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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 26, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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a million lights, the homeowner is trying to reclaim this winning title. he needs a half milion plus one. >> after thanksgiving we will try to put some mojo into the tree right here but right now he is down. the real story with gretchen carlson starts right now. >> hi everyone. mass big headaches for travelers heading home for the holidays. welcome. nasty and deadly storm system heading for the east coast. some of the country's biggest airports spreading all across the country. conditions expects to get worse by tomorrow. we have rick in the weather center rate here in the studio tracking the storm.
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so those airports get delayed and it is a big storm there is severe weather to be had with it also. it is snow, severe weather rain and wind. a tornado watch in effect until 5:00 p.m. tonight. we might see that farther into eastern parts of florida. you can see where the severe threat is here. throughout the east we could be seeing tornados with this as well. look at what we are going to see. the rain is here and we are seeing snow across farther interior sections. the snow is across places that generally get snow. it is going to be rain along the coast. it is going to be all rain. that means flash flooding with this. we go in through tomorrow evening with the rain. a lot of the flights are going to be delayed and it will take
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time to catch up. if you are driving home, the roads will be fine. but the airports for the remainder of today and tomorrow will be rough. the yellow indicates two inches of rain. the wind will be a factor as we go through over the next couple of days. winds gusting that high. that means it causes big problems. into tomorrow evening, thursday thanksgiving day, fregretchen, everybody is looking pretty good. >> my sister is lucky, she got into new york just in time. we want to hear from you. you can send us your photos. go to my facebook page, we'll read your comments and show your photos later on in the show. president obama wrapping up a three day fund raising tour in
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the east coast. he is going to meet with industry execs before giving a speech on the economy. you couldn't go out to california? >> i wouldn't want to do the traveling. good afternoon to you. today's visit to the hollywood farm run by his most prominent campaign donors. he attempts to do this on a day when the conference board reports to us that consumer confidence hits lowest level since april. economists interpret that as hiring and wages. so did the rocky roll out of obama care. a program that impact s one sixh of the economy. last night's party held as the
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mansion of magic johnson, he framed the success of the program as a moral issue. he said: meantime, on a conference call with state and local officials, health and human services secretary said it will boast a different user experience. >> it is one of the few places he can go and be useful and helpful to democrats. he is visrating his presidency and ratings so the one thing that he can do to help is go out and raise a bunch of money for the party committee. that is what he has been doing for the last couple of days.
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>> government figures showing that 7.5 million seniors have benefited from barack obama to prescription drugs. gre grethen? >> thank you so much james. >> despite his promise to get affordable health care to every american, think tank tells a different story. in most states barack obama will increase by an average of 41%. only eight states will see a reduction. good to see you david. good to be here gretchen. >> what do you make of that study. 41% increase really? >> what we know about the affordable care act is it is going to have a different affect on consumers and different mace secs. it could determine the outcome for you personally.
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we know that if you are in the individual market where you are phasing cancelled plans and you have to sign up for insurance policies you will be paying more than you used to. >> how can you call it the affordable care act when 41 states will see an increase. >> i'm asking how the administration can call it the affordable care act. >> the administration claims that insurance the price for insurance is growing at a slower rate than it would have if the law had not been put into effect. we short of forget all of this, when the president first started campaigning or pushing for health care reform generally, theficial response to health care reform was positive.
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although americans liked their plans or their doctors, they didn't necessarily like playing for them. >> this was promises that it would be a $2500 decrease per family per year. and it is not panning out. i want to move out to aarp launching campaign offering free e-cards saying the bank of mom and dad may be closed get health insurance and i'll admit that you are my favorite child. it is cute, will it work? >> we'll find out. if people think the law is good and if people believe like the program is worth participating in, it is going to work. if you are young and you look at the penalty for not signing up and it is low, you are likely to
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look at the marketing plan. what they need to do to move young and healthy people to move into the marketplace is to get it into their head they are going to save money and save trouble by signing up now. if you are guaranteed insurance no matter what you do, there is no reason to start paying a couple,0 thousand dollars a yea insure. >> maybe this e card will get you going. you are the reason that i drink wine out of a box. maybe that will get kids to feel sorry for their parents. >> happy thanksgiving. >> the president, and congress on track for one of its least productive years in history.
