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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 1, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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up next, the o'reilly factor. make sure you go to i'm sure you have a lot to say about the irs and how much you love them. how about that lois learner? got anything to say about her? go to welcome to "red eye." tonight, murder, mayhem and murder and mayhem, also mayhem and murder. is. >> tonight on "red eye." are beautiful women teaming up with galactic space pirates to eliminate earth's ugliest men? and does president obama want to force every american to buy roller blades? the white house won't say either way. >> i am not going to get into the alleged activities. >> and finally, alcatraz, tourist attraction or secret home to a giant squid bent on destroying san francisco? none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests. i am here with actress and
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model sam sorbo. her kevin -- her husband kevin sorbo was just on. yeah, like that and bigger muscles. and the author of the book "the answer, proof of good in heaven." and tv's andy levy. there he is. isn't that cute and sad? bill schulz, my repulsive sidekick. nice outfit, bill. excellent. and fresh from his afternoon shift at the park where he plays his casio sin that synthesizer for money, very little money. writer and comedian and earring wearer jesse joyce. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> i'm all out of love. i'm so lost without you, greg. >> feeling the same. their perversity calls for diversity. the kentucky medical center, is there any other kind, called on all employees to complete diversity training
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after somebody came to a halloween party as president obama in a straight jacket. why does it have to be straight? the picture was passed around the office prompting the vp of human resources to send a company wide e-mail apologizing to anyone uh febded. offended. all staff was asked not to wear gender-based and ethnic halloween costumes. and two to the ballplayers at a san diego high school, is there any other kind, jesse, was forced to apologize after darkening their skin and dressing up as members of the jaw -- jamaican bobsled team. for even this year i went as a trampoline. check out my costumes. >> oh my god! trampoline. tox -- oh my god. >> hard to trick or treat when
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you are a trampoline especially when you have the momentum. >> was that filmed by the proclaimers? >> it was. i loved those guys. they are dead though. >> i was spreading a rumor. you sell masks at hot topic. did you feel the obama mask was offensive, super offensive or not offensive? >> what better way to hit on a 16-year-old? listen, why do you need to make a political statement with your dumb halloween costumes? are you going to impress the shute corrections officers or the slutty armadillo? realize everybody out there tonight, from you going as like a pop culture or like right now reference you are going to look in photographs some day like all of the [bleep] that went as joey
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buttafuoco. >> that's so true. i didn't think about that. when i dressed up as monica lewinski. >> and you look like an a-hole now. >> that was last week. >> and it was at a private party with nothing but old men. the things i did for candy. candy is my dying aunt. sam, if we can't mock the president on halloween, when can we? >> i don't think he was mocking the president. that's his job. he does straight jackets. i think it was a cheap costumes. have i an extra straight jacket. i will just put it on and put on a mask. he grabbed any mask. i don't think it was a specific target. >> pretty unintentional i think. >> i i think so. >> i think she is right, andy. it is diversity training and that's what this story is about. is it the answer or is it the question? >> i think it is the quanswer. >> that's terrific. >> thank you. political costumes -- >> i am bleeping that, by the
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way. >> no you are not. >> do you know what that means in latin? >> so there is a quote here, we are confounded why these coaches would be comfortable wearing black faces out in public. they should keep them at home. >> we haven't even talked about that. >> he brought it up already. >> the political costumes a bad idea to wear to office parties in general. just don't do it. why does this require diversity training? you are allowed to make fun of the president and you are supposed to make fun of the president. it does -- doesn't seem there was anything racial going on. i don't get the diversity training. >> your face is offensive to me and to the rest of america. >> be nice. bill as skin quanswer. >> i don't know if it is cancer. it is more of a question. i am living and not dying, you jerk. the rules of halloween is and
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will always be you can go as a jamaican or any african-american, but just don't apply the black to the face. tan, do whatever, but don't put any make up over the face. you are fine. if you want to go as speaker of the house or as a co-host of "the five" orange face is acceptable. other than that, brown face unacceptable. >> it is okay for miley cyrus to dress us as michelle backman to twerk and use the finger. >> you shouldn't make fun of crazy people either. >> that should not require sensitivity training. >> that's not black face though. >> that's whack face. up top. no? >> sorry, i went back to the obama one. >> well, once you do that, you don't go back. >> oh really? >> i want to ask you a question about diversity training. how does one become a diversity trainer?
