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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 9, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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hey, flobot, great job. oops. [ powers down ] uh-oh, flobot is broken. the "name your price" tool, only from progressive. call or click today. it's the story the lame stream media refuses to cover. plus, is president obama determined to outlaw roller coasters? >> it should be washington's focus. that's what everybody in washington should be thinking about every day. and finally should our military replace its tanks with fire breathing dragons. none of these stories on red eye tonight. >> i like the stories more than the ones we're doing.
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let's welcome our guests, it's the return of the jedi. she's the fox news contributor. andy levy is here as well. way to wake up for this. and blazes national security editor, cannot dance sitting down, co-host of real news on the blaze tv. and sitting right next to me, a black man, get him out of here, it's comedian jack small. >> i don't have anything in that wild tirade. all right, will they right this oversight? it's the list that rocked the nation with shame and horror. the website medite.
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the 50 sexiest in the tv news and it's in a snub for the ages, none of the red eye staff is represented. now the usual sexy suspects are anderson cooper, laura logan and shaq, of course. >> i thought they said news? >> you're terrible. but none of us made the cut. not even andy levy's baby blue eyes. red eye asked mediaite for a sample.
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>> horrifying. do you know what's in these snubs? please include your answers, the guys from red eye. >> somebody should have been rented from the show. come on, one of you guys should have been on there. >> it should be me. >> it should have been you. why do pilateates if you're not going to make the list. the stench in a male pilates class is terrible. >> i don't even know if i can talk about this story, i'm so
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angry, greg. are you telling me that the bags under my eyes from my insomnia, screw you matt willstein, screw you everyone. >> maybe if you had screwed them, you would have been on the list. maybe that's how they got on the list. >> i would like to apologize to mediaite, and to dan abrams. >> who's not on the list that you think should be on the list? >> that's a dangerous question. >> you can't answer that. >> dana perino, she gets enough accolades, she's on enough lists. she doesn't have to be on the list. >> 49 people on the list i would take off and put you on it. >> no one on the blaze like will cane is on the list. >> there's the other nondescript white guy. i demand a recount, although
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sheryl atkinson is on there. she gives mrs. robinson -- big fan, very lovely lady. jedia was there, so they got a few things right. if you look like pacy from "dawson's creek" or maybe michael j fox from the '80s, apparently you get no love. >> jeddedia, you're not on the list. >> under my name it says that the -- so i do owe you everything. >> there is no chemistry between us. i find you odous. i'm not close enough to smell her. i can only see her. she makes me sick to my stomach. i don't even know why she's here. you know where they left off? by the way, this whole exercise was click bait and tv bait.
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mediaite was hoping shows would cover this. we were the only show that did because we weren't on the list. but nobody else did anybody. they left off, follow the trend here, lou dobbs, bill o'reilly. governor huckabee, they were ageist. older men that don't like -- unlike jedia, they don't like older men. >> i don't discriminate when it comes to race, i just like older men. >> you like them when they're writing out that will. >> exactly. >> when they're saying your kids hate you. i love you. your kids hate you. >> none of us are getting any younger. >> nothing to look forward to. but this kind of thing, mediait perpetuates lookism. i found andy in the bathroom, weeping. >> i see him every day in the bathroom weeping. i don't know if it had anything
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to do with the list. >> you would too if it burned that much. he's sad that you're mad. the president sat down with nbc's chuck todd. he has two names, that's why he had a message on thursday for the millions of americans who may lose their health care because of obama care, after he repeatedly assured them they wouldn't. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. we have got to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them, and that we're going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough situation as a consequence of this. >> an interloper had an explanation of why people didn't know they might not get to keep their plan. >> we weren't as clear as we needed to be in terms of the changes that were taking place. >> let's take a look, shall we? this was then -- >> under the reform we seek, if
