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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 4, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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my dad called from denver and said it is positively chilly out there and your puffy coat will have to come out. >> it is not yet winter. thanks for joining us. >> bill and ally are up next. >> good afternoon. three separate hearings on the hill and welcome to hq, i am bill hemmer. >> and i am alisyn camerota. republicans and the republican roll out. and it is the insurance policy and help subcommittee. and the house oversight committee and investigating whether obama care man date are a product of government overreach. >> and how significant could it be that families show up on new
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year's day in the hospital needing a life- saving prescription and find that what they sign up didn't make it all the way through the process and they department have the coverage. how concerned should they be. >> i can't escape the notion the entirity of the affordable care act was solid on deception. consequences are becoming more evident every day. >> yesterday i logged in to the dc exchange where members of congress must go. we don't have as a front end or back end. in the federal system but systems that feed into it, and in fact, ready. >> last comments from darril issa, republican out of california who is with me now. that hearing is over. and what dow think today? >> one of the things we learned even when the obama care website
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works properly. we are still going to have the market distortions. republican and democrats and selected witnesses made it clear that the market distortions through the government interventions are inevitable. and colleagues on the democratic side whispered about the growth of inflation and they talked about single payer. that is a big part of what we are seeing, the failure and significant increase in the cost subsidized or unsubsidized is leading to justification of a solution. the question is fro market or lower cost and frechoice or a single payer plan which is what many democrats wanted. >> what was your sense of the flow of the conversation? >> it is very clear on the left of the democratic party they
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want single payer. when you talk about 18 percent going to 21 percent of all money spent in america on health care because there are no sensible controls that are market driven to help lower the cost of health care and drive up the capability to afford ttheir answer is we'll just have more government and ultimately in testimony we heard cm s and the group this supports medicare and medicaid called it a success. it is shifting to the private sector and today, the affordable care act is cost shifting two various people who are paying a larger part of the bill to it subsidized other. the public is seeing. this the gross rate goes up and if you are paying the full load, you are paying more because affordable care act is subsidizing others and still losing money. >> keep it basic for me. the hearing was about the
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limitations of government. what has obama care showed you about the limit of the government? >> you can spend money and man date things but you can't control the costs. that's what happened. the expepsive failed website is the tip of the iceberg of a system that is in fact broken. health care in america has been broken, but the affordable care act injecting government spending and mandate is driving the price up. it is not what the president promised or entended but what is happening and this is what the american people care about. it was called affordable care act because it was supposed to be affordability. but it is more expensive, americans are questioning can government man date health care? they can spend money but can it be affordable. but the clear answer today intervention by the government with man date distorts the
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markets. >> i understand the point on that. it messes with the market. two specific questions. was your hearing contained to the website or are you looking at 2014 now? >> we are looking beyond the website. eventually it will get the website working at over a billion? >> i am sorry, a billion in the end, you believe that? >> absolutely. they are at 641 and closer to 700 million now. and no question. this it site will get more and more expense and i have perhaps try to push back some of the costs to the vendors that failed miserably. but it will be expensive. but the real question does the affordable care act work or awe non- marketing attempt by government who is showing. this and we saw republicans and
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democratic witnesses that in fact the market is not working because government cannot man date lower prices. >> short on time. one final question. was it prove ep today that a internet company offered to build the website for free and the government passed on that? is that true? did that happen? >> it was stated under oath that it was. and no one argued with it. so frankly that is less than full evidence and none of our witnesses argued that and several witnesses said they would look at a minimum that the company should have been allowed to consult to do a better job. if they could build it for free, they would have taught us. >> could the government have done that? >> the government can accept individuals or groups providing services unfunded, for example consulting and that's exactly what the individuals coming out of silicon valley have done to try to get the website going.
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they came in and volunteered. the idea that you can't take free advice is absurd. can you. and they in this case failed to take the advice to keep the website from being a colossal failure. >> even with president obama calling on insurance companies to let people keep the subparhealth plans, millions of people who lost coverage are up in the air today. states are devoided on how to handle the president's attempted fix. 30, mostly republican led states in yellow that you can see on the screen are going along with the president's plan for the fix. five states in white are deciding. california it is half-and-half. some insurers extending coverage and some are not. here is the rub. 14 democratically and washington d.c. all saying no. and including massachusetts and new york and washington state.
