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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 25, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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all right. we got run remember everybody. a busy, busy week around here. >> sure is. five days until the affordable care act is supposed to be working. >> have a great afternoon, everybody. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts right now. thanks, guys. today on the real story the folks who blew your money on this will be enforcing obama care now. the same irs that targeted tea party groups. are they up to the task? plus the president says the gop is thinking about next year's mid-term elections instead of governing. wasn't it the obama administration that pushed back obama care roll out until after the mid-terms. you could find one of these after you wash the grapes at the grocery store. one woman did. it's a black widow alert. heart warming surprise that brightened up an ugly football game and had fans crying tears of joy. welcome to monday edition of the
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real story. with the deadline to fix the obama care website days away you may be surprised to learn where the president is today and what he's doing. he's on the road fundraising. and right now he's gearing up for a big speech not on health care or the efforts to fix the website but on immigration. so what's being done to fix the website while the president is on the road? >> reporter: today the white house is talking a new way to tez crunch as people try to sign up for health care on that troubled government website. john ernest on a flight with the president today from seattle to san francisco told reporters the website should be able to handle 50,000 users at one time by the end of the this month. if there are more than that number they can elect to get an e-mail giving them top priority at a later time when volume is lower. meantime some republicans are insisting the affordable care act isn't fixable at all while
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democrats say it just needs more time. listen. >> i do not believe you can fix this law to lower the cost and increase access. we have to scrap it and start anew and get a bipartisan consensus that actually puts the patient first. >> don't think obama care has failed. access to obama care has been a failure at this point in time and it needs to be fixed sponsorship from that standpoint the substance of obama care is yet to be tested. >> reporter: the white house says it is on track to have that website fixed by the end of this month. >> steve, we know the president is on the west coast. what is he doing today? >> reporter: not doing much about obama care as you pointed out. mostly he's raising money. he arrived in san francisco today, part of a three day swing down the pacific coast. he attend ad few fundraisers in seattle last night and today he's in san francisco for an immigration event. also some fundraisers. then he goes to los angeles where there are even more fundraisers. one event on the economy, the
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event on the economy will take place at dream works studios in southern california and the ceo, there of course, a big obama donor. >> thank you very much. obama care bringing new responsibilities for the irs. the very same agency under fire for targeting conservative and tea party groups. the one that spent your hard earned taxpayer dollars online dancing videos for its employees. what about the "star trek" parody training videos. the irs taking on the enormous responsibility of enforcing the individual mandate and doling out fines if you don't sign up for obama care. good to see you guy. is the irs up to this enormous task? >> that remains to be seen. this is a huge heavy-lift for the irs and there's a "the washington post" story today explaining that their new tasks connected to obama care, number
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in the dozens. they are up to four dozen new jobs that the irs is going to have to accomplish in regards to its charge on obama care and some of them aren't going to be easy given all the moving parts and the fact that elements of this website still haven't even been built yet on the back end. i think it's very much an open question. one treasury source telling "the washington post" this is the largest expansion of irs authority in recent memory. that's significant. >> it's significant and a lot of people watching right now are nervous because they've seen what happened with the obama care website roll out and then you think about the irs and any time you mention those three letters people panic because they are scared of the irs quite frankly. with regard to these fines they are going to be in charge of coming after people, young and healthy a lot of them who maybe decide to pay the fine instead of enrolling for obama care. but apparently according to this report the way they will get that money is to garnish refund
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money that may be going back to folks if they overpaid their taxes. how do you see that working? >> that's right. that's one enforcement mechanism they have at their disposal in this circumstance where they can garage issue people overpaying their taxes that refund they would get but some of the other typical enforcement mechanisms that they use like, you know, tax lens and garnishing wages aren't available through them the way aca is written. not only gretchen are they in charge of figuring out what people's penalties are they have to figure out already people are in compliance in the first place, whether or not they need to be penalized, whether or not they are exhe wanted which is the hhs department's purview. so we'll see if they can coordinate properly. there's another element the irs is responsible for which is paying trillions of dollars in subsidies to the insurers. that's their job. as we found out in testimony
