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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 25, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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the holiday sweater. 2500 people braving the weekend cold for the ugly sweater fun run. all of the proceeds go for tois for to thes. >> you have one of those sweaters. >> probably several. >> thanks for joining us. america's news headquarters starts right now. >> start with a fox news alert. raising the stakes and international tensions as the u.s. and iran strike a deal. >> i am alisyn camerota. >> and i'm bill hemmer. the united states striking a deal. israel calls the deal a historic mistake and prime minister netanyahu slamming it and sending top security advisers to the meeting in washington. they are live in jerusalem with more from there. >> bill, you can imagine that will be tense meetings in
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washington between the israel national security advisor and staff in the white house. in the past 24 hours it looked like a possibility of israeli and u.s. relations going up in flames and things calmed down a bit. and the prime minister ratcheting more intense and pouring more water than gasoline. it comes down to the agreement to iran. israel said no uranium in iran and enrichment facility or centerrefuges or weapon's program. the united states is simply happy with iran not having a nuclear weapon. and the prime minister in israel was very blunt about how he views the temporary agreement. >> last night is not a historic agreement. it is a historic mistake. and so israel is not bound by this agreement. we cannot and will not allow
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a regime that calls for the destruction of israel to obtain the means to achieve this goal. >> that is a thinly veiled threat for a israeli military strike. it is on the far end of the envelope for the tactical ability and diplomatically difficult to pull off here as israel does not have a lot of support in washington. right now here in jerusalem, prime minister netanyahu is catching criticism from the press and members of his government not how he said it and done so publicly. prime minister netanyahu failed twice. and there is a bad deal iran and big problems with the united states, bill? >> thank you, leland. he is in jerusalem with that. >> what are experts saying about the temporary deal.
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who got the better end of it iowa ran or the u.s. embassy bolton, thank you for being here. you called the deal abject surrender by the united states. what do you mean? >> iran gained every major objective that it sought and most importantly it is still inriching uranium and that puts them a head of what repeated security resolutions called for which is a suspension of oil and enrichment activities. the interim deal is weaker than the position of the un security council number one. and number two, iran gained time and legitimacy and has broken the sanctions regimes that were put in place over several years. it is true the relief is limited, but psychologically it is a critical break through for
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iran. >> let me outline the reportedly good things. number one iowa ran has to divert the fuel stocks and lengthening the time it takes for iran to build a bomb. >> it is a red herring. it is like the iran danni gelle a shiny object and they fell for it. if you delawsuit it down to five percent enrichment, the only difference is a couple of weeks between the time it enriches from the lower active grade level. it say nonconcession and a very paradigm of a easily reversible concession in exchange for more value on the sanctions front. >> iran will not operate the plant plu tonnium for six
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months. >> they can't anyway. iran solly committed what it was incapable. >> and allow for nuclear inspections in iran. >> what this does in the outer limit put the international atomic energy agency back in the position 5 or 6 or 7 years ago and allows the ia ea to inspect what iran declared. here's the rub. they are not cheating on the areas where they are inspected. they will cheat on the areas where the ia ea and united states and israel don't know about. >> ambassador bolton, the deal expires in six months. then is there an opportunity to do something more drastic? >> if i were iran, i would seize
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and speed up the pace of negotiations and fracture what is left of western unitty on the sanctions and get everything i want in terms of being relieved of the sanctions. i think it is time to stop talking about sanctions which never stop iran from getting nuclear weapons and focus on the fort worth that iran is on the verge of achieving the 25- year long goal of getting deliverable nuclear weapons. sanctions advocates need to faceup to the fact that sanctions need to be admippistered by a living and broething president. barak obama demonstrated he is not capable of enforcing a sanctions regime. he is not capable of negotiating andousing the leverage that sanctions give. he's thrown it away. sanctions are not working and give it up and accept one of two
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proposition. on most likely proposition is that iran gets nuclear weapons and we should is a israeli strike against the rieshgs ran weapon's program. >> thank you. we are five days to go before the white house promised fixes on the the president is out west on a fund-raising swing. is that a good time for that. chris is host of power play on fox chris, how are you in washington? >> i am fine. >> pay pal and obama not too busy for fundraisers. what is up for that? >> that is a true factas we would say. the reality the president defended the president not going to commemorate the 150
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anniversary of the gettysburg address because he was fixing the internet they broke for obama care. but the president is having a campaign rally for supporters who believe in illegal -- the pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants and doing a half dozen. half dozen fundraisers on the west coast. >> money, money. >> it is november 30th comes and goes and the website is not fixed, is it easier to raise money this week than the week after that? >> maybe there is truth in that. donors especially in the tech field, he's talking to folks from silicon valley and yesterday in seattle, so maybe, those folks are perterbed with the president and the inability to get the internet right. i think it is more likely a strategy that is they are going to grinned it out day
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after day. and stick with the base. and you need money to stick with the base and weather it out. they will try to bunker it out for the foreseeable future. >> valerie said that two weeks ago. she used that phrase grind it out. from silicon valley if he wants advice on the website they can give it to him there. the law is extending to the finest medical facilities in the world and not only the u.s. what is happening in the cleveland clinic? >> aside from being a fine medical facility, it is an enormous employer. as they get regular, they like other employers in the country get ready for what the law will do to them, that means they are trimming their sales and laying off people. this has rocked the community in northeastern ohio as the changes
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have taken place. because again, the hospitals are not only places where sick people go. that is places people work. and the purpose of the law is a shift. the shift is away from people from insurance and away from doctors and hospitals and to the universe of the uninsured. >> and it is signaling that there are changes afoot there. chris, thank you. we'll check you out later in the week. >> thank you. along with the turkey and stuffing this thanksgiving, how about obama carrot side? the president's group is asking volunteers to pitch the health care law to families. there is even a guide to help supporters get that conversation started. >> so if you are at my thanksgiving dinner. >> i hope to be invited.
