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tv   FOX News Reporting  FOX News  November 16, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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not the only ones. >> they are the good news. but the bad news is in there and state capitols everywhere they keep adding more red tape. they should stop, but they won't stop. we'll stop. that's our show. thanks for watching. i'll bill hemmer reporting from the museum in washington, d.c., and this is a special photo exhibit on the legacy of president kennedy. there are gentle reminders of kennedy's 1,036 days in the white house but they also capture a moment of murder. 50 years later, why do so many have questions about what happened during those six seconds in dallas? you're about to see why.
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>> i first met them at a party in dallas in 1963. >> ruth payne invited the russian immigrant marina ozwald to live with her while her husband lee harveys a wald looked for a job. >> i called the school book depository to see if there were any openings. >> oswald got that job. >> he was basically saying he didn't like the u.s., went to the soviet union thinking it would be better, but it wasn't better. >> she believes oswald was a lone assassin. >> for me, the thing about the assassination is not that i had known the assassin, but that we lost a really wonderful president, and all the things that he might have been able to do. >> my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country.
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>> he gave people hope, optimism. >> presidential historian robert dallek's latest book is called "camel "camelot's court." >> a shining moment in history, camelot's court, the idea that it was something special. >> november 22nd, 1963. the day begins with an excited welcome for president kennedy outside his ft. worth, texas, hotel. oswald is going to work with a hidden rifle. he kept it in ruth and michael payne's garage. >> it looked like camping equipment. i never occurred to michael that it might be a gun. >> in less than four hours president kennedy will be dead. back inside the hotel, the fashionable mrs. kennedy makes a grand entrance at a breakfast speech. and her husband can't resist a joke. >> i was the man that accompanied her to paris. >> john kennedy was highly
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intelligent, witty and charming man. >> after breakfast, the kennedys fly to dallas. a stop some of his advisers thought was unfriendly territory. they land at love field for the next leg of their two-day trip. the election is 12 months away. >> as we arrive at least 5,000 people behind the line. >> secret service agent clint hill is assigned to protect mrs. kennedy. >> the crowds were enormous throughout the city of dallas. >> traveling with the kennedys are texas governor john connolly and his wife nellie. >> as soon as the president finished the receiving line, he headed for the crowd to shake hands. >> they shake hands because the whole idea of being there in texas was to demonstrate his popularity, his appeal. >> 11:50 a.m. the motorcade leaves love field for lunch at the trademark.
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as the clock tiks away on kennedy's life, professional and amateur photographers like abraham zapruder film his last moments. >> as they go down the min street in dallas, the crowd very large, exuberant, friendly. people in open window, some on balance cones and on rooftops toward the end of main street. we had to turn right on houston. the crowds dropped off considerably. >> i remember seeing the motorcade turn right on houston street and go that short block. >> bill and gail newman are the closest eye witnesses, they're on the grassy knoll. >> i turned around to the president and i said, mr. president, you can't say dallas doesn't love you just as we were approaching the book depository. >> we noticed this building at the corner of elm and houston as we drove down houston street. >> oswald had a clear shot from his sniper's perch on the sixth floor, but he doesn't take it.
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>> the windows were open. that's nothing unusual. made the left turn on to elm. >> we saw the car turn towards us. >> i was scanning the area from the grassy area. >> we'd gone to i suspect 250 feet when i heard what i thought was a rifle shot. >> i heard this explosion of noise over my right shoulder. i immediately started to scan toward that. i saw the president grab his throat. and lean violently to his left. so i jumped and ran towards the presidential car. >> i was turning to look over my shoulder. i was hit. i was knocked over. >> i was wondering what kind of idiot would be throwing firecrackers. >> james tague is standing in the underpass. >> then the crack, crack of two rifle shots. something struck me in the face. >> his testimony is first ignored from the testimony
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suggesting one of oswald's three shots missed the car. >> i heard miss kennedy say, they have shot my husband. >> as he got closer, i could see that something was wrong. i could see governor connolly stretched out in the car and president kennedy was looking into the crowd with a puzzled look on his face. >> as i approached the presidential vehicle, i was almost there, and i heard another shot causing an eruption of blood and brain matter and bone fragments that came over the car and over me, and then over mrs. kennedy. i turn to gail and i said, that's it. hit the ground. i then managed to get up on the back of the car, but the driver hit the gas and the car lurched forward. and i slipped. i had to take two or three extra steps in order to get back up on the car. by this time mrs. kennedy had come up on the trunk. she was trying to retrieve some of the material that came off the president's head.
