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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 20, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> he was wonderful, yeah. and the good news was i lived around the corner and when a guest didn't show up, they called me. >> she's going to be in our after the show show. so log on right now and we'll see you back here tomorrow. bye-bye. bill: is obamacare on the verge of collapse. that's the question after bombshell testimony that the website isn't even finished. >> i think it's just an approximation, we are probably sitting between 60-70%. >> that need to be built? >> we still need to build the
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payment section. bill: he later clarified up to 40% has to be built. martha: just the payment part. new evidence that obamacare is taking some hits in the court of public opinion. cbs news poll only 31% of americans approve of the law. bill: what is the state of play today? >> it's a rolling collapse. up to 40 per of the website not built. you are at rise can you already enrolled because your public for us out there and it's a hacker's paradise. hidden within the obamacare legislation is the news that we
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the taxpayer will be subsidizing health insurers if they don't make enough money. add it all together it's a political crisis for the president and his signature legislation, obamacare is what i would say is a rolling collapse. bill: what are you finding that could make this even more expensive? >> young people are not enrolling. they can't enroll and they don't want to enroll therefore premiums are going up. the price goes up, the spubs difficulties go up. obamacare is hurting the economy and will be hurting the holiday season.
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bill: the indecision? >> the chaos and the facts we all know -- most people will be paying a lot more for their healthcare going forward. that takes dollars out of the economy that might otherwise be spent at the walmarts of this world. bill: that matches what walmart said. >> this is not going to be a good holiday accept and obamacare is partly to blame. martha: republicans should share if that blame for the troubled rollout. one side is quote invested in failure. he he that's a real problem with the whole thing.
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florida nor will respond to that comment in just a few minutes. bill: four hackers telling a house panel that the site is not safe period and should be taken down and started from scratch. the white house says it has been hit with 16 cyber attacks but experts say that number is low. >> there is not detection capability on bill: he was staying silent so he did not give anything away to the bad guys. would you trust the website with your personal information based on what you know today? and will your opinion change in
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time? @martha maccam up and@bill hemmer. martha: he grilled kathleen sebelius on the holes he saw in terms of putting in your information and he seems to be right. >> when the experts come on in front of that committee and say get down. better to start over. martha: shocking information that a crucial jobs report was manipulated to make president obama look good just before the election. the unemployment rate went from 8.1 to 7.8. it was a huge boost at the time for the president because it
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looked like the jobs market was starting to turn around. some people believed it did in the ensuing month. it became a major talking point throughout the 30 days of the campaign. >> this morning we found out the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. after losing 800,000 jobs a month when i took office. our businesses added 5.2 million new jobs the past two years. friday we found out the unemployment rate has fallen from 8.2% to 7.8%, the lowest since i took office. we created jobs and we are making progress. march report census bureau asked the inspector general to look into these allegations. here is chairman darrell issa.
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>> we want to know if there is a problem at census. that problem is serious if the controls aren't there to make sure there us a check and balance, we take responsibilities for the 10-year census and month after month those numbers are critical to our economy and a ripple effect to the rest of the world. we'll investigate it and get to the bottom of it, if it go like so many other investigations, jay carney at the end of the day will be wrong. steve hayes, a fox news contributor, good morning. >> there are two investigation. there is evidence that that jobs support was manipulated.
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julius buckman who worked at census bureau admitted to fabricating data. he he he was instructed by superiors to fabricate the data to fill in some gaps. those are serious charges that need to be looked into. martha: jack welch tweeted that that couldn't possibly be true. now it's looking like he might have been right. >> we talked about it here and on special report. it seems to be an anomalous jobs
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report. nobody could come up with a good explanation at the time. i think we are a long way before concluded something like that did happen. it's interesting that this columnist at the post is willing to talk to congress about it and willing to share that information. it certainly deserves further investigation. martha: steve, thank you very much. bill: a congressman appearing in court facing charges of cocaine possession. elizabeth is live in washington. >> reporter: days arraignment
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day for tre radel. the documents charge he unlawfully, knowingly and intentionally processed cocaine. he said he struggles with alcoholism and intend to seek health. it ride in part i'm profoundly sorry to let down my family, particularly my wife and son and the people of southwest florida. however, this offers me an opportunity to see counseling. i know i have a problem and i will do everything i can to overcome it. a spokesman for house speaker john boehner says the incident is between he and his family and his constituent but members of congress should be held to the highest standard.
