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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 27, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> it's the patient on how to manage their own health care. finances are in their control. doctor-patient relationship. >> give yourselves a hand. that is all the time we have well, it's the night before thanksgiving and the white house sneaks in another obamacare delay. today i wanted to let you know that we are announcing going forward small businesses will be able to enroll directly in a shop plan through an insurer, agent, or broker. online enrollment will only be available in 2014. >> this announcement comes not only on thanksgiving eve when americans are occupied with other things other than the news, four days before the semi relaunch of the obamacare web site. >> november 30th does not represent a relaunch of it's it not a magical date. >> it's a failure and people are seeing it starkly and
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clearly right now and the president is scrambling. >> there will be times after november 30th, when the site, like any web site, does not perform optimally. >> this announcement shows that that enterprise is still encountering major problems. >> this is a disaster and it was a train wreck that has been who has managed anything ever in their lives could have seen coming. >> they still don't know, it sounds like, whether or not they are going to be able to handle some sort of great amount of traffic. >> he should have just told everybody the truth from the beginning. but, you know what? if he had, they wouldn't have passed it. >> yet another delay in the obamacare rollout. hello, everyone, i'm andrea tantaros in for greta van susteren. the white house choosing the busiest travel day of the year to slide in the latest delay. did they really think that nobody would notice? karl rove joins us now. karl, the first thing i thought when i heard about this delay was, hmmm, it's not exactly a friday afternoon dump like you would call it in washington,
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d.c. but it's pretty darn close. what's the first thing you you thought when you heard about this latest delay? >> well, the first thing i thought of is, look, this is not the worst thing about this particular program. the shop program. they actually had a huge failure in april, in april they announced that they would not -- if you were a small business and you wanted to go buy a shop plan, for small business, you wouldn't be able to pick a variety of plans for your employees and it would be one. it was not going to be until 2015 that the government was going to be able to offer you a consumer choice that is to say a menu you can say to your employees you can take a gold plan, a silver plan and a bronze plan. those are the three plans the government allows. you had to pick one for them. this program was already deeply unattractive to small business. when you are now small business one choice and fill out a lot of paperwork in order to do it and you have to deal directly with the insurer. a lot of them are going to
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say if i have got less than 50 employees. take this and dump the coverage. everybody goes and does this on their own and the individual exchanges and because i have got less than 50 employees, i don't pay a fine. and if if you have got more than 50 it's going to cause a lot of small businesses i think to investigate whether or not they ought to have a self-funded plan which means that they are out of obamacare all together. it's governed by an entirely separate room. ahis is -- arisa. group plans already governed by arisa and not obamacare. that number is going to grow when they say i want to get rid of red tape. >> you go to organizing for america. the president's political arm. it says healthcare from the holidays. encourages people tomorrow quickly, don't waste any time when your relative comes in the door, bum rush them, talk to them, get personal about obamacare. what i found funny, karl, is call center is closed
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tomorrow. they still don't have their act together when it comes to the logistics. >> in fact, we have the "new york times" story which the white house is now acknowledged where they are saying to their outside allies don't push people to go to the web site after november 31st because we don't want to overwhelm it. it's too fragile and still has bugs. and, look, this is a big, big, big problem for obamacare. i want you to think about this, andrea. 7 million is their target for signup. that's what's needed to make this program sustainable with roughly 3 million of those being younger healthier workers whose premiums are going to be higher in order to subsidize the less healthy, generally older workers in the program. they have 106,000 people sign up in october. in november they did three times as good as they did in october. that means they.
