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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 8, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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i don't think the general public gets to see the unplugged bill hemmer. glad you are happy with that. >> have a great weekend. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts right now. have a great weekend. >> tbif everyone. welcome to the real story today. president obama just finished talking health care in new orleans saying he would fix the troubled website himself if he could. saying he is sorry millions of americans would lose their insurance plan. ed henry live with more on this. >> the president was saying that he realizes there is not a lot of bipartisanship on the issue right now. he is down there talking about way to get the economy moving at a brisker pace but he talked about health care and was no
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moating the problems. he said at one point i wanted to go in and fix the website myself but i don't write code. look wait until this thing starts working and they won't call it obama care any wore. he is frustrated that it is not working and that is why he did this interview with nbc news where he walked up to a fuel apology and then said look, i feel bad about p people losing their plans here he is. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on a insurances that they got from me. we have to work hard that they know we hear them and we are going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find
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themselves in a tough position. >> the question is now what is next. she was asked by a reporter whether she thinks the president still has her back and told reporters that they are working on a fix right now. is there a way to grand father more people in? but went onto say there is nothing specific on the table at of yet. in terms of the administration or what might happen on the hill. while the president is in louisiana. john fleming said quote they don't want to hear that you regret this is happening. they want you to do something. you can't spin this anymore. interesting that there is pressure on this president from democrats as well. mary landreu took air force one
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down with the president but then said she couldn't be down at that event. interesting because she was one of those 15 senate democrats at the white house for a two hour meeting expressing frustration that this website is not fixed. we are going to debate that. it is a hot topic. >> for more on the president's broken health care promise let's bring in bill mcgurn. let's do straight talk real talk here. the president didn't start that interview with an apolicy gy. he had to be producted right? >> they all need to be producted to admit they made a mistake. i worked for president obama when he was under assault for iraq. when he did the surge speech he
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said look, we have a problem. the army, the troops that serve me have done everything he asked them to do. he said any mistakes were mine. the strategy on iraq will president obama doesn't take responsibility. he is just sorry and he tells you he is angry and he doesn't over change. president bush shook up the commanders and put up a new strategy. i want to draw your attention to another editorial. this brwriter believes that the president is incapable of showing empathy and it made her think of this. >> now, i feel your pain. i feel your pain. >> i mean it was a simple statement but that was 1992. we still remember that. what is the difference between
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president clinton feeling empathy and president obama not. >> he said guess what, i didn't make that promise, you are too dumb to realize that i'm actually giving you better health insurance. i'm doing you a favor. it is very, very condesending. if you are one of those five million. there would be more if he didn't suspend the mandate too. >> back pedaling on a president to have it completely fixed. here is health and human secretary earlier today changing stories. >> we are committed that by the end of november the site will be functioning better. >> saying the website will work for most people but not
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everyone. >> we believe and what jeff and those who are on the ground addressing the problems and getting them fixed is that by the end of november the site will function effectively for the vast majority of the american people who use it. didn't the administration learn from that october 1st hard launch date not to give out hard dates now? >> they said by the end of the month not so much. >> it is a buggy website and an over promise is ridiculous. it is not going to reduce the deficit and help people in these ways that he promised. it is going to get worse. somebody in the white house has figured this out. it is not going to work. just one person? >> maybe one.
