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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 5, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ no reason to be so lonely after all. a new study finds the milky way is filled with billions of planets that are about the size of earth. >> who knew? like 8.8 billion, so we're not so special. >> you're not alone. here comes gretchen. >> hi, everyone. on "the real story" the medicare chief testifying on the hill again. as we're learning, the obama care website could expose your social security numbers to hackers, great. but the president's honesty about health care an even bigger problem. plus, does hollywood need half a million bucks to push obama care? we have his take live in the studio. after the l.a.x. rampage, just ahead of all of us going shopping. how scared should we be? the doctor leaving his wife to be with another woman allegedly
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told fellow inmates he was glad his wife was dead. now those inmates are taking the stand in the doctor's murder trial. so, hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story." senators grilling mayor lan tavner. the botched rollout. whole bunch of questions going on in today's hearing. she was asked about indications the administration really turned a blind eye to website security concerns. >> september 27th memo addressed to you states that due to system readiness issues, the required security assessment was only partly completed. >> so i think in the case because of the visibility of the exchange, the chief information officer wanted to make me aware of it and i agreed to sign it with their recommendation to proceed. >> does anybody else review or approve that decision before it's final? >> no, sir. >> like secretary sebelius or -- >> no, sir.
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that was my decision. >> our next guest is the senator asking those critical security questions. republican pat roberts of kansas, member of the senate, health education labor and pensions committee. good to see you, senator. >> thank you, greshen. >> obviously security was a huge concern of yours today. there's a big report out today that says that a bunch of these security deadlines came and passed and that at the very end the final required top to bottom security test never got done on your concern today is what? >> well, that's exactly correct. the independent audit as required by law to make sure we have privacy and security concerns answered for an awful lot of americans who are worried about that with obama care, it wasn't done. the dates were slipped. in other words, the deadlines were missed three straight times. when it came up for the final independent audit, which is supposed to be end to end, that didn't happen.
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and she signed off on it anyway. three other people did not sign off on it. they said there was a substantial risk. >> right. so it's one thing to have a website that crashes. it's a whole another thing for all of these americans now, millions of us, to find out that our personal information -- i mean, we're told to not ever tell anyone our social security number and now that information could be out there for anyone to get to? >> well, i think that's the worry that everybody has. if we had the end-to-end investigation again required by law and by the office of management and budget, we would have better confidence on that. administrator taviner said, yes, she'd assure that there is security. i said, well, could you provide the end-to-end audit to the committee, if not in public, in private, but the american people ought to know that just as they ought to know on how many people are signing up. the president knows every night. why can't the american people know that. >> yeah, she refused to answer those questions again today as well. now last week when secretary
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sebelius testified, and she'll testify again tomorrow, she said there was no reason for americans to worry about any security problems. you were one of the first to call for the resignation of secretary sebelius. do you still stand for that opinion? >> yes, i do. 11 days out i called for the resignation based on job accountability. it's got nothing but worse. we have a situation where the tip of the iceberg, that's all we see. more people are losing their insurance than they are signing up. more people are worried about their privacy and their security. and here we have the president saying, well, yes, you can keep your insurance if you like it. it's a bait and switch. here he hands it to you but then he draws his hand back and says, i have to like it as well. who does that? who does that? >> well, let me ask you that question. who does that? >> well, who does that is president obama and secretary sebelius. consequently in terms of job accountability, you can go way
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back to benghazi, irs investigations, fast and furious. i don't care what it is, nobody in this administration will ever take on the responsibility and the accountability. she's not done the job. >> let me ask you how you feel about this. jay carney, the spokesperson for the president just had a briefing. apparently he was asked about when in fact this website will be fully functioning. remember, they gave out firm dates, did they not? they were going to give us numbers by november 15th and by the end of this month the site was going to be fully operational. now todayit will be operational by the end of this month for the vast majority. what do you make of that? >> maybe after christmas by the time we finally know. that's not a very good christmas present. i don't -- jay carney is doing the best he can under difficult circumstances. quite frankly, i don't have -- i don't think he has any voracity anymore. we're waiting until november 15th. we'll see. when that happens and it doesn't happen, then we know it'll be
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put off again. in the meantime, the thing to remember is that more people are losing their insurance than are signing up and that number is growing. it could be up to 50 million, now we get an estimate of 90 million, now we get the latest estimate of 129 people that would lose -- a million people that will lose insurance in this country. that's why i say this is the tip of the iceberg. >> senator pat roberts of kansas. thanks for your time today. >> thank you, gretchen. we want to hear about you. what do you think of the security issues with the website. do you want to give your information to a system this glitchy? e-mail us or tweet us using #therealstory. we read your tweets and e-mails at the end of our show. meantime, a brand new poll on the president's job approval, it's not good for the president. his rating taking a big dip now into the 30s for the first time since 2011. check this out. according to a gallup daily poll, 53% disapprove with the
