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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> nice to meet you dr. amen. >> amen. god bless, and thank you. >> as always, thanks for joining us. i'll see you back here monday night. abby cadabby. it was fun, fair balanced. breaking news tonight. the federal obama care website is now seeing a 10% failure rate. good evening, everybody. i'm martha maccallum in tonight for greta van susteren. so, today they admitted that is seeing errors in one out of every ten data transfers, after the so-called fixes they put in. so, how worried should you be about whether or not you really got the coverage that you were able to sign up for? congressm congressman, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> that's a big number, one in ten seeing errors, and that's after they said they were experiencing that private sector velocity, right? >> i mean, the number could be
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as high as 25%, this report says. the very first person in my own congressional office, my chief of staff, justin harding, he went in, he signed up, he thought he signed up, then he went back into the system to have a look, and it showed up that he had signed up twice! and so, the back end of this is critical. there's no confidence in this. those are stunning numbers, and i worry that there are people out there who think they've signed up only to find out that maybe they're going to have some sort of disaster after the first of the year and they're not really signed up. >> yeah, and one of the big questions is all of those people who got the letters from their insurance companies saying, you know, you've lost your coverage, and then president obama came out and said, well, if you lost your coverage, we' encourage the insurance commissioners in your state to make sure that they allow you to keep that. and that all those happen by december 23rd. i mean, you know, there's not that many shopping days left before christmas. >> you've got millions of people and deadlines that are coming up, and the house of representatives, the deadline's monday. we were told that less than lf
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of the people have even tried to sign up. they're scrambling now, saying just keep receipts and make a log of what you're doing. we'll give you an extra 30 days to make sure that you are covered. they're pushing us to do it on pacher e-- paper as opposed to online because it's not working, and this is a very small sample size of what's happening coast to coast. >> what's going to happen? you know, what's going to happen to the guy in your office, to all those people who can't get it before december 23rd, and then the new year comes and they're out of luck? >> well, i think people have been delaying properly so because the safety, security, the encryption that's supposed to be in place is not necessarily in place. you shop anywhere online for anything anywhere, you will get a confirmation except on obama care. they don't even get a confirmation e-mail, so keep your receipts, print things out, try to document it as much as you can, but it is chaotic, to say the least. >> it's like a wild wild west out there in this website. so, you know, i wasn't kidding, like, what's going to happen?
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i mean, what should people do? you know, save your receipts is the best advice we can give them? i mean, when you look back, folks on your side of the aisle were encouraging delays, a year-long delay. >> yep. >> and when you look at massachusetts, when they rolled out their program, they had a year-long transition, so people had, you know, a fair amount of time to kind of get this all rolled over. any hope of that happening at this point? >> we and the house republicans, we've been pleading, begging, wanting the administration, just delay it, you know? they say they can't repeal it, okay, but please, just put a delay out there. but i don't know at this point what you do. i mean, the insurance companies are under tremendous pressure to try to cram this all in in the last few days of december, going through christmas and the new year's. i really, i just worry that we're going to have these horrific stories out there. the obama administration, this is their baby. they've got to tell the american people, give us some guidance, but i think it needs to be delayed. they have got to find a way to
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just give confirmation to somebody who signed up, and if you have signed up, go print something out, because i mean, i don't know what else to do other than say create a record of what you've done. >> yeah. boy, that's not very encouraging. >> yes. >> congressman chaffetz, thank you very much. >> thank you. here's a question, what happened to affordable in affordable care act. aca is what they want it to be known as, despite skyrocketing costs for patients, for doctors, for employers. the grand prize winner of the obama video care contest is called "forget about the price tag." ♪ you're young, you're wild, you're free, but you need to stay healthy ♪ ♪ there's no excuse to be uninsured, just stop for a minute and think ♪ ♪ you're not immune to all disease, take advantage of this opportunity ♪ ♪ keep your mind at ease and get the security, don't need a lot of money, money, money ♪ ♪ to stay young and healthy,