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since january. more than 350 bi0 bills introdu in the house. 335 passed. of those only 52 signed into law. if that number sounds small it is. the second term 113 bills have been signed into law. later that term the 110th congress enacted 120. looks like congress has some work to do. in the meantime the owners of the hobby lobby chain of stores have headed to the supreme court to fight the health care law. it forces them to pay for birth control and abortions which lower courts have found unconstitutional. a massive fire ball outside a fruit plant and listen to the sheriff describing a spectacular
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scene. i could see flames 100 feet in the air. i have been told flames are 500 or 600 feet in the air. we have had every fire department in the valley fighting this fire. >> operation at guantanamo bay. hour the cia is enlisting prisoners. our political panel weighs in on broken campaign promises. >> if you like your health care plan you will be able to keep your health care plan period. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. period. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade.
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outside a fruit plant. take a look at empty fruit bins. the fire chief calling every department in the area. start on fire plastic bins especially, they burn hot, there is no way to stop them, you have to get ahead of them and try and cool everything down and they melt down and everything. no word of everything hurt and how that fire started. >> hin sight may be 20-20. more questions how many politicians knew millions of people new he would break promises and went along anyway. chris plant is the host of the chris plant show and they are my
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guests today. good to see both of you. good morning. and you chris. >> good afternoon. would this h the scope of the election. economy and jobs and the americans are concerned about it.
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>> silgt piegnature piece of legislation based on a series that we now know to be lies. you have to call into question whether president obama would have won the election. given that they knew this should they be held accountable after that. >> the midterms are coming up real quick. a cnn poll shows the gop has
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catapulted over the democrats now. the reason i say that, just a month ago they were ten points down. between now and election time both could go up and down. it really will depend not just about the affordable care act. still, you have to remember the last election most of the states that he won over romney were states that were upset about romney's comment about the 47%. saying that they will no longer print pictures to them by the
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white house photographers, the news out of chicago was the first to do this. now the usa today joining the band. so chris, will more follow suit. >> president obama should have a photo. >> come on chris, this is a disgrace. >> and the news media really is the guilty party here for five years, they have been taking these photos and treating them like a news product and it is
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being treated like a tac ooma washington photo. >> your thoughts? you are supposed to report the news to the readers. i feel that you have to have a certain level of respect for the readers. it is irresponsible to the readers. where does this go next. they are not going to cover when jay carney is speaking in washington? >> you are missing the first part of the story. which is that they are not allowed into cover the news that they want to. that is the difference here, we are not going to be handed the photos that some would say make the president look good. chris and leslie happy thanksgiving we'll see you soon.
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>> wild scene in a frozen yogurt shop. dropping in. we'll show you how this all ended. >> plus it is 150 years since president lincoln declared the last thursday in november to be thanksgiving. could a president today talk about god like lincoln? go to my facebook page where you can read the whole proclamation today. we'll read your comments at the end of the show. ♪ bsh to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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. surprising deer smashing into the new jersey shop after closing. the owner's daughter stopping dead in her tracks. the poor thing couldn't get any traction. comes over and helps the deer finally escape. stunning new details today. the cia turning detainees into double agent s. kathrine what are we learning about this program, how did we find out? >> thank you gretchen. one source telling fox news that the bush administration never providing numbers on guantanamo because some prisoners left the
11:25 am
camps under the radar. the ap posting this video where the cia left the association known as penny lane. it appears that the cia program was known to a select few and there were sceptics at the time. my sources say that some of the decisions where controversial and for example, military intelligence officials didn't find them to be all that promises while all those officials did find them to be useful. >> fox news finding out that the number in the program was a small pool less than a dozen in a period. >> did it work? did we find out information? >> former spokesman who was familiar with the program offered the assessment. it has kept america safe.
11:26 am
it has helped prevent a second 9/11. one of the reasons we see al qaeda today is because president obama is not focused on that intelligence. we know now based on the data that about a third of the detainees who have been released are confirmed are suspected but we don't know who came out of the cia release program. >> wow fascinating details. thank you so much. >> a deadly storm system barrelling towards the east coast now. we'll tell you who may have to cancel their holiday plans. the wife of a u.s. pastor being held in a u.s. prison. our faith panel is here. we are looking at how the president is dealing with christian persecutions around the world.
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we will be right back. you're givi away pie?
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it remains to be seen if people will get to where they are all going. >> hi rick. >> there will be some who are going to have a hard time getting to where they are going.
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>> take a look at the radar picture. it is good. it will be good for the remainder of the week end. this is the big storm and it is about getting to where you are going. we have severe weather concerns. people need to be alert across the northern half of florida. we are seeing this start off as snow. this is going to change over to rain. the warm front is going to warm up to the 60 degree mark. by thursday mobrning it is gone.
