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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 2, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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nearly 24-hours after a deadly train derailment the speed of that train is under the microscope. 7 trains jumped the tracks. anna kooiman is at the scene in the bronx. >> good morning heather and ainsley. a lot of questions in the bronx in new york city. we are sitting here where all 7 of the passenger cars in the metro north train did de rail. the lead locomotive did end up teetering inches away from the water. a track problem, was it human error, mechanical error? was speed a factor the ntsb is looking into all of those factors. the metro north train that was southbound was headed toward grand central station t. derailed in the bronx around
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7:20 yesterday morning. th the train did not slow down. investigators are trying to determine how bad it was going as it was approaching the curve. >> it is not the fact that there's a curve here. we have always had this configuration. we didn't have accidents. there has to be another factor. >> investigators say the speed limit is 35 miles per hour. it comes from an area where it was 70 miles an hour. >> we don't know what the train speed was. we will learn that from the event recorders. we have downloaded the data off the locomotive we have not been able to identify it or verify it. >> two of the cars split one of them ended up on the banks of the river.
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this is how they explained what happened. >> she said the train is going fast. she felt the jerking movement and that's when everything happened so quickly and started to roll. >> the ntsb will be here probing the situation until the next 10-days. they will he ride this very busy train system. we can tell you trains have been put in place. they will be starting to move this debris out. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> the four people killed in the derailment have been identified. also killed 53-year-old donna
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smith. 35-year-old suck of queens and 59-year-old james ferrari of monday troe. all four killed were in cars that flipped over on their side. witnesses describe what they heard when cars were jumping the tracks. it faces the river. i couldn't appreciate or see anything about 5, 10 minutes after that highway patrol, fbi. >> tait's a horror. for a person to go some place and not make it back. >> more than 50 others were injured 7 critically and six seriously. >> revamped web site still no
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problem. even after declaring victory the site still crashing. doug luzader is live. >> there is no doubt it performs much better than the october 1st rollout. they have measurebly improved in the site capacity. healthca advisor says it is faster. >> coon sumers are having a much faster smoother experience on the site. >> still hadz major problems verifying user's identities. tools for processing payments have not been built many of them
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don't know how much thun ger to go to have in pocket. then there's the security of the system. >> it does not meet the minimum standards. i don't care if you are republican or democrat you should not tolerate the sheer level of incompetence securing this site. >> it is not really working up to stuff as of yet. >> tragic details paul walker the fiery crash that killed the who-year-old actor and his friend. walker was ridin porsche when it crashed into a light
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pole and burst into flames feet from a charity event they were hosting. tyrese gibson broke down visiting a makeshift memorial at the scene. tyrese took a piece of the crash wreckage home with him and posted this note in his instagram. i will keep your energy with me forever hash tag ashes of an angel. fast family around the world we live you and we love you. paul is the heart pebeat of thi franchise. and we are going to see to it his energy and presence lives on forever hash tag my heart hurts so bad. walker is in the middle of shooting fast and furious 11. but tmz reports the production has been haumente -- halted.
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35 people prl sent to the hospital. i am extremely surprised that nobody was killed especially those vehicles under the trailer park. >> it was shut down for oh 4 and a half hours. am one person is dead at arrowhead stadium after the kansas city chief game. thefrp sitting inside another person's truck when the owner saw him. the man collapsed at the scene and died at the hospital. the hospital told us there is no reason why he died. >> the incident had nothing to do with a fan rivalry. a plane landing at sky harbor airport at phoenix being advised
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to get tuberculosis shots. he was removed from the u.s. airways plane. his status was changed to no fly during the flight. according to top lawmakers americans not as safe as we were in past years. the change in the way the terrorist groups are communicating. the fatalities are all up. >> the services to get it right to prevent an attack are enormous. >> they are met it's sizing in something different. more affiliates than we have ever had before. >> targeting smaller events
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making it harder for authorities to stop the attacks. >> the christmas season has begun in bethlehem. several hundred people celebrating with traditional hap mass. they were outside of the church in manger square. christians make up only a small percentage of them living in the holy land. if robert griffin was shhot rig off the start but the giants chipped away in the second half but it would go on to win 27-14. the chiefs and broncos faced off. the team did not disappoint. they took an early lead but they were no match for payton manning. manning through for 403 yards and five touchdowns. four of those going to severe eric decker.
