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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 1, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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of the trees secure at night. they could put those little buzzers they put on dogs who leave the yard. >> invisible fence. thanks so much for joining us, everybody. much more on the train derailment throughout the day here on fox. a tragic end to the holiday weekend in new york city. just before pulling into a station in the bronx, a commuter train derailed killing four people and injuring dozens of others. rescue crew are still freeing passengers. we'll have a live report from the scene. and another alert today. the death of paul walker, the popular actor who rode "the fast and furious" movie franchise to fame has died in a fiery car crash. walker was just 40 years old. and a day after a self-imposed deadline, the obama administration says its ailing website is on the mend. some users say this morning all is not well. i'm shannon bream.
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several cars on the metro north commuter train went careening off the track when the train went around a corner. >> reporter: good morning -- good afternoon. it happened just after 7:00 this morning on the southbound hudson line train. it was apparently coming in what some passengers saying faster than normal. around a curve and it happened just yards away from the station as it was approaching. we'll show you what it looks like from the air. one passenger told reporters, again, it appeared to be going a lot faster than usual, which was 100 yards away from that station. the train was headed eventually to grand central station in manhattan. this morning the national transportation safety board has dispatched its go team and that's who we are waiting to see. it will be those investigators who will be able to pin down exactly what happened once the
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black boxes are recovered. we have been told there are black boxes on this train, and that, of course, will give all that pertinent information of how fast the train was going. there were over 100 passengers on board at the time of the derailment, and that is a number that's still being nailed down. it was a very busy holiday weekend, as you know. the sunday after thanksgiving. a lot of people making mention if this would have happened tomorrow on monday, rush hour, it could have been a lot worse. right now the focus is on making sure every last passenger is accounted for. three of the four fatalities were passengers who were thrown from the train as it twisted and turned as it derailed. we've been told some passengers had to be cut out. here is the chief of the department of fdny. >> the mta will bring a few cranes in and they will lift the cars up on their side and we will make sure the area under the cars are searched, and at this point we don't believe anybody is there, but we can't say for sure so we need to do that. >> reporter: 63 injured, 11 very
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serious. some of those passengers said to be in critical condition and are all at four area hospitals. responding police dogs on the scene, search teams and investigators down in and around the tipped over cars. they're looking at equipment. they're looking at the signal system. a nearby high school has been set up as a staging area for the family members who had loved ones on board to go and find out what their conditions are and get more information on that. of course, we've been told that the family members of those deceased have not been contacted yet. that's a process under way as we speak, and we are waiting more information. once we get that here on the scene, we'll pass it on to you. >> thank you very much. we're getting word that that ntsb team is on its way to the derailment site. a little later they will have some kind of press briefing. we don't have a time on that yet but we'll keep you updated here on fox. today hollywood is mourning the death of paul walker. the actor was headed home from a charity event near los angeles yesterday when the car his friend was driving crashed an burst into flames.
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officials say they do believe at this point speed was a factor. the 40-year-old rode to fame in "the fast and furious" action movie chan frifranchise. he leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter. we'll have a live report later on in the show. the obama administration says iltts do-over of the healt site is a success, but some users say they are still having difficulty. is there any correcting the political fallout from the broader impact of the new health care law? we're joined with details. >> 50,000 people can now use simultaneously, but some republicans say added capacity online will not save obama care. >> i still think the foundations of this plan have some of the
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same kinds of problems that the rollout has had, but they're fundamental, very hard to overcome, and, unfortunately, as people enroll, i think there's going to be a lot of negative surprises as to what they're able to enroll in. >> across the aisle though, some democrats are saying they think the affordable care act will be a political plus come election day in november. >> i think that senators are going to be in a great position to say, you know, look, we are doing dramatic changes that help you be able to meet the challenges for your family of health care. >> i think people trust this president. i think there's been numbers all over the place, but i'm confident in a few months those trust numbers will come up. i think his approval number will come up. >> but republicans continue to campaign for the repeal of the affordable care act instead of really fixing it. but across the aisle democrats say they think that is irresponsible. >> the question is, are we going to work together to fix these
