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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 3, 2013 9:00am-11:01am PST

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we respond every day to your comments, questions and criticism. we are back next sunday morning with the latest buzz. hello i'm eric shawn and welcome to america's news necks. >> we are learning that millions of folks who were dropped from their insurance plans in the wake of the health carrollout and are -- health care rollout are creating a new pact calling themselves the quote, obamacare losers. >> and john kerry wrapped up his visit to egypt. they said their relations with the u.s. were in turmoil. was his visit enough to ease some of the tensions?
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we will have a live report. >> and we have a fiesty panel here to discuss the latest in on believable case in -- in on believable case in utah of a doctor accused of killing his wife. they layout why and how the doctor put his plan into motion. first we begin with details in the shooting at los angeles international airport that left a tsa agent dead. as cell phone video from inside that terminal really shows you the chaos that unfolded. check this out. >> on the floor! on the floor now! on the floor! >> imagine if you were there. hundreds of folks in the moments just after the 23-year-old accused gunman opened fire inside that airport. police are saying the suspect shot the tsa agent at point
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blank range before turning his gun on the crowd. and returning to shoot the agent again. there were at least five other people injured in friday's shooting. we go now live outside l.a.x. with the latest. dominic, i can't imagine things could return to normal today, but are they? >> they are to some extent. all of the terminals are open including terminal 3 where the incident took place. you can check this for flights there and some of the airlines are not letting people directly to those gates, but getting them on their planes elsewhere. looking quiet behind me at terminal 1, but it is early sunday morning. late last night we heard from the fbi saying what the charges were against paul ciancia in this shooting spree. he is facing charges of killing a federal officer and he is also facing charges of committing violence at an international airport with the intent of harming people. we just saw from the criminal come plaint -- complaint more
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details of the time line of events of what happened when ciancia came to terminal 3 and started firing. he started firing on the agent and then proceeded into the terminal. they say the video they have of the incident showed him turning back and seeing the tsa agent suffering on the floor. they talk about him wrighting and -- writhing and how he was then shot to death. he pulled out a .223 caliber mmp assault rifle and that's what it says in the complaint and then he .ed and -- pointed and fired at two other tsa agents. they found a note on him and that gave them evidence. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. he addressed them at one point in the letter saying he wanted to, quote, instill fear into
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their traitorous minds. >> jaime, since 9 slrk -- 9/11 los angeles airport has spent billions on improving security and people are asking whether it was enough and whether it could have been prevented. police say they changed the shift pattern of police officers, but they don't think that had an impact on security. and it is not known if more police officers were around if this could have been prevented. >> it could have been so much worse. dominic, thank you for your report. let us know anything else that develops. eric? jaime, we are learning more about the tsa agent who was killed in the attack. he was geraldo hernandez. mr. hernandez was the first tsa agent killed in the line of duty of that agency's 12-year history. he would have celebrated his 40th birthday next week. he moved to the united states when he was 15 years old from
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el sal el salvador. he had two children and a married man. his widow spoke out about her late husband's kindness. >> he was always there to help anyone in need and always made people laugh with his wonderful sense of humor. he was a wonderful husband, father, brother, son and friend. >> she says she and the family understandably are devastated. he spent three years on-the-job at the tsa and was excited to go to work every day to appear at the job. today the leaping -- the los angeles police department is honoring him by wearing a black band on their badges. all eyes are on the obamacare website. it is back up and running at least for now. the feds took health care .gov off line last night trying to next some of the problems that have been plaguing it since it went on-line on october 1st. meantime, hhs secretary
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kathleen sebelius is expected to be in the hotseat answering more questions in front of the finance committee. steve centanni has more on that. steve, tell us more. >> hi, jaime. even presidential candidate, doppler candidate mitt romney, signed -- from massachusetts is weighing in on the battle from obamacare and he zeroed in on president obama's campaign promise. listen. >> he told people they could keep their insurance and that was not the truth. whether you like the model of obamacare or not, the fact that the president sold it on a basis that was not true has undermind the foundation of his second term. i think it is rotting it away. the only way he can rebuild credibility is to work with republicans and democrats and try and rebuild a foundation. >> that troubled health care .gov website is back up and running after an over night shutdown for repairs that had
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a rocky rollout. meantime congress still wants answers about the flawed website and about how many people have been able to successfully enroll in obamacare. a top presidential advisor says the numbers won't be that great for the first month. >> our goal is to get as many people done as possible. i can promise you the first enrollment numbers which was released later this month are not going to be what we want them to be. we take responsibility for that and take responsibility for the errors and take responsibility for fixing it. and if we get the website working as we expect we do we will be in a good place. >> and health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will testify on capitol hill this time before a senate panel. >> steve centanni is live in washington. great to see you. as steve reported, we remember when he pushed the plan, famously assuring americans that they could keep their policies if they want
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them. now we find out for some at least it is not the case. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was grilled about the promise last week. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. >> i am just wondering if you have a mechanism whereby you will know -- >> well if your constituent signed up for a plan. >> people across america, and we know how many policies will be canceled? 10,000, 1 million, 5 million? >> we know in the individual market a number of the plans being sold are not grandfathered and are not currently meeting the law. those notices have gone out. >> we just saw the president's promise and there was the secretary's answer and the person asking the questions is right there. congressman tim murphy from pennsylvania who is also a
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member of course of the house energy and commerce committee. he is also a psychologist and joins us now from pittsburgh. congressman, good afternoon and welcome fox news. >> good to see you. >> good to see you as always. she was in the hotseat and you grilled her as others during the committee hearing. what do you want to hear her say when she appears before the senate finance committee? >> i don't know if there is much they can say except to try to continue to put the cloak of silence over things and pretend everything is okay which they will probably continue to do. it is clear the white house knew you and secretary sebelius knew if you liked your plan you won't lose it. what could be more personal than a person seeing a doctor for an illness or psychiatrist for a problem and developed a relationship of trust and knowledge and now they will be told their plan has changed. that plan may not allow those doctors and hospitals in their network, and all the president
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can say is go to the exchange is sign up for something else? this is not like buying a gallon of milk at the store. it is health care. the lack of compassion is astounding that they continue to have. >> we heard the promise. let's look at some of the facts. some say less than 5% of businesses will be affected. but take aing loo. -- take a look. alabama losing ninety,000, florida 330,000, georgia 400,000 and on and on and on and get down to north carolina and new york and new jersey, your state pennsylvania upwards of 250,000 people in pennsylvania and even more 300,000 in washington. the congressman -- ms. sebelius says you can get a better plan if you lose it. >> but those plans aren't necessarily bigger. grandfather clause is a big lie. the law says the plans have to provide different coverage which means it is a different price. the law makes it illegal to grandfather a plan in.