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the only way is probably to watch a collection of dvd's of "a different world." >> that's probably exactly how it happened. >> that introduced me to the wonderful world of diversity. all people of different types living together. >> no marisa tomei was the token white. she was the only white girl in the entire show for the first season. her and lisa bonnett left because nobody knew what that was about. >> i learned about it in "friends." >> i learned about it in it's a small world at disney. >> i did a lot of things there. >> and that's why you are no longer allowed to it's a small world. >> it was a dirty world. if we will have diversity training, question to you, jesse, somehow you drifted off, but why can't we have assimilation training? why can't people learn to fit in rather than standout? >> that's an interesting question and i think the answer to that in 1939 is in
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germany. good question. can i get back to the football coach thing for a second? >> yes. >> i am glad you said it first. >> wait a minute. i thought everybody was getting along and not getting rid of people. >> you also said you hate jewish people. >> how can i hate jewish people? >> it was a dog whistle and we all knew it. >> we read between the anti-sametic lines. >> at least you didn't read my pamphlets. it is really in those how much i hate the jewish people. >> that is a clip that will be taken out of concept and amazing things happen. >> he hates my pamphlets, but he of course owns the company that prints them. >> you are not just a client. >> i hate your pamphlets because they compete with mine. >> how am i the only one in "red eye" these stree -- history who is trying to get us out of getting in trouble.
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usually i am the first one to say [bleep]. the black faced football coaches dressed as the jamaican bobsled team, the players supported it and said we thought it was funny. did you? did you high school football team? were you really amused that your coaches dressed up as the beloved characters of a john candy vehicle that was made five years before you were all born? >> if i was -- if they showed up like the characters in soylent green i wouldn't be like, that's amazing. that was five years before i was born. >> why do you have to bang on charleston these stone? heston. >> the coaches had no intent to offend, but there are certain things that white people sort of have to be acquainted with. part of that is the history of black face. it should be fairly easy to understand this. black people were brought here
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as slaves even of a they were freed. they were legally treated as second class citizens. in return for that, white people can't say the n-word or wear black face. it seems like a good deal for white people. >> white people fought for the emancipation for the slaves. it is the only time in the history of the world that white people fought to free another race. >> so we should be allowed to wear black face? >> no, let's just bring out all of the information. >> do you know term jim crowe, the jim crowe law is a stand up comedy term? >> i had no idea. >> it is. >> in the 1830s he was like the jim carrey of the 1830s. he was super popular entertainer. he was a comic actor and his character was a black faced character named jim crowe and that's how it came into effect. >> that can get a show can -- canceled. >> i am the only one here. >> interesting fact is the band the black crows are celebrating jim crowe laws, but they call them the black crows because that's how
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racist they are. >> is it? >> no, i made that up. we should get out of this seggent in. now we are making up facts. >> fact, my uncle insists on being called thomas and not tom. i don't know why. >> that's actually true. his life is a wreck so he is turning to tech. a lawyer for edward snowden says the whistle-blower slash trader has found a new job in the glamorous world of on-line tech support. and -- >> there is no h anywhere in that word. >> he told a russian news agency that his client's dig starts on friday. he wouldn't name the company he was working at saying only that it is with a major russian website. it is probably their facebook made of wood. do you like that joke? >> i have an antiquated
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russian russian -- go ahead. >> he fled the u.s. after making america less safe by letting terrorists know how we go about our spying. meanwhile, snowden was recently filmed on a store security camera and he is at the bottom. >> i think that is a metaphor for what snowden has done to the united states of america and also that was a liquor store and it sucked. andy, you must just want to burst into tears when you see how far your hero and traitor snowden has fallen. ha, ha i say and so which i add another ha with a square above it. >> first of all it was his lawyer and not his agent. >> who needs a lawyer to get
