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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 4, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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of a report of a possible gunman seen entering introo into a housing hall in central state university. no confirmation of that from the police. students are told to stay inside and keep it looked douvenlt more on fox. thanks, guys, take two aspirin and call us in the morning. the white house is hoping r& r will patch up >> i am bill hemmer. two aspirin? the site will go off line and suspending it entirely the administration will not budge on. that eric hello to you. >> reporter: hi, there. >> there is no mea cullpa. >> they have a great talking point everything would have
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worked fine but for republican obstruction. the law was passed when republicans didn't control any part of congress. but that's what they are doing. they want people to think that the site will get fixed and in the meantime blame the republicans. >> that may be the case now, the website will improve over time. and when it does, what then, eric? >> the republicans can't just focus on the website. the administration is building it up. once the site works they will claim that obama care will surface. republicans need to focus on the people losing insurance. the website will improve over time. >> listen to senator feinstein. listen to what she recommends. >> they ought on takedown the website until it is right. they believe they need to keep it running.
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>> she's a democrat, takedown the sight. she is in the minority voice. >> she is. and also said the president said you could keep your health insurance really only meant until obama care went in affect. they will keep it going. if people don't get insurance they will pay the individual man date. >> there is a host of issues that follow that. republicans are calling for a delay. how do they gain. >> this is tricky for the republicans, they need the president to be stubborn about this while calling for the kelay. they don't win if there is a delay. it will go to the back burner and it needs to go in to affect for the republicans to have leverage. look at the shutdown polls, people blamed republicans. the president's popularity
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plummets and ted cruz popularity are going up. republicans are beginning to win. >> you argue that you allow the law to stumble on its own weak foundation? >> yeah, i think they have to. the president designed it and wrote it and didn't want republican input and say it will help the americans. see if they are right. >> you break tyou bought. it thank you eric ericson. >> by the way. it is not just six months. we have a couple of years to get it up and running and working and my firm belief and everything we know from massachusetts we'll get those people. >> that was the architect of obama care flat out admitting there is a problem on the horizon. the threat of the debt spiral. and said it will not happen.
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is he right about that. simon, thanks for being here. we'll check out what dr. emapual said. they have until the end of march and the administration needs 7 million people to sign up for the economics of this to work. he said it could be a couple of years, is he right? >> i think he is wrong. life insurance market that is a long time for mistakes and demographics to work out. with health care, they will pay the claims from day one. you get the insurance and you will pump it out. first quarter results and we start to see that that bad result. they will feel it immediately. sick people would sign up because it is a good deal. >> that is the death spiral that sounds terrifying. the death spiral is only the sick people have the incentative
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to wait through the glitches and sign up. and healthy people are not getting around to it. do we have an idea of who is signing up? >> no, i don't have any idea. i went on the website to explore it myself and i forgot my pass word and took me a week to get mine back. and from is from 15 years ago. that is a big problem. i imagine people with chronic diseases that need high coast medications will be signing up. they know how much that will be every month. maybe they have got a disease that needs something like that. it is not going to be offset by someone healthy getting insurance and not claiming. >> a senator claims that if just
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sick people sign up as we are talking about. he said that that would haften or cause another "massive government bail out". is he an alarmist? >> i hope not. i think we have had it up to here with bail outs. i think we have had a ton of bail outs with the banks and they promised to do something and didn't do. it the worry is if you have another bail out, people will be apoplectic. that would be appropriate response. >> i enjoy that word and nice oouts usage. and what we heard from dr. emmanuel. late enrollment was the path for the romney care in massachusetts. and so they have until the end of march and late enrollment people are procrastinators?
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>> they are. but presumably they had a site that worked and romney care thing that worked. this site does not work. and to me, this should have been a $30,000 look up table and the insurance should have dealt with the back end. i have no idea how it could cost $600 million. it is crazy. >> thank you. >> and 30,000 he said. that is the cost of the website. that is peanuts compared to where we are now. >> the numbers are all over the map with that. >> chairman of the house intelligence is calling the administration to take it off. >> when you have criminals trying to get information available on the site. they need to take it down and stabilize and don't add code every week and then they need to stress test the system.
