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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 1, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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black box from the train. >> all right, marjorie anders, spokesperson for metro north. stay with fox news for the latest updates. we'll continue to update you with the latest information. thank you for watching "fox & friends" this morning. thanks for joining us. new details coming in on that deadly train derailment in new york city, as we have been reporting here at fox news. authorities say four passengers have been killed in that early morning train derailment that happened in the bronx, new york, right next to the spuyten duyvel station in the southern part of the bronx. happening this morning, dozens more have been injured. you're looking at the aerial video of the scene. we're told four train cars of the train flew off the track as it was going into the curve. that was just a few hundred yards from the station. the train from poughkeepsie going south to new york city this morning.
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hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. welcome to america's news headquarters on this sunday. >> i'm jamie colby. there are numerous emergency crews on the scene. we'll stay on the story and let you know if the numbers change. the map will show you exactly where the crash happened. for those of you who don't live in new york, it's in the bronx. basically, it was about to pull into the station, a time where you would expect the train to be slowing down. instead, it was going so fast that it literally, as eric said, flew off the tracks. we're being told that the train was headed into grand central station from poughkeepsie and there are multiple reports of injuries and fatalities. laura ingle rushing to the sk n scene, joining us live on the phone. what are you seeing and hear sng. >> i'm several yards away from the station in which this train was expected to arrive this morning. and we are just surrounded by a variety of emergency response vehicles.
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i have just seen one man being brought out on a stretcher, being loaded into an ambulance. he was talking to emergency responders. they had him sitting up. another man was seen brought up. they were holding an ice pack to his face. he was not walking very well. he was stumbling a little bit. looking to gain his balance. we're being told the governor, governor cuomo is here, surveilling the scene. they're going to lead us down closer to the scene for a press conference shortly, as soon as they get everybody together. as you have been reporting, the fire department here in new york now reporting and confirming four people are dead. the derailment of the southbound hudson line of the metro north passenger train happened around 7:20 this morning as the train leaving poughkeepsie at 5:54 a.m. and was due to arrive at 7:43 at grand central station, according to metropolitan transportation authority. one passenger told local reporters the train appeared to be going a lot faster than usual as it approached the curve
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coming into the station. we're also hearing other passengers who were inside some of the cars that derailed are reporting a scene so chaotic, they didn't even know the cars had gone off the rails until they had later seen firefighters walking on the windows. some people that lived in this neighborhood in the bronx where we're held now, are reporting they heard a very loud boom, and then saw what appeared to be smoke coming from one of the cars. so a very hectic scene going on right now. again, we're getting more information. we'll bring it to you. >> i want to ask you one question. we can see from the video there are police, canine teams going from car to car to see what else they might find. you say they are still taking some of these passengers out. still very active in terms of recovery and trying to find out who else might be stuck on the train? >> that's what we're hearing right now. again, police are holding us
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just up the road. we'll get the information as soon as we have it. >> perfect. thank you so much. we'll check back with you shortly. >> for more on the deadly crash, let's turn to marjorie anders, a spokesperson for the metropolitan transportation authority. we heard laura say a passenger believed and others say the train was going too fast. can you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> do we know if the train was going too fast or have any preliminary information about the speed that may have contributed to the crash? >> i have heard that's what people are saying. and i can't confirm that obviously. this is going to be the result of a big investigation. there is an event recorder on the train which will determine how fast the train was going at that time. and i can tell you that that is a slow-speed area because it's such a large curve. so usually, you know, you're sort of rocking and going gently around the curve. i can't tell you if speed was a
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factor or not. that will be determined when we look at the black box. >> it's the spuyten duyvil curve, dutch for spitting devil curve. is there any indication the nta could have been studying the curve, that there could have been a problem with it. >> it's been curved since colonial times, so it seems like the curse has come back to haunt us. this was not in the exact same location. the location of the garbage derailment was south of here. in what we call a rock cut, which has rock walls on both sides. it's two tracks. the area, where today's nent occurred is an area of three tracks. the train was on the middle track. and just, i don't know. i don't know. it had nothing to do with the garbage derailment, that's for