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>> if you brought that topic up i would ask you to put it aside. wait until friday. >> what does it to convince you that is good to go. >> send me a tweet. >> and let us know if you are talking about it. >> israel warning that the world is a dangerous place because of the deal to iran. on prime minister netanyahu's warning. >> and a deadly storm pushing extreme weather. it caused problems for one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. will you be in its path. >> it is slick and a lot of snow on top of ice and it is icy. we have it on my shoes and it
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just doesn't help.
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fox extreme weather alert for you. a massive storm system moving east just as millions of americans get ready to travel for thanksgiving. already slamming western and southern parts of the country causing eight deaths and hundreds of flight delays and too many traffic accidents. it is bringing snow, wind and ice. it is not a good out look for thanksgiving and we'll let meteorologist janice dean tell us about that. how is it looking, janice. >> i am hearing the phrase, pack your patience. here is the storm that you are talking about bringing mostly rain and we are seeing freezing rain or sleet pushing over the mississippi valley and over to the appalachians and this is just getting going here. there is a massive storm system
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that will affect people on the busiest travel day of the year. and pack your patience. monday and tuesday, there is a wet part of the snow and look at storm forming over ohio and pennsylvania and upstate new york and icy mix here. it is overnight and into tuesday. and wednesday, busiest travel day and look at that strip of snow bite appalachians and mainly a rain event in the east coast. and winds are going to be blustery and on the back side of it we'll see snow with the cold air infiltrating in the coastal areas. some cases, 2- 4 inches of heavy rain and could see severe weather. and potential of snow in some cases six inches. and mainly a rain event here. and wind gusts in excess of 30
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or 40 miles per hour you will so delays in the airport and a lot of cancellations. if you can travel tomorrow on tuesday or thursday, that is a better bet. wednesday will be a mess for millions of people and there is the low. rain and wind and delays from the wid atlantic and northeast. busiest corridor in the midwest. just pack your patience. >> it looks horrible. >> you are suggesting everyone take a long nap wednesday and thursday. >> i had to make our plans tomorrow instead of wednesday. you know meteorologist is calling people trying to change plans, it is serious. >> you are not scaring us now. >> wednesday is the big day when people try to get someplace. there will be cancellation with i- 95 corridor and airplane wise. people will not be able to drive. >> is it moving faster?