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>> congressman rogers grilled secretary sebelius on the house worries. sebelius faces a senate committee at 10 o'clock eastern time this wednesday. meanwhile the white house website tells viewers that americans can keep the health care plan if they like them. that was a major selling point. but many people are receiving cancellation notices from the insurance provider. nobama care might get a re- write from hollywood. a private found algz is taking 500,000 and spreading it around hollywood. and the group california endowment spent millions to promote obama care, and new money goes to writers and producers so they can plug the health care law in television shoes. critics have their doubts how
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influential that would be. what impact will obama care have on the president's second term. you can weigh in on twitter at bill hemmer. >> and alisyn camerota, we would love to hear from you. fox news alert. we have a connecticut college on look down. central connecticut state university declaring it an emergency to have students shelter in place. they have been monitoring the school's website and looking for more information from the reporters in the area. we'll communicate when we have more info, this is not a drill, this is what officials tweeted around noon time. that is more than an hour now. and the university's website went to tell students to stay inside and police are on the scene. there is images that are uploaded on line. wee trying to figure out what is
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happening out there. and campus emergency and remain and stay in place. and stay away from windows and police are on the scene. >> in the meanwhile. romney had strong thoughts on president obama. he believes that the president hasn't been honest and this lawsuit could rock the second term. >> new details following the deadly shooting in lax. we are learning more now about the accused gunmen. >> we heard eight shots ring out bang, bang, bang. we hitit deck. >> it was like a movie and so intense and it was not normal to hear. that we panicked and started flooding through the x-ray machines and tsa was right there with us and we didn't know what to do. more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars.
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in central connecticut state
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university. this is southwest of hartford, the state capitol. the ccs twitter feed is good about sending out tweets. stay calm and remain in doors and seek shelter and police are on the scene. we don't know who was involved or how they were involved or how many were involved or what the truth is on campus. here is another tweet, need to remain indoors and seek shelter until further notice. this is not a drill and stay indoors and this is an emergency and we have a communication of head of marketing. a gentlemen said from the public information officer, this is a real emergency and just reading, we are sheltering in place. and police are investigating at this time. >> we have a little more
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information. one of the news stations said that students saw a man with a gun outside of the resident hall, but no shots were fired or reports of injuries at this time. it is hard to know in breaking news exactly what happened. that would be a relief if no shots were fired and people are just taking precautions and news is coming out on the developing story. >> just to confirm, police are on the scene. when we get another update we'll pass it to you. major development in the fight against terror. authorities in kenya charging four somalia terrorist. it showing the growing reach of al shabab. the four men pled not guilty. we are learning new details about the shooting in los angeles on friday. the accused gunman told police
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he acted alone. he is under armed guard after being shot four times and facing murder charges in the death of a tsa agent shown me geraldo hernandez, father of two, only tsa officer ever killed in the line of duty. adam houseley is live in the airport with a follow-up on what we are learning snouchlt>> reporter: good morning, bill. we are learning about geraldo hernandez. if you have been in the los angeles airport, as you enter there is posts out front and part of the artwork and they change colors depending on what happened. they turned blue in honor of the first tsa agent killed in the line of duty who was a father and a husband. there is a memorial with candles and flowers and cans of soda.