11:32 am
the parade probably having issues with those pa loonballoo. airports another story, it is going to be very very rough going. the rest of the country is looking great. so many of those planes start out across parts of the east and that is going to be big delays. >> happy thanksgiving if i don't see you. we asked you to send in your travel picks. corporal lopez came home to las veg vegas. >> christopher arnold of san diego. he tweets: >> this is joe and elizabeth
11:33 am
daily. they are waiting for a flight out of nashville. they tweet no delays so far. trying to get to pennsylvania. wish us luck. good luck hope you made it. >> new court documents show zi and more than 100 rounds of ammo when being arrested for a domestic violence charge. 61 marine vet who jumped into action. now speaking out crediting his military instincts for his fast reaction. while he was hurt trying to catch the woman who reportedly jumped he said he couldn't live if he did nothing. and radel pleaded guilty to cocaine possession last week.
11:34 am
>> new fall out of the the nuclear deal between the united states and iran. two senators drafting legislation to hit theran. >> wife is devastated that the deal did not secure this release. >> this is not a confidence building step on their part. this would have been our best chance of getting him out of their life. >> what is your reaction to the president. he could have had that be an easy precondition. he could have said release the americans before we continue with the americans. >> bill don who. parnlg of my faith panel. bill, christian persecution.
11:35 am
should we have tried to get this american citizen a christian out of iran before we settle a deal? >> there is no question about it. he showed his feelings against jews. the next time a christian get s caught say i'm a gay christian. >> this is blasphemy laws in all cases. it amounts to the majority of the religion, and all over the country and world rather there are atheists and jews and christians who are in jail. you don't believe that he should sit in prison? >> absolutely not.
11:36 am
should it have been part of the deal? now the leverage is gone. there has been blasphemy among christians. this administration has been silent. they went crazy over a video. and christians are being raped and murdered and they said nothing. it does not weigh heavily on the president's heart. i don't think that he wants to in anyway embarrass islam. the president said in a boom that he wrote that he will
11:37 am
always stand with islam. >> it is interesting because we don't know what the fate is going to be now and we have to hope and pray that somehow he is released. i have to move on with this. it was 100 years ago. it was packed with religious referen references. these bounties cannot penetrate and soften even the heart which is ha bit alley in sensible to the ever watchful providence of the almighty god i do therefore invite my follow mernses in every part of the united states to set apart and observe the last thursday of november next as a day of thanksgiving and praise to our bennive sent father w father.
11:38 am
>> what has changed? >> we have a president now who even though we have four references to god. he never talks about the creator and many times he hasn't done that. he went before the people of indones indonesia an in correct national motto. he is not religion friendly. it is his business that he doesn't celebrate business with his own family. >> it is not just president obama. my minister read part of this pr proclamation. it is completely out of our culture now, right? for any reference to god. you get in trouble. he says got bless america in every speech. he organizes the national day of prayer. all of this is for getting what
11:39 am
james madison and thomas jefferson wrote when they were the founding fathers. the country is diverse. they believed in it. >> i think a lot can be put at the doorstep of president obama. with a different president we would not have under god. >> this is part of the transformation that president obama wants to make regarding america. a transformation regarding a touchtones regarding private industry and certain things in our military. it is part of the transformation. what matters is not god or honesty but how many times you label someone. >> i would encourage all team to go read this prom lamation from
11:40 am
1863. >> and read james madison too. >> and thomas jefferson. >> have a great holiday. >> it is that time of year again shoppers taking to the carts oh goodness. black friday gets annerier than ever start now. >> plus a woman on trial made a bombshell admission on the stand today. >> i was fed up. i wanted it to be done. enough is enough. at that point i said it i wish he was dead. >> is she guilty? the latest next. pp ÷ó
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test. pp ÷ó test. test. test. test. test.
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fox news alert right now out of the state of connecticut where a judge has ordered the release of the 911 tapes of the
11:44 am
sandy hook school shootings. the associated press has been trying to get those recordings. 20 children 6 adults were killed in those shootings. >> a woman allegedly prlotting with her son and brother to kill her husband to cash in on the insurance money. >> trace, what did she say? >> well, it was shocking we should mention the prosecution just finished their closing arguments and the defense just getting theirs. the defense rests because she is the only witness they called. the defense arguing they didn't need to call any other witnesses. shortly after she took the stand she said this listen. >> what did you say? >> that i wish he was dead.