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he was set up in a sting. there was a sale set up for october 29 and radel purchased cocaine from the dealer and the agent at that time. martha: a little known detail that was written into obamacare. we are finding out what's in it now. senator marco rubio is trying to make sure taxpayers don't get stuck with a bailout of the insurance companies. bill: stunning report that president obama plans to write a letter admitting mistakes in afghanistan. what's this all about? is the president caving to pressure? martha: a florida judge is
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martha: it was back in court for george zimmerman. he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend with a gun. he was grand carrying any weapons or leaving the state of florida. >> do you have a question about any of these rights, mr. zimmerman? >> no, your honor. >> do you understand all these rights? >> yes, your honor. martha: next court appearance is scheduled for january 7. bill: a new security deal with
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afghanistan said to include the president writing a letter admitting his mistakes. according to reuters it will be given to afghani leaders next week. general bob scales, a former defense department analyst. and kt mcfarland. >> get off your knees and stand tall. we have spend 12 years. we have tens of thousands of americans who have died. we built schools, roads, we trained their military, we helped them write a constitution. once we get of tank and airplane
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and helicopter out of afghanistan. the guy on the last helicopter will be karzai with their bags filled with gold stolen from us. bill: bob scales what do you think of k.t.'s point there? >> i agree, we have done so much for the afghans. karzai himself would probably be dead if we were not there. the last lily pad of american forces in the midst of islam are the american bases in afghanistan. are they important to karzai? of course they are. but they are far more important to us. because if we don't have some presence in the region that can keep al qaeda out of their ancestral homeland and nudge up against iran as they begin to develop nuclear weapons then we
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lose our last gee governorric element -- bill: you are saying we have to do whatever it takes in our national letter. >> i don't want the president to roll over and play dead on this. there are on the per ways we can tell the -- there are other ways we can tell the afghans ... bill: maybe that's not good enough for karzai. >> we need to be there to make sure the taliban doesn't come back. we have been rinsing to that excuse for 12 years. the taliban will be there the nano second we leave. the united states has no vital american interest in afghanistan. would it be nice if afghanistan was our friend, yes. that's not in america's national security. bill: ben rose said it would not
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involve an apology. >> bob were do you believe that? >> i don't care. i don't want to make the same mistake in afghanistan that we made in iraq. look at that country. without american presence, without a rock presence it has sunk to the depths of civil war. and afghanistan is more centrally located. if we are going to have some type of influence in this region making atom bombs and training and generating terrorists, sort of the heartland -- bill: his point is go ahead and do whatever it takes 12 years down the road. >> do you think that's going to win any friend? usama bin laden said you have a
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choice been the weak horse and strong horse people will always choose the strong horse. if president obama is on his knees he does not look like a strong horse. bill: 20 past, martha. martha: president obama saying republicans need to step up and take some of the blame for what's going on with obamacare. senator marco rubio joins us next. bill: more bad news for that crack-smoking mayor. what are * just told a reporter about the future of his television show.
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bill: tough break for toronto's crack choking rob ford. >> i don't want to do this. i know lawyers, doctors, everybody who has a good time. >> let them go on it and see who comes forward and who doesn't. bill: network executives cite resources as the reason. in the world of television you have got to win it. the hits just come coming for the crack-smoking mayor.
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martha: a major ruling by the supreme court deciding to uphold the controversial law in texas that puts major restrictions on abortions. the law stand for now but this one is far from over. >> reporter: the supreme court said this law can stay in effect as the appeals process moves forward. planned parenthood brought the case to the supreme court in an emergency application in part because the law requires that abortion doctors have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their clinic in case the patient needs to be taken to the hospital after an abortion procedure. one-third of abortion clinics have been closed because of this part of the law. to say women perry praised the
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are better protected from shoddy abortion providers operating in poor conditions. but coast appeals will hear the court in january. martha: there is another case on abortion in new mexico. martha: it in the city of albuquerque. voters rejected a motion that would have banned abortion after a woman was five months pregnant unless it was to stave the life of the mother. the supporters says americans believe the personal healthcare decisions of women belong in the hand of the individuals affected and the medical professionals who serve them. albuquerque is home to a
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southwestern women's clinic which is one of the few clinics in the up s. that perform late-term abortions after five months. bill: former president george bush and the first lady popping up on jay leno. a newly found talent. martha: president obama laying partial blame for the botched healthcare rollout on republicans. he says the gop is invested in failure. we'll talk to marco rubio about that comment coming up next. >> it's nobody's fault on the republican side that the exchange website isn't working. it's nobody's fault on the republican side that millions are in fair of losing their coverage. chuy spicy chicken quesadilla soup. she gives me chunky before every game.
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bill: creigh deeds in fair condition. he was allegedly attacked by his own son before taking his own life. >> there is a lot of the forensic and ballistic evidence that has to be tested. there is a lot of the work that has to be done. bill: friend of the family say
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gus, age 24, had a history of mental problems. we have a report on what police know today and how people in that community are reacting to this tragedy. martha: president obama saying he thinks republicans should share in the obamacare rollout debacle. here is part of what he said. >> we should have anticipated that would create a rockier rollout than if democrats and republicans were both invested in success. one of the problems we have had is one side of capitol hill is invested in failure and that makes, i think, the kind of process of fixing glitches as they couple and fine-tuning the law more alcohol edging. but i'm optimistic we can get it fixed. martha: florida senator marco
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rubio. you heard what the president said. he thinks you and those on your side are up vested in failure and you are going to make fixing this very hard. >> that's one of the silliest things i have heard. it's nobodiles fault on the republican side that the website isn't working or people are in fear of losing their coverage or that it's going in the direction it's going. it's the way it was designed. it's going to fail because the design doesn't work. in fact what we pointed to over and over again for years is how this law was not just destined to fail but destined to hurt people. now it's happening and he doesn't want anyone to say i told you so. martha: there are those who think the president wants it to fail because he wants a single pair plan. even though he knew the website was in trouble which we know the white house was aware of before it rolled out despite the fact
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the path said he wasn't aware of it. what he wanted was to go to the single pair model. >> if you think obamacare is a mess, wait until you see single pair. @if the government becomes the only pair you will have a massive government run program that will have all the problems that massive government always brings with it, fraud, mismanagement, waste, lack of responsiveness. if that's his plan they have some surprises coming. i don't think that's anything the american people would come close to supporting. martha: there is evidence more people are signing up on the state exchanges. they are vastly lowered expectations. but last night i heard you on with bill o'reilly and you said give it 8 weeks. democrats, some have already come around on the house side. you said give it 8 weeks and they will be coming around in
6:35 am
droves. do you think? >> you have already seen in the body language. they are nervous. they see the law isn't working. they are starting to the get the emails and the phone calls because it isn't working. now it is actually impacting people. it's costing them their existing insurance. it's raising their premiums and people are responding to that. the democrats up for election in 2014, they are starting to feel the pressure. i think the next few weeks, you will see a very different democratic attitude. you are seeing it now. >> another issue that has come up and it has to do with something that was in this bill all along. you talk about the pain the american people are feeling. the insurance companies long ago locked in a deal for themselves. if it became too onerous for hem to cover all these people there
6:36 am
was going to be some kickback, so to speak. the government would give them a subsidy of their own to make sure they can cover their cost. what do you plan to do about that? >> we have a bill that says you can't bail out or subsidize insurance companies. we don't need any more bailouts in this country. if it needs to be bailed out. then why should it be repealed. the law prevents taxpayer dollars from going to bail out understand companies. it isn't work out the way they thought or hoped it would and are looking for relief. we don't think that's right. martha: i know you are about to give a speech on foreign policy and there is a lot going on in iran right now. and discussions in geneva over whether we should lift some of our sanctions. what are we going to say? >> we need to fun who we are dealing with.
