what he is capable of. i'm really scared. >> shepard: george zimmerman's attorney says his client did have his gun on him but that he did not use it that attorney is mark o'mara. he says george zimmerman, quote: never threatened his wife and her father with that gun. the wife is shelly zimmerman she filed for divorce from george zimmerman last week and phil keating has the news. covered the trial and has this new development from our florida newsroom. phil? >> yeah, shep, as of tonight, in that dramatic he said, she said, it appears there will be no criminal charges filed at
4:16 pm
all out of today's instance i -- incident. shelly zimmerman and david dean signed statements of non-prosecution despite their apparent real fears early i-today their argument erupted over what she is taking. at the end of the 911 call, shelly and her father spot a blonde woman outside with george, possibly a new girlfriend. >> okay, shellie, take a couple deep breaths for me, all right? >> someone is in there? [gasp] >> there is a woman in there. >> oh my god. >> they were apparently very shocked and surprised by that development. police on the scene said george zimmerman actually claimed that his
4:17 pm
father-in-law was the main instigator and aggressor here. this case is now in the state attorney's hands who may pursue it further or just drop it shep? >> shepard: phil, since the jury acquitted george zimmerman for the murder of 17-year-old trayvon martin, though he did admit he shot and killed him, cops have pulled him over twice for speeding. former basketball star dennis rodman is back from his latest meeting with the north korean leader kim jong un and he posed to a pretty good question today at a news conference in new york. >> how is dennis rodman, of all people, not mohammed ali, not mike tyson, not all the great athletes in the world, not michael jordan, why dennis rodman have to come break this grounds to make things work? why me? >> shepard: it's the burden the world must bear and it's next. i am today by luck.
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>> shepard: we could soon see a jump at the gas pump. syria to hand over weapons to international control helped drive down the price of oil today. gerri willis from the fox business network with us. oil prices near record highs aren't they. >> off a dollar today 109.52 for a barrel of crude oil. that's good news. gas prices have been up at $3.58. that's according to the lunsford survey. they have been up for two weeks. comes after four weeks of decline. big reversal there. if you want cheap gas go to tucson, arizona where the price is 3.27. >> shepard: that's cheapo. [ laughter ] >> shepard: traders seem not to care so much about syria or they do on certain matters at least. >> syria doesn't produce a lot of oil. only 130,000 barrels a day. 2% of the entire world's
4:22 pm
usage. not a big deal there bigger concern is whether neighbors iran, iraq might be drawn into a conflict. those are the concerns. transit points for oil all around the country so worries there as well. >> shepard: all right, gerri willis, thank you. the markets did get a big boost today in part from a reported rise in home prices suggesting our housing market is getting even stronger. the dow surged 141 points now gof 15,000 for the first time in more than two weeks. the nasdaq gained 46 and the s&p up 17. now there is dennis rodman. he says he will train the north korean basketball team for the 2016 olympics in rio. as the hall of famer puts it, is he doing some ground breaking things with the north. after his second trip to see his new buddy, the reclusive communist leader kim jong un. >> he's my friend. if you you hate my guts, hate my guts, but is he my friend. >> shepard: he says he will bring some more friends the next time he is in town. rodman announcing plans to recruit former nba players
4:23 pm
to appear in some exhibition games in north korea starting in january on kim jong un's birthday. >> he is a very good guy. and very seriously, he has to do his job but is he a very good guy. >> shepard: a guy who loves looking at things today, a parade. to mark the country's 65th anniversary. despite the pomp and sword lady dance team more than a third of the population is starving. tens of thousands of political prisoners are behind bars including this american missionary. >> i wasn't going over there to try to rescue somebody. i'm trying to do open doors. open doors. and when those doors are open, maybe, maybe, maybe those things will be different. >> shepard: yet, even as he said he doesn't want to get involved in politics. rodman today sent a message to president obama. >> why obama are you afraid to talk to dennis rodman? afraid beyonce and jay-z,
4:24 pm
why not me? why not me? i'm pretty important now, right? let's go there, obama. talk to me. >> shepard: it remains to be seen whether that will actually happen, but he got plenty of face time in north korea. rodman says he became the first foreigner to hold kim jong un's baby daughter. he says he wants to continue the bromance back in new york city, in fact. he invited the dictator kim jong un to attend a new york knicks game with him. no word on whether the u.s. would even consider allowing that we are learning more tonight about the football fan who fell to his death outside an nfl stadium over the weekend. tonight, what cops are saying about the victim and about what happened. and we're getting more reaction towards president obama calling for a possible break through in the showdown with syria. could president 'assad avoid a strike by turning over control of chemical weapons? and did our president in the face of all of polls and a lack of support just