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healthy, healthy, we just wanna make it more there with affordable health care ♪ ♪ it n't about the ching, the ching, the ching, ain't about the bling, the bling ♪ ♪ affordable care, don't worry about the price tag ♪ >> oh, boy, that was interesting. forget about the price tag, forget about the price tag. "washington examiner" chief political correspondent byron york joins us. seriously? what do you think about that? >> well, i don't think that's headed to the top of the charts, let's say that. but this was a video contest that the department of health and human services held to create a video that would appeal to these young invincibles, people under 30 who don't think they need health insurance, they're healthy, they're probably not going to have a major health problem and they're not interested in buying it. so, this is, apparently, to try to persuade them to do it. the interesting thing is the "don't worry about the price
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tag," which has kind of a double meaning, because as we know, there are millions of americans who having had their policies canceled are now facing higher premiums and much higher deductibles, a lot more money out of their pocket. then, of course, there's the taxpayers' end of this thing, where it's going to cost at least $1 trillion over the next several years. >> you know, there have been misleading things, obviously about this program, but then to have the young girl singing "don't worry about the money," you know, and president obama comes out and says, look, you can get a policy. if you're young, if you're one of these young invincibles, you can get something that's very reasonable. the problem is, you might be able to think you get it, but you we don't know whether you've actually got it yet. and we're seeing, if a ton of them don't sign up, we're not going to have that low price tag, right? >> exactly. the reason they're pushing so hard for these young invincibles is that they need them in the risk pool. they need peoplewho are young and who do not need health care, who won't be, you know, having serious illnesses, to be paying
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for their insurance, so it will pay for the older, sicker people in the risk pool. i mean, that's the whole point of this, and they're not getting enough. and from what we know right now, people in that age group are not terribly interested in this. we saw this poll from harvard, and it asked, you know, do you approve of this health program that's been passed and is going into effect, and 57% said they don't, and they're not particularly interested in getting involved. >> i mean, that is really stunning. and you look at the rollout, you look at this music video that we just saw, you look at the president saying, you know, talk to your bartender, you know, get him to sort of promote this program, i mean, get your parents on board when you go home for thanksgiving, and that harvard study shows that the exact opposite is happening. if there's one thing know about young people, they like a website that, you know, that works. they like it to be easy, they like to get on, have it happen quickly. >> yeah, and the obama administration has been working really hard to try to crack the
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code to figure out what appeal will actually work, but it may be that there isn't anything that will work, because these are a group of people who really don't feel they need health coverage, and it's going to cost them some money. the president keeps saying, well, it will cost you less than your cell phone and your cable tv, but it's going to cost them money that they weren't spending before, if they weren't insured. so, it's a hard sell for a lot of people. >> all right. byron, thank you. good to see you tonight. >> thank you, martha. our next guest says that obama care is causing chaos for doctors, and you know what that means, it will likely cause chaos for you, the patients, as well. you're going to hear much more straight from the doctor, next.
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boy, winners here, folks. it's happening across the country, and that means more and more people are going to be heading to the doctor's office. the flu, all that stuff's going to be cropping up. but the next time you go to the doctor, are you going to have the insurance? what's going to happen? you know, there's always that nervous moment when they look up at you and tell you what you owe. new york city oncologist dr. bill grace joins us now. doctor, thank you very much for being here tonight. >> good to be here tonight. >> you're an oncologist practicing here in new york city. what's your experience in your office with this whole thing so far? >> the chaos hasn't quite hit just as it has on front end. we had on the front enend, as y remember, the chaos of people trying to sign up for obama care, and that's sort of being band-aided and a little cast put here, a little bit there.
