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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 13, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the spin is on after the obamacare numbers are out. 27,000. the number of americans who selected and i stress selected health plans on the federal web site last month. well below the leaked numbers of 40 to 50,000. now, if you include state exchanges the number grows to about 106,000. but still a far cry from the roughly half million originally predicted. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius addressing all of this right now in a phone teleconference. we are on top of it all. welcome everyone i'm neil cavuto. if this were stock
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investment no wiewn would know what to do about it or with it. hey, rich. >> good afternoon, neil. big number here is 27 million. that's the number of people the administration says actually went to the web site. but fk lee at the totals here only 106,000. federal and state exchanges have actually followed through and selected plans. we don't know why that many people weren't able to select plans because they decided not to, too expensive or couldn't get through because of technical problems. 975,000 says the administration made it through and did not select plans and fewer than republicans responding 106,000 number is actually inflated. he says that includes the number of people who have essentially put plans into their shopping cart. and on a day on capitol hill where we were discussing obamacare throughout the day, there were plenty of references to >> have you ever shopped on >> yes, sir.
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>> the amazon experience, when you put something in your shopping cart, is that considered a sale? >> >> no. >> the administration says it expected these numbers would be lower and these numbers are lower than expected said the administration going into today because of the problems with back to you, neil. >> all right, rich. thank you. those numbers pale in comparison to this number. more than 5 million people cancelled due to the law. can from ohio is one of them. says this is where everyone's focus should be. few americans now with health insurance than there were before we had the health insurance law. explain what happened to you. >> neil, thank you. i got this letter in the mail and i at first thought it was a mistake. there had to be a mistake because it said that my healthcare premium was almost doubling. and so i called anthem blue cross, blue shield and i said "please tell me there
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is a mistake here because i don't see how the affordable healthcare act has resulted in the doubling of my healthcare premiums" the cab sell legs of my -- cancellation of my policy. almost double what it was costing me. >> now the administration's argument i'm sure you have heard this a million times. what you had must have been a substandard plan and that's what you are coming to find out. was it? >> well, neil, you know, thank you but no thanks. i thelt fine with my plan. i picked it based on my needs, my budget, my health, my children. so when i called anthem blue cross, blue shield i too said why have my -- has the premium gone up? they told me my previous plan i was fine with was substandard and now i had enhanced plan. she went on to tell me, neil, under my enhanced plan i now had coverage for vision and dental coverage
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for all children under the age of 12. so, i said stop right there, i have no children under the age of 12. so take that off my plan. and she said ma'am, i can't do that under obamacare it's mandated that all children under the age of 12 be covered with dental and vision and so now your plan has that. so i said to her facetiously, of course, well, could you please give me the names of all those parents because i would like to go to them and say since my premiums are doubling to put glasses and braces on your children, could you please contribute to my children's college education because now i am compromising my ability to pay that. and she, of course, politely told me she could not give me moe those names. >> you have good sense of humor through it, cathy. the argument for this on the part of those who readily admit i think kathleen sebelius has been acknowledging on this teleconference that we are going to get the latest from
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our jim angle on that that there are bumps to be expected. this is a big bump for you. >> it's a huge bump. >> all part of a transition and it will all work out. are you confident in that? >> no. heavens no. no, no, no. you know, you call it a bump. i call it $460 a month more. so, call me next april when i'm ig figuring out how to pay that $460 a month more. who is going to help me over this bump. no one, neil. no one is going to help me over this bump. here is where my annoyance is in all of this. first of all, i would say to the president of the united states, with all due respect to your office, you lied, sir. you lied. you told me i could keep my policy and, in fact, can i cannot keep my policy. it enough to has been forced on me a substandard policy as it pertains to my own needs and i'm paying twice as much for it no, that's
