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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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questions after getting through this page. >> sean: it doesn't work. >> that is where we are this week, maybe we'll try again, next week. >> sean: thank you for trying. >> sure. >> sean: don'tthey're doing fin. congratulations to them. thanks for inviting us into our home. come on in. okay. here at on the record, we've been trying very hard to get you answers all of us answers about when in the fact is the shutdown going to end. and we've had a hell of a time trying to get answers out of anybody. but you figure the one place you will be able to get answers, the white house. so let's call the white house. here we go. let's see. because you know that they will be happy to take our call. [ dialing ] think we'll get an answer? i hope so. >> hello, you have reached the executive office of the president. we apologize, but due to a loss
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in federal funding, we're unable to take your call. once funding has been restored, our operations will resume. please call back at that time. >> so let me get this straight. the white house isn't taking phone calls. we have about 800,000 government employees who are furloughed. the world war ii it memorial was blocked off this past week. and the pentagon is not paying for the familiesit memorial was blocked off this past week. and the pentagon is not paying for the familiest memorial was blocked off this past week. and the pentagon is not paying for the families memorial was blocked off this past week. and the pentagon is not paying for the families of the families killed over the weekend to fly to dover for when the remains come back to the united states. yet there is a protest about immigration on the mall? i'm a big fan of the first amendment, but what's going on? are we picking and choosing? >> it's unfair. they should have the right. >> i think we both won a victory to be able to have access to the mall. just goes to show that congress can shut down the government,
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but they can't shut down the constitution. both of us have a chance to express ourselves on the mall. that's as it should be. >> it's just another one of those in-just things. >> they shouldn't put them first. >> everybody is getting the freedoms that our vets fought for and yet our vets can't get their own freedoms to do things. >> i don't think the veterans should be locked out of their memorials when the other people have free access within five blocks of here. >> i don't think it's fair at all. i don't think it's fair anything they're doing right now. and right now, there is new information tonight about those families not receiving death benefits from the government. a private organization now stepping in offering to pay for them to get to dover air force base to meet their loved ones' remains. but what a slap in the face to our troops and their families that it has had to come to this. former secretary donald rumsfeld
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joins us. isn't that ugly? >> it is. it's inexcusable. i just can't imagine a decision making process that would produce those outcomes. it's so unfair to the families, to the veterans, to the soldiers. >> when we heard about it today, we started putting it like on greta war and started making as much noise as we could and one organization has stepped up to pay for the flights. but imagine if the government had simply notified the american people, if the government -- if our leaders can't get it together to run the government, at least they would have given the rest of us an opportunity not just like put a gun to our heads because it's tomorrow. >> there would be an outpouring. >> yeah, an outpouring of money because people do give a damn about this. but the other thing, too, is that the $100,000 death gratuity, i hate that word, that they pay the families that's being delayed, too. >> i'm not surprised. they're clearly picking and choosing what they want to do. and making decisions that are i
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suppose fit their political philosophy. >> but isn't -- i mean, i guess if i were secretary of defense, i'd be pounding on the door of the white house saying you go ahead and cut what you want. but not my people. not my soldiers who have given up their lives and their families. >> and think of the world war ii veterans who were denied the world war ii memorial. >> we went down there a friday and i boarded the bus with a bunch of vets and i had quite a lot of fun with them, but they had an interesting attitude. they were laughing at it. they were laughing that they thought that our federal government could erupt a 2-foot fence after they scaled the cliffs at normandy and fought in the pacific. they made fun of the government. >> you've named two or three things that are taking place in washington.