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last week they are way behind in constructing the back end of the website. >> got to get your thoughts on this poll. four out of ten people now americans believe that president obama only four out of ten believe he can manage government effectively coupled with the fact for the first time a majority, 53% believe he's not trustworthy. what do you make of it? >> these are toxic numbers for the white house and for the president and the poll you just cited really reflects a broader trend that we saw in the quinnipiac poll, in the fox news poll from last week, "the washington post" abc news poll. this is not an isolated survey. when you have a public that views any politician particularly a president as some combination of untrustworthy, incompetent and poor at his job performance, that is very difficult hole to climb out of. gretchen when you look at the president's ratings over his first five years in office, typically you've seen people skeptical of his job performance
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on the economy and on other issues. that fire wall was his personal favorability and that's been erode. here's a quote for you. a historic mistake. that's what the leader of our closest middle east ally prime minister benjamin netanyahu called the deal with iran. turkey, iraq and syria welcoming the deal. saudi arabia and other gulf awanda barzee states expressing concern as lawmakers on both sides here at home. >> i don't buy into this what i believe is a false choice between war or a policy of apeasment. all we have to do is listen to our allies who are most proximate to the threat in the region, israel, gulf ally arabs we have any kind of deal with this regime in iran is not worth the paper it's written on. >> chuck schumer saying i'm
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disappointed by terms of the agreement. a fairer agreement would have couple ad reduction in sanctions with a proportion in uranium capability. joining me is a national security analyst. good to see you. so, so many people are saying wow is this a good thing for the united states? and you say -- >> absolutely not because all it does is delay some of iran's nuclear advancements. this is part of the makeover of the iranian regime. they decided they needed someone who is practiced in tricking the west. there's videotape out there that you can see of the so-called moderate president of iran bragging with a big smile how he's been able to buy time and tricking the west as if he's sincere. >> fox news confirmed earlier today president obama was having these secret talks going on and that he advised prime minister netanyahu of israel of these talks in september. it was shortly thereafter that we saw netanyahu come out and
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really express concern about what was going on. could this deal had been put in place to stop some sort of an attack that israel was potentially plotting to take care of their own vested interests in their own nation? >> you have to understand iran's nation to take one step back to later take two steps forward. in six months according to the israelis the iranians will reach quick capability. if the program is stalled does that time frame expand? yes, it does. but in return the iranian regime is getting about seven to ten billion dollars which is money going towards the nuclear program later, it's going to be used to stabilize the regime and ultimately used to support terrorists that kill our soldiers. >> i want to bring your attention to something president obama said. he said it would halt the progress of the iranian nuclear
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program. do you agree? >> temporarily it does but it depends on how you define nuclear program. there are certain elements temporarily frozen for six months. the more problematic parts of the program developing a war head, nuclear triggering mechanism they will have the north koreans work on that. they have scientists going back and forth. once they fix those problems they will return to these parts of the program. >> people immediately went on social media. senator lind sai graham wrote unless the agreement requires dismantling of the iranian centrifuge, we really hadn't gained anything. also from tom price, iran raises serious concerns. white house has alienated allies. >> is the message now that this deal gives out to other international countries like china, for example, that now that sanctions might be lessened or off the table that they can now start dealing with iran
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again because the u.s. thinks that they are okay? >> yes but also send as signal that iran is come back. as we speak iran is trying to make amends with turkey the muz eliminate brotherhood. the u.s. has accepted iran as nuclear program which was their objective from the beginning. before the debate was do you allow iran to enrich uranium. now it's accepted. it's very important that we understand the ideology of the regime and that's why we made our documentary, free for >> thanks for your expertise. yale university on lock down in connecticut. people there told take shelter after the school confirmed reports of a gunman in new haven on the campus. a man called this morning saying his roommate was heading to campus with a gun. witnesses describing the weapon
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as a rifle. police are talking to several people of interest as the fbi and s.w.a.t. teams search now. they are going door to door, many of the school staff and students already on thanksgiving break. that's the good news here. we'll keep you updated as we continue to learn more on this story. president obama appearing to try to shift the blame now over the health care law. who he says is at fault. our political panel weighs in on that. deadly winter storm on the move. will it make a mess of your thanksgiving travel plans? we're live with the story and information you need to know. a woman brings home more than she bargained for from the grocery store. that's a black widow. right back. >> next thing i know i see a leg coming up over the grape. i could have grabbed that instead of a grape. that really revolts me. [ coughs, sneezes ]
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welcome back, everyone. president obama shifteding blame again on thaerlt law to republicans. last night at a fundraiser dinner saying the biggest barrier and impediment we have right now is a congress and in particular a house of representatives that is not focused on getting the job done for the american people. joining us now to discuss fox news contributor and david webb also a fox news contributor. julie, how do you get out of this one. come on. hypocrisy alert times aboutbazi. >> there's gambling going on at casablanca. look, every side both sides here just need to stop to discussion on re-election campaigns but they are not going to.
