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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 2, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking ton breaking tonight in the middle after two-day debate of the obama care website. how well it is working and whether we should trust the administration's claims. one top senator has. the part of the system that is supposed to deliver customer information to insurance companies, you log in your information then they believe it to insurance companies to get you insurance, still does not work. that means many people may not be able to get coverage at all and others may think they have it and others will find out at the hospital or doctor's office that they don't. this could be a real problem for
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the 5.6 million americans who had their insurance cancelled pl while officials today defended all of the improvements they made to health, the number two in the senate lashed out and is now getting national attention tonight for this. >> i think the current administration has taken lying to a new level. to me, that's the one thing that i find most aggravating about what is happening in washington these days. particularly within the administration, which is a lack of accountability and willingness to mislead people or provide them just demonstrableably false information and expect to move on. we have seen that most recently in the health care debate over, if you like what you have, can you keep it. something that we have go back to 2010 and demonstrate that
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department of health and human services new was false. >> i reached out to white house officials tonight to act to senator corn cornin. what he is doing is cutting right to the debate. that's why we have seen the president's approval ratings plum net a whole series of polls? recent weeks because it is on the issue of do you find him trust worthy. that something earlier in his presidency he was strong on, even inspite opposition on some of his policies, strong on that, no longer. he is under a lot of fire over that. then on the website today, this health care has been a big part of that credibility issue. over the weekend the administration said they base lick met that self-imposed deadline. but today, officials find new users on health they insist this is not an error message that people are in a
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line and they will eventually enroll, but the question remains, are they just moved from one waiting line to another. then have you the fact that insurance industry today sent out a warning basically saying that they think their problems with the back end of the system, check outline, if you will. the information you share with the insurance company that you mentioned and some people may not be able even though they put their information in, may not get their insurance by january 1st. here is an insurance industry spokesman. >> where everybody wants to avoid is a situation in which consumers think they are enrolled. but their enrollment wasn't able to be processed. they weren't able to pay their first month premium and their coverage is not starting january 1st as they may have thought. >> jay carney said administration officials have been reaching out to people trying to enroll and telling them, you have to get your first check in. do all this paperwork. get it in so you can get your insurance by january 1st. he said they are confident they can get this done. but when pressed specifically,
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if people get that information in by december 23rd, cut off date, will they have insurance on january 1st? can you ensure them? he did not directly assure them. >> why is he pressing people to get their payment in if that part of website doesn't work. how do you get your payment in? >> how are you sure the payment will go to the insurance agency. they tried to broaden the argument saying millions of people will get insurance, we are turn thing the corner. >> how do they get insurance if they don't pay for it. generally they don't give you insure ance if you don't cut th a check. is this going to encourage enrollment? as ed just talked about, getting people on the website, the bigger problem may be getting them actually covered. mark is with me tonight. with the american enterprise institute and former speechwriter for former
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president bush. shouldn't the paying part be the easiest, most seamless part of the process, mark? >> you would think the business would want to get your money. but again, we aren't dealing with the private sector, we are dealing with the government. just this weekend, they said, the website is working with, this is a quote, private sector velocity and effectiveness. they actually said that. unless works 90% of the time, unless it is under maintenance, doesn't transmit your information where you make a purchase, and have an on-line waiting room where you can park until there is capacity for you to shop. and look at the 90% staker. they said it works 90% of the time when it is not under maintenance. what does that mean? they don't say it is under maintenance. it works when it doesn't work. a meaningless figure. >> other thing on amazon, you certainly don't gift your gifts
