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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 4, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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by buying her mistletoe go to space it out. if everyone goes now, the website will crash. but you're used to that. thanks for ing. i'm megyn kelly. see you tomorrow night. welcome to "hannity." tonight we have a jam-packed show for you. senator rand paul, bob beckel and andrea tantaros will be here. plus exclusive details about an investigation conducted by peter sweitzer which reveals president obama never had a one on one interview with disgraced health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius for three and a half years leading up to the launch of the obama care disaster. peter will join us with that story today. first our top story tonight. there were several important house hearings on capitol hill. all focused on the president's disastrous health care law. let not your heart be troubled.
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we know you probably couldn't catch up on the hours of testimony. so we put together the highlights for you. >> individuals are losing coverage they are happy with. the doctors with which they are comfortable. this is a tragedy. >> looking forward, the flaws in the law have proved to be getting worse, not better. >> yesterday i logged into the d.c. exchange where members of congress must go and got on error. >> rome wasn't fwhibuilt in a d >> this is people's lives. people are hurt when they can't get medical care. >> i believe the premise for the hearing today is fundamentally flawed. >> people's health care is compromised when they can't get medical care. >> everybody will get less coverage, higher costs. >> this is serious stuff. >> if you can take the name of obama out of obama care and focus on the benefits, you find the of benefits are widely
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popular. >> a bill rushed through congress without any serious debate is now directly impacting people's lives. >> mr. president, here we are. we have a better idea. give me a call. >> that's not all that happened today. we have cold, hard proof that senator harry reid is the hypocrite we all thought he was. according to a report the senate majority leader is exempting his staff from having to buy health care through the federal exchanges. listen to what he said back in september about this very issue. >> so let's stop this really juvenile political games. the one dealing with health care for senators, house members and staff. we are going to be part of exchanges. that's what the law says. we'll be a part of that. >> not really.
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joining me with reaction, tennessee congressman marcia blackburn and devin nunez. wait a minute. i know the speaker, speaker boehner, his staff, they are all going to the exchange. is the staff getting the exemptions or not spp. >> one would think his staff saying with the federal health benefit program is an exemptions. this is something the administration tried to do. 1700 waivers. 22 delays. they have missed over half the legal deadlines. you could say for them it's kind of business as usual as far as the implementation goes. >> seem it is law is so good of course they want the staff getting the same plan as the
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american people are stuck with now. right? >> it's outrageous and many of the staff in washington are having problems and being rejected from the exchange. the staff that are going on the exchange the right way like the law says, they can't even get harry reid who exempted his staff. >> let's go to the poll numbers. they are telling. i don't really know. the president said yesterday as long as he's president this law will never be repealed. made the promise yesterday. for example, if you look at his average approval rating, accumulation of the polls that have come out. many in the 30s. the clear average, he's at 40%. a lot of polls have him in the 30s. the millennials were asked if they approve or disprove of obama care. 57% disapprove. they were asked if they believe
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things will worsen under obama care with. look at this. they want him out of office. 40% want him out. so you look at these cumulatively, they have picked up on congresswoman how the law is impacting everybody. why won't we hit the reset button. why doesn't anybody want to do that? >> we keep trying n. the house we continually go to the floor and vote to repeal and replace a different component of this. you know, they get so upset they will say, we have 40 votes, 50 to do that. it's what the american people want. it's what our constituents want. coast to coast we hear the law doesn't work. it is too expensive to afford. it is decreasing access, increasing cost. they want to make sure and this is limiting their ability to do so. they don't want government making the choices for them.
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this is what's happening. people don't like it. >> let's go to the hearings today. we learned among other things the website fix -- and we'll have experts on next. the website fix made security for those people that go on it worse. help me out. is that what happened? >> there is no possible way with all of the changes they have done just in 30 days that they have managed to make this secure. most of our government services aren't secure. how did they do it in 30 days? it's impossible. just yesterday, i found out one company in my district, 3,000 people just lost their health care. come january 1st, they will not have health care. it's not just those 3,000. it's 3500 of their dependents. one company, 6500 people without health care in my district. that's a poll that matters. >> it is a poll that matters.
