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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 9, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> that's the worst john lennon song. i like john lennon, "imagine" is terrible. >> only because it's a good peace song. >> it's not a peace song. >> thanks for watching, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. "special report" is up next. america's finest caught in the cross fire of a political war over funding. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, i'm bret baier. we're about halfway start of the partial government shutdown and the day the u.s. faces what the administration calls the line in the sand for congress to raise the debt ceiling, at point at which the treasury secretary says he will have no more options. and the country could face default. in the midst of a polarizing partisan disagreement about almost everything, there is one situation that i'll agree must be addressed. involving families of fallen
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military personnel. we have fox team coverage, brit hume is here in the bureau. ed henry is at the white house updating what the president and his people are doing. but we begin with national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon. >> good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, bret. after two days of political gripping the congress scrambled to make a resolution to make things right. >> reporter: they paid the ultimate sacrifice for the nation and their families were paid the ultimate insult. denied the $100,000 in death benefits and paid travel to dover air force base to meet their next of kin due to the partial government shutdown. sergeant joseph parts, first lieutenant jennifer marino, sergeant patrick hawkins and private first class codey patterson returned home from afghanistan.
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friends of sergeant peters who left behind a wife and 20-month-old son expressed concern. >> people lose their life. people losing their sons and daughters. their husbands, their wives. >> they have family waiting that need help. >> reporter: on the eve the shutdown, the president signed the way on military families act. they thought that law gave the pentagon the authority it needed to pay benefits. >> it's disgraceful that they're withholding these benefits. >> i guess somebody in the justice department or pentagon had some problems interpreting what we said. >> reporter: the white house woke up to the problem today ordering the pentagon and the white house to fix it. >> president was very disturbed to learn of this problem. the president expects this to be fixed today. >> reporter: begging the question, why wasn't it figured sooner. the pentagon warned congress presumably the white house three days before the shutdown. >> we are also required to do other bad things to our people.
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some examples we couldn't pay death gratties for those who die. >> reporter: chuck hagel send a solution offered by the private charity fisher house which agreed to step in. >> we're going bridge the gap until santi rules down in washington and the president and congress get in and straighten this out. >> reporter: at dover all four families got there in time to meet the coffins, on the senate floor, the chaplin provided a prayer. >> lord, when our federal shutdown delays payments of death payments to the families of children dying on far away battlefields, it's time for our lawmakers to say enough is
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enough. >> in the end, the pentagon which has the largest budget in the federal government decided the solution was to let the private sector pay. bret. >> jennifer griffin, thank you. president obama will once again welcome republican lawmakers to the white house. it appears earlier sessions had involved a lot more take than give on the president's part. chief correspondent ed henry looks at the lay of the land. >> reporter: as president obama unveiled janet yellen as his nominee to lead the federal reserve. he tried to send the market a signal of stability. >> a sound monetary department to make sure we keep inflation in check an also increasing employment an creating job. >> reporter: even as the president's aide seemed to agree by jpmorgan chief economist that if the nation goes into a default there will be a recession. >> one of those consequences could be, could be, a recession. >> reporter: speaker boehner
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continues to dig into changes of the health care law. >> what a train wreck, how can they tax people from not buying a product from a website that doesn't work. >> reporter: the recent poll suggests both men have a weak hand in the face-off. the various found 53% disapprove of the way the president is handling his job while 37% approve. as for who holds almost all or a lot of the responsibility for the government's shutdown, republicans get blamed by more voters, but no party or leader is exempt. 62% say republicans in congress get almost all or a lot of the blame. 49% say the president. 49% say democrats in congress. 48% say boehner. 43% say the tea party. 39% say senate democratic leader harry reid. >> we're happy to work with our republican colleagues, open the government, pay our bills. we'll negotiate anything. >> reporter: yet reid and the
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white house were delivered a blow when joe manchin became the first senate democrat to break with the president's insistence not to negotiate over a potential default. manchin told reporters people are talking about negotiation, you got to negotiate. that's what we're here to do. the president started a series of outreach meetings with the democratic caucus made plans thursday to meet with the house republican congress even as his press secretary continued to bash republicans. >> after republicans agree to leave the matches and gasoline outside of the room and sit down and negotiate. >> reporter: boehner blasted the president's move to bring republicans in at the 11th hour. in the meantime, the house has now passed 14 mini spending bills to fund portions of the government. senate democrats have rejected the piecemeal approach each time. >> grow up, senate, you can't do this one agency at a time. >> speaker boehner said he's not
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going to bring it over because it's too little too late. and said he's going to bring over a small team of negotiators to try to work a deal with the president. jay carney blasted that said it was a mistake not to send all. >> and those leaving the white house said they're happy with the president's stance. no surprise there. >> there's been a lot of unity without democrats and the white house is trying to highlight that tonight. we'll see how much unity there is tomorrow. >> ed henry, thanks. let's get talks from senior political only lift bret hume. >> polling shows republicans get most the blame as you heard but the numbers were not nearly as bad for the gop as they were during shutdowns in 1995 and 1996. a fox news program said more people blame the democrats over the republicans by ten points. the president himself got the same blame as house speaker john boehner.
