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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 4, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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new york city marathon. there he is. after not getting a chance to go the distance back in boston in april, jay was nearing the finish line that day when the bombs went off. >> wow. well done. 33rd marathon. >> here's gretchen. hi, everyone, today on "the real story" is obama care one more time. the czar happy administration should've actually put a czar in charge. we're learning behind the scenes details. plus, the white house wants folks to talk health care when they're eating their turkey at thanksgiving dinner. will that go down easily or cause a little indigestion? plus, the white house pushing a work discrimination bill for gay rights. why now before obama care is fixed? and police say a trucker was facebooking at the wheel before a deadly crash and the trucker now charged with murder. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story."
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things getting heated at the white house where press secretary jay carney is getting grilled right now about obama care and the revelation that paper applications are processed in the same queue as people trying to enroll on the website. so here's a bit of that give and take. >> you said you can bypass the website and apply by phone or in person and it can be done in 25 minutes. but these memos say at the end of the day, we are all stuck in the same queue because they all have to go through the same portal. >> john, i get it, but the person who calls isn't the one who continues to wait after the paper application is filled. >> your mocking is entertaining, but the president said you can apply within 25 minutes, that was not true. >> wow. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goeler live at the white house. kind of firework-y. >> that's jonathan carl challenging carney on the president's advice to people who were having trouble with the
11:02 am website. he advised them to go on the phone and give their information or give their information to someone in person. turns out as carl said, all the information has to go through the same computer portal and in the early days, tloes, very little was getting through no matter who was doing the input. critics say that advice was misleading, but he denies it. saying it took the subscriber 20 minutes or so to fill the form out even if the affordable care act person spent days trying to get it through the computer system. here's a bit more of what he had to say. >> the point was to alleviate the frustration so many americans were having online and allow a live person at a call-in center to handle their questions and sign-ups and their enrollment for them. i know it's spoken in tones of dramatic revelation, but it was a known fact at the time. we never pretended otherwise. >> reporter: still, critics are
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concerned that it was misdirection about the website not working and was as much misdirection as the president's promise if you like your insurance, you can keep it. one of his former advisers now admitting the president should've said you can keep it unless the insurance company takes it away. but that might have focused attention on the coverage requirements of obama care, pardon me, that insurance companies point to when asked why they dropped these plans. now, we're also learning of some early warnings from one of the authors of the affordable care act that it wasn't ready for prime time. in a memo from may of 2010, david cutler who was senior health care adviser to the president's campaign and will actually work to sell the plan to congress said, quote, i do not believe the relevant members of the administration understand the president's vision or have the capacity, capability to carry it out. cutler also said you need a major change at hhs. he warned of the centers of medicare and medicaid services which is the agency implementing
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the affordable care act. the agency is demoralized. the best people have left, i.t. services are antiquated and there are fewer employees in 1981 despite a much larger burden. cutler said the center for medicare and medicaid services was not up from making a transition from a fee for services payment to a value-based payment which is necessary to make obama care work. gretchen? >> so much that keeps coming out. thanks so much, wendell. for more on this, let's bring in the editor for "the national review." i don't know what's better here, rich, for me. you can keep your job unless you're fired. you've got the president's people yesterday on the sunday talk shows saying, well, you can keep your plan unless it's been canceled. you've got a former speech writer for president bush saying this was premeditated deception. where do you fall? >> yeah, the last couple of weeks have been a catastrophe for the president's credit.
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and they reported that white house aides debated this line about whether -- how you can keep your insurance if you like it. and they said, wait a minute, we've got to nuance this at the least. and it's the political aides that insisted on a lack of nuance and maintained this stark line. to me, this is the smoking gun this was a deliberate deception. >> so back to him as a speech writer in a similar situation and what you're talking about says this. if the fact checkers told us it was inaccurate, we would either kill it or find another way to make the point accurately. was this all part of the oversimplification of the way in which this administration was so successful in their second campaign where they would keep it simple, stupid. or do you believe it's a deliberate >> it's a deliberate lie. simplification, unfortunately, is inherent to our politics, but
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you don't have to lie. and one of the things that mark sets out in that piece is that every statement a president makes every sense of every comma. it's vetted and debated carefully. anyone who understood how this law worked knew that statement was not right. but he had to make that assurance to undermine the opposition. and they barely got the thing through even with him out there with the delivered deception over and over again. >> one other quick thing in this new book that's come out, "double down," says after that first debate performance where the president was in denver and blamed it on the high altitude. he apparently said, i don't know if i can do this again. his aides said, you sound too much like a legal scholar. let's make it more simple so the american people understand you. is that correct for a president to oversimplify? is that a disservice to the american public to live in ignorantville?