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job president obama is doing while only 39% approve. tomorrow bevins, executive editor of real clear politics. let me get your immediate take on that. >> not surprising really. his approval rating had been sliding in gallup down 41, 40. it's reached -- tied for his all time low in the nbc wall street journal poll. one time off his all time low in the fox news poll earlier this month. this is sort of part of an ongoing trend as we see the president's job approval dipping. it's at the lowest it's been since 2011. >> so you see all sorts of articles that are written on a daily basis. you're following the hottest news trends. when people are clicking on real clear politics, what are they most interested in today? >> well, today it's actually the new jersey and virginia governor races. over the last couple of months it's been what's been driving the news, what you've been covering and what the senator talked about which is the ongoing troubles with obama care on various levels whether it's
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the glitches on the website, the president's broken promise or the number of folks getting cancellation notices. all of that has been wrapped up and people are very, very interested about it. >> i want you to take a listen to the president last night. much has been made about how he changed about being able to keep your health care plan. also, was it appropriate to joke about how this has all happened? listen to this. >> let's face it, a lot of us didn't realize that passing the law was the easy part. >> is it appropriate to joke about this as millions of americans are getting letters saying that their insurance is canceled, millions of others can't sign up? >> yeah, i think it was a tin eared thing to do. the president joked about the shovel ready project. he got into trouble for that. this is millions of americans. this is health care. their health insurance so it's not really a laughing matter. i think it was probably just a bad -- you know, certainly from an optical standpoint for him to
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be standing before a partisan crowd, it was organizing for action, basically his grassroots committee, grassroots activists and making that kind of joke isn't going to go over well with people, especially those getting those cancellation notices. >> finally, was it the right thing to do that speech at all? is the president in a pickle, so to speak, because he had been saying for three years you can keep your plan. if you like it, you can keep it. now last night he changed it just a slight bit. >> he did, and what he did -- i mean, look. this is a real mistake, to go in front of a partisan crowd and basically to double down. as ron fournier said, he's lying about his lies. that's a problem. it also boxes him in politically. it will make it more difficult for him to maneuver. if they want to delay the mandate or do something like that because he's laid down the marker. look, he had to do this and the consequences are what they are. >> we should also mention dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz
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said both she and the president never said anything that was not true. we'll leave that up to the viewers to decide. tom, thank you so much for your time. >> thanks. we're getting new reaction right now from the white house after today's testimony on obama care. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler joins us. >> reporter: one from last week warns that some people who lose insurance on the private market won't be have many options and may find all of them too expensive. this comes after the president himself last night as you point out admitted his promise, if you like your insurance can keep it, has a catch. that catch is that the insurance company continues to offer the plan. some insurers are dropping plans because they don't meet obama care's minimum standards, but the white house defends the idea of setting those standards. >> if you're going to assert that insurance companies can
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continue to offer substandard plans, bad apple plans, for example, that do not provide hospitalization or have carve outs that exempt from coverage the very chronic condition you may have, often in a way that the purchasers of this insurance don't even know, that that's -- that undermines the fundamental promise of the affordable care act which is that everyone in america should have access to affordable quality health care. >> that's jay carney, the president's spokesman from just a couple of minutes ago. his critics say the president never added the caveat before last night and some of his staffers reportedly warn him that he couldn't make the promise without saying there were conditions attached. a former white house speech writer said it wasn't an oversight that the president didn't mention the conditions. >> the president didn't say if we like your health care plan
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you can keep your health care plan. he said, if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. the fact is that they were told before -- this was a premeditated lie. before he said those words they were told that the words were not true by the policy people but the political people overruled it. now things like that don't just slip into presidential speeches. >> maryland democratic senator barbara mccull ski says the website problems have created a crisis for obama care. jay carney says the administration is focused on getting things right. >> all right. wendell goler, thank you so much. rnc chair is going to be here. his take on obama care and the future of the gop. plus this. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> new developments in the nfl bullying scandal. the guy at the center of the controversy revealing his troubled past. the mayor, shocking admissions. could it change his future in
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politics. >> do you smoke crack cocaine? >> exactly. yes, i have smoked crack cocaine.
