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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 5, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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lotses of great suggestion from the viewers on how to cure this voice from saltwater to hot toddy s t favorite, just stop talking. see you tomorrow, i hope. [ applause ] a surprisingly large number of young people are signing up. >> the president may want to rethink that comment. new polls show the millennials are turning on their faithful leader. >> will you sign up for obama care? >> i don't know. >> i'm not planning on it. >> not something i'm doing at this time. >> fast food workers protest the federal minimum wage. how much do you want to pay for a cheeseburger? >> i look at obama as a perfect american. i felt this tingle up my leg. >> the president obama lovefest. "hannity" starts here, right now.
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we have a busy show planned. our hearts are with nelson mandela who died at 95. he was jailed for nearly three decades fighting against apartheid. we'll follow the story at the fox news channel. we are learning more and more about what a disaster obama care is. millions are learning they cannot keep the doctors they have on their insurance plan. they were promised they could but they can't. the website is such a mess people can't sign up. it is plagued with huge security risks and we are left with no choice. this law has to be repealed, replaced and like they did when they were selling the disastrous low to the american people, democrat
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democrats are lying again to save the law. they say republicans have no solutions. the republicans do have an alternative plan. it could save $2 trillion over ten years. we want you to join the conversation. log onto our facebook page. reince priebus is with us. >> thank you for having me on. you rattled off a bunch of problems just to name a few. >> just to name a few. but the president challenged republicans. i think this was a chase the rabbit trying to divert attention scheme like the class warfare speech yesterday and trying to talk about aids the day before. tom price has a specific plan. it wouldn't be my plan but it's better than what we've got. there is a plan on the table. >> look, you led into this a little bit talking about young
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people. what the obama care package is was intentionally designed to screw over young people. was it a mistake? it wasn't an accident. it was a package intentionally designed to screw over young people. he's spending all day now talking about young people. to your point, it's very true. we never tried at a federal level ending junk lawsuits. never tried having doctors and hospitals tell us what they are charging. never tried pooling people together to drive down costs and increase access. we have never tried it. we proposed it. they shut us out from the process. the democrats say either european health care or nothing. that's a false choice.
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most would vote him out of office. >> 50 -- >> go ahead. >> 52% of young people would recall the president based on this law. >> and 57% don't want obama care. now you look at another core constituency. we heard after the election about the latino vote in america. look at the latest poll out of gallup. the support of of the president has gone down 23% among hispanic voters. that's a huge discrepancy. from where he was a year ago. >> and the reason -- now this is not obviously a good law for the american people. but politically, the reason why this is valuable is it's exposing the president for what he's about. he's all about making promises that aren't coming true. now people are getting the
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reality of what barack obama is about in their mailbox. the difference between this scandal and many others is this is affecting millions of people in their bank account losing their doctor, their health care. this is just the beginning. just wait until employers have the option of dumping their insurance and throwing people on these exchanges. >> let me ask you this. we know the federal renlster back in july of oh 2010. they knew the individual policies, it could be as high as 80% of americans would lose them. they also said 60 some odd percent of small business and big business policies. do you think the president knowingly lied to the american people? do you think he did that? >> yeah. i think the president lied to the american people. there is something else in the law that's akin to a lie called gross negligence.
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that means when you act in such a way that you knew or should have known that it's so grossly obvious that what you said and what you did is so opposite from each other that under the law you in effect intentionally lied to the american people. he's constantly saying one thing, doing another. you brought up the inequality. this president is the king of income inequality. >> if you like your plan you can keep it. i estimate american enterprise, manhattan institute and others that studied. experts say it will be over a hundred million americans in the end that will lose their plan. can't keep the plan. many can't keep their doctor. you won't save $2500 per family per year. most americans see dramatic rate increases. the next step here, you don't have the senate or the white
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house. you've got got to win the senate. what you do is you've got to win races. there is a problem we have to get over which is win the senate. i have to tell you. i'm not going to drop senate rules. this is insight baseball. whatreid did will haunt him. now with 51 votes by opening the door, what he essentially did is say to the republican party that with 51 votes if you win the senate, you can undo obama care. that's on harry reid, but i've got to tell you, i think that's going to come back to haunt him. you know what? i think we ought to. >> every single poll, this is a very dangerous territory. not just for a president but for any politician is when the american people now see the president. they don't believe he's honest.