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i grabbed her and put her in the backseat. unfortunately i wasn't able to get there quicker than i did. i could see the president's face. his eyes were fixed, there was a hole in the upper right rear of the skull. i screamed at tt driver, get us to the hospital. >> we thought the shots had come from over our heads, behind us, at the grassy knoll towards the concrete embankment. >> incredibly as close to the murder scene as the newmans were, they like some others were never interviewed by the fbi. their statements to the media and police did not support the government's conclusion of the lone gunman. >> a fatal head shot came from the left rear. >> former department of justice attorney john orr felt the case had too many loose ends. as a skilled prosecutor he examines and gathers all evidence. >> my research of the archives had been one of the few private citizens to be given access to the bullet, the president's
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clothing, the bullet fracbgment >> orr wrote a detailed analysis on his own time and he spoke to fox news about his findings. >> i submitted my report to janet reno in april of 1995. >> she took your report and kicked it over to the fbi. the fbi tested some of the finers and found tiny pieces of human skin still on it. could this breakthrough in a modern crime lab finally confirm or dismiss the lone assassin conclusion? >> there's a secret service man spread eagle on the top of the car. mg is wrong here. something is terribly wrong. >> believe it or not, the fbi had agents in contact with lee harvey oswald before the assassination. what more could have been done to stop him? that's next. . and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts,
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tideod i'my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend. if lee harvey oswald wasn't the lone assassin, who else has the means, the motive an the skill to murder the president in a moving open limousine and get away with it?
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>> the president is dead. >> the first thing robert kennedy did when he heard that his brother was killed was call the white house and secure his files. >> they didn't want johnson or hoover getting those files. rfk did not trust lyndon johnson, hated him. >> bill o'reilly best selling author of "killing kennedy." >> they were taught that by their father, always protect the family. >> who killed the president? we don't know. >> mark lane was one of the first to question the government findings that oswald was the lone assassin. >> blaming it on oswald and having oswald killed, no trial. >> more than 40 years ago lane published his book "rush to judgment" in england. american publishers would not touch it. >> they'd all been contacted by the central intelligence agency, we found that out later. >> 50 years later a clear majority of americans don't believe the warren commission's lone gunman
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lyndon johnson formed a presidential panel to control the investigation. he had to persuade the chief justice earl warren to hear it. >> when he was brought into johnson's office he left in tears because he knew the burden that had been put on his shoulders. >> we've got take this out of the arena where they're testifying that khrushchev and castro did that and did that. >> if oswald was not proven to be a lone nut quickly then world war ii might break out. >> the commission was supposed to investigate the assassination. >> the warren commission in the end just flat out lied to us mgts gary cornwell is deputy chief counsel of the house select committee on assassinations. this group reopened the case in 1997 to see if there was a conspiracy. >> they never intended to investigate. >> assistant attorney general
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nicholas katzenbach feared lyndon johnson might be accused of killing kennedy. >> that memo that he wrote to president johnson's white house assistant, they wanted a blue ribbon panel of highly respected people to convince the american public that lee harvey oswald was the sole assassin. >> you have 50 years later people who still have doubts about the assassination. why do you believe those doubts still linger? >> because there wasn't a clean investigation, and i have some unanswered questions, but there's no doubt that oswald killed him. he was such a shadowy crazy guy he could have had confederates helping him. >> did the fbi, did they drop the ball in their tagging of oswald? >> the fbi was watching oswald, but they never really took him seriously as a physical threat. >> early october, james posting