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joining us to explain this is david a sbin. great to see you. explain this. >> it is ironic. >> republican states are helping the president to try to fix the broken promise of keeping your plan you can keep it. >> the democrats are renowsing the president's request to allow insurance companies to keep their policies. democrats are true believers in obama care and they realize in the base of obama care is income redistribution. obama care requires more money from young healthy people, individuals and families to pay for unhealthy people who have new coverage. if young people are not forced to participate in these new plans, obama care falls apart and it doesn't have enough money. the exchanges will not operate without the money they need. it is about income
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redistribution. >> the president seems to be doing that. the democrats. they are committed to obama care and they realize it is income redistribution. and they need new young people in the new policies and otherwise, it falls apart. >> it is like the democratic states, they know the president's fix would undermine the nature of the affordable care act. they are protecting the president from himself. because this was his suggestion from keeping people feeling better. >> republican insurance commissioners generally allowed customers and insurers to work it out. if individuals are happy with the old plans they can keep them. but the democrats who believe in obama care realize that you have to have new people in there with the new plans, even plans they don't want and for single people, maternity coverage is not a necessity and yet they
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have to buy the plans for the insurance to work out. we are just dealing with a 5 million or so people losing individual coverage. what happens a year from now. when 80 million people could lose coverage from small and midsize businesses? you will see the problems now compounded by ten times, because we are going to have 80 million people who could lose their coverage. this is going to be a nightmare. what you have seen so far is bad and you haven't seen nothing yet. >> florida and georgia and michigan and north carolina and others have a year of flexibility left to decide. >> flexibility or crisis. i would say more chrissis than flexibility. >> thank you, david. >> so is the senate majority leader harry reid pulling a fast one. he will allow the staff to cope their insurance. and the others will not have to
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purchase because of a loop hole that allows certain law makers to it allow certain staffers to keep the government insurance plans. >> one of the controversial parts of obama care is the cap on medical devices and dick cheney who knows the benefits of life saving devices speaking out in that portion in the strongest language we have heard yet. mr. cheney called the tax one of the dumbest ideas i heard. i feel strongly about it and i am walking a round proof of how great and innovative our health care system has been and i can't imagine anything worse. it is an example of ill conceived parts of the program are. in the decades battling heart disease. he's had two pacemakers and a stint. >> those innovations kept him alive and especially when he goes back to age 35 with heart
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issues. robert gibbes said someone has to go for the botched roll out. >> we are{you should someone be fired and if so why? 140 characters or less. tweet at bill hemmer. >> and to me at alisyn camerota. we'll read those later. >> and the release of the terrible 911 calls from sandy hook massacre nearly one year ago. >> incredible video, the police officer in a fight of his life with a man who turned out to be a murder suspect. >> battle over obama care. and how will this impact the 2014 midterm election. >> my message is going back. that seems to be the alternative that obama care critecs have. go back to the status quo. they haven't presented an
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alternative. if you ask opponents of the law what they would do differently? their answer is go back to the way things used to be. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief.
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here is kramatic dash police cam video. a man walking in texas. they didn't know he was colt morgan wanted for killing his girlfriend. he reached in the waist for a concealed weapon. and the police are still looking for him today. he's not been caught. president obama said we are not going bavenlth but a head are the midterm elections. and the democrats are finding themselves in a tough spot. here is brett hume on the kelly file. >> you have 5 million people
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losing health insurance so far and millions more to come not to mention the people trying to use the clunky website. people are feeling thisd that i that is not easy to campaign your way out. >> do republicans need to put forth their own alternative. joining me is scott brown, a fox news contributor. >> good to see you alisyn. >> the white house has done a pr push to educate americans about the merits that are in obama care and meanwhile republicans every district attorney are talking about the flaws of obama care, is it these two doouling scripts this we hear every day up to the midterm election? >> i think so. i think obama care is a mess. i voted to repeal it and sent down there to try to stop. it and it is implemented porly and it is not about a website
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but a plan that is taking away a choice. and cutting half a trillion from medicare and a host of things that are wrong with it. i find it hypocriticical that you have staffers and senators and congressman with special perks. they have in house concierge services that allow for assistance and unlike many people in the private sector who are affected and it is only just begun as brit said himself. >> 5 million people received cancellation letters. they are angry and chances are they will not vote democratic. a year from now millions more will sign up. and maybe millions more as the administration is hoping? . and maybe they will cancel each other out and do the republicans need to articulate a real plan? do they need to come up with a plan that replaces the
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affordable care act? >> there are plans. we allowed the individual states to make the determination as to what type of health care coverage to provide for the citizens. we had 98 percent of the people insured. and we have the cadillac plan so to speak and fully compensated. and there are options and the federal government is not a good ste ward of our money number one. look at veterans affairs and how the coverage and failed coverage. >> and the backlog. and so it is clear what you are saying. the republican plan would be to allow every state and governor to come up with the plan. >> it is a plan i talked about forever and it worked here in massachusetts and can work everywhere else and have the federal government to do this is laughable. and you look at while there may be people seening up and people
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subjected to cancellation notices. and you have all of the senators and by the way, the president is to blame and the real blame in 2014 and we have senators and congressman doing cya. and they are going to file phony legislation to go back to the constituents and oh, jee trying to feces. it they voted for it and all of the protecting the individual citizens and estates and now they are going around trying to sell a bill of goods that i hope people don't fail for. >> there is a lot of interest in your political future and a report out this week that you are considering to running for the senate in new hampshire. have you made a decision? >> my position hasn't changed since i joined fox. i will go around the country and point out the fact that every single democrat voted for this on the senate.