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not a bump or a glitch and not something someone is going to figure out. i in fact have to figure that out. ifigure out how to get up every day and make a payment on a plan that i did not choose and that someone in washington deemed was best for me so, please, someone in washington tell me how to pay this without compromising the bills i already have because i'm working on that. >> amazing. amazing. amazing. you argue your case very very well. thank you very much. and by the well cathy is part of 5 million people, 5 million who have been taksim harley afflicted. take a look at this. >> we just said and the president said over and over if you have insurance and you like the insurance you have, you can keep it. that is what my bill, that's the single focus of my bill. >> people were told that they would be able to keep their plans if they liked them. and i am supporting the landrieu bill to ensure that
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that happens. >> i have been pretty vocal about the concerns had. they have heard me more than once on this issue. it's good to have an opportunity to talk with the president and other folks. >> the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they have got. >> think about that. not a one of them republican. those are all democrats. but with this rollout, so far going so poorly, dr. mitchell brook says it's a roll back that's easier said than done. in other words, doctor, once the proverbial genie out off the bottle or syringe, i guess, you can't just put it back in there. explain why that gets to be difficult. >> well, the process is very difficult, neil. you have a set of rules that now have to be abrocated and that has to go for a vote. then you have the issue is there going to be be a change in the law for this group of people or change in the law for everybody? you have a situation where
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wharch is approved has to go through that state board of insurance and be accepted through that board. the average wait for acceptance for that plan is six months. >> i'm kind of slow here. i do want to understand the magnitude of what you are saying. even if people who had policies or those 5 million americans lost their policies or been transitioned far more expensive once. you just can't go back to what you had. state laws and other laws are such once it's gone it's gone. you have to one at a time put them back in. >> that's right. each state has its own particular process and i don't think the states are going to cede that right to the federal government. the devil is in the details. we will see what the details of senator landrieu's plan are going to be. but if she gets it through, there is going to be significant damage to the essentials of the affordable care act and it will shift
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the pay burden and very possible that there won't be enough money. and as dan henniger said a couple weeks ago the law will collapse under its own weight. >> doctor, the one question that would come up is you would have two tiered plan system then. you you would have those that don't conform to all the government standards and requirements presumably, the substandard plans that would become standard under senator landrieu's and people would welcome that so you would have competing allegiances here. that's a mess, isn't it? >> yeah. it is. what you have is competing disincentives to get insurance. so, what's going to happen is people will wait in the last minute, and they will pick the plan that fiscally su better. and what that will essentially do neil, that will make the state exchanges a high risk pool. and that is not what the law intended. and of that 106,000 alleged
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people that picked a plan and i don't know what picked a plan means. does it mean that they enrolled or they actually enrolled? >> that's a good point, doctor. we don't know just getting on a site doesn't mean you have signed up. >> precisely. neil, more to the point. how many of those 106,000 are below the age of 35? that's the real question. >> that's essential. we need them in there. >> thank you dr. mitchell thank you very much. >> you are welcome. if any of this was making wall street sick today a funny way of showing it. the dow and s&p both closing at record highs. really this had nothing to do with healthcare. macy's very strong holiday outlooks and number of other retailers said the same. probably heard the reports that many of them not only up thanksgiving day. robust part of the season when big player like macy's comes out to confirm that trend then it's -- see if that pans out but records
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breaking news on fox news channel i'm shepard smith on the fox news deck. back to cavuto. back to pittsburgh on a shooting that happened very near a school. brashear high school. a magnet school in pittsburgh. we now have from police confirmation three students were shot. it sounds as if they were leaving the school for the day. a gunman approached and possibly as many as three gunmen, though police say they are not sure. approached those students, shot each of them. one in the leg. one grazed in the neck or shoulder area. another grazed in the head. the 17-year-old we believe who was grazed in the head came running into the school. administrator pulled this student in. called the police and it's how it all began. just about an hour and 15 minutes ago.
