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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 23, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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prices going up because of a shortage of cocoa beans. finally the ugly, an alleged mafia cop killer busted on the beach in italy. he had been on the run after being released on parole and never reporting back. >> have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>elisabeth: good morning. it is monday, september 23. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we start with a fox news alert. special forces under siege as they try to close in on terrorists at a mall in kenya. this as we learn some of the attackers may be from america. breaking details shaed. >>steve: lastr the big night for tv's hottest shows. >> and the emmy goes to? "breaking bad." >>steve: that's cute. we've got the winners. we've got the losers and all your must-see tv highlights. there was a lot of hugging there. >>brian: i think there is. do your teens have
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questions about the birds and the bees? they might not ask you because now they can ask big brother. the new government line that lets them text for sex advice. "fox & friends" starts now. çó ♪ ♪ñi >> it's barry manilow. you're watching "fox & friends." >>steve: he was performing across the street over at radio city music hall and did a little video for us. do you remember that? >>brian: you were still sleeping at the time. elisabeth back for week two [cheers and applause] >>elisabeth: i cannot get to bed early enough. waking up isn't the problem. it's going to sleep. >>brian: friday you're in your game. >>steve: you will adjust.
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trust me. >>brian: a little bit later we're going to find out about how to give sex advice to kids, which i basically have bailed out on. >>steve: brian told us a story earlier. one of the kids asked him a question of an adult nature. and rather than give them an answer that would have stopped things, he simply said "i don't know." what is such and such? i don't know. >>elisabeth: maybe he doesn't. >>brian: there's a lot of commercials on satellite radio that need adult explanation, and i refuse to do it. >>elisabeth: i don't blame you. >>brian: i can't be a parent all the time. >>steve: that's right. two minutes now after the top of the hour. we've got a fox news alert. hostages still being held as special terrorists try to flush out terrorists holed up in a mall inside kenya. now a first look at chilling video from inside the mall.
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[gunshots] >>steve: panicked staff and shoppers running for that i have lives and gunshots -- running for their lives and gunshots heard in the background. >>brian: the military said most, not all but most of the hostages freed. at least 68 dead, nearly 200 wounded. five americans have been injured in the attack which was one of their objectives. >>elisabeth: we're live in jerusalem with the very latest. >> good morning elisabeth. as of now we're told by a source on the ground there in nairobi that there are six gunmen left inside one of the upper floors there of that mall. remember, the quote, final assault by the kenyan police began last night but it doesn't seek like they have the training, ability and equipment to take care of one of the hostage situations. that is why there is still a gunman inside and a number of hostages also inside. this began almost 24 hours ago when between 10 and 15
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gunmen stormed inside the mall asking who was muslim, who was not. 60-plus people dead. that number could go higher once they have a chance to go through the mall. we have cell phone video of the moments just after the shooting began. you can hear hand grenade explosion. also gunfire there at this mall inside nairobi, kenya. the mall was patronized by a number of wealthy kenyans but also diplomats. five americans were injured. we're now learning this may be some americans on téz other side as part of that shabab group. al-shabab is a group inside somalia. the f.b.i. isñr investigating the possibility that a number of american citizens are part of theçó gunmen. >>brian: that's stunning too because we did hear al-shabab was recruiting out of minnesota.
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and to think an american or somebody who was in america is over there killing people, nonmuslimsñi inside a mall in kenyañi isñiçó unbelievable. >>steve: a feed from twitter said we've got five americans. they are from the minneapolis area supposedly. also at the same time on twitter they saidñi this attack was revenge for kenya sending troops to somalia. >>elisabeth: ini 1991 when they were plagued by anarchy in somalia. they have been saying for the past two years that this would be the case, there would be moreñi attacks. >>steve: who are these al-shabab people? it is an al qaeda-linked military group formed in 2006. somalia is the primary operating base. up until the last two years they have been operating there. but they have been considered defeated. and in some measure, thanks
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to special operations in the united states of america. but as we're learning this week, they are very much alive. >>elisabeth: they claimed responsibility, i think in 2010 for suicide bombings that killed 70-plus people watching the world cup at a restaurant. certainly they have not calmed down that much. this is still going on. >>brian: they said they got about 7,000 to 9,000 troops. the a.p. says less. affiliated with afghanistan. one of the trainers worked with afghanistan. they control a wide swath of the country. prior to that it was controlled by warlords, not good people to be controlled by. the islamic offshoot was an alternative. the shah rei can't -- the shraoe i -- the sharia law was not resonating in africa. they are telling everybody to look out. look back in minnesota
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where the mall of america is, all around our country people are saying make sure there is no simultaneous attacks. >>steve: no kidding. more on this a little later on. right now we move on to something else. >>elisabeth: new this morning as well, who won and lost the 65th emmy awards. it kicks off with host neil patrick harris getting help from his predecessor. take a look. >> can i give you a smidge of advice? >> sure. >> look around, enjoy every second of this because there is a good chance they won't ask you back next year. >> you've got to do a song and dance thing like the tony's. a little tippy tap. >>elisabeth: what about the winners and losers? anna kooiman is following us. what happened. are you tapping away? >> "breaking bad" definitely the big winners7 of the evening, winning outstanding dramañi series before taking a final bow in its last season.
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>> holy [bleep]. i did not see this coming. >> i've been blessed in the past, and this show has been nominated in the past. but what i really wanted was what we got. >> congratulations to them. the biggest shock of the night. breaking bad star lost best actor emmy to jeff daniels but noñi surprises in the best actressñr category. >> claireñr danes. >> claire danes actually won last year as well. and we can alsoñi tell you there was this performanceçó by carrie underwood of the beatles song yesterday hitting a sourñi note with the crowd. ♪çó yesterday ♪ all my troubles ♪ seemed so ♪ farñi away >> many people on social
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media calling her tribute to the beatles and the 50th anniversary of jfk's assassination off key and unnecessary. meantime,ñi host neil patrick harris did not disappoint, breaking out into a song and dance in the middle of the show. check it out. ♪ at this point ♪ could choose ♪ just to coast i for that ♪ ♪ i say ♪ thank you but no ♪ someq give you ♪ their least ♪ i give you my most ♪ as a number ♪ in the middle of the show ♪ >> let's look at some of the night's best dressed. here's modern family star sophia stunning in red. showing off her figure. kerry washington hit it out of the park with this cream park and tina fey passed the test in this tight blue number. i think my vote goes to sophia. she could wear a brown paper bag and look amazing. >>elisabeth: she looks
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incredible. >>brian: kerry washington was voted the most attractive -- excuse me. the best-dressed celebrity on these events. she knows what to wear and how to wear it. >>elisabeth: she does look good. >>steve: a little bit of history was a made last night. they awarded an emmy to a show that was not on television or cable -flt "house of cards" won one of the big awards. >>brian: it is on netflix. >>elisabeth: i thought carrie underwood sounded fine. >>brian: i thought she was a little off. heather nauert never off. she is on now. >> elisabeth, glad you're back for week two. just a few hours from now the united nations general assembly gets underway in new york and all the buzz is about this. a possible meeting between president obama and the newly elected president of iran. the white house says president obama is open to the meeting provided that
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iran is serious about dealing with its nuclear weapons program. the two exchanged letters recently. president obama sent one congratulating rohani on his election. >> a teenager reunited with his father after being kidnapped from his home 13 years ago. his grandmother, you can see her there, is now behind bars. she is accused of snatching him when he was just a baby. police in florida say she took him while his father was at work. pat and the boy who is not being named at this point lived on the road in several states and were tracked down when she tried to enroll the boy in school claiming she was his mother and the school officials became suspicious of that. it was 69 years late but well worth the wait. a letter a soldier wrote to his infant daughter during world war ii has finally been delivered to his daughter. a woman in missouri found a letter along with a bronze star and a purple heart in
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a box at a relative's house 12 years ago. no one knows how that box ended up there, but that woman made it her mission to find the soldier's daughter peggy. listen to this. >> anybody with the last name addington, or her mother's last name is cash, i would call out of old phone directories and tell them i was looking for a world war ii soldier's family. >> the private first class died during world war ii. peggy will join us at 8:20 a.m. eastern time to read that letter. among the things he said to her: always mind your mom. otherwise i'll know about it. she was just three weeks old when he wrote that. >>elisabeth: funding for the federal government runs out in a week. that is making for a wild week ahead on capitol hill. republicans in the house have already voted to fund everything except for
3:13 am
obamacare but president obama says he will not accept that. and it's not up for negotiation. >>steve: yeah. he called john boehner on friday night and said by the way, i'm not going to negotiate over that. why? in the past, going back to the eisenhower days when they wanted to raise money -- the government -- there's been some horse trading. why not this time? >>brian: amazing too. just to show you how off kilter i believe nancy pelosi is, minority leader in the house, she started ripping on the republican party saying from their viewpoint, they just want to take down the economy. they also say that they want to -- thing social security has no place in a free society and that medicare should wither on the vine. she believes that is the republican stance on this. >>steve: she also said the president cut the deficit in half. but according to c.b.o., it's gone up 137%. the shutdown, will it
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happen? a little later. >>brian: coming up next with seven minutes until 20 minutes after the hour, do kids have questions about the birds and the bees? do they not want to ask their mom or dad? good news, the governmentwe' can answer that question. can answer that question. coming up next.w! weight watchers. because it works. join for free. offer ends october 19th.
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and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber bate, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. >>brian: capitol hill shutdown over obamacare. democrats are calling the bill dead on arrival. so should repulicans still fight on or should they let the law fail and possibly let the government go unfunded? joining us now republican senator pat toomy known for his numbers acumen. the house gave you guys an idea three months how to pay for government. here's the money all except for obamacare. democrats aren't going to go for that. where does the senate go from here? >> i don't think we'll be able to completely defund obamacare. as long as president obama is in the white house i don't think he will go along with that. but some of this bill is so egregious -- the whole thing is flawed, but some
3:18 am
pieces are so bad that we've already won the argument with the american people. what i'm hoping we can do, peel off some of the most damaging parts. peel off what we can, delay what we can't. also hold the line on spending. democrats want to increase spending above the statutory limits that were set. those are a few things i think we ought to insist on. >>brian: it is going to procedurally by this week by wednesday or thursday, throw it back to the house and say i like what you gave me except for the funding of obamacare. i'm going to fund that. they will throw it back to the house. what will the house do then? >> a good question. i don't know. i'm not sure the folks in the house have decided yet. my recommendation to the house, not that they need my advice, but my thought would be let's repeal some of the egregious things like the medical device tax which is costing us jobs now, maybe the conscious clause which forces institutions to provide coverage against deeply held believes. here's the question i would post: why does the
3:19 am
president get to unilaterally decide which parts of the bill to enforce and which ones not to enforce and grant employers a waiver when ordinary americans don't get a waiver? let's force a delay. this bill isn't ready to work. >>brian: put it back on the senate by saying we'll fund obamacare but we're going to keep to ours the medical device tax, the conscience clause and see if harry reid will sign on? >> 7 senators voted to repeal -- 79 senators voted to repeal the medical device tax. is senator reid going to shut down the government over something universal unpopular. >>brian: suburban indicates this is not the time -- senator coburn says this is not the time to bring the government to its knees. where do you stand? >> this is not the time to shut down the government. that is not where i want to go but it is not reasonable for the president and
3:20 am
democrats to say we're going to bust our spending limits, we're going to do nothing about a bill -- obamacare -- that is costing us jobs and undermines people's access to health care? that is not reasonable. >>brian: senator, it is going to be a fascinating week. we're up against a deadline. every day is important. senator pat toomy, thanks so much for coming in and thanks for being in our new living room. you look very comfortable there. straight ahead, kids, are you too embarrassed to ask your parents about the birds and the bees? the good news is the government will now answer those questions. for me, i'm relieved. both sides next. outrage this morning about who wasn't honored at the emmys last night. the controversy straight ahead. can you say jack klugman? ♪ ♪ ♪ my mantra?
