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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 3, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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well, our twitter is just lighting up with that reuters breaking news. we're still taking your thoughts on it. follow me @megynkelly, let us know what you think. >> you got to tell your friends, you got to tell your family. with his legacy on the line, the president launches a last-ditch propaganda effort to re-sell obama care to you, the american public. >> more problems may pop up as they always do when you launch something new. >> the president's health care plan continues to wreak havoc on the american families snow tief >> the administration continues to hide the problems. >> and another problem, stocking up on liquor, guess what? using your money on your dime.
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plus, the former atf agent who was silenced by the administration is here to expose the truth behind the "fast & furious" scandal. hannity starts right now. and welcome to "hannity." the obama administration and its left wing lackeys are trying to re-launch the disastrous program on the health care law. but unfortunately, the damage is done. we're now learning more about the security risks associated with this website. now listen to what david kennedy, the so-called white hat hacker, talk about the development. >> when they created this website they kind of threw a lot of things together, mixed and matched a bunch of parts putting it on the site to be used by the general public. so when you have that type of website it is actually hard to go back and fix that security around it because the security was not built into it. so it will take months to
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address, over a year possibly to at least the critical exposures. >> no security in mind when they built the website? that is pretty disturbing. now, unfortunately, there is more to come. according to a report in "the washington post," the enrollment records for millions who have chosen to enroll in the on-line marketplace, continue to generate errors in the computer system, meaning they may not get the health care they expect next month. now the errors have affected one third of the people who signed up for the plans, according to the officials, the white house disputed the figures but they declined to provide their own. pretty unbelievable. tonight, we want you to join the conversation. just log onto our facebook page to share your obama care horror stories. joining me with reaction to this and much more, former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani. how are you? >> good to see you.
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>> i interviewed this gentleman on my radio show today. he said there was no security built into the system. >> these are health care records, they're supposed to be private, protected. everybody feels about their health care records if they're going to be given out they should be the ones to have given them out. this is very damaging for the whole process. people are very afraid to have their health care records basically on line, because of the hacking problems. so i mean, this has done a lot of damage, not just the obvious. >> all right, so he says when you develop a website you develop it with security in mind. first things first. >> it has -- if the pharmaceutical company was developing a health site for their trials, they're going to have a lot of security because they don't want the other companies to find out what they're doing. this is not brain surgery, there are a lot of examples out there of companies that have developed
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a security system for their trade secrets. >> didn't you love that drone that would deliver a product? it was really -- >> when you consider the volume they just handled this thanksgiving weekend. amazon, but even smaller websites. >> this is miniscule in comparison to what they have. >> i asked kennedy, how would you rate amazon? a ten, how would you rate, he said a one. >> then he says it is hard to go back and fix the security around it because it was not built into it. he is basically saying if you want security you have to start identify. >> well, of course you do. they probably have to start the whole thing over, because one expert that i trust tells me they built it all wrong in the first place because they built it from the top down rather than from the bottom up. now to go fix the bottom, and this is the reason i think you have that one third figure of people are not going to get the health care they thought they
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were going to get, even though they signed up. the report today says the goal now of the administration -- >> there is a new goal? and it can all be fixed by the 30th of november. everything perfect, no problem, as they promised. >> all right, they say their goal is to just keep the bill alive until 2015. i want to scrap it -- >> this is -- >> how do you stop it? this is their holy grail. how do you stop it? >> well, i think the cumulative damage it does is going to make a program that is just not viable with the american public. and in the next election, you see a lot of peeling off, moving away. the problem is not just the website. these are problems that the obama administration created with the website themselves. they could have done this right. the problems are fundamental to the law. the economics of this law don't
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work. the president never told us the truth about it. he never told us it is not going to cost any money. well, it is going to cost a lot of money. >> i said $900 billion, it is already $2.7 trillion. >> actually, the president said it would save us money, he said you can have your own doctor, doctors are dropping off like flies. you can keep your own health care, that is totally untrue, it is just going to get worse. >> i think i know this president, i have studied this guy. he is a rigid radical idealogue, do you really think he will pull the plug on this? >> this is going to get worse. >> day after day, cancellation letter after cancellation letter. >> you haven't even gotten into people who have the corporate policies. that is the much larger group of people. we got a notice the other day that next year it will be