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or is that a really great way to campaign? >> unfortunately, it's a great way to campaign. i wish it were different. but the standard is, are you telling the truth or not? and on health care he wasn't. and also, do you have an agenda or not. and one amazing thing about this book, it shows how the president himself was uncomfortable with the fact he had no second term agenda and ran an entirely negative campaign, pretty much, based on tearing down and distorting mitt romney's record. >> amazing to hear from you today. >> but it worked. >> well, it did, and there's so much more to continue to discuss with regard to this rollout. >> thank you very much. pressure growing on the obama administration to let congress hear testimony from the survivors of the terrorist attacks in benghazi. lindsey graham vowing that until that happens, until he hears from them, he's going to block all of president obama's executive branch nominees. u.s. ambassador chris stevens, foreign service officers sean smith and tyrone woods, killed in the attack. >> the state department picked a
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team to look into what happened in benghazi. they interviewed the survivors to tell us as members of congress who have to explain to the families are they being straight and honest with you? it's not too over the top. i shouldn't have to do this. i shouldn't have to make these kind of threats. they should provide in a responsible way those who live through benghazi to be interviewed separate and apart from the obama administration, to find out exactly what happened before, during and after. >> republican congresswoman of florida chairs the house foreign affairs subcommittee on the middle east committee. >> thank you, gretchen. pleased to be here. >> do you agree with him? should he hold up the nominations? would you do so yourself? >> well, i think he is really has the pulse of the american public when he expresses this great frustration of the stone walling of this administration. a senator only has so many tools
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at his disposal. it's understandable for him to do this. and we hope this gets straightened out so those nominees can move forward. but meanwhile, what can lindsey graham and the other senators do? to rattle the cage and get the attention of this administrat n administration. gretchen, it's been well over a year and still we do not know what happened before, during, and after that terrorist attack. where was the president? what did he know? when did he know it? what are we doing to capture those people, those terrorists. and still to this day, the spokesperson for the white house refuses to use the phrase al qaeda when it comes to this terrorist attack. they believe it's almost like an isolated incident, like hillary clinton now famously said at this point, what difference does it make? it makes a lot of difference. it makes a difference to those families -- and i'm so glad we can use their names -- >> well, no doubt. we lost four americans, it's been more than a year. so many unanswered questions. and as of yet, no arrests.
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i think that's the most startling thing. the congressman says he believes the most explosive information is still in front of us. do you agree with that? >> well, yes, i do. first of all, jason and darrell issa, doing a wonderful job on this investigation in spite of the stone walling. and what the administration has done, they've done a huge document dump where it's just thousands of pages and not arranged in a manner that can be easily looked at. and it's purposely to evade the oversight responsibility that congress has. that's why i cosponsored the bill of congressman frank wolf to have an overside select committee. yes, darrell issa has been doing a great job, but they look at it from one angle and then something pops up in another one. it's like playing whack-a-mole. we need one dedicated committee to look at benghazi, find out what the administration did,
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where are the witnesses? and now we have a lot of conflicting accounts about what really was going on, what we know is this. there were nearly two dozen cia affiliated assets there on the ground in benghazi. who told them not to act? who told them to act? what happened? and why -- if we have nothing to hide as americans, let's put it all out there. we owe it to the families to be honest with the american people. and that's why senator graham is expressing the frustration that all of us feel. and we've got to get to the bottom of it. >> and if he's going to hold up the nomination of yellen to run the federal reserve which is our entire world economy, he may get what he wants and those witnesses may be testifying. congresswoman, thanks so much for your time. >> it's too bad we have to get to that level. >> it is. but that's where we are right now. and we want to hear from you, as well. what do you think about senator graham's efforts. to find out what really happened in benghazi from the survivors themselves, e-mail us, tweet us,
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as well, using #realstory. we'll read your tweets and e-mails at the end of the show. shocking new video showing what can happen to a distracted driver. watch this. wow. more on what police say that driver was doing at the wheel coming up. plus an nfl coach gets carted off the field after halftime. new questions about president obama's health care team and whether political fear kept him from naming an expert to lead the overhaul. and we asked you on facebook to weigh in on what to call the interview set over there. head to to vote for your favorite name. right back. [ woman ] when you own your own business,
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i don't know about you. i love sports. i'm a sports junkky. the chicago blackhawks, traveling from the president's hometown to the white house. the nfl champs visited walter reed medical center earlier in the day. that was great to thank the wounded soldiers for their heroism. you can check out more of today's ceremony by logging on to we stream it there for you live. and the white house playing some serious defense, speaking of sports. blaming insurance companies for millions of americans reportedly being kicked off their health care plan. >> if you had one of these substandard plans before the affordable care act became law and you really liked that plan, you are able to keep it. that's what i said when i was running for office.