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it is not just henry ford saying you can have any color car if it is black, it is you are not allowed to get anything else. you know who it is hurting? it is hurting the middle class. when they said we will raise the level of people who can get this care in medicaid, maybe they knew what they were doing. even those folks couldn't afford it. it is not the rich paying more taxes. it is people who realize in order to buy insurance, which otherwise the irs is going to come after them, but in order to buy insurance, the premiums are up, the co pays are up, the deductibles are up sometimes up to several thousands of dollars. these folks are saying i can't afford health care and send my kids to college or buy the things i need to buy. has why it is outstanding -- that's why it is outstanding she says go and buy something else. the president has doctors on the team at the white house. but the moms and dads out there, the single moms and dads struggling to get through lost it and they don't know how to get it back.
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>> let's look atey -- lets 8 look. he said don't blame us. it is not the president's fault. >> the law does not say sears drops coverage. the law does not say you drop coverage. the insurance industry decides how it will make money. when the private companies decide that they will drop people or put them in the exchange you blame president obama. he is not responsible for that. >> well, they are going at it leak this. don't blame the president. you are a doctor and congressman. what do you think? >> well it is astounding to me, but it shows their lack of compassion and understanding of the american people. the law says that things have to be put in place and people are indeed losing coverage. back in the late 1990s when i authored the patient bill of rights law, one of the things we included was trying to deal with the insensitivity of the insurance company. you can't go to the same hospital and can't see the
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same doctor and we said we needed certain things in there. what this is saying is the fundamental changes will make it unaffordable for businesses and businesses say they can't afford it either. this idea of being so dismissive and saying it is all about profits, look they made it this way. they didn't want republican input. they shutdown our amendments and blocked us from everything. we put up several votes in the house and said make some changes and they refused to do it because they hovered and said it was political. it is about people's health care. they are still blind to it and that's why i don't think secretary sebelius will change her tune. >> what about people who don't have insurance, this could be a lifeline for them. how do we solve this? >> there are things that should be done. i don't know if the democrats in the senate will want us to offer other bills to allow people to shop around to keep their plan. we will have a vote up this week or next week to say that if people want their insurance
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or like their insurance they can keep. it who knows where that will go. that's the fundamental thing to give people choices to keep their plan and more importantly to keep their doctor so they can afford their health insurance. >> tim murphy, republican of pennsylvania and also a psychologist, maybe you should put everybody on the couch. just get a couch in your office and start discussing this so we can get some answers. >> i like that, but i don't think you are covered. >> congressman, thanks as always. jaime? we switch now to the middle east. secretary of state john kerry is headed to saudi arabia after leaving egypt. his first visit to the country since the ousting of former president mohamed morsi back in july. the secretary making the unannounced trip on the first leg of a 9-day tour through the middle east and north africa. connor powell streaming live from kabul, afghanistan with more. connor? >> secretary of state john kerry arrived in cairo today
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during what he described as turbulent times. the relationship between egypt and the united states in recent months has been needless to say rocky since the military coup. but kerry insisted the united states is a friend and partner to the egyptian government and to the people. this was kerry's first trip to egypt since the military coup over threw the democratically elected government in july. since then the military-backed government has killed hundreds of supporters of the former president mohamed morsi and arrested thousands more, mainly from the muslim brotherhood party. the white house will actually -- has cut a large part of the u.s. aid to egypt both financial and military aid to the country. and some of the secular groups that have backed the military coup have actually turned against the new government in cairo saying they have gone too far and aren't doing enough to restore democracy to egypt. kerry struck an upbeat tone today and says he is seeing signs that the military is
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willing to restore democracy, though there is a growing fear that the military commander, general al-sisi could run and could be ushering in a military of strong men. it was mubarak, the man who ruled for three decades, was ousted and there is fear that sisi may replace him. >> thank you. eric? >> they say he murdered his wife to carry on his love affair with his mistress, but is there enough evidence to convict him? jaime's legal panel will predict. >> i will put them on the spot and make them guess. and brian yennis is live at the new york city marathon. hi, brian. [man]ask me...
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he was 88 years old. his daughter shared some memories at the memorial service in boulder. >> he was just an exceptional man. obviously to have become one of the original seven, he was an amazing athlete, brilliant, funny, sensitive, artistic. >> and among those who were there former senator john glenn, the first american in space before carpenter. he also spoke at the service and he is now the last surviving member of the original group, the mercury 7 space program astronauts. what americans. new york city's police commissioner says today's new york city marathon is the most protected race a runner could
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think of entering. the 26.2 mile marathon route is covered by 1500 surveillance cameras. brian yennis is live along the marathon route in new york city. brian, i know what you were saying. we'll take the words out of your mouth. you wish you could run the race, right? >> that's right, that's right. that's exakly right. i have never run more than five miles, but that's besides the point. it is the largest race in the world, 45,000 runners will be turning the caner here and literally right behind me is the frozen zone. it is about 10 blocks and it is literally courted off by the police department as the runners run toward the finish line in central park and greeted by family and friends. it is part of an effort and more than a million dollars put into the event making sure it is the most secure race. nypd is collecting information on volunteers.
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there are bear barricades and bomb-sniffing dogs and runners were not allowed to carry bags including camel bags which are the bags with the water in them. of course the nypd is monitoring the route with using surveillance cameras as well as private security cameras. more than 1400 they found and have seen and they will use those only if necessary. of course those cameras could prove pivotal after the boston marathon bombings. >> in addition to the tv cameras in the lower and midtown manhattan, we established mobile units and video collection teams. hundreds of cameras, some of which are displayed on the screen here can be monitored live by the nypd's main awareness system. >> but of course organizers say the race is also about the resilience of the people and about the triumph of the human spirit.
9:24 am
king crossed the line in boston and immediately when he crossed the finish line ran to mass general hospital and started operating on patients. she running this marathon this year. >> i think all runners will have some worry in their mind, but we shouldn't let that stop us for sure otherwise that is playing into the hands of exactly what the terrorists want. they want us to cow -- cower in fear. >> a yellow line will be painted along the blue line which the runners follow toward the last half of the race. that is in honor of the boston marathon victims, the bombings in april. jaime? >> thanks. i want to mention quickly you are in that zone and maybe they passed you awhile ago, but we have a winner both male and female, two kenyans winning this race. i also want to mention for those running this year it could be special for them
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since the race was canceled last year because of sandy. thanks for being there for us, brian. keep us posted. >> of course, thanks. obamacare will be front and center on capitol hill this coming week. as for the americans who are losing health care insurance coverage, well the numbers are growing even as the white house defends the program. >> at least 15 million including people in the small business community. they are talk about the individual market now and many small business people will lose their plans too.