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i have to admit my panthers won as well. good weekend for all of the teams. hunger games sequel catching fire comes in number one pulling in $110 million from wednesday to sunday. the movie starring jennifer lawrence is now the third biggest of the year behind iron man 3 and despicable me 2. in second place $93 million from wednesday to sunday despicable me. that gives it the biggest thanksgiving day opening ever. i want to see that one, answerly. >> look at your holiday shopping on-line. if you are you are not alone. we have other top business news. >> hi there. if you didn't shop enough over
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this weekend. cyber monday will be the biggest shopping day in history. on-line sales will hit 2.27 billion today alone. for the entire holiday season 80 billion will be sent on-line. we did not not spend as much. bringing weekend sales of $57 billion that's down nearly 3 percent from last year. you can blame big discounts and the weather for that. cities like new orleans had the biggest days in more than 50 years. image this you are shopping on you kwlik buy and 30 minutes later your purchase is on the web site. amazon telling cbs in 60 minutes they are testing the service using drones that will pick up packages at amazon centers and
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deliver them through the air in a half hour or less. the service is still years away the faa working on how to regulate such an defrn. may be the delivery of the future. >> may be looking up in the sky and seeing packages. >> money does grow on trees. >> it's starting to look a lot like christmas in the northern rockies and parts of the midwest. >> what you can expect where you are waking up this morning. let's check in for the first degree weather update. >> if you like snow and you live across parts of the rockies this will not be good for traveling along the road ways because it can be treacherous out here with the storm that is starting to take shape. some of the snowfall accumulation with the system is over two feet especially across
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western portions of colorado and some of the higher elevations here. if take a look at north dakota we could be seeing a foot of snow. winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings please be safe. another big story with the storm system is how much colder it will be getting only in the teens for highs and single digits for some of you. heather and ainsley getting much milder across parts of the south . >> mayor rob ford was done stirring up controversy? think again. why he is back in the headlines today after attending the game.
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>> it was an explosion so big left one person dead many feeling it. a house leveled by a massive explosion after a propane leak. >> i thought it was a tornado that hit. >> i never felt so scared in my life. >> the propane was set off by water heaters in a base am the. >> a deadly plane crash in alaska. we are learning much more about the heroices that played out after the plane went down.
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a little boy's mother whose child died walked a whimile in snow looking for help. they were trying to locate the site where they spotted her. >> a protest in the ukraine has turned violent. the over 300,000 demonstrators. dozens of people were injured in the clash with police. ford showed up in a blue fred jackson jersey. the mayor took pictures with fans and endured a little bit of hi heckling but it wouldn't be
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without a little controversy. he apparently stole someone's seat. rob ford is sitting in my seat at the bills game. he stole my seat. i don't know what to do. mays eventually got his seat back. >> it is time to brew on this. a note board goes viral on twitter. a producer of the bachelorette complained about the flight delay. after the flight dutook off he sent that unruly woman a glass of wine and a note that he tweeted about the experience. please accept this glass of wine it is a gift from me to you hopefully if you drink it you won't be able to use your mouth to talk. that didn't sit well with this woman. her name is diane. she sent a note back saying you are an awful person with no compassion after more back and forth diane eventually wrote another note saying i will be speaking to the authorities when we land.
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>> the woman ended up slamming the man and being held by security. do you think the traveler crossed the line send us a note on twitter or e-mail us at fox friend we will read them later in the show. coming up a fun time of fishing turns into a nightmare as a 2-year-old fell into a bond. hear from firefighters who may be hmade the heroic safe. >> christmas classic little drummer by like you have never heard it before. this video going viral. the acapella group behind it.