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>> it is it a quick mover but will last duration of wednesday and by thursday, it is out. that is a better plan to get to grandma's house. >> thank you, gena. freezing temperatures and creating problems for passengers on a new york bound amtrak train. there were no serious injuries. passengers waited for help and no word on what caused that. amtrak and the federal railroad administration investigating what happened there. 218 on board of that train. two teenagers clinging to a navigational beckon after their boat sank. fallout from the nuclear option means for the courts. >> the democrats are attempting just like obama care to run and get what they want to get done. it is a raw power grab and example of what the american
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dramatic video of a coast guard rescuing two teenagers off of the coast of north carolina after their boat sank. they climbed on a navigational marker. they are very young. the helicopter hoisted the boys to safety. they were checked out. >> the white house didn't wait long after the democrats went nuclear to push the nominees to the bench. the critics say the administration is moving a head to stack the courts. shannon is live in washington with more. >> reporter: one of the ramifications to lower the
10:23 am
voting threshold for presidential nominee system how the dc circuit court is impacted. that is the only court check. the judges will be fast tracked include professor nina pillar. >> she is argued cases and briefed them and tens of them before the united states supreme court and won historic cases involving the virginia military institute which opened doors to women and family and medical leave act that with stood constitutional challenge because of her extraordinary skills. these are not ordinary nominees. >> critics say she has vows far outside of the mainstream and points to writings like this one. anti- abortion laws and restraints preskroib a vision of
10:24 am
the woman's role as mother and care taker and in ways that are at odds with equal protection. >> she is one of the most extreme judges. she has a radical tract record. >> reporter: democrats point out the dc circuit had throw open societies. it is important to note while four federal appeals have it deemed judicial emergencies. the dc circuit which is getting three presidential nominees for life is not one of them. new fallout from obama care. 80 million americans and their plans could be cancelled and something that the white house anyhow three years ago. a year after the horror of
10:25 am
sandy hook elementary school. there is a report to provide long- awaited answers. >> 9/11, 6 months now from completion and given access to areas never seen to areas by the public. >> this is the entrow way to the memorial museum and the history of what happened and how we responded will be told.
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time now for a quick check of the know headlines. we are hours away from a release of a report on the sandy hook elementary school shooting after 20 children and six school teachers were killed there. this could give answers but not include the full evidence foil. caroline kennedy visiting areas that was hit by the tsunami. >> and no royal conditions for prince harry as he prepares for a 200 mile race for the south pole. harry's teammates are american and british veterans wounded in combat. >> cool. great cause. >> great cause. >> go get them in the south pole. >> it is not a historic agreement.
10:30 am
it is a historic mistake. and not made the world a safer place. like the agreement with north korea in 2005. this agreement made the world a much more dangerous place. >> a warning for israel. dan is a former ambassador and live in tel aviv. and to our viewers at home. there is a significant delay on the satellite signal. mr. ambassador, thank you for your time and i just want you to make a comment on what you told the producers today. you called america tired and weak and europe eager to resume doing business with iran, is that what this means.? >> what i said. it would deal with a tired and
10:31 am
weak sxheshg europe is eager to resoum doing business with iran and frankly no better testimony to that than the pictures we saw early yesterday morning after the deal was signed. when you saw the handshakes and smiles and hugs between the foreign secretary and secretaries of state of the european countries the united states and foreign minister of iran, you would have thought it was a birthday party and cause for celebration. maybe it was a birthday party but what was born was not an innocent baby but a monster. the people, all of those people shook hands with are terrorist. they are people who wear fancy suits but let their children suicide bombs and suicide explosive belts so they can blow
10:32 am
themselves up. this was never addressed in all of the new yorks the fact that iran is a terrorist state. it is it a terrorist regime which is responsible for the death was hundreds of americans that support terror regimes like hesbollah and hams and assad butchering hundreds of thousands of his own people. and they say join us and be a member. i think that is amazing and i think it is indeed a sign of weakness. >> iran is far more dangerous in north korea. what happens when the six- month period that was agreed to it ends? >> i very strongly believe that iran is far more dangerous than north korea. north korea acquired nuclear weapons out of desperation.
10:33 am
iowa ran is seeking them after aspiration to rule the muslim and arab world and export shiite extremism and change civilization as we know it and woip israel off of the face of the map. i know the foreign minister. he is a tough cookie and he can be very smiling and it didn't start a few weeks ago. the iranian are masters of deception. they will use the six months to get a bomb. and i am afraid the world will realize they are dealing with a more dangerous iran that is close tore a bomb and i don't see how the world will behave
10:34 am
differently. >> many will say, too, once you loosen the sanctions it is difficult to tighten them again. ambassador dan gillerman in tel aviv where it is already evening there. new warnings to expect more cancelled insurance policies in the new year. on the chapping block employer- provided plans. 78 million could have their plans cancelled. jim is live with us in washington. 78 million, jim? >> that's right. the president called the cancellation of 5 million policies a mistake and misunderstanding after promising they could keep their plans. critics call it a out right lie or deception. the president may be doing more apologizing in the coming year. by the end of 2014, 80 million policies will have been cancelled because they don't
10:35 am
meet the requirement was obama care. >> the administration projected or predicted that 51 percent of the plans in the employer sponsored insurance market would be illegal under the grandfathering clause of the affordable care act. >> that means 156 million plan, 78 million would be cancelled and they are projections from the administration itself back in 2010. and making it clear that the administration knew three years ago that obama care would force the cancellation of half or more of the nation's insurance policies. they conceded that individual plans would be cancelled in five percent of the market. officials anyhow that the total number was far greater than that. >> they have employer provided plans that lose their policies. >> why? >> because they don't meet the requirements of obama care and
10:36 am
dictates that each plan has to cover essential benefits whether people want them or not. >> acpufshthure or extensive prescription coverage and now the law will force them to buy other policies. they could have got it but chose not to. >> the policies will be cancelled just before the elections by the way and the administration cannot deny it since it predicted that, three years ago. alisyn. >> that is a stunning number. jim, thank you. >> the president said the websi website would be fixed. >> how close is. it we have laura and richard, gentlemen thank you for being here. la res.