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this is remarkable realizing how it started. it was a pie in the sky scheme with no chance of becoming law and the polls showed that the public strongly disapproved predictively it failed and the shutdown began. the next thing you saw was ageing military veterans breaching obviously unnecessary berra kasd around the open-air world war ii memorial. then the house began reopening key parts of the government. no strings attached. the senate blocked them. and the white house promised vetoes anyway. so now who was keeping the government closed? and then the negotiations, the white house bucked for days for strong talks. the gop is still in a tight spot. the clumsy behavior of the president and his party has nearly let them out of. -t. bret. >> there will be conservatives who say what you just talked about is what ted cruz, the senator from texas, predicted
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from day one. >> well, he as was the architect for the strategy as a point of leverage for defunding obama care. obviously, that didn't work. the question for republicans how can they come out of this with something? >> what's the best? >> one thing i think we can say for sure, it doesn't appear they're going to have a game changing event that would discredit them in the public's eyes that they would be in trouble for 2014. that's number one. the second thing is, they need to find some ground on which they can, maybe budgetary or future spending and so forth that would allow them tos scale with something to show for this and the golf reopens. and perhaps the debt ceiling gets raised. if the president refuses to give them that, i think they're as united as the democrats are. you notice the republicans invited for the white house tomorrow when the speaker said he didn't want to send them all, they stuck with him. they're fine with the group he's sending over. we now have two remarkably
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united parties in the middle of this impasse. >> thanks. up next, is obama care plus the irs a disaster waiting to happen? plus, first we're going to give you a look at what our fox affiliates across the country are covering. wtis in west virginia, shots fired in wheeling. the gunman is said to be dead. michigan's governor testifying under oath about his decision to but the motor city in bankruptcy court. and wfld. the big story, the release of surveillance tape in a police brutality case in skokie. that's a live look. we'll be right back. tonight, you pick what the "special report" panel should debate. tune in and see if it made it to air.
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the obama administration is could confirming you will have to get health insurance coverage by valentine's day or thereabouts, to avoid penalties. that's about six weeks earlier than a march 1st deadline. meanwhile, whether the government will be able to handle its new responsibilities under the law. chief national correspondent jim engle takes a look. the hearing of the obama care put the agency understand a microscope along with the law itself. >> 18 new taxes expected to raise $1 trillion over the next ten years in a program that will cost many times that with other taxpayers' costs.
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enrolled, hall ingram gave inquiry. >> can you tell me how much you have processed to date. >> reporter: she emphasized that it determines subsidies. while the administration millions have logged on, far fewer have gotten far enough to reach the irs. >> in total, to date, we've processed several hundred thousands requests. >> from all over the country? >> from all over the country. >> reporter: with republicans criticizing the irs, one
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democrat sought to ridicule it. >> are you familiar with the salem -- >> not. >> some of the last questions said it was said in a joking manner. this is really nothing to joke about. >> reporter: and constituents complaining about premiums going up hundreds a dollars a month. >> mike from hick little saw his premiums race from $180 to $450. mike saw an increase of 42%. >> reporter: one other point, bret, the individual mandate is really unenforceable because the irs can't take any legal action whatsoever against those who can't pay. it can only deduct the penalty from your tax refund if you get one, britt. >> and jim, one accused the irs of sharing confidential information with the white house. what's that all about? >> yeah, that's right, representative jim jordan said
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that information was illegally shown to the white house. listen. >> this law compelled every single american, individual mandate, to go to this exchange and give personal information to the irs. they're compelled to do that. this lady was sharing personal information with the white house. >> jordan argued the white house used that information to help it fight lawsuits from religious organizations seeking exemptions from obama care. hall ingram said he does not recall the document. check the markets now the dow was up 26. s&p 500 gained a point. the nasdaq dropped 17. as we told you earlier, the president has settled on a new fed chairman fox business network senior washington correspondent peter barnes takes a closer look at janet yellen. >> reporter: expect easy money from the federal reserve with janet yellen in charge. if confirmed by the senate,