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welcome back, everyone. they are calling themselves the obamacare losers. it is a new political group made up of some of the millions of americans whose insurance was canceled or will be canceled in the week of the
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health carrollout. health care rollout. it is an issue that lead to an exchange between kathleen sebelius 1k3* congresswoman marcia blackburn last weekend. listen. >> insurance companies can sell the -- cancel the individual policies. they are one-year contracts with individuals. they are not lifetime plans and they are not an employer plan. >> let me move on. it is what they wanted and i hillary mind you that some people like to drive a ford and not a ferrari and some people like to drink out of a red solo cup not a crystal stem. you are taking away their choice. >> she is a fox news contributor and director of out reach for freedom works. richard goodstein is a former advisor to hillary clinton for president and it is good to see you both. >> you too, jaime. >> tell me about this group. are they large or loud? >> i will take all of the
9:31 am
above as long as they are getting involved. what is concerning, jaime, is one way or another big government is knocking on the doors of all-americans. from us being spied on, from us losing our health insurance and regulations that are killing the call industry and tea party being intimidated and now we have americans who are finally waking up to the fact that as government gets bigger our liberties are reduced. that is what it will take for people to get involved. i am looking forward to the 2014 election definitely. >> richard, is there any concern on the part of those who support even the glitches, the shutdowns and the other parts that we have seen of this health care rollout? how strong an argument can they make that, be patient, none of it matters in the long run that people are getting canceled? >> everything deneene just
9:32 am
said was said before the last elections and president obama won very solidly across the country. i would say that they said it would be a referendum of obamacare in virginia and if the polls are any indication he will lose badly. what we ultimately know at the end of the day, people vote and that's how they indicate what they like and what they don't like. we know there are millions of more winners than losers losers and we know there are tens of millions of people who don't have health care that will get health insurance by virtual of the affordable care act. we know all of the numbers you put up, the six-figure numbers, they are not losing their health care. they are told you can't have the insurance policy you had, but they are not saying they won't have insurance at all. they will be afforded a number of opportunities, many of which will give them broader coverage at less money. >> let me just ask you, what if you like what you got? >> here is the answer to that. say you like the old ford,
9:33 am
listening to congresswoman blackburn. had no seatbelts no mission control standards and no air bags. well you might like that car and nobody will take that ford away from you and nobody will take a grandfathered health insurance policy away from you. but you go to buy a new one? you can't buy a car without emission standards and without air bags. things get better and that's what will be offered in obamacare. >> what about that? >> if and when you receive a letter and you lose your health insurance, that's your problem. maybe it doesn't affect you, but the people i am hearing from, hard-working americans who want to keep what they have because they can afford it and they are be responsible, that's a problem for them and it is a problem for me as well. and listen, we have the government who is telling people what to do, how dare they. but not only that, but government is penalizing americans for being responsible. that is something that should be taken into consideration. thank goodness people are
9:34 am
finally waking up. enough is enough. >> richard? >> what is irresponsible, deneene, with all due respect, people having policies that are inadequate -- one second. i didn't interrupt you. golden rule here, i don't interrupt you, please. >> go ahead, richard jie. what is irresponsible is having people with no policies or inadequate policies they get sick and they get injured. they can't help that. they go to hospitals and guess what, they get treated, but we all have to pay. that's what is irresponsible and that's not right for anybody. that's free loading and everybody objects to that. that's what obamacare is trying to address. i can't believe there is a single person out there who hasn't had a tangle with their insurance company. they won't have to do that anymore once obamacare is law. >> it is up to the individuals. don't forget kathleen sebelius denied a 10-year-old girl a lung transplant. what do you think will happen to freedom loving americans who want to make their own decisions and choices, richard. >> have i to leave it there.
9:35 am
quick, 10 seconds. >> freedom loving people will be happier because they will be healthy -- healthier. >> if the ele, the obamacare losers will have a chance to voice their opinions. >> we will see soon. on tuesday. >> thanks so much, guys. >> great to see you. >> thank you. here we go again. the meeting of the budget on capitol hill, but the question is do you think congress can finally reach the hollowed grand bargain? to avoid another shutdown and solve the budget mess, coming up, our predictions on what is ahead. and jaime's legal panel on the emotional testimony of a daughter testifying against her own father. he accused of murdering her mother. >> she said, lexi, i don't know why, but your dad kept giving me medication. he kept giving me things and
9:36 am
telling me to swallow. she said, i even started to throw up, but then he started giving me more medication.
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daylight savings time came to an end last night. some folks woke up to a rare treat. it is called a hybrid eclipse. look at that. it blocks part of the view of the sun, and some parts of the
9:40 am
world completely blocks it. it was 30 minutes after sunrise and the hybrid eclipse was visible on the east coast. the total eclipse could only be seen in parts of africa and off the atlantic ocean. our next chance to see a total solar eclipse, that won't come for awhile. write it down. august 21st, 2017. >> i made note of that, eric, and i made note that the jury could come back in the trial of the utah doctor charged with killing his wife as early as this week. the case enters its fourth week this week and prosecutors say dr. martin mcneil murdered his wife with a cocktail of prescription drugs in 2007 so he could pursue a relationship with , well, his mistress, but she was the family nanny. it gets complicated. but he denies all of it and he
9:41 am
pled not guilty. last week the case taking another dramatic turn when the medical examiner testified that the mother of eight may have died as a result of drowning. listen. >> if you were to learn that the defendant here had told somebody or others that he had drugged up michelle mcneil and convinced her to get into the tub and held her down for a little bit and it caused her death, would that scenario beacon sis assistant with how michelle mcneil may have died here? >> yes, certainly it is possible. >> a lot of experts, a lot of coroners in this case. joining me in this case are defense attorneys and former prosecutors. boy we get a lot of bang for you our buck here.
9:42 am
i have been following this trial and it is interesting. i can't imagine anything more compelling than this, the daughter who was with her mom 24 hours before she died is a medical student and was on the stand saying this. >> why were you seeking information as to your mother's death? >> because i -b8 -- because i believe my father killed her. >> objection, your honor, move to strike. >> overruled. >> overruled. doug? >> every trial have i been in and i would love to get my colleagues' point of view it would have been sustained and strucken out. you can't say i think mr. x did something. you need evidence and facts. having said that, i will completely reverse course and agree with you, jaime which is oh my god how compelling and devastating. i am not laughing. >> the jury heard it. she was a medical student and she was there. >> it is just the family
9:43 am
dynamic. in 99% of trials family members are supporting the defendant. here you have a child coming in saying i think he did it. that's devastating, but i wouldn't have allowed it in if i was judge. >> i agree. i wouldn't have let it in and surprised the judge did. it is obvious by the testimony she thinks her father did it. the most important thing is the mother said to her when she was visiting -- she believes she is overmedicated and she is a medical student that your father was forcing pills in my mouth and i actually got sick and threw those pills up. that type of evidence that the father was giving her pills and forcing them in her mouth is great evidence for the prosecution. >> they bring in a third coroner, dr. perper who we remember from the anna nicole smith investigation. remember being down in florida and outside of his office. he has written a book, interesting book. let's put it up to show all of you. this is a theory of the prosecution, when doctors kill.
