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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 30, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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the finish line breaking the ribbon just ahead of runner. >> thank you so much for starting your work week with us. hope you'll be back tomorrow. >> see you soon. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >>elisabeth: good morning. it's monday, september 30. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. judgment day on capitol hill. the clock ticks closer to a government shutdown. can congress put partisan politics aside before midnight tonight? we're live with details in washington. >>steve: big day. and president obama won't talk to congress, but calls the president of iran to negotiate a nuclear strategy. benjamin netanyahu has a warning for the white house ahead of his oval office meeting. we'll tell you about that coming up. >>brian: one of the most anticipated finales of the year. turning out the lights for the last time but did it live up to the hype?
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we report, you decide. and get netflix. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: it was kind of surprising that the father from "malcolm in the middle" broke bad so badly. >>brian: remember how many times he was on our show? we were first to recognize his talent. he was ready to quit the business until he was on "fox & friends." elisabeth is in mourning because both the jets and giants did lose. >>elisabeth: it's a rough one. >>brian: you've taken it harder than geno smith. >>elisabeth: that is true. >>steve: you're from a football family. today the big game is politics and we've got a fox news alert. less than 24 hours until a government shutdown. over the weekend the house voted to delay obamacare for one year but keep the government running.
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today that bill is going to head to the senate where majority leader harry reid already promised it's d.o.a. so what's going to happen next? kelly wright is following developments live in washington. a lot of people may be tuned out over the weekend. bring us up to date. >> i think you said it best when you talked about the game going on here. it seems to be more of a blame game and time is of the essence but congress is still locked in a standoff over this. democrats and republicans are pointing fingers at each other while little agreement is being negotiated. over the weekend house republicans did work on a bill to avert a government shutdown and over that weekend the house actually passed a different spending bill but it included a one-year delay in obamacare plus a permanent federal tax on medical devices. senate democrats will likely reject that. congress -- if congress fails to reach this agreement to avert a partial government shutdown
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here is how it would impact government. 800,000 federal employees could lose pay. 1.4 million active-duty military would stay on duty but paychecks would be delayed. national parks and food safety inspections would be affected. nasa will have to furlough all of its employees but keep mission control operational to support the international space station. at airports there could be more delays of security screenings and veterans denied disability benefits will stro wait longer to file their appeals. it's very quiet on capitol hill. no action is expected until 2 p.m. today when the senate convenes. that's just ten hours before the shun goes into effect. if congress -- bust shutdown goes into effect. if congress failings to reach a deal the government could shut down for the first time since 1995. >>brian: not the first time ever. it's done it 17 times before including between 7 and 12 times under tip o'neal and ronald reagan. >>steve: it's also an ego
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thing. imagine you're a government worker and your boss calls you up and says you're not essential. goodbye. >>elisabeth: that's not going to go over well. >>steve: when you are essential, you've got to go to work. >>elisabeth: they're just hanging on until 2 p.m. today. who is to blame? the house sent their second budget in just añr week toñi the senate but senators decided to take the weekend off and majority leader harry reid vowed to knock out anything that delays obamacare saying this. >>elisabeth: here's the quote: knowing -- >>brian: here's the quote knowing full well the senate would reject the stunt house republican leaders voted to increase the deficit and deny affordable health care to millions of americans. tomorrow -- that's today -- the senate will do exactly what we said we will do and reject these measures at which time of course people are saying when they reject it, what will save the day? maybe as kevin mccarthy indicated, one of the young guns from a couple of years
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ago who cowrote that book, that they'll just have a short-term spending resolution until they can work something out, even a week or two. >>steve: it sound like so what's going to happen, they're did go to vote on the house -- they're going to vote on the house bill later today. they can run it right up to the clock. all mr. emanuel will have to do one minute before midnight is bring out the spending bill. that would still be a win of sorts for the republicans. >>brian: not if you want to cut the military the way they have been doing it. the military is basically using their muskets by the end of the sequester. >>elisabeth: that is the one thing that brought them together right now if indeed there is a shutdown, but we will continue to fund the majority of -- >>brian: at the)uá level. >>steve: and social security checks will continue to go out. ted cruz says harry reid who would not reconvene the senate yesterday is holding hostage. >> twice now republicans in the house have compromised and twice harry reid has said we won't even have a
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conversation. i refuse to compromise. we want to fund it all. we want to stick it on the american people. and we won't budge. that's not a reasonable position. and if we have a shutdown, it will be because harry position and essentially holds the american people hostage. >> the other thing you've got to wonder too is about the strategy. the republicans wanted to fund obamacara÷ was that the rightñr move? or you could pick out things th@qñi areñi unpopular. for example,t(ñiñiñi the medical device tax. weren't we looking at senators saying this is bad, especially one in red states,ñi saying we've got to end this. it5s goingçó to end innovation? it's goingñi to end the people alive and gives you things like pacemakers and artificial hearts? even dick durbin yesterday came forward, the high-ranking democrat, andñr said we're for maybe revisiting the medical device tax. listen. >> i support taking a look at the medical device tax. keep in mind, though, that we anticipate millions of
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more patients using medical devices with some profit associated with it to the medical device compan#am that's why the tax is there. but i'm willing to look at that, but not with a gun to my head, not with the prospect of shuttingñi down the government. >>elisabeth: there is a chance there. and the reason why is there are some people that said maybe the strategy is to try to delay the individual mandate. but the medical tax, the medical device tax may be the only way because there are some democrats likeñiñi massachusetts, minnesota, that support it due to theñr fact that the tax they agreed to pay -- i think it is 2.3% -- accounts for almo course of tençó years. so this,) necessary in terms ofñi obamacare in some people's minds. but there is a shot because of what you said, brian, that jobs are going to end up going overseas, that innovation -- steve we talked about this before -- is going to go down in the medical industry. so there is a shot due to the fact that it's a bipartisan issue, that maybe this is the way there is a delay inñiçóçóñiñi obamaca. >>steve: you are absolutely right.
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when you look at when the house included this let's get rid of the medical device tax, 17 democrats joined every single republican in the house to vote for it. but dick durbin just said i'd consider it but not with a gun to my head. unfortunately, that's just the way that washington, d.c. works these days. it seems like everybody has always got the gun at everybody else's head. and one of the reasons for that is we voted for a divided government. we voted a republican house in in 2010 and 2012 to keep the country -- the country wanted to keep liberalism inñi check, a conservative bastion in the house. >>brian: there's two guys who would have gotten this done. nixon and l.b.j. they would have pressured the five democrats running in red states, they could turn the election the other way and put the ads in those districts and pressured them to come around and maybe pressure their leadership and say
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we've got to give them some of this and harry reid you're no longer going to be majority leader. those guys knew how to do deals. this seems as though, it seems as though people are winging it in washington and there is no resolve. there is no end game. i'm sure if you whipped out a flowchart with any of these leaders -- by the way, the leaders areñi nonexistent, mitch mcconnell, harry reid and john boehner, eric cantor. we can't find these guys. if you asked them to fill out a flowchart, i don't think they could put things together. >>elisabeth: the problem is there have been 15 changes already to the original obamacare. they have been behind closed doors. that's not what i thought this government was about. >>steve: speaking of president obama, while harry reid was not convening the senate to take up action, the president of the united states over the weekend, he was calling the guy who runs iran and got him in the car. they talked for about -- >>brian: rouhani. >>steve: that's right. and the white house is cautiously optimistic.
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however, benjamin netanyahu is going to washington, d.c. later today. he's going to sit down with the president of the united states and going to say i know that the iranians are mounting this smiley campaign, where everything's great, no, we're not building bombs, we're just trying to have cheap electricity run our light bulbs, netanyahu is going to town to say don't trust them. >>brian: here's what the foreign minister said to george stephanopoulos yesterday. we are not seeking nuclear weapons. we'll not do it in six months, six years or 60 years. we don't want nuclear weapons. but you have eight nuclear plants many of which, they already have proof that you're enriching uranium past the point of any type of energy, they work for any type of energy. they were up to 27 in enrichment which means they could get to the level of weapons while building sophisticated missiles to use those weapons. every tykes the weapons inspectors got -- every
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time the peps -- weapons inspectors got close they were told to leave. if we take them at their word, do this wrong, the middle east is in balance. >>elisabeth: don't believe the hype. we have nothing in terms of hype. we have headlines with heather nauert. >> heavy stuff for a monday morning. hope you had a good weekend. got some headlines to bring you quickly. the department of justice announcing a lawsuit today against north carolina for alleged racial discrimination over new voter laws in that state. those laws require voters to show i.d. at the polls and then scale back the period of time that allows early voting. critics say this will make voting more difficult for minorities and students but proponents say it is necessary to prevent voter fraud. the father of a slain dodgers fan asking for
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information on the person who stabbed his son to death after a game last week. >> i believe someone may have videotaped the incident and can help us discover the truth. i will always cherish the time me and my son spent here at the game. more than once that night jonathan told me how much he loves me. >> jonathan denver's father hoping that one witness may have captured that incident on camera. police have released the only suspect -- michael montgomery -- because they say there isn't enough evidence to file charges. let's take a live look at italy where the retrial of amanda knox is now underway. in 2009, knox was found gill of murdering her -- found guilty of murdering her roommate but last year italy's supreme court decided to rethe case saying the -- retry the case. knox is not in courtroom. she has been in seattle
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since her first conviction was overturned. the series finale of breaking bad ended last night. if you've got a d.v.r. we promise not to give anything away. last week's episode had more than six million viewers. advertisers paying top dollar for this. $400,000 for each 30-second ad that aired during the 75-minute final spefplt a lot tk-fpt 75-minute finale. a lot of fans taking to twitter. even warren buffett. >>steve: thank you, heather. >>brian: hash tag, let's take our first time out. ahead, meet the man behind the government shutdown. they call him the architect. congressman mark meadows live. >>elisabeth: a boat
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>>brian: it's been almost 20 years since america last saw a government shutdown and at midnight it could happen again. some say 99.9% chance. leaders on both sides have been outspoken about the shutdown but one lawmaker has been called the architect behind the movement. joining us now is congressman mark meadows. congressman, out of north carolina, no doubt about it the stats show your constituents want you to defund this. but why do you think it's best for the country? >> really, when we see obamacare, what was promised, brian, is not what's being delivered. we were told we were going to have health care coverage that was cheaper, we were going to be able to
3:18 am