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so, now all that force is moving down to the back end. we're starting to see the 834s, that is, the insurance companies are not getting all the data they need. people are signing up, told they have insurance, and then they call up their insurance company and they don't have insurance. it hasn't gotten to the back, back end yet. that's where the physicians are. but now we're beginning to see some signs of that. we see some places where there are 256,000 children covered by one pediatrician. impossible. >> unbelievable. >> and now i see some of the solutions that are percolating up, oh, we're going to make nurses doctors. we're going to take nurse practitioners and substitute them for doctors, because the payments are so bad. so, the chaos of this is terrible. >> and you get some examples of how bad the payments are. you talk about the fact that you spend a tremendous amount of time with your patients, patients who come to you, are in a serious health situation. they have cancer. what's the breakidown of what
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you're going to get paid an hour to help these people? >> we don't know exactly, but we know it's a little bit better than medicaid for most of the plans. >> which isn't much. >> medicaid -- well, i'll give you an example. if i see a patient and i examine the patient, take a history, go over the slides, the pathology and look at x-rays and make an opinion about them, that may take an hour, an hour and a half, may take an hour and 15 minutes. medicaid will pay me $6.50, whereas a commercial insurance -- >> $6.50 an hour? you should have been a lawyer. >> that's right. that's right. >> oh, my gosh, and you're just saving people's lives, that's all you're doing. >> that's right. >> so, why should you be paid more than $6.50 an hour? >> well, that's why a lot of people are not going into medicine -- >> that's so sad. >> and those who are are going into the lucrative fields of non-cognitive functions, orthopedics, neurosurgery, cardio thoracic surgery, not primary care or any kind of speciality. >> do you have colleagues that have quit? >> many of my colleagues have decided that this, along with the new cpt-10 codes have said
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they're not going -- >> what's that? >> it's the second perfect storm that's coming up, and that is a new coding system from europe that is more precise and probably will create a lot of chaos on its own. >> great. so, we have that to look forward to. >> we do, yeah. >> so, when you look long term about what the impact's going to be, i mean, we're going to have a serious doctor shortage, from what you're saying. >> yes, we're already 15,000 to 16,000 primary care specialists short in this nation, 1,100 in new york state alone. and what's going to happen is this huge number of patients are going to come into the system, there are going to be long wait lines. it's going to be take a number and wait. and there will be people who can't wait, and they're going to go to the emergency rooms and that's going to crowd the emergency rooms. it's going to be a disaster. one of the problems is we created this system based on sort of classic insurance. it was the wrong thing to do. we need health savings accounts. and -- >> you're a democrat. were you in favor of this program when you first heard about it. >> not at all. >> not from the beginning. >> not at all, because it
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basically doesn't provide what people want. we need more capitalism in health care. we have a lot of socialism already built into the system. we need to have capitalism built in, and how do we do that? health savings accounts. >> dr. bill grace, i hope you'll come back. i'd love to talk to you any time of the day, my show in the morning or if i'm here. you're doing some fascinating work with tumors and cancer that people need to be aware of as well. dr. bill grace, thank you, sir. >> and thank you for having me. >> good luck to you. all right, so, here's this horrible story that we've been following, the knockout game. did it strike again? another violent attack in a major city. where did this happen this time? the victim tells his frightening story, next.
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time to "hash it out." there is a first time for everything, right? even for basketball legend charles barkley. "sports illustrated's" tweeting, "what happened when charles barkley made his first nyc subway ride? this." a "sports illustrated" reporter tagged along to document barkley's trip. the former nba star taking to the subway for his gig as "abc news now" list for the new york knicks game against the brooklyn nets. barkley seemed to like his first ride, shaking hands with fans during the commute. and this lego creation far from child's play. "people" magazine tweeting, "here's an 80,000-lego brick reconstruction of erebor, the dwarven village from "the hobbit." why not? two pennsylvania teenagers recreated "the hobbit" kingdom, look at that, it's beautiful! in lego form. it took them more than 400 hours to make that model. it's 200 pounds and nearly 5 feet tall. beautiful. faastic job. nice going. and this gives happy meal a whole new meaning.
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yahoo! tweeting, "how about dessert? couple places mcdonald's drive-thru order, handed bag of cash instead." the couple ordered breakfast from a tennessee restaurant and discovered thousands of dollars in cash in their to-go bag. who does this happen to? it was a bank deposit handed through the drive-thru by a mistake. oh, that will get you in with your boss, but the couple said they didn't think twice. the good samaritans immediately turned around and went back and returned the cash to mcdonald's. good for them. nicely done. and a disgruntled customer turns to vandalism. "the new york daily news" tweeting "seems like a yelp review would have been more civil." security footage captures a man tagging a pizzeria, skribbling "worst service ever" across the front of the restaurant. i wonder what happened. employees scraped off the and c scathing review, saying they like the service. it's your time to hash out
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with us. #greta on all your tweets and posts. coming up, this is what the knockout game looks like. it is brutal, awful, and there are warnings tonight that it may be spreading. another man says that he was violently assaulted like this on a bus. he tells his scary story to us, next.