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from the fbi came out, left his card and visited and came out a second time as well. i gave the card to oswald when he came out on the weekend. my feeling was sure the fbi's going to want to know where he is. he's been to the soviet union, he's been back, the cold war is in full tilt. >> two weeks before the assassination oswald left a letter for james hosty and the dallas fbi office. after oswald was killed hosty said he destroyed the letter but that wasn't known until 20 years later. did the fbi mislead the warren commission by withholding evidence from it? >> most people heard three shots. three empty shells were found in the sniper's nest. >> gary mack, the sixth floor museum curator. >> most were convinced there were three shots even though some people heard more. >> i believe when james tague indicated he'd been a victim of a bullet or bullet fragment the
7:16 pm
warren commission had a bit of a problem. >> forensic scientist douglas schaeffer has worked in government crime labs including the secret service. >> they no longer had three shots that hit three targets in the limousine. >> the commission's revised conclusion was the single bullet theory. one bullet that wounded both president kennedy and connally. >> all of the things that should be done in a homicide were never done by the warren commission. if it was a conspiracy, they would do whatever the minimal investigation they thought was required to drop it. >> 15 years after the warren commission, the hsca concluded the assassination was probably the result of a conspiracy partially based on controversial acoustics testing that proposed a second shooter was behind the grassy knoll. >> we know there were two shooters, a conspiracy of some sort. >> but if oswald did not act alone, who was he working with? who else wanted president
7:17 pm
kennedy dead? >> the russians had motives, the anti-castro had motive. >> the kennedy administration was trying to undermine fidel castro's dictatorship. >> it is clear that the forces of communism are not to be underestimated in cuba or anywhere else in the world. >> mark lane believes the cia killed kennedy. >> a motorcycle cop on the grassy knoll confronted a man that had secret service credentials. the cia created all the secret service credentials. >> gary cornwell offers a different opinion. >> the committee was saying we take all the evidence about the mafia, we can't discount the possibility that individual members did not have a role in the assassination. >> is there new evidence linking organized crime to the assassination? and later, why one man insists the clues to solving the
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as we're surrounded by these stunning images of jacqueline kennedy here at the museum we're reminded that strip club owner jack ruby claimed that he killed oswald so the first lady would not have to sit through a lengthy trial. but was his murder a random act or part of a bigger conspiracy to keep him from talking? >> did you kill the president? >> nobody has said that to me yet. >> just two days after the assassination of john f. kennedy. >> i saw the pistol in his hand. >> accused killer lee harvey oswald was gunned down while handcuffed to detective jim lovell. >> i attempted to turn odds wald behind me but i was too close to
7:22 pm
him. >> we'll never know what oswald was going to say. was he just a lone nutcase? >> a trial moois have answered questions of conspiracy but with oswald dead investigators focused on ruby. how was he able to get that close to the most wanted man in the world? >> because all the cops in dallas liked him because he gave them free stuff including hookers. >> the actions by ruby in treating oswald were not spontaneous and that he probably had assistance. >> when andy purdy served on the commission he examined ruby's unusual access to police headquarters. >> i believed that officer dean who was in charge of security let jack ruby into the basement. >> patrick dean's involvement has remained a question. >> he had failed a polygraph back at the time of the assassination. information i'm not sure was turned over to the fbi. >> but ruby's ties with law enforcement went beyond dallas. >> ruby works for the fbi and it was in chicago, no question about that. that's been absolutely
7:23 pm
documented. >> j. edgar hoover said back in 1959 that they'd had regular contact with jack ruby as an informer. >> jack ruby spent practically his whole life. >> david kaiser is a historian and author of "the road to dallas." >> he couldn't make it pay off. he was looking for help wherever he could get it. >> jack ruby made calls to individuals associated with organized crime. >> a report by ruby's sister that ruby got a phone call right at this time and went in the other room and threw up. maybe he got a phone call that said, ruby, we need you to do something for us. >> but mark lane insists the cia had the means and the motive to kill kennedy. >> the cia decided better him than us and killed him. >> following the disastrous attempt to topple castro in the bay of pigs invasion, the president was furious with the cia. >> this was a struggle of cuban patriots. >> castro's troops outnumbered the cia-backed operation.