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problems, and there will be additional problems, or will we do what our republican colleagues want to do, continue to sabotage the entire effort even though they don't have an alternative? >> officials now say they can monitor's performance in realtime, but as you just saw from those sunday shows, the political fallout is going to take months or years to really set in. shannon? >> peter, thank you very much. the back and forth over obama care continues on capitol hill. joining us now for a fair and balanced debate, republican congresswoman renee ellmers and democratic congressman charlie rangel. thank you for your time. >> good to be here. >> congressman rangel, i want to start with you because i believe the train derailment happens to be in your district. anything that you have heard or you can share with us at this point? >> yeah. the national transportation safety, they're going to be on the site. i'm joining the governor there as soon as i leave this program. it's tragic. we have so far four people that have been not identified but
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they know that are dead, their families have yet to be identified. we have over 60 people that have been injured, and during the holiday season i'm glad that it's not more casualties, but so far we don't know exactly what happened. the train was derailed as it went past the curve in the northern part of my district, and so it's a sad thing during this holiday period. but we'll know more later when the national transportation safety board gets on site and their investigation starts. the police commissioner is on the scene, we have helicopters, dogs, everything that is there and the federal government is right on top of it. >> and we'll continue to monitor that and, of course, best wishes to everyone involved and the rescue crews as well. >> i'd like to say -- i'm so sorry. kennedy high school is in the district, and it's the center for all people concerned about the casualties there, get in
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touch with the high school and it's the center for the city, state, and federal government to assist those people that are worried. i'm so sorry. >> we appreciate that. good information for folks to know if they're trying to figure out their next steps here. again, kennedy high school there in the area the resource. let's turn to obama care now. congresswoman he wielmers thank for joining us on that. 4.2 million people have gotten cancellation notices. despite good news it appears on the website itself, people say the issues go far beyond that. where do you think we go next? >> well, i'll tell you, shannon, the problem here is exactly what the president said, we can only go up from this point on. you know, obviously the website fix is not a success. we're still having trouble making sure that identities are verified and the insurance companies are having trouble getting the enrollment data. so, you know, this is just the tip of the iceberg, but really you hit the main point which are
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the health care premium policies that have been canceled. you know, millions of americans across this country have learned that their policies are canceled now. you know, we women in america make the health care decisions, and they've been told that their policies are not adequate by our president and by the democrats who voted for it. but, you know, this is where we have to fix the problem, and there are solutions despite my colleagues on the other side saying that republicans don't have solutions. i support the american health care reform act, and there are 160 pieces of legislation in the house of representatives now dealing with health care reform. >> and congressman rangel, how do you respond to that? it's clear that even if the intentions and the goals were good, some of the consequences were either unknown or they weren't planned for, and that has a lot of folks scrambling who did like their health care, having to look for new options, and many of them reporting it's going to be at a far greater cost than what they had. where do we go from here? are you open to modifications to
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the law as some have suggested across the aisle, your colleague here congresswoman el mers? >> i don't know what you mean by modification. this should not be a republican and democratic issue. everyone knew that 40% of the american people had no access to health care, and people, republican and democrats, have suffered as a result of it. preconditions, you couldn't get a policy. and the 1% of the people that the policies are being canceled, they would have been canceled anyway. instead of talking about what happened with rollout, we should be so happy that we do have a plan that republicans and democrats can perfect. and if you have to talk politics, let the facts speak for themselves. they ran an election -- it's all about obama. if he walked on the waters, they would say that the president can't swim -- >> congressman rangel, let's be honest here. he ran and was elected on things like i promise you can keep your health care and your doctor, period, no qualifiers, and
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people are very shaken at this point feeling like they maybe voted for someone who wasn't telling them the truth. >> well, the truth -- if the president had said everybody who has a policy if they like it and they like their doctor they can keep it. however, less than 1% have annual policies, low benefits, and very high premiums, and these are bum policies and we would offer you a better policy at a cheaper premium and better coverage. should he have said it? yes. but what percentage are we talking about? if you are just looking for something that the president has said wrong, you have got yourself an issue. at the end of the day everybody knows that this is a very, very small percentage of the people. >> okay. >> and it's a bum policy that's being canceled. >> let's bring in congresswoman elmers. a lot of those folks said they liked their honda version. they don't want the cadillac version. we're talking about millions of people. >> we're talking about millions of people, and as i said, these