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and for them to come out right now and try to do something different is laughable. i am not sure i will do. it i am happy doing what i do on fox and i have an important message for the american people and we did it in massachusetts and bipartisan manner and we didn't ram it through like harry reid and chuck shumer did. we can do it better. >> that is a no comment. >> and former senator scott brown. thank you for attacking time to talk to us. >> and new questions of whether someone needs to be fired for the launch of obama care. and repeating that it is time to send the message and this mess up is unacceptable. >> and finding the lone survivor who was found three days after the boat sank. >> and what risk takers were trying to accomplish when they
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made a final leap in the air. >> they do jumps here and they will have an accident or two and people are going to die. it just happens. pp ÷ó
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>> we are getting new information on a devastating accident in the skies above arizona. two sky divers killed after colliding in midair. the dove to the ground at 3,000 feet. >> i was coming back from town and i went in town about 5:30 and i saw an ambulance go back in to town. i didn't know it was here for sure and then the ambulance coming out slow, that is indication of a death. >> the group with 200 sky divers
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trying to set a world record. >> o.j. simpson not taking no for an answer on the armed robbery conviction. simpson wants a new trial. his legal team argues that simpson did not have effective counsel. he will not be eligible for parole until 2017. >> trying again. >> that's the weekly o.j. simpson update. >> and how about a miracle? a fisherb men trapped in a ship and under water for day system rescued in the atlantic ocean. david lee miller is hive on the story. and what happened here. >> reporter: start with this bill. harrison was given up for dead. and his relatives were told after the tub boat cap sized off
10:27 am
of any jeria. each he thought he would die. the entire rescue was caught on underwater camera and an internet sensation. he was trapped in a air pocket under 100 foot of water. crews had recovered four bodies when they saw his hand reaching out in the murky withouts of the atlantic. >> and they came up. he is be walking on the ceiling. yes. what is that? . all right. it is possible, yes. >> he's alive. he's alive. cope him safe. keep him safe. one of the first things they used water to warm him up. ocean temperature was just above freezing. the only nourishment he had was a single body of soda. he was given an oxygen mask and
10:28 am
put in a decompression cham per. he was shocked to find him alive and listen to the brief exchange. canned psz you are the cock. >> okene was the sole survivors and his rescue was last may and only reported after the diving company released the video that it is seen around the world. >> that is amazing. and wow. >> that is a miracle. >> indeed it is. >> look up miracle in the dictionary and you will see him. >> freezing water and only surviving on a can of coke? >> he's the cock. what a guy. >> thank you, sir. >> this developing story. a truck carrying nuclear material stolen and homeland security officials are sounding
10:29 am
the alarm. >> calling for someone to be fired over the website debacle. who is on the short list we ask? >> i think the pressure now will be on the administration to be more forth coming on what is happening on the back end and whether insurance companies are getting the information.