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if you don't pay. in the private sector -- not your segment yet. you have to pay before they give ut product. we are laughing but people could be literally showing up at doctor's offices and hospitals in the new year only to find out they don't have coverage because they thought they paid and they didn't or they couldn't pay and something else happened. >> it is hard it pay when you haven't insuranced an insurance policy. part of the problem is selling insurance policies. they fixed the front end which is the user interface where people go on and use the website. and people go and make purchases. let's give them credit. where they fix it and it is crashing a little bit. but the back end to insurens isn't working. so basically they built a lexus with a lawn mower engine under the hood. it doesn't go anywhere. so you get these calls, and hey,
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i want to talk to the about the insurance i just bought, and hey, we don't have you enrolled. >> how will this manifest itself? the administration claims, this is not a law problem, it is a website problem. as soon as we get this website up and running and everyday we make improvements, people will see the wonderful products we had to offer. they will run to the website, bite product and that will solve itself. that will solve all the problems. >> yeah. that's not the problem p. the problem is the law. they have 5.6 million people who lost their insurance, that they have to sign up in 23 days in order to not have millions without coverage on january 1. that's 240,000 a day for the next 23 days. even if the website worked perfectly, that is almost impossible. next year, 50 million people will lose their employer-based coverage. either dropped entirely or altered beyond recognition. people are mad about 5.5 million
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now. how will they feel about 50 million next year. obama has lost trust and credibility. if fixing a website will not repair the bond of trust he broke with the american people. >> we will have the other side on that issue coming up. mark, thank you. >> thank you. >> meantime, powerful house committee holds hearings tomorrow that will challenge the president for allegedly failing to uphold his constitutional duty to enforce the laws. our next guest says this rises to the level of impeachable defense. let's table impeachable for a moment. that's a hot button word getting people upset. >> yes. >> but this hearing, they have a congressional hearing on whether the president violated his duty. whether he stepped beyond what he is capable of doing as chief executive of this country. is it so in your view? >> the committee is looking into whether the president has substituted his judgment for that of the congresss. in such a way that he has enforced the law that congress
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doesn't write because he rewrote it. now look, you and i know this, we're both lawyers. presidents have some discretion. they can go a little easy on some people through prosecution. they can go aggressively on other people. but when the president decides ton prosecute a large group of people and says, in order for me not to prosecute you, you must be a, b, c, d and he made it up and it is not in the statute -- >> what are you talking about prosecute? are you talking about. >> yes. >> that's off point. we are talking about health >> but it is given to some groups and not other groups. >> but that's an administrative decision. doesn't the president and executives groups have discretion in enforcement of the law? >> not when they contradict the law. when the law says it shall take effect on a certain day and when the law says everybody on a certain day has to have the cadillac policy, whether they
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can afford it or not, whether they want it or not, the president can't change -- >> but timing decisions. they have typically fallen within the purview of supporting the law -- and this just lays the employer mandate, take care of the individual insurance policy and so on. all a timing matter. >> but when timing says the law shall take effect on a certain date and insurance carriers prepare for it to take effect on a certain date, the president is without the authority to change that date. he may suggest that it be changed. a decision that has to be made by many, many people. but he can't change it on its own. >> let's entertain for purposes of this discussion that you are right and the president committed some violation of his oath to faithfully execute the laws of the country. what is the remedy for that? you say impeachment, but what could somebody do. can you go into court and challenge him? how does that happen?
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>> i don't think the president of the united states will will be impeached for this. when bill clinton's eye was off the ball because he was impeached -- >> backfired against the republicans. >> of course. arguably backfired against the country because he wasn't paying attention to what osama bin laden was doing. even though bin laden attacked him in the early days of the bush administration. nobody wants to go through that again. but when have you a president who is not faithfully enforcing the laws, who is frustrating the will of the congress, doing opposite of what the congress wanted, republicans in the house will look into this and they may enact a resolution that points out that he is doing that. will it lead to impeachment? i don't know. but it'll further diminish and destroy the trust he once had with the american people. >> doicey move for the gop. judge, thank you. that was your segment. >> that was hilarious -- >> well, you won't have the abe look. >> love ya. >> we are not done with this accusation tonight. making news from senator, over gop republican, in the senate.
