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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 3, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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weekday with fox and friends 5:00 to 9:00 a.m . thanks for joining us. let not your heart be troubled we'll see you back here tomorrow night. p.m. eastern. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> the bottom line is, this law is working and will work into the future. >> the president goes on the offensive saying obamacare is now working and he will never surrender. >> we're not repealing it as long as i'm president. >> tonight charles krauthammer will analyze the situation. >> when jesus had those five loathes and two fissures he't c. he didn't ask how much money they had. >> would jesus approve of the nanny state? some democrats want to impose on 00 u.s.a. tonight we will hear both sides of this intense debate. >> a woman has been mobbed by a bear. >> is -- she is bleeding she
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needs help. >> a troubling story out of orlando, florida a black bear mauling a a middle-aged woman. and this kind of threat is happening all over the u.s.a. tonight's "special report" animals gone wild. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama trying to make a come back with obamacare. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today in washington, the president went on the offensive saying that the affordable healthcare law is now up and ready. >> despite all the problems in the rollout, about half a million people across the country are poised to gain healthcare coverage through marketplaces and medicaid beginning on january 1st. some for the very first time. >> then the president read some testimonials about how good obamacare is for the
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folks. and listed improvements he believes the new law will bring. then mr. obama addressed his critics. >> we're not repealing it as long as i'm president. [ applause ] >> i want everybody -- you still think this law is a bad idea. you have got to tell us specifically what you would do to cut costs, cover more people, make insurance more secure. you can't just say that the system was working with 41 million people without health insurance. >> now as football people know the best defense is a good offense. that's what the president was doing today. challenging his opponents to come up with a better system. from the beginning of the healthcare debate talking points suggested that congress pass limited targeted laws to address unfairness in the system. things like allowing healthcare insurance companies to compete nationwide the increased competition would drive down costs things like free healthcare clinics for the uninsured where he they could just walk in and get
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whatever help they needed. but president obama didn't want that he wanted income redistribution along with healthcare access. and the only way to do that, to take money from the haves and give it to the have notes is to impose a government-run healthcare system and that's what we have. the feds dictate the coverage, the cost, and the sign-up plans. the problem is many working americans will have to pay more and some doctors will not participate. the end result, the economy gets hurt, doctors become harder to see. mr. obama didn't address either of those things today and they are crucial in the debate. also, mr. obama did not address the falsehoods under which the affordable healthcare law was passed. but the new spin from his allies is this: >> all americans know politicians lie. the question is which lies can you live with? and time and time again americans have said we can deal with the lies that president obama tells us because we believe in his
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heart he has the best interest for the american people. >> so that's what the white house is selling that president obama wants what is best for the folks. and i believe that's true in theory, in theory. he does want what's best for the folks. the problem is his vision is running up against reality. the economy is being held back by his tax policies and by obama care mandates on business. there is no question about that that's not what's best. the medical industry in america will suffer from obamacare. it will be harder for working folks to see a doctor and healthcare costs will actually rise because of co-pays and deductible, that's not what's best. barack obama will not believe me and others who see harm to the nation going forward. and that's where we are. and that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from washington, fox news political analyst charles krauthammer.
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i think it's just theoretical, you know, it's this theoretical world that president obama seems to live in and i'm becoming more and more concerned about that and you say? >> it's also a rhetorical world, theory and rhetoric. it's like king knute being urged by his worshipful acolytes to tell the tides to go backwards and at least knute had the self-consciousness to tell them that can't be done. obama thinks that he is repeal reality with rhetoric. i mean, after all, the one thing he can really do well is campaign that's undeniable. he is one of the great campaigners in american history. he twice one the presidency. his trouble is he has trouble governing. here he is faced with a management problem a government problem. he passed a bill regulations are so complex and contradictory, he has got a web site that's not functioning correctly and he thinks that if he makes the right speeches.