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so what about suspects? there is a house nearby that's the tactical teams are at. as it turns out. according to police there was an incident back on october 18th that was some sort of fight, maybe drug-related they said, which produced a lockdown at the at that school for a solid week. during that lockdown security was increased and one of the students who was involved in that incident left the school. they are wondering whether that might be the person who came back today to do the shooting. they are searching for suspects when we have more we will bring it to you. right now back to neil on "your world." thank you, shepard. sorry about that. thank you shepard very much. after the president said they could keep their healthcare plan started tanking. many do not think he is honest. it will be very very hard trend to reverse. explain. >> well, you have got two dynamics working in this poll. one is disapproval, which exceeds approval in some
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different category. foreign policy, immigration, the economy, healthcare, you name it and that's a short-term problem. because that's something that could be corrected over time. but then you have got the longer term problem which is the trust issue. and the trust issue is over 50% disapprove and that's potentially a problem that sets up for a very interesting 2014 midterm cycle. >> now, this is a one area even -- bumps into president's overall approval numbers that consistently on his side. that is whatever differences people might have on policies and positions, they have always trusted him. they have always liked him. different how you define like personally like someone how would you you know that? >> sure. >> but, the trust factor was there. no one thought he was deliberately ever misleading them or at least the majority of americans. now, it's the other way. >> that's right. >> that can have a corrosive effect, right? >> it can. you know, in the past, when president obama was upside
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down on a particular issue. he could inject his observe favorability and his own trust factor into that issue and turn it around and go on national tv. make the case and that would be a great opportunity for him to change public opinion on a particular issue. but now it's different because you have got the not trustworthy number over 50%. so, in many cases it doesn't matter how many times you are on tv. it's like trust is like a broken mirror. you know, once it's broken you can never look it at it the same way. that's an issue that is long-term potential problem here. >> thank you very very much. >> you are welcome. >> one and done is the president sorry among all of this enough. poll numbers notwithstanding. former ceo actually adding to his problems because when you say you are sorry. then you have got to follow up on it, right? >> well, you know, the sorry is great. but now what? they have got a whole army of people working on this web site. and they aren't going to get
1:18 pm
it done by the end of the month. everybody is saying wait until the end of november. it will be fine. this is a huge complex issue. got a lot of people working on it and it's not going to be done. even if they pull off the miracle. then what? you have got a million people who have lost their policy so far. the estimates are 10 to 15 million people are going to lose their policies. the whole system is in chaos. so you set out to fix a system for 30 million people. and, instead, you just totally destroy. >> by the way the kicker a lot of those. they don't want any part of this. >> 300 million people. >> very successful. i'm sure you had some corporate bungles, right? and then you had to either address investors concerns, do a 180, something. how do you -- how do you come out of a big filibuster? >> well, the only way to do it is you start with sorry. but then you have to fix it that's what everybody is looking for. the question is how are you going to fix it? you have to start first with policy. then there is the political
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issue, right? so the policy issue is you have got government takeover of healthcare. it's wildly unpopular -- >> -- well, he is not going to do that. he is not going to say this whole idea of a government takeover is a bad idea. >> you can't. the only solution here is to allow the private sector to engage to lower the cost to it allow competition. and at ced our policy has been to have private exchanges out there that are regional that lower the cost to have tort reform. >> you are right. their argument train has left the station. can't change it it? >> here is what is going to happen. the senate democrats who are running away from it who are trying to put a patch on this thing. they are going to come out with a bill and they are going to try to fix it. they are going to toss it over to the house. the house is going to say we don't want to put lipstick on this pig. we want to repeal it that isn't going to happen. so then j in place. >> they are going to have to try to delay it. it's the only way it's going to get delayed then past the
1:20 pm
2014 elections. which is going to set this up to be the major issue throughout 2014 for the. >> well, i think the big issue and correct me if i am wrong, former 1400 ceo in your own right. do you think a year from now when corporations are deciding whether they want to be part of this or not. not the going to do with the -- jettison on to the private exchanges or something other than what they have now. the argument that people like their insurance right now, well, they are going to have something different. maybe a year from now. and it might be just as good. but it will be alarming. and that could get into the tens of millions. >> look. in companies, we care about our employees. so the healthcare thing was very near and dear to their hearts. it was a way to compete with each other to make sure we provide great benefits. when you start tampering with that and start taking our people and dumping them into these exchanges. >> if the companies are doing it themselves. >> part of it is because they are required to. because you can't change one
1:21 pm
letter in these policies or else you have to -- >> -- subscribe to all these views or just get rid of them? >> get rid are of them. >> it's a mess. >> it's an absolute mess. you have got the only solutions the policy solution which is you have got to bring in. >> former office depot chairman ceo. meantime welcome to the healthcare blue net. blue healthcare states. democratic strong hold has michele bachmann thinking the other guy have lost their electoral strong gel hold. t. t. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy.