11:17 am
democrats like mary landrieu and others are panicking about obama care. it's red state ones that want to fix. republicans who because of their own internal politics worried about primary from the right are not doing something on immigration reform. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> my question was how does the president get away with doing what he just did at this fundraiser when he's -- his administration is the one who changed the date for the election. >> let's go on the record. julie just said something false. republicans in the house have passed numerous bills on immigration. you're wrong. they have been voted on. president obama is playing the political game and painting his enemy as somebody to run away from. i don't care if he wants to invoke his mother, the spirit of dead indians. i want him to invoke the spirit of free american economists and things that have worked. politicians running for re-election that's point number two.
11:18 am
let's face it that's what they do, that's what happens. what i do care about and this matters. i care about the millions of americans going to lose their health coverage when the employer mandate kicks in, millions more will lose them and instead what we're talking about is not having solutions. there's a third point here that matters. designee brought his paper work. >> let's talk about the democrats that voted 100% for obama care, supported delaying the employer mandate, are now pushing to delay the individual mandate. they are just playing cya, covering you know what so they can get past the election. >> in a couple of minutes the president is going to be speaking about immigration out in california. and that brings me to the next topic, julie which is immigration. the president is out giving speeches not about health care but about immigration and you have to wonder, again, if last week's nuclear option in the senate was a tacit admission they won't get anything done
11:19 am
except federal judgeships liberal. is he going get immigration done? >> i know the senate has passed comprehensive immigration reform. john boehner say it's not dead. two-thirds of the american people we saw a poll, two-thirds of the american people including majority of republicans support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. the republicans won't pass that legislation. >> david, based on the nuclear option that the senate passioned will republicans work with this president? >> not likely. we have a polarized situation. the president says i'm driving the car. if you want real compromise you need to go to the table but have an honest trading partner at the table. immigration is a ploy. it's a ploy all along because when you look at what needs done, republicans have pass ad number of bills on this. i've gone through these bills with congressmen that have written them have not been able
11:20 am
to get them to the senate in a debate. here's something this bill right here, this is agree at that van sustrin's bill. google it. >> the senate already passed it. two third of the american people -- >> they disagree with how to go about it. the house wants to donate correctmentally the senates one big plan. julie and david have a great thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> it was a rape case that made national headlines. now more people facing charges for the sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl in steubenville, ohio. and a fight -- ♪ if things are going >> there it is. a fight smoking in a country bar turns deadly.
11:21 am
wayne mills has been killed and now his fans are demanding answers. ♪
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country star wayne mills killed in a bar fight. mills and his band performing at a bar in nashville saturday. police say mills got in dispute with the bar's owner over mills smoking in the bar. the owner said he shot in self-defense. mills died at the hospital but an investigation now under way. a grand jury investigating the 2012 rape of a 16-year-old girl in steubenville, ohio now indicting four school employees. among those charged the district superintendent, an elementary school principal and volunteer football coach.
11:25 am
two football players have already been convicted of raping the girl at a high school party last year. trace gallagher live for us in l.a. with more on this story. more indictment, right? >> reporter: ever since this rape happened there were these rumors around steubenville that because these athletes were involved, these football players in a huge football town that there were other students and the other adults that were trying to cover this up and now you have these four adults indicted two of the adults include a coach and elementary school principal. they face misdeamnor charges of failing to report the incident. but the superintendent michael mcveigh is facing felony charges of tampering or destroying physical evidence and obstructing justice by allegedly convincing someone not to talk to the police. the ohio attorney general says this is all about accountability. listen to him. >> it is up to the adults to
11:26 am
intervene, it's up to the adults to change things. it's up to the adults to set boundaries. it's up to the adults to teach the kids right from wrong. >> reporter: very important no note michael mcveigh has not commented. he could release a statement sometime late this afternoon. the two people who were convicted of this in court right there, a lot of students and adults believe there were others involved but the attorney general now says the grand jury's work is done so it appears there will be no more charges. remember along with the rape the outrage was because of the callousness of this, of the videotaping and when it was posted online then you had these students making derogatory comments about the victim, the attorney general says a lot of this, gretchen, has to do with lack of parenting. >> wow. okay. thanks so much for that update. you've heard about this winter storm coming your way. eight people have died so far and it's on the move now.