11:17 am
ever since the law was passed, if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel these substandard plans, what we said under the law is you've got to we place them with quality comprehensive coverage. >> white house senior adviser also weighing in, insisting you can keep your plan except one caveat. >> here's the point. if it is that you had a plan before the affordable care act, if it hasn't been changed or canceled, you can keep it. and i understand there's confusion. >> was a political adviser to frank lautenberg. all right, julie, who am i supposed to believe between the two of them? or are they both right? both telling the truth? both lying? i'm confused. >> i'm confused, too. i'm going to have to say in support of the president, no, actually, if you had a plan that was not good and it was not the kind of plan that -- in fact,
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you can't keep it. i don't understand why the .doesn't come out and say that. look, if you had a plab that had a cap on lifetime benefits and you you have exceeded those benefits -- >> why he doesn't sell it that way, gretchen, is a mystery to me. >> well, thank you for admitting that. it's past tense. why for three years they sold it as a lie. why wouldn't they just say, just have the caveat. and instead you have the leading architect of obama care yesterday blaming the insurance companies. i mean, come on. >> well, it's not the insurance company. and the reason, and now it's being characterized as political fear. the reason that the liar in chief lied about this, he knew it would never pass if he told the american people the truth. if he had said to them, you can keep your plan unless we determine it's a substandard plan, well, that's like somebody saying, well, your car is substandard so we're going to
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crush it into a block of metal, throw it in the junk yard and force you to buy a cadillac. what if you can't afford the cadillac? what if you were perfectly happy with the car you had before. except now they've done it with health insurance. it's absolutely critical for people. >> julie, do you think they thought nobody would ever find out the truth? >> i don't know what they thought. quite honestly, the reason they're in this pickle right now, and they definitely are, is the fact they didn't sell this properly in the first place. there's good reason why they're doing what they're doing. why they couldn't level with people and say, look, to lars' point, if you all of a sudden hit $6,000 worth of lifetime caps and then you've got a horrible, horrible cancer condition that you needed to exceed that on, that was going to be on us, on charity care because you couldn't pay anymore. why they couldn't just sell it that way and explain to people and give the rationale is completely beyond me because it's actually a good message. >> i can tell you why. >> why, lars? >> because an awful lot of americans make budgetary choices
11:20 am
about everything in their life. their automobile, their house, the food they buy. and you might -- you know, somebody like julie with a nice big paycheck and me, might say, well, that's kind of substandard. the fact is, an awful lot of americans buy what they can afford. they make thousands of those choices. >> that's why we get subsidies. because they can't afford health care -- only half of them are going to get that and half are going to get sticker shock. >> maybe a czar would've helped. i mean -- president obama had a lot of czars all along the way. and now the reports are coming out, lars, that he was encouraged to get a health care czar for running the biggest start-up ever in the world, which is obama care, and he said no can do. should he have hired a czar? >> gretchen, not just encouraged, he was told no one in your administration -- no one in the government has the expertise to pull this off. so you have to have somebody with the expertise. and who does he appoint? a woman who is -- hates the
11:21 am
insurance industry and wanted to destroy it. and now we're seeing the admission there are people within the administration saying we are now going to see the end of the private health insurance industry. this is exactly what the president assumed he would do all along. >> should they have appointed a czar? >> they should have. and i'm flabbergasted they fumbled from the beginning. therest no excuse for it. and i say that as a supporter of the legislation. but a complete opponent of how they've gone about implementing it. there's no excuse. >> ten seconds -- i appreciate your honesty -- ten seconds, is it going to die or is it fixable? >> i hope it's fixable. i don't know the answer. god willing it's fixable, but i don't know the answer. >> i think lars was saying god willing for a different reason. >> for the good of the american people, it should die. >> well, we disagree on that. >> thanks so much. >> thanks so much. breaking details on the
11:22 am
health of an nfl coach who collapsed last night.