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one of those corporate conference calls after earnings or preview to an earnings announcement, the big cheese goes through the company particulars in this case kathleen sebelius going
1:25 pm
through the particulars on these latest numbers very disappointment enrollment numbers just got on the healthcare law. now her underlings are on that teleconference call. jim angle is listening in. when it's all wrapped up he will be joining us to give under the circumstances the latest take from hhs on whether this is looking as bad as it appears. meanwhile, blue state seeing red. well, some of thebleg wracking up big healthcare cancellation numbers. california just hitting the 1 million mark. that is a lot of people being told tata. something michele bachmann warned about from the very beginning. congresswoman thank you for joining us. you know, when you add this up congresswoman, all the states seeing very big enrollment issues and then a lot of people just losing their coverage outright, these are traditionally big blue states, big democratic states. and they are in a world of hurt. what do you make of that? >> they are in a world of hurt because it's real people. people that don't have a lot of means and a lot of
1:26 pm
resources and they are getting very bad news. i have had people call me, call my office, stop me on the street. i will be out again this weekend. and i'm hearing the same story. we have had over 146,000 in minnesota alone. in fact, our democrat governor came out today and just like a lot of other democrats said we have got to let people keep their health insurance. but, in order to do that, neil, we all know you would have to literally pull the heart and soul out of obamacare to make that happen. the president has no intension of doing that. he kind of wants to have his cake and eat it, too. like rightly reported people don't trust them anymore. they don't see them as an honest person anymore because their lives are being negatively impacted. and now what's he going to do about it? rhetoric won't work when people don't have health insurance. >> what happens now? i agree the math is not favoring him right now in these numbers. numbers. more anemic.
1:27 pm
virtually none. where is this going? how is this going to play out in washington the next couple of years? >> it's going to be very harmful, i think, for the democrats. that's why they are all running, screaming looking for any corner that they can go to where they can see gee not me, not me when actually it's their fault. really the most positive thing that we could do for your viewers that are watching right now is to say, look, there are 30 million people that didn't have health insurance. here is a system for those 30 million people. but for the 300 million people who figured out another way, let's make sure we open up and legalize a completely private market and bring down the cost of healthcare and then maybe some of those 30 million that didn't have healthcare may want to choose that rather than the government system. because, in essence what happened is healthcare is a private property right that we own. now the government wants to own our private property. it's not working so well. i think that the to get any
1:28 pm
democrats, if they are wise, are going to listen to the suffering of the american people now or they could take a bath in 2014 politically. >> do you think though that congress -- i know what you are saying about offering up a private alternative, the perception among a lot of americans particularly in these poll numbers that are coming out is congress is held to a 9% approval rating. largely on the belief that republicans are good at ripping something up, proposing nothing of their own. do you think that republicans have to be very careful of looking like more obstructionists but they don't construct anything? >> well, our positive alternative does need to be put on the table. we have got one. we talked about it at a noon luncheon today among the house republicans. we have got a plan. we have got very strong sponsorship over 100 members. growing as we speak. that's something that i think you will probably see shortly on the floor that we are floor. again, all it is to make sure that we can bring down the cost, expand the coverage. remember, it all sounded
1:29 pm
wonderful when the president said we're going to pay a lot less and get a lot more. just the reverse is happening. that's what we actually want to make reality for people. i think we need to get to it. because that's what the american people want to know. what is the plan? it's like the old saying: where wants the beef? where's the plan. we have got one we need to get it out there and start talking about what we can do and rather what this mess looks like. >> congresswoman thank you very much. >> good to talk to you, neil. >> meanwhile, tired of american kids falling behind in school how about keeping them longer at school? smart or just done dumb. attention students, class starts in just two minutes. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made o
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all right you heard the disappointing figures. 27,000 signing up through the federal marketplace on this healthcare law. 126,000 in all. very disappointing numbers. they had a conference call on all of this over at health and human services. jim angle was listening. in jim is now here. how do they splain all of this? >> [ laughter ] >> well, it's little difficult to splain all of this, neil. obviously this is a huge disappointment on the federal marketplaces. you have got only about 26,900 on the federal
1:34 pm
marketplaces. about three times that many on the state market places. which tells you just how difficult the federal web site has been. that leaves you about 100,000 on the exchanges all together. but then if you look at medicaid, which, of course, is free healthcare essentially, except for the taxpayers, that, you have 396,000 people on medicaid. now, those are separate numbers. those are not people signing up for obamacare. either at the state level or the federal level. there you just have 106,000. so, very low numbers the question now neil is whether or not this is just a reflection of the difficulty they had in the web site in the first month. or whether this is a sign of what is to come because they are hoping to, and the cbo was projecting they would sign up 7 million people by next year. now, at the rate they are going, they are a long long way from 7 million.