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and he is saying this administration has taken lying it a whole new level. coming up, reaction from one of president obama's top campaign staffers to that. plus karl rove is next on w why one of the president obama's advisers is warning people may need to wait another three years for the health care overhaul to work. and new video from a black friday deal that was anything but a bargain. just ahead, why nothing says merry christmas like a taser. [ tires screech ] ♪ [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutioning power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future. ♪
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from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> growing fall out after a senior adviser to president obama advises americans to wait just three more years before obama care starts performing the way the administration promised it would. >> i think it is just a fact, and it may take until 2017 when this president leaves office, you will see almost every state in this country running your own exchanges and expanding medicaid and i think it will work really well then. >> karl rove, former senior adviser to president george w. bush. we look forward to that, greg, 2017 within karl, he is taking about medicaid, not the entire law, but there is a whole lot of people going under the medicaid rolls under this law right now.
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>> far more than anticipated. when you look at the relationship, they look for every one person added to medicaid, one person added to the private insurance market and it is not working out at all. there are a heck after lot more people added. for example, in oregon, 52,000 added to medicaid and zero added to private insurance. this is happy talk. this is looking super excited, but it was happy talk. you just wait. if we pass this law, we have completely screwed up its implementation the last three years. wait three more years and we get it right. and we will be out of office so you can't blame us any more. >> but they keep saying it is a website problem, an law problem. and the website is well on its way to being repaired. that's the party line there. >> this is a law program. this law is terrible and it will get worse. let's take a look at a couple of examples. losing coverage, they estimated that million people would lose their existing private --
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>> yes. >> -- too many people would lose their existing private coverage in 2014. as you said earlier, 6.4 million policies. most policies cover multiple people. there are probably 10, 12, 14 million people who lost coverage. 12,000 added at the end of november. for every one person enrolled, 32 people lost coverage. that's a very bad trajectory and it won't get that much better. subsidies, one of the reasons they think this is popular is because people will have coverage subsidized. and for out of every eight people signed up, seven get a subsidy and one would not. thursday far, people who signed up in private exchanges for every one person who is getting a subsidy, three are not. for those who signed up in the federal exchange for every one person who gets subsidy, about 2.5 have not. that means their insurance is
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becoming more expensive in all likelihood. higher deductible, higher premium. remember this, 2017, by the administration's own numbers, how many people are in 2017, 30 million. so the american people know differently when the administration talks one way and the reality is a different way, it hurts. >> let me talk to you about the white board which is the number of people getting the subsidies. that is important. i want to tell the audience that in my conversations with one of the key architects of this law, david cutler, he explained to me that they genuinely believe if p em could get on the website, they would see the great policies that are cheaper, he says, in most instances because of the subsidies. and i said, if that is true, why are we getting all these reports of people not qualifying for subsidy and paying more money. he says that genuinely confuses him. he says when he sees it for the younger people, he understands
9:19 pm
it. when there are older people paying more, he assured me that is unusual to him. they did not expect that. they expected those people to be subsidized. >> yeah, look. 87.5% were expected to be given subsidy. for exchanges, 23%. for federal exchange, 30%. well below what people anticipated, with the experts that advise the law anticipateed. there are perverse innocecentivo drive up cost. adding provision to coverage that a lot of people don't want. there is a tendency in here to not only increase premium because of that, but to also increase deductible so people have a higher out of pocket expense. >> listen, i have to run. but i want to get this in before we go. debbie mitchell claiming democrats. run on obama care come mid term
9:20 pm