pick our doctor. none of thousands things are happening. it would control out-of-pocket expenses, but we've seen breaks being given to businesses, to insurance companies. yet, the american people are left holding the bag. i for one am going to fight for the american people. >>brian: strategically does this make sense? if a shutdown, most experts say, makes republicans look bad even though they are morally right, is it worth it? >> i was elected to come here and fight for the american people. the politics side of it, who gets blamed -- >>brian: what if you lose the house because of your stance? >> obviously i don't want to lose the house, but i believe any time that you side with the american people, they will remember that you fought for them. i can tell you the calls to my office and across capitol hill are overwhelming that they want us to do something about it. and you know, i want to mention we've funded two bills that would keep the government operating. harry reid is the one that says they're not going to
3:19 am
come back in until 2:00 today. >>brian: that is inexcuse for him not to work on sunday and be there at 8:00 today is a kick in everybody else's face. democrats are calling this move by you guys. >> the american people have worked too hard to recover from a bunch of crises, several of them now over the last couple of years inflicted by some of the same folks in congress that we're talking about now, to see extremists in congress cause another crisis. >> i call them legislative arsonists. >> we are not going to bow to tea party anarchists who deny the fact that obamacare is the law. >>brian: your thoughts about that language being used about people like yourself? >> you know, brian, it's really easy to start calling people names. when you don't have a debate, when you don't have the arguments on your side,
3:20 am
that's all you can resort to. i can tell you that from my standpoint, obviously they didn't see me when i was trying to earn my boy scout merit badge on starting a fire, if they're calling an arsonist and extremist. but really when we start talking about being extreme, you covered thisxd earlier. 17 times -- 17 times -- that we had a government shutdown in our history, 15 of sthoes times it was led -- 15 of those times it was led by democrats. it's hypocritical to say this time it's all about us. >>brian: congressman meadows, making a huge impact. it's going to be a per i -- perilous 48 hours. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. remember this post from the president's campaign. the artist wants to replace
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>>elisabeth: welcome back. i'm so used to being a night owl. i'm trying to sleep when it's light outside, waking up in the middle of the night, i'm all messed up. now we have a bunch of gadgets here to help me and you sleep better. hope for me thankfully. tell me about this bed. i hear all these different beds have things going on. >> this is the sleep smart
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by kingstowne. if you lay on the bed and lay flat on the bed, anybody that lays on the bed at first it will actually analyze your body. as you can see over here it is analyzing less -- elisabeth's body. it is telling me your body weight. >>elisabeth: blood sugar. >> it will constantly adjust so you have a nice sleep. it also works with an app so it will tell you how you slept through the night, all the times you woke up, your quality of sleep. it's amazing like that. >>elisabeth: does it tell anybody else this stuff? >> you can't get any other information out of it. it is just to get you a good night's sleep. these are darkening shades. these will make it completely dark. they're automatic. press a button and they
3:26 am
open up. do it yourself, battery operated. if you go to bed when it's still light out, this will completely darken the room. you don't even have to get out of bed to open them or close them. this is the chillow, a cooling pack. at night do you get sweaty hair? >>elisabeth: maybeçó tim.ñi >> football players are kind of sweaty. put this inside the pillow. it keeps it cool at night so youw3 don't getñi that hot. it will give you a good night's sleep especially if you're somebody that gets hot. the next one, available on think these headbands that haveñr headphones inside. if tim snores you can block him out. if he wants to do workñi while you're sleeping, he can listen to music or plug them into his laptop or
3:27 am
phone. >>elisabeth: does this wake youñi up? does it have an alarm built in? >> it doesñiñrçó not. you can set your own alarm. this is the ostrich pillow. thisçó actually, youñi put over your head. >>elisabeth: are youñi serious? >> i'm serious. put this over your head. this is a little micro environment. you can take a power nap on a table. you put your hands in here. >>elisabeth: this seems wrong. >> if you get tired in the middle of the day, lay your head on the table and take a power nap. they also have their junior line out for your kids if they have to take an impromptu napment middle of the day, put them in the ostrich pillow and the whole family can take naps in the middle of the day. >>elisabeth: these are great -- >> you look great in that. >>elisabeth: i'm going to go take a nap but steve has some info for us. >>steve: i'm missing my
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kids. are my kids in there. >>elisabeth: i can't get out. i'll join you guys later in the show. i'll be sleeping. >>steve: great information. thank you very much. next up for the rundown, looking for love? the best place to find it is someplace a lot of us go every day. it's a drama we saw play out in real life just a few years ago. >> we are an unarmed [inaudible] we have a potential situation. >> we're not here to fish. >>steve: you saw this play live on "fox & friends." now the story of an american ship hijacked comes to the big screen. tom hanks is the captain and he joins us.
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>> i've asked regular americans to come out and tell you how the affordable care act will change your life for the better. >> thank you. thank you, mr. president. and let me start by saying i am psyched for obamacare. >> there you go. i love that enthusiasm. >> beau now that i've got free -- because now that i've got free health care, i can get sick all the time. ♪ be like me ♪ it's as easy ♪ as 1, 2, 3 ♪ 4, 5, 6 ♪ quick,
3:33 am
somebody call an ambulance. >> don't call an ambulance. i don't have health insurance. >> why didn't you sign up? >> too complicated to figure it out. i'm not a citizen either. >> i have not explained this very well. my apology. >> live from new york. it's saturday night! >>steve: looks like they've turned on it. remember it was a couple of years ago where they brought to life the fact the glowing mainstream media. it was like, senator, can we get you a pillow. now they're taking a shot at obamacare. >>elisabeth: at this point there is nothing left to do but laugh, i think. >>brian: hypothetical situation. you're single. you want to meet mr. or mrs. right. but all you do is work. >>steve: that's good. >>brian: if you want to meet mr. or mrs. right there is a rule at work that says you should not date somebody you work with. however the stats, according to a british
3:34 am
study, and the british know everything and they have accents, they have come out with a study that shows that's the best place to meet somebody, at work. for example, remember that documentary that was on every week for about ten years, "the office." listen. >> totally kidding. [whispering] >>steve: what the british have concluded is if you want to meet the perfect man or woman you meet them at work. if you meet them at work, your chances of actually getting marriedñi are better than if you meet somebody at a bar where people are drunk and things lead to mischief. >>elisabeth: if you're looking for a fling they say the pub is best. if you're looking for marriage, they say the office is best. >>brian: 14% of marriages, 14% say they met
3:35 am
at work. 11% introduced by friends. 22% of those that met at a nightclub, that relationship ends in one night. what about the other 80%? >>steve: there's also a stat, one in five lie about how they met with more than half lying because they're too embarrassed about the true story. >>elisabeth: let us know your love location. send us tweets, e-mails. did you meet in the office? love location. or where you met. we're going to hash tag love location. >>steve: i met my wife at work, just throwing it out there. >>brian: were you working at the same place? >>steve: we both wereñi working at nbc in washington. i was in the news department. she was in the sports department. we met at the commissary. >>brian: there is a very high probability that americans like to go back to that spot to celebrate anniversaries where they met at. do you do that?ñi
3:36 am
>>steve: i do -- >>brian: let's go to heather nauert. >> we have a lot of people that met here at fox news channel. we have a lot of cameras around here. guys, thanks a lot.çó overnight a small planeñi making a deadly crash into a hangar at a california airport. the crash causing a huge fire destroying that hangar and damaging two nearby buildings. >> we do not know how many were on board. this was an unsurvivable crash. >> investigators say the eight-seat plane took off from haley, idaho, an upscale skiñr town. the cause of the crash is under investigation this morning. the man accused of
3:37 am
stealing $100 million by pretending to help navy veterans heads to court later today. john cody is a former military intelligence officer. he calls himself bobby thompson. his alleged victims thought they were donating to a legitimate charity but the united states navy veterans association never saw a single dime. cody was arrested back in may for that scam that stretched across 41 states. can you imagine? unbelievable. dramatic video from london. a duck boat on fire. dozens of terrified tourists forced to jump overboard into the london river, theñi thames, in order to escape the flames. >> it was very scary. we all jumped into the river and i lost my bag and passport. >> she did manage to escape with her life. emergency crews safely rescuing the passengers. 28 of them along with two crew members.
3:38 am
no one was seriously injured. an investigation still underway. remember this guy? he is the artist that created that iconic hope poster for president obama's 2008 presidential run. he is seeking a redo. tmz caught up with shepherd ferry in los angeles and asked him if he would still use the word hope to describe the president. listen. >> would you put a different word besides hope at the bottom of the image? >> yes, a few different ones. >> any that you can tell me? >> no. >> no? >> yeah. how about drones. >> drones? you heard it there. he doesn't seem too happy, does he? shepherd ferry's poster for president obama, he transformed the president and also transformed this artist from a street artist to becoming a household name. boy, remember seeing that poster everywhere. all the young people had it in their college rooms.
3:39 am
if you ask them what hope >> he's not liberal enough, that's what he's insinuating. >>steve: 22 minutes before the top of the hour. an extreme weather alert for the northwest. an unusually strong storm, heavy rain, record rainfall turn streets into a record mess. maria molina is tracking it at the weather center. >> the real issue with the storm system is typically we don't see them this strong until later on in the season. later on, parts of october and the months of november and december. we are looking at a storm system that isñi producing a lot of heavy#b%99ñ flooding has been a concern. number of watches remain in effect across parts of washington, oregon and idaho. that rain still coming down at this hour but it was much heavier during the overnight hours and on sunday when the system
3:40 am
arrived. a bit. the wind, we're talking about gusts up to 60 miles an hour out here. we could be looking at hurricane-force wind gusts. as we get into the higher elevations you're talking snowfall, more than six inches possibly. back over toñi you on the curvy couch. >>brian: thanks a lot,ñi maria. i've got to go to my sports cadence.ñr football, firstñi sunday night football game in a while. falcons hosting the patriots, two teams having great starts. tom brady, 27-13, falcons make it interesting but new england pulls it out 30-23. i had the falcons. oops. sunday's best catch, it has to go to jake locker, justin hunter, 16 yards away. that's one hand. jets get killed 38-13. best game by a single
3:41 am
person? peyton manning. four touchdown passes. now 16 through the first four games. theñi broncos beat philly 52-30. a quick look at what happened in the world of sports. >>steve: it's a drama we saw play out in real life a few years ago. we reported live here on "fox & friends," the hijacking of an american cargo ship by somali pilots. >>elisabeth: now the story is being told on hollywood's big screen and the captain is being played by tom hanks. >>brian: michael tammero here to talk about what happened on the red carpet. what was it like at the
3:42 am
premiere? >> greeted with exuberance and standing ovation. the film festival kicked off by tom hanks friday evening. it was tough and grueling as it looks. we asked him why he would want to be part of such a tough shoot. >> quite a cool guy. i'll take that job. if i didn't do it, george clooney would have. richard phillips is my age. he's very proud of his career as a merchant mariner and he's a very busy guy once he's on board the ship and he's a captain. the struggle he was under, i thought if i can make that an internal struggle as well as añr physical struggle, man, i'll be in the high time. >>elisabeth: captain phillips was also in attendance. what was his reaction. >> we asked him what it was like going through thatñi whole ordeal and how he got through t. this is what heñi had toñi say. >> i came to the conclusion i didn't think ithwguld turn out the best.
3:43 am
i had to get my crew and ship and cargo out of that situation. i had to do the best i could and i wasn't going to give up. that's one thing they asked me in the boat. what is my tribe. i said american. no, what's your tribe? i go i'mñi irish. they go oh, irish, you're a problem. i go you got that right. >>steve: can't keep a good tough american irish down, they say. you can catch the interview on in >>brian: the movie comes on when? >> the 11th. hanks could get an oscar nomination. >>steve: next up, our top story, as the nation braces for perhaps a government shutdown, does that spell disaster for wall street? stuart varney on deck with what we can expect from the markets this morning. and it already looks like a roller coaster.