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it is time for a kwi quick
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check of your headline. 911 call are set to be released today. they are said to show a calm and measured response. the administration not confirming numbers. >> and the golden age of hollywood, researchers say most 10,000 films made in the silent film era are lost. historians scouring the globe for many that may have survived in private collections. >> couldn't talk anyway if they were found. >> and that's bring us to a fox nows alert. >> the un nuclear watch dog saying that a truck carrying radioactive material has been stolen and stolen off of the
10:34 am
streets of mexico. casy ste dht gal has been watching this since early today. in dallas what happened? >> reporter: they have been in touch with counterparts down in mexico and also tell us that u.s. border patrol has special equipment to detect radioactive material in case it was brought across the border. cobalt 60 is missing. it is used in medical settings to treat things like cancer. look at the photoreleased by the national commission of security and safe guards. it is on the inside of the white piece of medical equipment and stored in a wooden crate and stole reenforcement. and stolen as it was getting gas. and happen in a small town en
10:35 am
route from a hospital over to a nuclear storage facility. the director general of the atomic international agency specifically referenced this stuff in a speech he said. materials, such as cobalt 60 could beoused long conventional explosives to make so- called dirty bombs. a dirty bomb could cause mass panic and serious economic and environmental consequences. the un agency continues to say that there are more than hundred thefts and incidents regarding nuclear waste and material reported to that agency every single year. bill we don't know if it was a targeted threat or someone who stole a truck and had no idea what the cargo was. >> thank you, casy. >> and meanwhile, the
10:36 am
president's former press secretary saying it is time for the white house to send a message. >> robert gibbes calling for someone to get the a xe. >> kathleen sebelius is the biggest name on the list. >> krifrten powers is a fox news contributor and not on the list. and david host of the david web show and a fox news contributor. good day to you as well. and our first question comes from my esteemed colleague alisyn camerota. >> you don't like the idea of someone taking the fall for the obama care website mess why not? >> it is irrelevant to the overall picture. obama care is a giant train wreck and we are arguing over. i say the american public. we should watch out for the hundred car freight train and
10:37 am
including the employer man date and all of the things that come down in 2015 and he is by executive order trying to repeal the law itself shoes that it is flawed and accountability and responsibility don't come out of firing someone. the new york times article trying to conflat as it is a firing. focus on the big issue of obama care. >> a long time they said sebelius should not be foured and republicans would have a fresh target. do you agree with that or not? >> that is a good argument for not firing her. i am not sure if you took it out of the equation that obama would four her. he's one of these people who are extremely loyal. there is comparison drawn with him and joefrj bush in this way they put that above what is best. >> to a fault? >> yes, to a fault.
10:38 am
and i do think that people should be held accountable. it is one of the criticisms of having government running things. there is not accountability. in the private sector obama compared it to an apple roll out. one of the apple roll outs when they had problems, they fired the person responsible for the problem. and that's what you do in the private sector. you need to mentality. this is a serious screw up that affected a lot of people. >> i have to add someone. even if you fire everybody involved in the website, what does that do with the legislation? there is no policy change. it is obama care. >> there is no accountablity in firing one person or twochlt there is accountability in changing legislation and the 5 million that lost health insurance. and tens of millions.
10:39 am
>> marilyn ta venner and henrow childs chief digital contractor who would go? >> the chief of staff? >> i don't think we'll so sebelius go precisely they don't want to go through a confirmation process. i assume it would be somebody in the lower level. the thing is, it shouldn't be something that is deputy in response to public outcry. it should have been done because people should be held accountable. at this point it is appeasing the people if he does in fact fire somebody. >> more troubling details on the deal with iran. new reports on what the administration is prepared to coto coop things from going off of the rails. >> and a guiness world record.
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you may want to cover your years with earmuffs, bill. >> i see. ♪ ♪ hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo...hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo hoo. sir...
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time to see what is happening with gretchen carlsson. >> the president will epicourage millennials to sign up for obama care. but will it actually work. and the engineer in the deadly train crash nodding off when it happen. we'll analyze. and restaurant printing calorie counts on your seat after you have eaten? would you want to see that? >> and a lion tubber and bub cub hugging like one big happy family. >> that's a tease.
10:44 am
>> and a top white house official said the administration is ready to allow te rape to have a limited enrichment program. we have casy with us. >> i. >> you said this is what you are afraid of? >> two decades american presidents of both political parties and said iran doesn't have the right to enrich uranium to make a nuclear weapon. iran took the deal and we have the right to enrich uranium and the administration said wow. maybe they will let them enrich a little uranium. but you cope the facilities and mechanisms a little bit you can epirich a lot. >> and you have to enrich some uranium, correct? >> the way i like to describe.