6:37 am
the iranian's goal is clear. they want to get the sanctions lifted without having to agree to irreversible concessions. were they decide it's necessary they can break out and get a nuclear weapon. their goal is to become the dominant power in the middle east. we should be aware any deal we do that does not require them to completely abandon the enrichment of uranium and the processing of plutonium isn't something we should support. there are plenty of powers that do not enrich domestically. they don't have a right to do it and we shouldn't concede the right to them. they will continue to increase sanctions. they say it's for peaceful purposes. if that's the case why are they enriching beyond the necessary level for a civilian program? the answer is because they want a nuclear weapons program.
6:38 am
they are going the same direction, the exact same model north korea followed in getting their weapons. >> we'll see if you are right about that. always good to have you here, sir. thank you very much. a good question, whether democrats will over the next several weeks decide this is not work and they do want to fail on it or come up with some kind of fix and they are concerned about their electoral prospects or whether more people start to sign up as the administration says is starting to happen and people say i'm okay. this is a big timeframe to watch us in. bill: it will play out in realtime, too. she was singled out by the president in the obamacare success story. but now we are finding out she is anything but that. we'll tell you the change that had her in tears. martha: who knew what and when about how this whole launch thing was going to go and why would they go forward if they
6:39 am
knew. we'll debate it fair and balanced coming up. >> either way. if the president didn't know about this. this report says the white house absolutely knew what was going on and they didn't tell the president, he ought to be firing these people today. you take chae of your future. your retirement. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. listening, planning, working one on one. to help you retire your way... with confidence. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. ameriprise financial. more within reach.
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martha: a single mom says she cannot afford her insurance. the president singled out jessica sanford reading a part of a letter from her at the rose garden news conference. >> i recently received a letter from a woman named jessica sanford in state. this is what she wrote. i'm a single mom. no child support. self-employed. and i haven't had understand for 15 years because it's too expensive. i was crying the other day when i signed up, so much stress lifted. martha: not long after that
6:43 am
jessica now he she got word from the state that they made a mistake, that she owed double the premiums she was originally told. she says she can't afford that and she'll be paying the penalty instead and not get any insurance. >> reporter: he did follow up? >> the president got regular briefings and was told there were problems that were being addressed. bill: regular briefings, the phrase from yesterday. is the white house shifting the story about what the president knew about the website? now saying the president was getting briefed on what was going on but thought things were being managed. rich lowry, a fox news contributor as well. >> at the moment what do you think your understanding is about what he knew when?
6:44 am
>> it's one of the this we may never be clear on like what he was doing the night of the benghazi. my guess is he knew enough that he should more. any good leader and good administrator with it's anne central element of the law would want to dive in and make they were right. he clearly didn't do that. >> how much after micromanager do you want the president to be? i probably had an overview and could have known more. but did he purposely lie and roll out something he knew wasn't ready? he's not a micromanager. the president of the united states can't be worried about every minor detail. >> it am not a minor detail. it's bringing down his signature achievement, a political debacle for the path. a cbs poll has approval for the
6:45 am
president at 31 per. the idea this is a minor matter beneath the notice of the president is ridiculous. these poll numbers continue to go lower and lower. let's backtrack and try to nail this down. from last thursday lisp carefully. here is the president. >> on the website i was not informed directly the website would not be working the way it was supposed to. had i been informed i wouldn't have been going out saying this is going to be great. bill: the first part of that phrase i was not formed directly. it's being picked apart word for word. here is krauthammer's take. >> what in god's name does that mean? a historian was asked if she read a expert book and she said yes but not personally.
6:46 am
>> was he told? what did he hear? it's clintonian and a way to protect himself. bill: what do you think? >> let's impeach the guy because he said directly. the media are missing the bigger story. 44. >> ,000 signing up for medicaid. we are talking about 33 per of americans having trouble with this and the overwhelming number been figure it and it's totally being ignored about it media. >> reporter: there is no reason to use the word directly until it's a clinto clinton iane clause.