4:25 pm
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mechanical failures at carnival rides scare you, over a dozen people over the weekend were hurt and many of them were children. state police say it was a mechanical failure on a carnival ride. happened yesterday afternoon at a fair in norwalk, connecticut. that's about a 40 minute drive or so south and west of new haven. police there say a swing ride somehow lost power i
4:29 pm
heard the crash of all this metal and seats and clicking together and then i looked to my left and i saw the swing ride it, collapsed. all these people were there i actually saw someone fall out of the cart. >> the owner of that ride says the swings which hang from chains did crash into each other but that nobody fell. and some reports have authorities saying the exact same thing. some victims went to the hospital. many others treated on scene. investigators say they are looking into it. >> a tragic start to the nfl season in san francisco just after kickoff when a fan somehow fell off an elevated walkway and died. here is trace gallagher. >> shep that walkway is estimated 30 feet high big rigs and satellite trucks to go underneath. at the time of the fall, dozens of fans were still making their way into the stadium and many saw the victim staggering. here is san francisco
4:30 pm
police. >> it appears that he was intoxicated based on independent witnesses. but somehow he fell backwards over the railing and, unfortunately, do id from this incident. >> falling backwards over a railing that appears to be waist to chest high. off duty medical personnel were on site and tried to revive him but his injuries were too severe. the victim identified as 32-year-old kevin hayes a resident of the bay area. his death came hours after two fans were vured at the colts radars game in indianapolis after a protective railing over the visiting locker room at lucas oil stadium gaveway. neither of those fans were seriously injured. but these falls at football games come on the heels of a series of falls at basketball games. most recently the death of ronald lee homer jr. who fell 85 feet over a railing at turner field during an atlanta braves game.
4:31 pm
and 2011 texas rangers game fire fighter shannon stone fell over a railing trying to catch a ball tossed into the stands. his son was sitting next to him. >> the nature of the death and the timing of the death and the way it happened is still very difficult for everyone. >> those are the high profile cases. studies show over the past decade there have been two dozen falls at u.s. stadiums. many of those alcohol-related. shep? >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and what we're told was supposed to be a rhetorical commented could now change everything in the crisis with syria. president obama now says the russian proposal for syria to hand over its chemical weapons is a potentially positive development. in fact, it's bigger than that we reported earlier it all started when the secretary of state john kerry said syria could avoid a strike by giving up all of its them call weapons. u.s. officials quickly tried to pull back on that and did so. they said it wasn't meant to be a serious proposal
4:32 pm
off the cuff remark by kerry. the white house officials said they would take a hard look at what russia has to offer. >> it's very important to note that it's clear that this proposal comes on the context of the threat of u.s. action and the pressure that the president is exerting. so it's even more important that we don't take the pressure off and that congress give the president the authority he has requested. >> shepard: white house officials went on to say that they are skeptical about any russian proposal. we heard the president tell our own chris wallace that he had even discussed the idea with russia's president last week. he has added he is taking the offer with a great britain of salt. wendell goler with the news live at the white house tonight is this russian proposal going to slow the president's push for authority to use military action? because it certainly sounds like it is. >> shepard, the president says no. in part because the push to get congressional authority will take some time. but, also, because mr. obama and his aids feel
4:33 pm
it's his own determination to punish syria for using chemical weapons that prompted the syrian foreign minister to welcome the russian plan. there is no question because of the potential for u.s. military action that we have seen some at least indications of potential acceptance of this proposal. this is very early stage. >> president quoted one of his predecessors ronald reagan of who said of his dealings with the soviets, trust but verify. white house officials say the syrians have a poor track record of keeping promises. noting it wasn't long ago they denied even having chemical weapons, shepard. >> regarding the congress, wendell, man, to get that vote for the president it, looks like enormous uphill challenge. >> there are still enough undecides in the house and senate, shep, to swing the vote either way. polls indicate the president not only has to persuade members of congress. he has to persuade the american public.