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well, an oakland man says that he is the latest victim of the knockout game. anthony lindsey was attacked while he was riding a transit bus. it is on the record as reported these violent knockout attacks like this have been happening around the country. people randomly sucker-punched as they walk down the street. and now, this man from oakland tells us why he thinks he's a knockout victim. >> it was clear that since he wanted nothing of mine, nothing that i owned, you know, that maybe that was -- that's what if t felt like. it felt like i was trying to be
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knocked out. >> scary. "san francisco "chronicle's"" henry lee joins us now. welcome. good to have you on the show. what happened here? what are the details? >> so, this wednesday night on a bus in oakland, we've got a victim who says he was riding a bus, and for no reason, he was punched in the face. now, police are being very circumspect here, saying, they want to say, hey, is this really part of a game or could this be some sort of -- >> you're getting some feedback there, henry, so if you want to turn something off, go ahead and do that. we're looking at some pictures of some of the amage that this man suffered and some of the previous scenes that we've seen in hoboken and out in brooklyn. they've had a number of these attacks. you know, what are the police saying about this? >> well, in this case, police are saying we have to be very careful not to ascribe this automatically to the so-called knockout game, because we have
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for many, many years so-called random attacks. there might be mentally ill suspects who will randomly look at people for no reason. so, this assault very well could be part of a game, or it could just be a random thing with a disturbed individual. >> is there any evidence that there was videotape of this attack? >> this ac transit bus system does have video cameras on its buses, so the sheriff's department is not telling us whether they have video, but that will certainly be part of the investigation. >> he seems to be doing okay now. he says he was hit several times in the jaw. he said he couldn't believe that his teeth didn't come out, but he's doing okay now? >> yes, he is expected to survive. he is very lucky. we have had a number of assaults and incidents and shootings, martha, involving riders on ac transit buses. so, whether or not this is part of a random urban kind of attack here in oakland remains to be seen or whether it's just part of the knockout game. >> something really scary going on out there. no matter what happened to this man, it wasn't fun, and it was
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frightening for him. henry, thank you very much. good to have you here. coming up what did the obama administration know and when did they know it? that's always the big question, right, with every administration? lawmakers revealing the results now of an investigation, this time into the small business exchange trouble. congressman adam kinsinger is here to tell us what they have uncovered, next. and you can "hash it out" with us. what do you think of the's 10% failure rate? this story just coming out today. is it an embarrassment or is it progress? tweet or post on facebook right now using #greta. we'll be right back.
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get ready, here we go. we're going to speed read our way through the news. first, winter storm plowing across the nation tonight. it got bitter cold, ice and snow that stretches from the midwest all the way to the southeast. in texas, a lot of power outages there. the ice is making the driving treacherous, knocking out power,
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canceling flights. later in the weekend, the mid-atlantic and the northeast will likely see some snow and sleet and freezing rain. hmm, here we go. and how about this today? as we go to south africa, where there are emotional celebrations of the life of nelson mandela. the former south african president and anti-apartheid leader died yesterday, and a memorial service is said to be one of the biggest events that africa has ever seen is now in the works and is planned for tuesday in johannesburg. his state funeral will be held on december the 15th. and tonight, word that former president and mrs. george w. bush will attend the memorial service. the bushes will travel to south africa with president and mrs. obama on air force one. also word that former president bill clinton will be there as well. he has been talking about nelson mandela's legacy. president clinton telling fox news's ed henry that mandela gave him advice during the monica lewinski scandal,
11:30 pm