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sure. >> any information on the engineer, on fatalities, on identifications, on this sort of thing? >> no identifications yet. we do have terrific cooperation from four area hospitals. the injured were taken to jacoby, st. barnabas, and columbia prest buteputearian. there's plenty of injuries and we're grateful we have such great medical care here in new york. >> we remember in july of last year, that video of that spanish train that was going too fast around a curve near a station in spain. that killed 80 people. it was indicated that train was going too fast. at that time, the investigators said the engineer was on the cell phone. any indication of potential texting or cell phone use. >> that's way too premature. that's just ridiculous speculation, sorry. >> not ridiculous speculation when you have a deadly train crash. what do authorities look at
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first in terms of trying to see what happened so it doesn't happen again? >> i said we're going to download the black box to determine exactly what happened. and that's all i have to say. >> okay. >> thank you. >> when does that black box go to the ntsb? >> yes, it does. >> okay, great. marjorie, we thank you so much for joining us this morning. our hearts go out to all the workers at the mta and the families and passengers of this horrible tragedy this morning of this train, which has derailed in the bronx. jamie. >> well, just a little insight into what metro north's railroad means to the new york city area. each year, 83 million riders use the rail service with just over 281,000 passengers on an average week day. the train tracks stretch for 795 miles, stopping at a total of 122 stations. i want to also now bring back our laura ingle who is on the scene. i think eric asked a very
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reasonable question. what do we know about the engineer or driver of this train? what might he or she have been doing at the time of the crash? and when will we have those answers? >> obviously, very good questions. we got something that we're hoping will get insight into once we get the press conference assembled. we're watching emergency responders gather people. we have the fdny, nypd, the governor is on scene, we're told, touring the damage. as i have been on hold, waiting, i witnessed a few people coming up. a young woman just came up. her head is bandaged. bandages going all around her head. looked very woozy, being led to an ambulance. that's after we saw another man being loaded onto an ambulance holding a huge ice pack. i see people coming down the street. genl, we're being held away from the scene, but a very active
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scene where emergency response vehicles from fdny have just arrived. they're bringing in blankets. as they're holding us, they're getting everyone assembled. once we get down there, we'll bring you the information as soon as we have it. >> the same time that we're on the air, eric and i reaching out to our sources as well and trying to contact emergency management personnel to see if they want to comment on what's going on. four area hospitals are involved in this situation here. so that just gives our viewers a sense of how serious it is, how many injuries there might be, if four hospitals are being asked to attend to the injured and also to the deceased. thank you, laura, we'll be back with you. eric? >> sad news to report. actor paul walker is dead. he's best known for his role in the "fast & furious" motion picture series, and ironically, he was killed in a fiery car
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crash just outside of los angeles yesterday. he was riding in a friend's porsche when authorities say it crashed into a light pole and burst into flames. the driver of the poers was also killed. authorities say speed in the accident was a factor. walker was only 40 years old and leaved a teenage daughter. >> another fox news alert on the obama care rollout. a short time ago, the administration delivering their progress report on the troubled health care website. just one day after their own self-imposed deadline to have the website up and running for the vast majority of users. peter is live in washington with the latest. >> jamie, you just mentioned that deadline has now passed, so here's what we learned this morning. officials are saying 80% of visitors at that want insurance are able to get insurance now through the site. and that the improvements that have been made to the site are the result of more than 400
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software mixes. they also say they have reached a goal, because now more than 50,000 users can simultaneously use that's 800,000 people a day, although not everyone is going to have a perfect experience every time. >> there likely will be timed even with this increased capacity that that increased capacity will not be sufficient to handle peak demands. so to prepare for those times when spikes in user volume outstrip the system's expanded capacity, we will deploy a new queueing system to serve consumers in an orderly fashion and allow consumered to request e-mail notifications when it's a better time to come back to the site. >> there were big problems at this morning. applications could not be submitted because the critical verification system, basically that makes sure people are who they say they are, was down.