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but in the broader sense, what's really taking place is that the lack of leadership is sending a signal around the world that the united states is in decline. it that we're withdrawing. that we as a country are not going to behave in a rational manner. we're managing our economy on a european model which is a failed model. and that signal goes out around the world. we're damaging our defense budget in ways that suggest to the rest of the world that the united states will not be a factor that we've been throughout my adult life time. it is a sad thing. you can lose a great deal pretty fast and it takes years and years and years to build back up the kind of confidence and the determent effect and the respect that the united states has had for so many years. >> you have a unique situation. you've been in congress, you've worked in the white house and you've been secretary of
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defense. what's the problem? what is going on? >> well, you know, a businessman, a governor, a leader, would sit down in the white house with the senior people, call him in, and come to a policy decision and develop an approach, a direction, a leadership position. and then you'd sit down as ronald reagan did and other presidents, gerald ford, and the constitution guides the marbles. they give some to the judiciary, some for the legislative branch and some to the executive. this is nothing new. it's always been thus. but a leader in the white house and the leader is in the house, you can't lead from the house or lead from the senate, you have to lead from the white house. and it takes a person who understands leadership and is willing to establish priorities and make a commitment and pursue it. and this president
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unfortunately, i don't think ever had any real experience as a leader. and his behavior is such -- imagine our country was downgraded in our ratings, financial ratings, under his presidency. that is an enormous slap in the face of the united states of america. >> we may get it downgraded again. we have this battle over the debt ceiling coming up about the 17th of october. and we don't know what's going to happen. and we want to pay our bills. but i suspect there is some point beyond which it can't just keep moving the debt ceiling up when you can't even make your interest payment. >> well, you simply cannot continue to spend the money we're spending and have the racking up additional debts and deficits in ways that tell the american people that it's okay to do that. you can't do that. there is a limit. and unless the president's willing to face the fact that
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there is a limit, that it's not in-exhaustible, that the damage is already being done, the damage is the signal that's being september to the wornt toe united states is unwilling to behave in a responsible manner. and the leadership doesn't exist to do that. it's an indictment it seems to me of the president of the united states and the lack of leadership. >> let me ask you another question. it has to do with this whole overseas thing we mentioned. take the war in afghanistan. does this -- does this have any impact except for the money actually flowing to sort of finance the war, just the big picture, reputation of the united states, does that have any impact on the war on the ground? >> oh, sure. if people conclude that the president says to them we're going to leave and then the department of state and the white house fail to get a status of forces agreement, fail to get
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an arrangement with the afghan government, as to how we're going to do what it is we're going to do, the signal is to the other side, wait them out. wait them out. i think i personally was not a big enthusiast of the surge that president obama where he added so many additional forces into the country, but i think the absence of leadership, the failure of decide proceiplomacy taking place in that cup, we have behaved in my view terribly toward karzai and the karzai government. >> if you hold on one second, there is breaking news. let's go to shepherd smith. >> fox news has confirmed that president obama will nominate the fed vice chairman janet yellen to replace ben bernanke at the central bank. we are told this will happen tomorrow. janet yellen would become the first woman to lead the fed. she would take over of course at a pivotal time, but would likely continue steering fed policy in
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the same direction as ben bernanke. certainly her confirmation hearings could be quite an obstacle. bigger potential hurdle would be senate confirmation hearings. her positions have been much more toward free money, if you will, than ben bernanke's have been and certainly she is in this position because among other things larry summers dropped out of the race for this job when there was a lot of pressure on president obama to nominate a woman. so there we go. janet yellen to be nominated by the president tomorrow to replace ben bernanke as chairman of the central bank. >> thank you. and of course thank to you mr. secretary. nice to see you, sir. and straight ahead, breaking news involving an undercover cop allegedly involved in this motorcycle mob road rage attack. a live report next. also, guess who is calling? every night this week, we'll take a call from a famous surprise caller and i have absolutely no idea who it is. it's the staff that does this. you can start guessing using #greta and then find out wh
