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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 5, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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home in a few weeks. >> tonight i'm joining bill o'reilly on "mad as hell." at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll answer e-mails. thank you for being here. now it's time to go over to shep. >> some bad luck have toes could be dead within days after they took aim at the wrong target. ahead, the hunt for the radioactive criminals. >> plus, hackers hit some of the world's most popular web sites, facebook, google, twitter, and there's word they've stolen millions of our passwords and user names. plus, did russian diplomats steal your tax dollars? by scamming the system to get medicaid benefits? there are brand new charges out today, and what until you hear what they're accused of buying with their own money while claiming to be broke. let's get to it. >> good thursday afternoon to you and yours. we're expecting to hear shortly
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from the attorney for the college football star jameis winston of florida state, after plattersed announced they will not be filing charges of rape against the star quarterback, citing a lack of evidence. a live look in tall -- tallahassee. the decision comes days for the heisman trophy. jameis winston is an odds-on favorite to win it. he is a major force for the seminoles, leading them to a number one ranking and a shot at the national championship if they can get past the acc championship against the fighting cut cliffs from duck this weekend. prosecutors just claimed jameis winston in a year-long rape investigation. now to that stolen truck in mexico. packed with a dangerous radioactive material. a scientist with the nuclear commission says whoever removed the material from its protective case could have just days to
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live. authorities are working to safely recover the company bolt 60 after they found it outside its container in central mexico. the field is about 25 miles from the gas station where the thieves stole the truck. mexican authorities released pictures showing the shipment of cobalt 60 while it was inside the container. officials said the radioactive substance by would extremely dangerous to nobody had direct contact with it. nuclear experts say a terrorist could use cobalt 60 to make a dirty bomb. that. uses conventional explosive to spread the readation. but investigators say the thieves may have been unaware of the truck's hazardous cargo. casey stiegel is live. hough do they -- how do they safely recover this stuff outside of the protective containers? >> the cobalt 60 is so strong and potent, there's really,
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frankly no way for humans to physically clean it all up a. so you think of those bomb squad robots you see? well, something similar to that is going to have to be used to get the materials safely back into a new sealed container, according to a scientist i just spoke to. the problem is, mexico doesn't have those special robots so the united states is likely going to be stepping in to help. for now, we can tell you a large perimeter has been set up in the area to keep people away so members of the general public are not exposed, and alerts have been sent out to regional medical centers in case those thieves show up with radiation poisoning or, frankly, they could be off somewhere dying. >> if some people in the middle of mexico can steal one of these trucks loaded with if the stuff as a gas station, what does this tell us about overall security? >> certainly raceses a lot of questions about everything. how radio active material is
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handled, how it's stored, transported. mexico's top nuclear chief said the truck carrying this cargo was not even equipped with gps like it should have been so it could have been tracked once it went missing. that would have been helpful. so there are more than 100 of these nuclear thefts, if you can believe that, reported around the world every single year. >> it does expose a great vulnerability out there, that they're not adequately safeguarding these materials, and just a small amount of this stuff coming into the united states across what we noes very pourous, open border, could be used with a stick of dynamite to set off a dirty bomb in major city. >> there are special sensors along the southern border with mexico to detect radio active material that may be potentially trying to be smuggled into the country. >> thank you, casey. >> we're getting more information on the killing of an
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american in benghazi. somebody shot and killed man from texas while he was on a jog. pentagon sources are saying the man was a teacher at benghazi's international school. that school confirmed he was a chemistry teacher there. he was 33 years old. usual officials long warned the city is dangerous for westerners. nobody is taking responsibility for the killing. a libyan official says it happened near the u.s. outpost, the side of the terror attack last year which left four americans dead, including our ambassador, christ city phoenix. one child died and four others hurt after a dump truck crashed into a school bus in idaho. a sheriff spokeswoman there says as many as ten kids were on the bus, all of them sixth graders or younger. the says they were on their way to school at the time. paramedics said the bus driver did not have any physical injuries but workers took her and the injured children to the
