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  FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 7, 2013 4:05am-4:12am PDT

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and give to to george clooney. >>brian: another victim of the government shutdown. amber alerts. taken off-line because of the government shutdown. it has been replaced with one simple line saying due to the lack of government funding this official website is unavailable. the website recovers hundreds of missing kids. donald trump, shouldn't this be an essential service that the government continues to fund? >> absolutely, there is no question about it. >>brian: why do you think it's done? >> i think they're doing it to try to get things going again, but actually the republicans are doing a lot better than people thought. a lot of blame is not being put on the republicans and the obama administration is not leading. and i've said that from the beginning. you have to give boehner and some of these guys pretty good credit. they're out there, taking big risks, big chances and nobody is there, nobody is talking and nobody is leading. we don't have a leader. i mean, there is no leadership.
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this country is in a free-fall. >>steve: donald, last week we were telling folks about how they -- the, at the direction of the white house they closed the world war ii memorial to all those veterans with the honor flight. now they've cut the cord on the amber alert. i was reading on-line there are a number of people who feel like the administration is trying to exact some pain from the people so they can blame the republicans. >> well, then you had harry reid's horrible, horrible statement about the young child with cancer and they do nothing about it. i'm sure he didn't mean that. i would hope he didn't mean that but it came off horribly the way it was stated. they've got a lot of things going on right now, all they have to do, they have to sit down and work something out. obamacare is a disaster. something is going to have to be done and it's going to shut down the country any way because the country can't afford it. it's not good any way. it doesn't work and we're seeing that it doesn't work. their website doesn't even
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work. he had to set up this website -- >>brian: thee years. >> they have had years to do it. they hire these so-called great professionals and it's a total disaster. less than 1% of the people are getting through. it's a total catastrophe. it just shut down. this is a good example of how the actual, how obamacare itself is going to act. it is not going to work. i would say the website will work better than obamacare will work. it's a real disaster going on in this country. >>elisabeth: that is quite a statement. you're not even allowed to ask a question about how many people actually signed up. it's the wrong question; right? >> you're going to have people sign up. a lot of wrong people are going to sign up. a lot of people that have no intention of working are going to sign up. we need people in this country that are going to work. you're going to have a lot of people signing up that, frankly, are going to like it because they get something for nothing. the people that really need it are not going to get it and that's the problem. it's not going to take care
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of the people that really need it but it's going to take care of people that want to take advantage of the system. we've got a real problem with obamacare. i respect what's going on in washington from the standpoint of thegz shutdown. frankly, if the republicans would stick together, they'd win because at some point the obama administration has to negotiate. despite 99% of what you hear on television, they're not negotiating. if the republicans would stick together, they could win this thing. >>brian: john boehner says i told the president there's no way we're going to pass a clean resolution. the votes are not in the house to pass a clean debt limit. then when jack lew was asked about this negotiation, here's his give-and-take with chris wallace: >> what happened this week is we saw seven million people go on to the web page to find out what are the their choiceness this new marketplace. >> how many people signed up? >> they have six months to sign up. >> how many signed up? >> i don't have the exact
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number -- >> do you have any number? >> it's the wrong question -- >> i may look but have no interest in the fact that i -- >>steve: i believe louisiana after the first day reported they signed up zero people to theirs. and i think stuff like that was embarrassing. it probably is a really small number coupled with the fact they have had these technical snafus. we have a viewer by the name of christian in mississippi just got that system is down message this morning. it still ain't fixed. >>elisabeth: it says still down? >> first of all, that is a man that did not want to be there. there is no question about that. he wanted to talk about other things. he didn't want to be talking about that. second of all, maybe the website is down for a reason. maybe it is down because they want it to be down because things aren't looking so good. the fact is obamacare is going to be very expensive for people. i'm not just saying for the
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country. people can't afford it and people producing jobs can't afford it because businesses will be shutting down all over the country. >>brian: from the big business standpoint, when you talk to people you have on your speed dial, if our nation goes to the debt limit and we don't come up with some type of deal, how does that affect a guy like donald trump? >> first of all, i don't think it's going to go into default. but i do think if we allow laws like this to go through, we're going to be in much bigger trouble long term. what they're trying to do is nip it in the bud. then i give a lot of credit to a lot of different people. but if the republicans -- and i mean this and i said it last week and i'll say it again. if the republicans stuck together, they could make a great deal. they're not sticking together. we have to end this shutdown. we have to -- so far the shutdown has not had a huge effect on anything, even the stock market. there is no movement in the stock market of any consequence. if the republicans could ever stick together, you have john mccain saying -- and, you know, i
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like john mccain, but you had john mccain saying we can't win. that's a terrible statement to make. how do you go into a negotiation saying we can't win? so if the republicans actually got together and stuck it out, they could win. absolutely. >>brian: the problem was they had a different deal and john boehner admitted to it in the spring and they looked at the whole thing and said $17 trillion, obamacare is here, i have to change my stance. that's what the democrats are saying. how can you move the goal post, but in reality we have to move the goal post because the current financial situation is a disaster. >>elisabeth: is this also being used as scare tactics? if we're not going to default, if we can pay the interest on this, what's the point of all this nonsense any way, and drama? >> you've got to remember the pressure is on president obama and the obama administration. as i said, in 20 years, in 100 years when they write about this, they're not going to be talking about boehner. they're going to be talking about the president's
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administration. he's got a lot of pressure on him to get this thing solved. but you have to negotiate. he doesn't want to negotiate. he doesn't want to meet. he doesn't want to talk to people. the right guy would get everybody into a room and would make a deal. you've got to get them into a room, you've got to talk to them, you've got to cajole. you've got to do what you do when you make deals and they're not doing that. >>brian: donald trump, thanks for joining us. we like this monday deal. >> i like it too. >>steve: a great deal for us and america.