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the scene here on friday morning was chaotic to say the least and happen on the second level of the airport. when i spoke to the police chief, he helped to explain. on the check in level there is a level that you go up to and go through security and there is a preliminary check of seeing if you have a ticket. that's is where hernandez was when he was shot by the gunman. and we are hearing more from witnesses as well, bill including a fox sports national columnist. he felt the response was good and open for changes that might come from this. take a listen. >> whatever security measures are necessary and if i wait 30 or 15 more minutes, i am fine with that>> reporter: the
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suspect in the hospital. he was shot in the face and jaw and tongue area. after he was shot he did say he acted alone and hasn't provided much more information >> thank you, adam. back to central connecticut state university. very few details are begin. new britain, connecticut south of hartford, school enrollment of 12,000 students according to the roster in year 2012. the university's facebook site captured the confusion and fear over the alert and many are imploring the school to provide more details behind it. the last tweet went out. campus police are continuing an investigation and as of now stay
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indoors and stay safe. what reason, we don't know. >> we know they are on lock down and one of the radio stations said the students saw a man with a gun outside of james hall, but did not report shots fired or report injuries at this time. that would be good news if it turns out to be true. police are on the site and looking for someone on campus. >> when we get more, you will hear it first. in the meantime a bullying story that doesn't take place in the school but in the nfl. a story of a player who was so miserable he quit the team and the other player who drove him to do it. shocking new details of a pregnant army wife who was attacked in her home while her soldier husband watched half
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we want to get back to new questions of airport security in the wake of the deadly shooting in lax that sent passengers running for their lives. just how vulnerablitior our nation's airports? we'll ask aaron. thank you for being here. we tend to think of airports as highly secure and have to wait
10:24 am
in the long security lines. and until you get through the metal detector, there is no security. should we change that? >> yeah, it is it a huge failure in the system right now, the simple fact of this is, alisyn. it is how a security model works and it needs to be focused in the preboarding. starting with the ticketing. highly trained what we call selectors. you initiate a ticket you are asked a series of questions to determine if you are lying. in the questioning phase, before the ticket is issued. putting that kind of pressure, you are putting them in a defensive posture and only a couple of minutes to do. i train the airport swat teams and the next phase is undercover security agent who's armed and look for predictive behavior.
10:25 am
>> i want to stop you there, aaron. they call it behaviorial profiling. here in this country we bristle at the idea of profiling but what they have done so successful and behaviorial profiling. what does that look like. >> we don't racially profile and nothing exclusively in the way the person looks and skin color and behavior. we are looking at the behavior of a murderer it is the same before they commit the act of murder as it is after the act of murder. and we are looking for someone who is sending out the red flags and questioning them in the lean before we hand them a ticket, we look for ticks or microticks like in poker. >> and how hard would it be to implement that behaviorial
10:26 am
profile nothing all u.s. airports >> it is doable. everything is within size comparison. seral has 10,000 flights and here several hundred thousand. the amount of money it cost. uniformed poorly trained tsa agents in the precheck in line before they past in the sterile area is what it would cost to train those guys. take 30 of those guys and get them out of the uniform and having them asking the questions and use them in conjunction at the sterile area with that question is doable. it is 40 guys standing around and taking shoes. and that is saturated with unused manpower. get them over to the check in phase and teach them what to ask and how them respond. >> it is the difference of being
10:27 am
proactive and reactive. you are a great resource about this. i am sure we'll have you on again. disturbing attack involving a pregnant army wife who was stabbed while chatting with her soldier husband. >> reporter: the suspect borrowed a car from rachel and justin poole and owed money for repairs, the 19-year-old private nearly kill would rachel poole and now held on bond and charged with attempted murder. he broke in the home and waited for the nine month's pregnant rachel to come home. she used face time app to chat with her husband stationed in asia. that's when moss began to stab and she yelled out moss. and he went to bock bock and asked army buddies to track moss
10:28 am
down. moss was caught by military police as he was returning to fort bliss in possession of the knife used in the stabs. doctors performed a c- section and delivered a baby girl. who is fine. rachel has fractures to her face and body and collapsed lung and able to talk about her new baby. >> you know, i have an amazingly strong daughter. she means to the world. >> reporter: supporters set up a pook bock and go fund me page to help cash to care for rachel and issa bella. and justin has returned from asia and he said he failed her by not protecting her but said
10:29 am
it will not happen again. >> thank you, rick. our next guest is not even 30 years old but made it a mission to protect children from child abuse. hear what she can teen your children. massive american rally since the take over over the u.s. embassy in terrain. what the protestors challenged different than then. plus mitt romney said the president ruined his second term by failing to learn a crucial lesson. we'll debate that issue. >> he went out in the centerpiece of the campaign and obama care saying time and time again, follow-uppedmental to his plan the right for people to cope the insurance plan and he knew it was not the case. huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that.