10:37 am
is going to be fixed by then? >> no, let's face it. the liar- in- chief knew it was a lie when he said it and it is not going to be ready. and they get up to where they are handling 60,000 people. that was the original goal to be met on october 1st. what we still don't know is it delivering the correct information. in washington state, they miscalculated the sign ups in the first month. and we don't know if that will not be happening in this part of the plan. and if they miscalculate and not in your favor and say sorry, we goof. you don't qualify what are people supposed to do? eat the extra cost. >> a lot of traps on. that richard, what approximate that? if it is not fixed in the end of the month, what then? >> i think the website will be
10:38 am
fixed and hhs are working 24- 7 to make sure it is working for millions of americans to get access to health care. even in a situation where it is not up to snuff handling 60,000 people a day, we have a long enrollment period and we saw from romney care in massachusetts, they didn't enroll until the last final day. >> you think democrats will freak out more? >> i think some democrats are freaking out and trying to figure out. you know, am i going toine though not on the actual yesterdayed law. all democrats support the idea of all americans having a chance to go to the drchlt marylandrue u and others support. that >> la rs, go a head. >> what is ridiculous. richard, with all due respect to
10:39 am
you. people who have had policies cancelled years eve and to get a new plan in place. you have to sign up by the 15th of december otherwise your new plan doesn't kick in. what do you say to someone who is working to get signed up and their health policy is expiring and if they are suffering from conditions and they have no insurance in the new year? >> richard, let me ask you what success is. what if they don't meet the 7 million number and what it if it is a fractions of that? is it success? >> the people seeing the doctor. >> richard, you are not getting in on this. >> richard, you are not giving anything on. this the roll out is a disaster. >> i agree, bill. >> they are a few months into it and we don't know what is
10:40 am
happening in five days. >> what we know, bill and truth in the states where the governors set up their own exchange enrollment is overwhelming. california, and oregon and kentucky and connecticut they beat their target. demand for health care is large and we need to make sure the systems work. that's what the white house is trying to fix. >> la rss, we have to leave it there. >> thank you, gentlemen. we are six months away in the next chapter of the 9/11 tragedy. the museum of the world trade center in new york city will open to the public. we were given exclusive access to parts of the museum not yet seen before by the public. >> this is the entry way to the memorial museum and the history of what happened and how we responded will be told. >> joe daniels president of the
10:41 am
9/11 memorial museum. the pavilion is above ground. >> we built it as a atrium so you will see the first artifacts. they are beat up but standing strong and reminder that we have the capacity to be ri cellient. >> it is going down eight floors. people don't have a grasp until they walk inside here. >> on the second floor, this is an auditorium seating for 180 people. and behind this wall a private room for victim's families. and this is a atrium. >> you can see the oak tree and fountains and you are elevated and you are above it. >> it is one of my favorite loekdzs in the museum.
10:42 am
you are seeing the memorial pools and north and south and the tridepts right here and the position of the trident against one world trade center, tallest building in the country and the frame is remembrance and new birth. >> the atrium is a place that many people will not be able to forget? >> there is a sense of peace and life moving forward. this a triium put its in view and enfroers. >> it seems vast. >> it is huge 120,000 square feet. all beneath the street. i was talking to martha today. we lose perspective of how pig things are in new york because the buildings are enormous. once you are inside and you see how far it goes underground. it is remarkable. and i know it has taken a long
10:43 am
time but it is worth. it 12 and half years later. >> what a great sneak peek. and washington is making a big deal of the nuclear accord with iran. our next guest will say there is three things wrong with the deal. we'll talk to general mccasky. >> and springing in harm's way and saving a woman's life. how she and the marine are doing today. >> i yell the at her not to do it, ten times and she crawled off the edge and jumped. >> one of the fans tried to catch her and he was injured in the process.