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53,000 people a day half of what they got during the entire month of october. what happens if it doesn't work? finances upside down particularly if they don't get that magic number of a certain percentage of younger healthier workers young person looking at this would say i will just pay the penalty here. where do you see this going? if you don't get enough young, healthy people in the system, do you see the administration? because i believe they are just going to start to subsidize the insurance companies. they are willing to hand out plenty of money to keep this thing alive. >> yeah. well, there is a special program that was designed to help companies that had what was called adverse selection. that is to say people with qualifying health plans in the first year. if you had too many people older and sicker, the government would be able to give you some money in the first year, lesser amount in the second year and then tail it out in the third year. when they announced that
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they were not going to be able to -- that you could, in essence, keep your unqualified plan, what they did is they put a line in there at the end of the letter that said, basically, looking at dipping into this pool for unqualified plans. you are right at the end of the day they try to subsidize their way out of this even if it is illegal for them to it do so that makes the economics. bad structure. older, less healthy. think about. this and if you are sitting in the obama administration, this is giving you nightmares. premiums 2015. by the end of june, have all those people who signed up through the end of march, they will have all that data and they will have settled on their premiums based on the composition of that
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population. they will settle on them by the end of june. in all likelihood. premium pools looking like they looked today. the premium increases are going to be dramatic for 2015. those notices go out in september and october of next year. just before the election. so, people have signed up, they are unhappy that they lost their existing plan. they have to navigate a new doctor, you a new healthcare professional network. then they get a notice saying, you know, you are already paying more for your deductible and more for your premium. your premiums are going up dramatically in 2015 because the pool who signed up is less healthy and more demanding healthcare and you you have got to pick up the tab. >> karl, i only have a minute left. i know you have a white board there and not a crystal ball. what do you think the next move the administration is going to make? do you see them maybe moving back the delay, the penalty, paying that fine? i don't see how they could continue with all these technical problems, getting away with still finding people? >> yeah. i don't think they delay the
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penalty. they know if they do that that will cause a lot of people to say no, i'm not signing up at all. second of all, nobody really knows what their penalty is like until they file their income tax return in april of 2015. so, you know, they got rid of the employer mandate because that began to hit on january 1, 2014. and would cause a lot of companies to rethink their health insurance plans and particularly if you were less than 50 employees to dump them into the exchanges. but they are not going change that individual mandate because that hits after the election. they were entirely political when they delayed the employer mandate and they will be entirely political in not delaying the individual mandate in my opinion. now, what do they do next? god knows. but they are going to come up with something that violates if not the letter at least the spirit of the law that the president had signed. >> oh, boy. way to cheer us up on this thanksgiving eve, karl rove. >> yeah, go be grateful tomorrow if you have got health insurance like i do i have got a chance to extend my company's coverage
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through 2015 and i'm going to be thankful tomorrow that i was able to avoid this for one year. >> a lot of people are going to be talking about thanksgiving tomorrow. i just don't think it's going to be obamacare in the way that the administration wants it to be with positive stories. >> not going to be a positive conversation about it around a lot of dinner tables. >> thanks for joining us. and does the latest obamacare enrollment delay create poor work for the job creators? find out what they pushed back the deadline means for small business owners, and why some business owners aren't happy about it. that's coming up.
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well, they have done it again. the white house choosing a day when millions of americans are on the road and in the air. to announce another delay in the obamacare rollout. the latest delay online enrollment for small businesses. jonathan is here with the details. jonathan, a turkey was pardoned today at the white house and small business owners were pardoned today as well. sort of. tell us a little bit about what this announcement means. >> yeah, that's right. i mean, president obama was literally pardoning a turkey when the administration announced this and republicans immediately pounced and said, you know, it's a news dump like you said everyone is out traveling and whatnot. basically what it means is everyone is aware of the individual marketplace, there is an application on for small business owners to go and pick a plan for them. their employees to have and it was supposed to be an easy access thing, you go
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there, shop, pick from a multitude of plans, pick the best price for your employees and that's now been delayed for a year basically small business owners are going to have to be going through agents and brokers, you know, filling out paper documents, faxing them in and that kind of thing. it's just by far the longest delay that has so far hit the web site but it's also just going to be a nuisance for business owners. >> my sister is one of those brokers and she up until this point has been using snail mail and filling out the data almost like the 1950s and mailing it off to kentucky. if i was a small business owner right now, i would have to be ticked off. >> no kidding. more uncertainty, you have deadlines coming up, december 23rd now is what they are saying you have to have picked a plan for your employers if they want to have coverage by january 1st. there is obviously the march 31st deadline as well. they are trying to figure out what their cost is going to be for these plans. to delay this part for a
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year kind of throws everything into chaos. they are going to have to be going to their agents and brokers now. like you said, doing the paperwork. so it's a lot of uncertainty, i think, for business owners. >> jonathan, can you foresee a situation where a business owner just says, you know what? i'm just not dealing with this. it's too expensive. by the time i get the paperwork back, the premiums, the deductibles are going up. you know what? they can just go into the exchanges. >> absolutely. you know, there is a time crunch right now. there is only a few weeks left for that january 1st enrollment. you could see some of these flood of employees into the federal exchanges. which we already know about all the problems that are going on with most of them are supposed to be fixed by november 30th, there are still going to be some issues with the web site. the administration is concerned that there might be too big of a flood of people going to the web site, which could continue to crash the site. so, yes, some of these employers could just opt to let their employees go into the federal exchanges which has its own risks right now.