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fox news alert for you now. head coach gary kubiak is going to stay in the hospital until at least tomorrow now after he collapsed on the field during halftime at last night's game against indianapolis. jonathan hunt joins me now with more. what do you know? he's still there. >> this is a very disturbing scene playing out last night on sunday night. gary kubiak right at halftime collapsing to his knees. you can see him right here in the spot shadow. goes down on his knees immediately surrounded by medical staff and his colleagues. he was then put on to a stretcher and taken out to a
11:26 am
waiting ambulance. now the houston texans are saying very little about exactly what caused him to collapse. the only thing they've said it was not was a heart attack. their executive operations rick smith released a statement today saying in part, quote, there have been so many people throughout the city and across the country that have reached out to express their love and support and we are thankful for everyone's thoughts and prayers, gary is alert, coherent, and in good spirits. he's continuing to be evaluated and monitored. so it seems serious, gretchen, but not a heart attack. now, he wasn't the only coach over this weekend who suffered a health issue. john fox, head coach with the denver broncos was playing golf on saturday, suddenly felt dizzy, went to see his specialist because he'd been told he needed a heart operation, but he didn't think it was urgent. was waiting until february when the season was over. they took one look at him, apparently, on saturday and said
11:27 am
you need this surgery now. and we understand, gretchen, it actually happened today. that was pretty urgent for him. wow, two of them. thanks so much, jonathan. the obama care enrollment figures, as we all know, not good at all. the amount of people getting dropped by their current plans even worse. we're going to crunch the numbers coming up. also coming up, more of the video from a deadly crash on an arizona highway. have you seen this? the latest on the case of this truck. watch what happened. what police say he was looking at behind the wheel when that happened.
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police are responding to reports of a suspicious person at central connecticut university. the school's campus remains on lockdown for a campus emergency. let's take a live look right now. this is a scene after students reportedly saw a masked man with an unidentified weapon roaming the campus. police and canine units responding. so far, there are no reports of shots fired. no reports of any injuries, more than 12,000 kids attend school there. police telling them stay inside. other local grade schools, the younger kids are on some sort of modified lockdown right now. we'll keep you up to speed on that story. in the meantime, while the obama care website goes down tonight for fixes, the number of cancellations for insurance plans going up. take a look at this map. more than a dozen states reporting mass losses, hundreds
11:32 am
of thousands being kicked off in some states. about 3.7 million people in total forced off their current plans so far. the newly uncovered report, three years ago, the administration estimated that nearly 93 million would lose coverage under obama care. joining me now is the president of excel benefit group. tell everyone you do. you're an insurance broker, you can help them figure out this website? >> that's correct. i specialize in working with individuals and businesses. we help individuals trying to change their plan how to move to a compliant plan. also with businesses working with them to figure out how to lessen the impact of the new rules that kick in january 1st. >> so you've been really busy. >> extremely. >> what do you make of some of the steps i just gave. from your research and talking to small businesses and helping the individual person, did you ever expect it to be where we see now millions of people
11:33 am
losing their plans? >> we knew it'd be a lot of people, we weren't sure about how many millions. but the rules set out in the affordable care act about grandfathering, which gave people the ability to keep their plan if they liked it. it was so cumbersome, hands were tied behind their hack. and that's why people couldn't keep their plans. so the individual market of where people have to move to a new compliant plan january 1st, we felt it was coming and, you know, everyone is trying to get it done as quickly as possible. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. but there's also a lot of story lining going on here. jay carney, spokesperson for the president says, hey, this only affects 5% of the population, no worries to 95%. i'm looking at these reports now. mid range estimate. 50% of employer sponsored plans will get canceled. that's folks like you, me, my next guest coming up who worked
11:34 am
for people, nobody ever expected that or did they? >> well, the affordable care act affects everyone. for individual policy holders, small business and large employers. so to think it's only in 5% of the population is misguided. >> and so do you agree that the canceled plans will be replaced with better plans as this administration? that's the talking point. right or wrong? >> yes, with a caveat. there were some minor adjustments, but some people have excellent plans. with everything they have now except for maybe pediatric dental which is part of the essential benefits. and that's forcing them to change the new compliant plan. i've had a number of customers who had everything else in place and they're seeing dramatic rate increases january 1st as they move to a compliant plan. small businesses are really struggling. and they're changing their policy plan year to december 1st to extend before the new rules kick in for them until december