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they don't believe the president of the united states is trustworthy. a lot of it has to do with obama care and the lying. if you go back three years ago the president has an uncle omar, lived in boston. when he was brought up on a dui charge and ordered to be deported he didn't leave. the white house was asked. he said he never met him. here's jay carney. does this add to the distrust that exists? watch jay carney backtrack today. >> the president said he had, in fact, met omar obama when he moved to cambridge for law school and stayed with him for a brief period of time until the president's apartment was ready. after that they saw each other once every few months while the president was in cambridge. after law school they gradually fell out of touch. the president has not seen omar obama in 20 years and has not spoken with him in roughly ten
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years. >> they said three years ago he's never met him. is that a small thing or a big thing? these are all huge things. it goes to the trust of the president. whether it's politics, business or personal relationships. when you have a breakdown of whether or not someone is a person of their word or not, rebuilding that is almost impossible. the american people are seeing barack obama for what he is. he says one thing and does another. he's been lying to the american people. he's been exposed. these little lies, like lying about whether you met someone or not that's been significant in your life, listen, those are big things. uh it goes to the character of the person you're dealing with. president obama is proving himself not to be trustworthy on the small things and now the very big things. >> reince priebus, thanks for
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joining us. coming up, president obama sat down with his biggest fan, nbc news host chris matthews today. brent bozell is here with reaction. first of all, obama is losing support among millennials and hispanics. we'll explain why young americans are turning their backs specifically on obama care. plus, also tonight -- >> you're wearing an obama shirt. are you signing up for obama care? >> i'm going to go no, probably not. i think i can stay on my parents' health insurance for a couple of years. >> michelle goes on a mission to find just one person who signed up for obama care. that's next. you have been voting all day at fox for the video of the day. option one is the new ad put p out by americans for prosper the ti. . >> it's about choice. if you like what you have and want to keep it, you have the choice to do that. >> are you accountable for saying something that turned out
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welcome back. things are going bad to worse for team obama. according to a new poll for the institute of politics, millennials are turning their back on the president. 57% said they disapproved of the health care bill. there's more. only 18% said it would improve. a staggering 40% said it will get worse. the numbers are revealing. one of the next guests took this one step further. she went out on a mission to howard university to the see if she could find any young american who had signed up for obama care. let's see the results. >> reporter: you're wearing an obama shirt. are you signing up for obama
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care? >> i don't know. probably not. i think i can stay on my parents' health insurance. >> until i'm 26 i will definitely stay on my parents' plan. >> definitely. i have no other plans at least for now. >> i'm under my parents'. i'll stay under that. >> i'll stick with my parents. >> do you have health insurance? >> no, i don't have health insurance. i should get some asap. >> reporter: are you signing up for obama care? >> yeah, i am. if i can. >> reporter: have you tried? >> no, i haven't. >> i'm not familiar with it. i'm not sure. >> i'm really not familiar with everything in it. >> i'm on a tight budget. i don't know if i have $1,000 to pay for the year. i thought obama care was supposed to be free. >> pretty revealing. joining me with reaction emily srk ussman and michelle field.