interestingly enough. he says that mandela, who spent 27 years in prison, taught him not to hate his enemies. >> i said, didn't you hate those people when you went in? i seen the pictures of you as a young man. you were really mad. he said, i realized they could take everything from me, everything except my mind and my heart. those things i would have to give them, and he said i decided not to give them away. and he looked right at me and he said, "neither should you." the heat was really being turned up in congress, and mbeki looked at me and he said, madiba told me to give you a message. he said i have no earthly idea what it means, but you would know what it means. i said what did he tell you? he said i should remind you not to give them away. >> very interesting. and there are the two of them in nelson mandela's jail cell on robben island. president clinton will also go to south africa for the funeral in the coming weeks. and now to mexico. police are blocking acre stoes a hospital where six people are now being tested for radiation
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poisoning. you remember this story, right, from earlier in the week? the truck that was carrying that dangerous radioactive material that was stolen. police now say that six people in the hospital are all suspects in that robbery and that that container had been opened, and it could be deadly. all six suspects, though, are said to be in stable condition, and that is tonight's "speed read." all right, let's go to the new evidence now that the obama administration knew more than they were telling us about the obama care rollout problems. the house energy and commerce committee uncovering some documents that they revealed that have some startling information about the online small business exchange troubles. it's known as shock. committee member congressman adam kinsinger joins me now. thank you for joining me tonight. >> good to be here. >> you've got to scratch your head, because if you're rolling something out and you want it to be a big success and you know you've got a problem, i mean, any business would say, look, get out ahead of it, just come clean, say it's not ready, it's
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going to be ready soon. but it just boggles the mind. that's not what happened here, and you guys learned some interesting things about this particular program. >> yeah, well, we learned that the administration actually knew in august that this was not going to work, that it was going to have to be delayed. then they announced it kind of just before the whole government shutdown time period, and then announced later around thanksgiving that this was going to have to be delayed a year. but you think about it, where does this come from? so in august tre was all this talk of we need to delay the health care bill, and many of us republicans in congress, all of us voted to delay the health care bill, but he didn't want the bad press that would come out of the idea that it's not going to be perfect by the time it's supposed to be implemented, so they withheld that information, in my mind, until just before the government shutdown, because they knew that the shutdown would be the story and not necessarily the delay. so, this is what we've seen by the administration. and i know the american people just want to be told the truth. you know, if this isn't working, tell us how you're going to fix
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it, tell us why, but instead, what we find out is the administration hid this for a couple of months, and you know, they couldn't even find out more. >> it's the great irony, and you're right to go back and think about what was happening during that time period, but it's interesting. the president at that time was saying, you know, these republicans, they don't want you to get health care coverage. they're, you know, mean, basically. they said, you know, they want it to be delayed, but we want you to get the health care coverage that you need. if you're not covered, you should be covered and that's what we want. so, ironically, you folks were offering a delay at that point, that perhaps, you know, if they had taken it, it would have given them time to work the whole thing out a little bit better. and ironically, people who want to be covered now are not, and folks who were are also not. >> yeah. i mean, think about this. had the president come out and said he knew the problems that were coming, but he didn't have to tell the american people that he knew the problems. he could have just said, look, in the spirit of bipartisanship, we need to delay this a year. and i think the american people would have said, wow,
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republicans and democrats work together. but the truth is, this has become an issue about, you know, we're going to ram this through. eventually, it's going to work out. and the hope on the administration and the democrats' side is that eventually, people are going to look back and say we had some troubles but it all worked out. but keep in mind, too, they testified to our committee that everything was on track, that the website was on track, the exchanges were on track. >> yeah. >> and it's just not the case. and you know, look, again, tell the american people the truth. that's all they want to hear and they'll take whatever news comes. >> there's another interesting revelation i want to get i here in the last minute we have left because there are e-mails that go back and forth, and cgi promised it was going to be ready. this is the small business exchange part of the whole thing. and they said they needed six more weeks, and a cms official says, can we sign this in blood? so, they were worried, you know? they said, are you serious? are you really going to be better in six weeks? and it's interesting that the president says, you know, nobody told me, and this is going back and forth between these two