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you an i.t. job? >> he is the one telling people to get the job. >> that was a really fair and balanced story calling him a traitor and whatever. i am not going to lie. this has been a tough day. snowy needs my support and he will have it. i would have liked to have sat in on the job interview though. why exactly did you leave your last job? >> you know, he is being bugged right now. that's the irony. do you think he is having any second thoughts about turning on the greatest country ever? >> i can't get this out of my head, this i'm memg of did you try turning off the computer and then turning it back on again? he took a tech job. >> he has to say that in russian. >> it is russian. it is in russia. it would be like, i understand that you are having trouble with your vcr. can you do me a favor? give me your call back number that you have on your sports
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illustrated football phone. >> this is how you set the time jie. that was the outdated technology. >> by the way, i would point out i didn't think you could be less ethnically sensitive than the last segment until you implied all of russia was a liquor store. >> that was america. the liquor store was america. >> there were drunk people. >> and jesse is jealous because snowden has a job at tech support and you are still managing spencer's gifts. >> i am. that's true. >> happy halloween and i would like to mention there are a bunch of 8-year-olds in pastel sweaters who are going as taller greg gutfelds. >> you can't say happy halloween though. it is politically incorrect. it is insensitive and offensive. >> there you go. >> fair enough. >> what should we call it? >> good friday.
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>>- q. i that -- >> that seems worse. >> i think it is actually wrong. >> what is today? well it is actually tomorrow. bill, maybe you should move to moscow and get a job doing tech support. >> why? >> i don't know. >> i am no traitor, greg. i love my country. >> it is more they want you to move to moscow. >> i got the implication. this is going to be easy for him. when was the last time russia contributed anything to tech support aside from at the tetrus. we had a guy go over there, sneak over and talk with the tetrus guy and they combined information and brought tetrus to gameboy. the americans and the russians are coming together. >> i forgot my point, but that is fun. >> i am not sure why a company would want to hire snowden for tech support. go poke around our woabs. it is cool. i know you signed a confidentially agreement so there is no way you would give
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the info to anybody. >> in five years i don't see him having another career. he will get a book deal, but then after that you can't trust somebody who is a mole. that's the way it is. >> he just came out with new allegations that the nsa is tapping google and yahoo!. >> they are denying that. i don't know who is telling the truth anymore, jesse. i just don't know. >> not the nsa.rcut will be popr because if there is anything they like it is that haircut. >> what about me? >> they have advanced spying in their schools. all of their kids have ipads or the russian equivalent which is a wooden tablet. >> he might be arrested for promoting lesbianism. >> can we take a break? my wife is russian and when i get home she will beat the crap out of me for all of you. >> she is sitting home being russian in black face.
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>> coming up, jesse joyce teaches us how to make a cinnabun like he sells at the lakeview shopping center. the secret ingredient is anger and regret over his life. what are the best and worst halloween con des? the story the mainstream media refuses to cover.
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female narrator: the mattress price wars are ending soon the mattress price wars are ending soon at sleep train. we've challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing, plus free same-day delivery, setup, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save.
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mattress price wars ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ demandy. fun fact, americans spend $32 trillion on sweets for halloween every year. >> that seems high. >> $1200 billion on pixie sticks alone. the website business insider
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ranked them all declaring reese's peanut butter cups the tops followed by twix, butterfinger and sour patch kids. we made our own list so it is time for. >> "red eye" 15th annual best halloween treats. >> we spent six months on that. anyway at number five, narcotic analgesics, percocet, vie dash vicoden whatever is fine. when you are at an open house in manhattan. number four, loose socks. as a bachelor who forgets often it is halloween and you are lying in your own filth, maybe masterbating, socks come in handy. number three, being tickled by a fat man in a wife beater. sometimes you don't have anything. if you tickle somebody and make them smile, isn't that better than candy? and number two treat, treat williams. a great character actor.