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♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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>>steve: quick monday morning headlines for you. boston's top cop is stepping down later this morning. police commissioner edward davis will announce he's resigning in the next 30 to 60 days. sources say he has a teaching job lined up at harvard but he's also being mentioned as a possible candidate for skwrapt -- for janet napolitano's job as skater -- secretary for homeland security. the trial where the captain of the costa concordia is underway. 32 people died when the ship crashed into the coast
3:25 am
january 2012. elisabeth, over to you and our panel today. >>elisabeth: thanks, steve. kids, have a question about the birds and the bees? don't ask mom and dad. ask big brother. that's what the a new mexico health department is saying. now teens are able to text for sex ed advice on your dime. is this a good idea or is it shutting parents out? here for a fair and balanced debate of contributor and mama .net. a lot of parents are talking about this. explain what this is. you text in and get sex information from the government? >> parents and children both are able to text this number. questions about relationships, communication, i'm afraid to have sex. my boyfriend is pressuring me. questions that spark a conversation. >>elisabeth: is there a data base where the answers are coming from or is it a live person?
3:26 am
>> it's a person. it takes about 24 hours for the text to come back. >>elisabeth: this person, are they inserting personal beliefs? >> no. it's sex education via text. >> you are not comfortable with this idea, i assume? >> for a couple of reasons. first of all, any time the government is involved, you know there is a political agenda behind this no matter who is in office. second, they are cutting out the parents. my kids are asking a question. i don't know where that person, a total stranger, is coming from in their answer. there is no website that goes with this so i don't know what kind of questions they're getting. >>elisabeth: a 13-year-old could have their parents phone, send in a text. is there a trail where you could follow up where a parent can see the text and see the person who gave the advice? >> if the parents are also able to text and get the same answers back. it is not taking the parents out. i'd much prefer my child in
3:27 am
the future when i have one texting a health professional rather than texting their 15-year-old friend for the same advice. >>elisabeth: this isn't a health care professional. this is a representative from the government. is that your problem, janet? is it big brotherish to you? >> they are cutting out the parent. it is already hard enough to parent. so why not have a jumping off point like a website where we can answers questions with them rather than cutting us out completely. >>elisabeth: when you were 15 or 16, would you have wanted a sort of text capability to ask these questions sph >> yes. i was getting it from my older cousins. that's not the best resource for the right information. >> i asked my 16-year-old. he thought this was silly. he would rather ask his friends, ask his parents and go on the internet. >>elisabeth: obviously two different sides to the issue. we want to know what you think. you can e-mail us or send us tweets at "fox & friends" on twitter. we want to thank you two
3:28 am
for being here. next on the rundown, the president picked a panel of independent investigators to look at the n.s.a. spying scandal. one problem, the panel is not independent at all. details are next. a pilot forced to bring down his plane on one of america's most favorite strips of land. the landing beyond incredible. ♪ ♪ [ taps baton ]
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>>elisabeth: this is an abnormal first week of work. abnormally fun. >>steve: all right! group hug. >>elisabeth: we're going to get -- >>steve: we've got the hose over here. >>elisabeth: all right. here we go. we're getting hosed up. this is not in the job description! >>steve: get her face. she's a little muddy. >>steve: your shot of the morning. after the mudderell on friday. elisabeth made sure i got my fair share of mud. you know what i realized after the first week. >>elisabeth: what? >>steve: you are a hugger. >>elisabeth: i know it makes people uncomfortable.
3:33 am
i go into the hug and he's left in between, because he's not a hugger. >>brian: i high fived him when we had a really good day. let me just tell you something. all weekend long -- you've got to get the mud out. >>steve: there's some of the hugging there. really ruined my shirt. we should reveal how did you get clean after the show on friday? >>elisabeth: maria brought a weather storm in of increased rain so we drenched ourselves right there. >>steve: didn't you go to the health club and shower with your clothes on? >>elisabeth: okay, fine, yes. i guess nothing is sacred here. we were in the shower in our jerseys and sneakers
3:34 am
demudd-ifying. >>brian: i'm hoping i don't have to explain to anyone why i was in huge ball running down the sidewalk. i'm hoping i can get back to being a news man. >>elisabeth: just wait until you see what happens -- >>steve: thanks to you i was on the d.l. for four days. >>elisabeth: i have bruises also but i'm not complaining. >>steve: all right. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. ever since we caught wind that the n.s.a. has been spying on all of us with our calls and our meta data and e-mail, shortly thereafter, the president of the united states said i'm going to employ an independent group to scrutinize what the n.s.a. is doing to make sure they are not violating
3:35 am
any of our civil liberties. it turns out this independent group really is not independent. in fact, it is being run out of the n.s.a. how independent does that sound? >>brian: clapper named all the guys and even though they weren't going over independent stuff, he had a closed door meeting. we don't know what went on in the meeting because they closed the doors and didn't tell us. >>elisabeth: the weird thing is they had advanced notice to tell them they were going to tell on themselves. >>steve: they have given no hint anything is going to change and anything they bring something up at the heart of the matter, about spying on matters -- which is against the law -- you would think, we all thought, they go sorry, classified, can't talk about it. when this independent review comes out shortly, i'm sure it is going to be completely -- >>brian: they are going to hand out ten blank pages and go it was thorough. they are investigating themselves. let's go to heather nauert. let's find out what she's been doing. now she is on cavuto's desk
3:36 am
working on all kinds of thing. >> very fancy. >>brian: it is and also in the way. >> we've got serious news to bring you. loved ones came together yesterday to remember the 12 people who were killed in last week's navy yard shooting. [bell tolls] >> 12 bells ringing for the 12 victims killed by aaron alexis. during the service, president obama demanding tougher gun laws. but the head of theçó n.r.a. says there isñr a much bigger problem. >> thereñi weren't enough good guys with guns. when the good guys with guns got there, it stopped. what really happened here, the mental health situation in the country isñr in complete break down. >> wayne laçó pierre saying er wants to change the federal laws that require
3:37 am
active duty military personnel on bases to beñi unarmed. the doctor who helped find osama bin laden, skier --ñi shakil afridi's sentence was overturned. >> a pilot was forced to land a single engine plane on lakeshore drive. for anyone who knows chicago, that is a main north-south thoroughfare along lake michigan. michigan when the plane issues. >> and all of a suddençó the plane just shook and vibrated violently. the plane was shaking and i thought it was going to
3:38 am
break up in the sky. that's when i made a may day call. >> amazingly no one was hurt when that happened. how about that. new controversy this morning over who wasn't included in the memorial tribute at the emmys. >> this summer on our show glee we suffered a painful death in ourñr family. cory monteith. >> always a little controversy. the son of the odd couple star jack klugman says the exclusion of his father was an insult to the memory of the three time emmy award winner. he went on to say i don't mean anything disparaging about corey but he was a kid who produced no emmysñi. drug overdose earlier thisçóñr year. can you believe that storyñi about chicago? there used to be mixed fields there but they
3:39 am
closed that down. theñiçó lake. >>steve: you are suddenly our chicago expert. >>brian: by the way, it's an outrage about jack klugman, quincy, great stage actor. odd couple. loved the odd couple. how could you not even mention them? is it going to throw off everybody's time -- excuse me? what did you say? match game. he was great. not something i was going to bring up. that was hisñi wife, blanche was on matchñi game. maria. >> i'm still getting mud >> i'm still getting mud out of myçóñ >>steve: she's a hugger too, thatçó one. >> steve, how's your shoulder doing? >>steve: doing better.ñi >>elisabeth: give it to him, maria. >> let'sñi get to the weather picture and take you out west because we actuallyçó have snow cos"zg dow
3:40 am
now as we're speaking across sections of colorado. some of the high elevations out here, the mountains, if you're doing driving, we are talking about snow pilingi up out there. the flooding we've beençó experiencing across parts of new mexico and a record monsoon season out thisñ5ñ well, we are finally seeing drierñi conditions. looking atñr aerowras of snow -- areas of snow across parts of colorado. this disturbance will be quick moving. you are going to be drying parts of the great lakes in the northeast, you are waking up to very chilly temperatures this morning. look at green bay. currently 36 degrees as you headçwi outdoors. partsçó of new england only in theñi 40's. as we head intoñi this afternoon, if you live in areas across parts of main, you're talking high temperatures only in the upper 40's like in caribou, 49 degrees is going to be as warm as it's going to be gettingñiñiçó today. 68 in new york city.ñi 70 for chicago. texas and parts of theñrñr gulf
3:41 am
coast temperatures in the 80's and 90's. >>brian: appreciate it maria. last night you're kicking yourself because you thought i missed a steeler come-back. fans don't kick yourself. it was all bears all the time. look at this run. that is a huge hole. steelers haven't given up that hole since terry bradshaw retired. the defenders go all the way. that would be a touchdown. the final score 40-23. ben roethlisberger, beautiful catch but would not be enough. here is the best of the rest. best big upset in a big game has to be andrew luck against his former koefrp jim harbor. they were good. what's wrong with the 49ers, they lost this game and have now lost two in a row. catch of the day, titans and chargers.