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hospital. police still investigate. they say the bus wason the roada stop sign but the road on which the truck was -- traveling -- the driver of the bus was on a road which does have a stop sign. but the one on which the truck was driverring did not. >> here's another rope you might want to change your passwood. a cyber security firm reports hackers have accessed nearly two million social media and e-mail accounts. according to this report from trust wave, the stolen information includes user names, and passwords for more than 1.5 million web site accounts. 320,000 e-mail accounts. and 318,000 facebook accounts. plus tens of thousands of google and twitter accounts. representatives for a few of those sites say they have notified users, reset your password. twitter responded, we were in touch with the researcher last week and already reset the
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affected user's pausewords, and facebook says they take people's security information extremely seriously and work hard to protect it. we have invited a -- initiated a password reset for the people whose passwords were exposed. >> you can read the statements in their entirety on our web site. fox jay is a cyberaccurate specialist, good to see you. >> how are you doing. >> reading through the research here, in many cases this is people's fault. the vast majority of the passwords were 123456, or password one 0, 1 to 9. and people using those password, god love them but they're get what they deserve. >> there are staggeringly bad passwords out there. this is one of the largest thefts yet but certainly isn't unique, and the common theme is
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choice of incredibly bad credentials. but it's very important to recognize, in this particular case, this virus would successfully capture credentials, user names and passwords, that were even 30 characters long, which show us why it's very important to change your password frequently, not just to choose a secure one the first time. >> when you saw say frequently, say the facebook account or your twitter account, how often to change them? what does frequently mean? >> all departments on the sensitivity of the information in the account. >> if i really don't want anybody in there and i'm worried about this information, die change it once every six months, once a month, once a week? how o.? >> the best practice is around the monthly interval. a lot of people will say, i can barely remember my password once i've set it once. you could look at a password manager that enables you to have one really strong password on your computer, and then you can
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manage the passwords for all of your online sites and it will automatically log you in and change the credentials on a regular basis. >> for people who are not all that internet savvy, where do you get this pass kurd keeper, and how easy is it for folks like, i can't do it? >> there are a lot of really simple password managers, depending on whether you're using a mac or pc. you can look in the app stores and there are lots of great recommendations online for these tools. go into a quick search on google for a password manager, and remember, while we know it's facebook, gmail, adp payroll credentials, these campaigns are very common, and labs we're seeing 250,000 new paces of mall wear every day and most of those include functionality like this campaign. so everyone listening to this show should not assume that they're safe because they're not in this particular breach,
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should get a password manager, secure credentials and change them frequently. >> james, a director of technology strategy. one other thing you can do for things like your bank consider the or gmail, there are often two steps, password setups you can do if you want so you have your password and then you have to get a code sent to your cell phone or something. so it's a two-step thing. anybody trying to access your account, even if they have your password, you would be notified and can stop it. lots of ways to protect yourself. >> federal prosecutors are accusing more than four dozen russian diplomats and their spouses of committing massive medicaid fraud. costing taxpayers here $1.5 million over the past decade. according to the indictment, the suspects did it by underreporting their own income and going on lavish vacations and buying expensive clothes and julie -- jewelry.
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today the u.s. attorney says that diplomacy should be about extending hands, not picking pockets in the host country. the indictment calls for the arrest of all 49 suspects, but so far the feds say they haven't busted a single person. why? the same reason in new york city you can't give them parking tickets. they have diplomatic immunity. they can run wild. and they do. fox news reached out to russian officials at the united nations for a response and they tell us, and i quote, we have no comment on the matter for the time being. diplomats. have their own special license plates. remember when measles was a serious problem in the snot scientists claimed they eliminated that disease in this country more than a decade ago, but it's back. and the feds have a warning for you and your family. that's ahead on a thursday afternoon from the fox news deck. good to have you with us. [ male announcer ] this is george.