11:35 am
1st, 2014. >> and that was going to be my final question for you because small businesses did get that one-year pushoff, right? they didn't have to comply like the individual mandate this year. they got the delay. how freaked out are small businesses still to this day to try to figure out what to do? >> well, the small business did not get the delay. they just have a little more flexibility in changing their plan years. large business with the pay or play mandate, that got pushed to 2015. >> okay. >> so small businesses up to 50 employees have really been looking at their options. and that's what i do and many other insurance brokers throughout the country are working with employers to figure out what's best and how to make sure they have the right affordable plans in place. >> all right. rich, thank you so much for trying to explain it to us and get back to work because i know you're on overload. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks. 2012 republican presidential candidate mitt romney not holding back his criticism sunday. addressing what he believes to president obama's fundamental
11:36 am
dishonesty and the affect on his second term. >> i think the key thing the president's trying to get away from, and that is he told people they could keep their insurance and that was not the truth. and whether you like obama care or not, the fact the president sold it on the basis that was not true has undermined the foundation of his second term. i think it's rotting it away. >> that prompted nancy pelosi to fire back at governor romney. >> do you think president obama's second term is rotting away? >> no, i think that -- i don't even know why romney was on that show, myself. the fact is that president obama is a president of great vision, great knowledge, great judgment. >> joining us again, political adviser to former new jersey senator frank lautenberg and david webb. why the heck would mitt romney be on a sunday talk show? maybe because we haven't heard from him since the presidential election and maybe because hoe
11:37 am
knows something about obama care from being from massachusetts. any other reasons? >> maybe because he's built businesses, corporations that hire tens of thousands of americans. but, you know, nancy passed the bill away from the fog of washington. pelosi doesn't take into account what's really going on around the country. she's going to go out and simply make the talking point. this is what the president wants her to do. this is what she's doing. so frankly just dismiss her. let's go back to what is happening just like the interview you just had. the interview you had was one on the numbers. when they talked about 5% of the population over 15 million people. if they are not served by obama care like promised, that's like 15 million people not served. >> let's go back to what romney said. was it too strong for him to say it's rotten, the rest of the three years of president obama? >> remains to be seen. i would say he's not been right
11:38 am
about a lot of things. we'll leave it at that. the one thing he was not accurate about is where he said massachusetts works because it's a state plan. governor romney's on record many, many, many times saying massachusetts was a national model that, in fact, was done in massachusetts, should be done nationally, federalized and nationalized. there are a lot of differences, right. >> at the state level. i'm not a fan of romney. i'm not a fan of romney care, let's look at romney care versus obama care. romney care passed with bipartisan support. zero votes in the state senate. he didn't impose taxes. said obama care imposed 500 billion over the next ten years and now three times as expensive. we can argue the merits of state versus federal. there's a remarkable difference between the relationship with government and health care. and the relationship should be with your doctor. >> we can also argue whether romney's being truthful if he thought romney care, which was
11:39 am
the model for obama care was only good for massachusetts. he wanted to make that the template for the rest of the country. >> can we all agree he was a pretty good guest to get? >> governor romney, sure. >> well, nancy pelosi didn't think -- she didn't know why he was on sunday talk show. i've got to move you on to this. tomorrow the president will host in the roosevelt room a meeting about immigration reform. i'm talking about distractions. talking about equal rights for gays and lesbians in the workplace. it was also immigration and there was an economic speech in there. is it distraction, david, so we're not talking about obama care? >> it's absolutely distraction. this president takes accountability for nothing. he goes to boston, tries to distract. since the shutdown, which, by the way, politically inconsequenti inconsequential. since that's happened, he's pivoted on immigration, comes back to the economy, makes speeches, doesn't govern and
11:40 am
lead. why doesn't he go to the "washington post" or even here to fox news. we realize this is an inconsequential play. he's trying to distract from what's going on. >> can he get anything else done? and wouldn't the first thing you be talking about instead of immigration, potentially, would be jobs? if you weren't going to talk about obama care. >> if you look at the chamber of commerce and other businesses, they think immigration reform would create a tremendous amount of jobs. talk to the tens of millions of people. talk to the tens of millions of people, talk to your friends, but tens of millions of people for whom it's a priority. talk to the millions of lesbian and gay men and women who are unable to get jobs. >> what i'm saying is the timing of it all. is he doing it to distract a way so all the negative attention is not -- the press conference we just had with jay carney -- >> if it was a year ago, you would say he's doing it to distract from benghazi. i mean -- let me put it to you