3:42 am
nice catch, nice throw. justin hunter pulls it down. titans win 20-17. the mets showing off brand-newñi uniforms. rookies forced to dress up like a bridal party. mets kind of bored. >>elisabeth: yuck. >>brian: an outstanding rookie has been shut down because guess what? his arm hurts. coming back on radio between nine and noon, we go over the emmys and talk to james rosen, ambassador bolten and a few more surprises coming up on "kilmeade & friends." >>steve: meanwhile on this program everyone is talking about a possible meeting between our president and the president of iran. what we're now hearing is a word about an american pastor jailed in iran for nearly a year. we're going to talk to the
3:43 am
pastor's wife next on what she hopes happens this week here in new york. >>elisabeth: how about the connection to rihanna which led to the arrest of two people? that story coming up next. . a a ñr
3:44 am
3:45 am
3:46 am
>>brian: your gadgets may be approved for flight soon. this week the f.a.a. is meeting to relax restrictions on electronics during takeoff and landing. alec baldwin, you can play words with friends. as early as next year this could happen. fliers will be able to read ebooks and make phone
3:47 am
calls. the most scandalous photos from rihanna's trip to thailand was this one of her posing with a slow lorus. that led police to arrest two people for illegally peddling the species. they are exotic. >>steve: saeed abedini is the american pastor wrongly held in iran for his christian faith. served nearly one year of his eight-year sentence in one of the worst prisons in iran. he has had no real communication with his family but was able to get a letter out to his daughter on her seventh birthday. >>elisabeth: he writes although governments fail, i know jesus sees the price we are paying for him. and he will gather us together as a family one day that i may see you grow up to be tall and beautiful like your mommy. so with the iranian president coming to the u.s. this week could there be a chance for freedom for saeed abedini? join us now is the pastor's
3:48 am
wife. two weeks ago your husband was a free -- 52 weeks ago your husband was a free man. obviously this has got to tear a woman's heart out for your husband but also for your children, they are 7 and 5? >> my daughter just turned 7. >>elisabeth: how are they? >> our whole family has been torn apart the last year. they've lost their dad. they were very close to him. and all of a sudden they've also lost me in the way i travel so much. as i was coming here, my daughter was crying and saying mommy, can you not travel? i said i'm trying to get daddy out. you have to be strong and brave. but it's been very emotional for them. their whole life has changed. >>steve: this week presents an opportunity. maybe if our president could somehow put some pressure on the iranian president, your husband could be sprung? >> exactly.
3:49 am
the iranian president said he's a moderate and made a lot of promises and nice words. personally, i think actions speak louder than words. so theñi iranian government wants to take steps, they should free the americans that are there. >>elisabeth: just last week heñr released several prisoners. there has to be some hope for you. there is something in a letter i read. saeed abedini said i came here to help the kids that do not have mommies and daddies but my own kids lost their daddy. it breaks my heart so much. when jacob and rebecca hear that, do they understand and do they have hope? >> i read his letter to her on the morning of her birthday and she was excited that he has written to her and i was trying to hold back tears. they knew he was there to help kid without mommies and daddies. the difficult part of it is that now they don't have a dad. i've become a single mom
3:50 am
and it's been a very emotional journey. >>steve: this week is your chance. if our president doesn't put any pressure on the iranian government, there is always the possibility you may run into the iranian president. you're in the same hotel? >> yes. >>steve: if you came face-to-face with him, what would you say? >> you know, i would say that he's a father and my husband is being wrongly held and i would ask for his release. >>steve: that simple. my happen over by the elevator. >>elisabeth: we have people praying for that as well across the nation. we thank you for being with us today. we are hopeful as well. >>steve: it's been too long already. straight ahead on this monday morning, still to come, obamacare was supposed to help people in their 20's and 30's but the numbers tell a different story. coming up, the four ways obamacare is sticking it to them. >>elisabeth: first, have you ever heard of the
3:51 am
humpy? we'll introduce you to two kinds of dogs you never heard of before. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] making a dodge in 100 easy steps. step 1 -- study the competition. step 2 -- get angry. they're boring. 3 -- make a car from scratch the dodge way. steps 4 through 28 -- recall 100 years of know-how. start building, try things. yes. make it different. not that different. bring muscle -- technology muscle, efficiency muscle. get it racing.
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brown: on my third day as principal, i met with the state. students had fallen behind, and morale was low. my first job was getting everyone to believe... that we could turn this around. i needed my staff to see what was possible. turning around a school, is not some, mystical, magical thing. it does take hard, dedicated work each day. i was a chemistry major in college, and then... i joined teach for america. that's the reason i'm here.
3:54 am
>> steve: a fox news alert for you now. two explosions at the scene of that terrorist attack at that upscale mall in kenya. reporters are reporting large explosions at kenya's west gate mall. these are live images. you can see the smoke rising right now. as far as we know, hostages are still being held in the mall after this weekend's terrorist attack. we'll keep you posted. brian, over to you and elisabeth. >> brian: "fox & friends" gone to the dogs for a great reason. meet the breeds event, we could check out hundreds of breeds of
3:55 am
dogs and cats to get a better idea of what breed would be perfect for your household. >> elisabeth: that's right. here with some furry friends is an akc spokesperson. welcome. >> thank you. it has over 200 breeds of dogs and cats. it's a great opportunity to meet the breeds, see puppies, learn about responsible dog ownership and find a breed that's right for you if you're lacking. >> brian: let's begin with the pumi. you have a puppy. >> elisabeth: i have a puppy pumy northbound this is a hungarian herding breed. they used to herd sheep and cattle and pigs. >> elisabeth: can they hurt children? >> of course. hurting -- herding dogs do herd children. they don't shed. it's nice breed for people who are concerned about that. you have to brush them about once, twice a week. once every couple weeks. it's a nice active breed. great if you want to do sports, like akc agility or jog with
3:56 am
your dog. >> brian: here is a saint bernard. this saint bernard is a mopy, as a tribute to your ex colleague. five months old. 50 pounds. >> should grow to be 130, 140 pounds. >> brian: are they kind of relaxed? >> they're very calm and docile. >> brian: itchy around the ear. >> from around the collar. don't need tons of exercise. walk a couple times a at this and they're fine. >> brian: look at this! >> it's from sicily. it's a little hound breed that was used to hunt rabbits. they're very elegant and inquisitive and intelligent. crying for her daddy who is off camera. they're very sweet and good with a lot of different families. >> elisabeth: because they don't require a lot of exercise. >> brian: you pay more, but you know exactly when you're getting >> pure breadths are
3:57 am
predictable. you know the size, exercise requirements. >> brian: thank you so much. check it out this weekend. >> elisabeth: next up, what does donald trump think about shutting down the government? he's here at the top of the hour all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you.
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see how constant contact's products and people can help you grow your business. start your free trial at >> elisabeth: good morning. it's monday, september 23, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. new reports of explosions coming from kenya where terrorists remain holed up with hostages. this as we learn some of the attackers may be americans. we are live with breaking details. >> brian: world leaders arriving at the united nations in new york city today, but what's all the big buzz about? a possible meeting between the president of the united states and the president of iran. why is he willing to negotiate with them and not with the republicans on the hill? >> steve: and maybe this is why today's kids can't hold a job. >> tony, why wasn't this done? >> no, sir one asked me to do
4:01 am
it. >> steve: don't. what america's 20 somethings are doing all wrong. we're going to fix that this hour. "fox & friends" hour two for monday starts right now. >> i'm ivanka trump and you're watching "fox & friends." the best show on news television. >> steve: she was chris wallace's power player yesterday on his big show, fox news sunday. >> brian: she is very impresssive. she's been on here a lot and she really knows what she's doing, while raising a family, which is extremely tough. >> steve: we're not saying that just to kiss up to her father who is going to be on in two minutes. >> brian: i had no idea. is he on today? >> steve: he is. donald trump. >> beth: but i do mean that. >> steve: she is excellent. fox news alert. at this hour, more explosions rocking a mall in kenya where terrorists have been engaged with special forces for three days. this is a live look at the mall, shows some smoke from different viewpoints billowing from the
4:02 am
building. up to 20 explosion have been heard from the area. as far as we know, hostages are still inside. >> brian: we've been watching this all week. 68 dead, 200 wounded, five americans have been injured in the attack. now learn some americans may have been involved in the attack and leeland is in jerusalem. hey there. >> hey, good morning, guys. exactly. sources on the ground right now are telling us that there is an operation underway as a type of rescue or attempt to flush these hostage takers, gunmen out of this mall. the picture you're looking at is taken from about 100, 150 yards away from the mall. you see the large billowing smoke coming up. we're told in the past hour or hour and a half, between 100 and 150 soldiers stormed into the mall. keep in mind, they may be called kenyan special force, but they're not trained hostage rescue teams. that's one of the things that's taking so long.
4:03 am
sources say there is about six gunmen left inside that very large mall. they are now trying to work their way through. in the past 48 hours, we know at least 60 people have died, possibly more. some of the video you're watching now was taken the moments after these gunmen moved in. the gunmen are from a group called al shbbab, al-qaeda link militant group in somalia that launched the mall frequented by foreigners, also by diplomats. we have heard not only from the group, but also that the united states is looking into the possibility that among the attackers are a number of americans, or at least american citizens. back to you. >> steve: right. we thank you very much. that is what some group on twitter purportedly from al shabob is claiming they could be americans. but twitter, terrorist groups are generally not verified. so we don't really know it's true. >> brian: one ranking member was killed by a drone and was an american and decided to convert
4:04 am
to that form of islam. heather nauert, what else is happening? >> a lot of stuff happening. let's take a live look at the united nations in new york city. that is where about one hour from now, the general assembly gets underway. the big buzz right now is about a possible meeting between president obama and the newly elected president of iran. the white house says president obama is actually open to that meeting provided that iran gets serious about its nuclear weapons program. the two have exchanged letters. president obama sent one congratulating him on his election. let you know what happens with that. two hours from now, investigators will release more details with a family of five found dead inside a texas home. the bodies of two adults and three children were discovered inside a house 40 miles outside of dallas on sunday. police say they're not looking for any suspects right now, but they won't say if it is a
4:05 am
murder-suicide. and to boston, the top cop is stepping down later this morning. police commissioner says he will announce that he's resigning within the next 30 to 60 days. he has a teaching job lined up at harvard, but he's also being mentioned as a possible replacement for janet napolitano as the secretary of homeland security. how about that? last night, who won and who lost as the 65th emmy awards. it all kick odd last night with neil patrick harris getting help from his predecessor. >> did -- look around, take it all in. enjoy every second of this because, i mean, there is a good chance they won't ask you back next year. [ laughter ] you got to do the song and dance thing. give them a little tippy tap. >> who knew he could dance? "breaking bad" won the highest honor. outstanding drama series. "modern family" taking home an
4:06 am
award for outstanding comedy series. and then an excuse to show you a lady to wake you up, sofia vergara, look at those curves sizzling and that amazing dress. coming up at 7:20, michael tammero, he's nice to look at, he's got all the scoop from last night. those are your headlines at this hour. >> brian: thanks. let's bring in donald trump. he's just one short week ago when you were in our studio. now you're back nesting in one of your towers. welcome back. >> i did enjoy last week. it was fun. we all had a good time of the i had a lot of fun. >> brian: we did. it was great to see new person. >> elisabeth: donald, let's ask you, by the way, that was a blast for us all. now let's get down to business here. obamacare and defunding the government, do they fight to defund it, republicans, or let it fail on its own? >> i say defund it and it's probably going to fail on its own anyway. but the country is going to fail if it's not defunded or ended because obamacare is a disaster.
