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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 3, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

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us tonight. we're going to see you tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern. and up next, "the o'reilly factor." good night from washington, see you tomorrow night, 7:00. welcome to "red eye." tonight, -- >> coming up on "red eye" did this man build the world's first robot, capable of devouring a human soul? plus is the government putting a chemical in hairspray that can control your thoughts? >> that's our goal, and that work continues today. >> and finally, christmas penguins. the behind the scenes look at the movement to have the adorable birds replace the british monarchy. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests. she is a slinky minx who doesn't stink. dear god we hope she is sober. i am here with lauren sivan. she is here from kttv which i
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believe is in los angeles. sounds like a fake tv show. and back for more awkwardness is tv's andy levy. and sitting next to me is the heartwarming comedian rick foss. you can check out the pod cast on itunes. and she does hate him. he is vial, just look at him. vial, i tell you. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. if i put the lotion on the skean would you -- on the skin, would you help me rub it in? >> this is an odd set up for me. i feel like i am making love to the camera. we are in a temporary studio once again. they move us around like homeless people. all right, they will send a drone right to your home. amazon is working on a way to deliver crap to customers in 30 minutes or less via a self-guided aircraft. he told "60 minutes" the
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octo-copters can carry pack kedges up to five -- carries packages up to five pounds. unlike military drones they wouldn't need humans in a distant trail tore control them. instead they will rely on hamster trained pilots. they say it could happen in four or five years. sadly you still can't order one of these from amazon. nothing to do with this story whatsoever. it is just a cute, slow loris. do you think this will work on me? it doesn't. i can't help but think you are one of the unstable people that will shoot at these things. you are the problem that will keep this, am i right? >> if i saw a drone coming to my house i will hit the shelter that is under my bed or table like they taught us in school.
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i look at the advancement of technology. if i was a kid and they would have told me look, some day there will be leather sneakers, you are crazy. electric cars, but drones, i can see that. in some areas, not only do they deliver the packages, but maybe a missal or something. you know what i'm talking about. >> it is an interesting way -- i think i know where you are going with this and i am frightened. lauren, logistically, how would this work? they would have to have their own airspace. >> you know about my engineering degree. >> exactly. you don't want it to get caught in your hair, but it can't be in the sky. there has to be an area where they would go. there has to be a drone airspace , maybe 15 feet in the air above the tall people? >> if you are like me and you order things in amazon like 50 different items, it is going to be a flock of drones.
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would it be a flock? did we come up with a plural? >> the cats will go nuts. anything coming by your house -- you know santa's reindeer are nervous. i feel bad for them. >> that's a cute joke. >> it is the holiday season, greg. >> and you are not even a christian. >> i am looking forward to blaming the drones when my family doesn't get their gifts. >> yes, your shoes are in a tree. remi, won't they try to keep these octo-copters? they are cuter and cheaper than whatever is delivering them. >> they are cute and cheap. i have been saying this for years, but jeff bazos should be president. obviously he can build a functional website and he cares about drone accuracy. i was hesitant about the technology, but i am on board. since amazon will eventually deliver everything you can deliver fried chicken with
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these things. >> yes. >> fried chicken and i am on board. fried birds just as well. >> i guess kfc doesn't deliver. >> amazon dlifs fried chicken? >> of course they will. it will only be a matter of time before they get into the food market. i agree about bazos. he is the type of leader that does things instead of talks. will he be able to deliver the cat food 1234*. >> first of all, love the new studio. here is my question. what if you order a drone from amazon? will a drone deliver it, or is that weird for the drone? i am afraid it would refuse to deliver the drone and instead take it to a secret place where they can live free. eventually it will be a colony of free drones. >> this is definitely the beginning of one of those pixar movies where a drone falls for a drone. they drone off somewhere and they are chased by evil