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you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period. >> and this is now. >> we weren't as clear as we needed to be in terms of the changes that were taking place. >> then -- >> you've got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. >> now -- >> we weren't as clear as we needed to be in terms of the changes that were taking place. >> then -- >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. >> now -- >> we weren't as clear as we needed to be in terms of the changes that were taking place. >> no, just kidding. it seems to me like you were perfectly clear, mr. president,
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perfectly clearly lining. meanwhile someone attempting to enroll using he had booties on. look how happy you are. you are going to be 80 years old with 65 cats. >> 65 cats. >> or 65 with 80 cats. he'll be dead, he'll be wrapped up in a blanket in a bedroom and you're going to be collecting his social kurt. >> for a guy who -- when he says period, he means asterisk, or that other thing that i can't decide on tv when you're going to say something else. he's good at apologizing to the rest of the world. he's not good at apologizing to
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americans when he lies to them. >> he likes to bow before american leaders, but he won't bow before americans when he's told them wrong. >> bow, boy. >> relax. >> it's weird, in the green room, you were saying he could take the phony apology and shove it. i couldn't blow you said thkouc that. >> i said that, but only to a foreign reporter. we need to have a funeral for just the conversations about obama care. just a funeral for that. so we can't talk about it no more. >> this is the apology, it's like i'm sorry that your face collected with my fist. >> keep your face moving. that's what he's saying, keep your face moving. >> it doesn't work in a relationship, though, you can't make that kind of apology. >> listen, things don't work
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out, old people and computers. >> you know what? you're wrong, though, it's young people who are in computers, none of them signed up. >> there's the problem, computers, they're going to kill us all, man, don't you know? >> c-2, baby, advocates. no, it's a little thing with a little bead. >> the king crimson album. >> the egyptians invented it many, many years ago they had a lot of great things, and what happened? the rise of a certain ideology. was it a real apology? or was it a fake apology? >> a real apology is, i'm sorry i looked the american people in the face and lied. notice at the great ace of spades blog, not only did they lie about it, they specifically wrote the grandfather regular
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laying so that people who they considered to have substandard plans wouldn't be able to keep those plans. >> it won't work like that. >> ability nobody dying for health care. >> deaf con one is when businesses have to go through the mandate too and they start tossing people off left and right. they can go to the health care and not get health care. >> the fact of the matter is, if the grandfather -- the problem is if you have substandard health care, it's disappearing, if you got that through your business, you're going to have to change plans too. it's not just individuals. >> you're right, it's the end of days. >> it absolutely is. end of peo health care, many of them want their health care. the problem is -- >> they're going to get it back, though, aren't they? >> no, these people lost their plans, now they're thrust into these exchanges.
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they're looking for a competing plan. they're paying two or three times the amount. >> the problem is this president has no hue mill it the when it comes to newspaper rose issues and he has no solution. i'm sorry this happened to you, even though it wasn't my doing, in a kind of round about way, and i'm going to fix it, but i'm not going to tell you how i'm going to fix it. i'm not going to tell these people who lost their plans because of you. >> i took a wood panel station wagon to college. this is obama -- that's what people called it. they called it that as a joke. meaning you weren't getting laid. anybody with a shagging wagon was not getting late. they were being made fun of. >> but we're offering you a ferrari in place of the shagging wagon. >> your friend in colleges who didn't have a car, and wanted you to drive them places.
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hey, man, can we take the shagging wagon? it's so bitchin'. >> they needed you to give them rides. >> that was the car from the chevy chase "vacation" movie. >> they were using you one good thing about it. i think that there should be a horror movie called grandfather clause and it is a very old cat that can walk on its legs a and it's grandfather clock. you like that? >> we can work on it. >> grandfather clock. what's the tag line. a perfect ending. queue a -- >> wow. >> a perfect nightmare. there you go. >> are you guys in the control room, are you hearing this?