12:22 am
you hasn't aged well. and "red eye" number one treat, death. at least for me it would be a relief. i am telling you, i am getting kind of tired. >> what is the point? we weren't supposed to live this long. >> did you notice at 40 how you were going like what the hell? >> romeo met juliette at like 12. this is not supposed to continue. >> it is not. >> that's why we buy so many stupid things. >> the consensus is that roose's are the best candy. do you agree? >> no. this is bunk. it is one person's opinion which is fine. second of all, what are you doing business insider? you are supposed to be writing things on the inside of business. third of all, reese's peanut butter cups are gross if you don't like peanut butter. i don't like peanut butter.
12:23 am
and they put candy corn on the worst list. this is wrong. it is not a matter of opinion that candy corn is awesome. it is a true fact. >> absolutely. >> there are a lot of candy corn hating facists on my twitter feed and i reported every one to the authorities. >> it is neither candy nor corn. >> i wait all year for this time of year to go and buy the candy corn i love and i hold so dear. >> that rhymes. >> oh my goodness, dr. suess. >> you don't have to wait for the candy corn. you just go find a midget clown and he will poop it out. >> that's how it is made. >> that's how it is made. >> that's not right. >> it is true. >> do you know how hard it is to find a midget clown when it is not halloween? >> by the way, i also love candy corn, but if you eat more than 12 you get sick to your stomach. they are small and so rich and beautiful. >> but anything with that much goodness you can only take so much. >> that is true. that's why i am alone. >> off -- on the topic of
12:24 am
midget clowns, do you have any idea how hard it is to get greg to hold still while trying to put make up on him? >> jesse you were just named as america's oldest trick or treater for the second year in a row. is it true some families when you show up they shake their head and go like, get a job. >> it is stupid i competed the second time. a year ago i was the oldest trick or treater and then i still went ahead. it is mathematically -- whatever. >> what is your candy thought? >> the one thing i always hated when i was a kid is the [bleep] nickel that is on the -- that they tape to a construction paper pumpkin. did you ever get that? >> what? >> what are you talking about? >> it sounds vaguely familiar. >> how can i clean out my car and disappoint all of the kids in the neighborhood at the same time? instead of just picking one kid and giving him $25 like i'm the winner of halloween, they disperse it like danny
12:25 am
ocean among like every kid in the neighborhood. so everyone gets a nickel. what are you going to do with a nickel? >> not all of us were raised in a halfway house. some of us grew up rich. >> i am shocked you never got the nickel. >> it was like a construction paper -- like they would make it into a dumb thing. >> oh i see. >> it was a way to make it halloweeny. they would cut out pumpkins and then tape a nickel to is it and hand it to you. and they would write happy halloween and it is like yuck. >> i have a question. i get halloween and it is fun to dress up, but why do we teachers and our childrenning to beggars? >> that's a good point. it is one time a year. >> oh if it is only once a year it is fine for your child to learn to beg. >> we are teaching them how to look adorable to get smuf and that is the american way. >> do trick-or-treaters come by the cardboard box you and hobo carl share under the bridge? >> yes, it is great.
12:26 am
don't make fun of carl cameron. that's my nickname. not for you. i am thinking of protesting this entire segment. we did not start this segment on candy with a crane shot. coming in and hearing" i want candy" and dancing like that and you on the blackberry. if we are using segments at the "the five." we use "i want candy" and we come out like that. >> as long as we are on -- bill wouldn't you say that halloween is really the most obama of all of the holidays because you go out and expect people to give you something for nothing. >> let's do the graphic. would someone have written a book about that recently, andy? are we going to talk about your book or not? it makes a great gift for trick-or-treating. >> you are obviously thinking of something. >> can i point out that
12:27 am
everybody thinks they are insane because you got a nickel. did you grow up in the netherlands? >> it was so traumatic i blocked it from my memory. >> greg is like, oh yeah. do children visit the twolety homeless guys? of course you don't let your kids near a box with two guys inside. >> they don't have a home and you won't go up to them and ask or demand something from them. >> you know hates getting nickels more than kids? homeless guys. >> especially when you pelt them with something. >> i hated nickel waifers. they were stacked by poker chips. >> i am so old that i remember before there were fun sized candies. you would go trick-or-treating and you got a full candy bar. >> that was a longtime ago.