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they are real people, real rate increases. we go back to the federal register. i have quoted aei and the manhattan institute who an analyzed what they knew in july of 2010. do you think it will be as high as 100 million americans who get funneled into the system. how high does it go? >> you're exactly right. they have us end up with a single payer system which is all american. we looked at the medicare vanl program. you're talking about serious cuts to the seniors limiting their ability. one employer in 6500 individuals that will be without health insurance. i don't think the hundred mi is too high at all. i think you are going to see more individuals loadsing their access to health insurance. and what we see is the individuals are having such
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problems with the exchange they do not know if they are properly enrolled. they are probably not going to find out until they go to the doctor. >> my next question, is there one honest democrat that's saying, wait a minute. we made promises. they aren't being met. we need to cut the losses and start over. is anybody in the democratic party saying that? >> some individuals have voted with us on replacement and repealed votes. we have welcomed that support. of course we are hearing from individuals who supported the president originally and for his re-election who lost trust. they realize that this is something that's so harmful to jobs to the economy and to the access of health care and quality of life. >> wish i had more time. we'll stay on it and watch closely. appreciate it.
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>> thank you. >> my next guest hacks into computer sites for a living. he's a white hat hacker. he says absolutely no security was built into the health website so your personal information may be at risk. so should you ever sign on? we'll get to it next. later -- >> a dangerous and growing inequality and lack of upward mobility that jeopardized middle class america's basic bargain that if you work hard you have a chance to get ahead. i believe this is the defining challenge of our time. >> class warfare is back. president obama attacking the success of hard-working americans. we'll explain what he wants to do now. plus he's out, done, finished. martin bashir offered his resignation after the despicable comments he made about governor sarah palin. we'll tell you what he said and what his reasoning is. plus senator rand paul, bob beckel and andrea tantaros on
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welcome back. we are learning more about the severe security risks plaguing health before you enter your personal private information and other information into the site, we have to warn you. joining me now, david kennedy, the founder of trusted s.e.c. and he's known as the white hat hacker. also with us, the president of fms inc., luke chung. >> thanks for having me. >> you say there were no security considerations given.
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none? zero? >> none that we can tell and none that's been identified or made publically. if you look at the way websites are built, they build in components to protect against hackers and around sensitive information. the claim to fame for the health website is they don't technically score information. however the data hub connects to the different agencies that have social security numbers. i love the new delivery system. >> right. >> if you had to rate amazon in terms of security, what would you rate them? >> i would rate amazon a 10. they do a good job. >> and health >> 1 or 2 from a security perspective. >> would you advise anybody to go on that site or tell them that their personal medical
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informati information, private information is at risk? >> stay off the site for now. your information is at risk. until there are reasonable assurances and issues called high impact vulnerabilities are addressed stay away from the site for now. >> wow. >> you identified this as a mess tr the opening seconds in the release of this thing. if you were to rate home depot or or any of the other well known websites for security, ten being the best, what would you give them? >> commercial sites considered security from the beginning. >> do you agree with mr. kennedy's assessment that this was not factored in? >> i don't know if this was factored in or not. for the amount of money we paid to government contractors to build the site, collecting social security numbers, birthdays, you've got to know
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that the data needs to be secure. why they didn't include it in the baseline is beyond me. >> what would you give health then? i'm not trying to scare people. i know how good you are. >> i don't know how they are securing data. based on what i have seen, you know, it's got to be in the low digits. the skills they need to create a decent website they didn't deliver failed. security is a higher skill set that you need to have. >> great. >> that's scary. this is interesting to me. you are a white hat hacker. so you get paid to hack into websites but you do it to tell company ifs their website is secure. >> yes, sir. basically companies hire us. i used to do it in the marine corps working for the intelligence community. in the private sector companies
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hire us to break into the website. it's awesome. >> it's a challenge for you to break in, right? >> absolutely. we like to hop over fences, lock pick doors and break into buildings. >> if you can transfer money, i will give you my routing number, you're set. i'm kidding. >> put it in health for me, i'll grab it. >> have you hacked into health >> i'm not able to hack into it. i don't have authorization to do it. i have 14 years of experience in looking at web applications and seeing how well they are designed. we can profile websites with passive reconnaissance. you look at how it behaves. we found critical exposures we call high impact vulnerabilities. you can attack large portions of data without us touching it. those are alarming pieces. if we were able to go in and touch the site and hack it, it would be a disaster. >> you know they made 400 bug
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fixes just from october to the fix, right? >> right. >> what does that mean? if they had 400 bug fixes then are they able to fix it with the infrastructure in place which luke said was outdated, if i remember. >> yeah. the 400 bug fixes is amazing, right? i would say the critical question would be what test plan did they have in place to identify bugs? >> none. >> what was in place october 1. it is a difference between bugs they didn't fix and fixed later versus being surprised after they shipped and finding 400 new bugs. >> unbelievable. >> let me ask the final question here. >> i'm good at downloading apps. it took me a while. being a tech guy is not my area of expertise. i admire those of you that have the skill.