3:44 am
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great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness... ...from the stevia leaf. from nature, for sweetness™ >>brian: stocks dropped last week as congress fail to agree on a plan to keep the government open. with the shutdown looming less than 24 hours away, what can we expect? stuart varney has an idea. he's here to weigh in. stuart, big drop? >> about a hundred points at the opening bell a couple of hours from now. that's not a huge drop. the dow is up 15 thousand and change. that is not a huge decline. >>brian: we're still going to have some government services. still going to have the post office, still going to get medicare. if there is a shutdown, what is wall street worried about? >> if the government shuts down at midnight tonight, most people will not notice. national parks are closed.
3:48 am
800,000 federal workers furloughed. most people won't notice that. what wall street is worried about is a totally separate issue. that comes up in the middle of october. that is the decision on whether or not we raise the debt ceiling. can the government borrow any more money. the current fight is whether we can spend any more money. two weeks later it is can we borrow any more money. that is a more serious fight. the one we're fighting right now is not that big a deal for wall street. hold on a second, there are in fact a couple of positives out of the shut down. number one, interest rates are going down this morning. good news for the housing market. you want to refinance, you want a mortgage, good news. oil prices are plummeting this morning. that is good news for gas prices down the road. so this is a mixed bag. 1 hundred points down for the dow, but oil and interest rates down and that's a positive. >>brian: i worry about what the rest of the world thinks because we are the world's standard currency. that is so important for us. like it or not, we can
3:49 am
print money when we're in trouble. china and these other industrialized countries are saying i can't count on the dollar especially if the people who make the dollar aren't paying their own debts. >> we look bad in the eyes of the world because it looks like we've got a nonfunctioning financial sector. no way around that. you can't spin that positively. we look bad. that is correct. but how long the shutdown lasts totally open question. >>brian: kevin mccarthy says we'll be able to fund at the last minute, don't worry about it. varney and company covering this at 9:20 eastern time; right? >> we'll be there. >>brian: tomorrow obamacare exchanges open for business. how is it going to hit your wallet? we'll break it down. and can you trust the sell-by dates on your groceries? how do you know when to ditch and when to keep? we're opening the "fox & friends" fridge and scaring everybody.
3:50 am
♪ ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> steve: according to a recent study, more than 90% of us are throwing out millions of pounds of perfectly good food because the expiration dates are inconsistent. that's billions of dollars in wasted groceries each and every year. how do we know what food is good and what you should toss? joining us is registered dietitian, rebecca appleman. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> steve: explain the difference. some say sell by. others say use by date. >> essentially use by dates are issued by the manufacturer in
3:54 am
order to help the consumer and understand when to turn over the food. >> steve: okay. sell by, they've got to sell it by a certain date. then we have to use it within how many days? >> essentially five to seven days for certain refrigerated products. we can go through each of these products. >> steve: let's do! let's open up the refrigerator. let's start with milk. >> so one of the most important things to know about milk. >> steve: sell by october 13. >> this product has not been stored in the most efficient way possible. it should never be stored on the door of the refrigerator. we always want to store milk on an interior shelf toward the back because that's where the temperature is most consistent. let's move those back. >> steve: what about eggs? >> eggs can safely be consumed three to four weeks after the printed expiration date. >> steve: really? >> which is wonderful news. >> steve: three or four weeks. you want to keep them on the door is this. >> interior if possible. on the door is okay.
3:55 am
most often you want to keep them in their original package because that contains moisture. >> steve: say cheese. >> hard cheese, like cheddar, parmesan, semi hard cheese can be kept anywhere from two to six weeks after they're opened. unopened, one to four months. >> steve: no kidding. >> even better, if they get moldy, you can cut off the moldy section. >> steve: just like that? and grow yourself some penicillin. >> yogurt may last up until a week unopened in the fridge. >> steve: that goes pretty fast. >> it goes pretty quickly. you'll notice that if there is an excess amount of liquid on top of the yogurt, that's an indication of spoilage. >> steve: this is the one thing i always worry about, chicken. >> uncooked chicken. >> steve: don't touch it. i'll touch it. >> thanks. uncooked chicken might last a day or two past printed date in the fridge. cooked chicken, if you already grilled it or cooked it, it might last up to seven days. but you'll need to expect a
3:56 am
texture change. >> steve: one thing about chicken, sometimes it smells bad even before the sell by date. just throw it out? >> absolutely. use good monday sense. >> steve: that's lot of bologna. >> it might last two to three weeks past the printed date. turkey breast a few days. >> steve: people are wasting billions of dollars of food. it's good to know that it's still good for a couple days after the sell by. >> use good safety procedures and common sense. >> steve: which is what you specialize in. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> steve: all right. let's go inside. >> brian: i still don't know why they put an expiration date on sour cream. it's already sour. >> elisabeth: thanks, steve. >> brian: as we move towards a government shutdown, we want to know if donald donald was running washington, who would he fire? he tells us in three minutes. >> elisabeth: that's right. why do these cheerleaders look so sad?
3:57 am
maybe they were slapped with a fine for cheerleading [ male announcer ] even ragu users a. chose prego homestyle alfredo over ragu classic alfredo. prego alfredo?! [ thinking ] why can't all new things be this great? ha ha! whoa! [ monkey squeals ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
3:58 am
the pain started up and wrapped around to the front. i was on my way to a music conference and the pain from shingles just made it impossible to even want to move. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. eventually i noticedhat i had these little blisters up on my forehead and they started spreading. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergency room recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor. there was concern about my eyesight. i eventually learned that if i had chickenpox i was susceptible to getting shingless an adult. i couldn't do the things i loved because of the pain.
3:59 am
when i had shingles the music stopped.
4:00 am
>> elisabeth: good morning. it's monday, september 30. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert, judgment day on capitol hill as the clock ticks closer to a government shutdown. can congress put partisan politics aside before midnight? i'm not sure, but donald trump is going to weigh in straight ahead. >> steve: then the president is not talking to congress, but he is talking to iran. today benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of israel, had a ten warning for our president. >> brian: and who knew the jet pack could be used for good? police officer injured in the line of duty gives me a run for my money. >> steve: let's just run this for a while. you're about to take a header. >> brian: "fox & friends" -- >> steve: wait for it. there you go. >> brian: that was one of the
4:01 am
easy ones. >> steve: down goes kilmeade. >> brian: yep. >> you are watching "fox & friends". i apologize for it. >> steve: we just heard from bill o'reilly. he's coming up on the big show today. he's got the new book out "killing jesus." brian has been reading it. says it's excellent. >> brian: i think it's fantastic. i found it very compelling and i saw his feature on "60 minutes" last night. i want to ask him about that. >> elisabeth: before that, we have a fox news alert. the clock continues to tick toward a government shutdown. only hours to go. this weekend the house vote to go delay obamacare for a year and keep the government running. that bill senator harry reid says is dead on arrival. in the senate. so what happens next? kelly wright is following the developments now in washington. hey, kelly. >> good morning to you as well. it's one of high drama. time is of the usance, but congress is locked in a stand-off. democrats and republicans are pointing finishes at each other, while little agreement is being
4:02 am
negotiated. over the weekend, the house passed a different spending bill, but it included a one year delay in obamacare, plus a permanent repeal of a tax on medical device. senate democrats will likely reject that and if congress fails to reach an agreement to avert a partial government shutdown, here is how it would likely impact government. 800,000 federal employees could lose pay. 1.4 million active taught military would stay on their duty, but their paychecks would be delayed. national parks and food safety inspections would be affected. nasa will have to furlough all of its employees. but keep mission control in houston operational to support the international space station. at airports, there could be more delays at tsa. veterans denied disability benefit will have to wait longer for their appeals to be filed. it's very quiet on capitol hill and no action is expected until 2:00 p.m. today when the senate convenes.
4:03 am
that's just ten hours before the shutdown goes into effect. as you know, if congress fails to reach a deal, the government could shut done for the first time since 1995. >> elisabeth: all right. thanks. harsh news there coming up. >> steve: if it happens. i bet they're going to do a deal at the last minute. meanwhile, let's get some news from that gal right over there here in studio e. >> good morning to you. some headlines to bring you, israeli prime minister netanyahu will meet with president obama later today and he has an urgent message for our president. don't be fooled by iran. this could make for tense moments. on friday, president obama speaking with iran's new president in an effort to negotiate nuclear programs. we'll keep you posted on what happens. also happening today, the department of justice announcing a lawsuit against north carolina for alleged racial discrimination over new voter laws. the laws require voters to show i.d. at the polls and it would scale back the period of time that actually allows early
4:04 am
voting. critics say it will make it more difficult for minorities and students to vote. but proponents say it's necessary to prehave not voter fraud. the father of slain man wanting information. >> i believe that someone may have videotaped the incident and can help us discover the truth. i will always cherish the time me and my son spent here at the game. more than once that night, jonathan told me how much he loved me. >> how difficult to hear. jonathan denver's father is hoping one of the witnesses there may have captured that incident on camera. police releasing the only suspect in that case, michael montgomery, they say there isn't enough evidence to file charges against him. one san diego police officer reaching new heights after he survived a horrible accident. detective losing his leg in a motorcycle crash three months
4:05 am
ago, but look at this right here. thanks to the kindness of strangers, he is living on the edge. for every foot he goes up in the air, people donating one dollar to help with his medical bills. >> for me to be able to come out and then work hard to get to this point to where i can do something like this, i hope it motivates other people to want to do the same thing. >> great. the event raising money for athletes with disabilities. those are your headlines at 5 after. brian, you've done that before. >> brian: it's hard to keep it going. i think the guy on the side, if you're not good like i wasn't, he controls the speed and the height. so you really have no control. >> steve: because he was trying to make it funny, he kind of did funny things to him. >> brian: right. that's why i wear a neck brace when i'm not on television. >> steve: you do not. donald trump joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: what to you think will happen on capitol hill? will we shut down? >> it's a mess. it happened before. but probably never to this
4:06 am
extent and ultimately it's about dislike. these are people that truly dislike each other. but it's really about obamacare. obamacare was forced down everyone's throat and a lot of people don't want to take it and it will be destructive to the country. >> brian: when you write your books about bargaining in business, is it important to know what the strategy is going in and the end game going in, because i am not convinced anyone has an end game on either side, which i think is criminal. >> well, i've always said, brian, that deals are people. it's all about people. you have to know the people. you have to know how to get along with them or not get along with them. you have to know people. these are people that don't understand each other. they don't like each other. they don't want to give anybody a victory even if it's good for the country. and it's a real problem. but obamacare is causing -- it was rammed down everyone's throat. you had two democratic houses. you had a group of people that didn't want it. you had the democrats who didn't
4:07 am
want it. it was rammed down their throats. it made it barely, even with strong democratic -- fairly strong majorities, this is what we have. something ultimately is going to have to happen. it's probably going to fall of its own weight because it is so bad and so destructive and so complicated. i guess it's 2900 pages and most people haven't even read it. almost everybody that passed it has never read it. who is going to read 2900 pages? the complexity. but it's not the complexity. if it's complex, it works. that's one thing. but it's complex and it doesn't work. so at some point they're going to have to do something about obamacare. >> elisabeth: who is going to take the blame? boardroom here, who is getting fired? who will bear the brunt of the responsibility, if there is a shutdown? >> if you say who gets fired, it always has to be the top. problems start from the top and have to get solved from the top and the president is the leader and he's got to get everybody in a room and he's got to lead. he doesn't do that.