11:45 am
i was tired, of fighting i'm tired i want him gonna way from me away from the kids. i needed to feel safe again. >> she said she wished it because he physically assaulted her repeatedly and never acted on it. she were less than a month from their divorce and she was still the beneficiary of his $250,000 life insurance policy so they allege they conspired with her brother and son and he recognized the shooter's vehicle as a gold suv belonging to his brother ain law's girlfriend and they were captured on surveillance near the scene of the shooting. prosecutors touched on that. listen to this. >> did you ever ask anybody to
11:46 am
f fur der him? >> no, i did not. >> did you participate in the attempt on his life? >> no, i did not. >> there are allegations that amy had an unnatural relationship with the natural son. the jury could get this case some time in the early afternoon. >> bizarre story. >> lots of folks looking forward to the big sales on black friday. many stores opening up their stores on thanksgiving day. other retailers are staying closed on purpose after all what is a national holiday. our next guest says get used to it. he heads the marks group helping small and mid sized companies manage their business. >> it is the reality. i know this goes way before your
11:47 am
time but when i was a kid kiss was my favorite band and i remember wanting to buy a kiss album. the stores are closed on sundays. you couldn't get to sam goody's that is the way it was. that is not the way it is today. >> that is interesting. i want to show our viewers these are the folks who are going to be open now on thanksgiving. and i want to show the stores that have said we are not opening our doors but i know pc richards for example on the east coast has said we are catholic and we are not going to be open on a national holiday. will we suffer the consequences or not? >> sunday sales are now part of the main stream and there are be stores open on thanksgiving and
11:48 am
christmas day mainly because retailing is tough. >> what does it do to the tech nations and the film crew. >> i was telling you in the break early on in my career i work ed on the holidays. people fly planes and industries on the holidays what does it do to the small diz ownbusiness ow can't compete? they are going to have to compete. i report and talk to small business owners that get upset. but listen if walmart and target are opening on thanksgiving day. your customers are expecting 365, 24/7 experience you are going to have to do that as well. that is the reality of the world
11:49 am
today. you say it is up to the consumer or stay at home with the family. it makes me laugh saying that i'm going to go out and shop on thanksgiving day. and that is the problem that you have. you make your choices. >> thank you so much. >> looks like alec baldwin won't be staying up late anymore. >> they belt a health care website that works. you won't believe how quickly they got the job done. it is a furbie blaflashback. ♪ welcome back to that same old place that you laughed about ♪ ♪ where the names have all changed. >> so you're telling me your mom has a mom cave?
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let's check out what america is kicking on today. furby's are back. the robotic creatures are new colors and a updated v ed vocab which is awesome sauce. "family guy" has been trending today after they killed off brian. now they're barking back at the show producers who say they just did it to shake things up. really? the feds couldn't do it, but three guides in the bay area could. they built a health care website and get this, it actually works. claudia is live in l.a. with the details. how long did it take to build the site? >> it did not take them long, they were tinkering with it for
11:54 am
a few months. they figured it out, nailed down the code, and launched it in a matter of day. enter your zip code, age of your family members, and if you smoke, in it seconds up pop insurance plans and prices. >> in those quick steps i have gone from knowing nothing about my hospitalizations to what plans exist, what subsidies i can get for them, and what the premiums are for my family. >> it is not an alternative, but more of a compliment to the federal website allowing people to browse and explore their options without having to go through the pain of the sign up process. understand they make their choice, they can enrole with then they will provide a phone number that you can call and get guidance about obama care plans. >> where do they get all of the data? three young guys figured this whole thing out at heartily any
11:55 am
cost, and obama care still didn't work. >> these three programmers give a lot of credit to the federal government. that is where they got their data and also coordinating all of the state exchanges as well. and again, they say that without the work down by the government contractors that did all of the leg work, gathering all of the insurance data and making it public, they would not have been able to put their website together. there is no advertising and they're not making any money. they did it on their own time, and gretchen, it's very popular, more than half a million have logged on to the sight and tens of thousands of them have done the sign up online tab. it is available in 39 states, all 50 should be online at the end of this week. >> thanks, claudia. >> it looks like msnbc and alex baldwin have officially ended
11:56 am
their relationship. we're jointly confirming that "up late" will not continue on msnbc. a paparazzi posted video of him using homophobic slurs. a tale that could warm any heart. a blind pubby and his seeing eye dog brother who cares for him got great news. after this image went viral. look at that shot. their story, next. i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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good news today, a puppy picture is melting hearts today. a blind puppy and his brother were sleeping. in the end, one local couple won. >> the minute i walked in and the two of them charged into the
12:00 pm
room you just knew right away that was it. >> they're expected to arrive at their new home just in time for thanksgiving. and fired up about the white house talking about obama care. >> i'm johnson scott in for shepherd smith. new reports that guantanamo bay flipped prisoners and sent them back home. ahead, the story of the gitmo government agents. and do company vs. to pay for birth control. and why black friday deals may be worse than they look. what you need to know before you start shopping. we begin with millions and millions of americans in the path of a monster weather mess and mother nature's


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