9:44 am
of the prosecution. when doctors kill they have special skill in ease of overmedicating. but he actually ended up helping the defense. >> well, he did. you have three autopsies now. the first initial autopsy, that doctor has now passed a you -- passed away and then her boss reviews it. no one says it is a homicide. no one says homicide in the report. that's the biggest piece, the biggest hurdle the prosecution has in this case and the biggest piece of evidence the defense has to utilize, to raise the reasonable doubt standard that no one can tell you how this happened. >> she had a heart condition. the initial autopsy was she died of natural causes in that tub. then she died of a drowning. then tws a combination -- then it was a combination. >> it is a very hard case to handicap. we have been saying this all along. it is like out of the law school mock trial notebook. you can argue it vee meantly in both directions.
9:45 am
where they are in harm's way there is a compelling point that bob referenced is you don't have a clear analysis how she died. so how do you prove without a reasonable doubt? >> and you have to because he faces life in prison. and there is the bathtub and it reminds me of the drew peterson case where she died in a dry bathtub. >> he was texting aggressively during his funeral to the girlfriend, number one. and number two he proposed marriage two weeks after his wife died? with nothing more than those two facts they can convict you. >> well he is getting on with his life. in drew and scott peterson's case he acted strangely. casey anthony went dancing at a club as well. they will put four inmates on the stand to say that he has been incarcerated and he admitted he killed his wife and he believes that police will never figure it out. does that cheapen the case? or does it actually bolster
9:46 am
the prosecution? what credibility do these inmates have? >> not really, but here is the issue. it is not one, it is four. if it was one it would cheapen it a tremendous amount. the defense attorneys have a field day with snitches or jail house rats or whatever term you want to call it. >> the argument is if they could have proven beyond a reasonable doubt they did the murder they would have or they are called jail house snitches. but you bring in four people and are you in harm's way, big time. >> have you four people who will come in and say he admitted it to me and then you add it to everything else, the texting, the odd behave. >> are you leaning toward conviction? >> i was telling bob before we came out that they are looking at a hung jury. >> i have to go. they tell me i don't have time. i say he walks. sad for the family, but we will watch this one closely. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> jaime, well you know we just went through the
9:47 am
government shutdown and now the clock is ticking toward the next deadline. a budget deal needed in 73 days, january 15th. up next, are we going to have to go through this all over again? >> right now we are in the budget negotiations. we have to get the government funded for the year and we have to deal with basic issues of oversight of government and i think that's what it is all about, and it is frankly a problem for both parties.
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well, here we go again. another government shutdown deadline is approaching. congress started negotiations on capitol hill. they began budget talks this past week to try and address the budget problems. but both sides need to make that deal by next january 15th to avoid another partial shutdown. the managing editor of the hill joins us. bob, what do they have to do first of all and who potentially could blink? >> well, i mean they have to compromise. both sides will have to come to a bipartisan deal or we will shutdown the government once again. i don't think that is likely. republicans have indicated that this fight is not going to be about obamacare. republicans lost that fight with democrats.
9:52 am
so i think what will be in the deal, that remains to be seen. democrats want to end the sequester and republicans are saying they don't want to raise any taxes. i don't think you will see any type of grand bargain and what is in it remains to be seen. >> the big problem is still the 17 trillion plus debt. here is the debt clock. here it comes. there it goes. do you see the numbers? the deficit fell to $680 billion, the first time in five years it went under a trillion. how do you balance awful that debt, that big number with the deficit going down? they say the deficit will go up. how do they finally solve this? >> well, republicans and some democrats also say that entitlements are going to have to be dealt with in some capacity because of the baby boom generation. the debt clock could get higher in years to come.
9:53 am
one way or another medicare and social security at some point will have to be dealt with. the interesting thing here, eric is in the first term on the debt fights, president obama was really leading the charge. this time around it is harry reid and nancy pelosi and less so president obama. they both said, listen, we are not going to be dealing on social security, at least not at this stage. they are insisting on new tax revenues. that's the rub. i don't think there will beal re soon. there will be another showdown that goes down to the wire. >> you talk about entitlements. some people say don't touch those. >> they say listen, you have to raise the eligibility age on these programs. maybe not right away, but phase them in. republicans are saying, listen, if you don't do that, these programs are headed for bankruptcy, especially medicare. the president says he is willing to deal on these
9:54 am
issues, but he is insisting they come up with tax revenue and they bend on that issue. republicans say well we already raised taxes when president obama won the showdown with the gop. >> the president wants more evidence. he is getting slack on the left about trying to change the social security payment formula. they make little tweaks. they are getting hammered. >> oh no, the left is concerned that president obama will cave on the social security consumer price index. it would definitely be a cut in benefits. this they have put the white house on notice that they are not going along with that and just reminding him he just got re-elected. they don't want to go to the polls in 2014 where you have to have the base show up and say, yeah, we just cut social security benefits. i don't think that is -- that's why there will be no grand bargain reached early next year. >> how about on the right when you stalk about potential tax cuts? what about corporate
9:55 am
loopholes. >> corporate loopholes, but republicans are saying, listen, we are open for some taxes, but if are you going to raise taxes in one area you have to cut them in another. it has to be revenue neutral. that's the issue with tax reform which is a heavy lift, but republicans and a few democrats are working on the tax reform. that's the rub of whether you take the revenue and reduce the deficit or make it revenue neutral. >> we need something to be done, but we will believe it when we see it. >> kick the can down the road. >> thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks, bob. >> well there is nothing like the blue angels. they are back and ready for their fly by. find out where they will be next.
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9:59 am
up, up and away. the blue angels are back in the sky. the squad performed a flyover before the navy game.