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>> he really believes that let me just jump in here. he really believes it, right? he is not going up there selling a product that he knows is defective. i think he talks himself into believing it, does he not? >> bill, i will let you play the psychiatrist. i am gnostic on what's inside of his head. i will tell you something about the words that i hear. what he is telling us is that everything is fine. it's going to be working correctly. but that's not going to work on somebody who gets a cancellation notice. he says he did this whole thing so that more people have access to health insurance. well, 5 million people have now lost health insurance under obamacare. he can give all the speeches he wants. all the rhetoric he wants, but he can't repeal reality. and that's his problem. these are real people, real
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citizens who vote. some of them are democrat. some are independents who believed in him. who believe in the rhetoric and know now that it is not true. and that i think is something he can't -- and it gets worse because that's only the people who lose their private insurance. the administration's own projections from july of 2010 is about 80 million americans who have employer supplied health plans are going to lose them. and that's going to happen next year. now, that's an after launch that he and the democrats cannot avoid. >> all right. now, he didn't deal with any of that today. all right? so today was basically a first salvo in trying to turn public opinion in his favor and he appeals to emotion by reading the letters and this and that last week karl rove said on this broadcast in his opinion it's 100% assured that what you just said is going to happen. that in 2014 the whole thing
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is going to collapse into a chaotic mess and americans are going to be furious. hundreds of millions of americans are going to be furious. he says it's 100%. i said it was 75% that that would happen. what do you say? >> 86.3% is the precise answer. >> you are dividing it? >> got to draw to an inside straight. in order for this to be a triumph for him what he thinks it is, he has to get the web site actually working. the most that it can handle 50,000 people is pathetic. amazon handles over a million every hour. even that people are put on hold have to wait for half a day to get on. second, we heard from the people who built the site that it is absolutely insecure. there is no secure information on it. and the worst part is, the worst part is the information getting from the web site to the insurers. i mean, the "the washington post" reported today that
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one out of every three people that think they have signed up have incorrect information. corrupted information that's going to arrive at the insureds or no information at all. so they are going to show up at a doctor's office on january 1, there will be no record of any insurance. or there is going to be a record and it will be completely wrong. and that's another reality that you can't undo with rhetoric. so he can say all he wants. but, unless the reality is changed and it requires all these elements all these mistakes and problems to be undone and fixed sequentially and in time, which i think is highly improbable, unless that happens, this does turn into a fiasco. democrats and the congress know this and they are running away from obamacare as fast as their feet will take them. >> the president can never admit it, even if it's everybody else knows it, correct? he has got to go down with the ship. >> because it's his ship. it's his only signature
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achievement. look, his presidency is obamacare. it hangs on obamacare. he has got nowhere to run. the democrats in the senate and the house are able -- i mean, running away is an option if you are a member of congress. but not if you are the president. and that's his thing. >> charles, thank you as always. and krauthammer's book things that matter still a huge best seller all over the place. let's check it out for christmas. crowley and colmes on whether americans will change their minds over obamacare. and, later, horrific mauling by a black bear near orlando florida. >> she is in severe pain. >> how old is she? >> i can't tell. you know, she is so bloody, i can't tell. >> those reports up ahead. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires.
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in the impact segment tonight, the polls show most americans do not want the affordable healthcare law any longer. it's possible that might change or is it? here now monica crowley and alan colmes, both fox news analysts. what if the computer gets fixed and people do get lower premiums. possible? >> well, anything is possible ayens could land in the middle of the show. it's certainly possible. >> rove says it isn't. >> no. and i agree with karl rove. i think it's almost 100% collapse on itself. the web site will get straightened out. that's one issue. it was never about the web site. the issue is the policy itself. what we were told going into obamacare we said obamacare was going to give us massive increase and demand. right? tens of millions of new people in the system. >> that's going to happen? >> while restricting supply. fewer doctors, fewer. >> we did that last night. >> wait a minute, here is the kicker on the economic side of this. forget about the web site, it doesn't matter anymore.