4:07 am
so many people are closing up their businesses or hiring only part-time help and they're taking, in some case, workers with them for 25 years and making them part-time workers. so unless something is done with obamacare, the whole country is going to be defunded. >> brian: as long as the president's name is on it, he's not going to allow this. if you're somebody who knows when to pick a fight, is this the right time to fight? >> i think it's always the right time to fight on something so important. i think you really have to do it, brian. it's something that obviously you don't want to close up government. i don't think that's going to happen. but you have no choice. he's going to have a big choice to make. i think the republicans have to unite. they're not united at all. they have to unite. if they do, they'll win. they have amazing cards. they have an amazing negotiating point here and they also have soon coming up, the debt ceiling. but this is a great negotiating tactic and a great negotiating point to get rid of obamacare.
4:08 am
you do have a much better chance -- i listened to the pundits, they say, you can't do it, you can't do it. you actually too have a good chance. they should hang tough and they have to unite. if they don't unite, they're not going to make it. >> steve: so what's going to happen, i think as early as wednesday, harry reid will bring up an important procedural vote. he needs 60 votes. he's only got 54 democrats and people who align with his party caucus with his party. so what are you suggesting? are you suggesting that all of the republicans follow ted cruz's lead and just not even allow this particular house bill that was passed by the house on friday, that would fund the government, but defund obamacare? you're suggesting all the republicans stay up and stay nope? >> they have to do that because obamacare is very destructive for the country. and i will tell you something, all of those democrats that are going out on a limb, they don't believe it themselves.
4:09 am
>> elisabeth: that's right. >> you're going to have a great election coming up for a lot of people in 14 and you just wait 'til you see. there is people that are trying to fight for obamacare, they're going toned up losing their election. you already are having it. but you'll have deeffectors in the democratic party. you're going to see. it's going to be really very interesting what happens. but you will have democrats defecting. they don't want to have to be selling obamacare 'cause they're going to lose an election if they coo it. >> elisabeth: aren't some of the democrats hoping to have the republicans stop the funding so they don't have to take the blame when it becomes a failure, though? >> they want nothing to do with this fight. they don't like this fight. they're talking very big right now, oh, they're not going to be able to do it. the fact is, the republicans are in a much stronger position than they're led to believe and they got to fight it. at worst, you're going to have tremendous numbers of democrats losing elections because -- the people don't want obamacare. they just don't want it. you look at any poll, you speak to anybody you want to speak to,
4:10 am
very few. 33%. that's a very small number. but i think it's way high. i think it's much -- it's a much worse number than that. >> steve: when you look at the poll, you're absolutely right. a majority of americans don't like obamacare. but look at other polls, and a majority of americans don't want the government to shut down. if the government shuts down, the republicans will take the blame. >> look at it this way, the government is going to shut down automatically if obamacare -- we can not afford obamacare. it's not even good! it doesn't work. it's too complex. it's one thing if it was fabulous and soft -- solve everybody's problems and everybody was going to get great service. the fact is, it doesn't work. so they're fighting for something that doesn't work and probably it's going to fold on its own merit. >> brian: it's absolutely true they had a terrible week. cleveland clinic, sears, saying we're going to exchanges or laying people off. we'll go over all those examples in business. and it's time for businesses to stand up for themselves. let's move to something else
4:11 am
that's happening on stopping traffic in new york city. the u.n. is back in session. the new iranian president comes into town. word is this will be the first opportunities since 1 president of the united states to meet with this president. should we? >> absolutely you should. i know i have a lot of republican friends that say don't meet, hard liners where they say don't meet. i guess i'm the most hard line of all. it's not weak to meet. you make deals. you do things. now, it doesn't mean weakness. you have a meeting, it may be good. it may be bad. you should take a very, very hard line, president obama, extremely hard. but he should absolutely meet. there is no question about it. i was listening to karl rove and others saying don't meet. well, karl rove hasn't done so well. >> elisabeth: isn't it that the meetings seem to be selective. he's willing to negotiate with some and not others. i think negotiating is okay. when it comes to capitol hill,
4:12 am
it's another story. >> i think he should meet with everybody. i'm a person that believes in meetings. whether he meets with him or meets with putin or meets with the republicans, frankly, he should be meting with the republicans all the time. if the meeting doesn't work, he should have another meeting. there is no weakness there. called negotiating. it's called deal making. but he's never made a deal before. so it's a little tough for him 'cause he's having a hard time with it. absolutely he should meet with everybody. >> brian: he did run by saying he wants to meet with our enemies. he just hasn't done it. >> steve: donald trump, exit question. by wednesday, will there be an image of our president shaking hands with the president of iran? >> well, i think he should meet with him. i think he should do it through strength. there could be that image. that image is fine. it doesn't bother me at all inasmuch you're the master of the boardroom indeed. >> beth: it was a great feature on your daughter on chris wallace's show. >> he was so nice to her and i appreciate it. i wish he'd treat me that way.
4:13 am
it would be fantastic. it was a great show and chris was very fair. >> steve: mr. t, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> steve: 13 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, controversy this morning about the president's speech at the navy yard. did he turn a solemn memorial into a political mine field? we're going to report and you will decide. >> brian: a brand-new series, we're going to show you how they're being tracked and even hacked with every move you make. >> elisabeth: i knew you were going to say that.
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
>> elisabeth: house republicans aren't successful in their latest attempt to defund obamacare, who will pay the bill? according to my next guest, young americans in their 20s are going to get hit the hardest. aleen singer is here with the heritage foundation. i'm looking at this list how this is affecting young americans and it's astounding. they may actually end up eating their vote for obama once they understand what's going on here. first of all, this program actually will raise insurance costs to this young set initially, right? >> yes. and on purpose. insurance premiums are going to increase for a lot of consumers. young adults will be hit the hardest. there is a provision called guaranteed issue, which forces insurers to charge artificially higher premiums to young adults than they would otherwise pay. >> elisabeth: my goodness. it also reduces access to the workplace in health insurance. correct? >> sure. so another impact of obamacare will be that the congressional budget office projects it will decrease insurance for 7 million
4:18 am
americans. so so much for if you like your current coverage, you can keep it. >> elisabeth: what happened to that promise there? let's talk about jobs. i think a lot of people in their 20s are coming out of college, ton of debt, looking at their job, primarily for health insurance as they look at it in years past. what will happen going forward? >> obamacare creates a lot of uncertainties for employers, but one provision that hits young adults the hardest will be the employer mandate. that forces employers with 60 or more full time workers, which under obamacare is 30 hours per week to offer affordable health coverage. if you don't. you pay a fine. employers are dropping them to part-time so they can avoid both the cost of coverage and the mandate. >> elisabeth: you're going -- the 20-year-olds may be facing part-time jobs when coming out with full degrees, right? >> right. >> elisabeth: unbleachable. what about the debt here? we talk about the bearing the bulk of the debt moving forward. don't they have enough?
4:19 am
>> right. we have a fiscal spending crisis with health care spending being a main contributor. on top of that, obamacare is going to spend an additional $1.8 trillion over the next ten years on just its coverage expansion provision. >> elisabeth: we're looking at jobs that aren't going to be in their face, because lot of debt on their back? >> right. future generation also be responsible for paying our national debt. >> elisabeth: why do you think this may be is not known to this young set? >> i don't know. they're just not paying close enough attention. >> elisabeth: maybe it just wasn't explained and it's a bill that's completely confusing. thank you for breaking it down. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> elisabeth: it was a big night for tv's hottest shows. we've got winners and losers and what you didn't see on stage. this soldier has everybody talking this morning. what he's watching on his cell phone that had him crying tears of joy. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil.
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>> brian: my favorite time of day. numbers by the numbers. 31. how many unmarked suitcases arrive on an air france flight to paris. suspicious officials opened them and found 1.3-tons of cocaine inside. six people were arrested. next, $21.4 million. that's how much the new hugh jackman movie made this weekend, making it the number one flick. finally, $60. that's how much sarah silverman paid for her emmy dress. she bought it on-line. >> steve: looks fantastic. it was a big night for some of the hottest shows on television.
4:24 am
what made the list of good and bad from the emmys? >> elisabeth: michael tammero joins us live from los angeles. hey, michael. >> hey, good morning. >> elisabeth: to you. >> steve: let's start with the funny stuff. >> elisabeth: yeah. what were some of the best laughs of last night? >> one of the best lasts, the best come december of the year was "modern family." now joins the ranks of "all in the family", "cheers" and others to win four emmys in comedy. second to "frazier," which won four in a row. >> steve: in comedy, the best actor, jim parsons, "big bang theory." right? >> his third one. he's so good and it was fun to see him win. >> brian: julia louis-dreyfus won for "veep." i don't watch the show. what was going on behind her while she was winning?
4:25 am
>> steve: because the guy pictured next to her, he is her -- >> brian: he was playing the assistant. >> elisabeth: right. they were acting. >> they were still acting, exactly. >> brian: it threw me. i thought it was a real show. >> elisabeth: what about drama? jeff daniels, right? >> you know, it was a -- this year was a year of upset. you had "the voice" beat out" the amazing race." everyone was expecting "homeland" to win. but the winner was jeff daniels for "the newsroom." we caught up with him before hand on the red carpet and asked him what this role meant for him. >> it's very difficult. it's the amount of dialogue, the pace at which we shoot, the pace at which we shoot the dialogue. i'm in my 50s and to get a role like this is so gratifying. i'm very, very grateful.
4:26 am
>> for jeff daniels. >> steve: so a big night for hbo and for next flicks, the -- netflix, the streaming service. >> it put them on the map. the future is here and netflix getting the nomination was a very big deal with "house of cards." >> brian: which is the one show that i watch straight through after the season is done because has smart tv's, you even forget what is original. what's show time or hbo and what is netflix. >> steve: netflix out out the entire season on one day. so you could do some binge viewing and we all did. >> brian: which is what happened with "breaking bad." don't you think so? >> it's all about the binging. >> steve: do you have any other sound bites for us from last night? >> we do. this was such a great year for television. everyone agreed that we are in the golden age of television. we caught up with roma downey and mark burnett who told us about that.
4:27 am
>> i have to say, i think this is a great year for television. there are so many amazing shows. it's all in the stories and story and execution. what it movers is more people than ever are watching television in different ways. >> steve: that's right. they had a big year with "the bible." >> absolutely. it was kind of shut out, which was disappointing. it was the biggest television event of the year. over 100 million viewers world wide and it lost out, which is kind of a shame. >> elisabeth: yeah, 'cause it was beating zombies every week. it was a fantastic series. jesus versus zombies and he was smacking down the zombies. people were watching. we have might -- michael, thanks so much. we know it's early, but we love getting the highlights. coming up, controversy this morning about the president's speech at the navy yard. did he turn a solemn memorial into a political mine field? we report. and you decide. >> brian: he made it all about guns. >> steve: a lot of it.