12:28 am
>> those are small to the rest of them. >> every picture of greg holding a snickers. it is like holding a dura flame log. >> i hated the way fers. >> is that like 10muskateers. >> do i even need to say this out loud? >> no, i appreciate it. >> all right. i think we destroyed that segment and my self-esteem. it is time for "red eye" tractor of the day. i like that. i like my tractors. i like my men big and red. the tractor of the day is brought to you by solar
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eclipse. what is our frightened correspondent frightened about now? hint, it rhymes with bat.
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now this is messed up. belgium, an actual country, is considering a law to grant you than that i shaw to youth. it is already legal. did you just sigh at that
12:33 am
joke? >> i had it written down. he is more angry about the fact that i used his joke over the fact they are killing kids. euthanasia is legal for adults in belgium, but now the government may extend the right to die to kids. this is something that no other country allows. they say youngsters don't have the capacity to make the decision to end their own life, but others argue that that is not fair. young people who are terminally ill face the same issues as adults. this is kind of interesting, but strange story. does it seem crazy or am i missing something? >> it is crazy, but it is perfect for halloween. they tried this once before in the 1940s in germany. they just did away with a whole bunch of people. it didn't work out well. >> no, it didn't. as a heart less libertarian you must be all for this, right? >> i kind of am. i was all for it at first. i won't say a 14-year-old terminal patient in a lot of pain can't decide for herself
12:34 am
she doesn't want to be in pain anymore. >> that's a specific case. >> the you than. shaw laws are used for terminal patients. and the parental consent would be needed. it is not like an 8-year-old would walk into a hospital and say i want to die. >> can you imagine the parent? >> the kid has to initiate it. this is what bothers me. kids can be influenced by other kids to make decisions they don't want to make. what can you say to that mr. libertarian? >> i don't care. the tougher question is they are trying to extend this to patients with dementia. that my be a harder argument to make that people not in their right mind can make athat. >> believe me, i know that. >> kids are in their right mind. >> it depends how old they are. if they are 6 or 7, maybe not. if they are 14 or 15 and have a terminal illness and they are racked with pain, i don't want to be the one to sit there and say tough [bleep] you have to live with this pain.
12:35 am
>> do you have to swear? >> in belgium they have been practicing this for ages already. >> so they are good at it. >> they are quite good. jesse, try not to say anything offensive we will have to edit out. >> i don't know if you heard, but belgium is calling the proposal to let terminally ill get euthanatized for [bleep] world make a wish. if your only celebrity is jean-claude van dam i can see people opting for the legal injection route. >> actually those jokes are pretty good. last question to you, bill. and then we are moving on from this upbeat story. i like that pensive view you have. every single medical person agreed not only is it legal for you to euthanize yourself, but you should do it as soon as possible. if you find it discouraging, encouraging and enlightening? >> i don't want to die even if other people want me to die. i think it is interesting that of all of the things kids
12:36 am
don't have rights for, this is at the top of the list. i feel like there are other things they can get work on. they should vote. no, they should kill themselves if if -- if they have back pain? our poored dore who makes $20,000 a year and will be up all night because of your filthy mouth. we don't have a big staff, guys. >> speak for yourself. does your smartest friend have a big back end? talk about a transitn. scientists at the university of oxford, go pit stains, found women with larger than average posteriors are not only smarter, but maury sis assistant to illnesses than their less pair-shaped peers. they analyzed data, i bet they did, from 16,000 women and found that the same omega-3 fat required to have buxom buttocks is attributed to science. unfor the nayly the study --
12:37 am
unfortunately the study is three years old, but who cares because -- >> it's news to us. >> it is true. it allows us to do any story because if we haven't heard about it it is new to us and it is therefore news to us. >> we found the loophole. >> we will exploit that loophole. we are going to run that loophole until it is -- >> a lot of new shows get more respect than us. we are the first show in history to find this loophole. this is the magic loophole. >> big question here, how do you think they got the women with the big and small butts to participate in a study? they must have told them it was about something else, right? >> that sounds reasonable. i think that song "i like big butts" i think that takes on a whole new meaning. now it actually seems like maybe they are looking for the perfect woman. >> it is an intellectual
12:38 am
statement. >> i like big butts means i am after your mind. >> who knew sir mix-a-lot was just looking for somebody who could challenge him intellectually? >> it is a compliment when you tell somebody their head is up their ass. you have a fascination with butts. now that you know they have a mind connected to it does it change how they look at pile? >> you can't make a blain cet statement -- make a blanket statement. i know you do it with bill. the crocodile skin. you can't say it like it is a thing. you can't just put a question mark on there. >> that is a weird way of saying you have nothing more to say. >> all of this time sir-mix-a-lot was looking for somebody to challenge him. i had to use it.