10:00 am
it was the group's first public appearance since their funding was cut. no worries, they have big plans for 2014. thanks for joining us. at jaime colby tv on fox. >> have a great sunday. >> join us on twitter. i am live from washington and a key architect of obamacare admits the system could go into a death spiral if enough people can't beacon vinceed to sign up on the -- be convinced to sign up on the exchanges. a new hour starts right now. >> he was a great man who showed his love for our family. he was always there to help anyone in need and always made people laugh with his wonderful sense of humor. >> the widow of the tsa agent shot and killed at los angeles international airport remembers her husband. as creel charges are filed against the uh -- as criminal
10:01 am
charges are filed we will have a live report with new details. and some of the top climate scientists have a controversial message for environmentalists. if you want to stop global warming, it is time to go nuclear. and is the president trying to pack a court whose job it is to rein in federal agencies like the epa and and the irs to further the white house's agenda? some say there is no question. the democrats call the charges ridiculous. texas senator says it is one of the least talked about, but most important battles raging in washington and he joins us live. after a rocky rollout of the obamacare website, nervous americans are trying to figure out if the exchanges are even going to work for them. this morning the key architect of the federal health care law says there could be a, quote, potential death spiral, if enough people don't get signed up. steve has details. >> mitt romney is among those speaking out against the affordable care act. today he focused his attention
10:02 am
on president obama's campaign promise. listen. >> he told people they could keep their insurance and that was not the truth. whether you like the model of obamacare or not, the fact the president sold it on a basis that was not true has undermind the foundation of his second term. i think it is rotting it away. i think the only way he can rebuild credibility is to work with republicans and democrats and try and rebuild a foundation. >> the administration claims many people who lose their current plans will be offered better insurance at lower prices with government help to pay for it. the troubled health care .gov website is back up and running after an over night shutdown for repairs and congress wants answers about the flawed website and about how many people have been able to successfully enroll in obamacare so far. a top presidential advisor says this morning the numbers won't be that great for the first month. >> our goal is to get as many people done as possible. i can promise you the first enrollment numbers released
10:03 am
are not going to be what we want them to be. there is no question. the website has not worked the way we wanted to work. we take responsibility for that and for the errors and for fixing it. if we get the website working as we expect we do by the end of the month we will be in a good place. >> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will testify on capitol hill. shannon? >> steve, thank you very much. you are an important part of our show every week, and we want to know which revelation of the lead up to the obamacare launch surprised you the most. tweet us and we will read some of your answers later on in the show. and we are taking our conversation on-line as well. peter doocy and i will be live chatting during the hour. choin our chat by logging on the at fox live chats. we will see you there. the senate blocked one of the president's key nominees to the federal bench, a pattern that is likely to
10:04 am
continue, but it is not about their qualifications. that's not what is holding them book. the potential nominees on a court, it is something else. senator, good to see you. >> good to see you, shannon. >> we are talking about the dc circuit. one of the reasons it is important is it serves as a critical check on the epa, the irs and the hhs mandate ruling dealing with the contraceptive mandate. it is an important court and currently evenly balanced between appointee, nominees from democrats and republicans. even changing one could set the balance. democrats are not saying shyly it is something they would like to see. >> it doesn't have enough work to do. this court has a third of the case load of other federal circuit courts around the country, but it is clear why the president wants to pack this court with his nominees. he nominated three additional judges and we saw the first one come up in the senate last week. but you are exactly right. many people call this the second most important court in
10:05 am
the nation and it is the check on the government power on the federal government power and on a president. this president is still a little miffed his constitutional appointment to people in the national labor relations board was struck down by this court. he rec cog kneeses how important -- recognizes how important it is and would like to load it with judges would be aligned with him. >> democrats say it is crazy. the seats were there in the past and years ago there were fights over the seats when president george w. bush was trying to appoint to the court. the fact is right now by law there are three empty seats there and democrats say that's what the president's job is to do is to fill the empty seats. >> you would hope he would talk a broader look at where there are judicial emergencies because of heavy case loads and lack of judges both at the trial court and the appellate level. but it is clear that you are right, there has been a bipartisan-ship when it comes to dealing with this. the democrats blocked george
10:06 am
w. bush's nominee. they say there was not enough work to do. the work lead has gone down since that time. the senator has a sensible piece of legislation that would transfer these seats to other places in the country where they have a very heavy case load. at a time when the budgets are tight and we are looking for places to save it seems to me using these judge usa pointed by president obama -- appointed by president obama by the way and in other places they are needed makes sense. >> you mentioned judicial emergencies and just so people understand there are federal circuits one step below the supreme court. 13, four have jew determine emergency -- judicial emergencies. dealing with the epa and the irs and the hhs is not one of those with judicial emergencies. i know as you advocated and as others have said you are not blocking the president completely, but putting them in other courts where they are more needed. >> and president obama will be able to get to thom nate those judge -- nominate them where they are needed.
10:07 am
the case load is roughly a third of where it is in the other 12 circuit courts of appeals. as you point out some are in tough shape. it seems like it would make sense to allocate these judges to places where they are needed rather than to add them up on the dc circuit where they are not. >> democrats clearly probably not going to go along with that plan. they have said that they had these open seats and they want to see them there. at the same time they are going to fight your efforts to block these nominees. there is talk among senator leahy and even the vice president mentioning they may want to change the rule structure in the senate so they can get these nominees passed through without needing to get to the 60 votes which of course requires at this point requires cooperation from the gop. what do you make of the potential threat of rule changes? >> if they want to change the rules and require a mere 51 senators to confirm a federal court nominee, well that won't be the rules when we have a
10:08 am
republican president and a republican senate and presumably win -- when a vacancy to the supreme court occurs. i doubt they will do it because they realize what goes around comes around. >> you have a history as a judge , a distinguished one in texas. i want to talk about the texas abortion law that has been the subject of a lot of attention. two court rulings this week. the first striking down things like requiring doctors who perform abortions to have admitting policies at hospitals within a certain area. and another one dealing with a dispensation of abortion enducing drugs. that won appeal to the fifth circuit. they upheld the provision requiring that if you are going to be a doctor performing abortions in texas you will have to have admitting policies to hospitals. planned parenthood and others say it will close down a third of abortion clinics in texas, and it is leaving women without many options. how do you respond? >> this remains a controversial issue object --
10:09 am
obviously. but the texas legislature saw a six-month period of gestation, a limit on abortions and i believe the supreme court will uphold that. when you think of what we saw in pennsylvania that there needs to be some improvement in the standards of health care for women who undergo these procedures as the law allows. we will see what the supreme court does. i'm sure it is on its way there. >> having covered the trial in philadelphia and the horrors of what happened there, he was convicted of multiple counts of murder in that case. death by a jury of his peers and people who view the evidence. there are great concerns of people who say if you care for women's health you will want them to be in a place that is not sub standard. what is inside that clinic shouldn't happen to any woman anywhere regardless of the treatment she is seeking. do you feel the people of texas will continue to support this law as it moves forward? >> the law does represent the will, certainly the texas
10:10 am
legislature and in texas we understand that the supreme court is the final word on the issues, but people feel strongly, including me, about the importance of protecting unborn life. so we will see how the supreme court deals with it. >> we will watch just a couple blocks from here to see if it ends up on their step. in the meantime, has the -- has everyone made up? >> it is peace, love and harmony in the senate. the age of aquarius. everybody realizes that republicans and conservatives are stronger when we are united. i think we learned an important lesson over the shutdown. when we are divided it em boldens and empowers our political opponents and that is not good. what we need to do is act responsibly and do the job we have been given and we have important elections coming up in 2 stwrr 14. the -- 2014. the only way you can govern is win elections. we need six seats in the senate.