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this is a fox news alert. an undercover nypd officer now under arrest in connection with the motorcycle mob beating of an suv driver. our fox new york reporter is here with the latest. lisa. >> i've learned from my law enforcement sources that a veteran nypd officer, a detective for at least five year, been on the force for at
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least ten, has turned himself in with his attorney. he's at manhattan central booking right now facing charges in connection with this attack on the range rover driver. also my sources tell me that he's assigned to a very specialized, very important unit in the intel division, highly sensitive position. and one other important fact is that he was not working at the time that this happened. he was off duty on his own time and was not in any type of undercover operation. >> there is a big difference between being on the perimeter and someone actually throwing the punches. it makes a big difference in terms of how we look at you, how you're charmgded. is he on the perimeter? >> that's one thing we'll have to see when the complaint comes out. initially the attorney for the detectives union said he was on the periphery, now many people are saying that he was actually
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involved in smashing out a window and that the attack on the driver followed immediately after that. so that's something we'll have to see in the complaint when the prosecutors detail exactly what kind of evidence they have against him. but it had to be very severe for them to be rushing at this point and moving this quickly. >> lisa, what about the tape? it ends just at the beating before the driver gets hauled out of the suv. what is the rest of the tape or is there more tape? >> there definitely is more tape according to what prosecutors are saying and they say they do have this particular undercover officer on tape committing actions that are definitely not what he swore to do when he took the oath to become an officer. so they have more tape. they have referred repeatedly to videotape that has not been seen on youtube and not seen publicly. there were many motorcycle riders from the bikers that i talked to about this particular incident who had those cams who when things started happening were taking video that they did not post and i think the
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prosecutors have their hands on some of that. >> lisa, thank you very much. >> thank you. my pleasure. coming up, the obama administration admits it, there are glichl glitches in the obama care but do they know how to fix it. and guess who is calling me? i actually have no clue. only the on the record staff knows who will be on the other line soon. so start guessing along with me. using #greta. i'
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the death of trayvon martin causing new controversy, this time at a pittsburgh schooling. the high school has been planning to hold a trayvon martin day. it was set for tomorrow. the principal especially kurping students to wear hoodies to honor trayvon martin. you'll remember martin was shot
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to death in a confrontation with george zimmerman last year. zimmerman was acquitted of murder and now some pittsburgh parents fearing trayvon martin is too controversy. others say if the students want to wear hoodies to represent martin, they should. but after all the complaints, the school now decided to cancel trayvon martin day. instead students will wear a pittsburgh pirates hat. was trayvon martin day a smart idea by the school or a stupid one sure to stir up trouble? vote in our poll. and up next, senator lindsey and up next, senator lindsey grah [ male announcer ] meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard-earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft. and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock offers the most comprehensive
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get urd. marines are on the move. a dream trip become as nightmare and another hoe doshowdown in congress. u.s.rines to a base in italy. and now to yellow stone national park. the government shutdown turning a tour group's trip into a terrifying experience. when the shutdown hit, the national park service locking the group of senior citizens in their hotel under armed guard. the tourists say they were treated so harshly that some of the foreign tourists thought
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they were under arrest. and now to capitol hill, moments ago harry reid introducing a clean bill to increase the debt. and here to talk about the proposal, rand paul. nice to see you. >> good to be with you. >> how much in the know does harry reid keep the republican side of the aisle? >> i don't know, but it seems like they're concerned with probinging us from seeing the national parks. guarding the highway so we can't see mt. rushmore, sending security guards to the world war ii memorial about seems like they ought to be concerned with beggar problems. >> and the debt ceiling being one of them? >> and i think what americans don't like about this, it seems we lurch from deadline to deadline. we don't seem to be doing anything in between. and there is a lot of room where we could find common ground.