11:41 am
this way, those of us in the democratic party unhappy with george bush over iraq never said, oh, let's not talk about anything else. >> julie's distracting, actually. >> how am i -- it's a priority. >> ten seconds. >> foundation. they're going to create more jobs if we have immigration reform. 90 plus million americans out of the workforce. where are the jobs for them? >> i have a feeling they're going to continue to talk in the green room. >> we love each other. coming up. dolly parton defending her god daughter saying she's trying to find her place. whose her goddaughter? i know, do you? plus, talking turkey with your loved ones while you're talking about obama care on thanksgiving. really? pass the sweet potatoes. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
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here's what america's clicking on today. dolly parton defending her goddaughter who is miley cyrus after her provocative mtv video music awards. she says she's a great singer and writer. and an alligator caught at chicago o'hare's airport. really? police say the passengers spotted the 2-footer under an escalator. still no word on how the critter got there. president obama is promising the health care website will be fixed by the end of the month. that's also when the white house says it wants folks to sit around the thanksgiving table and talk health care with their turkey. the white house tweeting out this message. lights, turkeys, trees and decorations, this holiday season #gettalking with a loved one about health care. and add a link to this video. >> what did you want to talk to
11:46 am
me about? >> we know you don't have health insurance. >> we love you no matter what, but it's time to get covered. >> that's it? health insurance? >> it's important. >> i know and i'll do it. i just -- thought -- never mind. >> young adults, crucial, of course, to making obama care work. so what do they think about the health care rollout? good to see you, salvador. >> great. good to see you. >> so when you see that video, are you going to listen to the obama administration and during turkey time when you pass the sweet potatoes, you're going to be talking about obama care? >> we'll be talking about it, all right, but not the way obama wants us to. i guarantee my family at thanksgiving won't be talking about it. my cousin who is a hard-working
11:47 am
man owns electrician company got a surprise in the mail his premium doubled. and he simply can't afford it. probably double they by thanksgiving. no one's going to be talking about how great the plan is. they're going to be talking about the cancellation. >> the young people, of course, we know are needed to make obama care work. i think the latest figure said an estimated 2.5 million young adults must sign up during this first six month enrollment period in order to offset the costs of the older, sicker adults who need the insurance. you talk to the young people out there, are they going to be signing up? >> absolutely not. the idea that us young americans have this disposable income where we can afford to go into the obama care exchanges is absurd. we're dealing with the high cost of student loans, the rising cost of energy and living expenses in a job market with minimum wage part-time work. how are we also supposed to pay
11:48 am
for obama care? no one can out there and it's not feasible for us and the law can't stay afloat without us in it. and it's another broken promise by the president. >> all right. so republicans continue to hammer the disastrous rollout of obama care. and they're targeting young voters now. i thought this was ironic. they're running ads during the daily show. watch this. >> obama care, what are you doing there? >> down from maintenance? i don't understand. 24/7, customers depend on it. >> all right. so salvador, it's not your typical pairing. the republican national committee, the rnc and jon stewart and the "daily show." what the do you make of it? why are they advertising there? >> i'm glad they're finally advertising for it. republicans are finally getting that you cannot win an election without the youth vote. we account for over the quarter of the electorate. without him, without our vote, he would not be in office. and the republicans are finally realizing if they want to win a
11:49 am
major presidential election again, they have to get the young voters on their side and i think it's a great way to reach out on "the daily show." he has a ton of young viewers and using these new ads like appearing with the former apple ads. i think it's a great way to reach young voters and really relate these really big problems to them. >> all right. you heard it. thanks so much for your time today. >> thank you. it was a symbol of strength for a city that needed it very much. boston red sox players growing out their beards. but now that they're the world champs, time for the beards to go bye-bye, and winning the series is not the only reason for the close shave. plus, a possible case of distracted driving that in this case proved deadly. ahead, what police say a trucker was looking at on facebook right there. at the time of this awful highway crash. the video and more when we return. you have time to shop for car insurance today? yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay
11:50 am
and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive.