4:28 am
it's a mistake we don't want you 20 somethings to make. >> you should come to my apartment this weekend. i'm having a party. it's huge. absolutely brand-new. and we can go there in my new car. it's a mercedes. >> brian: must be doing really well. >> it's really great. >> steve: what? cheryl casone will reveal the top mistakes millenials are making and how to fix them. "fox & friends" rolls on live from new york city. [ male announcer ] marie callender's knows you may not have time to roll out a perfectly flaky crust that's made from scratch. or mix vegetables with all white meat chicken
4:29 am
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♪ >> steve: your shot of the morning. advertising icons on parade. anna kooiman in midtown manhattan. good morning to you. >> good morning and good morning to everybody at home. so it's new york's advertising, we've been playing simon says. anna says with all of these mascots for these brands. we've got jarrett from subway with us. i never really thought of you as a mascot. but this is the real guy. >> my mask doesn't come off of the it's weird. it's awesome to be with these fellow brand icons. wear having lot of fun. >> why are you here? >> it's the ad agency's birthday we're having a parade. we're going to be waves and
4:33 am
having a lot of fun. >> you'll be ringing the bell at the nasdaq later today. >> we are. >> it's essentially a think tank that's going on all week long and really trying to get young folks excited about getting into the advertising industry. >> who have you brought along? >> we have chester the cheeto here. we have the french's yellow mustard guy here. the charmin bear. the hot dog. >> we've got three here that i want elisabeth, brian and steve to do. this one really can talk. . who is this? >> steve: the roaming gnome. >> who is this? helps you sleep at night. that's a nice hint. >> elisabeth: mattress? >> you got to get the brands. >> steve: serta. >> got it. this one. >> steve: charlie tuna. >> exactly.
4:34 am
>> steve: we watch a lot of television. >> i wrangled them in to play simon says. they've got a real parade to go to but they wanted to be on the number one cable rated show. there they go! >> steve: chester the cheeto. >> elisabeth: and the twinkie is making a comeback there. i like when he has the jeans right next to him. >> brian: tweet us, tell us if you see anna. >> elisabeth: heather nauert is here with the headlines. >> brian, i think after your career in tv is over, you could be the sausage guy. what do you think? >> brian: you think so? me or chris chulo. let's hear it. [ laughter ] >> i'll think about one for steve and elisabeth. we have headlines. loved ones coming together to remember the 12 people who were killed in last week's navy yard
4:35 am
shooting. (bell rings) >> 12 bells ringing for the 12 victims killed by aaron alexis. but did the president turn a solemn memorial into a political mine field during his speech yesterday. he demanded tougher gun control laws in the u.s. but the head of the nra says there is a much bigger problem. >> there weren't enough good guys with guns. when the good guys with guns got there, it stopped. what really happened here? the mental health situation in the country is in complete breakdown. >> he wants to change the federal rules that don't allow active duty military personnel on duty to be armed. thousands of catholics supporting pope francis after he made comments that go against catholic tradition. in an interview, the pope said, quote, the church must shake off an obsession with abortion,
4:36 am
contraception and homosexuality and focus on healing those who felt wound by the church. some priests and parishioners say his words are a breath of fresh air, while others are condemning them. and it's like a scene straight out of the movies. overnight a snake found on a qantas jet led to passengers being grounded in sydney, australia. crew members found an eight-inch snake in the cabin. the airline hasn't offered any explanation to how the snake night have gotten there. but there are a lot of snakes there. this picture worth 1,000 words. a soldier deployed to afghanistan watching the birth of his first two children, twin daughters. look at that right there. oh, my. a nurse in arizona, that's where his wife was giving birth, set this up using skype and in afghanistan, someone captured private first class colton's reaction to the birth of his two little girls. his daughters, lauren and liberty, along with his wife,
4:37 am
are doing just fine this morning. wow. imagine that. watching that from overseas. what a hero he is. i love the girls' names. liberty is one of them. how perfect. >> steve: very, very nice. skype has been a life saver for a lot of families. when my sister's husband, gus, was in afghanistan, they talked on skype all the time. it really kept them together. >> brian: what about face time, would that work, too? >> steve: it was not available. you need wi-fi at least at one of the locations. meanwhile, let's go outside on the streets of new york city and there is maria molina, muddy. >> nice nickname. good morning. i have anna parading the mascots here for new york city advertising week behind me. so they're enjoying the beautiful weather in new york city. it's very fall-like. yesterday was the first official day of the season of fall and now we're starting to feel like fall across not only new york city, but areas across the rest of the northeast. staying warm in there?
4:38 am
they can't talk back to us. it looks like he's enjoying himself and having a good time. let's look at the map because across parts of the great lakes, we also have some very relatively chilly temperatures, like in detroit, you're talking a temperature right now at 45 degrees. in green bay, you need a jacket and scarf. you're talking a current temperature at 37 degrees. very chilly. some parts of new england will stay below average even throughout the afternoon hours. caribou maine, a high temperature of 49 degrees. so again, very chilly. parts of texas, upper 80s and into the 90s. still feeling like summer there. let's head back inside to brian and sports. >> brian: it's good to see jarrett sitting so close to the twinkie. >> i think he's putting mustard on me. >> brian: you want to get him away? mention this word, gulden's. [ laughter ] >> he's talk. i thought he couldn't talk.
4:39 am
>> brian: now, the sunday night games. steelers were look for a win against the bears. bears too good. this one would be ugly early. a big call. he says, i might as well break a tackle and run 55 yards before going out of bounds. later michael bush would score from one yard away. they go up 17-0. enroute to a 40-23 victory. now the best of the best of the best. best big upset of the day for me, it was andrew luck. incredible game against his old college coach, jim hear bow. he beat -- harbaugh. luck would scramble off the left side, up 20-7. final score, 27-7. the catch of the day, let's look together. it happened in the titan game. chargers, this one, down to the fourth. locker lobs it to hunter. the touchdown. final score 20-17. now let's talk baseball. new york yankees honor one of the greatest yankees of this
4:40 am
generation, mariano rivera. ♪ >> metalca giving a live performance song of the he is gets 42 retired. the robinson family was there because jackie be aenson was -- robinson was 42. they retired him while he was still playing. the yankees are virtually out of it. >> steve: they lost yesterday. >> brian: andy pettitte said good-bye, too. time to turn the page. >> steve: and it's time to talk a little bit about this, we saw it happen in the hit show "homeland." terrorists hacking into the vice president's pacemaker. could that really happen? the answer is yes. up next, the disturbing ways you are being tracked and can be hacked.
4:41 am
>> elisabeth: so scary. and anything jagger getting a lot of satisfaction. the big news about his personal life. >> brian: i heard it's controversial [ male announcer ] what's important to you? at humana, our medicare agents sit down with you and ask. hanging out with this guy. he's just the love of my life. [ male announcer ] getting to know you is how we help you choose the humana medicare plan that works best r you. mi familia. ♪ [ male announcer ] we want to help you achieve your best health, so you can keep doing the things that are important to you. keeping up with them. i love it! [ male announcer ] helping you -- now that's what's important to us.
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4:44 am
>> elisabeth: 44 past the hour: congressman o'brien dropping hints on a possible white house bid in 2016. the former vice presidential detainee has signed a book deal. its focus is a state -- set to be released in august. one of the world's greatest rock'n'roll bands will still have a great grandfather on lead vocal. ♪
4:45 am
>> elisabeth: this is great, great news for mick jagger. his 21-year-old granddaughter is expecting a baby next year. sources say mick is thrilled. steve and brian, what do you think about that? >> brian: i'm happy for him. i guess. still on stage. >> steve: thanks, elisabeth. we saw it in the hit show "homeland," terrorists hacking into the vice president's pacemaker via wi-fi. >> that's very funny. you got some balls, i'll give you that. >> i'm not joking. >> call a doctor. >> brian: could they really do that? security consultant david kennedy joins us. and the answer is? >> again, absolutely. >> steve: let's start at the
4:46 am
beginning. all they need is a device like this. what is it? >> this is called a pone pad. it's used for people that are on the good side to test the security but anybody can build these to monitor transmissions happening real time. >> steve: you came in here three minutes ago. you turned it on. what are the lines of green stuff? >> you can see all the communications that are happening real time. >> steve: in this room? >> in this room. you can see everything that's transmitting now. we can look at them and go and selectively attack each one of these machines and devices. >> brian: here is the thing, you're able to do this, pick this up. you say you pick it up in hospitals. are hospitals equipped the way other security agencies are? >> no. if you look at hospitals, they're literally five to six years behind any other industry out there. manufacturing or banking industry, they've been stepping up their security over the past few years. the medical field is significantly behind the times. five to six years at least. >> steve: so because talking about hospitals, because they haven't stepped up to the new
4:47 am
technology, using this device and just hold that up, using that device, what could a hacker do? >> this device that we created called blackout device. literally a lot of the hospitals, what they use is basically -- >> steve: it plugs into the wall. >> plugs into the wall and a lot of the hospitals, they have concrete walls and things like that to try to penetrate through, so they can't go wireless. so they use the wireless to transmit information. >> brian: here is the thing, we thought this would help people. for example, my doctor could see if i had a pacemaker, how my heart has been acting over the last two months. so tha however, for the devious, for the dastardly, how could they use that against us? >> there is an individual who recently passed away who did a lot of research on the pace makers and they're called wireless implantable device. you can actually send signals and upload information to the actual device itself and cause a volt to charge and actually cause a person to die from 50 feet away and you can do it massively.
4:48 am
you can walk down the street with a backpack, walk through the street and anybody that has that type of device would automatically start short circuiting and cause the person to die. >> steve: you got to hope that the manufacturer would encrypt it. >> that's up to us. they're not seeing the type of demand they need to enforce security in any of these product lines. when they give them to the hospitals, they're like here, it works, and there is no security built in so they're wide open. when you go to the hospital, obviously, the type of information that's centralized, so when you walk in, orgeat number and badge. those are in centralized systems. so hackers can change them. prescriptions, allergies we're having. my best regies is when you go into the hospital, make sure you're getting the right dosage of medication, it's the right medication and it's good practice to check those. when it comes to technology, you're relying off of the technology keeping us alive. >> brian: we need you working for the good guys. thanks so much.
4:49 am
>> thank you. >> steve: please don't hack. up next, it's a mistake we don't want your kids to make. >> why wasn't this report done? >> no one asked me to do it. >> steve: cheryl casone is going to show us some miss stakes millenials are making and how to fix them. >> brian: then a story for every kid who says i can't. meet the teen-ager who can barely speak a sentence, but delivered a flawless performance on "the x factor." he's here live next hour o ho ♪ [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse.