1:35 pm
>> jim, the one thing i'm wondering about what's what counts as someone who signs up. someone on the site and per ruing it or the completed sale. >> there is no real completed sale on the federal marketplaces because the people -- they are talking about people who have filled out applications and applied for a plan. have selected a plan. but, the problem is you don't know and we couldn't get a question in to find out how many of these are what are called 834 transactions where an insurer is actually communicated with. they are actually told this person wants your plan. now, you can't tell how many people will follow through because they don't have to make a premium payment until december 15th. if you are signing up for january 1st. so it is not clear how many of these people are sort of looking lous deciding going in there yeah i kind of like that plan and clicking on it and whether they will follow through or not. there is a little bit of
1:36 pm
softness still in these numbers. i would say that we won't really know until we get through september 15th how many have purchased plans. grades don't show it how many keeping him in school longer and let him prove it? growing number of schools and school districts are extending their day beyond the seven hours. american school norm getting closer to the 9 plus hours that are more the asian school norm. likely higher test scores are well worth the added cost. mercedes smart idea or give it a big fat f? why. >> i agree there is a serious problem with education in this country. i think the solution of throwing more time at the school day is not strategic enough a solution. because seven hours a day is a pretty long time to be in school. why is it that we can't do the right job in those seven
1:37 pm
hours? what's wrong? that's a long time. and if we are not able to teach the children in school what they need to learn in those seven hours. something is wrong and i don't know that just throwing more time at it is the right solution. >> but you know what is interesting, it is going to be strategic. because a lot of these school districts have eliminated social studies, the arts, physical education, all that is out the window because the core curriculum is so critically important to pass a standardized test and that's how they are rated when you introduce an extra two or three hours of the day then the kids have those extra activities. working families are much more end of school 2:30 my work day doesn't. >> we don't want the schools to be babysitters. >> they are not going to be babysitters but going it to introduce curriculum get much more well rounded students. >> if they do that kind of thing work day added costs to you. >> i have serious doubts about that first of all i really feel like if we are going to be adding time in school can we learn stuff kids don't know how to do like read and add. i would rather do that if we are going to add.
1:38 pm
>> gives my sons more time for detention. [ laughter ] >> i feel like you know what? i'm a very involved parent. my kids get home from school at 4:00 they don't have a lot of time. >> they are rush to watch this show. >> exactly. i feel like it would be up to me and my family how we are going to use that time for enrichment activities. >> very active and involved in your children's education. that's not the norm here. >> the norm globally is longer school days. it's what they do with that longer day. go to south korea they spend all day and all year in school but they have got these off the chart math scores and everything else. there is a balance too, right? >> and what happens when you do this, so there are these families like her family that is very involved in the children's lives. >> she is showing off. >> maybe. maybe just for you. >> exactly. >> there are other families that they don't. what happens to those kids? if you have these longer days? then you increase their standardized test scores by 35% in english lone. >> i wonder if this is a a
1:39 pm
bone to teacher's unions and this is what that is all about. >> i don't trust any program backed up by standardized test scores. >> that's the litmus test by which we do anything. >> it is. i don't feel that is enough alone to justify this. there are people who do need extra time. but, let's take the money and put it towards specifically filling the need that's there and not making it across the board longer school day. >> if he they are going to lengthen the day it's very strategic. >> it's crucial. what you do with that time a lot of people work a lot of hours in a lot of places and they don't get much done. >> exactly. >> ladies, thank you. did you see lady gaga in glamour's december cover. let's say gaga isn't going gaga over it. not because she thinks it makes her look pathetic because she thinks it makes her look too perfect. gaga i know what you are talking about. what's her beef and why she has a bone to pick i guess with air brushes. there, welcome to the gallery.
1:40 pm
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well, good gaga, dropping the hammer on glamour. lady gaga ripping the magazine a new one for a cover shot the edgy rock star says is not remotely edgy at all. too perfect, too brushed, too much. lady gaga says glamour isn't only doing a disservice to her, it's doing a disservice to women everywhere by imposing a fake image and fake standard to which no woman can hope to inspire. when beauty is turned beastly we at viewer world start getting busy. the lady is on to something. dietitian says the lady -- neither said that good play on words. to you first, what do you think of what she is saying here. >> i think it's ridiculous and completely hypocritical. she is professing that she is taken aback that she is being presented in a way
1:44 pm
that's not natural. who has ever seen lady gaga look natural? i have seen this woman go out to dinner there are photos at her at mr. chal's in london wearing a hat that looks like a lobster. when is the last time rolled out of bed. wants to be presented what she looks like in the morning. her fans wouldn't recognize her if that's how they presented her like that. >> what do you think? >> i think that lady gaga wants to be authentic. and to tell her audience. >> is there really anything authentic about wearing a lobster hat? >> i know. i think she is a down-to-earth girl. she wants her fans to know listen, i don't really look like this. so just know. this. >> what about air brush? she looks like lady gaga. >> she does and looks quite beautiful. >> what did they do that she found offensive? >> she is just saying that it's a misrepresentation of reality. and for the people. >> sort of like cameras here that make me look slightly overweight. >> i don't want my fans to look at this and feel badly about themselves.