4:08 am
he doesn't like doing that. that's not his strength. and that's why you have this horrible situation going on in washington. very, very bad thing and it's very embarrassing world wide. we had syria last week. we have now iran acting like they love us, but all doing is buying time. we're playing along with the game. >> brian: that's your conclusion? you're not believing that they've seen the light and the sanctions are killing them? >> no. i think they think we're not too smart and they've seen what's been happening in this country for the last number of years and i think when i watch him making all these wonderful statements and yet he doesn't want to show up and shake a hand, it's sort of interesting. but i think that they're just biding time and playing for more time. eventually there is not much anybody will be able to do. to me, it's a sucker punch and i look at it and it's a bad situation. >> steve: going back to the whole government shutdown thing, you can understand, though, why things are so polarized and
4:09 am
we're at this particular point, because so many people, particularly in the house, ran on obamacare. i'm going to do everything i can to get rid of it or delay it or blow it up in some fashion. so you can understand why it would get to the 11th hour. >> you know, the interesting thing -- i know people in both parties very well. over the years i've gotten along with a lot of them. but the democrats don't want obamacare. >> brian: but they can't -- >> steve: they can't say that on tv. >> no, they can't. but a lot of them don't want it. some of the things these votes will do is democrats will have to vote again, which is not what they want to be doing, again for obamacare and they're going to be losing elections because of it. >> brian: also it brings you back to strategy. why not pressure the five democratic senators in red states that -- or going to be lucky to win the next election, have somebody join joe manchin out of west virginia on the democratic side to come forward and g listen, i'm not happy with a lot of elements here. let's conference. like senator rand paul brought
4:10 am
up. let's get together because hey, mr. president, i'm about to come out against you and this could be the beginning of a waterfall, a strategy to bring them forward would have been much more encouraging if you're a republican. >> it just seems to be, brian, that the democrats don't want to make even -- they're talking about the medical device tax as a method of compromise. well, of course, that's important to certain people and that's great. but it's so small compared to what the real problem is, the real problem is much bigger than that. but they don't want to compromise on anything and it will look like a failure to them. and i understand that. but it will look like a compromise of any kind will look like a failure to the democrats. so it's really cast in stone. it could be a mess and it could be longer than people think. and likewise, something could happen. but i don't think the democrats are going to compromise on anything. the interesting thing is in 25 years, 50 years, 100 years from now, when the government -- they talk about the government shutdown, they're going to be talking about the president of
4:11 am
the united states. who was the president at that time? they're not going to be talking who the head of the house was, the head of the senate, who is running things in washington. they're going to be talking about during the obama administration it was a disaster. so guys like boehner, who is in there working hard and he's got one of the truly hard jobs, they're not going to be discussing him. they're going to be discussing one person. so i really think the pressure is on the president, personally, in terms of his own entity. >> elisabeth: the history books will say that. we're talking about shutdown of government. but shutdown of the private sector is already happening. small businesses not wanting to grow to middle size business structure. you know business better than anybody. what's your take on what's going to happen outside of talking specifically health care? >> what's happening is amazing because people are hiring part-time workers. nobody has ever seen that before. they're firing people that have been with them for many years.
4:12 am
people that have worked for a company for 20 and 25 years are now being on a part-time basis. they end up finishing out their careers as part-time workers. that's because of obamacare. because you can avoid obamacare by having part-time workers. that's what they're doing. they're hiring these part-time workers and they don't really show up -- the incredible thing is the unemployment numbers at 7.3% are so off. the real numbers are probably 18 or 19%. but they're hiring part-time workers and that's not the kind of thing that grows economies. obamacare is forcing you to do that. >> brian: are you a fan of ted cruz, before we have to let you go and buy a building? are you a fan of what senator cruz did last week? >> well, i think probably the end result is everybody knew that just the way it was structured, nothing could come of it. it was good for ted. i like ted. i met ted and his father when i was in iowa. i think he's a really
4:13 am
hard-driven guy and good guy. so i don't know. i mean, i'm not sure that particular tactic was the greatest because you knew the outcome was going to be exactly what the outcome was. i do say this, that was good for ted and that's okay. >> brian: all right. thank you, donald trump. >> thank you very much. >> elisabeth: coming up, ready or not, tomorrow obamacare is open for business. want to know how it's going to hit your wallet? we're breaking it down, the numbers next. >> steve: why do these cheerleaders look so sad? they were just slapped with a fine for cheerleading. you're not going to believe this. details straight ahead. so sad ♪ [ male announcer ] may your lights always be green. [ tires reech ] ♪
4:14 am
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that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
4:16 am
the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. join the millions who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp... and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide.
4:17 am
>> elisabeth: ready or not, tomorrow obamacare insurance exchanges are open for business. what do you need to know about your coverage options? fox business reporter kate rogers is here with more. so everyone has questions. ready or not, like it or not, tomorrow is the big day. so october 1, can you start enrolling on-line? what does everybody need to know? >> absolutely. tomorrow kicks off open enrollment period. this lasts for six months through march 31, 2014. every american that isn't currently insured should go to and start looking around for a plan that works for them. if they choose not to buy coverage by the end of this period, they will be subject to that 95-dollar penalty per year. but it's important to note if you sign up tomorrow, your coverage doesn't actually kick in until january 1. some people might want to wait a little longer before they sign over that check. >> elisabeth: some of the on-line glitches will be worked out in the meantime.
4:18 am
like the spanish language option? >> exactly. you can find out if that impacts you at all. but definitely go tomorrow and start shopping around. >> elisabeth: what if employers offer insurance packages today? >> if your employer offers you coverage, you can actually keep it because it has to be essential minimum coverage and government approved. but important to note, if you do choose your employer's plan, you can't go for a government subsidy to lower your premium because you're getting it through your employer and not a state or federally run exchange. >> elisabeth: you're opting out of the government exchange if you're choosing from the employer? >> correct. >> elisabeth: what kind of coverage are we talking about? what will be available to the average person? >> so when you go to these exchanges, they'll be different plans. everything from bronze up to a platinum plan. every plan has to include these ten essential health benefits. those are things like maternity care, prescription drug costs, ambulatory services, things like that will be included. >> elisabeth: let's talk about cost. what's it going to cost the average person? >> of course, costs will vary
4:19 am
across the board. the department of health and human services came out last week and they said that for the average american, an unsubsidized plan per month would be $328. now, those who are making up to 400% of the federal poverty level will be eligible for subsidies under the new law. for an individual, that's $45,000. for a family of four, that's about $94,000 a year. and those subsidy also help lower the cost of the premium. but before those subsidies kick in, and not everyone will be eligible, the average monthly cost will be $328. >> elisabeth: a lot of people are facing costs going up. what if someone misses that deadline? >> if you miss the deadline, you will be subject to the $95 penalty per year. but if you have like a divorce or serious illness, you can file paperwork with the government to get your personal open enrollment period pushed back so you won't be subject to the penalty. >> elisabeth: so there is a little flexibility on that back number then. thank you so much.
4:20 am
practical information whether we are ready or not. thank you. coming up, they can't fill the seats, so they're filling up your cups? is that a good idea? the the team's controversial proposals. and he's one of the busiest guys on tv. the host of "and --" x factor" is here. mario lopez up next to tell us how he's handling it all i'm angela, and i didn't think i could quit smoking
4:21 am
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the girls and i need... a new activity. [ giggles ] ahh. so i see. that's a pretty color. do you have campbell'somato soup? do i? [ snaps finger ] [ wisest kid ] campbell's tomato soup with grilled cheese. perfect together for fun times together. so what should we do next? i'm liking braids. yay! yay! [ gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good!
4:23 am
>> steve: time for news by the numbers. first, 167,732 bucks. that's how much taxpayers paid for inmate here in new york city last year. a new report finds it's the same amount it would cost for four years of tuition at any ivy
4:24 am
league institution. that's what we're spending to keep people in there. next, two bucks. that's how much you'll be paying for a copy of usa today, today. from now on, the newspaper doubling the price. last time it went up, 2008. it went from 75 cents to a dollar. now it's two bucks. and finally, 35 million. that's how much the sequel to "cloudy with a chance of meat balls" made this weekend, making it the number one movie at the box officement that's your news by the numbers. >> brian: you know from "saved by the bell," then he retired. >> why don't you just go with the best dancer? hit it. ♪ >> all those nice compliments i gave you guys, take them all away. >> brian: you're already ripped.
4:25 am
>> i was 15. >> elisabeth: ac slater time. now he's host of "the x factor" and" extra" and a proud new papa of his second child. con congratulations. >> thank you. >> brian: we've got a new couch. >> it's very comfortable. we're at universal now. we just launched our 20th season for "extra." it's going really well. i'm really excited. if you're in the l.a. area and you want to come on tv, come visit us. >> elisabeth: dominic has to be the cutest thing. but gia is three? >> she just turned three. >> elisabeth: how is she handling her new role? >> it's a tough transition. she's used to the attention and she had an attitude, and i'm like, well, he's here for good. but we're trying to -- it's tough. but she's coming along. >> steve: you can tell from the picture and that picture right there, clearly you're taking --
4:26 am
she's got you wrapped around her finger. >> yeah, she does. she's a total daddy's girl. >> brian: soon she'll be saying, why is dad on television? but you're heating up a new season. >> we are. i'm excited about the rounds we have coming up, the four chair challenge, which is a new format that hasn't really been seen before. >> brian: what is it? >> we're now down to the top ten in each category. they have to whittle it down to four. ople are getting -- ie hunger mean, they're like no! very vocal. so emotional, so dramatic and intense. i'm excited for the public to finally see it. we just shot them and they'll be seen this week. >> elisabeth: how is it working with simon? >> he's great. so cool. >> brian: hands on? >> very much so. he's a great guy. i like to take credit. he tells me, if it works, i'll take the credit. if it doesn't work, i'll give it to you. >> steve: how does your wife peel about that?
4:27 am
>> i just thought there wasn't anything like that on any of the shows. and i said, simon, you've got enough testosterone, so that's why i pitched it. simon's angels. >> he said they're more like my devils. >> brian: from now on in, you'll be interacting more. >> yeah, as the show goes on, my presence grows. with the special format, you'll be seeing me every week. >> steve: one of the great things about mario, and he's been stopping by for years, he's got absolutely one of the best heads of hair. [ laughter ] tell us about how you've teamed up with somebody to give other men mario lopez hair. >> what all this stuff that i got going on, very blessed with everything i got going on, but it adds a lot of stress and the way my body reacts to stress is that i'll lose hair. and thinning hair runs in my family. so i wanted to be pre-- i wanted to take preventive measures so i started using these products and
4:28 am
it helps. i'm comfortable now -- enough to talk about it because i know there are men that suffer from thinning hair. and i want to say it's okay. there is stuff you can use. it's a vicious cycle because you lose it and now it's turning gray. it's like oh, my gosh! >> elisabeth: a lot of guys wait until it's too late to talk about it. >> yeah, exactly. so you can stay ahead of it, then aheadfully -- >> elisabeth: ahead of it. >> no pun intended. >> steve: if you want a rich head of hair like mario lopez, it's called? >> nioxil. >> brian: thanks. great to see you. >> thanks. >> brian: coming up straight ahead on this show, on the brink of a government shutdown, here we are again. the senate may be our last hope to avert a crisis. will they ever come to work or actually carve out a compromise?