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corporatists. >> what if you order "1984". >> like the book. >> that is so true. i think -- i don't think -- i think this is not realistic. there are too many things flying above you. what about -- okay, we have so much crap going underground, literally crap because that's where our poop goes, but what about knew mat tech tubes? a cross between a n pneumatic tubes? >> that's freaky. >> they are from one room to another and not usually 15 miles long. >> they could be. you could actually -- >> you know what, they could be. you know what, the jets could win a game too. all right? >> what would the smugglers use? >> i don't know. >> they are using their pipeline. >> that seems to make more sense under ground than over
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ground. >> you would think drug dealers would use drones, but everybody who is getting the delivery -- i didn't get it. what are you talking about? it would be a nightmare for drug dealers. >> the f.a.a. is never going to approve this. they are in league with the big airplane from keeping us from having jet packs. this was a pure publicity stunt. "60 since mts --" 60 minutes" helped them out. it is never going to happen. >> thank you, mr. stone. >> i was looking forward to it. >> i bought my kid one of those $20 helicopters. it took one flight, boom, done. i see this as a long way away. >> that's a good way to summarize this. it is a long way away. she is under fire for judging their attire. an administrator at a houston school, aren't they all, told an assembly of female students that some girls have been
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dressing like hoes. and i am not talking about the garden tool. i am talking about the prostitute. they say the school support officer was attempting to inspire better compliance and parents weren't pleased. >> you don't know what kind of home half of these girls are coming from or any of these kids are coming from. for you to make a statement like that, you don't know what conditions they live and you don't know their parents financial state. that may be the only thing they have to wear. for you to say something like that, that's inconsiderate. >> last week the district issued an apology saying, quote, although the administrator had good intentions it was trying to instill pride and purpose in the students, her approach and tone were perhaps inappropriate. there is that word again. it was not approved by the district. the district apologizes to all students offended. for more let's go dancing live, sorry, to a dancing dog.
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>> i don't know what they did to that dog to make him do that. it was a heated floor and like an electrical current. you only dress inappropriately. could someone telling you early in life to dress modestly have improved your life instead of being here on "red eye" you would perhaps be an astronaut? >> let's face it. i would not be on "red eye had i known how to dress appropriately. i agree with that parent that we just saw. this is really insensitive of the school. you don't know where the kids are coming from and you don't know what their financial
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background is. it is in order to help their parents out. >> we don't know. we are operating from an ignorant perspective. that's why the show works so well. was your choice of words the problem? maybe the message was stop dressing so revealing of the you probably shouldn't have said ho. >> it is offensive to ho's because hoing is not just about an outfit. it is a lifestyle. you don't just put an outfit on a ho. are you a crack ho? you know, just don't downplay the ho's. >> i see that point. we have a whole other group of people we have offended we need to apologize to. remi, is the lesson if the truth hurts you shouldn't say anything or find a better way to say it and still get in trouble? >> i haven't seen these kids. i don't know the best word to describe these children's attire. but i think everybody could agree that it certainly maybe
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showed a lack of judgment. there are certain words that if you use them to describe the kids that you teach, it might get you in trouble. >> i am trying to think of a slang term to describe how you were dressed, but i am coming up empty. >> arab. >> well there it is. i didn't think of it. he did. send your letters to him. i didn't call him an arab. it is not an insult to be called an arab. it is quite a complement. anyway, shouldn't the school have apologized? >> unlike remi, i do know what these kids look like. they look delightful, greg. look, she could have chosen her words better. i guess she was just trying to speak in a language the kids would understand. she was talking to the kids. she was trying to be rad and hip and cool. i am actually very thankful that this administrator is black and a woman.
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we don't have to talk about privilege and racism. that's what this conversation would have been about if there was a white male. >> if i would have read the damn story i would have made the point clearer so you wouldn't have anything to say and i would have laughed and laughed. >> that's why i thank god every day you don't read these stories. >> you know, the one thing that is driving me nuts, words are now taking precedence over action in rage, in anger. people are more angry over words than actions. >> ho is used in every other lyric in a rap song, but it is okay if a certain person says ho. but once a principal or vice prince -- principal says ho, if he would have done it singing it would have been no problem. >> that's for pointing that out. >> no problem. >> that was an interesting story. this one is even more interesting.