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it's also about a $17 trillion debt spp that de debt. is that harming our cuountry. >> where is that common ground? >> it's elusive, but the common ground might be that we together -- we get together and we say there are things that are broken. for example, they're broken not because i broke them or republicans did or democrats. social security is broken. medicare is broken. it's broken because we're living longer and this population of kids is smaller than the generation of baby boomers that's retiring. these are just facts. they should just get together -- when i talk to the president one-on-one, i've said why don't we gradually raise the age of eligible of social security and medicare and he says that's not an unreasonable proposition. but in public, he says i'm not
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doing this if you're holding a gun to my head. >> when they say these are big picture issues that involve trillions of dollar, but it it's almost like crisis management, that we get these short term solutions. i don't get the sense that congress is stepping back, house and senate and the president and saying these are our big problem, how do you solve them, instead much the panic to solve the one right in front of us. >> it's lurching from deadline to ged line. deadline. >> looks like it? it's actually true. >> but let's say you were a democrat and i wanted for say let's fix social security which i've said many times. let's fix social security. and you know what they say to me, they say we'll do that if you trade us a tax increase. and it's like social security is broken, has nothing to do with raising taxes which we position will be bad for the economy. why don't we just fix social
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security. part of it is we need to fix more narrow things. why don't we work on the 20% we can agree to instead of having a grand bargain. >> what do you think would make it easier on your side to get your side sort of to accept closer? >> there are times when i respect the president and i'm proud of him. i was proud of him for bringing syria to the congress and saying we should have a debate, that's what the constitution says. but the other times that i'm not so proud of him, for example, on the default or on defaulting over not raising the debt ceiling, he says we're going to default and he scares everybody to death. if the president were a true leader and i could be proud of him if he were a true leader even from p on the sit party, if he said well not default, we have never defaulted and i will not use this as a political
11:36 pm
issue. but instead he is using it as a political idea. it's bad for the president to be threatening default. he should be saying i'll work with the republican, i will negotiate. instead what do we hear from the president and harry reid, we will not yoenegotiate up you gi us what we want. >> does the president saying anything to you privately than what we hear publicly? >> i think there is better conversation all around between republicans in the senate, democrats in the senate. so there needs to be more conversation. for example i've been in the senate for two years. i've been trying to have a joint lunch where we do it regularly. and we've done a few and it's been good. and it isn't that we sort out the nation's problems. but there is more rapport by sitting together and having lunch together. because then there is more conversation, we find common ground. and there are many times like for example while i'm a republican, i think there is waste in the defense department. i've agreed we should audit the
11:37 pm
pentagon. democrats told me he about their bill. but we need more conversation. >> thank you for joining us. straight ahead, our next guest slamming the white house press corps. also, guess who is calling to surprise me? all this week we're taking a call from a famous surprise caller. i have no idea who it is. you'll find out who it is on the line when i do.
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it's that time again. time to show the best videos of the day and here's what we're watching. are you looking for the mixed drink i'll? we found it. security camera footage in one store gives that phrase a whole new meaning. take a look. just moments after an employee finished stacks bolts, everything came crashing down. you might say it had a short shelf life. and here is an interesting way to start your day.
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people in a new york city coffee shop were horrified by an outraged customer with tell kinetic powers. it's just a promotional stuff for a movie.tellkinetic powers. it's just a promotional stuff for a movie. ♪ want to sound like the beatles? jimmy fallon found out what it's like. >> the sock was supposed to be called hey, dude. >> terribly sorry about that, mr. mccarney. >> no problem, jimmy. >> what just happened? >> i think so we just switch being accents. could i say anything. >> please don't. >> here comes honey boo boo. >> that's it. >> hopefully his headache isn't too bad or he will have a hard day's night and that's what we're watching. coming up, new information about
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. let's go off the record. i want to know what you think. here's what i think. we know the world war ii monument was closed this week, even trying to deter the heros it is meant to honor. that was done by the obama administration. excuse? the shutdown. now go to the flip side of the coin. guess what was not shut down? the gym in the house of representatives. essential? i don't know. i don't think so. it sure won't protect the nation from terrorists. the house gym for the use by members of congress only has a pool, basketball court, a ssaw a sauna and more. the report is that the house gym remains open at the specific direction of speaker boehner's office. note, the report is his office.