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>> yes, jonathan, too many people going into the exchanges are trying to sign up. i think they expected something around 50,000 or they are hoping for 200,000 this weekend. you look at sites like, they can process 50,000 people in two minutes. i think last cyber monday they processed 26 million online orders. yet, the first digital president's web site for they are worried about 50,000? >> yeah. 50,000 at one time. and, you know, they are trying to add capacity. desperately trying to add capacity right now. i think it's been reported that some in the administration are telling some of the insurance companies with stakes in this that might be advertising, trying to get people to visit the exchanges to hold off for a little bit so that the site doesn't get flooded. sometimes some of them are predicting that 250,000 people might be trying to access the site at one time this weekend. so it's hard to site could accommodate that at this point. >> it keeps getting worse, doesn't it?
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>> jonathan, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> and it's the small business owners trying to deal with obamacare who is getting hit with this news tonight. to so what do they think of the latest enrollment delay. a small business owner is here to tell you up next. "on the record" is tracking the holiday storm. meteorologist rick reichmuth expert analysis straight ahead.
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uncertainty f you heard about this delay and your first thought is hard to fol all the delays. ali idea of what we are looking at on the exchanges. and furthermore, what's going to happen here is that we have small business tax credit that are available to us that get on to the exchanges. but, yet, we are not able to go ahead and take advantage of those because we can't get on the exchange. i'm understanding we can go through a broker or individual health insurance company which we have tried doing. i got off the phone today with my broker just before this news broke. and we were very positive. we thought, all right, we're going to get out o. we are going to go ahead and get a log-in set up. and when we get to december 1st. we will be able to jump in and get going. that obviously doesn't seem like that's going to be the case. >> david, if i understand this correctly, if you don't use the exchange, your
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employees can't even draw subsidies that line that healthcare was going to be more affordable, not exactly true. >> that's absolutely the case. they won't be able to draw subsidies, i can't give them options and say i'm going to offer you a certain, you know, 50% of the plan up to certain amount or these are the plans that we can can offer you, the bronze, platinum, the silver and the gold. it's not going to be the case and not going to be able to help that way. >> it's very obvious that nobody in the administration has ever run a business. i think they assume that you plan based on, i guess, just one year out. i'm guessing you are planning 1, 2, 3 years out. do you think you are ever just going to throw in the towel and say you know what? this is getting too costly. i know you seem like a nice guy you want it give your employers healthcare it's going to get pretty hard it seems. >> absolutely. it's not that i want to throw in the towel. it's almost as if the administration wants small business owners to go ahead and throw in the towel. i don't understand why they don't want it to work with us. get this going and work at it and my comment to president obama is, lead
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this country. get this under control, and make some decisions that are going to help everybody in this country. at this point it's complete and utterly unaccept isable how this administration is operating with this. >> all right. how much time do you spend focusing on healthcare versus focusing on your business because it sounds like business owners don't have any time to focus on their business. they are just worried about what the guy in the middle of the screen is going to do next. >> i think i have spent hours and months of my time. if i ran my business the way the president runs this country or runs this program in particular. i wouldn't have a business it's very difficult and challenging to work through a sea of red tape and spend time on this situation when i could be better off gaining new clients, retaining business. this is just doesn't work for me. >> if you ran it like the administration did, you would be bankrupt but, guess what, our country is just like a company, probably
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going to end up bankrupt as well. david, thanks so much for joining us. happy thanksgiving. >> still scary. happy thanksgiving to everybody. >> coming up, obamacare is heading back to the supreme court and it is not the first time that hhs has been forced to defend the contraception mandate. congressman trey gowdy is here to talk about that next. you can hatch it out with us. what do you think of the hhs announcement that enrollment is going to be delayed on small businesses on the night before thanksgiving. tweet or post on