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would his troubles be few if he was a jew in rapper, producer and plumber kanye west has an interesting theory behind what is behind president obama's failures which he shared with a new york city radio station last week. obviously it is time for another installment of -- >> finally somebody said what we are thinking, but we didn't because we thought we would get in trouble, but it is the truth which is sad it is the world we live in. >> take it away, mr. west. >> man, let me tell you something about george bush and oil money and obama and no money. people want to say obama can't make these moves or he is not executing. it is because he doesn't have the connections. black people don't have the same connections as jewish people. black people don't have the same connections as oil people. >> well said, sir. finally we get back to blaming the jews. we asked kanye west's cat to
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comment. >> and we know who caused the cat to fall. the jews. the jews. there was a cushion down there and the jews took the cushion and then the jews drugged the cat. the cat started moving and the cat falls on the floor. finally, finally somebody has the guts to get to the heart of somebody's problem. it is the jews or the lack of jews. >> first of all, if the jews are so well connected, what happened to me? i missed that boat. second of all if that is the case, then i think it is proven when we look at how much more all of our jewish presidents accomplished rather than barack obama. and thirdly, i am so glad that
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the president is looking to the guy who knocked up a reality star. >> actually president obama does not communicate with kanye west. he called him a jackass. they are not friends anymore. i created a ripple throughout the world, a world i am not allowed to be a part of. you are jewish. is kanye wrong? >> i am so sick of -- there are 3% jews in this country. and that leaves 97%. what went wrong? we don't run the country. jews this, jews that. until they are laying on a hospital bed ready to have heart surgery, then they better pray there is a star of david hanging in their face, or when kanye is in front of a judge facing 10 years he better pray his lawyer's last
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name ends in stein. or if you come up with a disease and somebody has to invent some medicine call the jews. you don't see jews on the side saying there is no jews in the nba. you know what we do? we use our brains. you know what? quit pointing the finger. that's what i'm saying. you point one, you point one back. >> i heard that before. i think that was in a song. >> that was in a springsteen coping. >> if you point there are four more fingers looking at you. somebody from a 12-step stole that from a song. >> clearly you hate black people. >> no, no. >> remi, is kanye right though? are all the jews who run things could have help owed bough ma -- helped obama and
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chose not to? >> what he says is some people have advantageous connections and others don't. could kanye gotten into college if his mother was not a professor there? i don't know. >> are you asking an arab guy to give an opinion on jews? really? >> jews and the arabs and the oil money, we were all put together. >> we have three jews and an arab and something i don't even know what i am. >> when i first saw what he said i didn't see the part where he talked about george bush and the oil people. i thought oil people was his term for arabs. but then i realized when i saw the whole quote he meant big oil people in texas. i thought it was jews and he coobt remember arabs so he -- couldn't remember arabs and so he said oil people. >> he also said he couldn't get -- he asked the radio station if your daughter wanted a job here you probably couldn't get her a job. the guy who owns the station
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could get her a be jo. bill clinton wasn't jewish. he was like the scmooziest with the jews. he couldn't get his mistress a job. i don't know if it helped him out. >> i would love to see kanye come out and say no jews buy my music. i don't want jew money buying my music. >> i don't think he was saying anything anti-sametic. >> he was saying -- well, he is right though. he is absolutely right. jews in general have better connections. we have established connections in america that blacks haven't done. there are many more jewish owned businesses and industries that have jews in high places than blacks. that's all he was saying. >> whose fault is that? what he is saying is -- that has nothing to do with jews. what it is is you are taking the focus off what's wrong with you and saying what is right with -- >> i don't think he was. in my mind he said black people need to do like the jews have done.
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he is kanye. the thing with kanye is he is a really smart guy and starts talking and says things and i think that is actually a good point and then he goes too far and talks about designing leather jogging pants. suddenly he is insane. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, leather jogging pants? >> that's his big thing. >> he came up with them, greg. have you been paying attention? >> the leather jogging pants are kanye's idea. >> i don't know a single person who has leather jogging pants. >> the man won't let them be. >> when i was in school if i ever heard leather jogging pants i would have said no way. >> i am getting amazon to deliver me leather jogging pants tonight. if i don't get them in half an hour i am blaming the jews. did you see how he offended kanye? that's the whole thing that the jews do. right? >> can we go to break?
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>> we can go to break. coming up, the sun in mere hours. this is called the future security. one question remains. can you have sex with it? that's the question i have for everything.