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13 minutes away from gretchen carlsson on the real storyment happy monday. >> hope you had a fantastic weekend. the agency in charge of enforcing obama care, you know who it is? the irs. we'll see how that works in the
10:47 am
top of the hour. plus the president said republicans are more focused on obstructing governing than democrats. but wasn't his administration that chaefrjed the 2014 obama care enrollment dates? and black widow spiders in the grapes in the grocery stores. not eating grapes. >> you want to be careful. >> so you then, thank you, gretchen. iran and their allies are calling it a victory and israel is calling the agreement a historic misattack. general, thank you for being here. you say there are three fundmental flaws with the plan. >> start with the fact that iranians don't have to take apart anything. they keep the super refuges and
10:48 am
plu tonnium reactor and they get to keep that and work on it further. the only thing they can't do is put fuel in it and keep all of the uranium they enriched. they have to take it 20 percent down. and that is reversible. >> why did we agree with terms like that? >> you are{me? >> why would we allow them to keep it. >> hope that after a while they will come around and join the world community. look, you are asking the wrong guy. it lengthens the period of time within which they get a bomb. >> they could ratchet it up quickly. >> you don't like the momentum it leaves in place? >> safrpgzs took years to put in place. the european and it is chinese and indians have been dying to deal with the iranians.
10:49 am
it is easy to knock down a house and roll over it. safrngszs took years to put them in place. and once they are loosened. europeans and indians and chinese are dying to deal with them. and getting them to put it back is important. we don't have a dial to turn and say sanctions are back on. >> you are not comforted by the people who got the deal done who are they? >> start with mohammed za riff who was the iranian un ambassador and while ambassador in new york participated in shovelling money to the iranias. and was involved in a lot of successful evasions of sanctions including paying someone to keep quiet.
10:50 am
>> who represented iran. who represented the u.s. >> wendy, found kim jong-il to be witty and a problem solver and charmed by the fact that he watched michael jordan highlight videos. north koreans have a bomb. >> you are not impressed. >> i am impressed with iranian but not the person we i'm impressed with the iranian credentials not impressed with the person we sent. >> we'll see what happens over the next six months and if anything can be undone. thank you so much. the trouble is not over for two florida teenagers named by police in the case of a young girl's suicide. one of the mothers is leading a new crusade in starting with parents of caitlin and
10:51 am
guadaline. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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so the mother of the florida girl who committed suicide after severe bullying she's taking up a new crusade. steve harrigan is on her story. >> reporter: she's making moves towards establishing something called rebecca's law which is a statewide law which makes bullying criminalized in florida. up until now there's no criminal punishment for accusations of bullying and what we could see stoup up to a dozen different lawsuits against the students. her mother says despite those facts none of those accused have come forward to express any remorse for her loss. >> people keep asking me how do you feel. i don't really know how to answer that question.
10:55 am
i feel like i'm living a nightmare and i can't wake up. i keep waiting for it to be over but it never ends. my heart aches constantly, my body is numb, i can't sleep, my happiness no longer exist, my baby is gone. >> reporter: in addition to the lawsuits against up to a dozen students and their parents we could see additional lawsuits against the cement factory where she jumped back in september as well as the middle school and possibly the school board as well. rebecca was pulleyed for more than a year and a half in thad middle school first physically and then online. following on a same a little boy just 6 years old being bullied at recess. >> how his friends on the local football team, they were older than he s-rallied behind that little guy. >> great story. >> we dressed up in suits and sponsored danny because he's getting picked on bad at recess
10:56 am
and we didn't like that. he's a brother to us. and he's a very good friend for us. we didn't want to see him picked on. [ male announcer ]lka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. [ sniffles, coughs ]
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♪ i'll stand by you ♪ i won't let anybody hurt you ♪ here's a great story four. some big kids standing by a bullied kindergartener. >> danny has a speech disorder and getting picked on and he's the water boy for fifth grade football team. when they found out what happened to danny they organized danny appreciation day for the entire school. >> before he went to bed he was crying and i said what's the matter and he said he felt very loved and so that's my wish for him every night. >> oh, boy, pass the hanky. kids say they want to hold danny appreciation day every year now. >> like it. good for him. >> so great.
11:00 am
all right. we got run remember everybody. a busy, busy week around here. >> sure is. five days until the affordable care act is supposed to be working. >> have a great afternoon, everybody. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts right now. thanks, guys. today on the real story the folks who blew your money on this will be enforcing obama care now. the same irs that targeted tea party groups. are they up to the task? plus the president says the gop is thinking about next year's mid-term elections instead of governing. wasn't it the obama administration that pushed back obama care roll out until after the mid-terms. you could find one of these after you wash the grapes at the grocery store. one woman did. it's a black widow alert. heart warming surprise that brightened up an ugly football game and had fans crying tears of joy. welcome to monday


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