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welcome back, everyone. here's something you don't often see with politicians. the mayor of toronto if he issing up. mayor rob ford admitting, yeah, he did smoke crack cocaine. this after his own police chief did confirm the existence of cell phone video showing the mayor smoking the drug. here's mr. ford denying it followed by what he said today. >> i did not use crack cocaine nor am i an addict of crack cocaine. >> do you smoke crack cocaine? >> exactly. yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> when, sir? >> but, no -- do i? am i an addict? no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken
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stupors probably approximately a year ago. >> wow. mayor ford is saying he didn't lie because he didn't know the video existed. now he says he wants to view the video so he can see for himself what state he was in. so far he's rejecting calls for his resignation. >> if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. but for people without health insurance, they're finally going to be able to get it. for the vast majority of people who have health insurance that works, you can keep it. if you have or had one of these plans before the affordable care act came into law and you really liked that plan, what we said was you could keep it if it hasn't changed since the law's passed. >> which one is it? president obama changing his message about keeping health care plans under obama care. so is it incompetence, dishonesty, something else? will americans accept any of
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these new explanations? here now radio talk show host chris plant of the chris plant show and leslie marshall of the leslie marshall leslie, you're in the hot seat. the president's story keeps changing, changing, changing. what are the american people supposed to believe right now? >> i think quite frankly if the american people like and believe him, they do. if they don't, they don't. i think the problem here, gretchen, is my understanding of when the president first said that, and i'm somebody that has blue cross, okay, is that if you have a plan through your employer or a private insurance plan, if you have blue cross, you don't have to become an obama care member. you're not going to have a medicare-type plan, and that is true. blue cross may change your plan as they've changed mine to kpliep with the standards, may offer you different plans or change the name of your plan. i think part of the plan here was the wording the president chose to use.
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certainly hindsight's 20-20. i'm sure he wishes he used different term nolg. >> chris, just in how leslie had to take that much time in explaining the change in the plan, i mean, did he do a disservice to americans by over simplifying? even if you don't call it a lie, over simplifying? >> it's not a case of oversimplification. leslie, i don't envy your task here today. it's a difficult one. the president didn't tell the truth. he knowingly didn't tell the truth. he repeatedly knowingly didn't tell the truth. he's as ron fournier pointed out, he said he was telling the truth all along when he wasn't telling the truth. it's almost child like. the president should be held to a standard at least as high as we the standards we hold to the used car salesmen to. if they sold you a package of goods like that and you brought it back and he made up a new set of lies, honestly, this is
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indefensible. inexcusable. it's quite clear what it was. everybody knows what it was. >> you are right about debbie wasserman schultz. she did an interview saying she and the president never lied about anything. i want to bring you to the blame game, leslie. some are blaming republicans for the entire obama care mess. i'm seeing chris laugh. is that laughable? >> honestly, i don't feel the president is to blame. i don't feel republicans are to blame. i don't feel democrats are to blame. i don't think it's a political party to blame. i think clearly it's the people who designed the website to blame. >> it's bigger than the website. >> this is bigger than the website. you have democrats jumping ship. you have center lander introducing a bill, she's a democrat, introducing a bill that you should be able to keep the bill you had. you have joe manchin jumping shich. you have a whole list of democrats. this is deeper than website glitches, isn't it? >> forget about the website.