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are plans that have been chosen by families. moms across this country have chosen plans for their families, and they're being told that they were not adequate. who is to say what is adequate? this is about trust and this is about fairness. for those individuals who are finding out that those premiums have been canceled, they're trying to go onto the website and if they are successful, they're finding out it's going to cost them double or triple the amount of money and their deductibles are going up, they're skyrocketing. this is out of pocket costs for coverage that they will never use. that's the issue here. it's about fairness. and, you know, let's get everyone on a health care policy. i want to make sure just as my colleague does that americans have health care coverage and that they can take care of their families, but let's be fair about this. the president did say you could keep your health care policy if you wanted to and if you thought it was good, period. and he said it over repeatedly. the fact of the matter is never
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would have passed if the truth had come out initially. let's move towards a system that really will work, and let's work across the aisle to achieve it. >> all right. >> wait, we can't move toward a system. this is still the law and we have to perfect it. >> okay. congressman rangel, it is the law. we wish you both the best in finding solutions you can work on together. i hear you saying you want to work it out and fix it and make it fair to everyone. >> absolutely. >> we wish you the best. thank you both very much today. >> i look forward to working with you monday morning. >> keep us updated. you have heard from the lawmakers. now we want to hear from you. if works as smoothly as the administration says it will, do you think the backlash against obama care as a whole will finally stop. you can reach me @shannonbream. we will read some of your tweets at the end of the show. california democrat senator
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dianne feinstein blasting hamid karzai over your refusal to sign an agreement dealing with the presence of u.s. troops in afghanistan now moving forward. tensions between the two countries appear to be growing following a coalition air strike in afghanistan that karzai claims killed a child and injured two women. u.s. general joseph dunford called karzai to apologize for the air strike and is promising a full investigation. where do we go from here? here with thoughts, analyst and retired four-star general jack keen. >> good to be here. >> this relationship very tense with karzai. just a few months until a new presidential election but now do we manage in the interim? >> karzai has frustrated us for years. you can understand the senator's frustration, susan rice's frustration and the general's. the fact is we shouldn't make this final agreement about karz karzai. it's about the strategic relationship between u.s. and
10:15 am
ofg over the long run. karzai is gone in six months. we'll get a new president who will execute this bilateral security agreement with the united states. don't react emotionally to him. it's easy to do, to get impulsive over this thing. we made a huge mistake walking away in iraq and not leaving security forces behind and we cannot make that mistake again here. >> if we can't reach a deal though, what kind of danger are our troops in and our military personnel there if they continue on with an extended mission of creating stability and clamping down on terrorism and terrorist outposts in that country? are they left unshielded, unguarded if we can't reach a deal? >> if we can't make a deal, by next december all the troops are out. i suppose a residual force, somewhere between 10,000, 15,000 is probably what's on the table as a realistic option that would stay. i don't think that's going to happen. i believe we'll make a deal. we have always had these outburs outbursts, they're frustrating but at the end of the day karzai
10:16 am
comes around. if he doesn't come around, make the deal with the successor. that would be problematic because we want to work out the transition much better than that. we want to have more time to do this thing right. but at the end of the day, it is about u.s. and afghanistan long-term relationship and it's not about karzai. >> so many international topics we could ask you about today but i want to try to get to china as well and now this air borders and boundaries they've put up over these islands. and the fact that the south korea and united states said we're not going along with that. our military jets have flown through that area. what is china trying to accomplish? >> they resented the united states dominance in the pacific and particularly in the western pacific where this is. they look for opportunities to push back on that influence. the fact of the matter is all the countries in the region are allied with the united states, and they resent it. when they see something like this, they have thrown that out there to test it, and the united states has done exactly the right thing, and it's flown a
10:17 am
couple unarmed b-52s in the area. the ne next thing we will see i with shipping. this will go on for some time. i think china, it doesn't make much sense what they're doing but i understand the frustration and motivation to do it. i think it raises an alarm that's unnecessary between two countries that must get along. the most significant bilateral relationship the united states has is with china in terms of long term global security and economic trade. >> thank you. >> good seeing you. a hollywood tragedy after paul walker dead at the age of 40 after a fiery car crash. we'll have more on the story, a live report from los angeles is up next. and pope francis, dubbed the people's pope by millions of faithful, takes time this week to take on poverty, inequality, and what should be done to end it. but are some of his words being taken out of context? i'll sit down with father frank pa von a little later. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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sad news out of hollywood today. actor paul walker, star of "the fast and furious" movies has died in a car crash. a friend was driving when the accident happened.