6:47 am
unless i don't care about the elements of my own law who traffics in generalities. bill: he's kind of caught between both spots here. it's almost like a classic dilemma where i knew about it and went ahead whitneyway. -- i went ahead with it anyway. he he's incompetent or his people are deceiving him about the way it's going. and he's deceiving the public by comparing it to amazon and travelocity. >> do you think he's a purposeful liar? >> he was definitely a purposeful liar. he knew people were going to lose their insurance and he said it anyway. bill: this is what we found in our poll. president obama telling people
6:48 am
they can keep their healthcare. >> i don't think he should have said it. and he did not calculate what the insurance company would do. he shouldn't have made that exphent. you to call him a liar, an out and out fraud is over the top. >> the premise of the law is forcing people out of the individual market into the exchanges. it's based on some people losing their insurance. he knew it and his people knew it and he said it anyway. bill: does anything else move forward until this issue is resolved and will it be resolved anytime soon? >> 80 per of americans keep their plans because they are on company plans. all of a sudden conservatives
6:49 am
who didn't care that people didn't have healthcare, are concerned. >> more people will sign up but it's the nature of people signing up. connecticut which has had a lot of people sign up. 40% of them are between 55-64. that's an age cohort that's too old to make the economics of this thing w. work. march where former president george w. bush bringing the funny on "the tonight show." why he he he wasn't scared about his heart scare. bill: cra cray deed stabbed in s house yesterday. >> i encourage everybody to say a prayer for nor deeds and his family.
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bill: two people onboard a medical transport jet. you are looking live at the news could be forensic. two people confirmed dead so far. the plane went down shortly after takeoff at fort lauderdale. it was carrying two people, a doctor and a nurse returning to mexico after dropping off a patient. martha: last night former president george w. bush and first lady laura bush made a very rare television appearance. they made a visit to "the tonight show." one of the highlights of the evening, there was a conversation about the president's recent health scare. his top this back and forth.
6:54 am
>> when the president had that heart scare, how scary was that? >> it was very scary. but -- >> i wasn't that scared. >> was that obamacare? bill: did you think that was coming? was that a setup? leno asked the president how he feels about being out of the spotlight. >> president obama is getting the late night jokes now. >> better him than me. >> are you glad you aren't president now? >> yes, i am. 8 years is plenty. >> you look much more relaxed. >> no kidding. >> duh? bill: you can almost hear his
6:55 am
daughter saying that, duh. martha: no, thank you, i'm good. if they did ask him about another bush, jeb bush possibly making a run and here's what happened then. >> were you surprised by what she said? >> i was surprised she even answered the question. this is a woman who when i was getting ready to run against governor ann richard. i called mom, i'm going to run again governor richard and there was a long pause and she said you can't win. >> keep from you getting big head. anyway, jeb should run for president if he wants to. he would be a great president. martha: mothers are always there to take you down a few pegs when necessary. bill: president bush showed off a new hobby of his.
6:56 am
he's a painter now. and here is a painting he prepared for jay leno. martha: you have to cap our somebody's essence. it's abstract. but you can feel jay leno in that and what a cool thing for him to hang on his wall. i like that he has a new hobby. when you retire you have to have something you are into. bill: he started on his dog and progressed into cats. now he's into jay leno. good stuff. new reaction in a moment from republicans accused by the president of investing in failure because of obamacare. they are not happy about that. martha: the gop * not too happy about what one of the president's top tech officers is saying about the chairman of yesterday's fiery committee hearing is here
6:57 am
with america's newsroom live. >> when were you first concerned the website wouldn't be ready for open enrollment. >> i never thought that. >> you made a comment about you didn't want this to be a plane crash.
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martha: fox news alert. republicans responding now after the president accused their party of being invested in the failure of the obamacare rollout. republican senator marco rubio spoke to just moments ago. he said in his opinion that is the same old story. >> that is one of the silliest statements i heard made so far about the law. there is nobody's fault on the republican side that exchange website isn't working. it is nobody's fault on the republican side that millions of people are in fear of losing their existing coverage and it's no one's fault that this thing is headed in direction. this is the way the law was designed. it is going to fail because the design doesn't work. that's what we've been saying now for years. martha: welcome everybody, to a brand new hour hour of
7:01 am
"america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning to you. meanwhile the president's approval rating is dropping and so is the number of people who think obamacare is working well. according to "cbs poll" numbers today, only 7% of the americans like the way it es going. 43% want it gone all together. martha: chris stirewalt is a fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on >> good morn. >> 7% say this is going well. that is a lonely 7% right now. >> i think those are the contractors who worked, dozens of contractors. martha: keep it going. >> we love this thing. we'll need another $300 million. just keep pumping. martha: exactly. where are we with this whole thing, chris? we spoke with senator rubio a little while ago. there is division about whether or not republicans should try to fix it. whether they should hang back and let it fail. where are we headed here? >> the republicans are obliged out of patriotic duty and out of political necessity and wisdom
7:02 am
not to offer fixes to a raw that they believe is unfixable. it would be wrong for them to suddenly change their opinion, no, let's fix and retain the law but they are obliged, just even ethically to shield people from negative consequences of the law. if, the doctor dumping that we're looking forward to now is people we heard from the white house yesterday, well, you may not be able to keep your doctor if you like them and may epublicans are obliged,hat and i think politically benefit from, the idea of creating a rescue plan for americans on their existing insurance policies and offering people in the 2014 election cycle, hey, look, this isn't working but we have a way to save your coverage, shielding, not fixing. martha: that will be key. you touched on something that i think will be talked about an awful lot. it is another layer to the fix well the president said you can keep the plan you didn't like but he did have a caveat with that. now we're hearing a little more
7:03 am