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if you would have been hired to build this site, how much could you build it for and how much better could it be? >> to build the site like this with the infrastructure, architecture you are looking at $5 million to $10 million maximum. >> totally secure and it would work, functional start to finish. you wouldn't still need to build 40% of the website? >> basically functional. you do proper testing. this isn't rocket science. web application development is a proven science. companies do it all the time. >> luke, i asked you and you said for a million bucks you could do it. >> right. the user interface is just the automation of a 12-page paper form. that's a slam dunk for any web development company. easy, straightforward. the back end stuff, more complicated but very doable. this doesn't need to be a silicon valley space project. this is braead and butter.
10:20 pm
>> how much? >> under a million for the front end. >> total, start to finish. >> i would agree with mr. kennedy in the $5 million to $10 million range. >> we spent hundreds of millions. we may go up to a billion on this stupid thing. it's still screwed up. >> yeah. >> none of the contractors are ever held accountable for delivering crap. >> it's crap. >>le talking with martin bosh earlier, another hacker. amazing the type of security you can build. nothing rocket science. you can do it. >> people think this is bad? think of the health care. beside it is cancellations forced into the plan, you can't keep your doctor the. you're paying more money and you will have bad coverage. if it wasn't so funny, i would be crying. good to see you. >> thanks, sean. up next, tonight right here on "hannity" -- >> the combined trends of increased inequality and decreasing mobility pose a fundamental threat to the american dream, our way of life
10:21 pm
and what we stand for around the globe. >> all right. president in distraction mode. taking a break from trying to defend the disastrous health care law. he's back on the attack assaulting hard-working americans. the class warfare update is next and tonight senator rand paul will talk about his plan to revive the city of detroit that the president said would never go bankrupt. he saved it. martin bashir is done, finished. he handed in his resignation letter at nbc news for the disparaging, vile comments made about governor sarah palin. bob beckel and andrea tantaros react. peter sweitzer has details on a new report here. in three and a half years leading up to the obama care website, the president and secretary sebelius never had a one on one meeting. i'm even shocked at the this. we'll find out. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
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welcome to "hannity" earlier today president obama gave a very long-winded speech and addressed the topic he likes to call, quote, income inequality. we call it redistribution of wealth. watch. >> a dangerous and growing inequality and lack of upward mobility that jeopardized middle class america's basic bargain -- that if you work hard, you have a chance to get ahead. i believe this is the defining challenge of our time. the combined trends of increased
10:26 pm
in equaliequality and decreasin threat to the american dream, our way of life and what we stand for around the globe. studies show we actually tend to trust each other less when there is greater inequality. it's associated with less mobility between generations. rising inequality and bad mobility are bad for the democracy. ordinary folks can't write massive campaign checks or hire lawyers to secure policies that tilt the playing field in their favor at everyone else's expense. so people get the bad taste that the system is rigged. >> all right. let's distract the american people. have you chase rabbits. don't focus on obama care. tonight we want you to join the conversation. do you think this is a distraction? what do you think of his remarks? log onto our facebook page. share your thoughts. joining us with reactions, fox
10:27 pm
news contributor and radio talk show host leslie marshall. the president is about to enter his sixth year of the presidency. promised in the very beginning shovel ready jobs in the interim. we have accumulated going on $8 trillion in new obama debt to create jobs. we now have the lowest labor participation in over 30 years. we have double the number of people on food stamps in the country. at what point do you just admit his economic philosophy has failed. >> i'm not going to disagree with the facts you stated. we have to look at the more than 200,000 jobs created in the private sector, a lower unemployment rate and we have to look at -- >> that number is rigged. >> and consumer confidence is rigged. >> of course. any number i give the rigged. >> when he took office unemployment would be 11%. >> the bottom line is the bottom
10:28 pm