elections. she is embracing it, both arms around it with a big bear hug. do you think that is real or a spin some. >> i think a spin. i pray to god it is real. i pray that everyone follows her advice to put this at the sent of center of her campaign. former speaker nancy pelosi believes it as well. i hope the administration encourages every democrat it make it to the center. stand up like mary andrews said recently, senator from louisiana, that she would vote for it again in a second. i hope they do it. it would lead to utter defeat in november. >> thank you, sir. >> you bet. >> we saw polls showing americans are quickly losing faith in leaders and government. there are new words we are also losing faith in each other. michael reagan is here on why that matters. new video tonight on why this black friday came with more than one sharper bargained for. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ h sleigh bells♪
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[ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. unbelievable. that was a shopper using a taser to settle a disagreement. back in my day, it was something like this. [ big sigh ] . that's how i did it in the store. but on thanksgiving, thousands of shoppers were looking for
9:25 pm
amazing deals. there were some less than festive moments. joining us with those highlights, low lights, from our west coast bureau, you know what i'm saying? >> i hear a. even wal-mart claims, it doesn't have the same effect as the punch to the left side of the face. wal-mart claims it had a crowd control plan for its stores. it didn't work out very well. brian lives if new york and went back to his quiet home in north carolina. he walked into wal-mart and look what he saw. this is all over television. look at the guy in the orange jacket. throwing a woman down. people are throwing punches in here and brian actually got told after videotaping for about two minutes that if he didn't stop, he would be arrested. look at this. this is from an unknown wal-mart. again, another battle over television. talk about true kelly file fans and a woman is thrown to the
9:26 pm
ground here trying to hold on to her sale on televisions. in fort worth, texas, people also went crazy. look at this. knocking over each other. along with dozens of display cases. cops had to come in and calm things down. on twitter they started calling the stores brawl-mart. but the craziest, megan, for the mall you showed earlier outside philadelphia, two women start fighting. knock down drag out fighting. one of them has a taser or stun gun. listen to the zaps followed by the guy who took the video. play it. >> there was a baby in a stroller. managers were shutting their gates. people get nervous. you don't know what's going to happen. >> did you hear them in the person saying, oohhh, oomhhh,
9:27 pm
each time the taser went o off. we have no idea the condition of the woman who got tazed, but she got up and walked off. >> i really think that they could take a lesson again from andy williams. let's hear one more time. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ . >> right? it's all good. you don't need that tv. go on-line and watch highlights of the kelly file. don't worry, don't have to have that 50-inch television. doesn't hurt. >> makes me want to shop. >> all right, merry christmas. >> you too. >> speaking of the holidays, by the way, send me a tweet on your thoughts on that. is this the end of civilization? michael has thoughts of that coming up. do we really like and trust each other, or refrain from hurting
9:28 pm
each other in this christmas season. you could soon get deliveries to your front door. this 30-minute drone delivery possible? and do you really want amazon dropping the 50-inch television on your doorstep like that? plus, the number two guy, on the republican side of the senate, saying, that this administration has taken lying it a new low. we get reaction from one of president obama's top former campaign staffers, join us in a moment. campaign staffers. join us in moments. ick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare. i dbefore i dosearch any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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breaking tonight, reaction to our lead story. a two-day debate over the obama care website, how well it is working now and whether we should trust the administration claims. we have new sound from number two republican senator lashing out at the obama administration. listen. >> i think the current
9:32 pm
administration has taken lying to a new level. to me, that's the one thing that i find more aggravating about what's happening in washington these particularly about this administration. which is a lack of accountability and the willingness to mislead people or provide them just demonstratably false information and expect them to be able to move on. we've seen that most recently in the health care debate, over if you like what you had, you could keep it. something we could go back to 2010 and demonstrate that department of health and human services knew was false. >> joining me, partner of the site agency, with barack obama's 2012 campaign.