4:29 am
we'll ask senator john thune live, he's here next. >> elisabeth: why do these cheerleaders look so sad? maybe it's because they were slapped with a fine for cheerleading. you are not going to believe this [ male announcer ] raise your hand if you've got savings whiplash.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
>> a fox news alert on the brink. the clock ticking closer to a government shutdown at midnight tonight. this weekend the house voted to delay obamacare by one year. >> brian: what's the next move? the senate's got the ball right now. when are they going to reconvene? this afternoon? >> elisabeth: we're going to ask chairman of the senate republican conference, senator john thune right now. good morning, senator. >> good morning, elisabeth. good morning, guys. >> elisabeth: so 2:00 o'clock today, everyone is going to come together. what are the chances that this medical device tax will come off the table? what are the chances we'll get something done? >> all it takes is five democrats to vote with republicans to give the american people and the economy a break from obamacare, the delay that was called for in the house bill and a repeal of the medical device tax, as we like to refer to as the tax on pace makers and insulin bumps because that's what it is. this could go back and we could
4:34 am
have this get the government funded for the next couple of months, at least, until december when we'll revisit this issue. do something the american people want to see us do and that is delay the effects of this harmful law. that's something that we think in the senate, if we could get five democrats to cross the party line and vote with us, we could get done. >> brian: is anyone working them? is anyone working these five to see where they might be vulnerable or see the way? >> we hope their constituents are. i think more than anything else, what's going to change the equation on this is going to be pressure from back home. they have to hear from people they represent. if that happens, it's possible. i don't think at this point -- we're not optimistic going into this vote based on what we've seen in the past from the democrats, but i think as time wears on, people become more and more frustrated with this. they weigh in with their elected officials. there is hope. i think that's what we have to hope here is that the american people will be heard from. >> steve: i was kind of surprised, senator, even though you're on the news channels,
4:35 am
we've been talking about the countdown to midnight tonight and the government shutdown. you got the president out golfing. harry reid took yesterday off. the house has done their business, they were just waiting for you guys. was harry reid wrong, sir, in not calling you guys back and saying okay, who is for this thing? >> if we're really trying to avoid a shutdown, steve, it would make sense to get back into town. the clock is burning. time is wasting. midnight tonight is when this all happens. so i think what he's trying to do is maximize pressure on the house, wait 'til the very last minute, send something back to the house and force them to act. and i think in some respects, the president and democrats in congress would like to see a government shutdown and so obviously we on the republican side are trying to avoid that and to move this stuff in as timely way as possible. there has been a lot of time lost and obviously 2:00 o'clock this afternoon and who knows if the vote occurs right then. it's got to happen soon if we're going to avert this midnight deadline that we have ahead of us. >> elisabeth: how do you hope when you hear the terms, dead on
4:36 am
arrival, when it comes to your proposals? >> it's pretty hard, elisabeth, to keep hope. really, what keeps us going is the american people. they've been very invested in this. they continue to make it clear that they do not want to see obamacare enacted. so as we continue to proceed forward, what we believe that we're doing the work on behalf of the american people and the public. >> brian: who is the leader? is it senator cruz who actually met with house leaders over the weekend? is it mitch mcconnell who is embroiled in his own reelection campaign? where is the leadership? >> clearly in the senate leader mcconnell. in the house, speaker boehner. our guys are working together as much as they can to try and get a good result here. obviously want to have a strategy we can all rally behind. sometimes we have differences of opinions about what's the best way to proceed. but everybody here among republicans, at least, agree that this is a bad law that needs to be delayed and the american people agree with that. all we're seeing so far is higher premiums and fewer jobs. i think that's the result and
4:37 am
net effect so far of obamacare and why there is so much interest i think among the american people in trying to get it delayed or repealed. >> steve: sure. i know you're not a gambling man, but exit question, what are the odds that things are going to shut down at midnight tonight? >> well, i suppose you would have to 50/50. i hope it could be avoided. we'll do everything we can to avoid that. obviously as i said before, republicans here on capitol hill have been work very hard to prevent that from happening. but it's all going to be in the hands right now of the senate democrats, harry reid and whether or not the president wants to get invested in this issue. >> steve: all right. senator john thune joining us from capitol hill. you got a busy day. >> we do. >> steve: you got six or seven hours before harry hits the hammer. >> we count on you guys to get us fired up on monday morning. >> brian: we'll be your five hour energy. that will get to you 12. thanks. let's go over to heather nauert. >> 38 minutes after the hour. this morning, the knoll
4:38 am
transportation safety board is investigating the scene of a deadly plane crash at the airport in santa monica, california. overnight a small cessna plane was coming in for a landing when it ran off the runway and it slammed into a hangar, igniting a fire ball. >> we do not know how many souls were on board. this was an unsurvivable crash. >> they say the eight seat plane took off from haley, idaho. that's a ski town. airport officials say the plane crashed just 150 feet from nearby houses. at this time, officials do not know how many people were on board, but we'll keep you posted as we learn more. in the meantime, a warning about popular chicken and ham products. more than 19,000 pounds of chicken and ham salad being recalled over fears of listeria contamination. the recall meat includes several chicken and ham salads sold under these brands. market pantry, archer farms,
4:39 am
damico and sons, garden fresh and wise brands. the f.d.a. says no illnesses have been reported just yet. these cheerleaders looking here, you see them right here, looking sad. they were slapped with a $140 fine for cheerleading. the squad walked into their homecoming game in canada. a few members decided to perform an impromptu cheer for the fans. but police broke up the routine and handed the coach a ticket. the reason? citing a nuisance on the street. the team plans on fighting that. you think they have something better to do up there. maybe not. two years after a military hero was killed in afghanistan, his mother getting a real surprise in the mail. army specialist douglas green was killed in 2011 and now a fellow soldier informing his mother that he found her son's dog tags on the ground in afghanistan. >> i was in the unit that
4:40 am
replaced your son in afghanistan. i was on a mission and found these in the dirt and wanted to return these to the soldier. i want to thank this soldier. i would love to meet him and tell him how much i appreciate what he did. >> such a grateful mother there. that soldier who wrote the letter didn't give his name in that letter. green's mother says she plans on wearing her son's dog tags all the time. really bittersweet for her. but how fortunate that she got that back after two years. >> steve: anonymously. >> thanks. >> steve: 19 minutes before the top of the hour. and we've got an extreme weather alert. record amount of rain in the northwest. look at that right there. that's a street in washington state. overwhelming rains, flooding many locations throughout that area. >> that's right. >> elisabeth: for more info, we have maria molina with more on this. >> good morning. that's right. the storm system arrived yesterday across parts of the pacific northwest and it's really been packing a punch in terms of how much rainfall it
4:41 am
has and also the amount of wind. we're talking tropical storm force winds across this area and gusts that could reach hurricane force. we could be talking about some gusts exceeding 70 miles an hour across parts of the cascades and even eventually into the northern rockies. we have a number of high wind warnings in effect and also winter storm warnings in effect across the cascades because they're also going to be picking up some significant snowfall in this area. that snow will be dropping down to levels at about 4,000 to 4500 feet. it will be getting very chilly behind this storm system. you are going to be seeing a lot of snow coming down out there. that's something to keep an eye on. otherwise the weather should begin to improve late today into tomorrow. eventually drying out, but a lot of snow and wind and a lot of rain until then. let's head back inside. >> steve: thank you very much. >> elisabeth: coming up, take a look at this boat. it goes up in flames, forcing everyone to jump for their lives. >> steve: they can't fill the seats, so they're giving away
4:42 am
free beer. is that a good idea to anybody outside of chris chulo on camera 4? one team's controversial promotion coming up next. >> brian: by the way, hire tim tebow, that will pack the house. the bornen this day in 1924, this famous author wrote "in cold blood." be the first with the correct answer ready to run your lines? okay, who helps you focus on your recovery? yo, yo, yo. aflac. wow. [ under his breath ] that was horrible. pays you cash when you're sick or hurt? [ japanese accent ] aflac. love it. [ undehis breath ] hate it. helps you focus on getting back to normal? [ as a southern belle ] aflac. [ as a cowboy ] aflac. [ sassily ] aflac. uh huh. [ under his breath ] i am so fired. you're on in 5, ck. [ male announcer ] when you're sick or hurt, aflac pays you cash.
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4:45 am
>> brian: quick headlines. ikea going green. the company announcing it will begin selling solar panels for 9,000 bucks. the deal only in the u.k. for now. install included. and the jaguars so desperate for fan, they're giving beer away. they tweeted this on thursday. #drinks on us.
4:46 am
three tower ticket special. bring your friends to the game and get free beers. the move may have brought in more fans, but did not help the jaguars record. they were blown out, just as i predicted. hire tim tebow, you'll fill up the place and maybe win a game. steve? >> steve: thank you very much. well, the clock is ticking toward a government shutdown at midnight tonight as the house and the senate stand off between in the government and deciding the fate of obamacare. perhaps delaying it one year. but are our leaders about to nullify the constitution by shutting down the government that they were elected to lead? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us live to explain that theory. >> that's a really good question. i think the answer is yes. let's look at the declaration of independence first. let's talk about the consent of the governed. are we consent to go a shut down of this government? i don't think we are. i think we're the last people that anyone in america is thinking about. certainly not the political class. the political chatterers, the
4:47 am
media lobbying, political clash in the country that says this is important to us. we're going to increase our contributions in the democratic party when we put it to the republicans, republicans say what's going on in this country? and then we're going to have a shutdown. a shutdown means, unfortunately, the stock market may tank, people will be unemployed in washington, d.c., a billion four lost a week am. what's going to happen to our bond rating eventually? where are we going to be seen in the world in terms of are we a people that are good with our words? >> steve: so it may be in violation of the constitution, but peter, we voted for divided government twice. 2010 and 2012. people voted republicans into the house to stand oppose -- >> divided government does not mean destroying government. it does not mean staying home on a sunday when you should be doing business in the senate. divided government does not mean playing golf on a saturday when
4:48 am
the president should be speaking to john boehner. divided government does not mean saying, i'm closing the government down for your benefit. there is no benefit for the american people if the government shuts down. and it's antithetcal to the declaration of independence and the constitution. is this preserving the general welfare of the united states to say, i'm doing this for your benefit? will people be unemployed? will our credit rating go into the dumper? will the market seize around the world? and then when we come to the debt limit, will it be even worse? do our leaders understand at all the consequences of what they're doing? we didn't elect them to undo our government. we made them our leaders to make our government work. and if this thing fails, it's going to fail on the watch of this president because we look to our president, democrat or republican, to save this republic in times of crisis. this is a time of crisis and,
4:49 am
unfortunately, he has not stepped up. so let everybody blame each other. we're going to suffer as the american people for their political games and that is sick and dysfunctional. read the constitution. read the declaration of independence. come to your senses today. let's put principle over politics in this country. let's see who does it. if they don't do it, vote each and every one of them out of office. >> steve: the extraordinary thing, peter, is we're talking about only an extension of running the government for 75 days. the government will run out of money again the middle of december. >> who is important? their egos or our lives? >> steve: well put. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> steve: see you back here tomorrow. meanwhile, president obama won't talk to congress as peter was just talking, but he calls the president of iran to negotiate a nuclear strategy? today benjamin netanyahu of israel is heading to the oval office with a warning for the president. bret baier, we'll talk to him in a couple of minutes about that. then are your kids tired of
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> elisabeth: welcome back. the answer to the aflac question of the day is truman capote and the winner is katherine savage from san antonio. >> brian: and you get a copy of the soon to be released book "george washington secret 6" coming out november 5, which you can preorder now. meanwhile, that's then. this is now. are your kids tired of those boring brown bag lunches?