4:50 am
nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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4:52 am
>> elisabeth: they're experts on anything electronic and social. >> brian: when it comes to
4:53 am
finding a job, some millenials are missing the boat. here to help us is cheryl casone. what do you mean, this generation struggling how? >> the complaint we're getting from a lot of ceo's, a loft hr professionals is 20 somethings have this sense of entitlement. they don't know how to present in an interview. with he talked about that in the past on the show. and they also don't know how to act in the workplace. sometimes that sense of entitlement can be your worst enemy at your job. here is our first example. >> why wasn't this report done? >> no one asked me to do it. >> what did she do wrong? >> elisabeth: you think no initiative? >> yeah. you can never not do enough at your job. i'd rather see you do more than do less. take the initiative. if you're going to sit around and wait for me to tell you what to do at the office, you're not going to be my star employee, especially when you're young. you got to impress me. >> brian: especially interns. you have to find something to do. not ask every second. >> especially the intern that recently decided, it's my first
4:54 am
day, i don't feel well. i'm not going to show up. but that was a different story. now, a lot of these kids that are coming out especially, some have wealthy families, but again, do you really want to show that off at your first job? look at this. >> you should come to my apartment this weekend, i'm having a party. it's huge. absolutely brand-new. and we can go there in my new car. it's mercedes. >> must be doing really well here. >> it's really great for an unpaid internship. >> brian: don't brag about your wealth! >> it's not good to brag about your wealth. you want to really look at your financial life. are your parents really going to be around for years and years after that first job? they're supporting her now, but at some point she'll have to pay her own billings, she should start saving now. spend about 25% less than than she makes. i'm also talking about that's got to including your rents, your food. you've got to be very careful
4:55 am
with money. >> elisabeth: that includes the spending. >> that would be the bills, obviously. >> elisabeth: what about a mentor? are they doing that at all? >> that's one of the things that a lot of people miss, especially when they're young. they don't find other people to emulate, to look up to. here is an example of what you -- you could do this. ♪ [ laughter ] >> brian: what's wrong with that? >> you following pretty good about following karl rove? >> brian: how could i go wrong following karl rove? >> look, it's a good idea to emulate a mentor. but you don't want to drink coffee the way they drink. but think about that idol. how would karl rove handle the fact that brian just made a
4:56 am
mistake on my segment? >> brian: in other words, get a bracelet, wwkr what, would karl rove do? >> also like, everybody is challenged at work. you're always going to have days that you got a tougher day than another. what would your idol do? think of that person in your mind when you're at work and something bad is going down. >> brian: that's great advice. >> elisabeth: is someone miss ago beat in terms of telling this generation what to do? other people had someone telling them, apparently. >> there is blame to be spread around. universities, high school education, parents in some situations. kids don't need every single gadget handed to them from the age of two. i love my girlfriends, but they're getting all their kids ipads. i'm a little bothered by that, especially when they're two and three years old. >> brian: i want to get my paycheck for that acting debut. thanks for karl rove for playing himself. >> elisabeth: coming up, a
4:57 am
soldier dad writes a letter to an unborn baby from the trenches of world war ii. she finally gets it 69 years later. she's here to tell it. >> brian: then kids v a question about the birds and bees? don't ask mom or dad.ho government has a 1-800 coming in. >> house rule, number 33. ♪
4:58 am
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>> elisabeth: good morning. it's monday, september 23. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we start with a fox news alert. new this morning, special forces under siege as they try to close in on terrorists at the mall in kenya. this as we learn some of the attackers may be from america. the breaking details straight ahead. >> steve: do your kids have a question about the birds and the bees? they probably would not does you because now they can just ask big brother. get this, the new government phone line that let's kids text them for advice about birds and bees issues. great. >> brian: a story for every kid who says i cannot.
5:01 am
♪ >> brian: you can barely get through a sentence because of turret's syndrome. he just delivered a flawless performance on "the x factor." you won't believe simon's reaction. "fox & friends" starts now. am. >> this is phil mickleson and you're watching "fox & friends". >> brian: what a year he had, huh? >> elisabeth: oh, my goodness. his voice is incredible. what a message he has to share. >> steve: he's in our green room right now. there is that young man. this is going to be an inspiring story coming up this hour. >> brian: right. he's got a lot more left in "the x factor." >> steve: a fox news alert for you, a live look at that upscale mall in kenya where terrorists have been engaged in a stand-off for three days. loud explosions rocked the building just about 90 minutes ago. now more smoke, as you can see,
5:02 am
billowing from the roof. officials say militants are burning mattresses, two trysts are confirmed dead. it's not confirmed how many people are still inside. hostages are still being held. >> brian: officials now saying 62 people dead, down from 68. nearly 200 wounded. five americans hurt. now we are learning some americans may have been involved. >> elisabeth: joining us live from jerusalem with the breaking details, leeland vittert. >> hi. good morning. right now we're hearing that the al-shabab militant group who sent these guys to attack this mall may have included a number of americans in that group, about ten to 15, the original number of gunmen that entered the mall. sources say it may be down to as few as six who are in the mall. live look at the picture from about 200 yards away is where that camera that is looking at
5:03 am
the plume of smoke coming out from the mall. what exactly that smoke is coming from, why those explosion s happened from which side they were coming from, we don't know. we know 100 to 200 kenyan troops stormed into that mall today in an attempt to try to end it. they've launched these offenses before, but they have largely proved ineffective against these gunmen inside, for no other reason than the kenyan government and their army does not have a real hostage rescue team or special forces, per say. this is the kenyan army trying to launch these attacks. we do have cell phone video of the moments on saturday just after the initial shots were fired here at this mall. very high end mall there in the capitol of nairobi that is not only frequented by wealthy kenyan, but ex-pats, diplomats. at least five americans were hurt in this gun fire as it went off. right now we're waiting to see just how much longer it's going to take for them to move floor by floor, room by room and try
5:04 am
to clear everyone out of that mall. at that point we'll probably get a firm count in terms of numbers, how many dead and how many of the gunmen may still be alive for questioning. elisabeth. >> elisabeth: thank you for being with us and giving us that update here. everyone is asking, who is al-shabab? we have some information and they're al-qaeda militant group formed in 2006. somalia, the primary operating base for them. we know after their leader was oust, kenya sent troops to somalia and perhaps that's why they've been threatening retaliation in the years prior to this attack. >> brian: the leader says this is two years in coming, but all how they were ousted. they no long her a foothold into somalia and people thought good, we got rid of them. you haven't. in the u.s., in kansas city and minnesota especially, in fact, three somalian americanss, went to brooklyn, were captured, and
5:05 am
sent back. it seems to be attractive to go outside the core group. >> steve: despite they've launched this attack. >> brian: they said preliminaries, get out of here. non-muslims, you're in trouble. >> steve: there was this one woman who was inside the mall and a guy comes up to her with a gun and says, you can live if you will convert to islam. what she did was she recited an islamic profession of belief. he said thank you. and walked off after he gave her children chocolate canned. she lived because she said she was islamic. others died. >> brian: this is an operation sophisticated, they say, and not as great as mumbai. but right now we understand domestically, we've enhanced security here in new york city and in minnesota and in kansas city the f.b.i. is lobbing down and their sources that they've been monitoring because they want to make sure there is not a reciprocal attack here at home. >> elisabeth: you mentioned earlier the malls are something
5:06 am
they're keeping an eye on and a number of people. >> brian: looking for soft targets. >> elisabeth: absolutely. that's where they go. where there is no protection for the people. in other news, we have the 65th emmy awards kicked off with the host neil patrick harris getting help from his successors? take a look. >> can i just give you a smidge of advice? look around. take it all in, i mean, enjoy every second of this because, i mean, there is a good chance they won't ask you back next year. [ laughter ] you got to do a song and dance thing. >> i don't want to. >> it's good for the tonies. >> elisabeth: tapping away. what about the winners and losers? anna kooiman is following that and she has the news for us. there were a loft good looking people last night. >> absolutely. we want to tell you that "breaking bad" won tv's highest honor before taking a final bow in its last season. >> holy (bleep).
5:07 am
man, i did not see this coming. >> i've been blessed in the past and this show has been nominated in the past. but what i really wanted was what we got. >> the biggest shock "breaking bad" star lost the best actor imy in jeff daniels. remember him from "dumb and dumber"? there were no surprises in the best actress category. >> claire danes, "homeland." >> she took home the trophy last year as well. and then star carrie underwood. her performance of the song "yesterday" actually hitting a sour note with the crowd. ♪ yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away ♪ >> many people on social media calling her tribute to the beatles and 50th anniversary
5:08 am
and jfk's assassination offkey and unnecessary. neil patrick harris did not disappoint. breaking out to a song and dance in the middle of the show. ♪ to that i say thank you but no ♪ some give you their least ♪ ♪ i give you my most >> this is our favorite part. we'll look at. so night's best dressed. here is sofia vergara, absolutely stunning in red. showing off that coke bottle frame. and scandals carey washington hit it out of the park with this gown. tina fey passed the fashion police test in this tight blue dress. looking good as well. elisabeth, here is your favorite -- who is your favorite? >> elisabeth: i might say carey washington. i thought she looked nice. >> and brian, you say that you stay up late watching "access hollywood." she's always known for being
5:09 am
well dressed. >> brian: as you know, i love to look at fashion. just judge and wonder if i could make it myself. normally i like to bounce this off of us in a meeting, i'm wondering -- post par meeting. at -- post war meeting. do you want, as a new tradition, do a dance routine at 7:30, maybe we get a song and dance every day. you want to think about it? >> steve: no. i've seen you dance. long time ago at somebody's wedding, brian did the "ymca." brian thought since he was one over, all he would have to do is m. he just kept doing m. >> elisabeth: wow. >> brian: i only thought it had one letter. >> steve: that's our recipe toward global domination. >> elisabeth: reason enough for no dancing. >> brian: heather nauert has the
5:10 am
news. don't you? >> stop talking about you doing the hustle. >> brian: yes, please. >> breaking news to bring you. there is brand-new video of a rescue operation that's currentsly underway in syria. after regime forces in a helicopter dropped a bomb on a residentsial building. at least six people from the same family were killed. another seven were hurt. the bomb took out the building's walls and it pinned people under heavy concrete blocks there. no word yet on how many people are still buried. we'll keep watching that for you. also at this hour, search teams are looking for two missing airmen after a u.s. navy helicopter crashes into the red sea. last night three crew members were found and they are in stable condition. the nighthawk helicopter went down while it was either trying to take off or land from the uss william t.voren. it was not a result of hostile activity. boston's top cop is stepping down. police commissioner ed davis will announce later today that he is to resign within the next
5:11 am
30 to 60 days. sources say he's got a teaching job lined up at harvard university. but his name is also being thrown out as a possible replacement for janet napolitano as a secretary of homeland security. a nice story now. a big debut for a little superstar. meet henry. he's a second pole polar bear born in queensland over the weekend. 19 weeks old, he weighs 33 pounds burks grow to weigh more than 1,000 pounds. he's named after henry hudson. every time we do a story about australia, it always involves animals. they got a lot going on there. >> elisabeth: nine out of the ten deadliest snakes. >> brian: al gore says they're all dying. >> steve: actually, i believe that trend is completely reversed. >> brian: that's great news. why didn't you tell me this? >> steve: i think we did mention it twice. >> brian: if it's on the
5:12 am
prompter -- coming up, world leaders at the united nations. they're stopping traffic and keeping from you getting to work on time. a big buzz about a possible meeting between president obama and the president of iran. is he willing to negotiate with him and not with republicans on the hill? that doesn't seem to make much sense. >> elisabeth: no. outrage this morning over who wasn't honored at the emmys. the controversy straight ahead. >> brian: can you say klugman? i mean, why would he not be honored here's the plan.