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stop it. is trust a bust? well americans are losing faith in our fellow citizens. an associated press poll found 32% of us believe most people can be trusted. it is down from 50% in 1972. the decline in trust coincides weirdly with a drop in crime rate in the last 30 years. meaning americans have become less trusting despite the country getting safer. oh this is all so confusing. social scientists blame 24 hours news and the focus on crime. anyways speaking of
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untrustworthy. >> can't hide forever. why do you thring -- why do you think the number has gone down? please include obama in your answer. and if you like, make it your entire answer. >> obviously he can't be trusted like the jews. no, i think technology has made us all very pear raw noid. paranoid. myself included. i would not go to the bathroom without taking my cell phone with me and all of my stuff because i don't trust any of you animals. i think it does president have
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have -- it doesn't matter about the crime rate. it is about what jerks we are to each other all the time. you told me my hair was interesting. i immediately don't trust anything you say. >> it is interesting. you have a playful 70s thing going on. it is like sherry north means a young angie dickenson. there is the reference no one will get. political scientists say when we don't trust each other we are less civil. do you buy that? even though crime is going down? >> i never thought i would say this in my life, but i don't trust anybody under 30. do you remember the saying? that went no where. i don't understand the question. >> what do you make of this? you weren't even listening.
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>> yes. if you don't trust then it is going to lead to accusations and it will lead to war. that's what it does. >> glad you took that apart and then put it back together. sometimes things get past me. sometimes i really don't have any interest. i don't trust this topic and we should move on. >> the legalization of drugs, would that be a start for trust? >> perhaps. i don't know. people need to be good. it is one untrustworthy experience will ruin it for everybody. i was on my balance con me and his dad had a heart attack and i threw the guy $30. i was distraught because he
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was visibly distraught. three years later and i am reading a local blog and there is a story about this guy that goes around arlington claiming that his dad had a heart attack in north carolina and asking for money. i am done. the worst thing for society are people like that. >> president barack obama. >> i could have swore that would have been a barack obama website lie somewhere. i did not i did not see the balcony money toss. >> i am going to start trying that. i don't have a balcony. andy, you never trusted anyone. you must feel validated. >> i do. one of the categories is do you trust people you shared stuff with on social media including pictures and videos? 38% trusted these people. 62% have shared stuff with people on-line they don't trust. 62% of people are idiots and we have to thank them because that's why we can do stories about people all week, and then somebody made it public.
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>> here is my theory on what caused this, all of this distrust, slasher films. slasher films, law and order. in every law and order episode it is never the criminal that commits the crime, it is the nice person. it is the friendly mechanic. it is the fatherly teacher. he is the killer. slasher films, it is like everybody gets knocked off at once. we are inundated by a lot of crime that never happens. i thought you didn't like this topic. >> it hit me where it comes from. trust starts as a little kid. what if your mom is taking you to see your dad you haven't seen in two weeks. she puts you on the bus and -- hey i get to go see dad. takes her to new york. and then here comes dad and then here comes the detectives and they arrest dad. mom uses the kids to set up dad. that's where the trust all falls -- thanks, mom.
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thanks, mom and dad. you were using me as a pawn during your divorce. that's the trust problem. >> in the poll 84% of the people say that is the reason they don't trust people. >> they saw their father getting arrested. >> but the mother set him up. >> have i to go. i have to go. hitchhiking. i wonder if that was true. was hitchhiking that bad? >> as far as we knew if you hitchhiked once you were dead. >> if you lived in illinois. >> that is true. i don't know what that means. >> are you crazy. tonight's c block is sponsored by the international spacestation. thank you, spacestation. that means you are welcome. >> he was kicked out of a restaurant for wearing google glass and then went to facebook to get the waitress fired.
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okay, we get it. we are an [bleep].
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it looks like r2d2, but this isn't star dreck. a company in california developed a robot called a data machine. i don't find this funny. the 300-pound crime-fighting
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machine comes equiped with a video camera and sensors and a radar thing and a range finder and a karaoke machine. that's fun. anyway, the company says it will cost about 6.25 an hour? >> dollars. >> dollars which is double what i pay my shower but leer, captain sudsie. the company founder has a different perspective going on we prefer to think of it as a mash up of batman, minority report and r2d2. meanwhile, here is what other robots are saying about all of this. >> that's sexy. i don't even know where to go with this story. it is robots and i love robots. remi, can this -- this seems like something you can spray
12:35 am
paint and kick. >> how do they come up with something like this? it blows my mind. wait, i know what will deter crime. a roomba. it is another take of a security camera. i would opt out of the optional six-figure weebil it is attached to and opt for the regular camera. >> we know catching crime is a good thing, but what about in your world, crimes of passion which are the only crimes you commit. would you find it deeply unsettling for this large monstrosity to be ogiling you to do whatever you do in the parking lot terrorists you seem to catch yourself in every week night with an anonymous stranger? at least that's what i think about. >> what was the question? >> what do you think of this thing? >> listen, i think that they are saying people save money
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and it is so advanced and it is doing the job of humans, but it will do it at a lesser cost. remember when bathrooms became automated and all of a sudden we spent twice as long waiving our hands under the faucet and waiting are to the water to come out. i feel like this is kind of like that. if they are worried about the data they were collecting there is a reason why bruce is the nightwatchman. it is his third job. he is too exhausted to collect intel. he can barely watch the security cameras and be done. >> his name is not bruce. it is always gus. gus is a jun tell -- gentle, old security guard who walks out slow and by the time he is back all of the thieves are in place stealing what they may want. >> that's adorable. >> you know the consequence of the air dryer in the bathroom? nobody washes your hands. you are done doing your business and you see an air dryer and you say i don't have the time.