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we may have to eject. we may have to eject. >> all right. why did i take that pill that shar rod gave me? anyway, this is the greatest night of my life and i want to hug you. when someone tells you half now and half later, you don't take the whole thing. if they said to you you have to take it now and you have to take it later. >> you need a lot of water. >> oh, man, you are sweating. >> yeah, i am. okay. we're kidding america, this is a sober table. it is. >> even the crew is laughing. >> cameraman just high-fived themselves. >> can we go to the next story? please? all right, the irs is an iffing mess. according to a treasury department report, the irs issued $4 billion in fraudulent
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tax refunds to people with stolen identities. some of these checks went to addresses in bulgaria, lithuania and ireland, countries that are not america. this is no such thing as lithuania. these people often swiped social security numbers from people who don't have to file tax returns, like the old, the young and those who died. the treasury department acknowledged that the swindlers eroded confidence in the tax system. we have tape of them trying to escape irs agents. on the other side was a shredder. not a pretty sight. >> and that's how you get glue. that was a very bloody cat.
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are you starting to lose faith in the federal tax system? >> starting, just a little bit at a time. these are people who are managing the obama care finds. these are the people that targeted conservative groups. this is an example of government inefficiency, no matter where you work. they sent 655 refunds to one address. one person got that, or one address, i should say. >> if we're going to get ripped off, get ripped off by americans, not by foreigners. >> american white people are supposed to have that money, not white people from different countries. li lithuania, wait your term. all these countries, they couldn't scam us. send them all the refunds they need. why are we sending refunds out of the country? >> it's h & r block.
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>> don't you have to have an american address to get a refund? >> i feel like if i write off a sandwich as a business expense five years ago, they bust out the rubber gloves, but if you get hundreds of refunds to lithuania. >> somebody says, get a lithuanian address, i'll get the refund, i'll split it with you. >> do they deserve the money for working this hard? >> absolutely. for those of us who have established the time and money to establish a second address in lithuania, they deserve what they get. >> the thing is, this is yet another irs scandal that nobody cares about. it's huge. >> huge. >> huge. >> $4 billion? it of course really a affects --
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>> we lose $80 billion in medicaid fraud. $80 billion that's like a joke. coming up, are white people the cause of all problems? >> it was my diary, turned into a book. >> does twitter owe you money? wr
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this week shares of twitter soared to $45 -- if you laid all of those dollars end to end, you
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would be really stupid. so should you get a cut? time, the magazine, not the indefinite progress of existence. they tweeted per -- according to their map, justin bieber, he's worth over $20 million, me, 53,000. andy, 43,000, jedia, 73,000. you can get yourself a new used station wagon. and sharod, only 3,600, of course. that's racist. >> thank you. >> what are the twitter founders doing with their riches? take a look. ♪ ♪ >> i don't know about that, sharod, i would rather just move on. pretend we didn't see it. you are creating content for twitter. >> you know why?
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because i love my twitter army so much. like boston randy, and the girl. all of them, the girl. and the girl. >> and the girl. >> have you translated any of your twitter army into twitter sex? >> boston randy, he's a little rough. he's a little toothy. you know, i think twitter is a fun thing. but i don't understand, how you work $29 billion when you didn't earn one dollar? >> it's an amazing question? >> how does that work. >> you're asking an english major. >> you own 1% of the tsa. the backdoor program. >> andy, does this formula make sense to you? >> no, it's stupid. first of all twitter doesn't owe anyone money, we all tweet voluntarily for free. the calculator is stupid. they cut your followers by 73%
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in order to calculate that. one study showed in 2010 that 20% of tweets are ignored. their tweets can be seen by more people than just their followers. there are people who get a lot more retweets than i do. they also factor in the number of your tweets. this doesn't take delete a tweet into account. >> we have tweeted more than we give them credit for. >> he's oerged. he's the most organized twitterer. he deletes so he can be organized. >> you spend a lot of time on twitter? >> i really don't tweet all that much. is this the case to make a site pay for something when it was free? >> if i can get $73,000 out of it. there's got to be some way for me to try.