of the caveat from jay carney on if you like it you can keep it. watch this. >> if you're looking for, if you want coverage from your doctor, doctor that you've seen in the past and want that, you can look and see if there's a plan in which that doctor participates. martha: really? >> yeah. >> if you like your doctor, if your doctor happens to be in the plan that you can afford you can keep your doctor? >> well and the reality here is this is where it gets really consequential. we've seen the first wave of this. this is with the independent insurance plans that are being canceled and in large numbers by design under this law. this is part of the plan. that has created an untenable political situation for the white house. their focused on the website and trying to get more people signing up for free stuff but real problem for the president are the existing plans, 85% of americans who have coverage, disruption this law intentionally causes in their policies. when you take that to the rest of the americans who are
7:04 am
covered, and, you affect their personal relationship with their doctors what is right now simmering anger will turn into outrage. martha: that is the central, unnerving thing that hear from so many people who talk about this, they want to keep their doctor, and they were told they could. if that starts to be not the case even for those on the company plan or whatever other plan they're on right now, that will open up a whole new can of worms here. in terms of how effective the rollout is and states are doing, the president will speak with state insurers, a while back, chris, we played the ad, when the states started to roll out ads and this came from oregon. >> oh. >> ♪ dreaming all the big dreams, long live oregonians we're free to be healthy. long live oregonians, we're free to be healthy ♪ martha: there is a big oh, at
7:05 am
end of that, big zero. nobody signed up for that plan, right? >> there is that. and -- martha: there is that. >> i would say that i hope that that plan covers medical marijuana after having seen that ad. just saying. martha: we're laughing but it's a rough -- >> that's why it matters. that's why it matters. millions of people are losing their coverage and all of that. this is consequential. the question now, martha, this is really serious. the president tried to take responsibility last week. he took a swing at it last week. he had a press conference. i'm taking responsibility and i own this. he and the administration and he seem unable to stay in the space. the president immediately retreated blaming republicans yesterday. today the question is he going to be blaming states for canceled policies? or is ready to get back into the ownership stage? martha: you're free to be healthy, chris. >> i dig it, sister. martha: dig it, baby. see you next time. visit the politics page.
7:06 am
sign up for chris's daily political newsletter. put email. you will get it all the time. you are free to be healthy. you're free to be healthy if you can get in and sign up. bill: eight senate democrats backing a bill to let folks keep their health care plan if they like it. early cosponsor, west virginia senator joe manchin saying today that the president made a promise that needs to be kept. he wants to delay the individual mandate for one year. >> what we're looking at is colossal mess-up. this should be a transitional year. don't threaten me with a fine or a crime when you don't have your act together. it will take a transitional year. nothing wrong with that. they're missing every deadline. bill: new mexico senator tom udall the latest democrat to back the affordable care act promise act. most are facing re-election battles come 2014. warnings of another ticking time bomb because of obamacare. in addition to the five million who have lost their plans reports of a second wave of
7:07 am
cancellations 50 to 100 million, set to come right best midterm elections of 2014? mike emanuel is on that side of the story live from washington. what is this all about, mike? >> reporter: well, bill, good morning. hearings are just getting underway examining how to get a successful rollout of small business exchanges. louisiana democrat mary landrieu is chairing it on the small business and entrepreneurship committee. this comes as experts are predict obamacare will have a huge impact on small businesses in this country. >> the impact i'm mostly worried about is on small, young, entrepeneural firms that will suddenly phase much higher health insurance premiums if they want to offer health insurance to their employees. i think for a lot of other businesses, either they can, if they're smaller than 50 employees they can send their employees to the exchanges, or offer them a fixed subsidy every
7:08 am
month to buy health insurance themselves. >> reporter: his organization, aei, predicts 50 million to 100 million small and large business policies will likely be canceled next year and they will find health care is likely to cost them a whole lot more, bill. bill: meanwhile the business groups doing even more research on the fallout from obamacare. what have they found so far, mike? >> reporter: the international franchise association and the u.s. chamber of commerce studied impact. they say the president's health care law resulted in higher costs and fewer full-time positions. 60% of the france r franchisee o.w.n.ed businesses and 60% in non-franchise ianed businesses think obamacare will have negative impact on businesses. many businesses are seeing health care costs increasings because of law, 31% and 12% of non-franchise businesses reduced worker hours. 21% of franchise and 12 percent of non-franchised businesses
7:09 am
replaced full-time workers with part-time employees. one in 12 agree with the president that the health care law will help their small business. >> thanks, mike emanuel from washington on that. we'll watch that story for 11 months, martha. martha: this breaking news coming in moments ago that representative trey radel pleaded guilty to misdemeanor cocaine possession. sentenced to one year of supervised probation. it came out that he purchased 3 1/2 grabs of cocaine from an under cover officer at $250 in value. he also he had a vile of cocaine in his apartment when the police went there which they later confiscated. he is in drug counseling. according to what we're learning here he pleaded guilty and received one year of supervised probation in that case. could have been six months in jail. that is where we are with trey radel this morning. >> says he needs help. let's hope he gets it the republican from florida. we asked you how feel about
7:10 am
security on we'll get to some of your responses. you are creative i will say. experts saying it is a hacker's paradise online. >> there is a large risk from bogus websites because there is not one single website for people to use, there will be confusion and adversaries will take advantage of this confusion. bill: so how bad is it? how bad are the security flaws? we'll have a closer look at that today. martha: the nfl bullying scandal is getting bigger we're told. we'll tell you who else want to look into the miami locker room. bill: martin bashir making apology over comments he made over sarah palin. so far no suspension or any kind of punishment from his employer msnbc. does sorry really cut it? ♪
7:11 am
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bill: so now there could be a new investigation into the miami dolphins bullying scandal. the ap reporting that the nfl players association, that's the union, will conduct its own investigation into al probations that jonathan martin was bullied by teammates. the investigation is including role of coach joe philbin and his staff and dolphins management team. the nfl has its own investigation going on. >> a group of security experts is flagging countless security flaws with the obamacare website. how four witnesses answered one simple question during a congressional hearing yesayterd. >> do any of you today think today, that the site is secure? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. martha: great, right? richard fowler joins me and michael graham as well, both are radio talk show hosts. richard, let me start with you. that's not encouraging. >> no, i definitely agree with you, martha.