4:34 pm
three quarters of the people responding to new fox news poll believe military action in syria would provoke additional violence in the middle east. at the same time, nearly 60% believe the president doesn't need congressional authority to act. he suggested the "fox news sunday" host chris wallace he is willing to take some time to try and get it. >> there was no expectation that this would be -- that congress would be finished with its deliberations over the next week or so. i mean, clearly it's going to take more time. partly because the american people aren't convinced. >> the president suggested that time is a matter of weeks. though it could stretch on if the syrians appear to be going along with the russian proposal. shepard? >> shepard: wendell thanks. next we will hear from the president and have coverage of all of our platforms. i will be anchoring tomorrow night on the fox broadcast network and of course we have coverage here on the fox news channel 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central. congress officially got back in session today just
4:35 pm
in time for many lawmakers to say they are not yet on board with the president's proposal. they include the indiana senator dan coyotes, one of the g.o.p. lawmakers who met with the president today in the white house situation room. >> taking america to war without support from the people is the surest path to disaster. this, i suggest, must be avoided and the president is going to have to make his case as to how to avoid that. >> we're going to be debating this and we are going to be put to the question: do we support the president in this time of peril? >> shepard: we could start learning the answer to that very question this week. late today the senate majority leader harry reid delayed a test vote on a potential military action. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. mike, man, what a change. >> no question, shep. and senator reid says he has the votes but certainly feels like this resolution is facing trouble. republican senators johnny isakson mike enzi and roger wicker all announced late
4:36 pm
today they will vote no against the use of force. one republican who supports military action talked about what's critical to win g.o.p. support. >> maybe to satisfy some the democrats he wants to show it's a limited attack, but, if he expects republicans to come on board, we don't want just to have a factor the sake of an attack. has to show there is a comprehensive plan and strategy. >> democrat senators joe manchin and heidi hide camp have offered an alternative to military strike. manchin explained the proposal. off the shelf away from any human being being subjected to that again. next of all we said to president obama. president obama your administration in 45 days give us a plan what look like after if we do strike and what it might look like if we don't strike. >> tomorrow, president obama will visit capitol hill to have lunch with
4:37 pm
republican senators seeking support. shep? >> shepard: mike, the president is set to making his case to it even more republican lawmakers tomorrow. the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell's office revealed president will join g.o.p. senators at lunch to discuss this potential strike in syria. in the meantime though, president assad's troops over in syria today launched a new offensive to control historic christian village. where the deadly fighting has stretched on for many days now. in fact, that town has already changed hands several times from government control to rebel control and back again. [explosion] syrian state television provided this video showing the military firing machine gun and explosives on the outskirts of that very christian village. fox news cannot verify the video's authenticity. that town though he is home to some of syrians oldest moniz monday necessary stares. christians are minority across syria. mani' of the locals are
4:38 pm
very concerned about their future should islamic extremists fighting for opposition take the charge. conor powell live in our middle east newsroom. conor. >> shepard, the ancient town just outside damascus is one of if not the oldest christian communities in the entire world. it also perfectly illustrates just how complicated it it is on the ground in syria right now. the christians have long been under the protection of the syrian army and assad regime since the start of the civil war. keep in mind that sir yaps christian community generally supports bashar al assad. syrian opposition that the u.s. supports though is mainly made up of sunni muslims, increasingly the most rebel groups. islamic extremists and often tied or share ideology linked to al qaeda so, shepard, if u.s. were to launch an attack on the assad regime, they could very easily be helping groups tied to at least sharing ideology to al
4:39 pm
qaeda while at the same time punishing christian communities in syria. shepard? >> shepard: conor powell live early this tuesday morning. our coverage of the crisis in syria continues ahead. but, first, the youtube confession that has more than a million viewers. you have seen this? the guy who went online to admit he killed a man and that he is ready to face justice? tonight, it looks like he is getting his wish. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button? ♪
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vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999.