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>> right over there in that dress. >> twitter, i'm willing to fly over in this dress and collect my $73,000. that's 80,000 people. >> did you hear about that guy, when he was paying for money, he wrote on the dollar bill, i don't have any money, send this there. he would get $30 to $40 a day? >> they turn on -- right now i just get sad, because every time a supermodel follows me on twitter. i'm like oh, that's interesting. they're actually trying to sell me, like, gold or something. >> you actually thought it -- i heard heed a a shag mobile. >> no a shagging wagon. >> i would be dating that thing,
11:27 pm
but a multimillion dollar actress, but this guy has a used shagging wagon. that's amazing. twitter has provided a revelationary activity. in the sense that it's not my original point. but generally, when you're alone, you have pass sif entertainment, it's the first time you're really active. it's like you're -- >> oh, fondling. even when you're alone. >> it's making the most of that fondling time. >> there are people who have mon tiszed their twitter account. he's done that by tweeting a lot and by gaining a lot of followers. >> black gets paid for hawking just about anything because he's a disgusting man. >> it's only a matter of time that people are going to rehab for tweets.
11:28 pm
what are you doing there, buddy? that's the lee harvey oswalds of twitter. >> if somebody at a university did a study, that would be the study, the amount of tweeting versus followers. because that's the guy in the corner yelling, he's yelling to five people. and the five people following him are spam bots. >> some people look at twitter and say how can i monetize something off that. >> every time something says monetize, i gets some money. or >> if it doesn't make money, we could make it a drinking game. >> every time somebody says, it's going to be a great
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drinking game, somebody's got to drink. is that screwing with your head, america? it's because screwing with mine. i love kilns, those ovens are used for hardening or drying of pottery. come on over sometime. oh, toys, we're selecting the toy hall of fame. [ grunts softly ]
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bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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is marijuana the pot of gold for the government? i wrote that this afternoon. >> pretty good. >> yeah, thank you. after becoming one of the first states to legalize weed, colorado has now put a high cost of getting high. about 2/3 of rocky mountain voters voted for it. 10% of sales tax, that's 25% for your math majors. the tax is projected to generate $70 mill kwlion for schools and regulate pot sales. let's discuss this in a mature manner. do you think legalizing pot is okay if you tax it? >> at the same time as they supported this tax, they rejected an income tax increase at the same time. it wasn't just that they were interested in taxization, it was a particular kind of taxation,
11:34 pm
on something they view as recreational or optional, versus an income tax increase which is something you can't avoid. >> you're against it? >> i support legalization of marijuana. but i don't think that the taxation argument, like i don't know that that's the way. i agree with you. >> they're going to make money on it. that's what a government does. >> in the fight between morality and revenue, with government revenue, it's sort of surprising. if prostitution was easier to keep tabs on and regulate, so i'm told, i'm just theorizing here. >> if they could, you know, reach on to it and suck money out of it, they would do it. >> oh, it's coming. >> this is friday night, the only way you're going to get this legalized is they're going to make money off of it.
11:35 pm
just go ahead and do it. it's not like you have to be a super criminal right now to get it. >> you used to make meth in your bath tube. >> if the taxes are high, won't pot smokers look to the black market? >> how dare you? you polled an african-american on that. they're going to legal -- it's like liquor, if people want it, they're going to have it. it ain't apparent that they're driving and killing people like liquor. >> liquor causes more punches in the face than pot does, that's for sure. >> if they'll arrest people for marijuana. it's laughable. >> andy, let me get you in here, because i know you feel strongly about this. >> most prolegalization people, they say hey, you should
11:36 pm
legalize it so you can tax it and make money on it. so it's a war on poor -- both groups want to legalize something, but one group thinks it's literally not the government's business at all. >> they're starting at 25%. it's never going to go below that. and why? because they have deemed in their head that a it's somehow sinful to get high when it's not. >> this is how other states are going to follow suit, though, because colorado is going to say, look at the fancy new school we are building. >> schools built on the backs of stoners, but at least the stoners are building something. >> they can't make special names for the schools, like doritos high. >> we always built things out of hemp. >> they'll all be high schools. >> there we go. >> roll that diploma up. >> getting in shape without the scrapes, more and more kids are
11:37 pm
getting lean and meaning through specialized workouts favored by adults, like cross fit training. the "chicago sun times" are saying that parents are enrolling children as young as 4 in high intensity workouts. trainers say some parents are doing it because they're worried about their kids weight. while others are trying to give their kids an edge before they play competitive sports. while others just find it sexy. kids should be running in the street or on the playground, where at least we can watch them. not working out with a trainer. >> we got to make our minds up as americans, do we want fat kids or do we want them to work it out? cross train them. who cares? why is this even an issue? >> they should be out chasing butterflies, with a butterfly net. that's what i did. >> there's no more butterflies left. or bees. >> and they banned those nets.