1:45 pm
i want them to understand this is a touched up image and that hypocritical part is, she is as a star can say i don't want to be touched up at all. i wouldn't advise it i wouldn't advise it for myself. i love photo shop. they have found for people that don't know that things are being touched up that women and men do compare themselves to unrealistic images and then feel badly about themselves. >> and, look, i'm the mother two of daughters. >> how old are they? >> they are now 8 years old. and i understand how the images in the press perpetuates something that's unrealistic. i'm not here to defend photo shop. i find lady gaga taking a stance at an event that's being hosted by glamour where she is being honored being on the cover and she is saying she is not being represented by the way she looks like in the morning and concerned about how her fans. >> to me it kind of rings she looks like lovely. >> bill clinton yesterday. no offense, not lecturing
1:46 pm
anyone like the president. truthful about the healthcare law. he thinks it's a little odd. but, anyway, it is what it is. she is upset. it does make you think twice about the cover shots you see of>> here is the thing thouh that i think is interesting. i wonder if it negatively impacts the celebrity self-esteem. because they also are comparing themselves to this image. and when people meet you in person they might think wow, she is prettier on the cover of cosmo or glamour or whatever the case may be. i certainly have had that happen to me where somebody saw my picture and they said are you the same person? and they were right. >> camera musted a a few pounds. it's so weird. i always think she is a brilliant marketer. so i always wonder well, what's she up to here. >> she is absolute up to something. two points to make. number one, when she made this statement that she was upset with her appearance and it wasn't reflective of her natural state. she was wearing kabuki makeup and huge white wig. >> who doesn't?
1:47 pm
>> if you wanted to make a statement. maybe that's a day to go on stage. saying this is what i look like when i wake up in the morning and this is what they show in the magazine. >> career would be finished. number two she is going on a beauty magazine cover. she wasn't forced to do those covers. understood that magazines it's big business. the greater the image, the greater the circulation it has to be understood that she is going to be photo shopped. >> that's what it was like when i did that spread in popular mechanics. >> you don't want to be photo shopped. don't do the magazine. >> ladies, thank you both very very much. gas prices are falling and almost makes you think what is the big deal about getting a certain pipeline going? well, it makes me think how much lower those prices would be if it already was going. we drill, you decide.
1:48 pm
at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. .. when i first got shingles it started on my back.
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could it be gas prices now below 3 bucks a gallon? well, for a few lucky states, yes. and for most others, close. here is one. demand might be increasing, but the supply of gas is increasing even faster. thanks in large part to cheaper oil making its way here from canada. now, imagine what happens if and when that keystone pipeline ever gets going. then prices really start dropping? let's ask an expert, oil watcher kevin. kevin, what do you think? then what? >> well, that would be great, neil, if we could have that long-term lower priced oil coming to the country. refiners could pass discounts in costs to us. this is a boom for consumers right now, coming into the holiday season, having to buy things. it's going to help them out a lot. if this was consistent, if we had a consistent supply of crude, that could push down prices permanently. >> what difference would the pipeline make?