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pretty revealing. the poll, basically 52% want him out of office. 57% want nothing to do with obama care. isn't isn't this key that they need the young and healthy to take care of the sick? >> howard is a liberal university. i couldn't find one person who had even visited the website. these are people who aren't insured. we have over 2 million uninsured people who are college students. they are the people the liberals are hoping will sign onto obama care and subsidize the cost for older, sicker people. they're not interested. they don't think that it's a huge priority and they are not signing up. >> i don't care how many bartenders they try to coax into trying to entice their drunk patrons to sign up or how many other propaganda campaigns the president goes on. none of it will work. here is the problem. emily, this is a ponzi scheme. you have healthy young people
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that are better off with catastrophic care and high deductibles bewithing forced into plans to pay for the sick, the elderly and the uninsured. why should they sign up? if i'm them, i wouldn't sign up. >> that's too bad because we do need young people to sign up and they will. also in the harvard poll we can see it's not just young people having been able to access health insurance. they want it. they have been wanting health insurance. >> emily, they don't. read the poll. >> i love the woman that michelle interviewed. when she was talking about staying on her parents' plan until she was 26, that's benefitting obama care. >> that makes it so obama care can't succeed. a lot of young kids are waking up and realizing, oh, my gosh. i live at my parents' home. i'm unemployed, knee deep in student loan debt. the guy i went to work for, that i worked for lied to me. we are seeing young people
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running away from obama. they are upset and disappointed. if you look at the pew poll the majority of americans under 25 want obama out of office. to me that's revealing. >> how do you respond? don't you think the president's main promises regurgitated over and over again, look at his honest and trustworthiness numbers. they are horrible. the core constituency. hispanic americans. he lost 23 points with another core constituency. a year ago it was 75%. now it's 52%. at what point do you think he lied. admit it. speak the truth. this is the truth. >> i think what we are seeing is across the board. >> why is it? the partisan politics across the board --
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>> emily, did the president lie. >> approval ratings of the president, 19%. >> americans aren't going for that excuse. the president had the white house for two years and democrats controlled the congress. they should have gotten something done then. they focused on obama care. look. it's a disaster. they didn't try to go after the economy. they should have tried to fix the economy. instead they focused time on a broken program by pulling in conservative concepts into a health care plan. >> that's -- >> oh. >> that's the reality. the main fundamental promises. keeping your plan, your doctor, saving $2500 per family per year, not true. you may trust him but you are one of five people in the country that believe him. >> you know me. >> i totally agree. there was over simplification.
10:20 pm
>> why are you having a hard time admitting it's not true? >> just the individual market there are ebbs and flows. that's natural. not everyone can keep their plan. >> they knew, read the november 2 edition of the wall street journal. they were debating in jewel of 2010 whether to tell the truth. they decided against it. here you are. he could have said it better. could have done this. they knew from the beginning. it was over simplification. absolutely true. >> they crafted the talking points to be that way. don't lie, emily. >> emily? >> i'm not going to agree. >> that's the truth. they knew it was going to happen. they didn't want to tell the american people so they were purposely trying to be -- say as little as possible. >> the majority of people can actually keep a lot of what they have in their system.
10:21 pm
>> the majority. there may be as many as a hundred million people. >> it is the majority. >> what about people in america who are struggling just to feed their families. now they don't have health insurance. they are sick. what about them? do they not matter? >> many people can access insurance where they couldn't before and people that are really -- >> i'm sure they can access that. >> in republican states with republican governors who won't take the medicaid expansion. >> what about maryland? maryland doesn't have a republican governor. it's a mess. >> look, they could have done better. no question about it. what about people in their state? they are paying into it. the medicaid expansion is only going -- >> it is a blue state and it is a dard. don't blame republican governors. maryland is a prime example that it's a disaster. >> the people making only up to 138% of the poverty line that would be able to access care and can't, it matters for them.
10:22 pm
>> the cbo says 30 million americans will be uninsured. that's what cbo says. another broken promise. all right, emily. you'll live with it. coming up, a softball interview of the century. president obama sat down with his number one fan, his number one cheerleader. is he in a cheerleader's outfit? brent bozel will break it down. first fast food workers are striking saying the minimum wage is too low to live on. would a pay hike hurt the strug thing economy and how much are you willing to pay for a cheeseburger? you have been voting for the video of the day. option two is the grand prize winner in the hhs pro i love obama care video contest. ♪ don't need a lot of money ♪ to stay young and healthy ♪ we just want to make it more fair ♪ ♪ with affordable health care as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires.
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new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. welcome back. the fight to increase the national minimum wage continues. fast the food workers walked out on jobs in protest. they say it is an unlivable wage. the current minimum wage is $7.25. some are pushing to increase it to $15. it remains an uphill battle as fast food companies say they
10:27 pm
would have to raise wages. we know president obama and his democratic cohorts are calling for a minimum wanl hike. there are major concerns about what it means for the struggling economy. here with with reaction, billy cunningham and fox news contributor jamu green. we are losing jobs because of obama care. people are either losing hours or their job. now you have people that have jobs and now they will lose them because the companieses are going to cut back. is that a good idea by raising it $15 an hour? >> an incredible idea way past its time. i think we can agree on this point, sean. americans who work hard should make a living wage. when you are working full time on minimum wage it's $15,000 a year. >> i worked minimum wage jobs. >> this isn't about it.