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reevaluated. a lot of those people will be dropped off. that will start to add millions and millions more who will be dropped off or they will have to pay significantly more money because they're going to be forced to have coverage they don't want and they don't need. >> the federal registry pointed out, in 2010, it was not just government health care plans but they knew a majority of small business plans would be funneled into the government system. they knew in july of 2010 that even 40% of big businesses. we're talking about 100s of people, day after day, week after week, month after month. >> this was sold as we'll do this through the private insurance companies. in fact, this is socialized medicine. the private insurance companies are being mandated as to what must be covered by the government. and the private insurance companies are being used as the vehicle for redistributing wealth. so if a 70-year-old has to cover
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maternity benefits, so the 70-year-old is making the contribution to maternity benefits. >> really, it is coming from younger people, funneled to the sick and uninsured. >> it is from everyone who cannot craft an insurance policy that fits their needs. they now have to have the insurance policy that fits the needs of obama care's desire to redistribute wealth and redistribute health care. and that is socialized medicine. it is mandated by the government. it may not be the government doing all of it. but the government is enforcing the law and using the private vehicles, redistributing the health care and the money. >> we agree it is not workable. it is unsustainable. the answer we agree to, too, would be to cut your losses now and just accept the fact it is just not going to be workable. the president won't do it.
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so what should the republicans do? >> the republicans should continually point out all the difficulties, in as nice a way as possible without getting too arrogant, such as i told you so and they should watch as more and more people are affected. just think about the fact that many more people will have their coverage dropped. >> you're saying they don't have to do much. just sit back and let it happen. >> in a way, from a political point of view you don't want to get in the dialogue too much because you know, then it gets thrown on us. this thing could fall on its own weight. >> to me, this is liberalism as an ideology, as a philosophy that is being judged here. >> this is what created the tea party in the first place, right? and people thought it was just obama care. and it was not. if you talk to the original tea party people, what they say is they're taking our original freedom away. that is why it hits so hard and
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so deep. and now the people who predicted it are now watching their liberty being taken away from them. americans don't like that. we believe in giving people a certain amount of freedom of choice about these important decisions and it is all being taken away from it. >> i did appreciate as mayor you didn't take away my coke or salt or trans fat. anyway, mr. mayor, good to see you. >> good to see you. and coming up next, even though democrats are doing their very best to convince you, the american people that obama care is a total train wreck their own words are coming back to haunt them. when we come back, juan williams up next, but first, you have been voting all day, the first option is the pro gun ad that the nfl refuses to run during the super bowl on super bowl sunday. ideologue,
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ideolog . welcome back to "hannity," now democrats are trying to gloss over the botched rollout of obama care, and not to mention the lies that they told the american people. and now take a look at this ad put out by the committee. >> if you like your insurance plan you will keep it. no one will be able to take that away from it. >> hundreds of thousands of americans whose policies don't meet the new standards are being told that their health plans are being cancelled. >> about half of the 14 million people who buy insurance on their own are not going to be able to keep the policy that
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they had previously. >> that is what he campaigned for. >> if you like the insurance you have, you will be able to keep it. >> so we're going to be able to stick with our plan, the answer is yes. >> if you like it, you keep it. >> if you have your health insurance and you like it i want to be sure that whatever we do doesn't interfere with that. >> so now i'm being forced to choose from a bunch of new plans that i don't want to choose from, that are all more expensive. >> call it what it is, a broken health care plan, it is broken. >> and here with reaction are republican strategist and fox news political analyst, juan williams, all right, so they had the new white house effort to sell obama care after the re-launch without any security as we just went over in the last
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segment. juan, what can the president say to the millions who have gotten their cancellation letters, the millions who are paying higher premiums, the millions of people who can't keep their doctors. what can you possibly say to them? >> well, i know what their script is. i think what you're saying is very real, sean, so i'm not minimizing it at all. so you know they're going to say the president is right now confident enough of the status of the website that he is telling people look, don't forget, you get health care, the kids can stay on your plan. they can't kick you off with pre-existing conditions. >> mercedes, that is not the main promises, the main selling points that the president made. >> so the president is confident that the website is working better, right? however, the american people are not confident in the president. what we're seeing is that four out of ten americans in the most recent poll that came out on cnn basically said the president doesn't know how to manage the government effectively.