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this is about the president's credibility, whether he has any. honestly there's a pathology that only i think dr. crowdhammer could discuss intelligently. if you knew a person in your family or if your spouse provided you with a body of lies like this one and then came up with a new set of lies to cover up the old set of lies, there would be a day of reckoning in my household, i can tell you that much. all the cover smoke, all the shifting of the discussion, all of the talk about, you know, whatever the peripheral issues are, what this boils down to now is the fact -- i was going to say whether, but the fact that the president deliberately misled, let's say, the american people time and again and has now come up with a new set of falsehoods to try to cover for the old set of falsehoods. >> let's see what happens tomorrow and the days to come. chris and leslie, thank you so much for your time. shocking after a man opened fires. rick leventhal is live there.
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rick. >> reporter: that lone gunman has created chaos and sparked questions about mall security. we'll have much more on this story coming up right after this. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when...
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[ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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two teens behind bars after reportedly breaking into a denver middle school. the two were holding what looked like assault rifles. they were only bb guns. also no word yet on why they decided to do it. meantime, a wounded tsa officer speaking out for the first time since he was shot during friday's deadly rampage at l.a.x. his friend and fellow tsa officer was killed. gerardo hernandez was gunned
11:26 am
down just before his 40th birthday. >> only now it has his me that i will never see him again. he was a wonderful person and a friend, and i will miss him. >> well, that officer says he plans on returning to work after he's fully recovered. and another horrifying story to tell you about. a gunman is dead after terrorizing one of the nation's biggest malls. rick leventhal. what can you tell us about the shooting in paramus. >> a lone gunman walks into a huge mall filled with thousands of people and opens fire. fortunately in this case that shooter, 20-year-old richard shoop was on a suicide mission. he didn't want to hurt anyone else. after firing a half dozen rounds
11:27 am
in the air he retreated to the sprawling mall and put a bullet in his head. law enforcement drills and trains for incidents like this. they have a protocol for incidents like this. along with the department of homeland security created a checklist for retailers, mall security and police on active shooter emergency response. in fact, the prosecutor talked about that this morning. >> part of active shooter sessions is to actually conduct exercises in malls just like this. in fact, i know years ago this exact occurrence was envisioned by paramus police department back then. >> and garden state plaza released a statement saying we are very thankful for the rapid and comprehensive thought of law enforcement. clearly yesterday's event heightens everyone's awareness. while last night's effort by hundreds of officers from multiple local, county, state, federal agencies was impressive, it can also create problems for
11:28 am
law enforcement which has to establish command and control and communications between all these various agencies and coordinate an effective response. of course, the main goal is to protect the public and to isolate and eliminate the threat from any shooter. unfortunately, greshen, last night no one else was hurt in this incident. >> that was miraculous. thanks so much for that update. the problems with obama care seem to keep piling up. rice prevus is here with his take on the rough rollout. what it could mean for the gop future in upcoming elections. one of today's hottest races for governor of virginia governor terry mcauliffe facing off against ken cuccinelli. we'll have that and the biggest votes all across the u.s. coming up. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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who accepts medicare patients. and there are virtually no referrals needed. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. welcome backs, everyone. voters in seven states going to the polls. chris christie and barbara buono heading to the ballot box. new york city looking for new leadership as mayor michael bloomberg's last term winds down. we're following the most crucial races. how are the races shaping up? >> a big change in new york after 19 years of rudy giuliani and michael bloomberg.
