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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 19, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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facebook page. i'm gretchen karlson. thank you for joining me for "the real story." shepard smith now live. >> new word the white house found out about the problems of the obamacare web site. did staffers get a warning months in advance? >> we have a stunning new report how much of our tax dollars are squandered and accusations of staffers cooking the books at the pentagon. >> y afternoon from the fox news deck where we are in the middle of breaking news. police are about to hold a news conference following a bloody crime involving a virginia state senator. we learned somebody stabbed that state nor. creigh deeds in the body and neck and his son died at the scene. and word that the son was
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evaluated for mental problems and released because the facility did not have room for him. that's according to the richmond times dispatch newspaper. we are hoping police will define that report at a nut conference tsunami. police say this went down this morning inside the lawmaker's home in virginia. creigh deeds is a democrat who unsuccessfully ran for good four years ago. police say this morning he managed to walk away from the stabbing at his own home. he went to a road and flagged down a motorist who happened to be his cousins. they went to the cousin's home and called 9-1-1. senator deeds is now in the hospital in critical condition. police report they went to the senator's home and found his son, shot and that the son later died. this image here shows -- well, actually, this shows the senator with deeds and his son, back in the day when they were running for -- when they were campaigning for governor.
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the son withdrew last month from women and mary college. doug, what's the latest there? >> reporter: we're expecting that the police press conference to get underway at 3:30. they moved it back a half hour. at an earlier briefing the state police offered basically the simple details of this case. that creigh deeds is at the university of virginia medical center with multiple stab wounds on the head and upper torso, and his son, gus, is dead at the family home, dead from a gunshot wound. here's a state police spokesperson. >> senator deeds' son, gus deeds, age 24, was found inside the residence. suffering from life-threatening injury from a gunshot wound and died at the scene. >> creigh deeds has been a for
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mettable figure in democratic politics. be lost in a run for attorney general in 2005, and then lost in 2009 in a run for governor. after the 2009 race creigh deeds divorced hides walk, and it was called the casualty of a pursuit of a life-long amibition that kept him from home. the son, gus, was apparently a handful to his father. one fellow state senator described the situation as his father exercising a herculean effort to keep his son in line. we know that gus was extremely smart. he was on the dean's list at william and mary, spoke three languages, english, spanish, arabic as well. william and mary issued a statement: gus was a graduate of bath county high school and was enrolled in william and mary the following year.
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a music major. gus had withdrawn from the university this semester and was not enrolled at the time of his death. now, fox news has confirmed that yet, monday, deeds was sent to the rock bridge county community services board for a psychiatric evaluation, or eco, emergency custody order. it allows hum to be evaluated over a four-hour period to determine whether he needs to be held over a longer duration, 72 hours. but there were no psychiatric beds available at the facility and he was released, and now we know the rest of the story. back to you. >> thanks very much. we know what it looks like. it's as obvious as the nose on your face. but what it looks like and what it is could be two different things and that's the reason we're waiting for police to hold the news conference moments from now, before drawing any conclusions about what may have happened. creigh deeds, a state senator, critical in the hospital. the son found dead on the floor of his own home, and a gun
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there. we're told, which may have taken the life of his son. so that news conference coming up out of virginia just minutes from now. we'll have live coverage here on fox news channel. while we wait, the white house knew about the obamacare web site being a mess six months before the site went live, according to documents the congressional committee made public. the report comes from a private consulting firm in charge of identifying problems before the rollout. at the end of march it warnedded that had not gone through enough testing, and also indicated that the government relied too much on outside contractors. well, we can tell you further, we didn't hear a thing about any of that during a hearing later -- less than a month ago -- later, but back in april, the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius did not tell lawmakers about the problems in that report. that came up in another hearing today on capitol hill.