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health officials say they're seeing a dramatic speak in measle cases in the united states. 50 years after scientists introduced a vaccine. the feds are now warning americans get your vaccine for yourself and your kids if you haven't already. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, medical workers reported 175 cases in the u.s. in this year alone. that's nearly triple the yearly average of 60. it's also the second largest number since the year 2000. that is the year health officials said officially they had eliminated the disease.
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doctors say measles is contagious, symptoms include fever, runny nose, and a rash over your body. it can lead to pneumonia and can tell you. health officials say most people come down with the disease this year have not gotten the vaccine. a quarter of. the recently traveled outside the united states. it's a concerning problem for folks at the cdc in atlanta, where our john roberts is. what else are officials recommending here? >> they're recommending vaccination and people be vigilantes -- -- be vigilant where the visit. in new york city, 58 people got sick. north carolina, 23 people. and 21 anymore texas. all have something in common. they occurred among religious groups where most people chose not get vaccinated. and while measles wag declared do be eliminate it rages in
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europe, asia, and africa, with 20 million cases each year. the big danger is the virus is so contagious, if is comes from overseas and gets into an onvaccinated community it can spread like wildfire. >> measles and other vaccine preventible diseases can be victims of their own success. because the rates have come down so much people are reluctant to get vaccinated. but measles can put you in the hospital and have long-term consequences and it's extremely infectious. >> while there is controversy with vaccination among some groups, he says the measles vaccine has been administered more than a billion times and numerous studies show there are no health consequences. >> this isn't just about people who have chosen not get the veep. vaccine. >> in this country we don't vaccinate infants until they're a year old, which leaves a big window of opportunity for them to become infected, which is
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believe what happened to a child in seattle last week. at the same time, though, the centers for disease control, warned today that with the prevalence of measles overseas, even in europe, if a family is planning to travel outside the country with a baby between six months and 12 months old, they get that child vaccinated early just to be certain if that person were to come in contact with the virus, they're immunized from it. among young kids this can take a huge toll. >> when the like the christmas tree in new york city it's choose in mid-town and stays chaos. they light the tree and the world end. touris are everywhere. the streets are packed, but we rarely hear about brawls breaking out. and then there's philadelphia. the story behind a fistfight at a tree-lighting. it got ugly. and now my journey
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weirdness in philly. got out of hand on a christmas-tree lighting ceremony, on live tv. ho-ho-ho, happiness all around. we had to blur part of it. you can hear the christmas music. one witness said it started after somebody bumped into a woman for a better view, and that woman's mother respond by throwing a upon. >> she threw the pepsi on her and they started fighting. >> the pepsi generation. you can see the woman pulling on the other woman's hair. no arrests. somehow greg gutfeld wandered in
12:22 pm
here. ho-ho-ho, jolly happiness. >> that's the big myth. people are actually worse during this time. millions of people that usually stay indoors and then go outside and can't handle it. if get a wild animal in your apartment, a squirrel in it's the reverse of that. >> i hear you. >> the interesting thing is, the local news loves it because it's the city of brotherly love, but it about as brotherly as hepatitis. they need to change the motto. >> what do we need to do about all this anxiety? i recommend shopping online. >> i think that the holidays would be much better spent in silence, away from people. i like palm bit when they're in groups-they're no good. you should suffer the holiday in silence. by the way, children singing is not a good thing. i don't know why you have to listen to kids singing on the ohio. the only other instances of kid
12:23 pm
singing are in scary movies, when a child is possess, they're singing. because it's scary and it's awful. >> if it's your kid singing, that's your choice, but don't bring it out in the public. >> that's something in private. the other thing about the fight, fighting while holding a kid in your hand is impressive. goss be some kind of competition where the boxer holds a child and fights. would be an interesting concept that should be here on fox. >> kid-like mace. >> an interesting thing hat happens in front of our building theme veil people at nbc light a temporary, they murder a temporary and put it on a truck and bring it into the center of commerce land here, as the morning people call it, and then tourists come to see the tree while the 58,000 people who work in these ten buildings try to go about their daily lives. they don't work well together. >> the next three weeks are a nightmare, and after christmas, nobody cares about the tree. you know what they do?