11:35 pm
entities. >> look, i hate to pile on, but you think about it, the president has always said nobody tells me about whatever comes out in his administration. i wonder if he actually even talks to anybody in his administration. but yeah, this, obviously, they were worried. they should have been worried, but they should have told congress! you know, when you have a $500 million website that at the end of the day is going to be $1 billion, i mean, there's some outrage there that the american people -- we're so fast and loose with money in washington, d.c., that $1 billion doesn't seem like much, but that's a lot. that could have made a real difference in people's lives. and look, we need answers on the committee. we're going to continue to get to the bottom of this. again, the american people, just tell them the truth. they're willing to hear whatever news it is, and we can, you know, work together and move on from there. >> interesting stuff today from your committee. congressman, thank you very much. >> it was great being here. thank you. >> you, too. all right, so, some small business owners say that obama care could put them out of business, they're saying. and now they're going to take their case to a judge. griff jenkins reports. >> reporter: a fresh, new legal
11:36 pm
challenge to obama care began in federal court this week as a group of business owners and individuals from states who opted out of creating a state exchange are fighting an irs regulation which theybelieve is unlawful, financially damaging and exposes them to massive employer and individual obligations. david cleminsic of west virginia is one of the plaintiffs who says he will be affected. >> i'm a sole proprietor in a retail shop in a very small community, population 385, i believe it is now, and there's not a lot of customer base to grow for expansion. there's enough to maintain. i'm happy with where i am, but there's not enough to grow, and it would be an added expense that would make me have to really evaluate whether to continue to do business or not. >> reporter: the plaintiffs argue that the plain text of the law limits subsidies to consumers in states that have created their own exchange, making it illegal for them to be offered through the federal
11:37 pm
exchange. michael canon is director of health policy studies at the cato institute. >> if the federal government establishes the exchange, those subsidies are not available, which means the subsidies aren't there to trigger penalties against employers and those individuals. so, what the obama administration is doing is saying, no, we're going to offer those subsidies in the 34 states that have refused to establish an exchange. the law does not allow them to do that. but when they do that, if they get away with it, then those subsidies will trigger, those illegal subsidies, will trigger illegal penalties against employers and individuals in those states. >> reporter: the government argues that the plaintiffs are misreading the law and taking a statute out of context, but that argument was not enough to stop a federal judge from allowing the suit from going forward. david, tell us, why are you suing the federal government? >> the affordable health care act is making it difficult on my business, making it very difficult to do business for a small entity like me, so, i'm either going to have to alter the way i do business or go on
11:38 pm
some sort of a relief program let's face it, the government's broke. they just don't to keep doling out and bringing more and more people in and i don't need the product. you would be paying for my health insurance. it's something that i don't even need. and yeah, i do have a philosophical problem with that. >> reporter: if the judge rules in favor of the plaintiffs, what does it mean for obama care? >> if those subsidies are not available in the 34 states that said no to an exchange what it means is that consumers in those states will see the full cost of obama care, and that is what the obama administration is afraid of, that with all the problems they've had so far, if consumers see the full cost of obama care in their premiums, there is going to be an even greater backlash against this law and congress will reopen it. >> interesting, right? well, the judge says he will make a ruling on that case soon. and straight ahead tonight, some critics say that the democrats think that if they keep repeating things that aren't true, that eventually, they'll either become true or people will start to believe
11:39 pm
them. you're going to hear from a young man who's losing his health plan and we'll hear what he has to say about that, coming up right after this break.
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ed mr. we have a good question for you tonight. which would you choose, your harley or your wife? a virginia man says that his wife is forcing him to make that decision, so he's turning to internet to get some help with that decision. bob white selling his harley-davidson motorcycle or his wife? on craigslist for $5,900.