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>> on april 18th, secretary sebelius testified in this very room, we have the federal hub on track and on time. i can tell you, we are on track. those are her words. but we now to the that the secretary's testimony did not match whats was happening behind the scenes. >> for its part the white house says it was aware of problems with the web site but had no clue how bad things really were. >> the president was as we said, got regular brief examination was told there were problems that were being addressed and that upon launch, there would be glitches and problems but that certainly we never expected -- he was certainly not told, and nobody here was told. >> in the meantime, the polls show more and more americans are fed up with the whole thing. opposition to obamacare has hit an all-time high of 57%, according to the "washington post" and abc news poll. the problems seem to be hurting the president. for the first time in his presidency 53% of americans say
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president obama is not a strong leader. also, the poll finds a record 50% of people say that the president is not honest and trustworthy. credibility problem is clearly developing. mike emanuel with the news and is live this afternoon on capitol hill. is there an official explanation why they did not put all of this on hold given the problems about which they were clearly warned. >> reporter: the impression is that october 1st was the gate and all systems needed to go. the one company said the launch of the web site could be a plane crash on takeoff and was asked about that today. >> when were you first concerned the administration would not be read you october 1 nor the start of the open enrollment? >> i never thought that. >> but you made a comment you didn't want this to be plane crash. >> well, you're referring to the
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e-mail -- >> yes. >> exchange i had -- >> yes. certainly that e-mail didn't say, everything is going fine, congratulations, team. so you must have had some awareness that some problems existed. >> mr. which chao did not want to make a bad situation any worse by his rhetoric today. >> engineers are still building part of that web site, a big part of it. >> reporter: that's right. at one point henry chao said 602070% of the web site still needed to be built, and then later a leading democrat gave him chance to clarify. >> someone asked you the question -- made the assertion that 60% of the site was not working. but i'm told that's not really accurate. it's really about 30% that is not working and most of that is the back end, which is the payment to insurance companies, so that's not necessarily the part that has to be working at this moment. is that correct? >> that's not working. it's still being developed and tested. >> okay.
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>> reporter: a bit of good news for the administration is "the new york times" reports that enrollments on the federal web site since october have nearly doubled. it's been a bruising stretch for the administration, but look for good news wherever they can find it. >> for sure, mike emanuel at the rotunda that's afternoon. thank you very much. there's word the problems with might be worse than error messages and long waits. one security expert is warping lawmakers there is a critical risk of hackers accessing people's private information. the white house says the site has stringent security standards to protect people's privacy. peter is live in d.c. do we know how -- we know it's been targeted by hackers. but do we know hough often? >> reporter: yeah. a lot. the feds are only admitting to slightly more than a dozen cyberattacks, but a hacker we heard from yesterday who hacks for good and not evil, believes that number is way low and the
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government should know better. >> the talk that this attack is only happened 16 times is not possible. the attacks that happened are so frequently used and so frequently done that it means they're not much detection capables on >> one way the hacker, david kennedy, detected such a high volume of attacks, he type a semi colon into the search bar and it revealed several searches he recognized as common ways for hackers to insert malicious code. >> the idea was to have everything fixed by the end of the month. does that include the security concerns? >> that would include those concerns, but there's no chance that's going to happen if you ask the four witnesses who testified today. three of them recommended the site should come down completely so security can be built into the foundation of the site. >> it would be unwise to underestimate our adversaries in cyberspace. they're smart, creative.
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they will look for seams to exploit. they'll change the rules and, importantly, they will be patient. >> another witness, morgan wright, compared cyberattackers hitting to bank robbers. he said nobody ever robbed a bank while it was being built. they waited until the money was inside. >> peter, thank you. even after the obamacare web site launched officials reportedly could not tell just how bad hi it was --- -- badly it was performing. according to the "washington post" they didn't develop a test for its performance until after its law enforcement more fallout from rollout. and a news conference for creigh deeds in a hospital, his son shot and killed, and now we know the son had tried to check into a mental health facility the day
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before, but according to the reporting of fox news out of washington, there weren't enough beds. the police well straighten all of this out for you, we trust, shortly, and we'll have live coverage, this is shepard smith reporting.