10:28 pm
>> you don't want to hear my story. i washed dishes by hand. i flipped burgers. i worked minimum wage jobs in contracting when i was becoming a contractor, an apprentice. >> and the minimum wage has not increased in the time since you were a young kid. >> not true. >> you're not that young. >> do you mean old? >> republicans have blocked increases. >> it was $2.35 an hour. >> it would be over $10. >> with obama care benefits. >> is -- shared the productivity employees have been producing. >> do you know why i'm afraid of? you don't want to hear it. >> on a day when we are celebrating the life of nelson mandela and the economic and social justice he fought for, the workers out there protesting today, god bless them. >> if you have two people making $7.50 an hour and change it to $15 --
10:29 pm
>> not true. >> when you raise the price of labor you raise the price of goods. fewer people will buy the product. more will be unemployed. unemployment goeses up, minimum wage goes down. people like you are going to cause higher unemployment because of your socialist policies that this government -- you know it in your heart. >> people work and live paycheck to paycheck. they put it back in. >> officially increased. companies give raiderses. >> companies like trader joe's and costco realize you pay a worveger a living wage your company does better and the economy does better. >> you are making his point. when somebody gets fired because they are cutting back -- >> not going to happen. >> i work in the food industry. the margins after you pay the light bill, your lease, rent or mortgage. >> 4%. >> i owned restaurants and i pay
10:30 pm
taxes on it. it causes unemployment. >> what do you say to people who lose jobs? >> listen to me. >> that doesn't help. minimum wage has nothing to do with it. >> the increase is 5% in the last 35 years. this is not america. >> we have already doubled. >> this is america. i'm proud of my country. >> we have doubled the number of people on food stamps. >> you are against filibusters. >> here's the problem. what is jamu going to say to people who lose the jobs? >> section 8 housing, food stamps. >> when you pay a minimum wage -- >> no, raise the cost of products and people buy fewer. >> people on a poverty wage, they have to get food stamps. they have to be on medicaid. >> there will be fewer people employed. sean hannity, go to mcdonald's,
10:31 pm
wendy's and say who in line the to buy hamburger wants to pay additional money for it? it will raise the price of the burger. >> you will lower the amount of people on food stamps. you will lower -- >> you're making it up. >> this is a fact. >> you're not looking at the economics. >> stop, stop. please don't filibuster. have you ever worked in a restaurant? >> yeah. >> i have. >> what did you do? >> i was a waitress. >> i was a dishwasher, a cook, a busboy, a bartender. margins are minimal. do you know why restaurants go out of business? >> they don't make money. >> if we were at the same level now, it would be over $10 an hour. it can't happen. >> it's awful. >> college kids will do the jobs. >> older people. >> i'm telling you what the result will be. >> more unemployment.
10:32 pm
>> 50% of the black kids cannot get a summer job. >> under the obama economy those who supported obama the most got their heads taken off. african-americans, hispanics, working white women. they are hurt by the obama economy. >> the median age of minimum wanl workers is 34 years old. >> when nelson mandela took over south africa he reached across to divide the size of the grand canyon. they worked out deals. why can't your guy obama reach across the divide and talk to republicans? >> to utter his name and not think we should pay a livable wage? >> obama should act like mandela tonight. obama should call boehner and say we are working on a deal. >> out in calling for social justice he's doing that. >> billy -- >> you're making no sense. >> that end this is segment. up next, let the softball questionses tingle up your leg,
10:33 pm
thrill up your leg. his number one fan, he sat down with the president? did he bow, worship, light candles? we'll play some of that coming up. you have been voting for tonight's video of the day. third final option is a clip of the hilarious -- well, somewhat funny, occasionally funny ron burgundy at emerson college. >> i thought you guys only met once every four years. to pick the president. but to be here at the electoral college -- is it? am i getting that right? emerson. emerson college. >> don't forget. we want to hear from you. log onto follow the show, share your thoughts. you can join us on twitter @sean hannity. how are things with the new guy? all we do is go out to dinner.