line. what the president is talking about actually was proven that the american people care about which is income inequality when you look at the success of elections like that in the city of new york. with your new mayor deblaz. the bottom line is we have 1% of the wealth and power in the country controlling the other 99. >> noel -- >> more than 50% of americans don't like it. >> no shovel ready jobs, summer of recovery. labor participation in lowest in 30 years. the doubling the number of people on food stamps. now in the sixth year of his presidency. >> you know, sean, i think obama useses rhetoric. all he needs to do is wear a t-shirt that says eat the rich. that's the message. it's always been that. when obama care and the roll out and everything hasn't worked. everything he implemented has not worked. what he does is he uses his
10:29 pm
speeches as a distraction. miss marshall, i hate to disagree. when we are put on together, i have to say when obama mentioned the word trust people don't trust him. people aren't going to trust him. especially what he's done with everything he's done. heaven said in a speech today that he wanted higher safety net. what does that mean? more obama phones? more flyers that encourage illegals to get on the food stamp train? >> last word. at some point, leslie, you have to admit it's not working and with the debt, we can't afford any more of his experiments of oh redistribution. >> well, i don't feel this is redistribution. >> no. >> rich people always have had and will have better health care with or out without the affordable care act. nicole, please call me leslie. to eat anybody rich would be
10:30 pm
high in calories, cholesterol and bad for health which would force more of them and us dining on them to have to get obama care which would not make many americans happy. >> noelle say hi to your neighbors for me. >> i will. >> and the president said we are not going to let detroit go bankrupt. coming up, senator rand paul is here. detroit is bankrupt. he'll explain a project to save detroit. he'll explain what he thinks we can do to fix the motor city without you bailing them out. later on bob beckel and andrea tantaros react to the breaking news today. nbc host martin bashir resigned prosecute the peacock network. and, share your thoughts. or join us on twitter @sean hannity. hannity. she loves a lot of the same things you do.
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when my opponents and others
10:35 pm
argued we should let detroit go bankrupt we made a bet on american workers and american companies. today our auto industry is back on top of the world. >> we refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. we refused to let detroit go bankrupt. i bet on american workers and american ingenuity. three years later that bet is paying off in a big way. >> despite the fact the president campaigned on the issue that he saved the auto industry and the city of detroit those words mean nothing today because a judge has ruled that the motor city can proceed with its historic bankruptcy filing cutting pensions for city workers and retirees. while president obama watches it unfold, rand paul is taking action. he's traveling to detroit to unveil a recovery plan for the city. he's here to explain the efforts himself. kentucky senator rand paul. good to see you. >> good to be with you, sean. >> bin laden's dead, detroit's alive? something to that effect? i remember hearing it during the
10:36 pm
campaign. didn't the president say it? >> if you like your car bailout, you can keep it, period. >> yeah. >> we need to try something different. for 50 years we have been trying government stimulus, trying to bail out cities that have been gone bankrupt. through bankruptcy we can find a new way. so i'm promoting economic free dom zones similar to enterprise zones from jack kemp 20 years ago. this is enterprise zones on steroids. this is a massive giveback of money that's already yours. we are not going to take it from houston to bail out detroit. we'll let detroit keep their money and bail themselves out. it's phenomenal how much money can be left in detroit simply by lowering the taxes in detroit. >> it's like kemp's enterprise zones on steroids. i looked over the plan. you're calling it the freedom plan. you will give eligible areas a
10:37 pm
reduction in individual and corporate tax rates. correct? yes. we'll take personal and corporate tax down to 5%. bring the payroll tax down for the worker and employer. and we'll reduce the red tape and let businesses thrive. we'll invite entrepreneurs from around the country and around the world who want to come to detroit and make it like a mini hong kong. there are great things you can do the. it's amazing how much money accumulates not from other parts of the country but just from detroit's tax base if you don't take it to washington. you leave it in detroit. >> you're saying you will reduce the personal tax liability to 5%. can you do that? you're senator rand paul, one senator. how do you accomplish -- i like the idea. i'm asking how you accomplish it. >> well, if i were president obama i would do it by edict.