10:22 am
dominic di-natally is live in los angeles with the latest. hello, dominic. >> reporter: the red portia carrera that he was on got mangled and burst into flames as it hit trees and a lamp post, this according to witnesses at the scene in santa clara north of los angeles. the l.a. coroner told fox news he can't officially confirm the death as walker or his friend roger rodas. tmz is reporting rodas is driving, that's not confirmed, but it was his car. witnesses at the scene describe trying to extinguish the flames, but they had to back off because they thought the car was going to explode. walker was in the middle of filming the seventh installment of the most successful film franchise in history. >> this is a huge blow to the franchise. paul walker's loss is really going to affect the future of these films. he was in seven movies.
10:23 am
people really know him mainly for this franchise. so it really is sad to see that they've lost one of their main characters. >> reporter: that franchise, of course, is "the fast and furious" franchise. it happened on a quiet street about 45 miles per hour limit there. the sheriff's department said speed is a factor. walker's 15-year-old daughter meadow was apparently at the charity event. it's not clear if she ran to the scene like many others who were attending did. it was that close. no idea what she saw, but people there said the sound of the crash could be heard from the venue. walker had worked with some of the biggest names in show business. universal, the studio behind "fast and furious" described him as one of the most beloved februarys of our studio family. a sad day for the entertainment industry. back to you, shannon.
10:24 am
>> and for that daughter he leaves behind. amtrak has suspended services between new york city and albany, new york, because of that deadly crash. we'll have the latest next. and the president said the idea behind obama care was to cut health care costs for everyone, but thousands of americans will get hit with sticker shock. increased premiums in 2014. our all-star panel will debate it next. plus, you asked and we are ready to answer. out of the inbox is coming up. this week, one of you wrote in about why some people and groups are getting exemptions from obama care while most are not. stay tuned for the answer. [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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a terrifying morning for nearly 1350 passengers riding a train this morning. the train was rounding a curve when it derailed inches from the morning.
10:29 am
peter doocy has more on that. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board go team has arrived in new york and is on its way to that commuter train derailment in the bronx. authorities say four people were killed and dozens more were injured this morning. governor andrew cuomo held a news conference but would not speculate about the cause. the ntsb's go team will lead the investigation. administration officials say fixes to the obama care website are working. in a status report today, they say there have been more than 400 software foxes aixes and pae loading in under one second but we still experienced big problems this morning. applications weren't going through because the critical verification system was down. vice president joe biden is taking a week-long trip to asia this week. first stop tomorrow is tokyo. the administration is trying to show that the region is still a priority after months of intense foreign policy efforts in the middle east. and the national zoo here in washington has revealed the name of its giant panda cub.