12:39 am
>> it was that good joke and it is a a shame you didn't come more prepared. >> i was happy with how he hit it. >> miley cyrus has been criticized for not having a butt. >> that's true. >> i am not making any implications or anything. >> you don't have to. you just called her a dumb ass. >> oh my gosh! you can call them a dumb ass by saying you have a very small butt. >> speaking of, andy, does this explain the genius sensibility of kim kardashian. she is brilliant. she is a multi billionaire. she married kanye west. >> not yet. >> just like j-lo, they are known for their derrieres. >> and they are fabulously wealthy. >> the worst part of the story is it means kim kardashian may live very long. >> that's great.
12:40 am
let's wish death on people. you can't make blanket statements to jesse. i know you do it with bill, but you can't just make out here and make blanket statements to jesse. it is not cool and i don't think you should do it. the jokes are funny and with bill it is a running gag. it doesn't work with jesse. you just can't do it. >> have i to ask bill an exit question. based on your tiny butt i was sum myself you are stupid and won't livelong. >> my flat ass makes me sad, greg, but when i am focused on my crocodile skin and dated haircut i pretty much forget i am sitting on nothing right now. inflection at the end of that. >> very good. >> i hate everybody. >> time to take a break. don't leave now. there is more to talk about including why haven't you purchased "the joy of hate"? autographed copy.
12:41 am
it is the number one book in american saw mow yaw. american samoa.
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well, a new study out of china finds that a close cousin of the sars virus lives in bats and can jump directly to humans. previously scientists thought the virus that kills over 750 people jumped from bats to mammals where it went through genetic changes before affecting humans. it creates new fears that bats now have the power to wipe out the entire planet. for more we turn to "red eye as frightening correspondent. they can jump from bat to humans and is the human race pretty much screwed? >> we have no chance now, greg. bats already can give us rabies. second of all, now this can be transferred through the air. we have to do something. we have to do something.
12:45 am
we have no chance. >> what do we do? >> eliminate all of the bats. have i been saying it for years. >> kill all of the bats? >> kill all of the bats, sharks, alligators, no one will miss them. how many people are missing sabre tooth teeingers right now? nobody is saying you know what would be great? cyber tooth tigers walking around. >> no one would miss bats. why president haven't we figured this out before? >> siefn tieses are carrying diseases that are existing right now. it is time somebody says what about the diseases that might exist and animals that are terrifying. >> basically the preventive health is killing all of the animals. i want to go to the next story. according to a report various tech companies are working on putting internet connected brain implants in people's
12:46 am
heads by the year 2020. joe, this sounds great to me, but i bet you think it is terrifying. >> obviously x greg, what if i get an e-mail saying i won the. jeer yen lottery. i am open because i might be rich. but they hacked a bank account in my brain. if you could google stuff what kind of stuff would you look up? >> how to build moats? how many people were killed by mountain lions and how to ask a woman on a date. >> are you having problems with women. >> they like people who aren't scared of everything. i hate halloween. everybody is a serial killer. >> and the women you date are often confused. they don't know if it is good news or bad news. everything you say is in a terrified manor.