11:44 pm
not the speaker himself. likely the staffer just as it was not the speaker himself that did. i don't believe president obama directly ordered the world war ii monument to be closed. i think it was someone lower in his administration. but while i don't see either leader's finger prints on these initial very tasteless decisions, they are accountable now. now they know. the monument is closed. the gym is open. and both men can and should do something about it now. president obama has the authority to open the monument and speaker boehner has the authority to close the gym. whether either does exercise his authority to do the right thing now speaks very loudly. so who is your money on? tell me what you think. also tell me if there is anything you think i should talk about off the record. and that's tonight's off the record. fox news senior political analyst bret human blasting the white house press corps.
11:45 pm
he tweeted questions are pathet pathetic. he joins us. >> they were. at the time i wrote that, there hasn't b hpt been any tough questions. there is a long tradition among network correspondents who cover the white house of asking presidents of both parties challenging questions. they may sympathize with the president, but they ask challenging questions. no network correspondents were called on today. ed henry wasn't called on. major garrett from cbs wasn't called on. nbc news' guy wasn't called on. and that was obviously deliberate because the president said he was just reading off his rest furnished by jay carney. so they stayed away from the guys accustomed to asking tough questions. they went to the wire services and got routine questions and then to a bunch of print journalists who asked very mild questions. >> what would you have asked? >> well, one thnk you could have
11:46 pm
asked would have been, first of all, one question that was never asked was about the obama carro care rollout. in addition to the technical problems with the website, there are also all kinds of things we know about obama care that represent broken promises. that has to do where remember you were promised you could keep your loan plan. a lot of that is it off the table. the president could have been asked about that. he could have been challenged on the things he said about default. he actually almost conceded that default on government debt, that is it to say on the national debt payments, could be avoided. and somebody should have followed up with that and pinned him down. that never happened either. it was a very weak performance. >> he has said and i think quoting the secretary treasury that it would be a catastrophe if we hit the debt ceiling which is interesting because one of my greta wire bloggers said one
11:47 pm
question asked was why when you were a senator did you think it was okay not to raise the debt ceiling but suddenly now you think it is. >> not only did he being it was okay not to, he voted against doing so. and in the past the white house when asked about this has said, well, you know, it really wasn't that up against it, it wasn't that close. the vote was 52-48 which meant two senators going the other way, the debt ceiling wouldn't have been raised and we would be in the pickle that the president is warning us about now. so his vote could very well have counted. but that could have been used as the preparemise of a request. >> speaker boehner, does he get tough questions? >> yes. not very many. he doesn't appear that often. but my experience is that he does. >> it's interesting to watch the -- he love watching the press conferences because the alonger y er longer you talk, the less
11:48 pm
questions you get. >> president obama is good at that. >> always nice to see you. thank you. ever heard of circumstance link the mack trucks? lawmakers in washington better watch out because truckers are headed this way and they're mad as hell. they will tell you what they're planning next. and tonight's secret caller moments away. even i don't know who it is.
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even president obama said he would consider the name if he was the owner of the team. like many owners done that would trump responding tweeting, the president should not be telling the washington redskins to
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change their name. focus on them. not nonsense. okay, we asked you if you think the redskins should change their name. here's what you had to say. skipbo 70 saying, yes, but i don't think we need potus weighing in on another social issue. scott "change it to the sko scoundr scoundrels. more important things to focus on. and talk about fighting for the right to matter. yahoo! daily buzz tweeting michigan proposes law ensuring a pint of beer contains every ounce it should. restaurants and bars would be prohibited from doing that unless it contains 16 ounces of beer. and the man of steel is hitting the road in ohio. well, sort of. associated press tweeting they won't help you go faster than a speeding bullet but ohio drivers can get superman license plates.