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yellen now the fed's second in command would be the first woman to lead it. she's considered a top economist, at 5 feet tall, a former colleague told "the new york times" she's a small lady with a large i.q. >> janet is renowned for her good judgment. about the housing bubble excesses in the financial sector and about the risks in a major recession. >> reporter: the president appointed yellen as the fred's vice chair in 2010. she's been a strong ally of ben bernanke. and a co-architect of programs of the financial crisis. she and other feds have supported keeping them in place. keeping interest rates low and printing more money, trillions, in part because of fiscal and debt ceilinging battles in washington that could hurt the economy. but she's also considered a dove at the fed. a member who favors more cheap money to help boost job
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creation. >> too many americans still can't find a job and worry how they'll pay their bills and provide for their families. the federal reserve can help. >> granted, we're going to have a slowdown in gross domestic products in the fourth quarter. but who cares, that just means the federal reserve's there. plus, we have janet yellen. the ingreed yengts are there for a continued bull market. >> her nomination is already taking fire. republican senator bob corker of tennessee voted against her vice chir nomination in 2010 saying she should care more about inflation. in a statement today, he said, quote, we will closely review her record but i'm not awaiver anything that would demonstrate her views have changed. >> still when it came to a voice vote in the full senate she was approved unanimously. bret. >> peter, thank you. >> do you approve of the yellen
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iran's parliament speaker said his country has more enriched uranium than it needs. the west wants iran to halt further enrichment because the product could be weaponized. iran denies its trying to produce a nuclear bomb. syria is warning that chemical weapons inspectors may have to negotiate cease-fires to gain access to some sites in the war-torn country.
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what is believed to be still over from the war resulted in two mortar bombs striking in the military post in the golan heights area today. one soldier was injured. israel returned fire. a huge foreign policy decision tonight. chief washington correspondent james rosen is here with breaking news on american aid to egypt. good evening. >> good evening. senior obama administration officials say the cut to israel tonight are aimed at protecting america's core interests in that country and the middle east. chuck hagel personally telephoned the general to inform him of the decision. the u.s. plans to withhold from the egyptians, a dozen fighter planes a like number of helicopters, four a-1 tank kits these are kits that can be assembled after over yaes. and missiles. and the u.s. is also withholding
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a cash transfer. $360 million. and a $300 million loan guarantee. egypt's president addley monsour was there this week. with a massive explosion rocking a security facility in the southern sinai. >> picking up and leaving town walking away from this relationship wouldn't be good for the egyptian people. it wouldn't allow us to help in the way we ask. and certainly unshared security interests when we talk about counterterrorism, we sock about the sinai and other security interests that would help achieve those goals. >> a former u.s. senator who visited egypt recently tells fox news there is a perception in egypt that the obama administration is backing the muslim brotherhood. >> with the announcement of cutting aid sends the wrong message.
3:26 pm
the bolsters the bad guys. those folks who aren't friendly to the u.s. the only thing to understand, this aid doesn't leave the u.s. -- we're talking about american jobs. we're talking about american military equipment. american supplies. we're talking about american workers. >> u.s. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are also said to be displeased tonight how little notice the obama administration gave them on this, bret. >> jameses. the walking dead in ohio. no halloween in pennsylvania. and why these could be a thing of the past in kentucky. we'll explain in "the grapevine" next. when i first started experiencing the pain, it's, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness... but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. when i went back to my healthcare professional... that's when she suggested the lyrica.