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there are other people that will mouth what the president says. no of the people have got to figure out. we have a bigger problem here and you brought up a good point before. maybe that one person figured it out a while ago. this whole thing would have crashed down if that happened. >> the fix is all the democratic senators are beginning to figure that out. the same day we had sebelius before the senate we had the meeting. i doubt they are confident that this is going to be fixed by the end of november. bill, thank you for your time. >> we want to hear from you. what do you think about the president's qualified poapology. it is my facebook question of the day. you can e-mail us at the real story at fox
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we will read your comments at the end of the show. but what about the millions of people across the country affected. here are some of their stories. >> i was really shocked, all of my hopes were sort of dashed like oh my gosh president obama this is not what we hoped for, it is not what we were told. >> they have increased the deductibles and in some cases the premiums as well. i don't get subsidies. >> my federal tax dollars will fund president obama's insurance plan but he is going to fine me for something that i can't afford to buy. >> it makes me very angry. >> and a twitter account putting a face on it. it asks people to post their cancellation notices and a knn o
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on your screen. they are happy to let me keep my plan. happy? >> this guy says he has to pay 299% more under obama care. meantime twitter is under fire for freezing that account three times since it launched last week. heather hilg g higgins is presid ceo of it. >> tell me what your accusations are about what twitter has done. >> it is bizarre and i am always loathe to having an accusation. we did a soft launch of my cancellation on friday. after only two hours and a total of 17 or 18 tweets and re-tweets to tell people that it was up and the only at mentions were -- our account was suspended by
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twitter. the website continues but the twitter account was suspended. we could not get an answer about why. the followers that we had accrued were lost. twitter eventually did reintate the account. we are going along on saturday, and then bam on saturday night, they shut it down again. why? >> they sent us back what seems to be a form letter when you get suspended and the letter said that the reason our account had been suspended that there were a number of people that reported it as spam. >> somebody is sitting there monitoring everyone's twitter account. >> you happened to be sing the out? >> what has been explained to me is twitter has certain programs set up. there are a certain number of people who complain about an
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account. it will get suspended. many of them had the hash tag # obamacare. they could get people to falsely claim spam and shout down the account. we think that is what happened on saturday as well and then we were shut down for a third time on monday night. >> we are up and running now and have over 8500 followers now. there are letters that have been submitted. what is interesting is we are finding that if you follow at my cancellation other people are e being recommended. we are trending on tumbler. >> great to see you thank you so much.
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the senator, not attending the president's event today saying she had a previous commitment. >> whoops, it is bowling night. syndicated radio host and fox news contributor. >> talk to her. look, certain things come up. come on. >> certain things come up. rats off a sinking ship. >> you were laughing. look, look, even allen is laughing. come on. >> you don't say know when the president is in town. >> unless it is this president. >> i think what is more interesting is that she hitched a ride on air force one. >> it was okay. give me a ride. i would love to be a fly on air force one.
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>> what a terrible image to have a leading democrat in louisiana offer a competing plan. here it is allow consumers to keep current health plan as long as tay up-to-date. come on let's face it or mike. when you have senators going to a white house for this these are people in the same party.
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what is the white house going to do. is he going to allow these to come to the floor. there is no way to spin this. it is a sinking ship. obama care isn't going to replace liberalism as one of the ugliest words in the american lexicon. >> did you not see the election that just took place. only 27% said that obama care was the most important issue. >> among those people --
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>> he was getting creamed and if he had one more weeks that race -- >> the war on women on the right. >> i want to play this from last night. listen to this. >> they are going to get a good deal a better deal then they have right now when it comes to buying health insurance. having said that. given that i have been burned already. well more importantly the american people have been burned by a website that has been dysfunctional. >> i have been burned? he slipped. not long ago. keith said this goes back to the roots of his guy's being abandoned by this father. >> i've been turned? >> where is your psychology degree from?
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>> you followed that one. >> this president has been criticized for saying i more than other presidents and now he says it this way? >> he said i'm sorry and suddenly conservatives said i exist in this as well. he didn't -- he says i exit is not like he called an oval office speech he gave an interview and it was producted. he says i'm burned and it shows this is what this guy's whole legacy is on. the american people got burned. he didn't mean that. he looks bad. he is a narssist. >> thank you for wearing ties that match my saiet. purple. >> guys, have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> all right coming up on the show.
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the most powerful storm making land fall. next. the death toll and where it is heading next. >> plus new twists that have seen one player walk away from the game and the manel tackling that. we want to hear from you. was a line crossed here? >> tweet us and e-mail us. we'll read them at the end of the show. let me know what you think.