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obviously it is being very reflective in his poll numbers in term his of his approval rating being at 40%. and the fact that people at the end of the day are not trusting the president. because not only is it about the website. it is beyond that. it is did the double, the higher premiums, losing the health care. there was one woman in maryland who came out today saying she was an advocate for obama care. and now that she has to go in she was not able to even enroll. how can she be an advocate for obama care if she can't even tell her neighbors you know, the system is working fine and you can stick with your plan? >> juan, this is the most reflective if i can use that word that i have seen you on this topic when we debated this. here is my assessment on the plan, the president has a big problem as mercedes points out. the problem is that the problem keeps getting worse, hour after hour, day after day, month after month, the cancellations keep coming, the rate shocks keep
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coming, the realization you can't keep your doctor. it keeps coming. not that anybody would listen to me, it seems the strategy would be to admit the mistakes, go back to the drawing board and only make, build a plan based on promises you can keep. otherwise, i don't see -- there is nothing he can say otherwise that is going to get back the confidence of people. >> well, hold on, because you know what? you're my friend so i trust you, but i have a basic trust. but i remember the last time we debated this thing and you were making the suggestion i thought that was the point where the trust went away. because it just sounds as a republican you just want to do away with it. you want the end of obama care, you want the end of additional insurance for people who are now uninsured or inadequately insured. >> juan, i'm saying that everything the health care law is built on is a lie. the american people deserve better, mercedes, if i can put it simply than bait and switch.
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they deserve better. >> that is right. and when you look at the president today, he went out with his p r stunt. he is thinking this political campaign san francisco for the next three -- when the president decided he was going the launch on with obama care, he pushed it forward with no republican support because guess what? he didn't listen to the republicans on this issue. and so in essence, he is coming back again to try to do the blame game on the republicans and going back in the political campaign. i think he is being too insular in the white house. >> obama goes out, tries to divide, isolate, goes back to the same campaign talking points, republicans are evil and we're go. and i just don't think he pulls it out on this one. >> wait a second, you said it
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was bait and switch. there is no bait and switch here. the truth is that there were 30 to 40 million people uninsured. milli milli millions. >> it will still be bankrupt and they won't be insured. >> i'm just telling you it is the reality. >> let me give you the reality check and let me educate here, if you like your plan, you can't keep it, cancellation letters are coming. if you like your doctor, a lot of people are losing it. people are not saving $2500 per family per year. all of these promises are not being fulfilled for the majority of americans. >> in your old age you're getting cranky and left in the dust. and mercedes just said -- >> this is beyond the website. >> you know what, we're going to get past the website. >> let's get past the website. the mere fact that the website has been so poorly managed and the fact that we have given this
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president so much power to control so much of our economy. i mean, one sixth of our economy. and the fact that he has failed, i think he has to be accountable for this. and -- >> well, mercedes, you're right. >> pr is not going to work for the president. >> mercedes, this is bad management, we have to hold the president accountable for what happened with that website. but that is not the whole story. the story is about trying to improve a health care problem. >> i am telling you, juan, mark my words, and i'll bet any amount for your charity of choice. you cannot fix this plan. it is unfixable. because it is predicated on the redistribution of wealth. the healthy will pay for the unhealthy and the insured. and you still have 30 million uninsured. >> did you tell president bush that about prescription drug benefits? >> yeah, i was against the prescription drug benefits --
10:22 pm
>> and against social security, too? >> no, don't put words in my mouth. you're getting cranky, i see those gray hairs coming out. don't make fun of this gray hair, i worked hard for this. >> well, you're both going to be needing doctors. >> thank god, i'm not on obama care, i wouldn't day re go on t website for security reasons alone. >> you won't need to. >> juan, their own estimates showed them that 100 million americans over time, self-employed, individual plans, small businesses, large business, all funneled into obama care. watch and wait and learn. >> a poll this week, 70% of americans not even affected. anyway. >> juan, you're dreaming. it will get worse every day. you will beg for my solution in three months. >> hannity, you are so negative, cranky, cranky.