7:24 pm
the president felt humiliated and promised to, quote, splinter the cia into a thousand pieces. >> he already had mans to set up a new intelligence agency where robert kennedy was going to head this new vacancy. >> what robert kennedy didn't know when he first came into office was that they had been recruited by the cia to assassinate fidel castro. >> they had profitable enterprises, gambling, horse racing, they wanted to get back into the business of making money in cuba. >> two months before kennedy's murder oswald applied for a cuban visa at the embassy in new york city. >> what he was trying to do was get into cuba to take a shot at fidel castro as part of an assassination plot. there were numerous such plots. they were ongoing in 1963. some were organized by the clooi, some by the mob. exactly who was behind this one, i don't know. >> but the mob grew angrier with
7:25 pm
the attorney general's all-out wall against organized crime. >> you say that s.o.b., i'll break his back? >> who? >> you. >> if they were caught killing robert kennedy, the president will send the marines after us. if they killed john kennedy, lyndon johnson would be president. down, down, down, down. >> cornwell tracked mob indictments during the hsca. >> this enormously effective organized crime program that bobby kennedy headed in the department of justice disintegrated after his brother was assassinated and bobby left as attorney general. >> robert kennedy's vendetta targeted the county and particularly carlos marcello in new orleans whom he wanted to deport. he was in the united states illegally. he was not a citizen. >> our investigation led us to a special sting operation in 1985.
7:26 pm
fbi files we combed through reveal informant jack van hangingham shared a cell with him. >> he told us about jack ruby. marcello had met him in dallas, texas. marcello was talking about his favorite subject, the kennedys and being deported. he flew into a rage. i had that little son of a pitch killed and i'd do it again. he was a thorn in my side. i wish i could have done it myself. >> the fbi asked marcello if he made the revealing statement a few years later. >> and marcello of course denied it. that indicates to me there was an informant report to that effect. >> the fbi had the classified recordings, then laningham says the tapes had marcello naming him as his hired gun. the tapes if released could help answer questions of conspiracy. >> you got to explain ruby and oswald. both of them have years of associations with mafia figures.
7:27 pm
ruby knew the head of the mafia in dallas. >> oswald had grown up in new orleans. his uncle was a member of the marcello organization. that's the reason the mafia case is probably the strongest of any of them. the stronger of any of them. >> next, how a 3-d animation along with the zapruder film places a second gunman in dealey plaza. lk and erasers. but chan. l my students have the brand new surface. it has the new windows and comes with office, has a real keyboard, so they can do real work. they can use bing smartsearch to find anything in the wod... or last night's assignment. and the battery lasts anlasts, so after school they can skype, play games, and my homework. change is lookg pretty good after all. ♪ there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate.
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welcome back to our program "50 years of questions, the jfk assassination." i'm bill hemmer. the year was 1963 and the era of the modern crime lab as seen on csi was still decades away. new computer technology can challenge how a rifle bullet like this became the single bullet conclusion back then. >> there is still some question tonight whether mr. kennedy was struck by one or two bullets.
7:31 pm
this is the gun that fired the shots. >> a bolt action rifle. shoots a very unusual cartridge that was basically unknown in 1963. >> a forensic firearm expert believes oswald acted alone and supports the warren commission single-bullet theory. >> oswald put a bullet through kennedy that went on to hit connally, it did exactly what a military bullet is supposed to do, it got two for one shot. >> unlike 50 years ago he relies on high tech tools like doppler radar to test shooting reconstructions. >> microwave radiation, it follows a bullet in and out the other side. the fbi didn't have the ammo, the ballistics lab had never fired it. they shot animals they shot gelatin. does that have enough velocity to make it all the way through governor connally? some don't believe that. >> one man who did was arlen specter. he created the controversial
7:32 pm
single-bullet theory. >> which is admittedly an extraordinary path for a bullet. >> his theory explained how it created seven wounds in two men and broke two of john connally's bones. >> president kennedy was hit in the back of the neck, sliced his trachea, the bullet entered slightly to the left of the governor's right armpit. it exited from his chest leaving a four-inch hole under his right nipple. lodged in his thigh. sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. >> but in 50 years, our ability to enhance visual images has gotten better. >> with the new digitized version of the zapruder film, you can see positions and facial expressions that really indicate that there are questions about the single-bullet theory. governor connally believed that he was hit by a single separate shot and not as a shot attributable to the single-bullet theory.