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chief meteorologist is here
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with the latest. >> yeah in the fiphilippines th are calling it yolanda. this is the third typhoon this season to hit the philippines. when you think about the kind of damage you have, almost in the same spot, a lot of people who are without homes getting hit by this kind of a storm is going to make matters worse. if this storm if we find out that it had sustained winds prior to that, the record was hurricane camille which hit back in 1968. it is broken apart a little bit
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because it interacted with those. it will maintain an organization as it heads toward vietnam. i want to show you right here. it's first landfall anywhere to the north of this. winds at 195 miles-an-hour and a storm surge 30 to 40 feet. this area a lot of population in an area that doesn't have the kind of resources that we have. as we move forward we maintain this as a category 4 storm. that is stronger than what we saw with katrina in the u.s. a lot of places in vietnam seeing a lot of rain and some spots well over 20 inches. land slides in vietnam. and dealing with that direct
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blow. great to have you in studio. the expert right here. fox news alert toronto mayor rob ferd now considering rehab. ford has apologized for his behavior but so far refused to resign. listen to this. >> all i can say is -- i have made hmistakes and all i can do is reassure the people that i don't know what to say. >> so, is that the way to apologize? our man panel next on the art of saying i'm sorry. and it was a star studded 95th birthday bash for billy graham. but what had people talking the debut of what could be the final sermon.
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. welcome back everyone. the stars are coming back out to celebrate billy gramam's
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birthday. debuting at the party a new video of graham what was called my father's last message to the nation. >> there is only one message of any generation that god loves you. christ died for you. he rose from the dead because of you. there must be a decision here and now in this life that is what my hope is all about. >> wow, what a legend. reverend graham dubbed america's pastor. helped to transform lives during this 7 decades in the pulpit. where they are set to take action on obama care's biggest problem. mike emmanuel live for us in washington hi.
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>> there are a variety of ideas of how to keep the promise that president obama made to the people. on one democrat facing a tough battle next year has offered their own bill. >> you said the people that could keep their private insurance could keep it. the grand father clause was not written as strongly as it could have been i would like to do that. ron johnson says he has a plan to would allow more policies to continue. it is difficult at this stage to allow people to keep their health care plans. this is complex. we are trying to pass a simple bill here, but there is nothing simple about this. what americans are starting to see now is the truth of what obama care is meaning in terms
11:34 am
of the loss of their coverage. the government is not going to take this over and it is not going to go well. >> there is a bill which would doe lay the vidial mandate penalty for a year. it would make tit a true transition year. they would vote on the bill that would allow americans meet the obama care standard to continue next year and permit people to enroll without facing penalty. thank you so much. >> last night president obama said he was sorry americans are losing their health care plans under obama care. i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on a insurances they got from me. >> time for the man poll. charles pain for fox business. all right is that the way that
11:35 am
we say you're sorry bill? did he do a good job in your mind? it could have been worse. they are only good at apologizing when they are doing it for what other presidents have done. this was good but there were a lot of caveats. it is like me apologizing for what i wore today but really blaming the salvation army. >> well the plaid. >> the pax was on the panel. >> charles? >> well, if that is the best time they apologize the second best is when their approval rating goes to 39. when there was an election and the second time but that was a terrible apology. first, apologize for not being honest. don't tell me that you are sorry
11:36 am
but this is what is good for you and this is what you are going to take. toronto mayor supposedly caught on camera smoking crack. listen to how he apologizes. i know, i embarrassed everyone in the city, and i will be forever sorry. >> i made istakes, at least all i can do areassure the people th that i don't know what to say. >> ryan? >> well, first from what i said is that it was municipal crack so he had a prescription. >> how much are you paying your mayors in canada that he was going to smoke crack. >> word out that he may in fact be considering rehab now
11:37 am