11:27 am
janice dean will have what you need to know for one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. plus more fallout from obama care. how employers could pass on the cost to you. we'll ask our all-star business panel about that next and here they come. ♪ ♪ working for the man every night and day ♪ ♪ i never lost minute of sleep ♪ ♪ and i was worrying about the way that things might have been ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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extreme weather alettered. killer winter storm on the move. it could make a mess of thanksgiving travel for some people. system already blamed for eight deaths out west and icy and snowy conditions all across the plains. janice dean is live at the extreme "weather center." janice, i know you hate to bring this kind of news to folks. tomorrow night and wednesday will not be good. absolutely. tomorrow evening and wednesday especially across the northeast and the mid-atlantic where the storm really starts to get its act together is going to be really difficult for traveling. the storm right now is pushing across the mississippi river valley towards the southeast and timing it. tomorrow we're still dealing with a southern soaker, potential for severe weather. heading into tuesday around 3:00 a.m. you're starting to see some icy mix creeping in towards the
11:32 am
appalachians. could see a little bit of snow ahead of this system across the northeast. and then tuesday morning we're going to start to see this storm creep up the coast. but the worst of it is tuesday, late afternoon, evening, overnight into wednesday when the winds start to pick up. if you have a flight on wednesday you'll see some delays, unfortunately, if you live anywhere from d.c. up towards new york or boston. it looks like it's mainly going a rain event along the coast. interior sections we could see in excess of six inches of snow. the real problem is the winds on wednesday. if you're traveling by air that's going to be the major issue and we already have winter weather advisories, freezing rain advisories for parts of the appalachians. so keeping us busy. we want to make sure people are ahead of the storm and they know what to expect. it's going to be patience tried certainly in the next 24 to 48 hours. >> hopefully they don't have to have thanksgiving meal in take out at the airport. thanks so much.
11:33 am
another potential blow for obama care. a report by the "wall street journal" laying out the next ticking time bomb. increased costs for anyone who gets their health insurance through their employer. that's millions of people. here's one example. executives at haverty furniture expect costs to rise by 20% and have no choice but to pass those costs on to employees. joining me, the managing part at chapwood business. matt, you've had a blow. you lost your plan zmip. >> what do you make of this report now that all this cost is going to come back. frankly to the four of us sitting here, we work for corporations, you for a smaller firm. the only way corporations can make it and abide by obama care rules is to pass along the cost to us. >> when it comes to big corporations 50 employees above that's the people that think nothing is happening home to. nothing has happened as of yet
11:34 am
because one year reprieve that the government gave them. think about a big corporation. what's their goal? to make money. as more people come on to their insurance more cost for the company. all they can do is increase revenue. that's going to be passed on to all the people out there that work for these large corporations. >> between 15% and 20% eligible workers across the nation tend to skip insurance through their companies but under obama care they have to pay a fine or they have to get health insurance. >> absolutely. i mean i was shocked by that stat to think that there are people offered at work and pass because they don't want to pay that cost. we're hearing people joining spouse's plan at work. a crowding on the these plans that employers have. the costs go up. it's a time when we're all talking about the high costs. so employers feel like this is the right time to pass on more
11:35 am
of the costs to my employees as well because we're all talking about it. >> you were surprised that that one company i pointed out the furniture company it only had gone up 20%. what will happen in 2015? >> these costs will keep going higher. they are going passed on to us and no question about it through their products. it happens all the time. same with tort reform during that time period where they had to raise insurance premiums companies did for fear of being sudden. sometimes these insurance cost thaens adds another 7% to 15% to products we buy. again, wages aren't going up, costs are going up. your cost to live today are going up quite a bit. >> i want to draw your attention this american enterprise institute report. it says 100 million people could lose their insurance now under obama care. so melissa, here was the thing. originally in the last couple of weeks, 5 million people and the
11:36 am
administration said it's only 5% of the population. now we're talking about potentially 100 million people in small business that will lose it. >> 50 to 100 million exactly like this case. in many cases for the same reasons we heard the individuals. small business plans are being denied and cancelled because they don't cover the things that are part of the obama care mandates. the pediatric dentistry, acupuncture. so they are cancelling small businesses. large businesses as well. they are replacing it with much more expensive plans. >> matt you were a part of this. >> i lost my insurance. the comparable one was not as good and my premiums went up 49%. secondary effects. maybe your premium won't go up but your deductible will go up. spouse, family on there those expense will go up. >> what about these cancelations? 100 million people might get cancellation sflerts >> it's unbelievable.