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now get ready to speed read your way through the news. first to new jersey. an amazing rescue caught on a police officer's dash cam. the officer racing to a burning truck on the side of the road. he not only rescues the driver but runs back into the flames a second time to check for more victims. the truck driver is now in the hospital and the officer is being hailed a hero. >> and now off to have brazil. part of the stadium that will host the 2014 world cup
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collapses killing two workers it started when a construction crane collapsed into a metal structure. then that structure tore through the stadium walls. the deadly collapse raises new concerns whether brazil will be ready for the world cup. now to louisiana, and a warning to drivers stopped on suspicion of dwi. police will now ask those drivers for blood sample and they have no choice to comply. drivers who will refuse remain under arrest while police get a search warrant for their blood. the controversial tactic is permitted under the no refusal initiative. and now to the white house. in an annual thanksgiving tradition. president obama pardoning this year's turkey. popcorn is the name of the turkey receiving the presidential pardon. popcorn beat a turkey named caramel for the honor. don't worry, both popcorn and caramel will get to retire to a farm. they will also be on display at mt. vernon through the holidays of the that's tonight's speed read. now on to the supreme court and its plan to take up obamacare yet again.
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yesterday we told you that the high court will consider two cases. both involve companies who say complying with the contraception mandate violates their religious believes. back in 2012 congressman trey gowdy grilled h.h.s. secretary kathleen sebelius on that very issue. >> don't awe agree with me that government can't enforce religious beliefs on its citizens. >> yes, sir. >> why can't they not do that. >> why can government not force religious beliefs? >> yeah. what's the basis of that. >> the separation of church and state. >> well, it's the constitution, right? , the first amendment. can government decide which religious beliefs are acceptable and not acceptable? >> no, sir. >> and why can they not do that? >> it's part of our constitution. >> congressman trey gowdy joins us now. congressman, kathleen sebelius mentioned the constitution. but it it seemed like this administration has a pretty perverse interpretation of
11:32 pm
what the constitution means. they believe that everyone has a right or women should have the right to reproductive care and contraception. but, isn't the constitution there to protect people's religious beliefs? >> yes, it is. you wouldn't expect kathleen sebelius to know that because she had a bit actually tells us she is not an attorney but her boss is supposed to be a constitutional law scholar. this analysis isn't even complicated. the analysis goes like this. does government have a compelling interest in providing free contraception and abortfacia to. they are not going to win on that prong, andrea and let's assume argue again doe that they do. is there a less restrictive means of accomplishing your goal? well, of course there is. congress can provide free contraception. nancy pelosi on monday can introduce a bill providing free contraception to anyone who wants it in this
11:33 pm
country. what she cannot do is make someone else do it in violation of their religious beliefs and the president ought to know that. >> congressman gowdy, where do you see this going? do you see this actually winning in the supreme court for the business owners? >> yes. and here is why. the last time there was a religious liberty case before the supreme court was called hasana tabor where this administration argued of the churches ought not be able to to pick their own teachers and ministers even at a church school. imagine that. government wants to pick the teachers at a church school. the supreme court ruled 9 to 0ed that the administration was wrong. can you find another instance where this supreme court has agreed 9 to 0 on anything including which direction the sunrises? the president knows he is
11:34 pm
not going to win this case. he won election on deceiving women and so-called war on women. he knows he is not going to win the supreme court. he won in 2012. that was his real objective. if these business owners win, congressman, contraception is one of the essential benefits. it seems this bill and the mandates required slowly will be peeled off. it will crumble but it has to crumble through the courts. >> yeah. and just think alexander hamilton worried that the courts would be the least powerful of the three branches and that's where the executive branch and the legislative branch run now to referee their differences whether it's recess appointments or fast and furious or hhs mandate what would be nice would be to have a commander and chief and a president who doesn't need a supreme court to tell him that he is wrong on recess appointments or immigration cases author mandate. it would be nice to have a constitutional professor who could actually accurately predict what the supreme court was going to do and not force them to have to it slap his hand which they will.