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and now to the political grapevine. death benefits for families fallen soldiers. nonessential. funding the national institute of health and cancer trials there, not essential. the conversation for public broadcasting, essential. the obama gave the cpb $445 million on the first day of the partial shutdown. that means funding of pbs news hour, npr and "sesame street" continues. the news drew outrage from several conservatives. anded me research center notes pbs has hosted two favorable interviews with president obama in the last weeks. it certainly looks like you
3:31 pm
scratch my back and i'll scratch yours. liberals see pbs and npr as their own personal sand box. say good-bye to perhaps the greatest symbol of sportsmanship. kentucky has banned postgame handshakes at sporting events because violence has broken out. the kentucky high school athletic association is not enforcing that rule yet. but if a fight does happen, it's on the coaches and officials right now. meanwhile, a pennsylvania middle school is doing away with another longstanding tradition. halloween. a letter to parent it's says, quote some holidays observed in the community that are considered by many to be secular, for example, halloween, thanksgiving and valentine's day are viewed by others as having religious overtones. as you might imagine, a lot of parents aren't too happy with that letter. finally here's a new one, an ohio man walks out of a
3:32 pm
courtroom still legally dead. a 60-year-old living, breathing talking man said he went underground due to struggles with child support and alcoholism. his ex-wife asked if he be declared legally dead so their children could be receive social security benefits. now he resurfaced. judge said no citing a three-year limit for death. he said i don't know where that leads you but you're still deceased as far as the law is concerned. we've been telling for nine days what part of the government has been shut down and whose been impacted. tonight a look at how those decisions are made. here's correspondent shannon bream. >> i think it's just a political game. i don't think tourists should suffer from that. >> reporter: yet across the country that's exactly what's happening from the world war ii memorial in washington -- >> my goodness, it's an open park. she spent more money closing it
3:33 pm
than we spend keeping it open. >> reporter: to the grand canyon out west where visitors issued citations, requiring them to appear in federal court where they're likely to be fined $50. >> it's not up to my discretion to open the gate. it's a federal appropriations issue. >> reporter: at yellow stone national park visitors staying in the old faithful hotel say their hotel was barricade and rangers were stationed at the door. >> from tuesday on, any park ranger i saw was carrying a gun. >> reporter: they do have some is decisions based on spending decisions and federal law and guidance. like this september 17th memo from silvia burrow. each agency must draft contingency plans and submit them to the white house. head of it during two administrations. >> when the national government shuts down the parks shut down
3:34 pm
and it's a judgment call, i think, at the park level, exactly what that means. >> reporter: "the washington times" quoted an unnamed park ranger in d.c. who reportedly said, we've been told to make life as difficult to people as we can. >> it's nonsensical the things they're choosing to close down and keep open. >> reporter: like the exclusive gyms on capitol hill which are funded in part by dues. members say they're open but not fully staffed. and for others an 1870 law make tgs a felony to spend taxpayer money if there isn't an appropriation from congress to cover it. expenditures that must continue, like checks to seniors, unemployment benefits and food stamps. >> the house oversight committee said it's looking for answers too. it's announced it will hold a
3:35 pm
hearing next wednesday called as difficult as possible the national parks interpretation of the implementation of the government shutdown. despite president obama's suggestion, the owner of the nfl's washington redskins is reiterating he will not change the team's name. daniel schneider writes to season six holders that the redskins name is a badge of honor and not offense to most. we have a seat reserved for you in the panel segment as we do monday, wednesday and friday. if you haven't participated in our polls take a moment on our home page. you can watch the simple instructions. it's easy. you can provide and monitor realtime feedback to what the panelists are saying. as the discussion begins you can have your say on the panel. you can vote even vote often, every five seconds, click on one of the five buttons on the screen ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree.
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one of the most shocking public relations nightmares of the shutdown so far. we will talk about missing death benefits for military families and the fallout. the fox all-stars weigh in when we return. pepepepepepeople go ts pepepepepepeople go ts store and essentially they
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test test test. test test test.
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we passed a bill, one that was talked about a possible government shutdown to make sure thathe military would have the ability to make all their payments. i guess somebody in the justice department or the pentagon had some problems interpreting what we said. >> the president was very disturbed to learn of this problem. and he directed the department of defense to work with the office of management and budget. and his lawyers, to develop a possible solution. >> well, it's back and forth over death benefits to the families of the fallen. they were delayed.
3:40 pm
they have been delayed. the solution today, that solution, is that the fisher house, a wonderful organization for families who are dealing with the loss of someone serving overseas, serving in the military, an wounded warriors in general, they are filling the gap. take a listen to this. >> we're going bridge the gap until sanity rules down in washington and the president and congress get together. we will bridge the gap. >> which means. >> we will offer the families 100,000 that they should have received within 36 hours until the shutdown ends or some action is enacted. >> well, congress acted today. overall, it's a nightmare. jonah goldberg.
3:41 pm
kirsten powers, columnist for the daily beast. and charles krauthammer. congress believed this military act they passed on the first day before the shutdown, right before everything took place, covered this payment. and then they say the decision was made, in the legal interpretation by the pentagon lawyers or the justice department, that it didn't. and then we have this delay until today. >> yeah. look, i mean, i think the whole thing has to be seen in a bigger picture. but on the merits of it, this is -- you know, this was a call that an administrator could have said, this is what congress intended. let's go ahead and disperse the money. instead, they deliberately read this in a way that they didn't -- they couldn't -- it was a choice. a voluntary choice, not to deliver these benefits. and the idea that they were constrained by the letter of the law is kind of laughable, coming from an administration that has repeatedly violated or refused to enforce laws it doesn't like.