11:38 pm
i bet when you have kids, you're going to send them cross training to keep them from mingling with the riffraff at the playground. >> i think you have plenty of years when you get older. i have done cross fit, it's hard work, it's exercise that's focused on exercise. when you're young, you can sort of run around, play basketball, stuff where you're burning, but you don't realize i'm exercising. >> i bet you're certified. >> i'm not certified but i've done it. and it's rough, cross fit is really rough. take the time to be a kid. it's like weight training combined with endurance. >> what about football, you have to practice and run around. >> i say keep kids in little boxes. bob, what do you think about this? >> i think when you're a little kid, you should be eating sticks of butter. your parents should be finding steal cheerios in places you should never fit a cheerio. you should be eating your little face off, then you learn what
11:39 pm
m humility is. this is what i'm told, this is what people tell me. >> you can go to college with the shagging wagon. >> i have to say, though, that greg, if everybody has a six pack, what is a six pack really worth. >> that's true. >> i saw an eight pack the other day. >> see, when you have -- that sounds great. >> kid in a box. >> kid in a box. >> i'm pretty sure you go to prison for that. >> not yet, andy. not when you keep shifting the boxes around. oh, sure, officer, go look in the box. how did he do that? thank you, penn gillette. hey, anti-it's god to have friends, because you can keep moving the kids from box to box. you enrolled your cats in cross
11:40 pm
fit kitty classes. this whole story is what we in the business call white people problems. >> yes? >> yeah, white people have too much damned money sending them to cross fit class. they should be out on the playground, skinning their knees, getting hurt, getting off toughed up, not in some organized environment. >> this is from some guy without a kid. >> i was just going to say, i don't know what the hell i'm talking about and never will. >> the cross fit trainer is just the nanny. >> he's a nanny, except he's flipping huge tires over them. >> they want kids to play in the dirt so they build up an immunity to certain viruses and bacteria. it's the same thing with strangers. if you're indoors with cross fit, how are you going to learn how to say no so strangers with candy? you're going to be 16 and
11:41 pm
somebody's going to go, hey, would you like this giant thing of candy? and i'm going to pretend like i hate being beaten up. this strange man won't let go. police, help. >> you got to build up endurance to things, you got to be exposed to stuff. i'm devoting all my time to help other kids. it's self irk to my kids, because i would just be helping them. i like to help other kids. we're going to take a break. the joy of hate, why am i even speaking to you at this point?
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11:44 pm
they put the duck in inductee on thursday. the rubber ducky was selected as
11:45 pm
part of the rochester hall of fame. the floating bath toy along with a game of chess, beat out other finalists which included army men, teenaged mutant ninja turtles. do we really have to hear this whole quote? this vp was going to tell us something, i don't really care about it. i want to ask you what you guys thought was the greatest toy. >> i have a rubber ducky in my bahama. when i was a kid, i liked cabbage patch kits. i have got to say gi joe. >> i liked actually kids in cabbage patches. >> are you asking me? >> i'm just pointing at you for the hell of it. >> is that a veiled cabbage patch reference? >> what was your favorite toy? >> little green army men?