11:35 pm
this is not even a close case. you can't require people to violate their religious beliefs. the supreme court said so 9 to 0ed last time they looked at it. >> you certainly can't. >> this isn't about the constitution to him it's about politics. >> yep, it always is congressman, thanks so much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> and you have heard all about the skyrocketing premiums and canceled policies but there it are other harmful effects of obamacare, ones that you may not even know about. washington examiner chief political correspondent byron york joins us. byron, thanks so much for joining us tonight. tell us a little bit about the data that you have. i mean, what are the big concerns and we have heard this but not really on the front burner is about doctors and hospitals losing their reimbursement rates. they are north going to be getting as much money from the insurance companies. what do viewers out there need to know? how will that effect them? >> yeah, that's right. most of what we have talked about, you are right, has been higher premiums or cancelled policies or deductibles that have gone through the roof. but, obamacare is going to have lots of other effects as well and there is a new
11:36 pm
report in the washington examiner by richard pollock that really shows how extensive those changes could be. too big issues are the number of doctors who are participate in these networks who will agreed to lower reimburse. rates that some these obamacare policy offers. and what pollock found was that a lot of doctors around the country talked to insurance brokers all around the country and found that a lot of doctors are simply not going to participate. one area of california, seven out of 10 said they weren't going to take that that's going to reduce the number of doctors who are available to people who have these policy policies. the opener issue is hospitals themselves whether they are going to accept these ream imburstment rates. a lot of hospitals, prestigious, well-known hospitals that specialize in serious disguises are not going to participate. in some areas people might not have a single hospital in their area. in linkburg, virginia, there are three hospitals. none of which are going to take part in this. meaning people will have to drive at least an hour to
11:37 pm
find care there could be some serious changes in the way people receive medical treatment. >> so, quality of care, it will be hard to get access to care. and byron, there was a lot of talk this week about death panels. really, it's going to turn into rationing. okay, if you don't like the word death panel it's going to be rationing. part of that, byron, isn't it cutting reimbursements exactly what you are talking about through medicare to doctors and hospitals for the greater good to cut costs? >> right. and, of course, they won't use the word rationing but if reimbursements are cut to a certain level and doctors then don't offer the service, that means less of that service. i think there is no doubt about that. and that's a lot of these payments are going to be set by this ipad. this new board independent advisory board that's created by the obamacare law. so, the bottom line is obamacare is going to effect the healthcare delivery systems in ways that go far beyond the premiums that people pay, even though they are very upset right now because they may be doubling
11:38 pm
or tripling. there are going to be a lot more changes than that. >> it's really scary stuff. byron, thanks so much for joining us. and straight ahead, snow, wind, rain, and ice, we are seeing it all tonight. a huge winter storm turning into a busy travel day and a really nerve wracking one at that the latest on the storm's path up next. plus, a royal rocker, prince william taking to the stage with bon jovi and taylor swift. you will want to hear much more. that's coming up.
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it's just not department stores opening for business on thanksgiving. pizza intrahut will also open many of its restaurants. one indiana pizza huted manager says no way. tony roar is refusing to open his restaurant on the holiday. he says he wants his workers to spend thanksgiving with his families. that's not sitting swe very well with the corporate bosses. they fired him. they say that he does not get to decide whether or not to stay open on the holiday. so now you be the judge. did the pizza hut manager deserve to get fired or not? go to and vote in our poll. and coming up. a bitter hollywood custody battle so will it lead to a change in the law? actor jason p here up next.