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14 minutes past the hour. word of even more headaches for the white house as we learn that officials did not develop a system to evaluate the obamacare performance until weeks after it
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launched. "washington post" is reporting the obama administration waited until late october to put the performance tests in place, that was after the web site's rollout, after users were seeing error messages. the facts as you have gathered while reporting this story, elise, does it sound like there was a lot of warning? >> there wasn't a lot of warning, and frankly the obama administration struggled in the weeks leading up to the rollout to find an accurate testing system that would enable them to eventually uncover the problems. and there was a report out from a private consulting firm in april that shows that sebelius knew about the problems in the spring, which is incredible given they had the entire summer to repair them and hit the october 1st deadlinesive so many flaws on the web site.
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>> does your reporting indicate that all the warnings didn't make their way to the top? that they were ignored, or something else? >> the indication is that there is a huge amount of miscommunication and lack of communication, frankly, between hhs and the white house, which is a question i believe president obama is going to have to answer in the coming weeks, particularly if this web site is not working by november 30th, which is the self-imposed deadline that the administration has set. >> they are telling us that they're largely getting things fixed. does your reporting indicate that's accurate? >> they're get something things fixed. there's no question about it. when i log on to the web site myself it shows great improvement. but we found out today when one of the key implementation officials testified about house lawmakers there are certain systems in the web site that are still not prepared, still in the process of constructing them, let alone testing them, and having users field-test them in
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real-time. one of these systems is the one that would pay insurance companies for the coverage, and that is a crucial system in order for this to work. so, i think that there's still a lot of explaining to do on the part of the administration about the tasks that lie ahead. >> many lawmakers and americans would agree with you. elise from the hill. thank you. >> thanks, shep. >> just into the fox news deck. the skier lindsey vann has crashed during a practice run. she is a former gold medalist and getting over a knee injury but she had been vowing to win another medal next year at the winter games. she crashed. how bad? we don't know, but we'll have a breaking news update next. >> george zimmerman, back in front of a judge today, faces charges he pulled a gun on his new girlfriend. and will have a live update.
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we're waiting for a state news conference regarding state senator creigh deeds. he is now in the hospital, critical. his son found in his own home, shot and killed. now questions about his mental stability and what may have precede all of this. police to hold a live news conference, scheduled in the next 12 minutes. live coverage from the fox news deck. hey mom. yeah? we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes! well, i found this new thing called...
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a fox urgent now. fox news now confirmed that the olympic champion lindsey vonn crashed while training in colorado. she is getting an mri on her knee. she hurt her right knee in a crash at the world championships back in february. here you can see her in the airlift after that incident.
12:22 pm
lindsey vonn was expected to return for her first races this coming thanksgiving weekend. trace gallagher with the later on this in los angeles. do we know how bad this is, trace? >> reporter: we don't yet, shep, because she's getting an mri. she was taken off the mountain on a sled some was carried to a vehicle. the race you mentioned she is training for is the world cup, which she has won four different times. this happened at copper mountain. he ski team coach says, i'm quoting, we have no reason to believe it's anything significant right now. but she is undergoing an mri, and no word if it's the left or right knee in february she blew the acl and mcl on her right knee and also broke her lower leg, she is getting ready for the olympic games which begin in sochi in february. this is not going to help that. no word how significant the injury is. as soon as we get more information we'll bring it to
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you. >> thanks. george zimmerman back inside a florida courtroom after a pair of dueling 9-1-1 calls with his girlfriend. george zimmerman, of course, the one-time murder suspect, now faces assault and battery charges. he was a murder suspect about is certainly a killer. he killed trayvon martin. that's not in dispute. then deputies arrested him after his girlfriend told police he point ate shotgun at her, and he choked her but she didn't report it at that time a week ago. zimmerman made his own 9-1-1 call to say he at any time point the weapon at anybody. in fact the cops were at the house and she called more cops so he could, quote, let the world know the truth. he was ordered to wear monitoring device and can't have any guns or ammunition and can't get anywhere near the girlfriend. the officials had reinstated his