12:24 pm
they east it. it's disgusting. that's what nbc'em people do. >> what is happen only "the five" this afternoon? >> might do thing this on obing around. we'll talk about that -- >> why do you hate sweet dana. she is self-a wonderful laid and you're mean to her. >> if you spend a lot of time with you, you'd see a different side. she is a very, very mean, scary person. that dog doesn't exist. it's a figment of her imagination. we play along because we are afraid if we tell her the dog is not real, she'll fall apart. so we play along with the pictures. i think it's a scottish man in a costume. >> we love you, dana. i recommend a wetland for dana. >> shouldn't it happen in love park? >> love park. >> a swinger's destination. not a family-friendly place.
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>> you've been there greg gutfeld, is in to see you. >> always a pressure. >> news conference from the lawyer at florida state squashing jameis winston has just begun. prosecutors earlier announced they're not going to charge the leading heisman candidate for rape. the news conference is happening now. let's listen. >> those toxicology tests were done in hours so if there's any ambiguity about the tests, this is not this case. and i heard him talk about ghp. that's a case where -- >> they're going to get to the heart of the matter in a couple minutes. we'll have live coverage after this break. across america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen.
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which may be fatal. stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis, such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. more headlines from the fox news deck. wildlife officials believe they captured and killed a bear that mauled a woman in the central florida town of longwood. those officials say they apparently captured the wrong bear on tuesday. it is now in a rehab center.
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half past the hour and continuing coverage breaking news. just moments ago an attorney for the florida state university star jameis winston spoke about the news that prosecutors will not be filing any charges against him in a rape investigation. after a year-long investigation, prosecutors say there's simply not enough evidence that
12:31 pm
anything untoward happened. here's jameis winston's attorney speaking moments ago on his behalf. >> the media, i want to thank mr. megs for conducting an independent, thorough investigation. believe he took time to completely evaluate, look into even laboratory tests, too some dna work, bloodwork. we believe from day one in december that this was a consensual act between mr. winston and a young woman. we believe that december, we believed it in february. and we believe it today. we have never waiverred on that. mr. winston has exercised his right to have this case be proceeded through the due process channels. we were not going to go public while this case was penning wednesday. the investigation to be unbiased. and at one point we felt we had to come forward because of dna leaks, but we were confident, he was confident, i take important
12:32 pm
note hat the two eye witnesses that gave affidavits were there, saw what happened. those affidavits are important. so when you get those public documents you'll see those eye witness affidavits that this was a a consensual encounter. we are satisfied with the investigation. jameis is satisfied. i spoke to jamis a few minutes ago. i was with him. i spoke to his parents. i was with them. i talked to them on the nope and they're satisfied this is done, he can move forward. he had an exam at 1:00 today. so, that where is he is. >> so through you go the headline from the police -- from the lawyer for jameis winston, the florida state star. he spoke after prosecutors announced there's not enough evidence to charge him. the potential heisman trophy winner with nearly a year after a fellow student accused him of raping her. the cuter -- the accuser -- they're at a restaurant, the
12:33 pm
girl did a bunch of shots. she went in a good, says her memory is gone after that. they accused him and another guy of having some sort of forced sex, then putting her on a scooter, dropping her off at an intersection on campus and just leaving her there that's the accusation. a few days later chev made the report and since then the police department has been investigating. a couple weeks ago they turned officer to the state concern's office because they weren't getting anywhere. today prosecutors cleared winston and said the case is closed. >> we have a duty as prosecutors to only file those charges if we have a reasonable likelihood of a conviction. after reviewing all the evidence we did not feel we could meet that burden and, therefore, we do not file a charge if we do not feel like we have sufficient evidence. >> after the announcement the family of the accuser released this statement. the family of the woman who says
12:34 pm
she was rain. the families, the victim and her family appreciate the state attorney's efforts in attempting to conduct a proper information an an inore indiana delay by the police department. the victim has the courage to immediately report her rape to the police and relied on them to seek justice. the victim has grave concerns her experience as its unfolded in the public eye will discourage other victims of rain from coming forward and reporting. steve is live for news south florida. do we know what was missing in the case and why they couldn't go forward? >> the state attorney gave several reasons. saying he had a case he thought would fall apart on the stand. no real overwhelming physical evidence of violence or of a witness who could come forward and say i saw a sexual assault happen. the other problem with the
12:35 pm
accuser, the 19-year-old woman, a student who left the university. problems with her memory. and finally, perhaps the biggs hurdling something the state attorney said would get them eaten alive in the courtroom, the presence of multiple dna on the accuser. sex with more than one man at that time. >> there was dna from males, one was identified as being winston's dna, and the other one was unknown. and obviously if we were going to proceed to trial, having an unknown dna in a sexual assault kit, would be a problem. so we had to make every effort to determine the donor of that dna. and did so. >> they did identify the donor of the dna. he was the boyfriend of the 19-year-old accuser who is not a member of the fsu football team.