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>> i wouldn't want this burden in 2014. that is your burden. all right, coming up next right here on hannity. >> as i have said before i think the ultimate check is elections. but you don't think you should be hesitant to speak the word in this room. a check on lawlessness is impeachment. >> when we come back in a moment, the explosive speech on how the president is over stepping its authority. and this is option number two, a surveillance footage of an alleged robber who did not have an easy escape. this is in florida, while sticking up the joint, the quick-thinking joint paged police and literally convinced the thief to take some beer, all in an attempt until the police got there. as the robber made his way out the store, guess what? his bag split, and the police moved in. you're busted. stick around. hoo-hoo.
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now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. and welcome back to "hannity," earlier tonight, the house judiciary committee held a hearing and dissected all the ways the government is overstepping the constitution. >> it makes it unstable, within that system you have the rise of an uber presidency, there could be no greater danger for individual liberty. and i really think that the
10:28 pm
framers would be horrified by that shift. because everything they dedicated themselves to was creating this orbital balance, and we've lost it. >> as i said before, i think the ultimate check is elections. but i don't think you should be hesitant to speak the word in this room, a check on executive lawlessness is impeachment. >> if the people come to believe the government is no longer constrained by the laws, then they will conclude that neither are they. that is why this is a very dangerous thing for the president to do to wantonly impose laws on the people that the legislature did not improve. >> joining me now, two of the lawyers in the same room today. congressman king, my good friend, mark levin, wrote a book about this, saying we're in a post-constitutional america. can you just list the ways for our audience, in which you think the president has overstepped
10:29 pm
his constitutional authority? >> well, i can in some of them. for example on immigration law, we call it the morton memos. the president has ordered ice not to enforce clear immigration law and then made up work permits out of thin air. there are about five different constitutional violations there. under obama care, he extended the employer mandate for a year, even though the law says shall commence in each month there after through december 2013. he extended the individual mandate, stretched it out. now the small package plans, he declared the senate to not be in session, to make his recess appointments, and the constitution says that the senate shall make its own rules. that is just some of the violations we have. it is a long list from this president, an uber president with no respect or little respect for the constitution itself, sean. >> all right, so you have a
10:30 pm
president re-writing laws at a whim. and he is not using the traditional historical checks and balances and separation of powers. then he is re-writing laws and enforcing other laws. then he decides, well, i don't care if you're in session or not. congressman, what do you think? any other areas you think of? >> well, listen, the take care clause requires the president to faithfully execute all the laws. it is established principle of constitutional law, back from the days of marsbury versus madison, the days of constitutional law, he should know this. but he is grabbing as much power as he can. and unfortunately, we're letting him do this in congress. and we should point out this is not a republican or democratic issue, regardless of who is in power, the congress intended for the president to have certain
10:31 pm
powers. and president obama is taking way more than the constitution allowed. and we have got to do what we can to stop him. unfortunately, we don't have a lot of options at our disposal. >> well, let's talk about the options, one of the witnesses mentioned impeachment. i don't think that is going to happen. are there any other legal remedies perhaps? >> well, if we go to the courts, sean, and we did initiate a lawsuit on immigration last summer. we worked our way through the courts in the northern district of texas, found in our favor, and the people's favor, nine out of ten points. then it got slid to an administrative decision for ice to appeal to. it is hard to get standing in the courts to have your case heard and to be able to have a cause of action. then we have the power of the purse, the congress tried the power of the purse. we went through a government shutdown, the appetite is almost
10:32 pm
nonexistent for that, and i think the president knows that. i just got news they threatened a half million dollar fine against a company that is smelting lead for bullets. i think the president decided, congress can't challenge me, he will spend money and tax and write regulations if he decides to. and we're down to that "i" word. and it will be the american people who have to rise up. >> congressman, you know there is no appetite for that. >> listen, what we have to do, the ultimate remedy for an out of control president is elections. and it is not just the elections of the president. it is the upcoming mid-term election where we have to take control of the senate and the house to keep this out of control president in check. your vote is what is going to make the difference. >> all right, guys, good to see you. coming up next. big interview this week, chris matthews will interview the
10:33 pm
president. we'll get into that. also the next example from the wasteland that has become known as washington, d.c. we'll reveal how much of your money the state department spent on booze. this should make your blood boil. by the way, it was the third and final option of the video during the day. the heartwarming clip of this little boy becoming a police officer. so is this the winner? stay tuned. we always want to hear from you. go on to our special companion site. share your thoughts on this and much more, hannity live, on much more, hannity live, on twitter @ i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people.