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there they both are. white says he will accept the best offer for the bike or the wife. of course, white adds descriptions of both as you do when you sell something on the internet, right? it says "sportster, beautiful bike, pearl white with black and orange accent stripes." for the wife, "beautiful edition, white with a mean streak." [ laughter ] it says he will accept trade-ins. this is terrible. you be the judge. is posting an online ad the best way to make a bizarre decision like this one? does anyone think he's going to sell his wife? i don't think so. go to and vote in that poll. move over, van damme. a gutsy political candidate taking on obama care and a truck split -- you remember this, right -- at the same time. that's coming up
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what he said was true. >> okay. >> if you want to keep your
11:45 pm
insurance you have, you can keep it. the problem is, we did not put the bill into effect that way. there's a lot of things that kick in and there have been three changes in anyone's policy sense then. it's not the same policy. >> oh, really? really? 26-year-old andrew leonard knows that that's not true. the maryland i.t. consultant is losing his plan that he liked. he told greta here last month "on the record" just that. now he's back. he's going to tell us what he thinks about senate majority leader harry reid's statement right there. andrew, good evening. >> thank for having me. >> he was tripping over his words a bit trying to explain that whole thing. do you believe hi >> it's garbage. president obama wouldn't have said it like that if he wasn't trying to appease the people, you know? we all were afraid we're going to lose our plans, and he was saying we weren't going to. it's that simple. just because a plan expires and
11:46 pm
renews every year doesn't make a difference. harry reid's just mincing words there. i know i'm going to have to pay three times as much for my health coverage to keep a similar plan. it's just, it's unfair. >> three times? >> yeah, three times. i pay $100 a month now, and i'll be paying $300 a month starting in 2015. >> so, we showed earlier, i'm not sure you saw it, they did a video contest of a girl probably about your age, maybe a little bit younger, and she's singing a song about, you know, obama care and you've got the president saying, you know, get your bartender to talk to you about it, yo parents to talk to you about it. he really, really wants folks your age, you are right in the wheelhouse, he needs you to sign up for this. what do you think about it? >> well irks know that not everybody my age is like me. i work very hard, probably work 60 hours a week, so i make more than most people my age, and i'm getting penalized for it. i mean, maybe i should just quit what i'm doing and go stay at
11:47 pm
home and live off the government. >> you know, you said something interesting. you said if these plans are so good, why would they have to work so hard at selling them? and i think there's a lot of truth to that. if a product's good, you know, apple doesn't have to work that hard to sell their products. everybody wants them. >> yeah, it's crazy, actually. i mean, my plan is really in line with what they want everybody to have. the only thing my plan doesn't have is pediatric dental, and i don't even have any kids, so that doesn't even matter. the big thing that everybody's been worried about is lifetime limits and pre-existing conditions and all that, and my plan doesn't have a problem with that. it supports all of that. >> so, you want to keep the plan that you had that was 100 bucks a month, i would imagine, but the reason that you lost it, is it because something changed in that plan? it's sort of a -- you know, it's kind of a cute comment, that, oh, well, you can keep it, but if a little thing changes, it's
11:48 pm
really not the same plan, right? >> yeah, i honestly believe that the only reason that my plan can't renew is pediatric dental. it has everything else, and maybe because it's not one of those silver, gold medal kind of standards. >> did you try to get your old plan renewed? because the president said, you know, he would free up those insurance companies to let you keep what you had after that mistake was made. >> yeah, i'm good until november of next year. i could technically renew it this month to keep it through december, but regardless, that doesn't really appeal to me. i just want to be able to keep my plan indefinitely. >> before i let you go, are a lot of your friends, folks your age signing up for it, for obama care? >> i don't think it's really front of mind for everybody. i think it's just not a reality yet for them because they will have someone else taking care of them, whether it's they're on
11:49 pm
their parents' plan or their employer's plan. being self-employed, i don't have that option, so it really affects me immediately and directly. >> all right, andrew. thank you for sharing your story with us. good luck with all of it. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> you bet. so, there is no doubt about it, obama care needs people like andrew and all of his friends, but interesting polls now are saying that people aren't convinced that they need it, and they're not so sure about president obama anymore, either, according to some of these recent polls, one of them from harvard. we're going to tell you what
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
now it's time to show you some of what we're watching tonight. we put together the coolest videos that are out there. take a look. trick shot titus is getting some big star power.
11:52 pm
this kid is so cute. 2-year-old badly beat actors bradley cooper and channing tatum in a hoops contest. the movie stars made a video to lament their loss. >> we've got to talk about something. >> i think i played very good. >> i thought you were going to let me win. >> i don't have the eye of the tiger you do. >> you crush me in the basketball things. >> i think if i train a little bit more -- >> i could body slam you right now, but i am not going to. >> and you know, eat right and get some sleep. >> we'll arm wrestle for the next challenge, okay? >> now maybe i could have it. >> the focus right now, it's intimida intimidating. you're an intimidating guy. >> yeah? challenge me at arm wrestling, yes? >> it's so cute! at least they didn't hit him in the ball like brian kilmeade, remember that? so, titus beat tatum 14-5 and 14-8 over bradley cooper. this kid is good. and you probably remember this, the jean-claude van damme volvo ad. the actor did a split, we think, between two moving trucks.