1:52 pm
environmentalists cited well, then you don't need that pipeline. republicans and conservatives and oil drillers making such a big deal of it, cool your jets. prices are coming down. shut up. >> well, they're coming down right now because we have an oversupply of crude. but that's going to change. it always does. these are short-lived usually, these bonuses we get, these opportunities to have low prices. but this could provide for us crude for long term big supplies going down to houston and going down to the refineries that need those supplies consistently. and that could mean lower prices longer term. >> do youuy this that with the trend, regardless of where these prices go in the interim, that the u.s. will be the biggest oil producer in a few years, it will account for most of the oil and that whatever we're doing, it's what's helping? >> well, obviously, the fracking and all the other drilling that's going on is helping. and i think there's a little bit of overconfidence in what that's going to actually provide longer term. we still are going to be dependent on importing, and
1:53 pm
we're going to be dependent on our neighbors to the north. we've got to have a way to transport supplies. we have to look in invest egg in the long term. sure, there's environmental concerns. there's always environmental concerns. rail transport isn't enough. we've got to build our pipeline infrastructure. keystone is really the linchpin in that right now and really the pipeline of focus, and we need to get that done. >> kevin kerr, thank you. >> thank you. all right. when it comes to obama care, this site is talking it up. is that because uncle sam made it?
1:54 pm
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find out why over one milliusinesses have trusted legalzoom to hp them get started. when you're ready to open the doors to your business, wel have a personalized legal solution that's right r you. start your business today with legalzoom. that's going to be a tough one to sort of digest. the 27,000 americans who enrolled in the federal market health care place, marketplace for this new law, 106,000 in all signed up, both numbers very, very weak. hadley heath has been weighing all this. i wonder where we go to from here. what do you think? >> you know, these numbers are a
1:57 pm
disappointment. i'm surprised the administration didn't wait until friday to dump this kind of report. but we find out we're far below projections, and i'm sure administration officials are worried about the 7 million they hoped to enroll by the end of march. >> there is a benefit sometimes coming out with god-awful news, right? it can't help but get better. that's one way of thinking. and so when kathleen sebelius said on the teleconference call going, you know what, we think that these numbers are going to pick up, maybe dramatically so, well, she has nowhere to go but up, so what do you think of that? >> especially after the oversight committee hearing this morning with some members of congress being very critical of the website, being very critical of the technical glitches it's faced, i'm sure many americans are still hoping to gain coverage through the exchanges. but some may be reviewing the policies, finding out the details of the plans and the premium prices and deciding maybe they don't want to go through the checkout process, that they'd rather not buy through the exchanges if the prices or premiums are too high.
1:58 pm
>> hadley, we were showing a shot of web m.d., and the administration, you know, is going through channels like this, the nba and the nfl to reach young people to shoort of show the virtues. but at this early stage, it does not seem to be oohing them or certainly wowing them, and that is not encouraging them because they're going to be the crucial, you know, factors in whether this succeeds or fails, right? >> that's certainly a concern, neil. it's not just the number of people in the eck changes but the shape of that pool. are they healthy? are they young? the kind of people who require subsidies? the kind of people who will pay their full premium out of pocket? all those are important questions on top of those enrollment numbers. when it comes to web m.d., this is part of a large-scale effort. the government has spent $684 million in contracts and other grants to do what they might call outreach. but in the end, it's pr, trying to convince people that this law is a good thing. >> you know, it might fail of its own accord and its own sorry
1:59 pm
weight, and then it starts raising an issue, and then what? i know it's the law of the land. republicans hope to seize on a bigger run-up in the house and maybe take the senate, but they'll steel be bieling, even in the best-case scenario, so what happens in the next three years? >> americans are just now beginning to find out what their personal experience will, whether it's changes in their premiums or in the many cancellations, about 5,000 people so far receiving letters canceling their private plans. those poll numbers feed quinnipiac, 2-1 americans say this law will have a bad impact on their personal health care. those are the kind of numbers that will drive ultimately the political change that we might see in washington. but for now americans are just beginning to get a taste of the consequences. >> hadley, thank you very much. again, for those who just joined us here, the numbers are very anemic. not many are signing up here. that has a lot of folks wondering whether this has the look, smell and feel of a
2:00 pm
housing crisis. i'll explain that tonight at 8:00 p.m. on fbm. what we're looking at is this idea of one size fits all, forcing something on people and whether that boomerangs on you. we found that out with housing. are we about to find that out with health care? tonight at 8:00, fbn. this is a fox news alert. moments ago the white house released the highly anticipated enrollment numbers for obama care. the administration warned that the enrollment be ins would be low and for once with regard to anything obama care, they were right. the numbers are disastrous. after a full month of operations, it's only a fraction of what they expected, as few as 106,000 people made it through the process. mind you, many of those enrollees haven't even paid a penny yet. also recall the bipartisan cbo said they needed 7 million paying customers by march to make obama care work financially. it can happen, folks, and we've been warning you that this was likely going to be the case


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