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the buckeye state-of-the-art untrailing them feature the superman logo. it was created in glenville, ohio and now it's your turn. hash it out with us. use tatag#greta in your all pos you have not seen any
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test test plap up? well, thousands of truckers are coming to town and they plan to shut down the beltway that circles the nation's capital. this is really to rile things up. why and when? protest organizer zeta andrews joins us. why are the truckers coming to town? >> thank you, greta, for having me. it's my pleasure. they're coming to town because
11:55 pm
they're 100% fed up just like the american people are. they had ready to take that charge with dare foch the american people with their grievances as well as theirs which are regulation that this binded them to the point it's hard for them to do their jobs. this is -- truckers for the constitution is an event every american can participate in. it's coast to coast. the days of the million man march are over. people are broke and can't really make it. they can't afford it so this is going to go coast to coast with your overpassers, your state capitols, your -- there will be rest areas that people will be setting up feeding stations for the trucker appreciations, they're going to feed them for three days. so there's a lot involved in it and our goal is -- this is a peaceful protest, there's not going to be locking up any gears
11:56 pm
or anything like that, anything unlawful. we -- what we want is we want the president of the united states removed from office. he is a threat to our national security. he is a threat to our way of life. he is a threat to our future generations. >> well, zeeda -- >> unlawfulness -- i have to cut you off but 3,000 trucks are coming to town with a big demand. i'm curious, you know, they arrive friday morning. is that correct? >> yes, they'll arrive probably in the afternoon. it'll be in the afternoon we will meet. we will meet at 7:00 in the morning in doswell, virginia and another in harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> i got to cut you off because we got to go. we'll certainly see the trucks here in town. zeeda, thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> the phone is ringing. only the on the record producers
11:57 pm
know who is on the other line. i'll be just as surprised as you. let's take this call together. it's greta. who is on the line? >> hey, greta, it's your friend kris jenner. >> kris jenner, wow, that's fun. i haven't talked to you in a while. how are the kids? >> i know. everybody is really good and i hear you're going to have a time slot where it's a little bit earlier. is that right? >> yep, it's right now in fact it's 7:00 p.m. eastern, so when you come to town we can go out to dinner afterwards. i haven't had a meal that's not been out of a cardboard box or vending machine or at my desk. it'll be so fun to see friends. >> oh, my god. every single time i come to town you say you can't have dinner because you have to work. i'm so sick of that excuse because that's the same one i gave when i'm here. >> when you come to town we will
11:58 pm
have -- we will definitely have dinner. by the way, the kids, everything is fine with the family, with the kids? >> yes, yeah, everything is okay. the baby is getting so big and, yeah, and we're coming up on halloween so we're picking out costumes and that's kind of my life right now. >> and where is kim these days? i saw she was in paris and with -- is she back in l.a.? >> she is. she's -- well, you know, they live with me. kim and kanye and north so i have a couple of extra roommates and it's a blast, i'll tell you. it's something watching this little one grow up. she's getting so big. >> so what projects are you working on? >> well, we're in the middle of filming season nine right now, so we're filming "keeping up with the kardashians" so that's a big deal and getting ready to -- the girls just shot their
11:59 pm
big, you know, campaign for sears and every day it's just a different project, something different going on, but it definitely keeps us busy and these kids are keeping me hopping and they're not even -- they're my grandchildren, they're not even my kids so it's really a trip. >> you know, it's unbelievable that nine seasons -- you're going into the ninth season. how much time has passed you by that you're already into the ninth season. >> isn't that crazy. i know. i was thinking that the other day. i was thinking, gosh, we're filming season nine and a third of the way through and how is this even possible? we all spend a lot of time together so it's a lot of fun. >> well, it's nice to talk to you, kris, and when you do come to town, call me, we will have dinner now i can do it so thank you very much for being my surprise guest. >> well, you are very welcome. i'm just thrilled that now you're on when i can stay awake and listen to everything that you're saying and it's not past my bedtime. >> we'll have another secret
12:00 am
caller tomorrow night. be sure to join us at 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next "the o'reilly factor." good night from washington, d.c. welcome to "red eye." it is like two broke girls if by girls you mean romanian gentlemen i met at the port authority bus terminal who aren't really broke anymore, or alive for that matter. let's welcome our greatests. she is hotter than a man on fire. she anchors "imus in the morning" on fox business network. and filling in for andy levy is virgil vega. he is the only to knock somebody out with a stern look of disapproval. he is doing it now. and if insightful


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