according to his layer. former rutgers basketball coach mike rice. >> how do you defend throwing a ball at players striking players, the verbal abuse, the anti-gay slurs? >> you don't. it is unacceptable. but something that i will never get over. >> there was a laugh ip there. did that trouble you? >> i think it was a nervous laugh. he's had more time to think about it. i think this guy grew up in a system. this is how coaches were. it wasn't unique behavior what he was doing and i think he got caught up in it. i think he probably is more sincere than the other two apolo apologies. the big story is this bullying and in cognito and jonathan
11:38 am
martin. maybe even among the three of you as to whether or not he should man up and take the alleged abuse or does he have a point in leaving the team. big schultz? the more you are hearing that the coaches probably were telling him and he took it too far and we can't agree with the things we said? i don't think incognito was as guilty as we thought he was. i think he took it too far it looks like he was friendly with martin. >> the voicemail, come on. there were not enough bleeps at fox news to play that thing. >> you know i played football in high school and i have friends that were football players. i have heard tough in the
11:39 am
lockerroom and on the field they are trying to kill each other. it is inhumane. i have seen the hazing i performed comedy at new york giants stadium in 2005. i witnessed them hazing the fre freshman. >> when i little boy falls off a bike. we say don't cry >> when a little girl falls off a bike we say it's okay. >> are we in society a 350 found lineman can't feel bad about being bullied? >> it reminds me in the 4th grade kid said he was going to beat me up and i ran home crying. and my dad whoped my butt i think he should have picked up a folding chair and hit him with
11:40 am
it. if you can fight back you fight back. this makes anyone who is being bullied. you don't always have to be the victim. for a man who weighs 350 pounds in the nfl, fight back. >> sometimes you feel trapped. on the leadership council. who was leading that group richy incognito. >> remember we showed you this yesterd yesterday? >> the head line the elephant in the room? really? plus the dramatic murder trial goes to the jury moments from now. will they doctor? >> it is time for the truth to come out. do the right thing. do the right thing and convict martin mckneel of murder and obstructing justice. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
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here is what america is clicking on today. the editor of "time" defending the "elephant in the room cover with the ". the phrase refers to the governor's influence not his size. do you believe that? thor the dark world expected to crush the box office. that should translate to big box office. in the meantime a jury hearing closing arguments today. that mistress playing a prominent role in today's arguments. they chose to put on the application was april 14th, 2007, that is the date michelle was buried.
11:45 am
three days after her death. ladies and gentlemen, that is nothing short of an admission of guilt >> when michelle passed away, is it so surprising that martin would seek to move his mistress into a more prominent role in this life? is it so surprise that go he would seek to do that in a way that would be most acceptable to this children? tom is a former prosecutor and defense tuattorney and this has been such a juicy case and now it appears that the jury is going to get this case. conviction not guilty? y why? >> the biggest problem that the prosecution has in this case. you have to convince the jury that the defendant on trial
11:46 am
committed the murder. there is disagreement as to whether the victim was murdered. more over their own expert witnesses cannot agree on what the cause of death was. then you have to convince the jury that the defendant on trial committed them. >> so we can see the live trial happening right here as we are talking about it onset. what about this? this guy had a couple of mistresses and by the way. didn't he want her to get that plastic surgery? how does that factor into the case? >> this isn't a vegas act. i was waiting for the prosecution to call in david copperfield. you need evidence sgregretchen
11:47 am
proof somebody guilty. you can argue all the want that he was a bad husband or father. but at the end of the day, you need evidence to support a murder. their own toxicologist testified in court and said that he killed him. yet, we have seen murder trials where they don't find the body and they convict a person on it. are we to the point where we have watched these legal shows that jurors go into the court room and they have to see it hard and fast? >> jurors are conditioned from the legal drama this we have on television. law and order and csi all of the shows out there. to want and expect that type of hard forensic evidence and when they don't get it, it is a major
11:48 am