3:42 pm
so this was a voluntary act on the part of the administration. and we know that this is part of a larger approach to make the shutdown as painful and as vindictive and as inconvenient as possible. and we don't even need to cite the examples of sort of the goon squad of liberals of the national park service anymore. you need just look at president obama's own press conference this week where he said explicitly, we could fix these problems with funding bills, the problem is, it wouldn't cause political problems with republicans anymore. >> kirsten, the white house continues to point to the department of defense, informing congress, telling reporters that this could happen if the shutdown happened. in fact the secretary of defense did say that. take a listen. >> we couldn't pay death grat
3:43 pm
gratuities to those who died during the lapse. if the lapse took place the money would be obligated after the lapse took place and we would have no authority to pay until the lapse ended. so in that case, it could be delayed. >> the white house points to that thing, hey, listen, that was before the pay our military act was passed. and congress believed that was covered. and then there was a legal interpretation that there wasn't. >> right. based on what we know, this was the decision that was made at the defense department. this was not a white house decision. the idea that someone deliberately chose to not give money to people to fly to see heir loved ones. it's a little too much for me. unless we've got real evidence of it. i have to take them at face value that they felt they were following the letter of the law. now, why shouldn't would be just run this as high up the chain as you can go to overrule it, i can't say. >> say, wait a second, we're not
3:44 pm
paying this, are you sure? >> yes, on the death which is a horrible name, but you cannot get around the fact that they need to get to dover to see their loved ones coming back. the president said he didn't know about this and they're rectifying this. i really don't think it was a deliberate act. >> charles. >> i think there are two reasons here. one is was it a political act? i tend to think that some of these interpretations, clearly, people seem to be always erring on the side of being rough and tough and irrational like the cordoning off of the world war ii memorial which is open-air and where it takes more park rangers to cordon it off than it would to accompany the ageing veterans on to the site. i think there's -- and we saw it in the sequestration. this isn't the first time. the administration is using anything it doesn't like as a way to punish the american
3:45 pm
people. but there's a larger issue here. and that is, as the state becomes larger and larger, the bureaucracy becomes stronger and more arrogant and independent. it believes and after all, it regulates. that's what it does. and it becomes punitive in the sense it says, listen, you want to hold up the government. we're going to show you who's in charge. we're going to shut down all the monuments. if we don't get a blank check, we're going to do x, y and z. incidentally, on the question of language, the liberals always seize the dictionary here. when we talk about a clean c.r., that sounds nice, it's clean, right? and the republicans want a dirty c.r., continues resolution. i would say what the republicans asking for is to deny the administration a blank check. that's what the democrats and the bureaucracy are demanding. so it would be nice if we could undo that language. where all of us, the democrats
3:46 pm
are asking, is inherently good, after all, clean is good. a blank check is a bad idea. >> anyone can tweet the panel. lori writes when will the senate allow house bills be voted upon to fund parts of the government. jonah, to your point earlier, will that ever happen? >> well, they clearly allowed it to happen with paying the military, right? so this idea that they have a blanket policy instituted is not true. let me just say both of you guys have been too generous to this administration in that you have the president of the united states -- first of all, he's admitted his explicit strategy to create problems for the american people who he's their president, too. he said it outright. we have all these stories of park rangers saying we're under orders to make people's lives as difficult agency possible. just to deny people a view of
3:47 pm
the road from mt. rushmore. the idea that he deserves the benefit of the doubt by delivering these orders and instructing his minions to inflict pain. and when one of the minions does it in a way that's profoundly offensive, everyone says, he couldn't have meant that. he's responding the way his administration responsibles to his initiative. next up, the u.s. cuts aid to egypt. what does that mean in the big picture? ercent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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>> we will continue to work with the interim government to pro-promote our corps interests benefit the egyptian people much the president has been clear that we're not willing to continue with business as
3:51 pm
usual. >> the sense is that the obama administration was supporting the muslim brotherhood. people say they won the election. hitler won an election. hamas won an election. democracy is not about winning a election one time. morse is y. put himself above starting stepping on the rights of women. more than 20 million egyptian notice streets saying we have to make change. >> bret: talking about the former president of egypt, mohammed morsi, the administration tonight saying they are cutting back on a large portion of the aid to egypt. in the wake of the situation on the ground as they try to head towards an election there. but there has been a lot of violence. we are back with the panel. charles, what about this in the big picture? >> the big picture is that american allies in the region are simply astonished by what's happening. this is the third in three steps. start with syria. originally it's called war criminal state because of the use of chemical