11:33 am
bill de blasio who happens to be the most liberal, he won. he's 40 points ahead of his republican opponent. he has vowed to raise taxes on the wealthy and the stop and frisk policy. he faces joe lhota. he's the former deputy mayor under rudy giuliani. even though giuliani campaigned earlier, his coattails may not be enough. in new jersey, the question is not if chris christie will win but by how much. what will it mean for the blunt no nonsense governor's white house possibilities in 2016. polls show he's been leading by more than 60% against the democratic opponent, barbara bow know. 30% of the democrats have been supporting the governor so far. tonight all the pundants are going to be saying if he does win, 2016 white house, how much? was it enough? is it too much? >> we'll already be talking
11:34 am
about that. another huge gubernatorial race going on in virginia. what can we expect? >> that has potential presidential prospects. that pits terry mcauliffe, a famous former friend or friend of bill clinton and clinton crony against attorney general republican ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli has tried to make that race about obama care and questioning his opponent's business dealings. the latest quinnipiac poll shows cuccinelli is six points behind. when the polls close, people will be talking about what that means for hillary clinton in 2016. we'll be talking about the presidential race no matter what. >> shawn, thank you very much. there are several ballot measures making news across the country. folks in colorado putting up a pot tax. it's up for a vote. after legalizing weed for recreational use, that was last year, proposition aa would put a 25% tax on marijuana sales to pay for schools, enforcement and voters in 11 northern colorado
11:35 am
categories could vote to secede. the 51st state. let's move up to watching ton state where voters could rewrite the law on food labels if initiative 3522 passes. washington would become the first state to require manufacturers to label food with genetically modified organisms. back to new jersey where a constitutional amendment would raise the state's minimum wage by a buck to $8.25. that would be an hour. then raise it again every year based on inflation. only four other states have signed om on to similar measures. voters could take a gamble and back as many as seven new casinos. that would boost economic growth and lower property taxes. opponents say they're skeptical of its economic potential and worry about the social problems that come sometimes with gambling. well, a new focus on republicans and the future of the party. as we just mentioned, several elections taking place today. earlier president obama was asked about it. let's see what he has to say
11:36 am
about it. >> never predict an election. >> previous chair of the republican national committee here live in studio. good to see you, ryan. >> happy to be here. >> what do you have with the president not having a lot to say. >> it's pretty dangerous not to make predictions. i hope for two big victories in virginia and new jersey. it might come down to a referendum on obama care. that's what ken cuccinelli has been trying to do. that's why there's been a momentum shift towards ken cuccinelli. >> it's interesting. it changes like the wind in politics. it was a couple of weeks ago that you were being hit hard for the government shutdown, republicans in general. now it's totally shifted to the whole mess with obama care. in your mind today in early november, what does that say to you about the future of the gop
11:37 am
in 2014? >> well, for one thing, it's very clear with four media cycles a day, you know, nothing lasts too long, but this obama care though unfortunately for the president, unfortunately for a lot of people out there across the country, it is going to get from bad to worse. now what's going to happen next? we know about the cancellations. we know about the website. there's something called an adverse progression and what that means is basically when young people and healthy people are not signing up for obama care, what happens is the only people that are going to be signing up are people who are healthy -- excuse me, people who are sick, who need it very badly, and then the prices are going to skyrocket even further. now not just do you have higher prices, now it's just going to get even worse. people are going to be hurting out there. the democrats are going to pay the price in 2014. >> it's interesting. i think the numbers are 2 point be point 5 million young americans need to sign up even just to break even. we're supposed to be finding out those numbers november 15th. one of the ways in which they
11:38 am
may try to recruit younger people is that they're going to hollywood. so what do you make of this, i think it's the california endowment. private foundations spending millions for obama's signature law. a $500,000 grant to ensure that tv writers and producers put the obama care story line in their plots in hollywood. really? >> look. you can shape a narrative that people don't directly feel. you can shape attitudes. maybe that can be effective in certain ways. no amount of money or talented actors or actresses can change what people feel in their lives. if someone is suffering from cancer and their insurance has dropped and they're facing some sort of financial ka tags trophy, that's what people are going to be voting on. when you have 800,000 people that have been canceled often, it doesn't matter if the movie has something nice about obama care. it's not going to work. >> do you find it ironic that it seemed in the past that this type of messaging with the obama
11:39 am
campaigns worked very effectively so when they reached out to hollywood or when they reached out with simplifying the campaign message it did work, right? >> there's no doubt. there's no doubt that presidential elections are big cultural votes in this country. they're very different than mid terms. but the difference though is obama care is being implemented across america. people are feeling what obama care is all about. that feeling is going to be the determining factor as to whether people like it or not, not what happens in hollywood. i think when people feel it in their pocketbooks and it is a life decision process, i just think it's going to be a catastrophe. and it's going to be our obligation then to tattoo it on the foreheads of every senate democrat running in a tough race next year to make sure that we win and they do. that's what we'll do. >> the rnc chair, good to see you. >> thank you. pro football player acting very unprofessional. we'll tell you about the violent
11:40 am
past of the miami dolphins player accused of bullying, and what he told his teammate that apparently made that teammate want to walk away from a professional career in that team. we'll be right back.