10:30 am
bao bao is the name that was chosen. it means treasure or precious. they will make her public debut in early january. those are the top stories. back to you. >> isn't it nice to have something positive and nice and cute and fluffy? >> i can't disagree. >> thank you, peter. >> yeah. while the stated goal of obama care was to reduce the cost of health insurance, it's becoming clear that many who don't qualify for subsidies or tax credits will begin to see an increase in premiums in 2014. democratic strategist debbie dingle and kurt bardella are here. good to see you both today. >> good to be here. >> debbie, let's start with the fact that we have improving news this morning from the administration that says the website for signing up has greatly improved. a lot of glitches ironed out and
10:31 am
it should be a better experience. >> that's what they said this morning. i know you said you had reports it's not working perfectly. this rollout was not the perfect rollout. i was glad to hear 80% of the people trying to get on will get on. we'll continue to hear static and what i want to see is us talk about the bigger picture. let's see where we are in a few months down the road when all the bad news stories and good news stories, we've gotten through and seen what is the real. do more americans have access to affordable, quality health care? >> kurt, that's a question because what we continue to hear from people is they maybe like the plans they lost. more than 4 million cancellation notices. the administration saying they have options, but a lot of folks saying i don't want the pricier option, i was happy with what i had. >> debbie is right that is a cosmetic issue. once you get past whether or not the website is functioning, the real question is whether or not the promises the president made when he was selling
10:32 am three years ago, whether or not they come through, whether people have affordable care, whether the plans they wanted and plans they have they can keep, whether or not they can keep going to the same doctor they have been going to for their families. at the end of the day, the real question that this is going to be judged on is whether or not president obama was telling the truth when he told the american people that everything in your health care system would be better now. >> we've heard from democrats. congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz has said they are going to run obama care and once we get past that rollout, there will be enough positives that democrats will embrace it in 2014 in the midterms which will be critical in a lot of ways. do you think they stick with that plan? i think about congressman upton's keep your plan bill that he offered up on the hill. got 39 votes from democrats and many of them in key districts where they know this is a hot button issue. do you think we will see more democrats run away from it or run toward it? >> look, my job is to tell the
10:33 am
truth. i'm not a spinner, never have been. you may have a few more democrats who will be nervous and won't stay with it, but i think you will see most democrats stay with it as you go into the next election year because they want -- they supported the goal of the bill. i think we'd like to see democrats and republicans work together to try to fix what some of the problems are. what i want to say is i think everyone that's gone wrong in health care is being blamed on obama care and we forget health care was becoming too expensive. i look at what the new facts are. am i better off? you're hearing from some who don't feel they are, but i talked to some of the ones who think they are. we have people all over the place, but that's where we were when we started to look for how do we make sure we take care of the present? too many americans couldn't get any insurance. i was meeting them. i was meeting a father with young kids who he wasn't taking to the doctor and one got
10:34 am
pneumonia because he couldn't afford to go. we're forgetting why we passed health care and what the problem was in this country. >> kurt, do you think that message will get through or do you think there are other shoes to drop? a year is a long time in politics before folks go to the polls. >> i think when you look at the real question of do you think washington and government is the answer to the problem of health care in this country, and historically what government touches, government usually breaks. government doesn't do anything well. maybe just nothing and overreact, but at the end of the day the waste, fraud, and abuse that's paraded through this government has given the american people no confidence that washington can actually do anything effectively and administer their health care any better than anyone else. and this is the same government, by the way, that overreached when it came to nsa. they targeted the irs with their political views. same government that couldn't get a website to work after three years and $600 million. so does anyone really believe that this government that has done all of that can administer health care effectively in america? probably not. furthermore, what most people are seeing, candidates and
10:35 am
members of congress, when they go back to their districts, they're hearing stories about how their constituents got their plans canceled. when one lawmaker was asked about obama care, he no commented, didn't return the call. >> you say no government program works. i have spoken to people who were there when social security rolled out. >> it's going to need significant reforms. >> let's work together on it. >> we are out of time. thank you both very much. this week's "out of the inbox" segment where we look at the stories you tell us you want to hear about is timely to this conversation. our question comes from take back america. he asked how can president, congress, and special interests be exempted from a law like obama care? take back america is right to some extent. the affordable care act doesn't apply to the president. the federal government pays for his health care, but members of congress are not exempt. lawmakers will have to get their
10:36 am
coverage through the new exchanges but there's a big difference between you and them. the federal government will continue paying a share of the premiums for members of congress and their aides. now, what about unions and special interest groups? health and human services has granted more than 1,200 waivers to various companies and groups, but those only exemption them from the requirement that health insurance can't have at benefits cap. if you have a story you want to hear more, there are all kinds of ways to reach us, and we will take your question and answer out of the inbox. four dead, 63 injured, 11 of serious, all from a very scary train crash in the bronx. after the break, we'll speak with a senior attending physician where many of the injured are now being treated. still ahead, pope francis attacks unfettered -- is his message being misconstrued? we'll talk to father frank pavone after the break.