7:33 pm
>> i looked in the back and the president had slumped, all simultaneously. as i turned i was hit. >> if you look at the trajectory, there's no way that that bullet would have struck governor connally behind the right armpit. >> dr. cyril wecht has been challenging that single-bullet theory for more than 40 years. >> it's a bullet that does anything for you that you need. it is better than any bullet in a comic book. >> the commission did extensive testing with the car in dealey plaza. >> i think it's important to be as realist ek as we can. use a different car than the limousine in question or not even the same model. >> because kennedy's car was unavailable, the secret service car was used but both rows of seats were a different height. the stand-in for the president was measured ten inches higher when measured off the street. the commission tried to make allowances for the different dimension ps and the single-bullet theory was born. >> this is where i say the first
7:34 pm
shot occurred. >> we investigated john or rshs's gunshot analysis against our own 3-d animation. we invited dr. wecht to evaluate it. >> this is the second shot at z-236. again we've used the actual zapruder flame and morphed the animation rendering into that so it exactly matches the positions of the body. >> this is not a restructure photographically speaking in order to make things fit. that's what the warren commission defender sycophants like to do. they move connally over to his left. >> get the right armpit lined up. >> that bullet indeed would have continued on missing john connally and could well have been the bullet that went on to strike the windshield in the car. >> given that oswald and his window on the sixth floor was at all times to the right rear of the limousine, is there any way
7:35 pm
that oswald could have fired this fatal head shot? >> with the president's head in the position, there's no way na that head shot could have been fired by oswald. >> so the animator actually set up the limousine and matched them against the zapruder film. it led to this spot in the roof of the county records building annex. if you were to fire a shot to mimic oswald's angle, this would be the logical place. >> the warren commission determined only three shots were fired. orr disagrees. >> this was fired about three-quarters of a second after the fatal head shot. >> if he believes you this has to be incredible coordination. >> not really. you wait for oswald to fire a couple shots. you are looking through your telescope, if you don't see the head explode, you fire. >> you can see the led core.
7:36 pm
that's where the lead fragments come from. the copper jacket goes around the bullet. the lead is exposed, the jacket peels back as soon as it enters tissue or a skull. >> the snowflaking pattern in the president's brain and the x-rays of his skull raises a serious question. military ammunition should not begin to disintegrate in that fashion. >> i say it was a soft-nosed hunting bullet. >> no, that's not correct. >> michael baden head of the panel disagrees. >> whether soft nose or hard nose, the fragments will develop as the bullet strikes hard bone, skull, and be left behind. that's typical for military ammunition. >> but the rifle tests were more revealing. >> military bullets are unique in several respects. it's got to be a bullet that stays intact. now, let's shoot the same bullet
7:37 pm
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7:41 pm
health history a family secret. these two reasons helped fuel many conspiracy theories. >> president kennedy has been given a blood transfusion at parkland hospital. >> there's so many things about this case that just cry out, what in the world was going on here? >> the government decided to keep things secret. >> doctors michael baden and cyril wecht were on the house select committee forensic panel. the only point the two agreed on was the president's autopsy was botched. >> if the autopsy had been done in proper fashion by a board certified forensic pathologist, we would not be in doubt as to exactly where the bullet holes were. >> the panel found protocols were broken starting with the body itself. >> they had improperly moved it illegally to bethesda. >> we didn't want mrs. kennedy sitting there for a long period of time. we wanted to take him back to the nation's capital.