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although officials reiterated this morning that moving forward, there are still going to bepubs, they just hope that a rapid response tech team will put out the fires before they cause too many problems. >> peter, thank you very much. eric? >> jamie, vice president biden is departing for asia today. this as tensioned have been increasing with china over their new declared air defense zone. you have heard about this. that area covering the south china sea over several items that china and japan both claim. scrambling jets on friday, that after the u.s. and china flew aircraft through there, testing the area. what is this all about? joining us is ambassador to the u.n., john bolton, a senior at the american enterprise institute and today is in london. good morning. >> good morning. >> what can the vice president say or will he say to the officials in beijing who have
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instituted this new air defense zone as they're trying to apparently test the world. >> let me underline this is a very serious situation. china has read the obama administration is not paying attention to these assertive claims of this new air defense zone. they sense weakness in washington, and i think they're testing us. i think vice president biden should send an unmistakable message to beijing. we do not accept this assertion of chinese power. it is not legitimate. others in the region don't accept it, and we believe it should be withdrawn. we will continue to demonstrate we do not accept it by sending american military flights through it without prior notification. >> we are going to be notifying the three airlines, united airlines and delta of the chinese authorities, and could there be a pl incident where they shot down the boeing 737?
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or do you think this will be contained? >> if china senses weakness, the risk of an incident increases. both south korea and japan have told their commercial airlines not to notify the chinese, and they have a lot more flights going through that area. you can bet on that, than the american airlines. i think anything we do that signals even tacit acquiescence will help buttress their case. if we need to step up american military capabilities in the region, we should. the point is to avoid hostilities, but a continuing american signal of weakness i think will encourage the chinese and actually increase the risk of a mistake. >> well, we certainly hope that doesn't happen. ambassador, we have to cut it short today because of the deadly derailment in new york city. we thank you as always. thank you. we want to get straight to police commissioner kelly who is
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speaking about the crash. let's listen. >> we want to thank you the nypd and fire department personnel and amtrak personnel and mta personnel who were right on sight and doing an extraordinary job, as we speak, in terms of causes, we don't know exactly what happened. the ntsb is on its way. they'll do a thorough investigation, and we'll wait to see what the ntsb says before speculating as to any causes. >> governor, are the numbers -- [ inaudible ] >> okay, as we were telling you
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before, and as the mta spokesperson told us as well, it's so early in the investigation, it's nearly impossible to tell what caused this deadly train railment. speaking right now is governor andrew cuomo, not the police commissioner at this time. what the governor has been saying is they really don't know the cause, but that all hands on are deck in terms of emergency response. let's listen in again and see what we can learn. >> whenever you're in a situation, you're going to look at the power of the locomotive, the signal system, and the people who operate the train. that's standard operating investigation. we'll do that and make sure we get the information forward. it's too early at this point in time to speculate further. >> we had a derailment at this location, a little further south. >> i don't believe it was, but i really don't know.