10:11 am
the last two years of president obama's second term as president , that will really shift the balance of power in washington, d.c. i think it will be in a positive way. >> we will, of course, be tracking those elections primary to finish. senator, thank you for coming in. good to see you. >> thanks, shannon. john kerry making a brief stop in cairo in an effort to warm up frosty relations with egypt. tensions have been high since the first democratically elected leader mohamed morsi was ousted in july. kerry the highest official to visit since then. and a news conference with the foreign minister acknowledged what he called challenges, but said there are signs that the country's military-backed rule you ares are moving toward democracy. republican senator lyndsay graham says he is willing to do whatever it takes to get answers about exactly what happened the night of the benghazi attack that left four americans dead. he says he will even holdup presidential appointees.
10:12 am
>> i shouldn't have to do this. i shouldn't have to make these kind of threats. they should provide in a responsible way those who lived through benghazi to be separated by the obama administration. >> he adds that he hopes this will force the administration to allow congress to interview survives of the ben benghazi attack. this is a fox news alert. new details trickling out about fry dye's deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. the accused shooter paul ciancia is hospitalized and authorities say he has been unresponsive. federal prosecutors have filed murder charges against him. dominic is outside l.a.x. with more. dominic? >> hi there, shannon. the associated press reporting in the last few minutes quoting an unidentified law enforcement official saying that as he was arrested, the gunman, suspected it to be paul ciancia, the 23-year-old from new jersey said to them he acted alone and he had been
10:13 am
dropped off at the airport by a friend. right now according to that law enforcement official he is sedated. we understand he is at the ronald reagan ucla medical center and he is -- as the fbi was saying he is unresponsive. he has an armed guard apparently standing next to him. and details of really what happened in the airport as he made his way into terminal 3, shooting one guard, seeing the guard injured and coming back to shoot him again. and the authorities in a criminal complaint laying out charges against him, one of killing a federal officer and also committing violence at an international airport. they found a note on him and apparently according to authorities this is what it said inside. from a bag he was carrying with him, it had been signed by ciancia saying this -- this a direct quote from the fbi, that he made a conscious decision to try and kill multiple tsa employees. quite clearly his motivations
10:14 am
very much center around a grudge. let's take a listen. >> his intent was very, very clear in his note. we did recover a note. it was at the crime scene. in that note he indicated his anger and his malice i would say toward the tsa officers. >> there have been reports he had been shot in the mouth, and that has not been confirmed. in fact, the authorities are extraordinarily quiet on the extent of his injuries. we understand he was shot four times suggesting he was also hurt in the leg. no indication when he may come around. obviously not just that letter. they will want to hear from him and they were gathering evidence from the family. they said they received messages for him that he was prepared to die. this was clearly a man intent on a serious gun attack. we certainly saw it being lethal on friday. back to you, shannon. >> dominic, thank you for the
10:15 am
update. >> to separate or not to separate. it has been a major debate in congress when it comes to whether or not food stamp funding should be tied to the farm bill. we will have a fair and balanced debate with our allstar panel. and you at home asked us, what is happening with the investigation of the u.s. targeting conservative groups? well we have your answer a little later in this hour. stick around.
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10:19 am
it may seem early, but not really. we like to talk about this already. the stakes are high for 2016. hillary clinton has another political name pushing for her to run for the nation's highest office. chuck schumer pledged his full and unwaivering support to the first lady and the secretary of state during a speech in iowa. also we have thoughts on who she would face. she believes ted cruz will be the republican nominee. let us know what you think. the white house is facing tough new criticism now that it has become clear the promises it made to sell obamacare may have been hollow and more importantly that the administration may have known that in advance.
10:20 am
fox news contributor joe tripy and ed rawlins joins us for a fair and balanced debate. welcome to you both. if the president didn't know this was the case when he made the roomses, first of all, there were memos out there. there was information that the administration knew this would happen. can he claim innocence? and if he didn't know, shouldn't he have as the president? >> i think he knew. >> was he lying then? >> well, that's what many republicans will call it, lying. clearly 96% -- i mean some number like 96% fall into what he was saying. if you like it, kahn keep it. you can keep it. you are getting coverage you never had. there are 4, 5, 6% somewhere in that number, could be as low as 2% who, yes, are going to have their policies canceled. >> period. >> period.
10:21 am
you know, it is clear that the complete truth of -- he said 100%. >> he said guaranteed, 100%. >> >> that was wrong. had he said 96% or most of you, but he didn't do that. the attacks are -- you have to take the hit if you made the promise. >> would you ever caution a nominee or a president to say you can't make this these declarative statements and end of real time captioning >> you can't make these do -- declarative statements and say period. joe won't argue with this, but neither the president are nor nancy pelosi knew the details of the bill.
10:22 am
the thousands and thousands of regulations that were drawn up , there is a lot of things that are in there that will be unacceptable to the american public. there is a lot of people who are basically going to have a misconception and a lot of people will lose their insurance and they will pay a lot more for their insurance. and to a certain extent they are off to a disasterous start to this bill. >> i want to ask you about a lot of testimony from the head of cms and secretary sebelious about the rollout. they say habner is the one who made a decision a couple weeks before the website launched to disable the browsing factor so people couldn't see what the pricing was going to be for them. that sounds like a deliberate decision. >> well it may have been deliberate. obviously it was in terms of it wasn't a smart decision though. the problem here is you wanted people -- they wanted people to see the subsidees they
10:23 am
would be getting before they found out the price they were paying. >> the sticker shock. >> to alleviate the sticker shock. instead of seeing the sticker shock and then finding out what the subsidees were. >> i understand the reasoning, but in making that decision it it -- i mean the website probably would have been messed up anyway given a lot of the revelations. but it was a dumb decision in terms of how they moved forward from the beginning on that subject. >> i want to move to another topic. we are trying to cover a lot with you two. i want to talk about the upcoming farm bill and food stamps. it is something that sky rocketed, up three times in the last 10 years, in the last decade or so. i believe near $78 billion in the last fiscal year alone. both republicans and democrats are proposing cuts to the program. republicans much larger than the democrats and are being painted as heart less and leaving kids and families without basic success staw nens.