7:15 am
that isn't encouraging at all. this president and this white house is working 24/7 to make sure we fix the website. we heard them say yesterday, press secretary indicated they're 40% done. they're trying to work through all the kinks to make sure it works correctly when americans go on they have a safe portal to receive the health care americans desperately need. martha: richard, why would you start the thing if you had experts saying that? why would you start it if you would compromise anybody? >> there were missteps and miscalculations on this white house. even the president himself said we full bed here. we made mistakes. he said yesterday at "wall street journal" panel we have to do rebranding and reconfiguring and make this work. but at end of the day, martha, history will judge two, three, four, five, 10 years now how many people are getting affordable care and how people are getting chance to see doctor. martha: you're right about that, absolutely. they're taking a long view and they hope that indeed that will be the case. i think everybody hopes that, health care improves no matter
7:16 am
how we end up going about it. michael, would you, are you feel stave with these websites or they will be fixed in the future? >> i just hope that the adult sites that i go to have better security than this, otherwise -- martha: oh great. thanks for sharing that. >> did you just hear what richard said? they're going to fix it. dude, we're six weeks into this thing, okay? president obama is sending people to a website right now that everyone agrees is not secure. he is like the hackers helper. when i was in political work i worked with state agency that governed charities and security and fraud. my, the guy i worked for would be arresting people if they set up a site like this where your information is pop up elsewhere. the president is sending now to a site that he knows now isn't safe. martha: let's listen a little more sound yesterday from the hearing and get richard to respond. go ahead, guys. >> nobody ever rob ad bank while being built. they wait until it was built.
7:17 am
had money in there. the talk that this attack only happened 16 times, only attacked 16 times is not possible. the attacks happen are so frequently used and so frequently done that means there is not much detection capabilities on martha: richard, what they're saying this is just the tip of the iceberg. they're saying no way it has only been hacked 16 times because they can tell by putting in information into a search box that it is being hacked all the time. >> well, look, martha, what it boils down to here every website on interjet is subjectable to hacked. bank websites. marine recruitment website is been hacked. wee deal with hackers in new global age we live in. this white house and as well as everybody working on making sure the website works because they're wore remembered about hackers and want to fix it. there is no way to keep any site 100% hack-free. >> come on. can we --
7:18 am
martha: all right, michael. >> started? i agree with you, no home is imper just. you can look the doors. we have a website is being locking doors. >> that is what the president is doing, locking doors. >> you can't offer the site and send people six weeks to go there with their personal health information and say, you know we ought to do something about the whole security thing this is crazy. martha: richard, let me ask you this, would you in good conscience send the family member to the website today and not be concerned or your mom or dad anybody in your life, said, you know, do you think it is okay if i put my stuff in here, my personal stuff in here. >> there are members of my family and lot of folks and colleagues have went to the website because they understand, a lot of them have preexisting conditions. a lot of them haven't had chance to get health care in the chance, finally after 60 years have a chance to get health care. they understand the importance of getting that health care and having the ability to see the doctors. there is no question, martha, like i said at the beginning there is some issues with this website. white house will freely admit
7:19 am
that. i will freely admit that the question is how do we fix it and make sure millions and millions of americans finally get a chance to get health care and get a chance to see the doctor. martha: in the end, richard is saying people will sign up and they will like it. once all of this calms down and everything is working better, they're going to get on and say you know what? in the end i got my health insurance so i'm okay. >> that is another huge r huge topic and subsidies, taxpayers getting shaft, insurance companies getting bailout. i will say this to president obama who keeps telling us to go to health care dot, whatever it is. i will happy put my family's personal information right after you, sir. if it is so safe, you go first. i'm right behind you, mr. president. >> michael graham, thank you very much. richard fowler, always pleasure to help you. bill: hacker's help you. martha: sign up. hacker's helper. bill: one lawmaker ripping on president obama's famous promise. >> right now screams to those who are trying
7:20 am
to break into the system, if you like my health care info, maybe you can steal it. bill: that congressman tim murphy is our guest live in a matter of moments here. >> we have new details today what happened inside the house of virginia state senator creed deeds. coming up. >> troopers and bath county deputies arrived to find senator deeds stabbed multiple times about the head and upper torso.