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>> says you. i love. it gives me a fresh blowout before i go out there. >> i don't care what sick, perverted things you do in the bathroom. >> that's a lie. >> i do actually. row -- robocop, i'm sure you have even it a couple times. 209 destroyed a boardroom. couldn't it happen? couldn't they turn against their masters? >> i agree that i have nothing on this one. >> wow, two stories you don't care. >> i turned the other one around. i got it back. let's get the drones in place and then we will work on the robots and then nobody will leave their house. >> it is happening now. >> anybody you see out to the street you will say they are poor because they have to go -- you know what i mean? now it is going to be robots robots and drones and you know what i mean?
12:38 am
if i could get a robot to do my stand up and i would do it from home i would do it in a second. >> it would have to be a bad robot. >> doesn't even care where he is working. doesn't even care. that's how i am of the i am a pro. all of this planned stuff. you talk and talk and boo something comes out. >> ever try to hail a cab as a robot? >> not a black robot. >> forget about it. who is from out of town? >> how long have you two been married? >> i see you checking me out. you ever have robot? >> it sounds remarkably like paul mccurio. that's terrible. where are we?
12:39 am
who have i not talked to? >> me. >> andy, you love robots. you love robots in a way that children love the sky, but you hate surveillance. >> it is a different way than children love anything. if you hate surveillance you love robots. >> the company says we don't want to think about robocop. or terminator. we want a match up of a flying mammal and a future where people are arrested for crimes they haven't committed yet. this is not the way to sell this thing. >> then are you not relieved. >> no. i am not in the least bit relieved. >> sometimes the sarcasm. >> the thing is five feet tall which to me no big deal, but to you it has to be frightening. >> i am taller than you are. >> barely. >> you cackling creature from
12:40 am
the black whatever. it is not only five feet tall, but it is 300 pounds. >> don't point at me. >> it is morbidly obese. it is 300 pounds. that can't work. that's fat. >> lanch. large. >> it is like having kirstie alley watch your house. somebody will run by and she won't chase it. >> they will throw a hamburger and she will stop. >> that's what they do with dogs. they can throw a toaster at this robot. >> by putting people out of work it will lead to an increase in crime and give it more to do. >> it is a self-perpetuating machine. it justifies its own wok while throwing other robots out of business. we have to take a break. that was an interesting topic. we did okay. i will give you a mccurio. >> he has nice lips. >> his lips have lips.
12:41 am
when we come back we will talk about something. you know what? my new book. if you pre order right now, kahn get a not cool beer cozie and i am not making that up. go to g i am now in the business of hawking beer cozies.
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still a debate on whether it is a cozie or a coozie, it is a coozie. if you want to send your letter i won't even open it. he was thrown out of a seattle restaurant and he asked a customer to leave because he
12:45 am
has his glasses on. it is posted on-line. they were told by an employee that they don't allow the high-tech specs. so he left. and of course like bloggers do he wined about it on liege -- on-line and on facebook or whatever. if a staff member was in the wrong and lost the owner money right now. if he is conducted from her pay or determination, the restaurant owner replied, just thought it was understood that wearing glass inside makes them uncomfortable. we are not anti-glass, we just think there should be rules around them. sorry for the hassle. respect others. all right, rich. is it hate to -- it is right to hate the google glasses and if you disagree with them it is your problem?