4:54 am
we have good news for you. there is something new to report. >> elisabeth: that's right. this popular mommy food blogger may have just revolutionized lunchtime. here to show us how is the author of founder of, katherine. welcome. >> thank you. >> elisabeth: these look great. get your philosophy, it's like put a little variety in there with the healthy food and kids will eat it? >> absolutely. they see it and it looks exciting. hopefully it will be exciting. we've got a bunch of different recipes today. the most important thing is they're easy because we want parents to be making them for the kids and for themselves. >> brian: you need a protein and carbohydrate and you need some fruits and vegetables. >> exactly. it's all about the balance and you can find it in ways that you may not have thought about before. >> elisabeth: we're going to look at three options here. let's talk about the first. >> right in here we've got sushi sandwiches. and i've got some bread here. i even did some gluten free ones for you. >> elisabeth: fun.
4:55 am
>> what it is is you roll out the bread nice and thin and then you're going to fill it with anything from like here is some olive tampanade and cream cheese. >> elisabeth: they don't need to know what's in there, right? you just roll it? >> fill it up with whatever you want. these sushi sandwiches, they're bite size. so it's easy for kids. >> brian: it's not sushi. it's whatever is inside. >> exactly. it's sandwich in a different fun shape. >> brian: so that's one. >> and rice crispy treat balls. >> elisabeth: it looks fun. it looks like a toy. >> yeah. >> elisabeth: this is all gluten free? >> this is. >> yea! >> this is my kind of candy, which is like nuts and chocolate. it's in a ball, so it looks fun. you're getting that balance that you really need. and in the book, it also has an allergy chart, which is really important for kids that are gluten free, egg free. >> brian: and you have peanuts and someone is allergic, that's
4:56 am
a problem. what's this? n winter fruit salad. this is my take on a nutra grain bar. this is home made. these are banana dog bites. peanut butter, almond but the, tortilla. really fast. it upgrates the everyday pb and j. >> brian: it's kind of cool because you can have them make it with you? >> it's all about getting kids involved. look, at the end of the day, we want kids making their lunches. give your kids the lunch book. say, what do you want? what do you want to make? it really helps. >> elisabeth: you can throw leftovers in here from the night before. >> i'm all about leftovers. they should not be a dirty word. >> brian: beats sitting in a deli line and building a sandwich, right? then you have wonder bread which you can see your fingerprints in them, so the kids don't like them. >> we're working on it. no more picky eaters. i don't want you to be picky.
4:57 am
stay away from the deli and make your own lunch. >> elisabeth: i'm a convert. first bento boxes turned me off. but they actually work. thank you. >> these are great. >> brian: appreciate it. we'll get the book. guest bill o'reilly coming up next [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
4:58 am
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>> elisabeth: good morning. today is monday, september 30. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. obamacare hits another major road block. will the president delay his signature legislation to avoid a government shutdown? bret baier and bill o'reilly coming up. >> steve: big hour. meanwhile, terrified tourists forced to swim for their lives when their duck boat erupted in flames. new video of the dramatic river rescue straight ahead. >> brian: and looking for love? the best place to find it is someplace you go every single day. >> steve: a and w root beer? >> brian: absolutely. read your tweets and e-mails out loud. have you met the one? where did you meet them? share. "fox & friends" starts now.
5:01 am
>> live from the news crossroads of the world, this is "fox & friends". >> brian: have you met the voiceover guy? >> steve: i have. i met my wife at work. where did you meet tim? >> elisabeth: at school. >> brian: social studies. >> steve: fourth grade, right? >> brian: yeah. 9th grade. >> steve: bret baier joins us now. he's the host of "special report" in our nation's capitol. where did you meet your beautiful wife? >> i met amy on a blind date. we went to a rolling stones concert. >> steve: whoa! >> brian: did you really? >> yes. she came in from chicago and we were set up and it all worked out. >> steve: who set you up? brit? >> a buddy of mine. he's a lawyer here in town. >> steve: are the democrats trying to set up the republicans to get blamed for a shutdown? >> nice segueway.
5:02 am
yes. listen, the republicans have dealt themselves a tough hand here logistically. they have passed over to the senate this bill that delays obamacare for a year. repeals medical device tax. but harry reid, when he gets in at 2:00 p.m. today, and gavels senate into order will essentially strip that with democratic votes and send it back and this congressional ping-pong match will likely continue with the clock ticking to midnight. >> brian: the thing is, there is a feeling on the democratic side they will not lose when the government shuts down and if history is to be a tool for us, they're right, aren't they? >> yeah. most times the republicans get blamed. historical context, for something like this, and despite the fact that republicans will try to say listen, we passed the funding minus this delay or minus this repeal of the medical device tax, it will be a rhetorical mountain to climb in the wake of a shutdown.
5:03 am
one thing is clear, though, you have these nonessential workers who will be furloughed. but essential workers include 535 members of congress behind me. they get all their checks, as does the president. >> steve: of course. >> elisabeth: do you actually think -- will the republicans back down? southwesternly -- certainly no one wants a shutdown. why hasn't the president taken this opportunity instead of golfing, being out, to talk with republicans, to get something done for the people? >> i think, elisabeth, he and the administration feel like they have the upper hand here and they may in this case in the fact that they have some republicans who are really worried about the impact of this shutdown. i think it's possible when the bill comes back from the senate that the house throws one more attempt saying okay, take out the delay, but leave the repeal of the medical device tax because 79 senators voted for that repeal when it came up in the senate earlier this year.
5:04 am
>> steve: including 17 democrats voted with all the republicans. we had john thune on, senator from south dakota about a half hour ago, he said that at this point, the chances of a government shutdown, about 50/50. of course, the ball is in the senate court and as he told us, they just need a couple of democrats to come over to the republican side. listen to this. >> all it takes is five democrats to vote with republicans to give the american people and the economy a break from obamacare, the one year delay that was called for in the house bill and we could have this get the government funded for the next couple of months, at least, until december when we'll revisit this issue. but do something the american people want to see us do and that is delay the effects of this harmful law. >> steve: what are the chances of five democrats saying okay, harry, sorry, i'm going to have to go to the republican side? >> i don't think it's high at all. i think it might be down in the single digits chance wise because so far democrats have shown a unity that has not been
5:05 am
the same on the republican side. and they are sticking with the senate majority leader and the president. so i don't think that's a possibility in the senate. i think he's probably -- reid that, is -- going to strip this with democratic votes and send it to the other side. >> brian: just it's -- i saw your panel on friday when the president talks about extortion, blackmail, body bombs, suicide bombers, when talking about republicans and their approach to legislation. but when it comes to iran with their history and their american blood on their hands, he was relatively conciliatory. now today there will be another push. there is going to be a push from israel. netanyahu saying, not so fast. this iran regime, just like the old iran regime, what do you think that will be like? >> i think it will be much like past meetings, if history is any guide, between benjamin netanyahu and president obama in that they may be tense. the israelis have a real concern
5:06 am
that the american president and the american administration is really anxious to get this negotiation underway with rouhani, the president of iran, and they would like to make a wake-up call and say, iran really needs to act instead of talk. and that's obviously the concern from israel. >> brian: here is the quote from the foreign minister yesterday, we are not seeking nuclear weapons, so we're not in six months, six years, or 60 years. what did the intelligence say for the last ten years? >> that the centrifuges are still spilling and despite all the back and forth with the e.u. and the u.s. over the past ten years, there is still an effort to enrich uranium to get to the point where they can make a nuclear bomb no matter what. >> steve: so bb netanyahu goes to the oval office and tries to convince the president, don't trust him. >> elisabeth: and maybe with some fresh intel. >> steve: bret baier, you can
5:07 am
watch him tonight at 6:00 o'clock. lead story tonight will be just that, the government shutdown. have a good day. thank you. >> elisabeth: now over to heather nauert for some headlines. >> good morning to you. some other stuff going on. just a few hours from now, the department of justice expected to announce a lawsuit against north carolina for alleged racial discrimination over its new voter laws. those laws will require voters to show i.d. at the polls and also scale back the period of time that early voting is allowed. critics say this makes voting for difficult for minorities and students. but proponents say the laws are necessary to prevent voter fraud. we'll let you know what happens later today. this morning a british tour boat company suspending boat trips on the river thames after a duck boat catches on fire. take a look at this. dramatic video showing dozens of terrified tourists being forced to jump overboard into the water to escape the flames. >> it was scary.
5:08 am
we all jumped into the river. i lost my bag and passport. >> but lucky she did not lose her life. emergency crews safely rescuing the 28 passengers and two crew members. most of them cold, wet and in shock. no one was seriously jurat. an investigation is underway. let's take a live look at italy. that is where the retrial of amanda knox is underway. remember back if 2009, knox was found guilty of murdering her british roommate, meredith kercher. she served almost four years in prison before that conviction was overturned. this happened two years ago that it was overturned. last year italy's supreme court decided to retry her case, saying the original jury didn't consider all the evidence. knox is not in the courtroom today. she's been in seattle since that first conviction was overturned. and he lost both of his legs and an arm fighting for america in iraq. but yesterday retired army staff
5:09 am
sergeant matt lemers honored the people who lost their lives on 9-11. he completed the towers to tunnel run. thousands of people retrace the footsteps of firefighters steven spiller. he ran through the battery tunnel with 75 pounds of gear on his back. he died trying to save others. what an amazing feat to have done that yesterday. >> elisabeth: a moving tribute for sure. thanks. >> brian: pictures all over the paper. coming up straight ahead, ready or not, tomorrow obamacare is open for business. if you are still confused, you are not alone. what if you can not afford it? what's the penalty for ignoring it? gerri willis explains everything after the break. >> elisabeth: one couple gives taking the plunge a whole new meaning at their entrance. did they make it down the aisle? we'll show you next i see a thumbs-up.