12:24 pm
reps permit after a jerry acquitted him of -- a jury acquitted him of the murder of trayvon martin. since then he has had a couple of run-ins with the law. he was pulled over for speeding in july. whenever you want to use this thing it doesn't work. now it will -- i think i can do it like this. watch this -- no. big board on the wall is not working. do we have a wall surgeon? let's see. now to be able to do this. look at that. july 28th, -- back in september, police in florida ticketed him for the same thing. this is a traffic ticket. there's an endless supply of these. then september 9th, after he had problem with his then estranged wife. this is september 9th. she claimed zimmerman threatened her with a gun. police did not file any charms
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and this is the new book shot from yesterday from the fight with the girlfriend, who i guess is now the ex-girlfriend. phil keeting is outside the courthouse. they're used to seeing him out there. >> reporter: been a year since he was locked back up here at the jail, for violating the bond back on the trayvon martin case. he is back locked up. definitely not getting out of jail tonight. won't be boned out -- bonded out until tomorrow at the earliest because of the tracking conditions they had to establish a house where he is going to live and had to establish a land line so he can be tracked and all of that takes time. also, per the judge today, the zimmerman will not be able to return to his ex-girlfriend's house. he'll have to have somebody else go back to get his car, which is still parked there, as well as his clothes, and according to zimmerman's brother she is an
12:26 pm
old family friend, used to live next door to the brothers of after zimmerman's acquittal for killing trayvon martin, he separated with his wife and then moved in with shaw, until everything blew up yesterday. >> just four months after zimmerman walked out of the courthouse next door a free man, he is back in isolation. has no job, no home no money, relying on his new public defenders and his next court date is january. >> phil, we put up the picture of the girlfriend or girlfriend as of yesterday, anyway, and i wonder if anybody talked to her? i would ask her, i think one of my first questions would be, you
12:27 pm
heard he shot and killed a guy. right? and there have been other things since then. what are you doing cohabitating with him in the first place. that would be one of my questions. >> we did contact her mother theirs morning, and she didn't want to say too much other than that sometimes good people get caught up in bad situations. samantha shibe, 27 years old and she was spotted at the dustup in september when zimmerman allegedly punched his father-in-law and smashed a laptop, to the ipad of his soon to be ex-wife in pieces. no charge. s from that. samantha claimed he tried to choke her about a week and a half ago but she never told the police, so the judge today did not factor that into the bond arrangement. as for whether he is suicidal, this attorneys say they do not agree with that assessment, nor believe he is an unstable high
12:28 pm
profile person at the owned his rope. >> i definitely would not characterize hi client as a loose cannon. he is presumed innocent on these matters and we're confident he will be acquitted. >> reporter: a lot of people in florida today commenting on four months now of zimmerman back in the news, saying one thing he ising too for certain, he is actually making that other high profile murder defendant in florida look good. casey anthony. and that's hard to do, shep. >> backing up just a second. we know he shot and killed a kid, and then a week and a half ago she claims he tried to choke her, but she didn't tell anybody, and then yesterday he held a gun up at her. >> the 9-1-1 dispatcher was talking to her yesterday she was well aware as clearly who george zimmerman is. all nine one one phone calls are recorded and are played all over the orlando television news market, and she actually decline to get into further details
12:29 pm
whether they had been having any problems domestically in their household so that was certainly a new revelation to come out of that in the courtroom today. >> phil is live for us in sanford, florida. an incredible turn of events there we'll get back. just gotten word that senator creigh deeds' condition has changed and we'll get details of that from the hospital. i don't know what the change is. i can hope it's better. we're waiting for the news conference from the authorities. we know his son was shot and killed inside the state senator's home, and there's a lot of questions about the young son's many health prior to his death. hopefully we'll have new information in just a moment, and we'll have the new condition of the senator right after this.