10:24 am
>> the bill doesn't belong in the ag bill anymore, it should be in health and human services. we have one in seven americans on food stamps that are no longer food stamps. it is a credit card where you go and buy what you want. it has doubled. we need to look at it seriously. what republicans want to do is cut out increases put into the stimulus bill which was four years ago. there were increases put in there that were one-time type things and they want to eliminate that. it is a difficult debate to have. at the end of the day the whole thing needs to be looked at how do we take care of the disabled and the elderly which many of these people on food stamps are. >> it is a tough conversation. these are real people and these are real lives. but nothing is free. we are deeply in debt with a growing deficit. how do we manage the priorities ? >> it should be in health and human services, but the other thing is that we are doing $41
10:25 am
billion in oil subsidees to oil and gas companies. >> as tax credits ? >> remarkably just like the 40 billion that the republicans want to cut from food stamp programs. so part of this is you are right, we are over spending. we have to look where we cut. in the face of recession which has increased a lot of -- it put a lot of people on the rolls that are applying for food stamps and need them. do we still need to be sub subsidizing oil companies? it should be looked at and none of this should be in the farm bill. that's part of the -- the bill has gotten crazy with what it has in it right now and some of the amendments coming. it has gotten away from being the farm bill. i just mean there are things that shouldn't be in there any longer. >> i would think there is bipartisan agreement across america and there are plenty
10:26 am
of places for spending to be cut. there is plenty of room there. final question i want to throw out to you, senator graham's pledge on benghazi that if he doesn't get to talk to the survivors he will block every one of the president's nominees. do you think he gets anywhere with that? >> no, and he backed off on that. we will get the full story on benghazi and obviously each week, the news organizations come out and we had four americans and an american ambassador murdered. there was a story there and we need to know the full story. i think that they are making an effort to get it. at the end of the day you don't want to holdup every appointment. >> we shall see. great to see you both. >> thank you, gentlemen. remember cash for clunkers? it protects the environment giving good deals to those willing to unload their old cars and get a new one. there is a new study on the program. they think it was a lemon. we will give you the details and let you decide after the
10:27 am
break. >> and the ailing obamacare website is sick again. a new report is raising fresh concerns about how safe your sensitive information may be or not on the website. we will give you the facts and talk to congressmen about that. next.
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10:31 am
it was a tough week for health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, and she will be back on capitol hill for more grilling, and this time she will be answering questions from the senate finance committee on the owe ma you -- on the obamacare rollout. now, a check of other headlines today. >> terminal 3 at the los angeles airport is returning to some regular operations after the deadly shooting. prosecutors charged paul ciancais with the murder of a
10:32 am
tsa officer. he could face the death penalty. police in greensboro, north carolina are looking for suspects after a shooting at a university. the campus was locked down after a 21-year-old man was shot. police say the wounded man is hospitalized in serious condition. according to a new study by the brookings institute, the cash for clunkers program is a lemon. the program offered people between 3500 and 4500 dollars to trade in their cars for fuel-efficient new ones. but the study said it did little to help the environment or create new jobs. a couple in pennsylvania ended up getting arrested after their efforts to stop alleged bullying of their son, might have gone a little over board. the parents got on a school bus and started threatening children. the parents say their son came to them scared and crying. the school district said it never heard about any bullying involve -- involving that
10:33 am
child. those are the top stories. >> peter, thank you. i agree with that point. there is a potential death spiral if we don't get enough people signed up. >> that admission from one of the key architects of obamacare admitting admitting that without more people signing up, the program will not work. and new problems for those trying to explore their options on health care .gov. the site will be down 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. as they try to unraffle the kinks and flaws. there was an outage last night to this morning. what will it take to get the site up and running and is the gop hoping it doesn't happen? let's ask two members of the house committee investigating the website melt down. gentlemen, welcome to you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> good to be with you.
10:34 am
>> it came up in the hearing you were involved with about the potential consumers providing a new blog from heritage foundation cites a man in north carolina who says he went on the exchange to sign up. what he found were two private letters to people in south carolina with all kinds of personal information. he contacted one of them who was a lawyer. that gentleman and the original guy who was trying to shop around both say they can get zero response from hhs. so congressman, i will start with you. are these issues on security going to be addressed? are they being addressed? how satisfied are you at this point? >> shannon, these are huge issues. a chairman of the select committee on house intelligence is a member of the energy and commerce committee with john and me among others, and that was his line of questioning for secretary sebelius last thursday morning. how about not just health care information, is that secure
10:35 am
and financial information is that secure, but he being the chairman of the select committee on intelligence and safety of our american people really drilled her and she had no answer. i think this is something that people are not really thinking about. of course you go to health care .gov and the frustration and it is not just frustration, but it is downright dangerous. >> congressman yarmouth, you said if they can't get it correctly fixed by november 30th, it may be time to look the a extending the deadline for filing. would you say the security issues also maybe warrant delaying things with the website and with the overall program until they are ironed out? >> well, i am not sure about the security issues. when mike raised that at the committee hearing he was talking about the fact he didn't think hhs had done enough preliminary work to guarantee there was security. there was no real evidence presented that there was a security problem.
10:36 am
the one example you mentioned i am not aware of, but we have two issues and one is the security as it relates primarily to financial information. i think that is important. but secretary sebelius did stress there is none of that information that is actually kept on the website. there is a referral on the website to financial information to see what kind of subsidee you are available for, but none of that information is stored. it doesn't mean it couldn't be hacked which i think we have to be careful about. but again none of that information is kept. the other one is the privacy issue and i think she pretty well dispelled the issue that there wasn't a problem with health care record privacy since you don't have to dye divulge the history unless you smoke and if you are a woman if are you pregnant or not. it doesn't have anything to do with the rates you would pay. >> the issues aside from the rates, from the program itself, in this particular instance that is documented with screen shots on this
10:37 am
heritage foundation blog, the gentleman notes it has somebody's name, their address and all kinds of personal information. when he was the one to notify those who were in the letters on-line, he easily accessed them by accident. they were shocked. is that the kind of new normal we should expect in the way that this thing operates? >> the american people, shannon, are petrified. mike rogers did bring out the fact that there was an encryption problem. that was documented. when the american people had recently seen what the irs did in cinncinati with regard to these organizations applying for tax exempt status and if they have patriotism with the tea party and the application and they go through a two-year process when you should take three months. the issue was benghazi and lyndsay graham was on your show. they were demanding these people people -- all of the
10:38 am
things that are happening big brother, government oversight, the american people just absolutely and rightly so have no trust in the federal government. there is a lot of mendacity, being a euphemism for a big old whopper. it is a one size fits all, you have to buy a pair of shoes. if the government was selling shoes you wear an 8, but you have to buy a 10 because a 10 protects you from bunions and hammer toe, but there is no history of that in your family. and by the way, you have to pay twice as much money for the shoe. that's really the analogy here. it is crazy. one size fits all. it doesn't in health care. >> i want to bring congressman yarmouth into this. in kentucky there has been a lot of sign ups and access because there is a state exchange there and i noy there are 30,000 plus who have been able to sign up. but according to the "washington post," the vast majority are
10:39 am
signing up for medicaid, so not people contributing to the private insurance market. 26 thunder showers 6 54 signed up for -- 26,654 signed up for medicaid. millions have to sign up or this will not work. are you confident that will happen? >> i am confident. are you talking about 6,000 individuals who signed up in kentucky already. that's in one month. are you talking about over 400 businesses that have actually bought insurance for their employees on the kentucky exchange which is another several thousand. and a rule of thumb is if you take whatever happens in kentucky and multiply it by 100 you will get what happens nationally. if that is the case there would be 6 to 8 million people already signed up nationally by now with five months to go. i am very confident this is going to be successful and there will be plenty of people in the private insurance
10:40 am
market who will be ensured through the federal exchange and the state exchange. with all due respect to my good friend phil, this is not one size fits all. basically kentucky has done its own thing. every state had the option to do its own thing. unfortunately 34 states many of them republican -- with the republican administration decides as much as they hate the federal government they will let them take over the insurance thing. they didn't have to do that, but now because of that we will have to -- >> we have end it there. thank you for the view point from two states. >> 19 million pile will lose their insurance on an individual market. >> we have to leave it there. >> that's a reality that will have to be addressed in this as well. >> thank you both. top scientists suggest it is not enough to save the environment, but there is an idea that might surprise you you. stay tuned. :
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once you experience it, there's no going back. right now our queen mattress sets are just $1299-our lowest price ever! plus special financing until 2015. only at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. environmental debate. some top scientists suggesting that using solar and wind energy might not be enough to help the environment. they think we need to look to nuclear power too. that's something that is not always popular with environmentalists. peter doocy with what the scientists are proposing. >> it is all in a letter and the language in the letter is very strong. it is addressed to those influencing environmental policy.