5:13 am
we're gonna stop beating ourselves up about our weight. we're not gonna give up what we love. it's not gonna happen. and when the pounds still come off... we'll be like, "whoa!" e night we'll even eat a cupcake like it's our job. just not the entire cake. that's part of the weight watchers plan. we're gonna feel happy... healthy... and good. really good. weight watchers. because we understand. because we've been there. because it works. join for free. offer ends october 19th.
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dad! dad! katy perry is coming to town. can we get tickets, tickets? hmm, sure. how many? well, there's hannah, maddie, jen, sara m., sara b., sa -- whoa, whoa. hold on. (under his breath) here it comes... we can't forget about your older sister! thank you, thank you, thank you! seriously? what? i get 2x the thankyou points on each ticket. can i come? yep. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on entertainment and dining out, with no annual fee. to apply, go to >> you have never seen in the history of the united states the debt ceiling or the threat of not raising the debt ceiling being used to extort a president. >> legislative ashsonnists are at work when they start using
5:16 am
the debt limit for their own agenda. >> we've overcome far darker threats than those. we will not negotiate over whether or not america should keep its word and meet its obligations! >> steve: their message is clear, the president and his fellow democrats will not meet with republicans to discuss and negotiate over the debt limit. but the president may take time to meet with iran's president, which is a country we haven't had official relations with since the '80s. fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us and says this is screwy. >> no, it's topsy turvy. alice in wonderland foreign policy, when you hear the president, when you hear nancy pelosi talking, is she talking about the iranians? is she talking about the syrian as soon as is she talk being mr. putin? no. they're talking about the republicans. they're talking about mr. boehner. they're talking about sarah palin. they're talking about a lot of republicans across the country. so we have a situation, maybe you've had it in your family, perhaps i've had it in my
5:17 am
family. maybe you had it in your family, america, where a relative turns on you and says, i'm not going to talk to you. but i'm going to talk to the family down the block that really hated our entire family for 25 years and freeze you out for 20 years! >> steve: oh, man. >> that's what we have going on in this country. the president saying i'm going to negotiate with a murderous anti-semite group in iran on a nuclear policy that they've waged throughout these this entire presidency. on the brink of having a nuclear weapon in iran and says, well, he has sent out nice rosh hashanah tweets, after a history of anti-semitism, he has sent a nice letter to us, perhaps we could speak at the u.n. i'm saying meet, but meet in a tough way that says, shut it down now. let us verify or we're not going to do anything in terms of your sanctions. sanctions crippled iran. >> steve: we've got to deal with iran and we've got to negotiate with them in a strong way. but then for the president of the united states on friday
5:18 am
night to call the speaker of the house, john boehner, and say, hey, i'm not going to negotiate with you over the debt ceiling. click. that sends a message. >> it send has big message. the message is a seven second message. let's watch what the president's message is and his mindset is with the republican party. >> they're not focused on you. they're focused on politics. they're focused on trying to mess with me. >> who is messing with who? let's focus on the real enemy. let's focus on the real problem in the world. the real problem in the world is not the republican party. the republican party and the democratic party are united in their love for this country. they disagree big time on obamacare. there is a lot of proof that obamacare can destroy the financial fabric of this country. but let's talk about it in a way that does service to our
5:19 am
traditions in this country and let's be as eager to speak with the republicans as we are to speak with the iranians and malefactors in this world. that, i think, is a lesson for monday as the u.n. begins. >> steve: it does. will the president shake hands with him and talk with him? you'll hear about had here first. coming up, outrageous morning over who was not honored at the emmys last night. controversy straight ahead. there is claire and jeff. before he died for his country, he left something very special behind. a letter to his then unborn daughter. it has now been delivered almost seven decades after his death. his little girl all grown up here next [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil.
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> brian: quick headlines. microsoft will unveil its brand-new tablet called surface 2. it's expected to be thinner and get seven hours of battery life instead of just four. prices start at $350. and those gadgets may be approved for flights. this week the faa is meeting to relax restrictions on electronics during takeoff and landing as early as next year. flyers will be able to read e books, watch videos on the ipad, which we could have been doing all along. the ban on cell phone calls will be expected to stay in place. elisabeth, do something else. >> elisabeth: i'll be reading on a plane for sure. thanks. this is private first class john
5:24 am
edington, a proud american soldier who served in world ii. he put his country first, but his family was never far behind. that's why he wrote his newborn daughter a letter just days before he was deployed and never came home. this morning his letter finally arrived. nearly seven decades later, his daughter, puggy, joins me to -- peggy joins me to share what's inside. thanks for being with us this morning. >> sure. >> elisabeth: you know, the ceremony was so moving and i think we've all been talking about this story of your dad. when you were contacted by donna, she had this letter for 14 years and was desperate to find you. when she contacted you and said that she had a letter from your dad, what did you think? >> it was hard to believe. i don't have anything that is regard to my father. so this was all brand-new to me. i knew he had a purple heart, but i thought my mother had thrown it away. so i didn't go looking for it. and my mother never shared any information about him to me.
5:25 am
so this letter, once i got it, it's very emotional and now i know that he loved his little girl. >> elisabeth: we certainly have heard about it. are you comfortable and are you able to read some of the letter that she brought to you? >> sure. sure. >> elisabeth: those are pictures of you with donna, by the way, that we were seeing. now if you're okay to read it. >> it's my darling daughter, my darling daughter, you have never seen me or may not see me for some time. i'm sending you this so that you will always know that you have a very proud daddy somewhere in this world fighting for you and our country. so my darling daughter, i close at this time praying that i will see you soon as possible, so be a good baby always. always remember your father is the proudest. love, your daddy. >> elisabeth: obviously an emotional letter and had to
5:26 am
learn a ton about him from that. your mom never remarried. i'm sure it's something that you questioned over the years. now do you understand what a guy he was and why she didn't? >> yes. i'm learning. i'm learning more and more by what look in this box that donna had brought me with all kinds of different letters. little by little, i'm learning who he was and his personality. >> elisabeth: he certainly told you to treat your mom right. we know you lost her some years ago. donna's intent was finding you and finding this little girl so that she could know she was loved. now does this little girl, all grown up, how do you feel? >> overwhelmed. i haven't really taken it all in, but i'm learning more and more because of my mother not telling me that this dad really loved his little girl. >> elisabeth: you finally have that feeling of a daddy's little girl. >> i do.
5:27 am
>> elisabeth: you know, we are so, first of all, honored to be able to share this story and thankful that you've gotten that long-awaited hug from your dad. >> yes. thank you. >> elisabeth: we want to thank you for being with us today. a good heart-warming story. >> you're welcome. >> elisabeth: up next, this morning, about the president's speech, what's going on with it at the naval yard? did he turn a solemn memorial into a political mine field? we will report and you decide. then a story for every kid who says i can't. meet the teen-ager who can barely speak a complete sentence but delivered a flawless performance on "the x factor." he is here live and he's in our green room. we can't wait. ♪ ♪ at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better.
5:28 am
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get medical help right away if you experience serious allergic reactions such as body rash, trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat, or sweating. flpen® is insulin delivery my way. covered by most insurance plans, including medicare. ask your health care provider about levemir® flexpen today. ♪ >> elisabeth: that's a nice welcome back. it's time for your shot of the morning. you could say here comes the bride. the mets rookie forced to dress up as a bridal party. it was put together by hawkins. >> steve: she needs a shave. >> brian: yes. they all do. >> elisabeth: where was mr. met? did he perform the ceremony? >> brian: they'd like to see an increase in salary cap. >> steve: and better dresses.
5:32 am
>> elisabeth: here is a story we told you about earlier. you are all fired up. kids with questions about the birds and the bees can now text their questions to a government app instead of asking mom and dad. >> steve: just kicked off in new mexico. there is a program like it as well in north carolina. so is this a good idea or should it be up to the parents to tell their children about s-e-x. >> elisabeth: i text add question to myself 'cause i wanted to know how they responded. it's who it's coming from. i'm still waiting. they have a 24-hour waiting period. so you can get an answer within that time. >> steve: what was the question? it was of a personal nature? nonresponsive it was personal. >> brian: really? >> steve: do you really want the answer? >> elisabeth: the government has it now. [ laughter ] >> brian: here is what larry said. it sounds crazy, but may be a better option than bad information from the guy or girl
5:33 am
in class who has all the answers. >> steve: i remember that in junior high. about 50% was right. the other 50% was imagined. >> brian: right. but you aren't graded on that part. >> elisabeth: lisa from georgia says this is another attempt by our government to create an atmosphere where our kids are conditioned to think they don't need their parents because the government is there for them. >> steve: couple of tweets now. mud lady tweeted in, many of my daughters's friends have parents who won't talk to them about sex. that's how they ended up pregnant. >> brian: remember dr. ruth used to come on the time? she says the minute a kid asks, they're ready. she says if they ask at any anal, they're ready for any answer. >> elisabeth: i would like a notification if the kid is sending a question in, parents should get notification. we have one more tweet. judith, absurd, parents arise. fight for your right to train am your own children. >> brian: don't we have health class? isn't that what health is about?
5:34 am
>> elisabeth: or the car rides when you're in the car. >> brian: yeah, what about car rides? >> steve: here is the thing, if a kid has a smart phone and most kids do, they can just google it. they don't need to contact the state. google gives all the answers, unfortunately. >> brian: right. you can google and you can use images. you can do whatever you want. >> brian: very different option. >> steve: my kids didn't know about images until just now. thanks. >> brian: your kids are in their 40s, steve. what are you talking about? they know. [ laughter ] heather nauert, what's happening? >> breaking news now. yesterday in washington, loved ones coming together to remember the 12 people who were killed in last week's navy yard shooting. (bell rings). >> marching bud mcgraw.
5:35 am
>> 12 bells ringing out for the 12 victims who were killed by aaron alexis. during the speech, president obama demanding tougher gun control laws. but the head of the nra says there is a much bigger problem. >> there weren't enough good guys with guns. when enough good guys with guns got there, it stopped. i mean, what really happened here? the mental health situation in the country is in complete breakdown. >> they want to change the federal rule so active duty military personnel on bases can be armed. the doctor who helped the c.i.a. find osama bin laden is getting a new trial. he was sentenced to 33 years in prison for setting up a sting to verify osama bin laden's identity and also his location. his conviction was overturned earlier this year because a judge said the sentence was just too harsh. he's set to appear before a judge tomorrow. and a plane makes an emergency landing on one of chicago's busiest roads. the pilot was forced to land the single engine plane on lake
5:36 am
shore drive. he was flying over lake michigan when the plane started having mechanical issues. no one was hurt. and controversy over who wasn't included in the memorial tribute at the emmys. listen. >> this summer on our shoggle we suffered a painful death in our family. cory monteith. >> the son of the odd couple star j klugman, says the ex clues of his father was an insult to his memory. he said, i don't mean to say anything disparaging about cory, but he won no emmys and a self-induced tragedy. he died of a heroin and alcohol overdose. remember there was a bit of a controversy a couple years ago, farrah fawcett wasn't mentioned. some people were upset about that. i think bea arthur, too. >> brian: she was maud. maria, what's happening? i heard you have the weather and gone to a safe location. >> that's right. right outside the studio away from you, brian.