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>> the senator's condition has been upgraded. he was in critical condition after being stabbed in the head and chest. he left his home flagged down a motorist, who turned out to be his cousin, and they called for help. the is now listed as fair. the rest of the story is murky. the authorities found his young son, shot to death -- or shot inside the senator's home, we know that according to authorities he later died of the gunshot wound. there is widespread speculation that it may have been a self-inflicted wound and he was the attacker. we're waiting for authorities to give us any information because we do not know. the news conference is coming up live as it happens. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options.
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then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. >> the investigation is still ongoing, 7:25 tuesday, virginia state police troopers and sheriff's deputies responsibled to a 9-1-1 call at a's at 26 vineyard drive in the community of millboro in bath county.
12:34 pm
during the course of the investigation, state police determined that senator deeds and his son, austin deeds, who also went by gus, 24 years of age, had an altercation at the deeds residence. deeds was stabbed multiple times about the head and upper torso. deeds was able to leave the scene on foot and as he was coming down the hill of his residence he encountered a cousin who lives nearby. the cousin stopped and pick up senator deeds and drove him to his residence, where rescue responded to that residence. and attended to the senator. senator deeds was transported by ambulance to a nearby farm, which a helicopter was able to land and transport the senator to the university of virginia medical center for treatment. the senator is still at the hospital at this time. just received an update about 40 minutes ago, and he is listed in fair condition.
12:35 pm
>> his son gus deeds was found inside the residence, suffering from life-threatening injuries associated with a gunshot wound, and despite the troopers and first responders' efforts he did die at the scene. his remains were transported later today to the office of the medical examineer in roanoke for autopsy and examination. the investigation is still ongoing. we have investigators there at the scene for a couple more hours as they push forward with the investigation. obviously the motive, the absolute circumstances surrounding what led up to the altercation, is still very much the focus of this investigation, and we'll continue with the assistance of the bath county sheriff's office. i'd also like to mention the deeds family has asked us to pass along their request to honor their privacy during this difficult time. they do not want to be contacted
12:36 pm
by any media, as you can imagine. they're having to deal with -- a lot to deal with right now and we ask that you do abide by the family's request. at this time i will take some questions. >> can you tell us whether or not there was an altercation -- whether it was the gunshot wound was self-inflicted and, two, physically, if gus stabbed senator deeds? can you be specific? the altercation and the -- >> as i said we're still piecing together the exact -- we're still piecing together the exact circumstances that led up to the altercation and then followed afterwards, but based on the evidence we have right now we're looking at this as an attempted murder and suicide. this is not an absolute determination because it's still very much an ongoing investigation but we're looking at that at this point. 0. >> the mental evaluation he had on monday.
12:37 pm
>> as you know state law prohibits confirm make or denial of this. so we can neither confirm nor deny. >> do you know what kind of weapon was used to stab senator deeds. >> a weapon has been recovered at the scene but we're not releasing what type. >> have the police if been to his residence before for -- >> i don't know. i haven't had a chance to touch base with the sheriffses who would have received the 9-1-1 calls. if you dial 9-1-1 it goes directly to the sheriff's office. and then they requested our response to the scene. so i don't know if they've been called to that residence before or not. >> when you say torso, you mean -- >> the upper torso. i can't get anymore specifics about the injuries do to hipaa. >> before or after -- >> we're not commenting on that exact sequence. we're still just a matter of
12:38 pm
hours into this and still piecing the exact sequence of events and will have more information later on as we're able to piece together the evidence. >> who made the 9-1-1 call? >> -- investigators -- any indication as to what he said and had they been communicating all thought the day? >> this morning he was able to talk with our investigators, able to provide some statements and so forth, but anything else i just don't know. >> can you tell us now who did make the 9-1-1 call? >> actually i've been trying to piece that together and get in touch. our investigators are busy at this point so i have not been able to contact them. they're looking into it. they have that information but i don't have it right now to release. >> whether anyone was in the house -- >> no one else in the residence at the time of the altercation. >> any other suspects? >> no. >> dennis cropper, who heads up the rockridge mental -- he was taken for an eco yesterday and
12:39 pm
was released after four hours. apparently there were no psychiatric beds. can you confirm that. >> state law prohibits us from acknowledging any kind of emergency detention order or temporary detention order. it's considered confidential and we can neither confirm or deny. >> broken the lie by stating that publicly to a newspaper? >> i have no idea. >> walking drown the driveway and find his cousin, pure luck? >> i don't know if it was or not. from what understand dish talked to our first sergeant and folks at the scene. the residence is you'vely 75 yas from route 42. you can't really see the residence from the roadway. so it is -- again, it's a hill. he came down a hill, and that's where he was spotted by the cousin, who lives in a nearby farm. >> what was the name of the cousin? >> i don't have that information. we wouldn't release that anyway.