9:33 pm
let's start with that, with john corn cornyn saying that the government has taken lying to a new level. >> the president apologized to the american people for saying that, if you like your plan, you can keep it. and i think that was refreshing that something that americans didn't see from the prior administration, when there was a credibility issue at stake. >> he didn't apologize for that. he said i'm sorry people are finding themselves in this situation because of something that i said. >> well, i think that ultimately what he should have said was that many plans in the individual market are inadequate. they drop your coverage if you get sick. >> let me stop you there. because we've had the debate about what president should have said. what senator cornyn is saying, s that there is all lies and there is no accountability for the
9:34 pm
misleading. you were with barack obama all of 2012 helping push his reelection. >> that's right. >> and health care was a major issue. >> that's right. >> were you present about any of this, about people keeping their health insurance plans. >> i worked for the president beginning in 2007 all wait through the reelection campaign. and reforming health care was a key topic. i got to tell you we tried everyday to get everything that we said and that president said right. it wasn't through a research, it went through a policy vet. we were scared to death we would get something wrong. we vetted everything. there is an incredible amount of churn in the -- >> you're not answering my question. >> was this line in -- there have been reports about barack obama's, you know, advisers and so on being present and whether the policy people that the report from the wall street journal was that the policy people said the president can't good out there and say this. if you like your plan, can you keep it. and that the political people said, keep your mouth shut because your actual statement is
9:35 pm
not that saleable. that's what the journal reported. >> i never discussed it with him and i don't ever recall having that discussion. having talked to some of the people involved, subsequently, what i know is that there's an incredible amount of churn and change in the individual health care market. these plans change over year after year after year. so what republicans have tried to do is blame the affordable care act for all of the inefficiencies that exist in the health care market today. ultimately represerved the private market. the preexisting market. >> the insurance group, forgive the pronunciation of her last name, came out and said the reason policies are cancel said because of the affordable care act. the insurance companies in partnership with the white house administration on this, they specifically say be with the reason these policies are cancelled is because of obama care. >> they were weak policies that now need to meet a higher standard. they can't kick people off any more because they have a
9:36 pm
preexisting condition or set a lifetime cap on their coverage. they now have to meet those standard -- those americans who are being dropped from the plans will now be offered stronger plans and in fact 70 percent of people -- 70% of of people on the market will meet medicaid or -- >> that goes back to whether this is a lie. the president said, if you like your plan, can you keep it, period. now the insurance companies came out and said, that's not true. only reason we are dropping people from the plan says because of obama care and your response is, those were crappy plans. >> the president has acknowledged that that statement didn't clearly communicate what he wanted to communicate to the american people. >> a lie, that seems to be what senator cornyn is saying. >> i think that president specifically addressed that and addressed that he misled people. and the administration is working everyday it regain credibility. the ultimate test of this will
9:37 pm
be, are people satisfied with their plans. four times the number of people who signed up to enroll in october signed up in november. states that set up -- >> it was only 27,000 in october p. >> reports said a hundred thousand now. >>- >> i realize that, ben. but you're trying to get to a million by january. >> the goal is to get the right number of people to enroll to make sure that majority of people see lower premiums like the congressional budget office. >> i got that. we talked about that earlier. that's keet. people have to get on health and see lower premiums. if that happens, that can help a lot. that's what the law defenders say. >> that's right. >> let me ask you about credibility. david plouf said, look, people trust this president. and right now, you know, the latest polls suggest not really the majority don't or at left it
9:38 pm
is extremely close. your partner this this strategy firm is robert gibbs. so he was formerly white house spokesman. and he has come out and been very frank about his belief that this administration needs to hold someone accountable for the deterioration and trust we see. you agree with that? >> he has. and i think ultimately we will see accountability here. i think the real accountability is have we put in place a system that ensures that the program works and that the administration has taken steps to do that. >> you don't believe that. >> they brought in tech specialist from silicone valley. >> stop that. come on. >> i think we are are seeing them take steps to ensure accountability. >> stop that. you are too smart to believe that. real accountability is when the disastrous roll out is turned around and the system works beautifully. i'm asking you about accountability for the disastrous role. >> how do you define it, megyn? what would you like to say?