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this a fox news alert. messy assault of wind rain hitting the coast just in time for the busiest travel this is a fox news alert. a messy amount of snow. easy. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking the winter storm. he has been tracking it all day. rick, what's the latest? >> i will tell you the new york city airports and so many connecting flights that go through those airports still dealing with the delays. kind of the same story right around 45 minutes or an hour all day long. good news, philadelphia which has had an atwo hour delay all day long you are down to zero. that's great news. temperatures falling. snow to the north. down to the south it is just cold. behind this front incredible cold air and it's going to get ghold a hurry. take a look at some of the pictures out of indiana. one of the places that saw a lot of snow from the system as well as kind of snow that was enhanced from the lakes. incredible snow there a lot of places picking up about 9 to 10 inches of snow. and that's causing some big problems there. the cold air is there with us. that snow is sticking on the
11:45 pm
roads and very very dangerous conditions across the roads. new york state upstate mostly over towards the rochester and buffalo area, western new york also saw up to about 9-inches of snow with this. the snow will continue. go back to the maps, can you see the rain is about to exit here. that's good news. but the snow is going to continue because the wind is going to continue it across the lakes for the next two days or so. get ready tonight, your low temperatures across the south, incredibly cold, down to a 3 in miami. tomorrow, most of florida only into the 60's. a the love people going to florida thinking they are getting a warm thanksgiving not the case. across parts of the northeast temperatures cold as well. take a look at the pictures from the macy's parade. today is the day upper west side of manhattan where they start to blow up the balloons. there is big concerns this year beautiful sites as you see those balloons getting ready to be blown up and put under these nets. the big concern will be tomorrow will these balloons fly because the winds are going to be gusting 25 to 35 miles per hour. and that 35 mile-per-hour is the threshold.
11:46 pm
they won't fly if they go that high. so in the morning we will find out if those balloons are going to fly. andrea. 29-degree temperature. do. >> don't forget the hat and scarf stay student tonight and holiday weekend for the latest weather and travel information. now to a hollywood actor's real drama. actor jason patrick is battling for the right to see his own son. fighting to change child custody laws. jason patrick joins us. your case has been all over the news lately. you are trying to get custody of your young son gus back. and as i understand it, you were your ex-girlfriend daniel shriver 10 years. you both decided to have a child together to co-parent and she decided to shut you out of gus' life. tell us what happened.
11:47 pm
>> when we decided to split, or i decided, within a week of splitting, i got an email from her that i was not allowed to speak to her anymore and she wanted to talk to lawyers. i didn't want lawyers. i just wanted gus to have the life he has always had and happiness. i managed to get her in mediation. after two months of who are horrendous litigation doesn't serve the child only lawyers. i got slapped with a brief at our first hearing that i was not the father. because we were unmarried and we did ivf they found a loophole in the statute to make me a sperm donor. they presented that they convinced the judge of that and i have never seen my son since. >> you have an agreement with her. she is alleging that oh, you never even changed a diaper and you didn't want to be part of gus' life. look at these pictures, you were part of gus' life for
11:48 pm
the first three years. you haven't seen him. and i believe it's over 10 months. how is this good for the child. some arcane loophole in the california law that's keeping a father away from his son? >> it's insane. there is laws keeping up with reproductive technology. extreme alienation happened to me. i had an x who wanted me to eliminate me from the child's life. so happened her family had enough money and got three law firms and managed to convince the judge. there is no such thing as a father's rights or a mother's rights. it's the child's right. and i have, as you have seen, i have pictures, videos, emails from every month of my child's life, none of which mattered because i was considered a donor by this it arcane law. >> we talk a lot on this show the five about women saying i wish the dad would step up. i wish men would step up. men need to step up in society. now we have a man who wants
11:49 pm
to step up and be a dad. i happen to think dads are pretty darn valuable. you are trying to step up and be in this child's life. it's all in the fate of this judge mark uhaus. as i understand it you had a really wonderful fundraiser last week in los angeles. some of your friends mel gibson and ben aflac turned out to support gus. what else are are you doing to help other parents out there who may be in this situation? >> every day is a struggle really just to stay alive. i mean, anyone who is a parent to lose your child to have your child stolen and to know that you disappeared, the last time i saw gus i said -- he said i'm missing you dad, i said i will see you tomorrow, little man. i have never seen him again. there is not a picture of me in his house. his mother has instructed him to call other people dad da'da. he was calling me jason which is a strategy in parental alienation. i have got to keep going. i decided to have this fundraiser stand up for gus. i had unbelievable support