11:46 pm
you're taking rubber ducky, which is almost like a piece of apparel for your tub. little green army men, this is part of the culture. i would just like to say, i have a rubber ducky, greg. it is a life sized replica of ducky mallard. i keep it in my bathtub and i don't see what the problem is. >> here's the problem, this is why your toys won't get in, g.i. joe and army men? war. >> so my favorite toy, one of them, i don't know if it's a green machine. can you put a green machine on toy? >> it's a big wheel, but it's green. >> you spin around like that? >> i have -- this is my favorite toy growing up. >> smash under by set, you can
11:47 pm
hoot and holler because you ain't seen nothing yet. crash bang smash them up ♪ ♪ it's smash up time my friends. smash under by set comes with everything you see right here. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. when it crashes, you put it back? i just threw it away and went and bought another one. geez, i wish i had seen the commercial. this is my second favorite toy growing up. ♪ it tastes so fine ♪ riunite on ice ♪ riuniet so nice ♪ riunite tastes so nice ♪ riunite on ice ♪ riunite's so nice
11:48 pm
>> that was amazing. >> that was like rose wine for lonely people. speaking of andy. i bet your favorite toy was your brain. >> my brain is not a toy, greg. i actually did check -- can we roll a commercial? >> at a speed of 275 miles an hour. tcr is total control racing, you're in the driving seat. the control to change lanes and overtake the race is in your hands. can you asloid the jam car? play crossover racing, night ride on the lighted speedway and keep on trucking. >> i found a set on ebay for $30, i am this close to buying it. >> are you for real? >> if i have some drinks between when we tape this and when the show actually airs, i already bought it. >> so people have to go on to
11:49 pm
ebay and drive the -- >> by the time this airs, i will have bought it. >> tcr racing. >> it changed the game. >> it was a total game >> i would get racers for christmas and it never worked and we always had to return it the next day and i was always crying. and i realized my dad did the same thing every year with the same track. >> good way to toughen you up. if you have a comment on the show, e-mail us. you got a video of an animal doing something, go to
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11:53 pm
brand new red eye returns monday, we've got dana perino, stacy dash, tucker carlson >> oh, nice. >> yes. okay. will her jagged little pill become a broadway thrill?
11:54 pm
alanis moritett turning a album into a musical. thanks to hits like "you ought to know". tell me the project is the same producer responsible for murdering a thousand people? kidding. it means it will be whiney and 90 minutes long. >> right. >> all of the musicals are about white rock stars. is broadway racist? >> the world is about white rock stars you've got to learn like i've learnd and just get used to it. >> i'm going to change everything i do from now on just to make you happy. >> why not? >> yes. >> i mean -- >> don't get me started on alanis. i love alanis. i will go see this with my favorite lesbian friends. i'm coming to get you. >> i'll be there. >> i tolerate you. you have the
11:55 pm
worst musical taste. >> i love alanis. >> she's almost not perfect anymore. >> yes. >> i will carry on. >> i like alanis morrisett, too. >> we've got -- >> quickly. >> this belongs in the hidden recesses of the mind along with dave matthews band. i >> agree with you. andy? >> you ought to know that all i really wanted to put my nanned my pocket to pay for a ticket for this, greg. >> well done. >> who grabbed this? >> was that song about dave dollier? >> i don't know >> what do you want alanis moritett? >> when you want an excuse to
11:56 pm
hate your boyfriend, forever. >> this is completely ironic. i couldn't be happier. okay. what album from 90s should be made into a musical? >> i think it should be "never mind". >> i think anything from public enemy. >> you shoot yourself and go over the front row. >> we just -- >> i would do the second radiohead album. that is really good. >> stone roses. you guys know stone roses? they're a british band really good. >> i'm talking like a rock critic. >> you have a catalog with his illness in overcoming illness. i don't know anything more about it. it's like a 90s version of the steve miller band. >> what? who? >> because you're african american. >> no. no. >> we've got to take a break. >> is it over already?
11:57 pm
>> it's the end of the show. >> okay. right back at you. >> america. see you later. in this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card. it's not the etting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so let me ask you... at's in your wallet?
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huckabee in two seconds, have a great night. >> tonight on huckabee. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in the situation based on assurances they got from me. >> with his credibility on the line the president apologizes after lying about the health care. you will be able to keep your plan, period. >> was the damage done? >> he would tell anyone who cared to listen, he would be a navy seal. >> betrayed and demanding answers from the white house. >> our president has gloried in their excesses and exposing them they have put a target on their back. >> partners of aaron vaughn


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