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4:43 pm
get off but i won't dishonor vince's memory by lying about what happened. by releasing this video i know exactly what it means. i'm giving the prosecution everything they need to put me away for a very long time. >> shepard: prosecutors have said he could face up to 8 and a half years in prison and that he was a suspect before he made that video. mike tobin in our midwest newsroom tonight. mike? >> and the grand jury was quick to hand down an indictment for 22-year-old matthew cordle who made this video he offers few excuses why he was drinking heavily. goes on to explain how he swerved into the lane of vincent. you see the video starts off pixilated and becomes clear for dramatic effect. >> my name is matthew cordle. and on june 22nd, 2013, i hit and killed vincent canzani. this video will act as my confession.
4:44 pm
when i get charged, i willplea. >> shepard: now, he begs viewers not to drink and drive. and the founder of because i said i would,.com says that's the reason he made the video. this is not an attempt to buy leniency from the court. the franklin county prosecutor, ron o'brien says cordle was a suspect but an arrest was not imminent until he made this confession. >> shepard: that driver is due for arraignment in court tomorrow afternoon. we will have coverage here tomorrow night. overloaded big rig has collapsed on a bridge and stranded dozens of dead. >> china. happened in a northwestern province. state media reports the truck was driving across the steel bridge when its weight caused the span to give way. the truck plunged into the river below with four people on board. the driver suffered minor injuries. that bridge is the only road in or out of one
4:45 pm
village. the collapse left some 40 people stuck on both river banks. crews helped all of them across after reinforcing the broken structure breep protest errors collapsed with cops after antigovernment rallies, demonstrators in rio blocked the streets and burning piles of scratch. riot police broke up the crowds with rubber bullets and tear gas. netherlands, curators unveiled a newly discovered van go painting at the sin vent van gogh museum in amsterdam. they found the long lost work in attic in norway. they authenticated after analyzing letters the he wrote to his brother in 1988. describing the canvas. first full size van gogh painting anybody has discovered since 1928. germany, folks are gearing up for the 65th annual frankfurt auto show. organizers say that year's event highlights fully electric cars and hybrids. it opens to the public this weekend and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the
4:46 pm
world in 80 seconds. >> around the world is brought to you by verizon. getting the best back-to-school deals on devices. that's powerful. >> a controversial gun law now allows blind people to pack heat in public. blind people. critics say it just isn't safe. but one sheriff has thrown support behind the measure. we will let him tell you why. plus, there is no research tonight object government's grawnk antismoking ad. it shows just how effective they have or have not been. and that's next. and now, there's a plan that lets you experience that "new" phone thrill again and again. and again. can you close your new phone box? we're picking up some feedback. introducing verizon edge. the plan that lets you upgrade to a new verizon 4glte phone when you want to. having what you want on the network you rely on. that's powerful. verizon.
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>> shepard: fox news spokes to nelson mandela's daughter. impact of south african's
4:50 pm
first black president. i think my father spoke in a manner of speaking gospel peace and reconciliation. my father has always believed you can overcome anything through peace and reconciliation. i think that's a great part of his legacy. >> shepard: family is teaming up with financial firm it release commemorative gold coin. all the money that company raises will go to building schools and teaching children in south africa and around the world. their goal raise $1 billion. south african officials say nelson mandela is still in critical condition fighting a lung condition. doctors have now treating him at his home instead at a hospital. can you catch mover of the family's interview with fox news anchor kelly wright this saturday on america's news headquarters as part of the beyond the dream series. the graphic ads you have seen that show real people living their lives in he
4:51 pm
very rough shape as a result of smoking are reportedly working. that's according to disease control and prevention which started the campaign last year. shear one of the psas as you probably know it's graphic stuff. >> i'm mary, and i used to be a smoker. i want to give you some getting ready in the morning. >> shepard: new research that the feds 50-million-dollar ad campaign last year encouraged 100,000 smokers to quit. that's twice the number the cdc officials initially expected. first time the federal government has funded a nationwide tobacco education ad campaign. jonathan serrie in atlanta where the cdc is based. jonathan? >> good evening, shep. the cdc officials say this
4:52 pm