11:50 pm
in my community. it was about a movement. to end this idea of parental alienation meaning -- i'm not going to do anything if i'm laying on the couch. if i could take it and reach out child abuse because it child abuse. >> it is. you turn a child against a parent. you are turning a child against themself some of the raise these funds and our money goes to represent parents desperately fighting for their children. so stand up for and on facebook has become this massive movement now. and i want to help people. >> all right. jason. best of luck getting gus back go to stand up for, jason thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, a new knockout game attack. where did it happen this time in the victim is going to join me next
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well now it's time to show you what we're watching. we put together the best videos out there tonight. take a look at this. prince william showing he is a royal and a rock star. the prince taking to the stage with bon jovi and taylor swift at a kensington palace charity event. ♪ living on a prayer. >> where was the duchess of cambridge while her husband was rocking it out? kate was home with baby prince george. and check out this cute little guy the little boy trying mirror a swedish guard. dressed the part complete with helmet and blue blazer. he seems to have the right moves, too. this kid may have a future with the royal guard. that's what we are watching tonight. coming up, the latest victim of the knockout came coming forward. you will hear what happened to her as when she goes "on the record" next.
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this is a fox news alert. another victim of the knockout game coming forward. this time in san diego. news of the latest attack coming as "on the record" tracks knockout assaults across the country. we have been showing you examples of the violent attacks where random victims are sucker punched on the street and now a san diego woman is here to tell her frightening story. kim and her fiancee jeff haines join us. tell us a little bit about what happened. i understand you were in a bar and just completely taken by surprise. >> yeah.
11:57 pm
i actually have two punch. first punch i came out. combative and then she just punched me. i have no idea. i took picture. and then and then second punch, i have no idea and she just come, grabbed my hair and just punched me. >> unbelievable. i was really shocked. >> as i understand it one girl just sucker punches you in the face. you go out in the street as you leave the bar. you see this same girl. you try take a picture of her. she graciously poses for the picture like an idiot and then another girl comes up and she sucker punches you. >> yeah. so i didn't know -- same group until. >> there is the girl. >> i didn't know that who
11:58 pm
was that? >> there she is. >> i'm -- i don't understand. i want to take picture and then bring to police. >> good for you. >> yes. she -- yes. and then she punched me. what did see say to you you? give a sense part of the knock out game any reason for why? never. >> only one conversation between me and her. she had had -- pose. that is only one conversation. i have no idea. >> jeff, you were with her the whole time. what do you say picture is a myth random and making a big deal out of it even in math randomness is a pattern
11:59 pm
being random you never know what's going to happen. it puts a lot of fear in people walking around downtown and not knowing what's going to happen. you guys have a court dated as i understand it hopefully the courts rule on this one. very smart to take her picture. this is unbelievable. that she even posed forever a photo. >> yeah. >> it's just absolutely crazy. any outcry? anyone you are hearing from anyone online or has there been calls for law or something or you have gotten an outpouring of support? >>. no we haven't got any supporters as yet we are waiting for the police to get back with us with the police report. that's where we are right now. >> courageous coming out. now that you have heard this is epidemic you decided to tell your story. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you for being with us tonight. be sure to join greta tomorrow night at 7 p.m. eastern for special "on the
12:00 am
record" open for be hosting a panel of business experts. have a great thanksgiving, everybody and good night.ank yo >> thank you, willie. >> all right! that holiday about bad news about the president's health care program. another long-term major delaycae ahead of another short-termr deadline. thisof is special report. >> good evening. i'm doug mckelway in for brett bear -- bier. there is a lot of work to be done on the be league erred health care. and we learned another milestone date has been pushed back a year. here is tonight's top story. >> under other circumstances president obama might not have been happy with the distraction.


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