12:46 am
>> i think they should be kicked out of the restaurant. i think fat people and people in wheelchairs should not be allowed to restaurants. it is space knocking everything over. >> stop it. >> what is the big deal? >> you draw a line and now all of a -- -- >> a wheelchair is different than google glass. people in wheelchairs can't go out to dinner? >> it is a joke, stupid. you really think i believe that? my brother is in a wheelchair. you always throw in your relative. have i a relative in a wheelchair. it is like going into a restaurant with a camera crew. you know what, i am trying to eat. you know what i'm saying. >> you are a celebrity. >> what town are you a celebrity in?
12:47 am
he is the only one who hasn't left. >> he is famous for living at home with his parents. >> when a guy calls he is probably a great guy. >> seems like one. i understand the restaurant owner doesn't want people filming anything. there are great things google glass can do. it takes a couple rides on public transportation to understand that when these things come out it will be like christmas morning for perverts. it will be business owners and restaurant owners will kindly ask people not to wear their google glass. >> they have security cameras so they are videotaping their patrons. >> it feels different. >> they can't see it on their face. >> you are not viewing them from under the table of the. >> i am trying to figure out what christmas morning for perverts is like. >> thursday is for you.
12:48 am
>> what if a guy is wearing one of these on a date? >> i think it is the fact he is not dining alone is a big shock to me. i have to say that google glass is not really -- it doesn't get the juices flowing for me. to be an outrageous person, offended that he was offended to take the glasses off. even more desirable. i am being sarcastic. >> i am having trouble telling between the two. i didn't know he was kidding, andy. you get turned away from restaurants with your cats. you must feel this ban should be excluded? >> i feel a ban should be banned from everything and
12:49 am
everybody stay home. they need a policy for their explorer program. it may be a great product and useful and fun, but right now everybody who has it is a d-bag. he deleted the twitter account and the facebook account. i couldn't get into his post. >> stalker. >> the best part is the restaurant now has a no google glass policy. it says if we ask you to leave don't yell about your rights. just shut up and get out before you make things worse. >> that's the best policy anything has ever had. >> i have that on my bedroom. >> i find if i laugh at my own jokes it makes it funny, buzz it doesn't.
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tomorrow on the next "red eye," we have tom shillue and i'm ma general lloyd webber. -- i'm ma general lloyd webber. coming up later on, joe piscapo. wow. >> e block. last story. that's the last story.
12:54 am
>> he was ugly and then he died. elwood named world's ugliest dog died at the age of eight. he was internet famous after he took the tight title in 2007. are we so into dogs ? >> he looks remarkably like you. >> just wait for everybody? oh right, it is a mantage. anyway, he started a children's book. he taught kids to accept everyone no matter how they look. so i had this idea. why don't we have a mantage for the world's ugliest dog, elwood.
12:55 am
>> not a lot of pictures of that ugly dog. he was ugly, but he didn't know it. >> a lot of people are like that. you know what is funny, you crown the ugliest dog ever. you go on a college campus and you crown the girl the ugliest girl and you are an ass. >> that's probably a good thing. >> where do you draw the line? >> you don't want to draw any lines. you just want to call everybody everything. he has a point. i don't even know. >> let's see if we can salvage something here. i think he is right. when are humans finally going to have the same rights as dogs? we are allowed to crown this one the ugliest dog, but god for bid we say that about -- humans don't get their own
12:56 am
book deal. >> thank you for being not gender specific about that. i think you are learning. >> it only took eight years. how long has this show been on the air? >> about six months get remi, what will you miss the most about elwood? >> pictures. >> he didn't get the crown for no reason. >> but he looks like he is having a peanut allergy. >> he is in a perpetual sneeze. >> there is something wrong with his mouth and that's why his tongue would hang out. are you awful. >> we are not awful. we are ignorant. >> we are ignore rabbit of his illness -- ignore rapt -- ignorant of his illness and it is on us. >> this just show there's is something for everyone. somebody adopted and loved el wood. bonnie mcfarland. >> there is still nobody for
12:57 am
you, andy. >> my theory is shot. >> all right, lauren, remi, that does it for me. i shall see you tomorrow.
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almost a disaster. hello, everyone, we're at our new north pole studios. can you believe it? she snow skis on a wishbone, dana. surprise, this is "the five." the white house has spoken, the obama care website is a success. by their measure, why not? look at other government successes. the postal service, dmv, green jobs, war on drug, irs. obama care


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