12:36 pm
>> the tallahassee police department had this case for a long time and they got ridden on the rails out of town by people on social media. people were giving it to them. >> it's unusual both sides were criticizing the police department for their delay. it was a year old case and just got dna from winston three weeks ago. the accuser's family has come out strong against the police department, saying they actively discouraged her from per suing this case. one detective, saying tallahassee was a big football town, and that her life would be miserable if she decided to go ahead with it, even more accusations today on social media, a lot of people on twitter saying, the tone of this press conference, which concerns a potential sexual assault, was simply inappropriate, with a lot of joking and laughter behind the podium. shepard. >> steve, thanks very much. >> the handling of this case is
12:37 pm
raising all sorts of questions. why did the investigation take so long? almost a year. why make this announcement today, just days before the heisman vote? let's bring in sports attorney steve olenick. a lot of things left out but the fact remains the prosecutors depends have enough to charge and that's not so unusual. >> it's true. they had nothing. you have the accuser's dna happened to be her boyfriend, his actual dna sample was, also jameis winston, so there was very little evidence. >> she said she reported this immediately. that's word that many people might have different definitions for. for me it means right after an incident. >> correct. that did not happen. >> report days later. >> correct. >> the tallahassee police department, the accusations were, look, florida state is the only game in town, seminoles on their way to the first national championship since the '8s '80s. what's the police defense to
12:38 pm
that? >> these kids are targeted, quite frankly. it does happen as a college throw athlete. a he was a five-star recruit. so not to say that with all the stuff coming on right now, heisman trophy, national championship, people start talking, next thing you know, let's try to -- >> this thing leaks on social media. our judgment was there's not enough here to even begin reporting on it months ago. >> correct. there wasn't. >> and there still isn't. >> well -- >> there is now that this has come together. i'm saying there's no there there. >> all you have is unhappy duke fans. >> well, never know. i don't want to make light of anything here. now that there's no charges or anything, the fighting cut cliffs were hoping for some -- some sort of turmoil from tallahassee, and it's over. >> correct. >> good to see you.
12:39 pm
>> likewise. >> toronto's crack-smoking mayor, rob ford, accused of trying to cut a deal to get his hands on a video that showed him smoking the crack. what did he every and what is he saying today? plus, the cops in canada explain what they learned by secretly regarding gang members talking about mr. mayor. talk of heroin. now he is talking heroin. i mean, it was one thing when it was the weed. it was another thing when it was the crack. now it's heroin. how many drugs can one mayor do? rob ford coming up.
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
toronto's and north america's crack-smoking mayor may have also done heroin. one detail we are learning from newly released police documents. the mayor is denying he offered gang members thousands of dollars and a car to stop them from releasing a video showing him hitting the pipe.