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actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive. and welcome back to hannity now, we're getting more evidence of the administration's severe little spending problem, days leading up to the shutdown. while the government was trying
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to scare the daylights out of you, the government was spending money on none other than good old fashioned booze, the state department racked up a $180,000 bar tab. pretty unbelievable, where are the priorities of the administration? booze? here is reaction to that and the big interview that the president will have with chris matthews, our very own stewart varney, and from "the five," the lovely dana perino. >> i'm scared, because i'm going to defend them. i think of all the embassies in the world and the events they put on, and the diplomacy they put on, part of that includes entertaining, i don't think that is that much money. >> it is not the amount of money, it was where it was spent and the amount that was spent.
10:39 pm
you have to meet the allocation. >> that happens everywhere. >> this is the way government works. spend your allocation, because if you don't you won't get as much next year. that is government, that is wasting. >> i think it happens everywhere. it is incentive -- if the state department had an incentive, if they had savings in their liquor budget, i mean, great, but you don't. and i actually think that is normal human behavior. >> stewart is right, because they don't want to have their budget cut which is why they spend a lot at the end. how do you go from 100 to 400,000 -- that is money from nurses, and doctors, and contractors, they're paying that bill. >> if it is not your own money and your own budget, you do spend it more freely. but i do think at the state department and all the embassies in the world, i had an opportunity to travel to many of them. there is a lot of entertaining
10:40 pm
going on, a lot of responsibilities. >> you're missing the point. >> what is the whole point. >> the whole point is how can you cut spending if the entire allocation on the spending -- >> you want to do that on the backs -- >> it wouldn't bother me. >> it is not just the state department. look, if you want america to be considered the number one, the strong, the most powerful in the world, you have to put your best foot forward in everything. and that includes in the diplomacy front. >> and the gray goose. >> that includes johnny walker blue. >> if the government was going to cut back and had incentives for not spending all the money in their budget, that would be one thing. >> all right, you surprised me, i may surprise you, chris matthews is going to interview the president on thursday. now, this is a guy who has a history of let's just say, i'm hoping he doesn't wet his pants
10:41 pm
when he does the interview. he gets so excited. let's take a look down memory lane, chris matthews talking about the president. >> think about this man's life, about how hard he works, how he achieved to whi ed so much at s he worked so hard, faithfully, been a truly great father to him, been a true partner in his marriage and treated his office with respect and dignity. never once let us down with his personal behavior. when is president obama going to get some credit, this is like rodney dangerfield. i look at president obama as a perfect american, you can argue about the drones, as a citizen, the guy went to school, never broke a law, raised a wonderful family, a good husband, a good father, i don't think he never got a speeding ticket. he does everything right. >> so much in that speech, in
10:42 pm
the gettysburg address, i felt a thrill. >> i don't care that he interviews the president. you know what? he is a supporter. but my favorite lines, he has been a true partner in his marriage. the guy went to school, he never broke a law. may i remind him about the gang, and doing a little coke and a little blow. never did anything right, raised a good family, a husband and father, this guy does everything right. this is nauseating -- >> do you think chris matthews is skeptical about obama care? >> he actually telegraphed, he is going to say it is such a great idea they just didn't follow it up perfectly. he is going to blame everybody.
10:43 pm
>> anybody watching the interview will say it is the republican's fault. do they really need to shore up their left wing that much. >> at the end of the interview, dana, everybody is going to need a shower. >> well, the other concern is -- president obama, i would imagine they're going to prepare him very well for this interview. because just when you think that your friend that is going to be easy, that is when you can really mess up. but i don't think that president obama could do anymore interviews that could convince us that everything is great, they need more results, less talk. >> i agree. i think if you did the interview with a fox news person that would give much greater credibility to the result of that interview. >> i think bret baier would do a great job. >> sean hannity. >> and with bob bechtel --
10:44 pm
>> i think they're mad at him now. >> a lot of people are mad at bob. >> yeah, that is true. >> but we love bob. >> i love bob, he has the key to my house, he goes in whenever he wants. >> can i have a key to your house? >> bob is in there. >> oh, never mind. >> it is all good. >> i'm going to get killed after tonight. all right, coming up, the story the administration does not want you to know about, and the book they definitely don't want you to read. a former atf agent is right here with a look at his book that exposes the details of the behind the scenes "fast & furious" cover-up. and later, the pick of the day. your favorite win, coming up. stay tuned. she loves a lot of the same things you do. it's what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right.