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>> beautiful shot of times square this morning as you rise and shine. we have a story for you a texas couple lost a son serving in afghanistan. they know the holidays can be hard for families so they decided to give thanks to their son and other fallen soldiers by placing wreaths on the headstones of those buried at the dal at thalas fort worth na cemetery. >> we have over 7,000 wreaths for the 35,000 web sites at the
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cemetery. >> a fun day of fishing turned into a nightmare. the boy's grandmother dove into the bond three times. a firefighter on the scene describing how she saved the boy. i found him on the bottom and put him over my shoulder: >> he was rushed to the hospital giving continuous cpr the entire way. the boy will make a full recove recovery>> it was created to augment security services to stand guard from nightfall until dawn breaks. it include a video camera thermal imagining sense tors radar and range finders. >> an acapella group of little
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drummer boy going viral. take a listen. ♪ >> it features 5 singers. one gives a beat. it has 6 million views. >> i want to listen to the full rendition. >> me, too. >> 26 after the top of the hour. a plane load of travelers now being urged to seek medical attention. >> image coming home from vacation someone changed your locks and claimed their pryour their own. why it might be legal. first back in 1996101 dal layingses starring jeff daniels
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>> good morning. it is december 2nd. a quiet commute ends in chaos. >> thank god she is alive. thank god a lot of people lived through that. >> all eyes on the scene of a deadly train derailment as they
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went through the karnage for clues. >> teacher under fire. >> black friday today is cyber monday. but where is the best place to get the hottest bargains. we have lgot the answer straigh ahead. fox and friends first starts right now. >> it is monday december 2nd. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for joining us. it is half past the top of the hour. the speed of the train is under
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the microscope. seven cars jumping the tracks in new york killing four people and injuring more than 60 others. think plan to be here for 7 days they were teetering where the harlem and hudson rivers meet. was it a track problem? a train problem a mechanical issue human error? could speed be a factor. the engineer at the controls said he tried to apply the breaks but don't r couldn't slow down. >> we will interview the train crews in the next day or two.
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>> one of the nation's two busiest train stations hit a sharp turn in the bronx around 7:20. >> it is not the fact that there is a curfew. we have always had this so there has to be another factor. >> ntsb investigators say the speed limit for the curve is 20 miles per hour. that's coming from the area where the speed limit is 70 miles per hour. one stopped on the banks of the river. one told their cousin what happened shortly before the impact. >> she felt the jerking movement and then everything happened so quickly. that's when it started to roll. >> they have cranes in place moving out some of the debris. this is a packed computer system. 26,000 people impacted by this line alone.
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tens of thousands will be impacted by this. 58-year-old james lavel of cold springs new york was a lighting designer he was heading into rockefeller sefrnter to, would on the christmas tree. also 35-year-old suk of queens and ferrari of monday troe died. investigators say all four killed awere in cars that flippd over on their side. witnesses describe what they heard as the cars flipped the tracks. >> it is traumatic. it is not an enjoyable site to see and you don't want to experience it if you don't have
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to. >> they were not restrained so you get thrown around broken bones open fractures they get bad contusions or internal injuries as well. >> more than 60 others were injured in the tderailment. >> the obamacare web site has the same old problems. most of the bugs in the healthcare web site has been fixed but the site continues to crash. >> doug luzader is live from washington with more. >> this is the site. take a look right here. this little orange box is an alert. if you look closely at it during times of especially high demand this is huge. you may have to wait for the web site. kathleen sebelius says you may be able to use the web site just during off peak hours because of
2:36 am
demand. the first test may be weeks away. >> very easy to fix the front end enrollment if you turn off controls in the back end. very clear for multi media reports that the system is still not accurate when it makes payments to the insurance plans. they are doing a work around. they are going to make large lump sum paymentsed 8 mt. have to maugs it viable. there is questions about the security of all of the personal data. >> the security of the site and private information does not mighted even the minimal standards of the private sector. that concerns me. >> the democrats say the republicans are trying to sabotage the rollout of