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it's not about the web site. we were told increase in demand while restricting supply and somehow that was going to lead to lower costs and lower prices. that is economic nonsense. that's economics that makes no sense. it never will. that's why it's going to implode. >> yesterday, watters was up in canada? >> i did. >> they deported him by the way. [ laughter ] >> 57% of canadians like their healthcare system up there according to a poll, all right? even though it's government-run, income tax as high as 50%. they like it. isn't it possible that americans will learn to love. >> why is that most canadians with significant resources come to the united states? >> 40,000 came to the united states. 40,000. >> they have serious issues. cancer treatment. >> that's a lot. >> come to the united states, why? we used to be -- >> -- you don't think that it's possible that americans will be persuaded like canadians have been. you don't think so? >> i don't think so. i think over the next year you are going to see implosion of this where it's not going to work. >> okay. colmes, somethin' tells me that you will go down with
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the obamacare ship. he is the captain. >> why would you say such a thing. >> one of the loyal guys. >> i'm not one of the nay sayers like you people. >> even if it blows up. >> the right wing wants it to blow up because they want to be able to say i told you so. >> that's true. >> if it works, they are all wrong. this is more about midterm elections now. they are not going it appeal obamacare. that ship has sailed. this is about using this to win 2014. >> let's take the political element because it's boring. what if monica says and rove says and krauthammer says is true? >> let me give you some family. the kaiser family. >> no. what if they say is true, are you going to say if it does collapse, are you going to say yeah, it was -- as you are accusing the right wingers of doing or are you going to go down because as you said president obama is going to go down with the ship. >> if it does collapse. i don't believe it will. >> if it does. >> if, if, if. it's not going to collapse. more people are signing up.
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four times as many people sign on in november. republicans want to repeal it, they could. frayed once people get it they're not going to want to give it up. they will like it like they like medicare and medicaid. >> what's critical people who enroll. they need the young healthy types to sign up. >> to-to-support the old sick types. >> premiums are going to start spiking next year. >> i don't want to do that i don't want it do that because i think we should let it unfold. we have been on the record now. colmes thinks it's going to work. krauthammer, rove and i don't. it's four against one. >> those are all the people in america, too, right? that's everybody? >> no. but the people polled are against you as well. the folks are against. >> you let me point out many among those polled some of them want a more progressive system like you are talking about in canada. a third of those against it the gallup poll and pew poll want a more progressive and liberal system. >> if that were the case then president obama's approval numbers wouldn't be
8:18 pm
cratering. >> that's president obama's ultimate goal by the way. when you talk about the polling numbers. >> yeah. >> until about two months ago the rocky poll numbers with obamacare dealing with obamacare as theoretical proposition. >> that's right. >> you are seeing the numbers really tank because it's a reality for people and such a nightmare. >> we will see. i do believe it's not going to work because it's too big a system unlike canada, that's the difference. canada is what, 20 million up there? all right. we have 320 million and there is going to be a lot of fraud and chaos and all of that. >> one fifth of the u.s. economy. >> i'm sure colmes will come with a life preserver. >> i'm going to give you a big inflatable thing that you can can jump off the boat and not drown. >> thank you. that's so kind of you. >> go down with him. >> he is not going to take me down with him but he will go with president obama. waiving like the titanic. >> true believer, bill. ad, wouldyer. jesus like obamacare? we approve of the nanny state? that's being hotly debated
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nanny state vs. christianity. this topic is being hotly dewaited and used by some left wing politicians. >> we are the richest nation in the world. well, when niece -- jesus had those five loaves and two fissures. he didn't ask if they had food stamps or how much money they had. he fed them because they were hungry. >> income inequality was immoral. he didn't get specific on that. joining us from washington joshua the author of the book "the president's devotional" daily readings that inspire president
8:23 pm
obama. he advises the president on spiritual matters. here in the studio father gerald murray roman catholic priest and we will give with you, father. >> you know, congressman mcdermott trying to convince people by saying jesus would feed the poor. which he would. we all know that. >> right. >> we impose a system that hurts one group to help another group? >> not at all. in fact, to say that big government was the goal of jesus' preaching and miracles would be absurd. i think that comparison food stamps and the feeding of the 5,000 is out of order. christ came to inspire us to follow him, his teaching and part of that teaching is we take care of the poor and we do so for spiritual motives. >> we have been taking care of the poor in america if there is 41, as the president said, million people uninsured who have to depend on emergency room care and they don't have health insurance. we really haven't taken care of them. >> that's right, bill. >> wait. let father murray. >> compared to other countries in the world we have done pretty well.