5:37 am
just kidding. [ laughter ] it's only 'cause i love you. [ laughter ] all right. let's get to the weather conditions across parts of the northeast because we're talking befall-like conditions across the area. we have low humidity. our cold front moves through this weekend and it left behind beautiful temperatures and conditions across the region. not just in the northeast, but also across parts of the midwest and also into areas across the great lakes. current temperatures, a little on the chilly side, in green bay, in the 30s. you will be warming up as we head into later on this afternoon and temperatures will be climbing into the 60s. widespread across the region including the great lakes and also across northeast. some spots across new england will stay on the chilly side. like in caribou maine, you can see that high temperature, only expected to get into the 40s. that's as warm as it will get today. texas, parts of the gulf coast, temperatures, 80s and 90s. showers and thunderstorms forecast across parts of the gulf coast. could be heavy at times. locally, more than eight inches of rain possible in parts of
5:38 am
florida. it's better than this. take a look at this very quickly. in colorado, we actually had some snow this morning. it's still coming down along some of the higher elevations. let's head back inside. >> steve: it's still summer as well. but just barely. >> it's fall officially, as of yesterday. >> elisabeth: it's officially fall, i think. >> steve: just like that. thank you. never mind. it makes sense. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. >> elisabeth: that's right. he's "the x factor" contestant everyone is talking about. ♪ >> elisabeth: but it wasn't only carlos singing that won him over. it was his story. carlos -- >> what does that do? >> i have ficks which make me move a little weird sometimes. it's been a hassle in my life,
5:39 am
but you can't let things hold you back. you got to continue. >> brian: carlos joins us live in studio this morning of the nothing held you back. it was unbelievable! >> nice to be here. >> brian: since 12, when you started getting signs of turrets and some of the ticks and ocd, you've been trying to keep up with this and trying to beat this. >> well, when i was 12 was when -- i've always had little things i did as a child growing up that were i guess not normal. but we didn't really think anything about it. it was just kind of carlos, it was like what i did, little things. as i got older during puberty when i was 12, things started to get a little bit more i would say intense. but the first thing i was diagnosed with was ocd. i got put on medicine for that. it was -- things were still going wrong. it's getting worse and worse. and then i was like diagnosed
5:40 am
with turret syndrome. for a while, it was the same old thing, but at thend of eighth grade, i kind of had like a little mishap, like it got really bad and stopped for a while and i was fine. in the beginning of 9th grade, started up and i was doing really good. it was my first year of high school. i got voted vice president of my entire student body. >> brian: way to go. a huge deal. >> i was on my football team and then everything kind of went downhill. >> elisabeth: what happened? >> my body -- kind of like i wasn't in control of it anymore. it would move, my body would lock up. i was leaving in a wheelchair out of my school daily. >> brian: even thinking about it is upsetting, right? >> it's crazy 'cause it makes you think about how much it's gotten better. >> steve: why do you think you were able to perform flawlessly that number on "x factor" in.
5:41 am
>> i had to leave school towards the middle of the year, i would say, because it got so severe that i was missing more school already than i was even attending. i would go for an hour and would have to leave. >> brian: am i right, you found even at a young age, music would soothe you. so when you would sing, you would relax, until at first it was a way to relax and then all of a sudden, people were like, you're good. >> elisabeth: your music was soothing others. >> it was crazy. i discovered i guess the same -- around the same time when i got diagnosed that not only did i like music, but it was something that i liked to do. it's something that calmed me. >> elisabeth: your mom and grandma actually sing, right? >> uh-huh. my mom and grandma and i think my great grandparents were opera singers. it wasn't really a dream of mean. it was a thing that i knew. >> steve: since you mentioned your mother, we might as well have her come over. come on over here. >> elisabeth: come on over to the curvey couch.
5:42 am
>> steve: how proud are you of this young man? >> i would be proud -- i'm proud of him no matter what he does. this is amazing. not amazing that he got up there and sing 'cause i knew he could singing, but amazing that he took that step to pute. a lot of us are good at things, but not everybody goes for it. >> steve: he is so good at it, if you missed "the x factor," here is simon cowell with your review. listen. >> you know what i like about you is that you're not a victim. you know? i mean, you've got this issue, but most importantly, you haven't let that stop you doing what you've dreamt of doing. forget about all of that. you've actually got a great voice. >> steve: look at that. >> brian: your reaction to simon >> well, the first thing when you go see simon, you don't really know what he's going to say. it was the best thing ever.
5:43 am
>> elisabeth: what's next? >> next is the middle rounds that you will have to see. i think it might air next week. you guys got to stay tuned. >> brian: you've done it already? >> i have. >> elisabeth: he can't tell us. >> steve: your mother knows. we'll ask her. >> brian: yeah, go ahead. stay out of this, carlos. what happened? >> it's very exciting. it's something completely different. i think everybody will be surprised how different it is this year. very intense. >> brian: america now knows both you guys and it's a great storm we hope it continues. >> steve: thank you very much. >> elisabeth: carlos, thank you so much. >> steve: coming up on this program, senator rand paul has an idea you're going to like. he wants all of congress and the supreme court to be forced to enroll in obamacare. the senator here live next. stay with us [ male announcer ] house rule number 33.
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>> elisabeth: welcome back. it's time for quick headlines. new video into "fox & friends" from italy where the trial of the costa concordia trapt is underway. he wants the judge to approve his request for an inspection of the ship. his lawyers says this is important to understand what went wrong. and it's like a scene from the movie "snakes" on a plane. shivers overnight. a tiny snake found on a qantas jet led to more than 300 passengers being grounded in sydney. crew members found the eight-inch snake in the cabin right before boarding. steve? >> steve: that was a little snake. meanwhile, a fox news alert. live pictures as more smoke rises from that upscale mall in kenya where terrorist attention remain holed up with apparently some hostages. this as we learn some of the attackers could be american. wendell goler live with the
5:48 am
breaking details at the white house. what do we know? >> steve, the terrorist group al-shabab posted what it claims is a list of the attackers on its web site and the list includes the names of several people from this country, as well as can did and the u.k. new york republican congressman peter king says al-shabab is an al-qaeda affiliated that recruited in the u.s., primarily in somalian areas. >> f.b.i. and local law enforcement are looking into the somali american areas today, sources and resources to make sure that there is no follow-up attempt here in the united states. >> as we can see, the attack is still going on of the it's in a western-style mall. a number of americans were injured. though none with known to have been killed. it's unclear if americans are among the hostages being killed. president obama called kenya's president and secretary of state kerry bitterly condemned the
5:49 am
attack. >> enormous offense against everybody's sense ever right and wrong. president obama talked today, i talked to the foreign minister, ambassador, we're in close touch with everybody there, but it represents the seriousness and the breadth of the challenge that we face with ruthless and completely wreckless terrorists. >> oklahoma republican senator tom coburn says the attack undermines president obama's claim that al-qaeda is on the decline. steve? >> steve: wendell from the north lawn of the white house, thank you. coming up, senator rand paul has an idea you're going to like. he wants all of congress and the supreme court to be forced to enroll in obamacare. the senator is here. i think he's out in the hall. he'll be with us. let's go upstairs to check out what martha mccallum has brewing ten minutes from now.
5:50 am
>> good morning. so as the remaining hostages fear for their lives inside that mall this morning, a desperate effort to get them out and to kill the gunmen. and the question, could this happen here at home? it's a tritonning possibility. also we've got video of an ohio policeman placed on leave when a traffic stop spins out of control. did he really do anything wrong? all that coming up when bill and i see you right here in "america's newsroom" at the top of the hour ou can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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5:53 am
>> brian: this week the plan to cut off funding for the president's health care bill heads from the house to the senate. >> elisabeth: does it stand a chance? we are joined now by kentucky senator rand paul. welcome. >> good morning. >> elisabeth: great to see new person. really right now we're facing a shut down or not. what's the plan, coming from you? what's the alternative to
5:54 am
obamacare? >> i think we shouldn't give it a penny. i think it's a disaster and hurt the people it intended to help. i'm against it from top to bottom and i won't vote to fund it. >> elisabeth: can you be against obamacare and not for a government shut down? >> absolutely opposed to a government shut down as well. i think that's a bad idea. so i think really we fight it out and we'll see in the end the democrats have the senate and the presidency. it will be difficult ultimately to overcome them, but i think we should use the leverage of controlling the house, the republicans were elected in the house. we were elected to do something. they want -- people want us to stand up and fight obamacare, so we should. really the president has it exactly backwards. he says if republicans don't get 100% of what they want, they're going to shut down government. it's completely the opposite. he wants 100% of obamacare. he's unwilling to compromise. if he doesn't get 100% of obamacare, the president is going to shut down government. >> brian: you're with ted cruz. however, you're not convinced there is an end game that's going to see obamacare defunded. if that is the case, you have
5:55 am
another idea. you believe that obamacare should be for everybody. for example? >> i think congress should never exempt themselves from a law. but then again, i think john roberts, he loves obamacare so much. >> brian: supreme court justice. >> he should get it. he's getting a sobbed dee. he's not -- subsidy. he's not part of obamacare. he makes us get obamacare, but he's exempt. so i have an amendment that i will introduce that we have written up and we will introduce that says all the federal government gets obamacare, including federal employees and including john roberts. >> brian: it will cost an extra $700 or more per family and the staffers are making minimum salaries. a lot of them do it for the benefit. >> i'm not excited about doing that to staff or federal employees. but if the president thinks obamacare is a good idea and john roberts thinks he can twist the constitution and make obamacare constitutional, he ought to get it. >> elisabeth: what about the middle lane? if there is not funding
5:56 am
obamacare, or if it is exactly funded, is that a slow road to eventually having no cash here anyway? >> right. what i've said is defunding obamacare is where we should start. that's what we're for. that's what the people who voted for us are for. we may not get everything we want, so i acknowledge that. the president wants 100% of obamacare. we want zero. maybe we make it less bad through a compromise. if the republicans pass defund, democrats continue to fund. maybe there could be a compromise where we got rid of some of the tacks and get rid of some of the bad parts. >> elisabeth: is that possible? >> maybe. but you have to have a very quick conference committee, lin, on the republican side and democrats would have to come together and say we're willing to compromise and we have a conference committee. >> brian: october 11 coming quick. senator paul, stay right here. back with more rand paul and us in three minutes ht. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
right? >> well, i had an advantage. he didn't come and i came. [ laughter ] that does help. >> brian: but are you guys talking? answer that question in the after the show show. >> i think i'm going to see him tonight. >> steve: really? >> elisabeth: we'd like to know where. -- terror at an updale shopping mall in nairobi. 160 dead an unknown number injured. there is


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