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welcome back to "hannity." time for media mash, our weekly round up of the ways the main stream media tries to put a liberal spin on the news. earlier tonight the president sat down with his number one fan, his number one cheerleader, the guy who gets thrills up his legs when he speaks. chris matthews at nbc news. here is a small taste of what went on. >> we are almost done. i have to ask you a question you may not like to answer. >> oh. >> this could be tough. >> all right. >> it's an es kay question. the qualities required of a president. vice president joe biden, former secretary of state hillary clinton. compare and contrast. >> not a chance am i going there. >> there's a tough question. joining me with with reaction, none other than the president of the media center brother brent bozell. sir, how are you? >> brother hannity, how are we doing? >> say sean hannity gets to interview the president.
10:39 pm
what, at this moment, you have an audience, what are the main questions you think you would ask the president? i'll give you my list off the top. what do you say to people you promised if you like your plan they keep their plan. what do you think say to people who lost their doctor when they could keep it. what do you say to families who you promised would save on average $2500 per family per year. what about you said $900 billion and now it's $7 trillion or $8 trillion. did you know people couldn't keep they ever plan but say it anyway? were those questions asked, no. >> no, no. how about just asking the question, mr. president, just yesterday you spoke to a national audience and lied and said the republicans have no plans. the republicans have been putting out one plan after another since 2009.
10:40 pm
it was dishonest. chris matthews won't ask him serious questions. what's going on here is the president is now in full community organizer mode. you are seeing it with the chest thumping rhetoric. with the ugly accusations, with the lying. he's looking for the most comfortable venue that will be most sympathetic to him. he's on msnbc with chris matthews. >> it's a desperate move by the president to do this. frankly, fairly pathetic. i don't think he can answer the questions in a way that would be credible to the american people. before he gave the interview, before he did it he was making excuses for the president. watch this. >> i think i would compare to a brilliant writer with a great theme who turns in a paper with
10:41 pm
a lot of misspellings or bad handwriting. it's a bad way to roll something out. with the strengths potentially of the health care system the way it was rolled out hurt its reputation, gave the other side a lot of talking points to use against the president generally in terms of his competence. >> you will never get a good question out of him if he feels that way. it's hero worship. >> it's time to punt the ball and go to something else. when you're going to -- the reason obama care isn't working, bad handwriting. i mean -- >> bad handwriting. >> you are out of excuses. time to move on to another sus subject. in community organizer mode you go to the base and try to mobilize the base. the majority base. that's what he's down to. it is panic mode for the administration. >> what do you make of what's happening at nbc news.
10:42 pm
i think there is a bigger picture here. where is matt lauer, brian williams, tom brokaw? how did chris matthews get this interview? if he controlled himself, the fact that he didn't faint or wet his pants is a miracle. i will give you an example. >> think about this man's life, how hard he worked, how he achieved so highly in school, married so well and faithfully, fathered two great daughters and protected them, been a truly great father to them, been a true partner in his marriage, treated his office with respect and dignity, never once let us down with his personal behavior. when is president obama going to get credit? this is like rodney dangerfield. when will he get credit for this amazing economy coming back? i look at obama as a great american. you can argue about the drones, fiscal policy and stuff. as a citizen the guy went to school, never broke a law. he did everything right, raised a family, a good husband, good
10:43 pm
father. i don't think he ever got a speeding ticket. he does everything else. so much of lincoln in that speech. the gettysburg address, the second inaugural. the feeling people get with a barack obama speech, i got a thrill up my leg. i don't feel it often. >> my favorite is the guy went to school. he never broke a law. chris, he smoked pot, a lot of it. he did cocaine. never got a speeding ticket? he did everything right. he's the only human being. he's jesus walking on water. did everything right. he's a good husband, raised a wonderful family. >> but, but, but he had bad handwriting. not going to let you forget that one. bad handwriting.fair statement,, to say that every major figure at nbc is a liberal. it's a fair statement to make
10:44 pm
that every major figure at nbc probably voted for barack obama. that doesn't make every major figure at nbc this kind of journalist. i suspect you won't have him come out and say it publically. i suspect they must be so embarrassed there with this man as the face of the network. not the face of msnbc. but the face of nbc. >> so baldwin is gone. bashir resigns. you have sharp ton and this idiot over here t. >> you're damn right dick cheney's heart is a political football. we ought to rip it out, kick it around and stuff it back in him. i'm glad he didn't tip over. he's the new poster child for health care in this country. he's an enemy of the country in my opinion, dick cheney is. he's an enemy of the country. lord, take him to the promised land, will you? i don't wish the guy goes to hell. i just want him out of here. do you know what they are talking about? like this right wing slut, laura