9:39 pm
>> i don't care. it is not up to me. but accountability for all the mistakes is to fix the mistakes. accountability is to say, you screwed up. i don't know who it is. is it kathleen sebelius? you tell me. is it the person who runs medicare and medicaid? >> here is the deal, i don't think it'll come down to any one person. there were 55 construct eers involved in developing this. i think there's a problem that 55 contractors were involved in the first place. >> who was their boss? one of the obama care -- >> in charge of the management -- >> let me get this out and i will give you the floor. one of the architects came on, and you know this because he wrote a let in 2010. he said, i want obama care to succeed. i'm one of the architects.
9:40 pm
so the question is whether there should have been a ceo and who made the decision ton have one. should somebody be fired? >> listen, i agree that there should have been a ceo. i think there is a ceo in charge right now in the person of jeff zions putting out daily reports who issued this progress report. who we have seen the turn around of the website under. i think that will be a successful model moving forward. i think it should have happened in the first place. >> good having you on. >> thanks for having me. >> good to see you. all right, all the polls about americans losing faith in our leaders. reresearch shows how we are losing faith in something more importa important. michael reagan is next with that troubling report and whether we can turn it around. [ eeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that?
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each of you is an individual worthy of respect, unique and important success of america. and only by trusting you, giving you opportunities to climb high and reach for the stars can we preserve theed to goen dream of america and the champion. peace and freedom amongs the nations of the the world. >> president ronald reagan back in 1984 saying it was important to trust you, the people. but recent polling finds fewer americans trust each other than we did a few decades ago.
9:45 pm
as evidenced by the kelly file, going out and questioning folks earlier today on the streets of manhattan, watch this. >> in this day and age, i think it is hard to be trust worthy. you try to be -- see the best in people. >> no, i do not trust people. i think for what i do for a living, i work in a prison, so i generally from doing that, i don't trust people. >> in past i have trust people and they betrayed me. so no, i don't trust people. >> i have to believe that most people are good. absolutely. if you don't, you would be a depressed person. so i would hope that i could trust everyone, and i do for the most part. but if it is something really near and dear, there's no way. >> i think most people should be trusted until they are proven not to be trusted. >> if someone holds the door for me, i will trust them. when i'm in times square, i'm a little weary about what their ulterior motives are. >> you have to trust but verify, as i think president reagan
9:46 pm
said. >> well speaking of president reagan, his son, michael reagan, is the president of the reagan foundation. we me now, michael, polls show that one-third of americans say most people can be trusted. in 1972 half of of the country believed that. now just down to one-third and two third of people believe you cannot be too careful in dealing with other people. does this matter, this erosion? >> well, i think it does matter. what is interesting, in listening to the set-up with the piece and what have you, back in 1983 bb 84, you didn't have these in the room. now one of these is in the room, it is hard to trust the room. ask mitt romney, ask prince harry, ask alec baldwin about these and what have you. i think people today want to trust what they are putting on facebook will only be seen by friend but the reality is they are finding out it is seen by a lot more people than their friends. people want to trust that they
9:47 pm
can give information to a health care website but they don't want it hacked. so again, there's no leadership like there was in 1983, 84. of people talking about trust, talking about the greatness of america. being a cheerleader. right now there is no cheerleaders at all out there. i think one of the problems, megyn, is the fact that we haven't caught up and matured yet with the whole new social media operation going on in the world we live in. my daughter, ashley, people text her to say, what are you doing, do you want to go out for a date? she says, call me if you want to go out on a date. we text and e-mail and don't actively seek real conversation. >> the guy who did bowling alone, robert putnam, he studied the united states. speaking of electronica, our iphone and tablets, he talks
9:48 pm
about how by have less socializing, fewer week night meetings, fewer bowling together, fewer nights at the vfw, it decreases in the trust we have in one another. what do you think? >> absolutely right. my wife gets on me. i try to stop taking my phone to dinner. how often do you go to dinner and see people on their iphones and droids instead of speaking to the person across from them having active conversation. >> do you think there is a role for politicians to play here? the peace also talks about how the distrust in washington and of our leaders, feeds, you know, sort of starts at the top and continues there on. >> listen, way before barack obama said, you know, you can keep your insurance, period, there was congressmen saying, listen, we will have a law on
9:49 pm
drugs. then you find out they are drug addicts. or every young child tested in school to make sure they are not doing alcohol, then you find out the congressman was drunk when he voted on that. so right now, any leader out there that we have, it is hard to find trust when do you not have trust in leadership of this country that we live in. and i think it does start at the top. somebody at the top has got to finally say stop. we have got to get back it basics and who we are. and we don't have that right now. >> well, an interesting piece. it suggests that this generation is too late to instill it in this generation. we have to wait for the next one. hopefully that's not true. >> megyn? >> yes, quickly. >> my father said something else. we have a chance to start america all over again. >> good to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> coming up, could your holiday gift soon be delivered by drone to your front door in major retailer saying this they are going to try that within the next four to five years. but will it work?