3:52 pm
weapons. secondary moral atrocity. ends up he is now a legitimate leader with whom we're dealing and who is praised by ourselves yesterday. with the iranians, we get a few sweet words out of a new president. all of a sunday we have the first communication. we have an opening of negotiations. the gulf arabs are in a panic. now the one state in the region that has gotten rid of the brotherhood, which was, as we heard just before, essentially attempting an abolition of democracy, we are now cutting aid in a way that is simply -- it simply does not take into account the perception that the united states is now appeasing our enemies, syria, iran, and, to some extent, the brotherhood in egypt and others. and not understanding the effect it's having on our allies. if you are an ally of the united states now, you are wondering if k. we count on anything the americans are
3:53 pm
going to do. >> bret: there are diplomatic sources over in the region who are saying, listen, the firm resolve that is being shown in cutting this aid to egypt really was not shown as charles mentions in syria or with iran or a number of. >> or with the muslim brotherhood when they were in charge of egypt. so, you know, this is a big deal. and i think it raises a question of what is our commitment to egypt. they are focusing on the fact that this is mostly equipment, military equipment, it's some money, but why now? you know, is this -- part of it is that we don't really know, even the way this has been released we don't know what are the behind the scenes thinking on this? how did they come to this conclusion? and, again, why do you feel the need to withdraw support of the military running egypt but you didn't feel the need to withdraw the support of completely antidemocratic, basically someone who was trying to become a dictator of that country. >> bret: that said, jonah, if you look at public opinion polls people say, you know what? stop all the aid.
3:54 pm
forget it. >> yeah. no, some opinion polls they seem to think that foreign aid is 30%, 40% of the federal budget, too. i agree with charles and kristen on this. i think there is legitimate arguments on both sides. if the law says coup can't be supported. i understand why there are people on both seeds of that argument. what i don't understand is why the administration decided to do this so publicly. what they could have done is just slow walked some aid privately send through channels the message hey, look, he we are not happy. work a little bit harder toward the democracy thing. instead, they have basically sent this message that we're not a reliable ally. they are and they are freaking out the -- our other allies in the region at the same time. >> if the law says you have to suspend aid, change the damn law. that's what they should have done on day one. you have got to have an exception that's one of the reasons that the islamists have taken over in maly because there was a law and we had to cut off aid and
3:55 pm
it caused a collapse of the army. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for sr bing results from both panels. plus, an off the record meeting at the white house. wh. i don't like the ups and downs of the market, but i can't just sit on my cash. i want to be prepared for the long haul. ishares minimum votility etfs. investments designed for a smoother ride. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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bing highlights, all parties agreed with joan that with a that withholding death benefits funds for families was deliberate and done in bad faith. all parties disagreed with kirsten that the defense department's legal finding was done in good faith. democrats were strongest in their agreement with charles'' statement that the government needs to stop punishing the american people. that was our highest intensity moment of the first panel with 30,000 votes per minute. total votes tonight, 200,000. so finally tonight, we have some news we had a little bit of a meeting yesterday with conservative columnists at the white house. conservative columnists
3:59 pm
including dr. charles krauthammer who met with the president. >> i did. i had to secure the monthly deposits into my cayman island account, so i took care of that. but it was off the record so i can't talk about what was in there, but, if you get asked to attend a meeting with the president, the man who makes -- who has the most important decision maker on the planet and you have an opportunity to get into his mind and to see how he thinks, you absolutely have to go. and that's why i went. >> bret: did you get something out of it? >> i think i did. i had seen the president in a similar setting the week before his inauguration. i got to compare how he was then and how he is now it doesn't mean i would attend everything in the white house. i had been asked in 2009 to sign a signing ceremony for because i agreed with the changes the president had made and i refused because i disagreed with some of his policies on
4:00 pm
cloning. so, it's not a blank check. thought we would ask. please join us tonight for "special report" online. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> are you outraged? you know what? i am. you ought to be. i don't blame you if you are. what in the world was our government thinking that it didn't pay the death benefits for the 26 soldiers who gave up their lives since october 1st? what they paid later, they didn't matter? they think it didn't matter to the rest of us in america? are they out of their minds? why are they so indecent? these people who gave up their lives, we owe them so much to just disthem and not pay them the death penalties and not pay for their families to go to dover to receive their remains. what in the world was our government thinking?


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