10:45 pm
ing graham? yeah, she's a talk slut. >> he thinks god ordained and supports obama care. built on lies. >> what do they have in common, all these people? they believe in personal insults against conservatives. they lie with impunity and say things like somebody should defecate in sarah palin's mouth. do you know something? nobody at the top of nbc has yet to apologize for that statement. bill griffin, it's been 20 dais and you haven't apologized. >> are you proud of that? brian williams, tom brokaw? are you proud? coming up, the next legal challenge for obama care. the state of oklahoma sued the administration, the attorney general of the state is here to explain why. and your choice for tonight's video of the day coming up. ya know, with new fedex one rate
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welcome back. the legal troubles for obama care are beginning to unfold. the state of oklahoma has sued the administration in an effort to stop the federal government from imposing tax penalties on certain states, businesses and individuals without their own health care exchanges. the complaint say it is states complaints says states without their own exchanges should not face tax penalties. what does it mean? our next guest, oklahoma attorney general says if the challenge is successful, deficit spending could be reduced by
10:51 pm
$700 billion in the next decade he's here to explain it. oklahoma attorney general, scott pruitt. mr. attorney general, can you breakdown the law for us? >> good evening, sean. one of the things have you to recognize when congress pass add fordable care act, they recognized importance of the states in rolling out exchanges we see y they've not done a good job of it and knew they cannot commandeer or require the state to impose changes. the subsidy goes you through health care exchanges. 34 states came in and said no, irs said we'll fix that and says subsidies with exchanges. so our lawsuit is making sure the letter of the law is complied with >> but the law didn't say. that the law, in other words gave you the option, did it not?
10:52 pm
didn't say there would be penalties? >> right if there is no state health care insurance exchanges there are no subsidies. if there are no subsidies there are no penalties now, irs saying we're going assess the penalties whether state exchanges have been set up or not they're doing what they do often. you have agencies in washington but epa and health and human services and irs they say we're going to improve upon the law. and fix the statute. it's not their job. >> this is one of the issues. jonathan turley with george washington university law says the president has repeatedly crossed constitutional lines. he made recess appointments when the senate is not recess. that is not legal. he declared changes to the law, delays to the law. the law doesn't allow him to do that. in cases he's chosen not to enforce laws like immigration law. is that, is he
10:53 pm
right? is this a president crossing the constitutional line. >> has a duty to execute the law. in instances with the affordable care act. removal of the cap on out of pocket expenditures he has changed law and doesn't have authority to do. that the president said he can't wait on congress. under our system of government he has to. he has been inconsistent with article two. >> mr. attorney general, thank you for updating us appreciate it. >> thank you. >> when we come back, incredible choices for tonight's video of the day. your choice, your selection is next as we continue tonight on "hannity". we are gao celebrate the union of tim and laura. it's amazing how appreciative people are when you tell them they could save a lot of money on their car insurance
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welcome back to "hannity"
10:58 pm
time to real today's video of the day. you've selected department of human services video contest winner, now hhs with a group of young invinceables. who won? erin mcdonald with a song "ing for get about the price tag". really? ♪ [ music ]
10:59 pm
>> we just want to make it more fair with affordable health care ♪ it ain't about the bling bling, don't worry about the price tag ♪ >> erin, i have a prediction. you're going to regret making that video one day. because you're going to realize all of the promises just aren't rue. we'll see. all right? one problem by the way. hhsing for got the price tag is exactly what all young people should be worried about. because you're paying for the old, sick and uninsured. before we go, we want to say our thoughts and prayers are with the family of nelson mandela, south africa's first black president died at the age of 95. he made the world a much better place. that is all the time we have left. thanks for
11:00 pm
joining us. don'ting for get start each weekday morning with fox and friends 5:00 until 9:00. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. . nelson mandela was 95. fellow . our beloved nelson mandela, the president of our democratic nation has departed. >> former south african president nelson mandela is dead at the age of 95. the anti-apartheid leader spent 27 years in prison, led his country to democracy and became the first black president. donald rumsfeld joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> why is it that president mandela could do something


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