10:38 pm
i'm just a senator so we have to pass it as legislation and get the president to sign it. i can tell you now there is not a lot of enthusiasm for the traditional type of bailout. i don't think that will pass the house of representatives. i think my plan, if democrats would look at it honestly, could pass the house of representatives, could pass the senate. we could do something good for detroit and have a motive in this for kentucky. eastern kentucky has 20 counties that would apply for this. we could help out a lot of people who are are hurting in eastern kentucky. harlan, hazard, pikeville. the president's war on coal is crippling the economy in my state. i would like to help kentucky and also some of the big cities around the country. >> we heard the president at t the beginning of the segment say a couple of times, we refuse to let detroit go bankrupt. detroit is going bankrupt. he also accused others like mitt romney of wanting detroit to go bankrupt. a little bit of irony here. it's still his first year in his
10:39 pm
second term. let me play an exchange ed henry pressing jay carney about the president changing his position on this. watch this exchange. it's revealing. >> is the president going to let detroit go bankrupt? >> ed, i think that happened a while ago. >> the judge said today they will move forward. >> detroit's bankruptcy needs to be resolved between the city and its creditors. we are working to provide real tangible economic development and opportunity with public and private partnerships to support and accelerate. >> didn't he say during the campaign it would be awful for detroit to go bankrupt? he helped the auto industry. that was positive but it wasn't enough. in the campaign i thought he said it would be horrible for detroit to go bankrupt. >> there is hardship caused by the problems that happened in detroit which is why this needs to be resolved between the city and its creditors. our position is the same as it was prior to the judge's ruling
10:40 pm
and prior or in the immediate aftermath of the declaration of bankruptcy. >> now they say it is the city and its creditors. the president said, we refuse to let detroit go bankrupt. >> here is the problem, sean. the way he would bail out detroit is a government stimulus. we had it. there was a trillion dollar stimulus under president obama. they estimated it cost $400,000 per job. it's not where i pick the winners and losers but the consumer does. the tax money goes to those who earned it. it incorporates what milton friedman said. that nobody spends anybody else's money as wisely as they spend their own. i'm going to stay john smith with ten welders, we'll give you tax money back. maybe you will hire two more. >> i have been there. there are entire neighborhoods. you can get $1 homes on ebay
10:41 pm
there. there will be some entrepreneur f the initiatives were to go into effect that would go in, take over neighborhoods, rebuild the city and businesses. last question. is part of this -- a lot of talk you might run for president. there's been talk about minority outreach. is this part of a message that the republican party needs to do it more? >> we need to care about people from every community and show up in every community. when you look at the red-blue map, there is red everywhere in the rural, small towns. fliz we need to compete for the vote. it's good for america to have big cities like detroit that were once industrial engines. their answers haven't worked for 50 years. >> we'll watch the progress there. hopefully it goes through. it would be a good plan. i don't think the taxpayers can
10:42 pm
bail them out. appreciate you being with us. coming up next, martin bashir is out of a job after the despicable comments he made about governor sarah palin last month. he resigned tr the peacock network. bob beblg and andrea tantaros weigh in next. it's an explosive obama care investigation tonight here on hannity that will leave you stunned. it was released minutes ago. the number of meetings obama had with sebelius before the launch of the website. wait until you hear. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief
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welcome back. there is a major development regarding despicable comments
10:47 pm
martin bashir made about sarah palin last month. the left wing msnbc host resigned and issued a statement which reads, quote, after meeting with the president of msnbc i have tendered my resignation. it is my sincere hope that all of my colleagues at this special and liberal left wing radical network will be allowed to focus on issues that matter without the distraction of myself or my ill-judged comments. in case you missed the despicable vile remarks that started the debacle martin bashir said governor sarah palin delivered the same punishment given out by a slave master who forced slaves to urinate and defecate in other slaves' mouths. >> when mrs. palin invokes slavery she confirms that if anyone qualified for a dose of discipline from thomas thistlewood, she would be the outstanding candidate. >> wow. here with reaction, co-host of the five bob beckel and andrea
10:48 pm
tantaros. >> nice accent. make mess sound exotic . >> you are. hanging out with bob. >> a different word comes to mind. >> do you know what's interesting here? andrea understands this. she's in radio and television. on the left you don't understand what we live under. a network of liberals taping everything we say in the hopes of getting campaigns to get our advertisers to leave or get us fired. >> exactly. >> no conservative i know asked for martin bashir to be fired. >> by the way, you have media matters that looks at the conservative -- liberal outlets. >> not liberal outlets, never. >> they don't? >> they didn't cover the story much. >> i take it back. >> if i said it -- >> every day. >> is martin bashir the second cousin of the head of syria? >> no. >> bashar assad?