5:10 am
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>> steve: hours from now, obamacare's exchanges are officially going to open for business. and the president wants you to sign up. >> elisabeth: that's right. but according to the most recent surveys, as many as 51% of americans don't have enough information about the affordable care act. so each day this week, we're going to help. gerri willis is the host on the "fox business" network. we need more information. >> nobody knows what's in this law, nobody knows how it will get enacted and the problem is today, the exchanges open tomorrow, people have expectations that the law is ready for prime time and it's really not. >> steve: we were just talking in the break about how the
5:14 am
government's got -- they're firing up the super computer to figure out how you're going to qualify. the software that determines who gets the subsidies, as of last week was only accurate half of the time! by friday they got it up to two-thirds of the time. but still, that means a lot of people are going to get ejected and rejected for no good reason. >> or you get the wrong number, you don't know what your subsidy is. here is the problem, this computer system, the super computer, as you say, has to talk to med care, medicaid, it has to talk to chip, to the irs, and it's got to talk to the people at the exchanges. that is such a high hurdle! they're just not prepared. they're not ready. the best advice today is don't sign up yet. don't sign up on tuesday because these exchanges are just not ready. >> elisabeth: if you don't, is there a penalty if you don't sign up right away in delaying it at all? >> the law requires you to be able to prove coverage by january 1 of this coming year, right? so you don't have to sign up right away. the exchanges say open until
5:15 am
march of next year. in fact, there is a little sneaky way you can wait until even march of 2014 to sign up. but i have to tell you, the onus is on you. you've got to prove you have coverage. you've got to have coverage for you, your kids, your wife, everybody in the family has to be covered. this was the most controversial part of this law, the individual mandate. the government requiring you to go out and purchase a product in the market. >> elisabeth: their product. it's unprecedented. the first time they're requiring americans to purchase their product without a choice. >> steve: act now before midnight. the president has been saying i'm going to bend the cost curve down because it's been going up. he says that the cost is low, but? >> not so true. last week we got news that premium, monthly premiums would be 300 and change, about $328 for a plan. the out of pocket costs are sky high. i have to tell you, you'll be paying double what people in workers' corporate plans pay in
5:16 am
out of pocket costs. i mean the deductible, the money that comes out of your pocket before insurance even starts. what's more, for prescription drugs, you may be paying 40% of that cost yourself. >> steve: why wouldn't the president tell us that part? >> it was pretty much a press release last week. i have to tell you. >> elisabeth: they're pushing hard to get people to sign up. bill clinton saying everybody needs to be on. they're counting on everyone's contribution. correct? >> and really counting on young people. people under 65, the 57 or so million americans in that age group, those are the folks that have to sign up because they're going to pay more than they paid in the past and that extra money is what's going to make this whole thing work. if young people don't sign up and if you don't see young people signing up tomorrow, that's going to be a signal that the program is in deep trouble. >> steve: well today, in fact, they're reallying out this funny or die parody that's supposed to entice people to sign up for insurance. but over the weekend, "saturday night live" lampooning the president's plan. >> i think everybody has
5:17 am
questions about this. you showed the graphic at the top, 51% of people don't know of obamacare, they don't know if they're supposed to sign up. this is a hideously complicated law. 13,000 pages of rules and regulations. i mean, getting your arms around that, and expecting the american people to know it, it's a lot. >> elisabeth: not of the people and doesn't seem for the people. >> i agree with you. >> steve: hideously complicated. that's why she's gog break it down. your special series, a user's guide to hideously complicated obamacare all this week on "the willis report" at 6:00 p.m. on the "fox business" network. >> elisabeth: next, looking for love? the best place is somewhere you the best place is somewhere you go every day. [ tires screech ]
5:18 am
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>> elisabeth: welcome back. a twitter account has been shut down. u.s. officials say terrorists were among the 2,000 followers. the account went live last tuesday, but was suspended after concerns were raised by the media. and apple taking a bite out of coca-cola. the computer giant now ranks as the number one most valuable brand in the world. coca-cola held the top spot before falling to number three this year. now over to brian.
5:22 am
>> brian: it's my favorite time of year. inspiring annual event that attracts sports stars, celebrities, the room is packed and it's in new york city. the number one city in alt world. all coming together to raise money for a spinal cord injury research, the miami project does it to cure paralysis. tonight is its 28th annual great sports legends dinner. joining me is the president of the miami project, mark. and the recipient of this year's inspiration award, pro football hall of famer, quarterback jim kelly. welcome to both of you guys. >> thanks. >> brian: so you've been with this project a long time, right? >> i've been dealing with this guy here for many, many years. even back in the days in miami. yeah. i've been with them and helping them out. they do such a great job. >> brian: mark, we remember the tackle that cost you the ability to walk, caused paralysis. you make the tackle. since that day you've been unable to walk. it's an exciting time for the miami project. >> it's really exciting. so since my injury, we've changed the way the world thinks
5:23 am
about spinal cord injury and paralysis. and the prognosis for people in the future. we're transplanting cells into humans. now we've had an f.d.a. approved clinical trial for the last two years. we've injected patients, things are going well. cells are surviving, very safe. as we show safety, we get to increase the dose to a therapeutic level that we know will restore sensation and function in people. we're now working with the f.d.a. to do chronically injured patients. patients like myself. so newly injured, chronically injured like myself 'til that ultimate day where we know eventually those cells will promote recovery and we can get out of these wheelchairs. >> brian: are you convinced you will? >> i really feel that i will. i mean, i've never been more motivated about it. i see firsthand in the laboratory, the results, and at first you think about newly injured, probably have a better chance. but no, the data that i've seen, people who are chronically
5:24 am
injured still can progress and have just a good chance as anyone else. >> brian: jim, what was your thought when you got the inspiration award with a project like this so inspirational? >> number one, it's an honor. and i've known them and what they have done for so long and i had a wide receiver from my high school was paralyzed. he died two years later on the exact same day. that was many years ago. now to receive the award and know he'll be there, any time you get together with these guy, you know you're doing something good. >> brian: it's about your son who passed away at the age of eight years old. he outlived everyone's expectations. i can't imagine what you've gone through. does it ever get easier? >> no. you know what? you think about him every day. my wife, probable will he was hardest on her. but we fought back. we've been through so many things in our life. but hunter has changed me as a person, changed me as a man. i'm a lot better guy today than i was before. i thank him for the strength he's given me each and every
5:25 am
day. >> brian: so you got -- inspirational. mark, what about what this guy has been through? >> he's an inspiration for me. always has been. the things that he's done in his life and as well as other legends that we're honoring tonight. we're fortunate and honor to do have these guys supporting us and i think all together we're there to try to help the brain and spine cord injury community because every year, tens of thousands of injuries -- until and soldiers coming back, too, and that is putting much more attention. >> we're putting attention to them, and hyper thermia, the player that was paralyzed, we were able to get him back on his feet. that type of research is on the battlefield. thousands of returning soldiers are coming back paralyzed and working with the v.a. to help them. it all comes around full circle. that's why research is so important. >> brian: and the miami project is the place to go to help out. >> we're leading the world. >> brian: jim, you were
5:26 am
diagnosed with cancer this year, right? you had to have your whole upper jaw replaced? >> i was telling mark, i've had back surgery, neck surgery. >> brian: how many screws are in your back? >> i'm bigger than the $6 million man now. [ laughter ] i got more plates and titanium rods in me. but i was diagnosed a couple months ago. they removed my whole upper jaw. but i've had some great help, great doctors, and as mark knows, that's what it takes now adays. they were able to get me back and now it's just every two months i have to get checked to make sure the cancer hasn't come back. >> brian: real quick, how do you slain this, peyton manning, 39 years old, the best player in football. look what denver has done, look what he has done. how duchesne this? >> i love this, number one, you like good things to happen to good people. mark knows, there is not many people that work as hard as peyton manning. he's in the afc. i know we're talking about the dolphins playing later on.
5:27 am
i will never be able to cheer for the dolphins, sorry. i still pull -- except when they play clemson. >> brian: the miami project is a place to go to help out. always great to see you. jim, congratulations on the award and your big recovery. three minutes before the bottom of the hour. first it was baggage fees, now airlines are set to unveil a new batch of fees and charges. but they'll say you'll like them? and health care hits another roadblock. will the president delay his signature legislation to avoid a government shutdown? bill o'reilly is with us because he wants to say hi to steve and elisabeth and he's fired up with his new book "killing jesus" ♪ [ female announcer ] with the weight watchers app, you have the power of weight watchers. and helpful tools like the pizza cheat sheet so you can make the most of any situation.
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5:32 am
first the news with heather nauert. >> just a couple headlines to bring you. 32 minutes after the hour. this morning, rescuers and investigators are sifting through the smoldering wreckage of a private jet that crashed in southern california. it was a small cessna and it was coming in for a landing at santa monica airport when it ran off the runway, slamming into a hangar and then igniting a fire ball. >> do not know how many souls were on board. this was an unsurvivable crash. >> investigators say the eight-seat plane took off from haley, idaho, an upscale ski resort and crashed just 150 feet from nearby houses. the man accused of stealing $100 million by pretending to help navy veterans heads to court later today. john cody is a former military intelligence officer. he calls himself bobby thompson. his alleged victims thought they were donating to legitimate charity, but united states navy veterans association says it
5:33 am
never saw a dime. cody has arrested in may for the scam. it stretched across 41 states. remember that artist who created that iconic hope poster for president obama's 2008 campaign? now he's seek ago redo. tmz caught up with shepherd fairy in los angeles and they asked him if he would still use the word hope to describe the president. listen. >> would you put a different word besides hope at the bottom of the image? >> yeah. i'd put a few different ones. >> any that you can tell me? >> no. >> no? >> yeah. how about drones. >> wow. not such a fan anymore. that hope poster for president obama, you recall this, became that major theme for the campaign and it was put on display by legions of obama supporters all across the country. the jacksonville jaguars are so desperate for fans that they're giving away free beer at
5:34 am
football games. i like that, too. the team tweeted this on thursday, three-hour ticket special. bring your friends to the game and you get free beers. the offer was two free beers for every picture worth 45 bucks. it may have brought in more fans, but didn't help improve the jaguars' record. they lost. but you get beer! okay. and could everlasting love be a cubicle away? there is new research that finds office remanslaughters are more likely to end -- romances are more likely to end in marriage than any other way. the study found the shared stress of the workplace makes a relationship stronger. the least likely to lead to i do? meeting your significant other in a bar. here are some of your responses. john says, my wife and i met 13 years ago at spring break at 3:00 a.m. in the morning at a club. i made her switch beers because she was drinking a stronger
5:35 am
than. doris said we met at my con did he's dumpster. we were married six months later and have been married for 13 years. it just goes to show it pays to take out the trash. congratulations, doris. i like that story. and then james writes: i knew my wife as a friend before we started dating. but once we started working together, things took off. we've been together since 1995 and she is the best wife on the planet. what a sweetheart james is! i bet he gets a dinner tonight. >> elisabeth: the smart man. >> steve: i got on e-mail from dr. kevin leeman who was on last week with how to handle your powerful child book. he said he met his wife in the bathroom. >> brian: okay. >> elisabeth: i want to hear about that. in the '70s, men and women allowed. >> elisabeth: we have an extreme weather alert. look at this incredible video. dare devil boaters sail through not one, but five waterspouts off the coast of florida.
5:36 am
[ laughter ] >> elisabeth: yeah. experts are warning this is a dangerous move. the captain is lucky the boat didn't get sucked into the powerful twisters. maria molina, what do you think of that? >> that is crazy. i'm not going to lie, i would probably enjoy that very much. let's take a look -- i would enjoy that as a weather person. that's where that happened. in the keys. they were actually searching for lobster. that's what they were doing out there over the open water. of course, you can see some tough storms across parts of south florida. it's been a rough summer and fall for them. they're picking up significant rainfall for several months. let's head to the pacific northwest. we have a storm system that has arrived early in the season. it's a little early. typically we shouldn't be seeing these type of storms until october or november. basically this is an area of low
5:37 am
pressure that's been send not -- sending in storm after storm. flood ago concern across portions of washington, oregon and sections of idaho. we do have strong winds. tropical storm force winds and some gusts could even reach hurricane force. we could be looking at gusts of up to 70 miles per hour or even greater. snow is an issue along some of the higher elevations out there across parts of the cascades and also across sections of the northern rockies. we do have a number of winter weather advisories in effect. snowfall accumulation, the cascades in washington, you could actually exceed six inches in some of the highest elevations. could reach up to 20 inches of snow. so that's a whole lot of snow. let's head back inside. >> steve: thank you very much. joining us right now, already trash talking us, is bill o'reilly, who also has brand-new book "killing jesus," number one on amazon. first we want to talk about news of the day. >> yep. >> elisabeth: killing obamacare. what do you think about it?