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a kansas teen facing some serious hazing charges. the hutch chin son high school football player heading to court accused of branding teammates with heated wire hangers. they're charged with aggravated battering, hazing, tattooing, piercing. school says it will not tolerate hazing and that the students may, in fact, be suspended. then there's pro football's bullying scandal. new video of a dolphin guard showing ritchie incognito going
11:44 am
ballistic at a bill yard hall. he's been booted from the team indefinitely after threatening lineman jonathan martin with voicemails and texts. among those messages, quote, i'm going to slap your real mother across the face, blapg you. you're still a rookie. i'll kill you. randle thrill hill, a former dolphins wide receiver. he's now a federal agent with homeland security. he's my guest. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> you hear the end of that voicemail. i have to be honest with you. we can't even talk about the rest of the voicemail because it's so racist and horrible to even tell our viewers what it is, not to mention the past of incognito. in spring 2003, suspended by nebraska. 2004 convicted of misdemeanor assault. suspended again at nebraska, etc., etc. what do you make of the reputation of this football player and why did nobody supposedly know about it until now? >> well, i'm pretty sure some people knew about it.
11:45 am
there was rumblings saying that some nfl coaches didn't want to draft him because of some of those reasons but, you know, historically from what is now coming to light, it's very unfortunate that the situation has occurred, especially here in miami. >> i mean, let's talk a little bit about rookie treatment in general. you played for the dolphins obviously. i mean, i know it's part of the culture, right, but to what extent? >> well, i mean, usually that type of, you know, i guess activity, you know, is fun. it's a lot of teasing that goes on. you know, we did a lot at the university of miami, too, but at the end of the day when the lights were turned on and you're on the field, you're going to protect your teammate, even the weakest of teammates. again, it's unfortunate that it has come to this particular point but you have to be super critical of yourself and ask the questions, okay, who knew what and when did they know it? and then was anything brought to the coaches' attention.
11:46 am
>> right. according to a report today, the player who left, mr. martin, apparently did not give a reason when he did leave because he feared that he would not be accepted in the nfl. this sounds a lot like other workplace situations where you might go to human resources but you don't because you think it will affect your reputation. in football, who do you go to? >> i think it's a little bit different in football. you're dealing with type a personalities. you're dealing with aggressive sport. it's a lot of fun. you definitely go to -- you can talk to your position coach, you can talk to the offense and/or defensive coordinators. definitely you can talk to the head coach. when i played, if i ever had an issue i would always go to the head coach. >> let's listen to the head coach because he had this to say about this scandal. >> i want you to know that as the head coach of the miami dolphins, i'm in charge of the workplace atmosphere and any type of conduct, behavior that
11:47 am
detracts from that objective is not acceptable and it's not tolerated. >> do you think incognito will ever play again? some reports say he's off the team for good. >> you've had guys who have been convicted of crimes who were able to, you know, come back and redeem themselves. that's still to be seen. you know, it's also up to ritchie to see how, you know, he changes and how this whole investigation comes out. hopefully this works out for the best. >> let me ask you this. do you believe that there are a lot more cases like this out there and we don't know about them? could this be the only kind of over-the-line kind of hazing? >> i think, you know, if all of these allegations are true, it's definitely over the line but, you know, that being said, i've played seven years in the nfl, four years of college, two national championship teams and i just haven't seen anything like this.