7:21 am
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announcer: right now at sleep train, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. ♪ >> how about this news? new york city is raising the legal smoking age from 18 up to 21. there goes mayor michael bloomberg ben. he signed a bill yesterday banning the sale of tobacco to young adults. research show 80% of smokers do
7:24 am
start the habit before they turn 21. the mayor says new law will help young people experimenting with tobacco at an age they are most likely to become addicted. >> sad story here. virginia state senator creigh deeds is in fair condition recovering in a hospital with stab wounds. state police suspected his son attacked him before killing himself. they're still piecing together this story what happened there. >> deeds was able to leave the scene on foot. as he was coming down the hill of his residence towards rout 42 he encounter ad cousin who lives nearby. the cousin was driving along the highway. stopped, picked up, senator deeds and drove him to his residence and where rescue responded to residence and attended to the senator. bill: jim nolan a reporter for the richmond times herald. good on r morning to you. murder-suicide is the thinking yesterday. is that still the working theory
7:25 am
now, jim? >> yes it is, bill. they're conducting a autopsy in row an nokia which will roanoke. will determine the cause of death for gus deeds. that is the theory they're working under. the son and father had an altercation at the residence yesterday morning around 7:30. that resulted in cuts to senator deeds's head and torso. he left the scene at some point later. the son is believed to have gone into the home and committed suicide. >> what are we learning or what do we understand about the mental health issues of the son possibly, jim? >> well we reported on times today, our newspaper, that gus deeds had a, a history of some mental difficulties which culminated in a emergency custody order that was put into effect at bath community hospital yesterday. much bath is southwest virginia,
7:26 am
toward the edge of the state and after that hearing it was, or after that evaluation, rather, by the community service board, it was determined that they would like to be able to hold him for a little bit longer for more psychiatric care and evaluation. however, the community service board found that there were no available psychiatric beds for gus deeds. and so gus deeds was released with his, and came back to his home where his father was also staying. so, the results, 13 hours later, after a 6:30 p.m. release is a very tragic incident involving the father and the son. bill: jim, did his father take him to that hospital for evaluation, is that right? >> well we're not sure of the exact logistics of that but what is clear that gus deeds returned to the deeds home where senator deeds and his wife also live. senator deeds wife was not home at the time but both father and son spent the night together. >> jim thank you.
7:27 am
it's a sad story all around. the couple was divorced about a year ago. they have four children and this one, unfortunately for creigh deeds, age 55, is left to recover now in fair condition. jim nolan, thank you for your input on that from virginia. >> thank you, bill. bill: martha? martha: sad story. we've been talking about, the fact that 30 to 40% of the health care website is yet still to be built and people are already on it. the question of security, you heard michael graham, hacker helper. we'll talk to congressman tim murphy about all these problems. he was in the hearing yesterday. what does he think can be done? bill: a lot of college students getting first-hand education into obamacare. many schools are dropping health coverage for their students.
7:28 am
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this aler. reverend bill y graham is back o the hospital. they expect he is going to return home in a day or two so we wish him well. he turned 95 on november the 7th and gave a stirring address were
7:32 am
part of the celebration. we hope he is feeling better >> and a congressman is pleading guilty to cocaine possession. he is going to get a fine and one yeear probation. he said he needs help. he represents southwestern florida. he is 37 and married with a son. 32 minutes passed the hour. back to henry chao saying 30-40 percent of the obamacare website isn't even built. and a letter from him expressing concerns before it is rolled out saying quote i need to feel more confident they will not crash the plane.
7:33 am
>> you made a comment about this not wanting to be a plane crash? >> you are referring to the e-mail exchange? >> that e-mail didn't say everything is going fine. so you must have had awareness the problems existing? >> that was tim murphy doing the questions there. we have a member of the oversight committee here, good morning. what amazed you yesterday? >> that he said 30-40 percent has to be constructed and also this mckinsey report telling leaders there were serious problems. here is the guy who is assigned to take care of the information sites and he says he never saw
7:34 am
the report >> what appears apparent now is october 1st they were not close. and still went forward? why would you do that? >> as part of the report, they said the working group, and people within the administration said don't delay this date. that is what he said as well. he never had an option to delay. he said he wanted to it work and he knew it wasn't going to work. and what you build up here is you have the untruth of if you like your health care you can keep it and everything is fine and on track and costs are going down. no wonder the american people are saying we don't trust this. it makes we wonder what is out of touch they are not hearing the deep concerns.
7:35 am
>> part of the questioning yesterday went to the whole idea about is it working and what chao testified to was that the remaining 30-40 percent he doesn't know. >> he said it was hundred percent built by october 1. and i said how can it be built bought not moving? there is a lot of concern there still and it sounds like there wasn't communication up and down the chain of command. i understand a lot of blame from the administration trying to say these web designers didn't make it happen. but it is clear they were told we are going with this date even
7:36 am
though you are saying it isn't ready. >> even if you log on, sign up and you think you are good to go, you may not be covered because the payment isn't going through. what do you think the president knew? and when? >> jay carney said the president did know yesterday. he had the mckinsey report briefing. and we don't know what took place, but it is 14 slides and shows concerns. did he continue to follow the things they suggested to work out? when he said it hit him as a surprise, the problems with the website, it is legit to think
7:37 am
they knew more. >> thank you. >> good luck with the bangaenga and steelers! >> one university is dropping health coverage for all students rather than offer new plans with much higher cost. we are live from the school in mary land. how is this going so far, peter? >> reporter: we are getting a mixed reaction. the plans were $49 per semester and more than half of the students were covered but only $5,000 per incident. not enough to comply. it would go up to $1800 per year
7:38 am
per student. the university is recognizing that students enter the mary land health exchange. and one student blogged this is a way to make sure the cost of the aca is balanced out. not all students are update. >> i think the university made the right decision as a university. if they were to have that plan, there are a lot of students -- it is a tough economic time and students have trouble with loans and school, and adding on 1500 percent increase is asking for a lot. >> and federal statistics show that across the country most college students areered by their parents health insurance and 7 percent are covered by the
7:39 am
plans this university used to offer. >> what is the school saying about this, peter? >> reporter: they are saying back in spring they elicited information from the students and it favored entering the exchange. they said quote, students realized they can be covered by their parent health plan up to age 26 now. and the university said they are assisting students getting signed up with the state exchange before the upcoming deadline. >> that is helpful. >> on the 50th anniversary, an event that changed the country. the assassination of jfk and what is missing from this famous spot in central dallas.