10:45 am
it think about the spin cycle on the washing machine. you have uranium enriched a little bit and continue to spin it longer and you spen off the stuff that you don't want and then you get solid and highly enriched uranium. and you can enrich a lot. >> kt, what are we getting for this? is iran giving up anything? >> can i give a housewife analogy. you have a popcorn machine and bowl of popcorn and kernels and you don't have money. we said to iran. give up the popped, popcorn and iran is allowed to keep the popcorn machine and the kernels and always make more popcorn and they have a pocket full of money. >> i don't know where we will be in the end of six months. this is something that will play out for years. you believe there are three reasons why this cannot continue. >> there are several things.
10:46 am
not just iran getting nuclear weapons. what does it mean for us? it is a threshold of having nuclear weapons and the other countries in the region say we'll get our own nuclear weapons and we can't count on americans. when we drop the safrpgzs companies will rush to do business with iran and they will be floating in dough and any leverage is done and they will support the things that they have supported, terrorist and hesbollah and syria. and if you can't stop iran's nuclear weapons, you will not stop anyone's. and there sits israel alone and blessings to iran from america? >> we are waiting for the next chapter in the story as you are as well. >> thank you. >> two security guards fired after the sunday's nfl game in
10:47 am
houston. >> i got a call from my super visors and she is confirmed. and it is over. >> this is why. a photowith an nfl super star. we'll have that for you in a minute. >> we'll give you a job. >> and an under water mystery is solved and a massive it is found and why the government, why the government sank it in the first place. ♪ ♪ i see the submarine. ♪ everyone laughed aloud.
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a japanese megasubmarine captured by the navy in world war twochlt the u.s. sank it after the war because the soviets were demanding access to it. searchers have tried to find it for decades. >> terry is here. >> good morning, bill. >> you are on the air with bill and alisyn. i don't know how you did it. and you were looking in a lot of different places, terry? >> it was an exciting find after looking for it, we found the first one in 2005 and the i- 400 was the real prize that we tried to find since 2005. it was unexpected and we looked
10:52 am
at an a unanimously on the bottom and it was an area that was unexpected. >> why were you so surprised to find it and where it was sitting for the past decade? >> the original positions from known 46. the submarines i- 400 and 401were four feet one. and they are all sunk as targets and all of the navy positions put were 372 feet. they were put mile as way from where they actually were on the bottom. the i-400 was one that was still on the list. one that made this unique was still so it was pretty surprising for them too. and terry, i want to let our
10:53 am
listeners now, this was 400 feet long and designed to travel 1.5 tons around the world without refueling. at the time it went down it was one of the large efst submarine created. >> why was it so hard to find all of these years? >> all of the positions were actually hard to find. we were actually looking at bottom data and you can get nominallies on that, that may or may not be a vessel, a rock formation. wh when we were aware that we were aware that the length was shorter than 400 feet. we didn't expect that it was the i-400. as we approached and got our sonar contact, we could see that it was man made and it wasn't a
10:54 am
rock formation. and there was a large cable that was coming off the bottom and going up at a steep angle. >> terry, it sounds like the holy grail. congratulations. >> thank you. >> so two stadium security guards are calling foul after they were fired for taking a picture with tom brady. joe williams and christopher moore saying they snapped these shots of brady after the game. >> one the game ends my duties end. i have no longer any fans to escort to their seats. >> as we proceeded to exit the building we saw tom brady. we thought it would be a good side thea to say hey. he was open and willing to take the picture. >> and now they are not allowed to bother players while on duty.
10:55 am
but after hours, he doesn't look bothered i agree with you. the company released a statement that it was against policy. who helps them, brady or jazel? >> i think they would take either. meanwhile, players saying they had a front row seat when their fans retook the world record for stadium noise. they too were keeping an eye on the decibel meter. 137.6 des becibels. how loud is that? a jet engine roaring at 100 feet, 140 decibels. >> great. >> we asked earlier who should be held responsible for the debacle of the obama care roll
10:56 am
out? should someone be fired and who and why. we will read your most creative tweets next. ♪ should i stay or should i go now ♪ [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male anner ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh, what a relief it is! before using her new bank of america credit card,
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twitter is lighting up. we asked if someone should be fired. here is what you wrote:
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>> we await to see if and when. until then, if you so much for watching. i'm salison. >> i'm bill and this is gretchen. >> breaking news this hour. 911 calls from the connecticut school massacre being released right now. the white house opening a youth summit a day after a young woman introduces the president at a pep rally and showing that most done like this signature law. forced to read an apology on cam. i hope you are having a great


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