11:37 am
this is a conversation that goes on every where. when we have the fox news. it's costing them more money. it's going to start hurting corporate america when people have less money in their pockets they are buying less, when they buy less this hurts corporate earnings. >> as a large corporation they rather pay that fine then take on the extra expenses. >> you got five healthy people at your workplace that's who they want in the obama care exchange. >> so far a lot of those people haven't been signing up. happy thanksgiving to the three of you. now some stories making headlines for you this hour. a train derailment in south carolina forges a change of travel plans for passengers. it was en route from new orleans to new york. bags went flying but none of the 218 people on board were hurt. italian prosecutor arguing to reinstate a guilty verdict
11:38 am
against american amanda knox in the 2007 murder of her roommate. knox and her ex-boyfriend were convicted in 2009 but an appeals court threw out that ruling two years ago. new york san advertising council debating whether to ban or recycle plastic foam food containers. restaurant owners say using different containers won't work as well and will cost more. the capitol christmas tree arrived this morning. a military family about to get the surprise of their lives. it's your good news story of the day. >> the charges suddenly dropped, her family considering other legal options. >> to be honest i'm very angry with the individuals i believe are responsible for my daughter's death. i know that having anger in my
11:39 am
heart is not good but i am not perfect.
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test. te 37 test. test test. test. test. test.
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welcome back, everyone. here's what america is cooking on today. ♪ . this is the stage at last night's american awarts. lady gaga dressing like marilyn monroe. the jfk theme so close to the 50th anniversary of his assassination had some saying this is in bad taste. >> the fox animated show," family guy" killing off one of its main characters. brian the family dog. now fans are venting on twitter. in the meantime new legal fallout in florida after charges
11:43 am
were dropped against two girls accused of cyber bullying rebecca sedwick. she later committed suicide. her family plans to go after the parents of those other girls in court. >> i decided to file wrongful death lawsuits in a civil court against individuals i believe are responsible for my daughter's death. i intend to hold them accountable to the full extent of the law. i'll make sure children are not tormented like my daughter was. >> our legal panel joins me now. good to see both of you. so in this case, deborah, the sheriff tried to have these charges stick, the prosecutors in this area of florida said look we just don't have enough to go with it. what recourse civilly does the family of this young girl have now? >> i first want to touch upon the fact that the sheriff released the name of these two minor girls which was wholly
11:44 am
inappropriate. when you're charged as a minor your name should not be released. i think the families of the girls who were released have legal recourse against him. in term of the family of the girl who tragically committed suicide, they could sue civilly and go after the family for wrongful death. they could go after the parents for not monitoring their daughters facebook accounts, twitter posts but it's unclear in this case which is probably why the charges were dismissed in criminal court if the girls actually posted anything online. >> they said they were hacked, their accounts wering hacked. but there were thousands of facebook messages, i guess they just felt there wasn't enough evidence for these criminal felony charges, or is it the case that it's difficult to bring charges because it's so multifaceted when somebody commits suicide. >> i'll defer in part to my
11:45 am
friend on criminal defense aspect. with regards to -- it seems whenever prosecutors start taking to the cameras and talking about cases, you generate something of a media frenzy and it tends to take things into another dimension. now, as to what the evidence was or these conflicting accounts, i'm not a computer guy, i don't know how easy it is to hack somebody's facebook account. setting aside whether or not the specific facebook post we heard about, whether that's the case or not, i think this really points to a broader pattern in terms of parenting and values in schools. i think more and more people are dealing, of course we all know kids can do mean things. >> we saw the parent of the one alleged bully they went out and did media interviews afterwards. an interesting situation. i want to bring your attention to newtown, connecticut. a state report on that investigation is going to be
11:46 am
released in about 15 minutes from right now. via the computer. so, deborah, what do we hope to see in this report? will we cho more about the motive of adam lanza? will we know more about his mental health history? >> we'll find out the answers to both of those questions. it's unclear at this time what the report will say so we have to wait and find out. we need to focus on the fact that in this country more than 10,000 people or about 10,000 people a year are murdered from gun deaths and we need to have some kind of gun control and reform. in this country -- >> what about mental health reform? there are a lot of laws on books with regards to guns. >> i have to completely disagree with my friend. the reality is two things. first there are already laws on the books where if somebody is found mentally dangerous that information is supposed to be prostride the fbi and national institute check system so those people -- if someone is
11:47 am
manifestly dangerous we don't want them to have access to the firm. the second amendment is a fundamental right and there's no law being discussed that would have prevented this tragedy because his law-abiding peaceable mother is the one who bought the gun and he stole it. we need to protect our children. >> we have to wait and see in ten minutes time from now what that report says. to the both of you thank you very much. >> happy thanksgiving. another scary scene in the stands of an nfl game as police look into why a woman almost the pole her death. we'll tell you about a man who risked his own life to save hers. deadly creepy crawlers turning up in your food. don't forget, check your grapes to wash the spiders out. [ sniffles, coughs ]
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for a heart healthy soup.