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and welcome back to "hannity" now, despite ruthless efforts by the administration to cover up the "fast & furious" scandal, which put 2,000 guns in the hands of murderers and criminals and drug dealers, and also resulted in the death of the agent, brian terry. and my next guest, the agent revealing the story that the obama white house does not want you to know. here is a look at the book, former agent, john dotson. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> this is a story i can't believe didn't resonate with the american people. our government gave guns, tell me where i'm wrong, to drug dealers, kidnappers, gangs, murders and thugs, is that true?
10:50 pm
>> it is absolutely correct, sir, it is the most violent criminal activity that the agency has ever >> operational in the field i recognized i needed to be gun locking. and, you know walking in with firearms where it should have been or could have been in
10:51 pm
law enforcement custody but wasn't. decision was made to let it go. i started questioning the strategy, the operation, that got me nowhere with my chain of command, supervisors and agency. i just had this, had to sit and watch this as it progressed and ro progressed. 200 rifles became 400, almost 2500 by the time i left the group. >> it resulted in the death not only of brian cary but others as well. >> these guns were used in crimes on both sides of the border. an important thing to note is that the firearms are recovered at the last crime used in no one can tell you how many they've been used in, or used up until that point. >> yes, sir. sou want to reveal this. you want to tell people brian terry didn't need to die we gave him the weapon that's
10:52 pm
killed him. how did that go over? >> not very well. they did not want me to blow the whistle i was embarrassing for the agency and administration. they did everything to stop it. but to discredit me to, retaliate against he. everything they could. >> what happened? >> well, it was a long three-year period it's here. then, i have written this, they tried to stop that from coming out. they don't want the american people to know what is involveed and see it in order, written down. >> it's ugly. >> it's horrible, yes, sir. i don't think they want anyone to be able to make those connections. you're talking about the executive branch going outside of control the book allows us to empower people. empower those, that is what they don't want. that is what threatens them f they realize, agents and people underneath them real that go have power that is a significant
10:53 pm
threat to them. as i watched other scandals unfold, the benghazi, irs and everything, aim m.o.they lie. >> they lie and delay. long enough people say that is old news. >> attention is diverted. don't look here, look over there what they realize whashg i realize is that those irs agents, if they realize i can say no and stand up to this administration or any administration that you can't order me to do things that are illegal. >> how did they try to get you to stop writing the book sth >> they said it could be detrimental to other agencies. all the way up the chain of command. >> did they threat dwroen sue you? >> they threatened to try to have me indicted. >> on what charge? >> well, it's called grand jury
10:54 pm
secrecy rule they tried more perjure. >> so great story. people need to know it. its eye opening. thank you. appreciate it. >> coming up, your choice for video of the day comes up right ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutuafunds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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welcome back to "hannity". time to reveal what you, viewers have chosen as video of the day. you selected ads the nfl will not let air on super bowl sunday. why? it's a ad about guns. you chose it. here is the ad. >> it's been a long road getting here. and a lot of changes when
10:59 pm
i got back. now, this is the center of my world. and my family's safety is my highest priority. i am responsible for their protection. and no one has the right to tell me how to defend them. so i've chosen the most effective tool for the job. >> defending your nation, defending your home. >> what is wrong with that? i don't see a problem. that is the time we have left this evening. start the day, each
11:00 pm
weekday with fox and friends 5:00 to 9:00 a.m . thanks for joining us. let not your heart be troubled we'll see you back here tomorrow night. are you ready? no, no, no. it's not a new apple are you ready? no, no, no. it's not a new apple product launch or even a black friday deal, but president obama thinks it's a great deal, and he wants you to get all excited. >> the white house wants to claim that is now working. >> i need some help in spreading the word. i need you to spread the word about the law, about its benefits, its protections, about how folks can sign up. >> we know that obama care is still plagued with problems. >> the experience people are having under this new law, it runs counter to the happy talk we keep hearing


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