10:37 am
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this week we are going to take a look in just moments as we continue to follow the scene in the bronx where there's been a derailment. we are going to speak with a senior attending fashion at the hospital where a lot of folks from that accident have been arriving and being treated as we now here the account is four people have died, dozens of others have been injured, many of them seriously. we will talk with that doctor in just a minute. first, let's turn it some other
10:41 am
news. this week pope francis made headlines talking about poverty and inequality and what the world should be doing to help those who are suffering. joining us to talk about it further is father frank pavone, national director of priests for life. father, thank you for your time today. >> hi, shannon. thanks for having me. >> i want to start by asking you, first of all, to explain for us what is an apostolic exhortation. what kind of words did we get from the pope? >> last year there was a worldwide meeting of bishops to talk about the subject of e advantage jalization, proclaiming the gospel. the pope always issues a document that summarizes some of the main points and points the way to the future for the church, and that's an apostolic exhortation. >> so there was a lot of talk, as we know this pope has been very sensitive to the plight of those who are impoverished.
10:42 am
he's been very modest himself in the way he lives as he did prior to assuming his role and to also after becoming pope. what do you take from his message about poverty and how we -- all of us across the world should be dealing with it? >> the document he just issued. under the circumstances it in context. he says, look, the church is proclaiming that god became one of us, and he was born in poverty. jesus christ himself was poor. that means god loves the human person and he stands above all with those whom society casts out. he stands with everybody. he came to save everybody, but the church has to pay special attention to the poor. what the pope is saying in this document is, look, we have a problem. when we pay more attention, for example, to black friday sales in the stores than to the homeless, hungry person dying in the streets of our own cities. this is what the pope is saying. let's pay more attention to those whom society is forgetting. >> there's been some emphasis on comments that were translated to
10:43 am
say that some people continue to defend trickle down theories with i assume that economic growth encouraged by a free market will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness and casts some doubt on that. i had several people reach out to say that might not be the exact or best trns lation ansla what he was saying. certainly people need to be more generous or thoughtful but that his statements weren't meant to be an outright, you know, detraction against capitalism or ideas about people being entrepreneurs. >> no, that's right. in fact, the pope in this document makes it very clear that he's not condemning capitalism as such. he's condemning selfishness. he's saying that economic systems, political systems, all of this exists for the human person. he puts it very succinctly by saying money must serve, not rule. if we're making money, that's fine. if we're making a lot of money, that's also fine, but if we're ignoring the poor, if we're not
10:44 am
realizing that all the goods we have are also meant for us to share with those who have less, then that's the moral problem, that's the ethical problem. and the pope really is also coming against bad religion just as strongly as he is against any bad economic policy because he's saying a religion that closes us in on ourselves, that says i have what i need so i'm fine, i will just seek god in my private life and not recognizing duties to help the needy is a false religion. and he comes down harder on religion than economics. >> well, selflessness is something we should all aspire more to. father pavone, thank you so much for your time today. >> always good to see you. >> you, too. we have been covering this morning and telling you about four people dead after a commuter train crash. that train actually derailed in new york. 63 others we're told are injured, some of them
10:45 am
critically. dr. ernest paddy is at st. barnabas hospital in the bronx where many of the injured are being treated. >> thank you, shannon np. >> can you tell us about the injuries you're seeing? >> what i can tell you is st. barnabas hospital received 12 patients today from the accident. two of them are in critical condition. the other ten are stable. and, you know, the injuries that they came in are consistent with what you'd expect from an accident of this magnitude. people getting thrown around inside a rolling train car, you know, that's suddenly derailing and stopped short. we have broken bones, open fractures where the bone pierced through the skin. we've had broken ribs. we've had internal injuries and those types of injuries, lacerations, bumps and bruises. >> anybody who rides these commuter trains knows there aren't seat belts and there's a lot of open space to be, as you said, tossed around.