7:42 pm
the secret service, hands on guns, a lot of profanity, physical threats. they forced their way out. >> to call in two people had had never done a gunshot wound case, this is unbelievable. >> the doctor should not have been chosen to do the autopsy. >> dr. humes never identified the exact location of the wounds. >> by the time the autopsy's finished lots of mistakes were made. >> there is a naval photographer who was trained to take autopsy photos, then a secret service person comes up to him and asks him if he has authorize to be there, confiscated the camera, exposes the film and chases him out. they had someone else from secret service who had never taken photos of a dead body and didn't take the right photos. >> in how the documentation of the autopsy was conducted. >> bobby kennedy wanted to protect that president kennedy had addison's disease.
7:43 pm
>> the adrenal glands are not mentioned in the autopsy report. >> he was taking steroids and pain killers. bobby kennedy told his brother jack, who knows what's in this stuff? and kennedy said, i don't care if there's horse piss in this, it makes me feel better. >> adding to the se cressing the warren commission withheld gruesome autopsy photos from evidence. they think the photos were tampered with, but all were authenticated. john orr says he believes something that the panel missed, a circular disk proves kennedy's head shot was not from oswald's rifle. >> the type that oswald was firing does not have a 6.5 millimeter disk. >> what do you think it could be? >> that was just part of the bullet fragment. >> dr. baden still maintains there was only one gunman while dr. wecht believes there was more. >> there was a different kind of
7:44 pm
bullet that has such a circular disk at its base which can then become detached upon impact with the skull. >> the presence of this circular disk removes any doubt as to whether this key about that bullet. all the evidence shows it was a soft nosed or hol o point bullet. >> orr found another piece of evidence that leads to a second shooter. a bone fragment in the president's back. dr. wecht who had never considered a bone fracture agrees. >> you can see a clear defect there at the level of the first thoracic vertebrae. >> orr says after the bullet entered kennedy's back it traveled downward, then hit bone and ricocheted upward. the warren commission said it was always moving downward and never hit bone. but orr says the panel's measurements were wrong. instead he used the dimensions that placed the wound about four ich inches lower. >> the only thing that would deflect it would be something firm and that means the bone.
7:45 pm
>> disagree with that. it was not they can enough to cause any kind of bullet deflection. >> when i was a law student, i concluded that arlen specter had to be lying when he said that the single bullet theory was true. >> andy hepurdy was so sure the was conspiracy he introduced a bill to reopen the case leading to formation of the commission. >> when i looked at the fact of the bodies lined up, the speed, the angle of the bullet. i came to conclude much to my shock, the single bullet theory was possible. >> single bullet theory people said that it was yeahing or tumbling. >> i examined governor connally's back, the bullet went in sideways which indicates it struck something first. >> but orr thinks that testimony from the doctor who treated connally at parkland says there's strong indication that the governor is struck by a completely different bullet. >> he said it was not indicative of a tumbling or yeahing bullet.
7:46 pm
>> the governor's clothes though dry cleaned indicate to orr that connally was shot by another gunman. >> if they re-examine governor connally clothes, what would you be able to prove? >> the punchout holes of the shirt and the coat leading into that back entry wound, they're all completely consistent, typical of a pristine bullet. >> photos prove to orr that the governor's wrist injury was from a third shot through the head, not the magic bullet. >> when i saw the picture of zapruder 312, i drove a line to the governor's wrist and a perfect straight line. the ragle holes were strong confirmation to orr the wrist wound was caused by a tumbling missile. >> a perfect shot to the back of the head. it came from a different shooter from a different building. it exited above the right ear and went straight into the governor's wrist. honely, as much as i love this job, i plan to do a lot re.