11:53 pm
and now a georgia congressional candidate's making his own ad. republican mike collins promotes his campaign, slams obama care and does a split all at the same time. watch. ♪ >> now i stand here before you, what you see is a small businessman confronted with obama care, a disastrous government plan that defies the laws of the market in a mindset that government knows better. >> i don't know if that's really a split, but we'll see. what do you think? do you think that counts? coming up tonight, does president obama have a rebellion of sorts on his hands? why a lot of young people, according to some very interesting, new polls, seem to be changing their mind about the president. that's coming up. we'll be right back. test test
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
you know how many promises are in the campaign that he hasn't been able to keep? >> i think a younger president could understand what younger people needed, but i think we've seen a complete shift in his ability to follow through with those promises. >> there's not much change at all, and he promised change, so i can understand why people aren't really happy with him. >> some unhappy, young invincibles, changing their mind a little bit, according to their own words, about president obama. those were students from american university where the president was talking to them just yesterday, and they're not alone, because many young people are just frustrated with the president. they're not thrilled with his signature legislation, apparently, either. take a look at this "national journal" poll that just came out. more than half of 18 to
11:57 pm
29-year-olds say that it is likely that obama care is going to be repealed, they think. joining us now is kennedy, the host of the new show called "the independents" on fox business network. kennedy, good to have you here tonight. welcome! >> oh, martha, thanks so much. it's great to see you. >> it's great to see you, too. so, what do you make of this? >> i think that millennials are psychic, because the majority of them do feel that the president's centerpiece of especially his second term is going to be repealed, and the interesting thing is 40% think that their care is going to get much worse in the near future, and these are from people who haven't even been sick yet. i mean, you're talking about a group of americans, a demographic that has never really needed insurance and that they're bailing, it has reached critical mass, certainly. >> let's take a look because these polls were interesting, too. and i want to pull up some of the harvard poll numbers as well. they asked 18 to 29-year-olds,
11:58 pm
who did you vote for in the 2012 election. 55% of them said president obama. they asked them, would you vote for president obama again? and only 46% said that they would. and let's take a look at this other one i thought was interesting as well, because this asked them, what do you care about? what concerns young americans the most? 45% said the economy. only 18% said health care. and economic inequality, which the president's spending a lot of time talking about these days, kennedy, only 1% care to hear about that at all. >> yeah, that's the 1% that's very inconvenient for the president. normally, when he talks about the 99%, he thinks he's speaking to the masses, but this once rabid fan base has obviously grow completely cold on that issue. and i don't know why the president continues to harp on it when it's obama care that is pulling him down like an anchor. >> so, kennedy, you are an anchor, and you're going to have a couple of people anchoring
11:59 pm
there with you. tell us about your new show! >> oh, i'm so glad you asked that. it's premiering monday night on fox business network, the sister station to fox news. and i will be hosting along with matt welch, who is the editor in chief of "reason" magazine, and camille foster from free think media. a bunch of free thinkers batting around ideas, talking to people and really trying to have an interesting, engaged dialogue and try to figure out why a majority of americans consider themselves independents. they are no longer tethered to a failing two-party system. >> yeah, that is really interesting, you know. when you look at the numbers, and these kids in the numbers, too, the 18 to 29-year-olds, most of them, by a long shot, consider themselves independent. so, you've got a great title for the new show monday night on the business channel. good luck, kennedy. welcome aboard. great to have you with us. >> thank you, martha. >> join her for "the independents" monday night at 9:00 on the business network. tune in. sounds great! thank you for being with us tonight, everybody. greta will be back on monday
12:00 am
night here at 7:00 p.m. eastern, and i will see you on monday morning in "america's newsroom." have a terrific weekend, everybody. thanks for being with us. goodnight, everybody. welcom tonight,. >> onlying up on "red eye."omin did this man build the world's firs robot capable of c devouring a human soul? plus is the government puttingpt a chemical in hairspray that can control your thoughts? >> that's our goal. that work continues today. a >> andnd finally christmas penguins. the behind the scenes look toe m have the adorable birds replace the british monarchy.neo none of these stories on "red tn eye" tonight.nd >> and now let's welcome our guest. she is a slinky minx who doesn't stink. we we hope she is sober.


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