12:47 am
>> next question. >> next story. so a new poll finds 37% of americans think zombies would do a better job at running the country than the federal government i am with america here. wouldn't zombies do better? >> i am with the americans. the zombies would pass no laws and that is better than most of the laws we have passed. the past. should swro be would vote on owe mama care. >> won't they want zombie rights? >> and we would see an expansion of people by biting people. >> has true and i -- that's true and i don't understand that. >> do zombies get a bad wrap? >> i don't hang around to find out. i don't ask questions. when i see a zombie i act and
12:48 am
it is not pretty. >> i hurt a lot of trick-or-treaters last year. >> the last story, this week the nba's new orleans pellicans which is a team, a basketball team apparently who unveiled the mascot. i want to show you the picture. how terrified are you of this? >> that is terrifying. it is like john wayne designed the costumes. if they seen a pellican? they are the one bird i am not scared of. and it is a bird with human gloves. it can get away with a crime. there are no fingerprints on that bird. joe thank you for coming. it was nice to slowly watch you panic and be terrified and shave a few years off your life.
12:49 am
see you soon. have a safe halloween. >> i will be right here. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. if you have a video of your animal doing something, fox eye. >> coming up, our last story is a doozie.
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story with gretchen carlson on friday, 2:00 p.m. eastern. interesting amount of guests we have. a new "red eye" airs on saturday at 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. pacific. sean cannon from "general hospital" and miss america 2008 and you know tom shillue is always happy. saturday that's 11:00 p.m. eastern and 8:00 p.m. pacific. check it out. >> e block. the last story. that's the last story. >> before we get to the story, sam, i want to talk about your book. it is called "the answer, proof of god in heaven." we have it up there. where can you find it? >> on or the answer .
12:54 am
>> you have to be a pretty confident person to say you have the answer. >> yes, that's true. but i do. i am okay. >> could you explain to viewers what the answer is? >> it is in the book. >> what is the question? >> the question is why we are here. >> i thought the question was what about bill? >> i am alive, greg. >> that's hard to argue. >> that whole book. >> the last page. >> he is on page 179. >> there is a big red mark across my head. >> that's fine. bill as the quanswer. check out the book. we will do this story even though i think it is a bunch of bs. a north dakota woman says she plans on handing out sealed letters in lieu of sweets to
12:55 am
overweight trick trick-or-treaters. by the time you watched -- are you watching this it already happened. it addresses the parents of fat kids and it says your child is in my opinion is moderately obese and should not be consuming the treats of the holiday season. my hope is you will step up as a parent and ration candy and not allow your child to continue the unhealthy eating habits. i don't know if it is a real story, but we are doing it anyway. jesse, what do you think? >> have i an idea, lady, just write all of the letters on toilet paper so it is easier for the neighborhood kids to destroy your home tomorrow? >> sam, is it a great thing or not so great? >> we did a story about how big butts lead to a longer life and more intelligence. also she should butt out. >> nicely done. andy? gauge the story's accuracy from 1 it never happened to 10
12:56 am
it was created by a radio station. >> i would give it a 1-10. the woman asked why she was giving out toys. she said i don't want to be the mean lady in town. you are giving letters to kids calling them fat. you are pretty much the mean lady in town. >> there are schools that are sending home obese letters to parents. >> i don't think the story is real and i don't think bill is real. >> i am real. they are not sending them to the kids. for all the kid knows is there is an awesome check in there. maybe the parent will pacify fatty and give them some money. >> this story is absolutely true. she didn't just call into a radio station in north dakota. she called into a morning zoo crew.
12:57 am
they were absolutely with the side effects. >> bill schulz, tv's andy levy, jesse joyce. that does it for me. i hope you had a wonderful halloween. i know i did.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
tell us what you think about her. tell me if i'm unfair. good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> if you had one of these substandard plans before the afordable care act became law and you really like that plan, you are able to keep it. >> once again yesterday the president not telling the nation the whole truth. why does mr. obama continue to mislead us? tonight, we will tell you in the talking points memo. >> i don't know how you keep your cool, madam secretary, you know, with this continuous effort on the part of the g.o.p. to sabotage the aca. >> almost desperate now, the democratic party is trying to blame the republicans for the obama care debacle. will that work? we have no spin analysis. ♪ joy to the world ♪ the savior reigns. >> once again, sc


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