12:43 pm
and also wire tapps from a gang investigation. in the middle of the investigation there was the mayor. the mayor rob ford spoke on a washington, dc sports radio show this morning. >> these irwire taps from gang members who say you offered $5,000, if not more, $150,000 and a car to confiscate the video of you doing crack on the tape. what do you say to that? >> number one, that is an outright lie, and you can talk to my lawyers about it but i'm here to talk football guys, so if you want to talk football, talk football. >> rather talk about the other, mr. mayor, mayor ford a big football fan. says he used to be a high school coach. on sunday he chowed down on wings during the bills-falcons played up there in a stadium in his town. a fan tweeted that the mayor had stolen his seat. but he gave it back. meantime, the documents suggest mayor ford has close times with a violent street gang, and gang members ordered drugs for mayor
12:44 pm
ford. the document shows the mayor may have done heroin and that somebody once stole his cell phone at a drug party. according to the wire tap, a friend and driver of the mayor gave the thieves weed to get the phone back. a trading world. trace gallagher has more. live this afternoon. what do police say about conducting these wire taps? when did they happen? >> reporter: they happened back in march and april. about two months of these rumors started circulating there was videotape of the mayor smoking crack. so when the police heard the mayor's name come up in these alleged gang conversations they were shocked. during one conversation an alleged gang member says he has multiple ping -- pictures of the hezzza, a slang name for heroin, and the police was -- he was called to a known crack house because, quote, the mayor needed
12:45 pm
drugs, but today the mayor seemed confident. play it. >> really humbled by all the support. a lot of supporters in toronto, and from the states. i love the people in the united states. and i'm all over. so, i'm really thankful for the support i'm getting and i just can't wait for the election in october, october 27th, and we'll take it from there. >> of course it was after that the mayor gave his weekly football pick and says he is going to keep doing it every thursday for the d.c. radio station. >> thank goodness, the world can continue. i mentioned that there was an allegation he lost his phone or some crack house. what was that? >> the mayor told his staff he lost it as a charity event, some kind of a cleanup event. then police document shows there was a friend of the mayor, and this attempt by the friend to get the phone back. athe actually called the mayor's phone 19 times trying to get ahold of whoever had the cell
12:46 pm
phone, and when he did get ahold of one of the gang maybes he said the mayor would come down hard on the dixon bloods but the gang members were not intimidated because they said they had multiple pictures of the mayor on the pipe, and one gang member says he would even post one of the pictures on instagram. the mayor's lawyer says that all of these wire taps were taken out of context, and that none of them prove anything against the mayor. >> fair enough. trace gallagher, live. thank you. >> on the weather front, a powerful storm is threatening several parts of our nation, packing dangerously cold temperatures, heavy ice and snow. meteorologists say temperatures out west and in the central plains may top out, go up to zero, through the rest of the week. zero for our high. red cross workers are urging folks to dress in layers or stay inside. thank you, red cross. forecasters say the biggest concern now is in the south. where they expect up to an inch of ice to accumulate in areas
12:47 pm
around dallas, all the way through cincinnati, memphis expecting ice as well. officials say this much ice could lead to major travel problems, power outages, ice storms. you know the story. we're expecting this ice storm to begin when? >> starting now. and it's going to go through the weekend for some spots. it's a long-term ice storm, and look at what happened temperature-wise in the last 24 hours. , 51 degrees colder than you were 24 hours ago. big spring texas, 50 degrees colder. you can see where the front is. you're 31 in dallas inch dallas, not going to get above 35 degrees for the next five days. so the cold is in place. and it's everywhere across the east. feels like minus 29 in glasgow, montana. the next five days, cease -- seive these temperatures, saturday, up to 32. going to sunday, maybe you get to 36. and take a look at monday.