2:37 am this may be part of the strategy. >> thank you, doug. >> tragic new details in the death of fast and furious doug coal walter. investigators determining speed was a factor in the fiery crash that killed the 40-year-old actor. he was riding in his porsche when it crashed into a light poll feet from the charity event they were hosting. co-star tyrese gibson broke down during a makeshift memorial at the scene. he took a piece of the wreckage home with him. we live you and we love you. paul is the heart pete of the franchise and we are going to see to it that his energy and prevengs livpresence lives on
2:38 am
forever. he was reportedly scheduled to shoot scenes for the movie this. walker leaves behind a 15-year-old girl. >> a faulty fuel supply might have doomed a police helicopter that smashed right on top of a scottish pub. investigators say they are focusing their probe now on mechanical issues that could n have caused a fuel supply failure to the chopper's enagain. freezing rain and ice causing a pile up. it involved 65 cars and three tractor trailers. 35 people were sent to the hospital. one man is dead and three
2:39 am
people are in custody after an altercation at arrowhead stadium after the kansas city chief's game. police say the victim was sitting inside someone else's truck in the stadium parking lot when the owner saw him and a industrying el followed. he collapsed at the scene and then guide at the hospital. >> we don't know if the person had a heart attack during the struggle we don't know. >> officials are investigating. they have confirmed the incident had nothing to do with a fan rivalry. pans on a blaen being advised to get tuberculosis shots. this after he was removed from the u.s. airways plane. he was cleared to board the plane but his stat cuss was changed with no fly during the flight. they are staging an all out complain to disrupt the approval of the new plan to solve the
2:40 am
state's pension crisis. the plan would save 160 billion over the next three decades. union leaders say a vote is scheduled for tomorrow. >> winter weather taking over much of the country especially for those of you leaving the midwest. >> you need to know your first degree weather update from maria molina. >> parts of the pacific northwest and portions of the upper midwest. we are looking at significant snowfall accumulations. that is more than two feet. they could be picking up significant snowfall. this will be lasting through today through tuesday and also into wednesday. a number of winter weather advisories winter storm watches and warnings are in effect
2:41 am
through montana and colorado and parts of minnesota. temperatures will be much warmer look at the city of denver stood in the 60s pens and thursday only in the teens and single digits. it will get cold out there. that is the actual temperatures factor in the winds and it will be feeling even colder than that. we had a cool thanksgiving but temperatures moderating closer to normal now. 50's and 60s widespread across the southeast. >> it is now 41 minutes after the top of the hour. is the nfl taking a second amendment stand? why the football league is saying no to certain super bowl commercials. >> someone claimed your property father their own image that. one homeowner is fighting against a squatter. my asthma's under control.
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>> the intruder may have the law on his side because they give permission to occupy unclaimed land. he changed the locks produced court documents known as the the quiet title showing he is the owner. he is charged with breaking and entering and he is fighting the charge. an investigation found at least a dozen similar cases involvi involvinger kas. is this commercial unfit to air during the super bowl? take a look the nfl said yes. the ad made by daniel defense focuses on scenes of personal
2:46 am
protection and fundamental rights. it says it violates advertising rules which say firearms are prohibited. stores with firearms and ammunition will be permitted if they sell other items they don't advertise firearms ammunition. owners say they would change the ads. they say the denial was unofficial. >> cyber monday will be bigger than ever with deals from the stores all of the way to the sky. we have the latest. >> black friday isn't the only thing that started early. we are only a few hours into cyber monday. but many are in to cyber monday sales and continue to roll them out all week. the festivities kickoff including lightening dpeels
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every 10 minutes including standing discounts like 50 percent off dvd's and toys. they have week long deals like buy one get one 60 percent off plus free shipping for men's women's and kid's closing. toys r' us went further launching the cyber monday deals on saturday. through out the week all purchases over $49 get free shipping and special deals including buy one get one-half off. or in some cases buy one get one free. is using the unsold inventory with 50 percent off discounts on select flights scheduled for december 18th. that's just a few of many examples. you might want to take some time to peruse the internet today. 81 percent will offer specific deals for cyber monday.