8:24 pm
it's true we have to do better. i don't know that the solution is nationalized healthcare. >> mr. dubois, the problem i have, as i stated you are helping one group by hurting another group and a bigger group. so i don't know if jesus is going to be down with that go ahead. >> well, jesus would be down for the poor. he would want to make sure that every single person in this country had enough food to eat, the bottom line is if you add up every single private charitable dollar that feeds hungry people in this country, it's only 10% of what we would need to make sure that everyone has food in their stomach. the rest comes from the federal government. $7 billion compared to 80 obillion dollars. if the government doesn't step in, people are going to go hungry. that's the bottom line. >> you are making a powerful argument, there is one huge mistake in it. and that is that some of the people who don't have enough to eat, it's their fault they don't have enough to eat. particularly with their children. and this is where it really becomes dicey. if you are an alcoholic or a heroin addict or heroin addict and you can't hold a
8:25 pm
job and you can't support your children and that's the circumstance of millions and millions of people not most but a lot. a substantial minority. and then it's your fault, you are bringing the havoc and you are asking people who may be struggling themselves to put food on the table to give their tax money to you and then you are not even going to buy food with it you are going to buy booze and drugs with it because there is no government regulation about that. that's my problem. >> yeah, with all due respect, there is a lot of misconceptions in what you just said about the food stamps program. the vast majority of that program goes to elderly people, people who are disabled. 46% are children. >> but they are children who aren't being supported by their parents. that's where they are. >> most people only one out of 10 food stamp recipients. >> parents make a lot of money and they were able to put food on the table. i'm just seeing a system now that creates dependents. let's go over to the
8:26 pm
dependence question. jesus is there, he is walking around and his main question is compassion. correct? >> it's conversion and part of conversion is to be compassionate to our neighbor, absolutely. >> the tenet of christianity, we have to be compassionate towards love your neighbor as yourself. got to be compassionate. there are some people that we see that are suffering through their own fault. >> um. >>um all right? so how do christians deal with that? >> well, we challenge people to live up to their nature. >> but they're not going to. >> well, you try, you do your best. >> what's my financial responsibility to their children? >> that's a matter -- it's an interesting question. we do have to help people, particularly those who can't support themselves children. the mechanism is to get them the money, that's a very interesting question. >> it is. that's my problem. >> believe me, private charities do a much better job of taking care of children as mr. dubois pointed out. >> there is not enough
8:27 pm
money. mr. dubois i give money to children who have derelict parents. it's not the kids' fault: i don't give it to charity unless the charity hands it to the kids. gets it right to the kids. i'm circumventing the drugs and the alcohol and the other craziness, all right? and i know charities who do that and they do it well. but, a lot of charities don't. and the government certainly doesn't. the government throws it with no drug testing no, counseling, nothing. bang right in there. and a lot of that money goes right down the drain. >> bill, i will tell you i don't live in a derelict country there are some folks that have the problem that you describe. that's not the vast majority of food stamp recipients. >> 15% of the population. >> $12 an hour, $15 an hour trying to put food on the table. need help from compassionate country to stretch their bills. >> you don't think we are creating a culture of dependence here in this
8:28 pm
country now. >> i think we are creating a culture where we give folks a hand up so they can get out of poverty. that's what snap does and the foot stamp program does. that's not saying there are abuses. we need to get rid of them. people receiving food stamps in snap are not dependence. people who need help to put food on the table. >> very good debate. merry christmas to you and plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. you may remember jesse watters who chased down a judge in montana who gave a child rapist one month in jail. up next, stossel with a special on why hollywood is so liberal. it should be interesting. we he hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of exacting precision and some of the best offers of the year [ ding! ] at the lexus december to remember sas event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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stossel matter segment tonight, this come thursday on the fox business network stossel has a segment entitled "i play one on tv." >> some celebrities say socialism will fix everything. >> and more laws will stop gun violence like that in. >> newtown, tucson, a roar are a. >> aurora. >> what do those same celebrities do for money? aren't they hypocrites? i wish someone would confront them. >> isn't it deplorable that you are glamorizing the weather underground a bunch of domestic terrorists? >> i'm speaking for the entire world. >> you can't buy anything more effective. >> what makes these people