12:40 pm
>> believe that this was -- you say you're looking at it as a possible attempted murder. >> yes. >> is there anything that leads you to believe that this was planned or that this attempted murder sort of came out of that altercation right there? >> the very same questions our investigators are looking into and trying to piece together based on the evidence they're collecting today at the scene. >> while you're not releasing the -- what he was stabbed with, what is the purpose of not saying what that weapon was? >> i just -- i just forgot to ask the investigators for the most part. we have had a lot of information i've been trying to piece together to provide you with the latest information, and the concentration is piecing together what happened here. i actually don't have that information. >> senator deeds aware of what happened to his son? >> i don't know. i haven't been to the hospital. i don't know what kind of conversations that have taken place between him and his family or our investigators and so forth. i've not been privy to those
12:41 pm
conversations. >> any previous incidents similar to this or calls for police services at the home -- >> i think i answered that a few minutes ago. i don't know. you have contact the sheriff's office. >> vineyard drive -- >> that's senator deeds' residence, and he lived there with current wife and son gus. >> she is giving the most direct and thorough news conference. i wish she would do all news conferences from now on. we have some clarity now and the picture is not a pretty one. police are describing it to us as this. a father and son, a father who happens to be a state senator, get interest some sort of disagreement, there's an altercation. the father is stabbed multiple times in the head and chest. the father guess down the hill, finds, by chance, it sounds
12:42 pm
like -- his cousin, the cousin takes him to his home and calls 9-1-1. and sometime between then and when the police arrive at the home where he was stabbed, shot rang out and a young college age man fell to the ground when the cops got and the medics arrived. he was still alive but was pronounced dead a short time thereafter. so, there was some sort of altercation. they're investigating this as a possible murder-suicide. or -- attempted murder and suicide. andrew kane is a politics editor for to the richmond times dispatch newspaper and is on the line with us. andrew, anymore you can fill in for us here? >> our reporters are on top of this today and there's another aspect to this story, the mental health suspect. gus deeds had been released monday following a mental health evacuation that was]éñ
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
about the way we provide mental health and the times when we don't and the rope highs reasons
12:47 pm
why we don't. heart goes out to the family and you wonder, why can't we get this stuff right as a society? >> you know, yeah, shep. i think it was the richmond times dispatch used the phrase there were no psychiatric beds available across a wide swath of western virginia. that's a real indictment of the mental health system, if that was the case. and it's an issue that goes back quite some time, dating back to the massacre at virginia tech when there was great consternation to access to mental health records and and that lens itself to further discussions about the availability of mental health care. apparently we have not made a lot of progress as virginia tech investigates. >> not enough progress.
12:48 pm
doug, thank you so much. health care and mental health care. the president speaking of the former as he delivers remarks and answer questions at the "wall street journal" ceo council annual meeting. it's at the four seasons hotel in washington. he is taking questions and right now talking healthcare. let's listen. >> 12 million people visit the site. the demand is there. there are 41 million people who don't have health insurance. the folks in the individual market, many of them are going to get a much better deal in the market places, and so we have just got to keep on improving the customer experience, and make sure that we're fending off efforts -- not to fix the problem, because if somebody wants to help us fix it, i'm all game, but fending off efforts to undermine it. >> let me turn the broader issue of economy. we seem to be stuck in an economic growth pattern of okay but not great growth.