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>> tempting, so tempting. >> avoid the crowds. that's the way to do it. >> still to come 10 minutes to the ptop of the hour. a hollywood movie turned reality. they have found how to delete memories the science behind all of it. >> a teacher speaks up about how the female students were dressing. now she is under fire. did she go too far? hey brian. >> good morning. how is it going? is>> happy monday morning. we will try to keep the ball rolling. the coverage continues on the deadly train derailment four people killed over 60 injuries. we will have a live report. anna kooiman is there. the deadline to fix the problematic obamacare web site comes an goes this weekend. question again during the relaunch sent a shocking admission from the intelligence leader. the war on terror getting worse.
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it is now 52 minutes after the top of the hour. is it tough love or is it inappropriate? a school in houston, an administrator there is in hot water for telling students they need to cover up. she allegedly used a derogatory room to describe a room full of students saying they are dressed inappropriately. some parents were angry but others stood up for the director saying it was appropriate for the girls to get called out. the school has since
2:53 am
apologized. >> have you ever wanted to erase your memory. scientists say they might have found a way by studying mice. they believe they found a chemical compound to reduce or delete your memory hoping to use the research to help people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder or addictions. >> interesting. no one wants to say goodbye to their pet, but now it might be a little bit easier. many vets are now offering hospice care for your pets. the hope is to make your dog or your cat as comfortable as possible in your own home. the service generally costs more than going to a clinic and many owners say it is worth it. i think that is a great idea. >> if you're planning on giving your true love all the gifts in the 12 days of christmas get ready to bust out that wallet. if you buy all 364 items repeated in the song, it will cost you $114,000. that is up 6.9% from last year. the single-most expensive
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item not seen there, seven swans a swimming. yes, seven swans a swimming going for $1,000 each. >> the time is about eight minutes till the top of the hour. an airman gives his girlfriend the surprise of her life. why she's got something to cheer about today. >> we told you about this airplane video that went viral on twitter. has this passenger crossed has this passenger crossed the line?yes, dad, i see him. now pour some chloroform into a white rag and.... no. hi. i unrstand you're looking for a hotel with a pool. with priceline express deals, you can save big and get exactly what you need. do i have to bid? use the stun gun. he's giving you lip. no! he's just asking a question. no bidding. awesome. get the grappling hook to... dad, i... no? ok.
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three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. investigators in new york are looking to whether speed, mechanical problems or human error played a role in the deadly train derailment. four people were killed sunday when seven cars carrying 150 passengers ran off the track. the latest progress report on the obamacare website is out after a
2:58 am
disastrous rollout. government officials say the worst may be over. the warning that there's still some work to do. millions are expected to fill their virtual shopping carts today. experts predict retailers will take in $1 billion this cyber monday. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. after finishing a seven month tour of duty, first class michael wright popped the girlfriend -- popped the question to his girlfriend of three years. he surprised her in front of a huge crowd at her cheerleading competition. the best part of the surprise, he will now be stationed in the u.s. now the bad. a florida little league might be striking out. it has a deal with the city to use baseball fields but the deal is up on december 31, the city not renewing the contract. more than 200 kids are expected to sign up for the league. finally the ugly.
2:59 am
they say money doesn't fall from the sky but on black friday at the mall of america it did. a man with $1,000 in one dollar bills began tossing money over the railing at the mall. the 29-year-old man just wanted to spread holiday cheer, he said. the police charged him with disorderly conduct. >> throwing away $1,000. time for your brew on this responses. earlier in the show we asked you did the tweeting traveler who sent an angry woman a glass of wine with a note cross the line? >> have a drink and relax. problem solved. >> john tweeted and said escalating conflicts is norms. solution, she could have graciously taken the wine and stopped yakking. >> clearly this guy crossed the line to feel clever which is different from
3:00 am
being clever. >> an -- a glass of wine and a note is better than an act of violence. >> have a good monday. go out and make it a good one. "fox & friends" starts now. good morning. it's monday, december 2. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. a holiday weekend horror. after a commuter train bound for one of the nation's busiest stations flips off the tracks killing four and injuring 63. >> horrific when you look at it, just to see the sheer speed that train must >> this morning investigation is on looking into what went wrong. >> and failure to relaunch. this morning the white house is claiming a dramatic improvement on the affordable care act website, but then it crashed again. what is going on? we'll give you an update. >> the nfl banning this ad


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