5:38 am
>> that's why people can't stand politics, because this is so unnecessary and so juvenile and it's all about macho and this and that. here is what should happen, number one, today they should pass three or four weeks, we'll fund it until we hash this out. you take that off the table. and then it should be -- this is a mess. and everybody knows it's a mess. all right? so it should be if you want to sign up for the exchange, you can. if you don't, we're going to give you 12 months, a grace period, just like they did with a whole bunch of other select people. give the folks the option. all right? and then that takes us into 2014, if congress changes, all right, okay. let's run it. let's see how it works. let's see how many doctors quit. let's see what the expense is really going to be. let's see what the prescription drug thing shakes down. that's fair. so why not do that? that would take you 20 minutes to do that. republicans would agree with that. harry reid i think you'll have to kidnap.
5:39 am
tie him to a tree up in idaho somewhere. just leave him there for a few weeks. and then we won't hurt him. we just tie him up so he can't say anything. >> brian: does it bother you that nobody worked yesterday? we're autopsy against a deadline. >> because they're all playing and i mean this sincerely. both sides are trying to play to their base. that's what it's all about. i mean, the -- the like it and the conservatives, because the conservatives hate it. so instead of trying to get the problem solved, they're all grand standing to their base. >> elisabeth: the individual mandate that you mentioned, though, in giving someone a year, aren't the democrats afraid that they'll actually figure out -- >> so what? it's a bad law for the country, then the democrats should be looking out for the country. if it's bad, it's not working, right. >> elisabeth: yeah. >> steve: you're right. that seems fair. now, the president you would think really would like to see the republicans get blamed for -- >> of course! >> steve: then it would be speaker nancy pelosi.
5:40 am
>> if president obama has to get his agenda the last two years is for the democrats to win the house. so he's playing that political game as well. they're all playing a big political game rather than looking out for the country. >> brian: let's talk about iran. the historic phone call on friday. the president made it after being blown off for his cocktail party, no rsvp. he decides to make the call. among the nations worried, israel. should they be? >> yeah. iran, bunch of thugs. >> brian: nothing changed? >> look, i'm not over there a lot. >> brian: as much as you would want to. >> steve: they're on twitter now. >> from what i can see, they're the same thugs they were three weeks ago. they're trying to be nice. but look, you got to talk to them. all right, fine, talk to them. and then when they don't come up with anything, that's what you say. but you can't be unreasonable. you have to talk to them. >> elisabeth: how does obama play today's meeting with netanyahu? >> i think he's respectful to netanyahu. he says, look, we're not going to give them anything or remove the sanctions until we're in there and looking. i think you have to reassure netanyahu because obviously
5:41 am
israel knows that they'd like to kill every jew on the planet, they being the mull las. so saying we need concrete evidence they're dismantling this program. >> steve: that's just it. our intelligence has been they've been brewing up the good plutonium so they can make it for bombs. >> sure. and israel's intelligence, too. >> steve: right. so as soon as somebody goes in there, i don't know if they'd call them weapons inspectors, but nuclear inspectors, they'd be going, wait a minute. what's that right over there? so it looks like they're just trying to drag out the game. >> maybe. but give them a month or two to see what they come up with. if they're lying, then we'll call it what it is. >> brian: we're going to take a time out and come back and talk "killing jesus" 'cause i had an opportunity to read the whole thing and i loved it and i have a lot of questions. not that i was stuck on a word, but i have questions about the book that "60 minutes" didn't cover last night. >> and i will cover those for you and speak very slowly.
5:42 am
[ laughter ]
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> steve: it's the number book in america right now. bill o'reilly wrote "killing jesus." let's start at the beginning. that cross right there looks different than the cross in my church. >> that's the cross that jesus was nailed to. it's two pieces of wood. the stem was in golgotha permanently. and it's the top piece of wood that was lowered down. so it isn't a t. i mean, it's a capitol t rather than a small t. and that's -- we put that on the cover to committee this -- we're not fooling around here. we're telling you what happened. if you want to know what happened to jesus of nazareth, you read a book. >> elisabeth: i think the reason why your book is knocking it out of the park is it's a historical perspective and it reads like a thriller.
5:46 am
there had to be something in here that surprised your historical mind. >> two things i took away from it was number one, jesus of nazareth, the most famous human being who ever lived. he had no infrastructure, no money, no government, no pr guy. nothing. that's never been done. how did this poor carpenter do it? all right? so that's number one. number two, thousands of people followed him around to back waters. i mean, really remote places. he was drawing huge crowds. no flyers, no tv, no radio. >> elisabeth: nitwitter -- nitwitter. >> steve: how did he do it? >> you tell me. >> steve: you wrote the book! >> there were reports he was performing miracles. now, we don't say he performed miracles because it's a history book and we're no doctors confirming that. but we do say that reports back to pilate were that he was. but something was mobilizing those people. something made them go out there. they couldn't hear him!
5:47 am
there were so many people. so those are the two things that i took away that if you were going to say he is god, you would have to answer those questions. >> brian: i have the nonbiblical scholar on the couch. so these questions will be humidity tear. -- rudimentary. i see him as human, i see the fear. he also knew what was going to happen the whole time. he whispers to judas, i know it's you, get it over with. >> right. >> brian: so where does -- how does this christ who lasts throughout time figure with the man who had real fear like anybody else? >> we don't use the word christ in the book because that connotes messiah. number two, the religious component and the secular component agree that jesus was a man. he was born. he lived, and he died. >> brian: had a temper, too. >> if you're going to be a man, a real man, you're going to have to have emotions. so he had emotions of fear, anger. anger is what got him killed. he went into the temple and dump
5:48 am
that had money on the floor because he was so outraged that they were taxing the peasants in the temple. so he was angry. he was fearful. and he had all the emotions that a man would have. and that's what we try to get across. >> steve: the daunting part is this is the most famous murder of the most famous man in history. yet we think we know a lot, so as a journalist, it's got to be tough for you. okay, this is true and this part right here is legend. >> we left out a lot of things because we couldn't document them. i'll give you the big one we left out. father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. the gospel says he said that on the cross. here is the problem with that, they kept the crowds way back. you couldn't have heard anything jesus said. anything. they were too far away. the only people who could have heard that were the execution squad. number two, you die on a cross in suffocation. your lungs can't take in any more air because you're
5:49 am
suspended hanging. you can't talk with any volume. you can't. so we don't believe he said those words on the cross. we believe he said them while he was being scourged and tortured. okay? but we didn't put it in. we weren't sure. >> brian: you also say hey, it's important to know who was king. cleo practice tradition, herod and then go back to jesus. when this all happens and he dies, there is also it's not over yet. he knows, that there is going to be a resurrection. so he's got to stop that. >> caithus didn't believe he was the messiah. he believed the prophecy said the messiah will be resurrected, he wanted to make damn sure nobody took that body. he did order soldiers to guard the tomb and then all of a sudden, the body disappears! and we end the book there. jesus' body has never been found. if you could find jesus' body, you'd be a billionaire.
5:50 am
and everybody looked. pilate wanted to know where it was, gone. >> elisabeth: you end on this inhale. >> steve: is that going to be a movie, too? >> yes. we've signed for the movie and it will be the same guys who did "killing lincoln" and" killing kennedy." >> steve: everybody should read it. thank you. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> brian: watch the show tonight. >> congratulations, elisabeth. glad you're here. >> elisabeth: love the book. up next, will the president budge on obamacare? will the government shut down tonight? >> brian: major airlines about to unveil even more extra fees. only this time they claim you'll like them? >> steve: but first, let's check in with hemmer. what's up? >> this is going to be a monday to remember because we're watching the clock and we're waiting on this government shutdown. who will speak today? what really shuts down if this happens? we've got that covered. obamacare is less than 24 hours away. we've assembled a group of doctors who serve in congress,
5:51 am
but they were doctors first, to tell us what you can expect across the country. terrific line - up coming your way. we'll see you in ten minutes with martha and me with a monday edition of "america's newsroom"
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> brian: quick headlines. major airlines adding new fees, but they say you might like these. according to a new report by the associated press, one of those fees, to rent an ipad with movies. another option, hot first class meals. maybe the people in first class will let you have a bite. could it be better than botox? a new supplement by dove reduces wrinkles by 10%. it contains plant oils, soy, fish oil, and vitamins. but it may be too good to be true. the study was published in the journal funded by dove's parent company. aha! >> elisabeth: thanks, brian. a fox news alert.
5:55 am
we are hours away from a government shutdown. on saturday the house voted to delay obamacare and keep the government running. today that bill heads to the senate why harry reed already promising it's dead on arrival. so what happens next. >> steve: wendell goler joins us from the white house. >> the senate is back in session this afternoon and likely strip the obamacare cut the house passed late saturday night and send the budget back to speaker boehner as the clock ticks down on a midnight shutdown deadline. the actions on capitol hill, but of course, the president is calling the shots for democrats. he met with his senior staffers yesterday and there is a cabinet meeting set for later today. but there has been no phone call to the republican leaders of the house and senate to attempt to negotiate with them. here is what could happen in a shutdown. about 800,000 federal workers could lose pay. that's about a third of the 2.1 million person federal work force being furloughed. activity duty military servicemen and women could see
5:56 am
their paychecks delayed. there would be delays at airport security screenings. the transportation security administration will still be on the job, but there may not be money for overtime. and veterans may have to wait longer for their disability appeals. national parks will be closed, along with the national monuments in washington, statue of liberty and ellis island, but social security checks will still go out. the mail will be delivered. democrats say it's wrong to hold the government hostage to republican objections to obamacare. republicans say they're also standing on principle. meanwhile, the president will meet with his cabinet later today. the stock market already voting on the prospect of a government shutdown and traders don't like it. dow industrial futures down more than 100 points. guys, back to you. >> steve: all right. the meter is running. we'll continue this show in three minutes. stay with us ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor.
5:57 am
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for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen. and the needle is thin. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adultth type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. victoza® has not been studied with mealtime insulin. victoza® is not insulin. do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza® or any of its ingredients. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction may include: swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat, fainting
5:59 am
or dizziness, very rapid heartbeat, problems breathing or swallowing, severe rash or itching. tell your doctor if you get a lump or swelling in your neck. serious side effects may happen in people who take victoza®, including inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), which may be fatal. stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis, such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. >> steve: will things be shut
6:00 am
down at midnight? i wouldn't you -- you'll find ot tomorrow. >> brian: danica patrick will be here tomorrow. >> steve: it will be a great show. >> brian: we still have five seconds. >> elisabeth: get your guitars ready. >> brian: you want to just stare monday morning. the countdown to the shutdown. 15 hours ago until the lights go out in washington. the housework overnight late saturday to keep things going, but the senate took the teakened off. how is that going to work for you. where are we going to go today? good morning, everybody at home. i'm martha maccallum. the house have you cans went down to the steps of the senate and


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