8:33 pm
experts? >> here now is stossel. so you are pretty brutal on these guys, huh? >> some deserve it. >> who? >> leonardo decaprio says he is going to take time off from films now to travel, to fly around the world trying to help the environment. >> yeah? >> to fly around the world? >> maybe is he is going to hand glide. >> i don't think so. harrison ford, he owns seven airplanes. he gets his chest waxed, here it is. >> yeah. >> for the rain forest he says in this commercial is he going to protect the rain forest. it hurts when they cut the trees down just as it hurts when they pull the hair off his chest. >> all right. but harrison ford waxing his chest, i guess they gave him money to do that or something. >> i'm sure he volunteered. >> he is going to do it for the rain forest. that's not a bad thing. rain forests are helpful to the planet, right? >> if he is going to preach environmentalism and have seven airplanes. >> maybe they're little planes though. >> they probably are but his
8:34 pm
answer, generally the nation only contributes 2% to greenhouse gases. >> these guys can't -- look, one of the things you have in your special is they are clueless and i agree 100%. when we ask these people on the program they inevitably don't come on because they know they can't stand up and they are going to look like idiots. however, if somebody wants to help the environment or help pollution, you can't say well, you can't ever do anything that's gonna be anti-environmental. i mean, that's just not fair. they have got to live their lives. now, somebody like al gore who makes a lot of money on it and whips around in a private jet and has all this airconditioning and huge mansions everybody knows is he a hypocrite. everybody knows that's wrong. a guy like harrison ford, i don't know him. if he wants to help the rain forest and he likes to putter around in a little plane, i don't have a beef with him. now do you feel these people leonardo decaprio and all the other people you have on your special did anybody listen to them?
8:35 pm
anybody over the age of 25 listen to them? >> probably not. but, look, on fracking, which has been one of the best things for the environment in america, lady gaga has 30 million twitter followers. people listen to her. >> she doesn't even know what fracking is. she thinks it's a clothing store. >> fracking is banned in the state because of people like her getting their supporters. >> governor cuomo a democrat doesn't want to go up against a liberal environmentalists? >> and the liberals following the celebrities. >> the celebrities, i don't think the celebrities set the agenda. they are just like lemmings. >> they help push it a little bit. >> they help spread the propaganda. there is no doubt they do that, okay? but they are not the driving force. they take their orders. i mean, you know, puff daddy isn't exactly writing policy papers here. >> p. diddy says turn out light bulbs and he has five houses. >> they are not dark. >> just his clothing it could light up the house
8:36 pm
though. now he is dressing more conservative though. >> all right. so we are watching on thursday night. stossel, when we come right back is it legal will update decision by atlanta judge giving child rapist one month in jail. then a vicious bear attack outside of orlando, florida. are wild animals becoming a big threat to us? those reports moments away. life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight. here now attorneys and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and least lis wiehl. football player says a teacher sends a teacher who had sex with a 14-year-old student one month in jail. been appealed to montana supreme court on what grounds. >> the sentence was completesly illegal. what this judge did bagh. he looked at the wrong statute in montana. he got the wrong statute. whether you have statutory rape of a girl under 16 with a doesn't matter girl or boy. more than four years older than that person it's a mandatory minimum of four years. >> why didn't judge baugh
8:41 pm
know that very controversial and everybody was looking at him. >> was he that dumb. >> he tried to reverse himself after he made horrible comments about the girl. >> he said about the girl, guilfoyle, he said that the girl looked older than she -- >> then her chronological age. >> watters chased this guy around. there is the girl who committed suicide. >> yes. >> after all of this. so, watters chased around and embarrassed him. do you think the supreme court is going to throw this case out and there will be a new trial? is that what you think are going to happen. >> this is to be reversed and handed back down for re-sentencing under the proper guidelines where it is stat tore lear specified. the attorney general's office will be present with perhaps that exact same judge who will then institute the sentence. >> judge baugh. >> opportunities to do that if he still has a job. >> he can be voted out next year, right? >> yes. but recommend they'd should be censured. he has acknowledged his mistake.