7:47 pm
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u. for 50 in the late 1990s the fbi tested some evidence discovered on one of the recovered bullet fragments but suddenly that testing stopped. it opened up blood and everything. >> i think that pretty well expresses the entire feelings of the whole world. >> this is a strange sensation being up here with a camera. >> we asked gary mack to stand where he shot his 26-second film. then when kennedy's limo appeared he followed the car
7:51 pm
staying in the center lane and shots started being fired. how he was able to still filming, i don't know. kodak developed his film. he sold the original to life magazine for $150,000. >> the only complete film of the assassination that existed. life technicians accidentally destroyed frames 208 to 211. >> four frames were damaged that could not be insert into the film. a lot can happen in those missing frames. >> they thought kennedy was first shot between frames 210 and 225. sg you can see kennedy who was wounded and connelly reacting but not necessarily at the same point in time. rarely seen my researchers, we located a secret service copy of the film and 35 millimeter enlargements of the four missing
7:52 pm
frames. >> the four missing frames have been hard to come by. >> he flinched at the sound of the gunshot. a scientist developed a formula. >> the first shot hit at 2:04. >> there's a strong jiggle effect at 2:09. >> the first shot wads aiming for the president's head. he missed it by more than a foot. >> hours later five bullet fragments were discovered from inside the magazine. there was a cracked windshield and a dented chrome bar. >> the fragment went through the president's back, deflected upward exiting his neck and hit the strip above the wind shield. >> at the national archives the bullet fragment that the government said caused the fatal
7:53 pm
head wound. he found some trace evidence still attached to it. >> the justice department said i be detached from a regular job to work with the fbi in setting up this test and helping them carry it out. if the analysis proves correct it would destroy the single bullet theory and confirm a two gunmen theory. >> the fbi objected because i was not impartial. >> the national archives discovered there were fragments of material on the bullet that killed president kennedy. >> dr. michael zimmerman is a pathologist whose specialty is the study of ancient mummies. >> i was called in because the fragments were dried out and
7:54 pm
mummy fied. >> zimmer found something remarkable. >> human skin and some muscle tissue. they could be from literally anywhere in the body. >> while technology can't discover what part of the body the skin came from. dna test can match it to the blood in kennedy's bloclothing. this is one of the criminal tests that was never completed. >> i didn't find any hair. >> could it have come from the wrist of the governor? >> there was never anything wrong with investigating things again and a positive result can lead you someplace else. >> there are things that some of the top dna testing laboratories that are doing today that were not available 20 and 15 years ago. you're talking about key evidence that absolutely should be reevaluated at this time. dna, remember has no temporal death, testing could be done.
7:55 pm
>> we showed a 1996 memo. it suggested a battery of tests including fiber analysis. >> all these other test, i don't think they were ordered by the fbi, at least not from my reading of the report. >> we asked the fbi for a comment about the test and they respond. it would not be appropriate for the fbi to revisit the results of forensic examines on the kennedy case. further the fbi has no additional material. >> i expected that material to be tested and analyzed if they could isolate what the white cotton fibers were and the miscellaneous fibers were and what the black speck was. >> our investigation found this bullet work sheet admit frd the final report in 1979. it refers to the same fiberous material on the same fragment
7:56 pm
and recommended further analysis. >> in 2013, the level of testing we have now is so further advanced than we ever had. would you be opposed to further testing? >> no i wouldn't. it would be interesting to see what the findings are. not just the skin by the muscle tissue on the slide. nose fragments of tissue can yield very useful dna. >> they found small black particles that may be ammunition residue. why not complete that testing in. >> i agree with what you say. a lot can be learned. i don't think anybody that can be learned will satisfy all the different theories. >> congress passed a jfk act in 1992 so americans could have access to some five million government pages. it also requires all assassination records to go
7:57 pm
public by the year 2017 unless they jeopardize national security. from the museum in washington, d.c., thanks for watching. good night. how mu protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at
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. this is geraldo rivera, reporting live on the crime of the century, the murder of our reporting live on the crime of the century, the murder of our 35th president. >> do something. as the 50th anniversary of the assassination approach, movies, documentaries fuel the skeptics. >> the records do document the a'


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