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it's very important that we let the investigation go forward before we make any speculative comments. >> it seemed to be going faster than it ordinarily would. can you address that? >> it could will be one of the factors we look at in the investigation. one of the key things you want to do is interview the crew. >> don't know. probably over 100. >> is it too soon to tell if train service will be back on track by tomorrow morning? >> the focus right now is on the customers who were injured, making sure we do everything to support the national transportation board in their investigation. once they clear the track and say it's okay for us to restore, we will begin the efforts to restore the service. meanwhile, we're working on plans to provide a bus shuttle, but right now, the focus is on
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the customers and making sure they're taken care of. >> i'm sorry? >> is this critical? >> i think the governor answered that. i think there may have been 11 critical and the rest were less critical. >> can you address what the standard procedure is? >> any curve will have a speed restriction on it. and that would be one of the factors they look at in the investigation. >> has any data been pulled to see how fast it was going? >> no. what we do know is four people lost their lives today in the holiday season, right after thanksgiving. and they are in our thoughts and prayers. their families have not yet been notified. so we'll be working on that now. but let's all say a prayer and remember those people we lost this morning and their families and we'll let the first
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responders do their job. the ntsb will do the investigation. we'll tell you throughout the day what the consequences for service will be, when service will be restored, but we node more information before we can make any hard determinations on that. again, i want to thank all the first responders who are really doing a fantastic job, and i want to thank commissioner ray kelly. thank you, guys. >> okay, that's new york governor andrew cuomo thanking first responders for their quick response to this derailment, this now deadly derailment. the governor, the police commissioner, and mta representatives confirming that the investigation is in its earliest stages. no cause to be determined just yet. at this time, the black box needs to be recovered so they can tell the speed the train was coming around the curve, where
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it should have been slowing down because it was so close to the station. four people have lost their lives. the governor says their families have not yet been notified. asking that everyone allow the first responders and authorities to do their jobs. they were asked the question of how long it's going to take to not only investigate but get this train back on schedule. of course, we are fortunate that this train was on sunday, although it's a holiday weekend and many people were returning from their holiday plans, a monday morning could have been a much more horrific disaster. and we'll bring you the very latest throughout our show as they happen. also on the metro north derailment in new york city, the fdny, there you heard in the press conference, although i knew it was difficult to hear, this is a very active scene. helicopters overhead, ambulances on the ground, search dogs continuing to look for those who may have survived. we'll have much more on the other side of the break, and coming up as well, of course,
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more details on the deadly train derailment that happened in the bronx. authorities say four people were killed. at least 63 have been injured as this commuter train was heading south to the grand central terminal in new york city when it suddenly flew off the track. from four to eight cars have been derailed. authorities say they do not know the exact cause, even though some passengers say they believe the train may have been going too fast. a spokesperson saying that's all part of the investigation to find out what happened and why there was this derailment this morning. the train left about 6:00 in the morning, heading south to new york city. emergency crews are on the
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scene. we'll give you any more updates about this tragic sunday morning accident as we get them. okay, and families yet to be notified on the? jured and deceased. the white house, back to our other top story, is saying the obama care website should be working smoothly for most users, but today in fox news sunday, james capretta said we may not be out of the woods just yet. listen. >> the real test of is whether or not you make the right payment for the right people to the right insurance plan. it's very easy to fix the front end enrollment if you turn off controls in the back end. it's clear from multiple media reports that the system is not accurate when it makes payments to the insurance plans. >> joining me now is the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. how soon will it be ready for primetime? >> well, according to the white house, it's greatly improved. 50,000 people at one time.
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800,000 over the course of a day, but one of the points that capretta made. we have a debate between him and neal retanden, who helped write obama care for the white house, is they put all the effort into the front end, getting people to sign up, but when it comes to the back end, passing the information to the insurance companies or processing the payments to the insurance companies, a lot of that isn't working. there are still problems. all of that on fox news sunday. >> we have a lot of breaking news this hour. thank you for stopping by. we'll see the show, 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. check your local listings as well. we'll be back with more details on the deadly train crash in new york. stay with us. st... [ steam hisses ] guys! [ female announcer ..t can. introducing swiffer steamboost powered by bissell. it gets the dirt that mops can leave behind with steam-activated cleaning pads that break down dirt and lock it away. how did you get this for so clean?
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sunday morning tragedy to report. four passengers have been killed in the passenger train derailment in new york city. at least 63 others have been injured. as you can see from these live pictures, it happened earlier this morning in the bronx. looking at the aerial video. we're told that four of the cars at least ran off the tracks as this train which was traveling from poughkeepsie new york to grand central terminal in manhattan flew off the curve just a few miles from the spuyten duyvel station. they're searching for victims, but again, the death toll now sadly sits at four. >> just to gi


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