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a quick check of the headlines. tens of thousands demonstrating outside of the u.s. embassy in teheran. it is one of the biggest anti-american in years. >> mohammed morsi is in court. he said he is the country's real leader and those who overthrew him should be tried instead.
10:34 am
a race car going up for auction. it is a 1970 applymouth road runner super bird and expected to fetch half a million dollars. only 2,000 were ever solid. >> super bird and wings in the back. >> it can fly. >> styling, girl. the key thing that the president tried to get away from, he told people they could keep their insurance and that was not the truth. whether you like the model of obama care, the fact that the president solid it under a basis that is not true is rotting it away. >> rotting away, mitt romney's tough criticism. we have santana jackson fox news contributor and guy benson is a radio talk she and political editor of talk hall. good day to both of you.
10:35 am
rotting away. what do you think of that? >> that is really harsh. second terms are difficult. it is not rotting away. but there is a lot of work, we are in treacherous territory and there is going to be a lot of bipartisan cooperation to get us out and truth telling. governor romney is right to an reks tent. it was not the primary selling point. but one of the selling point. everybody is in and no body is out. i wish the president would go to governor romney and have a chat. after all. obama care act is modelled on rom no care. >> i tell you what, it is tough to find a lot of defenders for the roll out. what do you think of rotting away the second term unless you tell people the truth? >> i think that governor romney and right about that. i would caution it may be early to make definitive statements.
10:36 am
the second term over and failed second term. as we learned in the last few weeks, political currents can shift rapidly. two weeks ago, we debated are the republicans done because of the government shutdown and nonstop obama care fiasco and the democrats who are fretting about what is coming down the pike. >> coming back to the whole romney comments and keep the conversation on this. what the governor questioned, was the honesty of what the president said, like your drshgs keep your drshgs and like your plan, keep your plan. all of that coming back to byte him and will not let go, unless he has a serious change in direction? >> i think those questions need to be answered. a lot of americans are concerned. i am concerned about sticker shock. i will not defend. that it is not an act now.
10:37 am
it is the law. so what are we going to do? we have to a mend it. i think we do need to delay the implementation of it. not deny but delay it and step back and examine what we got. >> throw months or a year, how long the delay? >> i don't know. i would like to talk about it because of so much going o. >> quickly to guy before we move on to breaking news, guy. governor romney said you haven't been honest until you are honest you will pay a big price for that. >> he could start being honest tomorrow, but the damage is done. he said you like your doctor that is not true for millions of americans and premiums going down 2500 for families and that is not true as premiums went up. and national health care spending would be bending the cost curve down and government's numbers she that is not true.
10:38 am
it is higher. >> i tell you, guys, what helps a lot is a mea cullpa. i have to run. we have to get back to connecticut. thank you. thank you, bill. on friday disgraced former penn state coach jerry sandusky appealed his conviction. one of the victims aaron fisherb would have spoken out sooner if only a law, called aaron's law had been in place and maybe could have stopped san dusky. he wrote a book an unimaginable act chronicling her own history of the child care abuse. joining us is erin. >> thank you for having me. >> explain how your law in eight states could have stopped jerry sandusky.