12:48 pm
that dark color right there? that's cold. reinforcing cold air behind this. temps in the northern plains colder than you are now. next monday and tuesday. >> these ice storms can ruin your lymph i was a kid and we were stuck in our living room with no power for a week, the entire town i was from was socked in, and they're worried in memphis and west of there. >> they are, and you should be. there will be people this time honestly probably who are without power a week. it's going by a wide-spread event you have rain from the gulf and the cold air is in place at the surface. so falls as rain and then freezes upon contact, and where you see this pink, we already have freezing rain in texas, oklahoma, and arkansas, and missouri, and this front is just kind of stalled right here and there's another storm behind it that moves right along the same track for sunday and monday. so we had all kinds of areas that are under ice storm warnings, at least a half inch from places like dallas, through little rock, western kentucky, to the north of it, it's snow, but the ice is a dangerous one
12:49 pm
youch can't drive on it. causes widespread power outages. >> that will mess up the christmas holiday shopping season but if you drive on roads with ice you miss more. >> you heard beside the deadly storm in europe. winds up to 142 miles-per-hour in parts of scotland and these next pictures are from wales where workers rescued people from their homes. here they're -- this kind of thing unusual in that part of the world? >> it's not unusual but this strong is unusual. a lotthis is north and scotlandd scandanavia. >> knocked out power to tens of thousands. >> the celebrity chef is
12:50 pm
testifying in court, yet again, lawyers grilled her on her admitted cocaine use. details on the coke-using chef coming up. ♪ [ female announcer ] can you bridge a divide with a fresh baked brownie? ♪ yes! yes you can. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house.
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an nba game scheduled for last night was cancelled after smoke poured into the arena in mexico city. the spurs were set to play the minnesota timber wolves, the first regular season nba game in mexico in 16 years. during the warmup officials told everybody to clear out. the mexico city police say a short circuit triggered a fire and powered smoke all over the place. some folks had a difficult time breathing. one television analyst thought they were practicing for fireworks when it happened.
12:54 pm
no fans in the building but it was a mess. players say the locker rooms filled with smoke. brand new arena, opened last year. they'll make up the game, but not in mexico city. it will be in minnesota instead. >> the sell celebrity chef is back in court. one day after she admitted she used cocaine self time -- several times. today she insisted that coke users do not look like she does. the chef is witness for the prosecution in a trial against some former assistants accused of fraud. let's get to jonathan hunt with details. his is it getting ugly. never heard of this chef before. >> huge star. host of "the taste" on abc and used to an entirely different type of grilling than the one chev is getting in court in london the past couple of days. asked again and again today about her admitted cocaine use, she said, quote, i would rather be on it.
12:55 pm
and explain about the drug usage but i wanted to make sure i wasn't going to be bullied and talk about an incident that took place in a humiliating place. that's the incident with her husband, who was caught on camera choking her outside a london restaurant. he claimed he was looking for traces of cocaine up her nose. she said in court he was not examining me for cocaine. that's a story he made into clear his name. they are now, not surprisingly, divorced. >> this case had nothing to do with the divorce. >> this is actually about two assistants. accused of spending a million dollars that wasn't there belonging to the chef and her husband, on expensive vacations, hotel rooms. those are the two assistants. what does this have to do with cocaine? the lawyers for the two former
12:56 pm
assistant says lawson knew about their lavish spending habits and she aloud them -- allowed them to do it because she did not want to admit to her husband the coke. and she -- >> you deliver the facts. >> as always. >> all right. everybody is doing something. it's mayors and chefs. >> i know. >> less than a year after knee surgery, that lindsey vonn is set to hit the slopes. ♪
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
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12:59 pm
>> lindsey vonn set to compete in her first world cup event since hurting her knee in february. you can see workers airlifting her after the incident. she got the surgery.
1:00 pm
lindsey hurt the same knee while training but yesterday says she feels fine go get 'em. >> we got revised numbers on the economy and it looked great and still the dow is down today. i bottom line cavuto. -- i blame cavuto. if it's bad, it's cavuto. >> ca-ching, ca-ching, the new obamacare girl. winning a contest aimed at getting young people to sign up, telling them not to worry about the price tag. good thing she isn't because it's looking like the rest ofy . >> go ahead and sing it up but young people still ain't signing up, and as the new poll is any indication they won't be anytime soon. the polls finding only 22% of young people, the so-called


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