8:42 pm
that's the improper path. he has to give at least four years. four to life is the range. >> for next year. washington state as everybody knows legalized marijuana. okay? we told you washington state not a good idea. and the reason is duis, guilfoyle pick it up. what happened in washington state. >> sometimes you talk on b. on this show intended consequences. where the law goes into effect and now they are saying it's legal. even though they technically aren't telling selling it people say i have not been in trouble for it has been uptick of number of individuals under the influence of marijuana with the thc component in it. >> how much. >> 50%. so let's stop. >> 1490. >> let's stop and clarify. washington state duis, driving under the influence of marijuana. not everything. >> marijuana. >> marijuana are up 50% since it was legalized. >> correct. >> are we surprised? >> no. >> no people think they can get away with it.
8:43 pm
>> let's let the fact just lie. okay? so everybody sees it. >> duke lacrosse, do you remember that? this woman accused these duke lacrosse players of raping her at a party. it was thrown out, it was a bogus thing. now, the woman who did that has been found guilty of murder, wiehl. >> fifth degree murder of her boyfriend stabbing. they were in altercation fighting back and forth. the boyfriend lived for 10 days admitted yeah we were fighting. she went -- here is the interesting thing here. she went to trial on this. she took the stand herself. what happened when she took the stand in her defense? the duke lacrosse came in. you know, all these other things, prior domestic abuse violation that she had been charged and convicted of. >> she got convicted by a jury? >> almost like the o.j. simpson case. she got convicted by a jury of second degree murder, correct? >> right. >> and she is going to get, what? >> she is now going to get between 14 and 18 years in prison, which is what is statutorily specified. >> are we saying karma here?
8:44 pm
>> i believe he in karma. >> nobody covered this story. all right? except us. you didn't hear it anywhere. there you go. okay. finally, a woman in florida, a young woman getting attacked by a guy. fires a gun in the air is sentenced to 20 years in prison? >> yes. >> another insane sentence. what happened guilfoyle? >> conviction for allegedly firing what's called a warning shot. this is a situation where the family, she had a restraining order against the father of her children. he was in the home where he wasn't supposed to be. she fired a warning shot to the ceiling but because she discharged a weapon under these strict guidelines, 20 years. >> so what happens? >> the court has now said take it back. this woman deserves a new trial. at the new trial my opinion is that she is not even going to go to trial. she is going to take the original deal of the prosecutor. >> we shot lighted this twice in is it legal. >> right. >> what court overturned that. >> decision of chief judge robert bennett. >> this is florida state appeals court? >> yes.