9:50 pm
plus, hannity at the top of the hour. >> i'm focused on the american people. i think until you see a change in consciousness of the republican party, which i don't think is going to happen, but god bless him if he can get it done, until there is a change of it done. until there is a change of consciousness, einstein said the consciousness that created the problem cannot solve the problem. it's the time for a new r... i'll get it together i promise... heeheehee. jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny:i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. gives you the ultimate in fresh breath. so you have the courage to jump in, go in for the hug, or make sparks fly. it's the only toothpaste that combines the freshness of scope
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♪ come fly with me ♪ let's fly ♪ let's fly away ♪ come fly with me ♪ let's fly ♪ let's fly away >> imagine your packaged flown to your front door courtesy of a helpful little drone. amazon started talking it up yesterday. today, the senate is talking about an investigation.
9:54 pm
ari zoldan is a quantum network ceo and analyst. amazon tells charlie rose they have it. shows them the drones and they have eight blades and can supposedly drop deliveries right at your front door. they can do it now, he says, but they need faa clearance. >> right. >> first of all, is this possible? are we going to have thousands of drones in the air dropping off presents? >> big time. they will be like flies all over the skies. >> seriously? >> i'm serious but it will be four, five years. the issue is congress has a bill in front of the faa, they have to make a decision by 2015. >> why do we want to walk around manhattan having drones on us. >> it's instant. if you can get a package in 35 seconds with amazon -- >> the other way to have something delivered to you is to go to the store and buy it. >> we are so lazy. if i can say, hey, mr. drone, give me my presents.
9:55 pm
>> ellen degeneres said we can't even have breath mints anymore. we have breath strips. we're too lazy. put it on my tongue right there. >> has to be now or we don't want it. >> this is the drone dropping the present. this is in a residential neighborhood. how does this work in manhattan or chicago? >> they are focused on rural seeing if the technology will work. the issue now is the battery life for the drones. >> that's a big issue? >> it is a big issue. it only is 30 minutes now. or if it crashes into central park. >> or hits a child. they don't look innocuous. it could hit somebody. the package could. >> depends on the value of the package. >> how are lawmakers ever going to say yes to this? >> it will be a challenge n. the next four or five years we'll
9:56 pm
see more of it as the technology becomes seamless and safer. we are a bunch of years away. imagine getting something so quickly. >> no. i object. >> come on. it's fun. >> like fedex is working so poorly? i don't get it. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> that's just my take. i'm taking your thoughts on it. follow me on twitter@megyn kelly. go to our facebook page at kelly file. do we need this? do we want it? and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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so don sent me a tweet so don sent me a tweet saying it sounds like we have a new terrorist way of blowing something up with the drone. there's a happy note. thanks, don. let me know your thoughts on twitter. @megyn kelly. have a great night. see you tomorrow. the administration has hit the big benchmarks they set out. 50,000 people at one time, 800,000 people a day. >> the white house declares health is ready to go. but is it? our own ainsley air hart is back trying to sign onto the obama care website. and glenn beck is here with his take on obama care and the administration negotiating with terrorists in iran. >> they of


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