10:49 pm
>> oh. >> first name. >> listen, what this guy said, look, i have said things including on this show -- >> you? no! i wouldn't go that far. how he lasted this long is amazing to me. >> what do you think about how the network handled it? >> the network should have asked him to resign or fired him a long time ago. there is a conga line of disgusting pigs at that network. keith olbermann, now gone. dylan ratigan, now gone. david schuster. and he went after hillary clinton's daughter and said she was being pimped out by her mom. he was suspended. there is a disrespect for women over at msnbc. it's allowed by the executives. he should have been fired. they shouldn't have waited for him to take a vacation at thanksgiving and submit a letter on his own. maybe they pressured him to do it. i think this is a systematic
10:50 pm
problem. >> let me play another guy we run often on this program. he has a show still. ed schultz. >> you're damn right dick new health care in this country. he's an enemy of the country in my opinion, dick cheney is. he's an enemy of the country lord, take him to the promised land. i don't wish the guy goes to hell. i just want him out of here. do you know what they are talking about? like the right wing slut, laura ingram? she's a talk slut. >> wow. fellow lib? >> i know you want a chance to beat up on the liberal side. but seems to me there should be someone who watches out for this stuff. >> i have at least had a hearing
10:51 pm
and when i have said bad things like on this show. >> the difference is you cursed. there is a big -- i don't want anybody fired. there is a whole network that wants to fire us. who is in charge of nbc news? >> are you going to debate? >> it's like when they interview them they say, do you hate women, check, check. you're hired. this is what's frustrating. they spent most of last year, the entire network and the same group of jerks you played going after mitt romney for his alleged war on women and the republican party has a war on women. >> good point. >> yet they let them attack women, sit back and maybe slap them on the wrist. again it's a prerequisite to work. you have to be an angry white guy who hates females. >> they're upset because you wouldn't accept their christmas invitation. >> mine must be lost in the mail. >> i would come to the obama
10:52 pm
christmas party. >> that will be a long cold day. >> why? when bush was president you got invited. >> it's different. >> what's the difference? >> i'm not in front of millions every night. minutes ago. you won't believe the president, how little time they spent meeting one on one before the release of obamacare. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires.
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the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. so don't wait. attack the flu virus at its source. ask your doctor about tamiflu, prescription for flu. welcome back. my next guest is releasing details in a new op ed. in three and a half years
10:57 pm
president obama held 01 on one meetings with his health and human services secretary. however, his calendar listed 277 private meetings with other cabinet secretaries. why didn't the president make time to meet with the person cast with implementing his signature legislation? is it possible? here with the details is with peter swiets. i know you looked at calendar records, 277 meetings with other secretaries. is it possible that it is just not recorded but happened? >> it's possible but that would be the only cabinet secretary that that applied to. what we did is looked at official white house calendar on white second backed it up by looking at politico calendar and third
10:58 pm
looked at white house visitor's log showing sabeliuos went to the white house but there are no recorded meetings except for 1, april, 2010 where she and secretary of the treasury geithner met with the president but that is three and a half years ago. >> wow, did the government, did jay carney give a response? >> no. no. no response from the white house, their position now is difficult. because the outline and launch of obamacare has been a disaster. so, to a certain extent they're leaving her out there to kind of dry. >> i agree. >> which i think frankly is a little bit unfair. not saying hooes she's done a good job but one would expect that the president of the united states this, is his signature domestic
10:59 pm
policy. one sixth of the u.s. economy is being reconstituted under government control. he can't take time for a meeting in three and a half years with the person implementing it? that is shocking. >> i never agree with robert gibes. he says it's innobody has been fired here, he says he's using her to absorb the heat of this. >> you can look at any president. you look at their calendar, you can see what is important to them. if you don't know about what is going on at that time, look at their calendar, you'll see what their priorities are. in the case of president obama, there is no evidence whatsoever that he is focused or has interest in health care at all. >> great work. we're going to continue to-to-follow it up and
11:00 pm
see if one white house correspondent asked that question. thank you. peter. >> thank you. >> as always, thanks for joining us. start each day with fox and friends 5:00 to 9:00. see you back h your home tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid. here is greta. >> the bulldozers are out and obamacare is getting plowed left and right as the bulldozers are out and obama care is get being plowed left and right. and now on the record is taking you inside those hearings. but first, the oversight committee. >> we had a several hour hearing, and i still can't tell you who was responsible for the website. i can tell you it's not the president. it's not kathleen sebelius. it's not any of the people you would think would be responsible, and there are no consequences, or if there are, i haven't seen them today. >> and down the hall, and inside the energy and commerce hearing,


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