12:49 pm
your friend, larry summers was her today and said one of the problems is the system can't do one. can't cut deficits and spur growth. need to do one or the other right now. >> "the wall street journal" interviewing the president. they moved on from conversations about health care to conversations about the economy. this will be wide-ranging. i'm confident brett will have coverage tonight. >> the news of the moment is coming to us out of charlottesville, where the best news we can report to you at this moment is that congressman creigh -- excuse me -- commonwealth senator creigh deeds, his condition has been -- is now fair. and he is talking and they're trying to figure out what in the world happened and how it happened. after all, we can surmise that when he walked down the hill looking for help, that his son
12:50 pm
was still okay. the authorities couldn't give us a definitive timeline, but that is our assumption because the belief is that had his son been shot prior to creigh deeds walking down the hill, creigh deeds' priority would have been, get somebody up there to my son and that is now how this went down. and this is a very sad day in charlottesville. we'll have more of this. sound for malfunctioning printer ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. [ metal clanks ] ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? [ gears whirring ] talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help
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seven minutes before the hour. and the crack-smoking mayor of toronto, ontario, rob ford, debuted his own television show, and look how it began. >> the fool. the dolt. >> i'm not an alcoholic. i'm not a drug addict.
12:54 pm
>> have not been drink. >> haven't touched a drop of alcohol in a week. >> quote, we're in the age of reality tv and it doesn't get more real than the fords. so true. >> of course, a clip of some of our coverage of mayor ford. he is clearly enjoying it. just a short time before this tv show premiered city lawmakers stripped him of most of his powers. the mayor went so far as to declare war on his critics during his next year's elections. he said his political comeback will be a dry one. >> you're done with alcohol. >> finished. >> never drink again. >> finished. you know, a come to jesus moment if you want dual it that. >> the moment came from what he called being humiliated and belittleled. john roberts is here with the rest of the story. >> shep, as we heard many, many
12:55 pm
times, rob ford denied the need for rehab, but certainly his image is in crucial need of rehabilitation. even yesterday during the city council meeting, as they were voting to strip him of powers, he made hadlines when he ran head long into a colleague, bowling her over, as he was rushing to help his brother fend off a protester. his opening salvo is to fighter fire -- fight fire with fire, and dog everything he can to bury his foes next year. >> this is nothing more than a coup d'etat. and if you don't know what coup d'etat means, it means you're overruling a government, and some people said this is democracy. what is happening here today is not a democratic protest. this is a dictatorship process. >> the mayor is trying to convince people he has changed his ways, saying he hasn't
12:56 pm
smoked crack in over a year and hasn't had a drink in more than three weeks. >> there had been a lot of sympathy for him. does it still exist in. >> certainly amongst hi political foes but some people think it -- the king could be dead after this. >> john roberts is live this afternoon. thank you. we'll be right back. amin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. was a truly amazing day.ey, to support cell health. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today at
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well, for george zimmerman, a bad, bad, bad day just got worsement confirmed by the new attorney's office, divorce papers served to george zimmerman in jail. that's a mug shot or the booking shot from yesterday. he has this new girlfriend, we whom he had been cohabitating and with whom he apparently had a fight. there's in the new girlfriend. but the wife from whom he is
1:00 pm
estranged after report office an altercation between them, served him divorce papers in jail. george zimmerman, reality setting in. i'm shepard smith. we'veing break out when news breaks in. >> forget the white house saying that fewer than five percent of americans are having healthcare law issues, a regard 55% are having barack obama issues. that's how many disapprove of the president in the latest "washington post" abc news poll. that's a record. but it ain't even close to the 63% who disapprove of the implementation of the healthcare law. that is -- welcome everybody. this is "your world." the president says the fix is coming and things will get better. what it troubling the news we're learning how bad this oadministration knew this would be but was not sharing. a


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