8:45 pm
and what they said is, look, prosecutors and judge in the original trial you screwed up. >> the judge was james daniel. >> the improper jury instructions. you put the onus, the defense the burden on the defense on the victim. >> they misread the law to the jury. the jury didn't know what to do. this woman is out on bail. >> guilfoyle doesn't think it's ever going to be retried. you concur. >> won't be retried. spend a lot of time in prison. >> the original deal offered from the state was 3 years so she can get credit for time served. that is my strong advice she should take that. >> we hope that happens. ladies, thank you. on deck a bear mauls a middle aged woman. wild animals are becoming a problem. right back with that report. [ male announcer ] marie callender's knows
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back of the book segment tonight. animals running wild. yesterday a black bear attacked a 4-year-old susan chalfant in a suburb of orlando, florida, if you can believe it. she was mauled by the bear while walking her two small dogs. >> is this a fire or medical emergency. >> medical. a woman, i think, has been mobbed by a bear. she is bleeding. she needs immediate help. >> okay. are you still with her right now, steve? >> yes, my wife is with her right now. we have her in the house. but she is pleading for quick, quick help. she is in severe pain. >> okay. and you said it was a bear, for sure? >> she thinks it was a bear. >> okay. how old is she? >> i can't tell. you know, she is so bloody i can't tell. >> now, ms. chalfant remains to be hospitalized with what are said to be traumatic injuries to her face and other parts of her body. joining us from kansas city, "time" magazine editor at large who wrote a story for
8:50 pm
the magazine about the growing problem with wild animals. so i understand it's bears and deer right now in america. they are the two big problems. let's take bears first. i mean, this woman was in a suburb of orlando, was walking her dogging in a housing subdivision. this bearsubdivision. the bear comes running out of there. is that what happened? >> it is happening all over the country, bill. new jersey, where you -- right next to you, they have the densest human population in the united states, some 3,000 bears. they have had to reinstitute hunting for bears within neighborhoods. and at least in five states, we have had elementary schools that have had to go to lockdown because they have black bears prowling the school yards. so it is a significant problem. and deer -- >> is it because of conservation
8:51 pm
in the past that has allowed the bears to breed? is that the crux of it? >> yeah, we originally came and settled this continent and almost wiped out the wild life in north america. by the middle of the 20th century, we were looking at near extinction for black bears, for white tailed deer. and a number of species. and we turned it around. we became very conservation-minded. and what we've done while tripling the human population is we have made the united states into a paradise for wild life. not only have we controlled the natural predators that would prey on these animals, we've also turned our suburbs into a buffet, a 24-hour buffet. >> now you mentioned the deer. where i live on long island, we
8:52 pm
have lyme disease like crazy because of the ticks that cause it. they're doing a lot of damage, aren't they? >> $4 billion in auto repairs, accidents, 200 humans a year killed in crashes with deer. you mentioned the lyme disease, huge problem, they're decimating many of our forests. there are so many of them, they eat out the under story of our forests that destroy song bird habitat. and so they are beautiful, but they are pests. >> all right, and the final thing is pigs. now, we have a lot of pigs in the television industry but that is not the pigs we're talking about here. we're talking about wild pigs, what are they doing? >> now they're in 48 of the 50 states. and particularly across the south they are ravaging the
8:53 pm
parks, anywhere they can root for food. one wildlife expert in texas told us in the state of texas, there are two kinds of landowners, ones that have wild pigs, ones that are about to have wild pigs. >> now, are pigs vicious? can they hurt human beings? >> in most cases, if wild, they are likely to attack house pets. any of these animals are a threat to our pets. and increasingly in the west we have a cougar problem, the mountain lions, one expert said there are now more mountain lions in the united states than ever before at one time, even before the european settlers. >> all right, david, good article, we appreciate it. we hope the lady in florida gets better. that is horrific. and factor tip of the day which
8:54 pm
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offended, too bad. sounds like you have the christmas spirit, george. does the name ebenezer mean anything to you? and ray, liberals in new york changed the parade to christmas parade and holiday songs to songs, so why did the community allow that? fight back, man. and the watters world segment on canadian health care was disingenuo disingenuous. here, our wait times are much shorter than those in toronto. it is my fault, i should have explained the system better. it is not all one, it is over ten provinces, you're right. melanie white saying don't be so naive. the obamas staged theirs for
8:58 pm
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