10:46 am
how do you prepare and how do you deal with an onslaught of this many patients all at one time with so many injuries? >> well, by virtue of the fact we're one of the three level one trauma centers in the bronx, we plan for this, we have drills for this, and, you know, we're always on the ready for these types of accidents. you always hope they don't happen, but when they do, we activate our disaster plan or or multiple casualty incident system where we mobilize extra staff and utilize our resources more effectively in handling the onslaught of patients. fortunately we have a great team here. you know, and that goes from the people who clean and restock the emergency department and hospital right up to the surgeons who come in and do the operations. everybody works together, pulls together to make this job a successful one and to treat the most patients we can as quickly and effectively as possible. >> i would imagine along with all of the physical injuries you're treating that in these circumstances, are you dealing with shock and disbelief when people realize what they're going through? >> of course. most of the folks come in
10:47 am
emotionally traumatized. don't forget now, people are dazed, they're confused, their families come inened a they' an just as dazed and confused. the post-traumatic stress syndrome will set in days and months later. the emotional scars are going to last probably a lot longer than that. we have groups of folks that are dealing with the behavioral issues of these patients. we also have clergy that come in from all different religious backgrounds to handle the needs of the patients and their families as well. >> dr. ernest paddy, we thank you for taking a break to let us know. we wish you the best. >> i want everybody to remember to keep those we've lost as well as those injured and their families in their prayers during this holiday season. >> they absolutely need that. we'll pray for you guys as you work to put them back together.
10:48 am
>> thank you so much, shannon. laura i thingal has been lin the scene. she'll have more next. if you missed it, we're going to recap the game-changing play. this one is for the college football history books. if you're a fan or not, i promise you you'll be talking about this at the water cooler all week. stick around. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! pop in the drum of any machine... ♪ wash any size load. it dissolves in any temperature, even cold. tideod pop in. stand out.
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an update on our top story. we're standing by with the latest details coming out of new york on that terrible train derailment. we know there are fatalities. >> reporter: yes, as you mentioned four fatalities. we understand that three of the people who lost their lives today were thrown from these cars. we're just going to pan over here and show you. we do have some major activity going on. we're going to keep our distance here with our camera. as you can see, it looks as though they are possibly removing another passenger as we speak. investigators are going to be out there all day taking a look at the black box. we just got off the phone with the national transportation safety board spokesperson telling us their go team is on site
10:53 am
assessing the situation, looking at that black box to hopefully find out more information to find out how fast that train was going before it derailed around 7:20 this morning. the ntsb expecting to hold a news conference in the next few hours. the wreckage of the accident remains in place along the water's edge near where the hudson river and harlem river merge. from a distance the passenger cars look like scattered toys knocked over and twisted off the track. all passengers have been accounted for that according to the metropolitan transportation authority which runs the train line. the nta is bringing in cranes to help lift those cars and get they upright. that should be happening by nightfall. the temperature is dropping in the bronx. dive teams were in the water earlier looking for victims. thankfully they didn't have anything to report but it is something they had to do to make sure they had everyone accounted for. as we have been reporting, four fatalities, 63
10:54 am
injured, 11 of them seriously. we'll bring you the very latest as it becomes available here. >> thank you very much for keeping us updated. the family of an american veteran being held in north korea says they've gotten word that he does seem to be in good health. just hours after north korea released a video of merrill newman reading an alleged confession for his role in the korean war, the 85-year-old was visited by a swedish ambassador. the ambassador says newman told him he is being treated well and the food is good. authorities may have snatched newman who was visiting as a tourist because he once secretly trained anti-communist guerrillas. the obama administration is urging north korea to release newman and another american. christmas comes to the holy land.u to bethlehem for the start of advent. to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions.
10:55 am
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this week will go down as one of the most incredible endings to a college football game ever. auburn versus alabama. the winner goes to the title game and possibly the national championship. fourth quarter, one second left on the clock. alabama's kicker missed the field goal and auburn ran it back more than 100 yards for that game-winning touchdown. auburn plays missouri in the title game next week. wow. that's it for us. "fox news sunday" is next but we want to leave you in the christmas spirit today. first rio dejanuary rio de janeiro with the largest christmas tree, more than 3 million light bulbs. christians ushering the season of the advent season in bethlehem believed to be the place of jesus christ and holds a special place
11:00 am
for christians around the world. thank you for watching fox news today. ♪ ♪ i'm chris wallace. the obama administration says it met its deadline to fix but it is also telling people there is no rush to sign up. >> as more enrollment deadlines are pushed back, is the website the least of obamacare's problems? we'll ask two health care experts on opposite sides of the debate, james capretta and neera tanden. plus, our sunday panel weighs in on white house efforts to lower expectations for obamacare's online relaunch. then, skepticism over last week's deal with iran that president obama is calling a victory for diplomacy. >> we caot


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