10:39 am
>> when you look at jerry sandusky, look at the first boythat was abused. he could if he had the erin law. taught the same way, dare to say no to drugs, speak up and tell. unfortunately, the only message that kids get is from the perpetrator. this is a secret and you will have numerous victims. perpetrators don't stop after one victim. >> that's the case with you. your book is so compelling and heartbreaking. and you detail starting at six years old, your friend's uncle began to sexually abuse you. why didn't you speak out. >> i was told i know where you live and i will come and get you. and your parents will not love you if you tell. all threats of brain washing
10:40 am
kept me silent. >> you recommend kids young as kindergarteners all the way through school get help from the public schools and explaining what is safe touch and how to report safe touch. people are not comfortable with kindergarteners not comfortable with sexual abuse. >> you talk about your kids. don't look for the lost puppy. 93 percent of the time your children are hurt by somebody you love and trust. if you are afraid of the issue, read the introduction of my third book and so why it is so crucial to talk to kids about this. there are easy ways to do it. don't be afraid of. it >> what got you to break your silence. unfortunately finding out my younger sister was abused and like the perpetrators, they don't stop after one victim, they will abuse as many kids as
10:41 am
they can. and that's why we have to speak up and talk to children and empowering them because the seven-year-old raped tonight will stay silent and then in 30 years old in drug rehab finally coming to the terms of why she turned to drugs because no one gave the message speak up and tell. >> do you think that some day it will be a national wide law. >> believe me, i will not stop. i will be pounding on your doors to make it happen. erin's law in all 50 states and then i am taking it international. >> best of luck to you. you have obviously turned a real ordeal in to something powerful. it is great to meet you in person. >> good luck, erin. >> and another side affect of obama care, alisyn. some of the best hospitals in
10:42 am
america opting out and helping the men and women who bravely served our country, finding a job when they returned home. >> in the military, we have a specific culture and specific language and specific job. it is difficult to translate that often times in the civilian sector.
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. . .
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>> all right gretchen is coming up with the real story. you can keep your plan unless it was cancelled. why not say it from the start. >> and the president has a lot of czars and turned down the opportunity to have one for health care and is the white house trying to distract by pushing climate change and fairness in the work place and a truck driver faces murder charges. he was facebooking on the phone in the time of the deadly crash. we have it for you.
10:46 am
nwe'll be watching. >> jay carney is having a briefing now. in a moment ago heated exchange with johnathon carl responding to documents that the white house knew there was no benefit in terms of time to enroll with obama care with paper work than the website but made people feel better. >> john, we never said that you the impoint of the process wouldn't go through >> that is not true, jay. look at your own words on october. roll over the phone ore enroll in person. on october 23rdrd. four ways to enroll in the exchanges. you didn't say go to you said four ways. it is by mail or website. you said four different ways. it is only one way through >> you can, have this.
10:47 am
>> that's what is here. >> you can say it by yourself. >> i am trying to understand why the president gave the american public the impression and told them they can apply. >> they can call and the process is taken over from there. >> how do they enroll. >> when their paper work is processed on >> that is continuing right now and it was hot. >> the questions continue every day and now americans signing up from insurance from the health care exchanges may be in for a new awakening. >> they are optin obama care. and that is the fox medical news team. >> good afternoon. >> what is the story, doc? >> we are talking about the exchanges here and you get through and manage to sign up. we talked about you may not get to keep your doctor and she might drop you.
10:48 am
and now you get to keep your directings, you might find out you don't keep your hospital. they are under state law mandated to take all insurance and bill, many of the top hospitals don't. that includes mayo clinic and that is the blue cross silver plan and the state of ohio. and ucsf. university of the fan fran. ucla only a now plans and my own hospital is not taking all of the plans. you could have an insurance on the exchange and the hospital that your doctor admits to is not taking the plan. >> you are talking about the doctor, the hospital that your doctor works in. you are not talking about emergency services if you are in a ambulance that you have to go further away to a different hospital if you are in crisis
10:49 am
are you >> that is a great question. no hospital can turn you away and if you are in a insurance, no ambans will look down the list. we have to save your life. and you can see the message forming. now the exchanges and may extend beyond the exchanges. why is it happening? >> insurance companies are trying to save money. because hospitals are looking at these plans and saying can i afford to take this or not. that is what is cut here. in order to keep premiums down the insurance companies will have a narrower network of doctors. >> does that expand the statement you like your doctor keep your doctor or plan keep your plan.