10:45 am
but they are opposed to the nuclear power. the argument is without nuclear power humanity will not be able to avoid dangerous climate change. here is a relevant quote. while there will be no single technological silver bullet the time has come for those who take the threat of global warming seriously to embrace the development and deployment of safer nuclear power systems as one among several technologies that will be essential to any credible effort to develop an energy system that does not rely on using the atmosphere as a waste dump. remember this summer in a 45-minute long speech on climate change at georgetown, president obama only briefly touched on nuclear power. >> we are building the first nuclear power plants in more than three decades in georgia and south carolina. for the first time in 18 years america is poised to produce more of our own oil than we buy from other nations. >> a big part of the reason nuclear power doesn't have more support among politicians
10:46 am
in dc, their constituents may be concerned. >> if we have a coal mining accident which is awful, it doesn't shutdown the coal industrial. we have had oil spills that did not shutdown the oil industry, as awful as they have been. but nuclear is fragile that way. it is fragile because of the politics because the public understandably so is very fearful of radiation and fearful of anything nuclear. >> another expert told us today that a big consideration when it comes to nuclear energy is cost. many older nuclear plants are paid for and can produce energy inexpensively, but to build new ones, shannon, will cost billions of dollars. >> all right, peter, thank you. you asked us at home where things stand in the irs investigation targeting conservative groups. we have your answer out of the in box after this break.
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not all checking accounts are created equal. is kpwrours -- yours costing you money? brenda butner is here. >> do you know what fees you're paying for your account? many people don't. they also don't realize you need to shop around to save
10:51 am
what could be lots of money. >> there is literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars of difference between getting a bank checking account for your needs and getting the worst one. >> a new report shows the less money you have the more a checking account costs. banks weigh monthly maintenance fees when users meet minimum balance requirements and overdraft and insufficient fund-related fees can add up quickly. >> there are policies about when are they going to access extended overdraft fees differs significantly. those type of policies end up if you have had issues in the past with overdrawing your checking account can cost you hundreds of dollars a year. >> cast a wide net when shopping for a banking account and focus on those fees. >> look at your account statement from the last
10:52 am
years and see what type of fees you got assessed and find a checking account that has much lower fees that you can save hundreds of dollars in doing so. >> once you narrowed down the choices read the fine print. it can seem tedious but it will pay off. >> the average checking account has many fees. make sure in that process you do not get -- you minimize some fees and then you fall victim to some other traps that banks may have. >> a t.d. bank survey found four out of ten people aren't likely to switch their banks due to checking account fees. one ph ten believe all -- one in ten believe all checking accounts are the same. we know that is not true. >> thank you for the good advice. now out of the in box. this question is what happened about the i.r.s. hearings? i thought obama said they will find those responsible
10:53 am
for targeting groups based on political ideology. groups include the f.b.i., the justice department, as well as the treasury inspector general for tax administration. at least three lawsuits have been filed by the norcal tea party, true the vote. the aclj filed an amended lawsuit adding additional defendants including i.r.s. appointees. what it said is evidence of a politically motivated attack, a quick answer to what was asked to share. if you have stories you'd like to hear more about, there are all kinds of ways to reach us. you can tweet us at an hqdc. there's a lot of questions and perhaps theaira most popular. most popular. stick around.
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♪ ♪ >> yeah. if you haven't seen that video yet, you don't room with peter doocy, one of his favorites. you may be wondering what in the world? this is one of the most popular videos of all time on youtube. peter doocy is seeing what people are interested in. >> the most clicked story, problems plaguing obamacare's flagship website, as you reported earlier, the site is going to be down from 1 to 5 a.m. daily. last night it was down for more than 12 hours. the plan was always for the site to be down for short periods at night but only on the weekends. officials are hoping to get rid of all the problems plaguing the website by the end of this month. ♪ ♪ >> this song is a viral hit. you've got to hear it twice.
10:59 am
"what does the fox say" racked up more than 180 million hits and counting. the whacky dance song has been so sensational, fox costumes saw a major spike for halloween this year with deep lyrics like dog goes woof, cat goes me i don't -- cat goes meow, bird goes tweet. >> we in our office spent a lot of time on websites. we tweeted what was the biggest surprise about the obamacare rollout. robert said the fact that nobody read the a.c.a. to the point potus misled on the ability to keep health care plans and doctors. victoria says what surprised me the most was the lack of integrated testing before live. josh said the i.r.s. was going to be running things.
11:00 am
>> no tweets about what does the fox say? can we play it again? >> no. that's it for us here in washington. "fox news up sunday" next. i'm chris wallace. the president and his team apologize for the troubled start of obamacare. >> there is no excuse for it, and i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. >> let me say directly to these americans you deserve better. i apologize. >> a new report. just six people enrolled on day one. and the president broke his promise. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> is the initial debacle a sign of things to come? today a debate over how obamacare will affect you. between one of the architects


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