7:40 am
>> and he said he was sorry about this, but the outrage continues to grow as word spreads about the awful remarks against sarah palin. is sorry enough? martin bashir juaohn f. kenned v
7:41 am
jfk hyundai elantra n hyundai elantralyndon johnson lee harvey oswald john
7:42 am
f. kennedy john conalnally john connally john connally ralph yarborough conalnally the the t
7:43 am
>> there was an x mark in the unofficial spot with president kennedy was killed and that x spot is gone. tourist were looking for the marker and found fresh, black asphalt after it was paved over. the city says it was a tripping hazard for residents, some say
7:44 am
it is just another cover-up. >> back to this story because the outrage continues after tony and his remarks to sarah palin. the feeling is an appaology isn enough. when you look at the other comments and people being suspended, so the question is what is the management thinking of a punishment that is appropriate? >> it is a problem with the
7:45 am
culture. you have chris matthews saying christy was afraid of being crushed. and baldwin with his gay sure of the week. and now you have this. and inmates are running the asyl asylum. maybe it is time to change the warden and say the president of the network has lost control of the troops. change the culture and change it from the top. >> it is always helpful to say what if. so what if someone said something here equivalent to hilary clinton. can you imagine the outrage? and no matter what you think of
7:46 am
governor sarah palin, he is a human being, and a vice presidential candidate, to have this be okay; is that the world we want to live in? we considered that civilized now? >> first to the can you imagine question and i said if jake tapper, who is on cnn at 4:00, and if neal said that, they wouldn't make it through the next commercial. they would be pulled, suspended and perhaps fired because they have standards and believe in the integrity of their network. griffin has this pattern. they put the boston bombers on
7:47 am
and double the amount of copies. and martin doing the 90 thousand in the demo that goes up 60 percent who he does the apology. so griffin is saying people like us are talking about it in front of much bigger audiences. >> before you run out of time, you found a prior example martin said in 2011 that you feel puts him in the cat egocategory. >> he used slavery back then and he is all over sarah palin for
7:48 am
doing it. she is smart and hasn't made a peep about it. she realizes it gives him more legs and she realizes that and takes the high ground here. >> and dignify the comment even to the extent you respond to it. no sign of suspension to the works because maybe we will get off the air and learn that, in fact, they took a while to decide that something needs to be done. >> these were scripted remarks. this isn't a tell prompter. baldwin was on the streets >> it rolled into the te
7:49 am
teleprompter. joe, good to see you again >> good to see you. >> john scott is rolling your way at the top of the hour. good morning, john. >> it is all about obamacare on happening now today. a live hearing on the affordable care act and we will have the highlights. and new polling from cbs confirms a disaster week for the white house. what states are having trouble and the bright spots. and a report on the cost. and also obama responding it is the republican's fault as well. >> hearings and hearing. a major public university taking a stand for free speech and how
7:50 am
this could affect conservatives. >> you have the right to think and speak pretty much about anything you want to speak and think about in any way you want to think and speak.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
>> a nighttime rocket launch lighting up the sky along the eastern seaboard. >> three, two, one. ignition. >> that looks like it wept well. that was nasa experiencing with small chief satellites and putting a smart phone and 28 other satellites up into orbit. one was built by virginia
7:54 am
students. way to go. it could be seen from georgia to canada. >> the university of colorado is expanding their non-discrimination policy to include political discrimination. what is up with this? >> reporter: this is a breakthrough move for a university to offer legal p protection. this school is known for their liberal leadings. >> it isn't about a conservative right, but rather it is broad and deep. and i think that has been the trouble in getting that message out. >> reporter: according to the policy, students and faculty for legal protection for political viewpoints. >> i wonder where they were which churchhill needed that.
7:55 am
>> reporter: that teacher was fired after the 9-11 victims were referred to as little ikes >> it is called the first amendment: you have the right to think and speak about anything you want in anyway you want to think or speak. >> reporter: they have been treated with contempt and they say a left leaning ideal affects the student learning. >> it will be interesting to see if it changes things. or maybe provide protection to people. >> reporter: the campus is hosting a visiting conservative scholar program. it has been met with debut as well and it is a pilot program. >> let's go to washington. we are waiting for the
7:56 am
presidential medal of freedom ceremony and it will award 16 people with the highest civilian honor including bill clinton.
7:57 am
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bill: a 16 million dollar dream. someone hit the jackpot and they haven't cleaned out. they haven't claimed it as of yet. urging customers to check the ticket for memorial day 2013. if you still have that ticket, there is a big yes unclaimed jackpot. check it all out to be to we
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hope you find it. bill: check anywhere right now. martha: we will be on radio in just a few moments with bill hemmer. goodbye, everyone, "america's newsroom" again tomorrow morning. jenna: president obama giving the onerous to 16 recipients of the honors award. the highest civilian honor for civilians who have contributed to our country in different ways. either in security or different ways. and as you see why that is when you get a picture of this. since 1963, more than 500 individuals have received the presidential medal of freedom. the honorees include president bill clinton, opra


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