11:48 am
you know, i've been asked before by other, you know, news outlets and it's just i haven't seen anything like this where it's come to the extent where it's actually considered to be bullying. >> i mean, you know, i love just watching the game, football is my favorite sport. i always thought you talk trash at the offensive line to the defensive linemen, right? >> exactly. >> you're usually not talking trash to your own players in this kind of way. >> no, no, no. it definitely happens to your own teammates during practice. you brought up a very valid point. whabl to-what were to happen if this happened to your opponent? would you take the ball home? there was a scene on "remember the titans" where the guy walked off the field. it's hard and a fine line. >> very interesting perspective from randall hill, former miami dolphin, now with the department of homeland security. thanks so much, sir. >> thank you, ma'am. the mayor of toronto about
11:49 am
to make remarks following his admission. remember we showed it to you earlier in the show. a politician admitting that he did, in fact, smoke crack cocaine. we'll bring that to you. moments away. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. pop in the drum of any machine... ♪ wash any size load. it dissolves in any temperature, even cold. tideod pop in. stand out.
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welcome back. utah prosecutors say we are about to hear the real story as they wrap up their case against doctor charged will killing his wife. the state is calling former sell mates of the doctor in jail to help connect the dots. what are the inmates telling the jury? >> reporter: they were both convicted of identity fraud and served time in prison. and they were with him in that prison and now testifying they believe that he confessed to killing his wife. they're not being identified, and their faces are not being
11:53 am
shown in court, but inmate number 3 testified that he used to work out with martin macneill and that he read an article all about this case and one time he asked him about it in prison. there isen to that inmate. >> i just asked him, doc, they say you murdered your wife, and he was like, no, i didn't murder my wife. if i did, they would not have any evidence. >> the defense said this inmate is a long-time informant who has lied about other inmates before to get a rulessed sentence. another inmate also testified that macneill told him his wife, who he called the b-word, drown. now the prosecution is hoping the inmates give them a boost because their medical experts, frankly, were unconvincing, both testifying they don't believe michelle macneill's heart condition killed her, but she could have dawned and they were suspicious of the elements
11:54 am
surrounding her death but say the cause of death is undetermined and that's not enough evidence to prove homicide. the prosecution's counter, they say he gave his wife a lethal cocktail and that ex-s as sir -- action as sir baited her heart condition. >> fox nut alert. we're awaiting the mayor of toronto to make a statement following the shocking admission about his past. he admitted to smoking crack cocaine. earlier this year denying everything following by what he said today. try to keep it straight. listen to this. >> did you smoke crack cocaine? >> exactly. yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> mayor ford is saying he didn't lie originally because he didn't know that the video existed, now he says he wants to view the video so he can see for himself what state he was in. so far he is rejecting calls for
11:55 am
his resignation. he says he was in some sort of a drunken stupor when he smoked the crack cocaine. >> details from the grilling session on capitol hills. we'll be right back.
11:56 am
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risk includes possible loss of principal. not going to believe this story. valued at more than a billion bucks. a collection of hundreds of works of arts by the likes of picasso, discovered in a munich, germany, apartment. official says nazis likely confiscated the artwork from jewish families in world war ii. >> the nazis stole from the jewish families. stole everything they had. everything precious attempt they didn't went to other nonjewish families to sale from them and that's why you can say that the
11:59 am
art pieces, most of the art pieces that you will see, are from jewish families. >> investigators say the paintings were professionally stored. they're in good condition. now they have to try to get the artwork back to the rightful owners. they have done preliminary research on 500 pieces. >> we're hearing from some of you on the big statewide votes we covered this hour. a lot of folks saying new jersey governor's chris christie is a dress rehearsal for the next presidential election. this tweet: >> but johnny tweets that the government needs to stand up for our second amendment rights if he wants my vote. >> we got this tweet: i want some accurate polls out of virginia. that's the interesting race. so, be sure to stay with fox news today. thanks to are sharing your thoughts. keep them coming and we'll keep
12:00 pm
reading them. thanks for joining me today for "the real story." short reporting". >> a love triangle at the supreme court and could affect the federal government's power over our lives. >> maybe the best story of the day, the crack-smoking mayor of toronto, ontario, now admits he did indeed smock -- smoke crack in a drunken stupor. will he tell us it was excuse enough? we'll have live coverage because we can. is it okay for your doctors to lie? what if they're not lying to you but trying your insurance company? and how would you like to get free money from the atm. the cash machine that was handing out


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