ad campaign has been a good investment. nonsmokers not only live longer on average, they also cost less than smokers when you compare annual healthcare expenses. listen. >> because a smoker costs about $2,000 more than a nonsmoker and about $1,000 more than an ex-smoker to care for. if you do the math, this program pays for itself in a year or two in reduced healthcare and societal expenditures. >> federal health officials say the take home lesson here is that when it comes to tobacco education, hard-hitting advertisements work. this ad, featuring terry hall of north carolina convinced a mother in kentucky to quit smoking. >> there's nothing that touched me like terrie's ad it definitely impacted my life and in turn impacted my family's life. we all live happier and healthier now. >> shep, the results of this campaign are published online in the lancett
4:53 pm
medical journal. >> shepard: the cdc says this particular campaign has added 300,000 years of life expectancy to the life population. when taking into account all the people who quit smoking. it's legal in at least one state for blind people to carry a gun in public. critics of that law say it's time for change. the state is iowa. under current law, sheriffs cannot deny per miss to carry a gun on the basis of a physical ability. that includes eyesight. federal law does not address the issue leaving it up to individual states. but one county sheriff in iowa tells the des moines register newspaper that he is open to training blind people who want to own guns. saying if sheriffs spent more time trying to keep guns out of criminals' hands and not people with disabilities, their time would be more productive. he says his own daughter is legally blind and plans to apply for a permit soon, but not all sheriffs are on board.
4:54 pm
the spr ntd of a school for the blind -- superintendent of a school for the blind tells the register although people are ho are blind can participate fully in almost all of life's experiences there are some things like the operation of a weapon that may very well be an exception. a man survived four months in a rugged mountain range during the dead of winter. authorities had wondered what this guy was doing in those brutal conditions and now, they say they know. and that they have learned how he got stranded in the andies. that's coming up. does it end after you've expanded your business? after your company's gone public? and the capital's been invested? or when your company's bought another? is it over after you've given back? you never stop achieving. that's why, at barclays,
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4:58 pm
bike broke down. the man says he stayed alive by eating ravens, owls. and mice. crews rescued the man yesterday from a cabin some 14,000 feet above sea level. officials say authorities in chile filed an arrest warrant for the guy back in april britain's prince andrew has accepted an apology from the police after they mistook him for an intruder at buckingham palace. cops reportedly confronted the queen's son inside the royal garden ordering him to put his hands up and get back down on the ground. a prince. a police spokesman said the officers did not draw their guns. the whole thing just happened few days after the actual intruder got inside the fence and got inside that re palace. updating some of fox top stories now. president obama tells fox news he would be open to talks over russia's new proposal for syria to turn over its chemical weapons to international controls. the senate majority leader harry reid delayed a test vote over the white house vote it had been scheduled
4:59 pm
for wednesday. jomple zimmerman's estranged wife called 911 today claiming her husband punched her father in the face and threatened them both with a gun. george zimmerman's lawyer denies the gun threat and the police chief says shelli zimmerman, the wife does not want to press charges. and on this day in 1776. the continental congress formally renamed our nation the united states of america. before then folks referred to our young country as the united colonies. that had been the name the lawmakers used in used in the t draft of the declaration of the independence. thomas jennifer 14 colonies of the states. raged across soil. congress convened. the founding fathers ruled that in all instances the united states would be the official term, replacing all references to the colonies. and a new nation got a new name 237 years ago today.
5:00 pm
and now you know the news for this monday, september the 9th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. back tomorrow for "studio b," 3:00 eastern, 2:00 central and right back here for "the fox report" tomorrow night. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i think it is important for us to not to let the pedal off the metal when it comes to making sure that they understand we mean what we say about these international bans oon chemical weapons. >> bill: almost midnight for president obama. his whole administration is an the line over syria. county president convince the american public to support military action? brit hume, juan williams, bernie goldberg and i will have analysis. >> are we back from the brink? is military strike on pause? >> would you set some kind of a deadline? >> does it seem like a stalling tactic? >> bill: the president submitting to interviews today, something he does not like to do. we will tell you who was toughest on him. >> do we want to be involved in another


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