10:50 am
>> you may not keep your doctor or plan or hospital. one of those three and they are the big three. you may not get the health care you are expecting either. i think it is a about. i think it's a real big problem here. it isn't just, bill, that the state exchanges aren't working. that's the tip of thes iceberg here. that's a great headline. but once you get on that exchange, is your insurance working? >> you're helping us see the fine print. thank you so much. >> thank you. they served our country risking their own lives for all of us in iraq. >> now a way to say thank you in a big way by teaching them a new set of skills that will take them very far in their lives back here at home. ulcerative cs is a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps end our night before it even starts? what if i eat the wrong thing? what if? what if i suddenly have to go? what if? but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your symptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need,
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talk to your doctor and visit to connect with a patient advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education.
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two planes slam into each other in midair and incredibly everyone survives.
10:54 am
both planes were loaded with sky divers when they crashed in wisconsin saturday morning. luckily the passengers were preparing to jump at the time and they were able to parachute to safety. one pilot was hospitalized with only minor injuries. nine others walked away virtually unscathed from this accident. the faa is investigating. >> it's amazing, huh? good thing you're wearing a parachute. microsoft giving a helping hand to those who risk their lives to keep us safe. the software giant starting a computer school for veterans that guarantees a high-tech job when they graduate. great story. live in seattle on this. dan? >> yeah, how good is that? the key is this is being given to the soldiers while they're on active duty and will be completed before they leave the military. they will not have to be unemployed and working on getting new job skills when they get out. this pilot project with 23 students. but microsoft plans on expanding
10:55 am
it to bases in california and texas next year. >> the big transition into the civilian sector is that you have to retrain all of your skillsets. and, again, that doesn't always translate well for most people. >> and the numbers bear that out. unemployment is higher for post 9/11 veterans in the general public. the official figure that 10.1%, but a veterans group says it's closer to 16% with almost half of that group jobless for up to a year. and the problem is likely to get worse as the military downsizes over the next four years by 30%. but microsoft says this is not charity. they see it as a win/win. >> they're very talented, they've got the drive, the self-discipline, the problem solving skills. it's been apparent that if we could cho could close the skills gap, these are people highly likely to be successful. >> i'd say. pay up to about $100,000 with
10:56 am
full benefits. not a bad living spot after the military. >> that's right. and well, well deserved. thank you, dan. >> yep. got some breaking news, still trying to figure out what's happening on this campus. this is connecticut state university, southwest of hartford. an update because the mayor has just spoken. we'll bring that to you right after this. i'm only in my 60's.
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and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. bringing you an update out of central connecticut state university. people are still being told to shelter in place. some students reported seeing someone with a gun on campus. and the tweets coming out of there are pretty chilling. >> we hope there is nothing to fear there. just want to bring you updated on what we're getting from southwest of hartford, connecticut. okay. on a much more positive note. yesterday, our own senior producer completed the same marathon -- the new york city marathon. jay ran and finished his eighth
11:00 am
new york city marathon. there he is. after not getting a chance to go the distance back in boston in april, jay was nearing the finish line that day when the bombs went off. >> wow. well done. 33rd marathon. >> here's gretchen. hi, everyone, today on "the real story" is obama care one more time. the czar happy administration should've actually put a czar in charge. we're learning behind the scenes details. plus, the white house wants folks to talk health care when they're eating their turkey at thanksgiving dinner. will that go down easily or cause a little indigestion? plus, the white house pushing a work discrimination bill for gay rights. why now before obama care is fixed? and police say a trucker was facebooking at the wheel before a deadly crash and the trucker now charged with murder. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real


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