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welcome back. a marine veteran is being credited with saving a womans life at she jumped from the upper deck at the raiders game. the vet, a 61-year-old grandfather was hurt but is stable. it's the third incident this season. two people were hurt in a fall last week in buffalo. a woman in the pittsburgh area got one heck of a scare. imagine you do this, she finds a black widow spider in some
11:52 am
grapes from the grocery store. so we're talking a second look before you pop the grape into your mouth? >> that's what she was doing. she was kind of rinsing the grapes and she would pop one into her mouth every once in awhile and she felt something slimy and creepy on her finger, and then -- >> the next thing you know i'm seeing a leg coming up over a grape. it really revolted me. it really freaks me out. when i see a spider i make someone come get it. i hate spiders. >> she dropped the grapes, but she was able to catch the spider and an inspector came out.
11:53 am
>> you can really tell it is a black widow. >> she block the grapes at a giant store. they say they regreat the incident as occurred, and we're taking immediate steps to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future. >> i don't know about you, but i would probably figure out a way to get rid of it, but those spiders bite and you're in trouble. it's not just in pennsylvania, right? other stores and other states too. >> we had three or four incidents in just the last week. there was a giant store, an aldi, one in wisconsin, one in yam, and a kroger in michigan. here is what the black widow looks like. shiny black legs, a red
11:54 am
hourglass insignia on the back. skip the grapes and go right to the wine. >> we'll be right back.
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11:57 am
we have a fox news alert for you right now. the issue is important for at least one key voting block, hispani hispanics. let's listen for a moment live. >> it is great to be back in california. it is great to be with all of you, i love san francisco. you have great food, you have great people. beautiful scenery. no more supervillains because bat kid cleaned up the streets.
11:58 am
i love bat kid. i want to start by thanking gipa for the wonderful introduction and the great work that she is do, give her a round of applause. [ applause ] >> i want to thank your mayor, ed lee, lieu ten innocent governor gavin lusome. i want to recognize members of congress, mike, eric, judy chew, they're all doing great work every single day. we have a special guest, janet napolitano who is overseeing --
11:59 am
>> we're going to monitor the speech, you can watch the entire thing on time for good news focusing on the detroit lions on sunday. it has nothing to do with football, but all to do about family. a marine comes home early and surprises his wife and family on the field. watch this. >> on behalf of the detroit lions, thank you to captain monsina's family. thank you for searching, and captain, welcome home. >> those get me every time. >> he has been overseas fighting for our country three times over the last seven years. he says he intends to spend a year home with his family before
12:00 pm
he goes back again. look at that visual. those beautiful children and his wife. >> congratulations to the marine captain. >> thank you for being part of the real story today. now it's time to go over to john scott who is filling in for shepherd smith today. thank you, i'm john scott and we're watching several major news stories this hour. police in new haven, connecticut have locked down several schools. an anonymous caller said his roommate was headed to yale with a gun. we don't even know if it could all be a hoax. we will let you know if anything happens. investigators scheduled to release a report right now on last year's mask massacre at say


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