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11:53 am
more on this story from los angeles. an amazing crash video, right? >> yeah, it really is, gretchen, this happened on a remote stretch of the highway. you had the public safety officers and the fire department on scene investigating an earlier crash. the suspect, take a look at this was driving his 18-wheeler, right? . there's a dash cam inside pointing at him, another one outside pointing at what's in front. he placed his wallet in the inside in front of that dash camera blocking most of his body. . you can see he's going 66 miles per hour and the police car is directly in front of him. . and now watch and listen in realtime the rest of this crash.
11:54 am
. >> hmm. one firefighter called it the loudest, craziest banging commotion he's ever heard. he said cars were tossed like toys. the driver claims he was looking over his shoulder at a passing truck. police say records show he was on his cell phone looking at facebook, looking at scantily clad women on facebook and it's not the first time. and look at this, as we play this, you can see right there we've highlighted the actual cell phone flying out of his hand. here it is, the wallet in front and then we're going to stop this. . seven seconds in and you'll see the samsung fly out of his than. bingo right there, jorge espinosa facing 27 felony
11:55 am
counts. the police officer killed, he got trapped inside his patrol car and because the first responders, the fire department truck was so badly damaged, they could not get out the extrication equipment to get him out of that car by the time they finally got him out, gretchen. it was too late. >> oh, my gosh. that is amazing video and it should be shown to every young person and people our age, as well. because we also need to learn that lesson to not be texting and driving or facebooking. thanks for bringing us that report. earlier we asked you to go to our facebook page and vote on what to call the area that's on the other side of the set here on "the real story." the two chairs where sometimes we do heated interviews or some light-hearted interviews. we really run the gamut. so the winner was carlson's corner. thank you so much for participating in that and that will be the name moving forward. . plus, bet their wives don't mind, the world series champs doing away with their beards.
11:56 am
i know a woman wrote that. and helping a good cause in the process. come on. we don't always like the scruff. you know what i mean, don't you?
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
shaving for a good cause, world series mvp david ortiz and shane victorino shaving their beards and donating $100,000 to the victims of the boston marathon bombings. do you want to talk turkey or health care at your thanksgiving meal? we asked how that would go down at your thanksgiving meal. we're also hearing from you on whether the administration should have named an obama care czar. this tweet from stan morris, it
12:00 pm
wouldibility have helped ineptitude comes from the top down. i'm gretchen carlson, shepherd smith reporting now from the fox news desk. >> word of a secret memo on obama care that dates to three years ago. it contains a warning about the president's plan and why it might not work. we'll have it for you. plus a pro football player accused of bullying a teammate. now the coaches are giving that alleged bully a time out. so what did he do?that's ahead. and in social security is in so much trouble, it's probably not helping. the government is paying tens of millions of dollars in benefits to people who no longer breathe. dead people, with tens of millions of dollars. why it's happening and what the feds say about it. let's get to it. breaking news, shepard smith reporting live


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