weakness. >> i asked you when we were in the break if you knew what the make up of the jury was. i'm wondering if women would be more p' d off that he was carrying on like this. >> great that you mentioned that. when gypsy willis testified in this case. she was the mistress in this case. i heard that the male jurors were like this on every word they were checking her out. the women were sitting back like this and i agree with you. i think that the juror make up here is going to favor the defense and i think we needed more women on this jury. there is only so much mileage that the prosecution can get out of that. they have the burden of proof behind the reasonable doubt. the fact that male of fame ju r
11:49 am
jurors might find the defendant unsaverry. i have said that about my clients. i don't like my client personally but that is not a reason to convict him for murder. >> right. casey anthony is an example of that. imagine flying to a foreign coun trixt and then being told they are not going to fly you home because you are too fat. plus a family tree right here in the big apple. are we to this time of the season again. i love it. i love that tree. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. welcome to a christmas present that is too big even for santa's sleigh. a 76-foot tall norway spruce arriving in new york city, from a family home in connecticut to be lit up in rockefeller center, the christmas season. it's impressive. the tree-lighting ceremony taking place next month. >> a french family who came to america to get their son medical treatment, now finding themselves stuck in the states after an airline said, guess what, their son is too fat to fly home. >> trace gallagher is live. this is so confusing. he flew here. how come he can't go home now? >> reporter: that's the question we had. so we contacted british airways because the 22-year-old has a hormone disorder which caused him to weigh some 500-pounds and spent a year and a half at the mayo clinic trying to treat the disorder. what is unclear, did he gain
11:54 am
weight at the mayo clinic? because british airways flew hem out here but now refuse to fly him home. >> if they can bring him over with that probably, there is a way to take him back. by economy. but just getting back home for his medical treatment to continue. >> reporter: we contacted british air, they told us, quoting, the british air team worked tirelessly to try to find a solution for the family and exhausted all optionsment unfortunately we cannot safely accommodate the customer on any of our aircraft. we asked them, if you fly him one way, why couldn't you fly him the other we? we have not gotten any answer. and in the flinch -- french consulate could not get an
11:55 am
answer. his -- kevin needs around-the-clock medical treatment and he shays going into this he had a bad feeling. >> this time before leaving, i knew something would be wrong. >> british airways said they did put the family up in a hotel and given them money for food. now the family is looking at legal guidance to sigh -- see -- >> have to won if it's the weight issue or the around the clock oxygen. have to be people who have illnesses illnesses who fly. >> we went on that web site, and there's nothing on there that we could find that says anything about weight. so, we're still waiting for a response. >> all right. thanks for being on top of that. you have a lot to say as usual about the president's qualified apology. you're tweets and e-mails are next. plus, you can help name these cheetah cubs. who doesn't want to name a cheetah? we'll tell you how to do it
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next. to all the veterans...
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no longer in uniform, but still serving... on the job and in our communities... whose dedication and commitment to excellence continues... in every mission, whatever it may be... affecting our lives every day... for your continued service, we salute you. this message of appreciation to our nations' veterans is brought to you by paralyzed veterans of america and unitedhealth group.
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>> an oregon zoo looking for help naming its new cheetah cubs. they were born seven weeks ago at wildlife safari in winston, oregon, but don't have names. so the park is holding a public contest. with any paid at mission to the park you get chance to name one of the cheetah cubs and put your name in the drawing. you guys are fired up over the president saying he is sorry about folks losing insurance because of assurances about obamacare. kate said, if you like your apology, you can keep it. from rocksan, he should have said, will you forgive me? maybe i would.
12:00 pm
>> and twitter blocking an account. we live in communist russia now. and on our facebook page, this. no one is supposed to know. thanks for sharing your thoughts. tgif. here's shep. >> if you like your apology, you can keep it. that's a good one. >> i love it. >> here on the deck we're monitoring several developing stories this hour. forecasters say it could be the biggest storm to have ever made landful in the history of the planet. the philippines, good grief. it's a supertyphoon which is like a hurricane but in the pacific. there's word the irs last year paid out some $4 billion? fraudulent tax returns to identity thieves. four billion. wait until you hear where they sent all the cash? and these back. the crack-smoking mayor of toronto says he will not resign. he says


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