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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 8, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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e-mail us at our home page fox buzz. give us a like on facebook. we post comments and pictures there. from all of us on media buzz, thanks for watching. we begin with a fox news extreme weather alert attachment a look at that. they are stuck. because of all the snow and ice you're looking live at dallas-ft. worth international airport. crews are now working to clear the runways in the middle of the ice, the snow and the sleet that right now is hammering parts of this nation on this sunday. meanwhile, take a look at these folks, passengers at dfw terminals. they have no choice right now but just to wait it out. officials have canceled or delays hundreds of flights over the past few days. 400 flights canceled today. as they say right now, there is no telling when things will get completely back to normal.
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hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters today. >> i feel so bad for those folks. >> isn't it horrible, when you've got to sleep on the ground, the floor of the terminal. >> i hope they get where they are going. if you're driving, i hope you'll be careful, too. this is the second round of harsh winter weather that's really hit us in the last week. first it slammed the west. now it's making its way south and up the east coast. emergency officials, in fact, in virginia are preparing for what they are already describing as a, quote, historic ice event. i heard his teeth chattering a bit. brian, live in new york city with more. how bad is it now? >> temperature is 32 in midtown new york, that's cold enough here. it feels colder than that. in some parts of the nation it's definitely below freezing. the winter storm wreaked havoc in and around areas of dallas, texas, little rock, arkansas,
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memphis, tennessee. it's bringing dangerous winter mix of rain, sleet, snow to cities on the east coast and mid-atlantic states. new york city, boston, baltimore, philadelphia, and washington, d.c. will be dealing with the storm throughout the day. going into monday morning, if dallas, texas, is any indication, this storm's major threat is ice. the winter storm or friday and saturday causing dangerous icy conditions in dallas leading to power outages, flight cancellations, traffic accidents and tree damage. ice up to four inches thick was reported on one interstate. at one point there was as many as left without power in frigid temperatures. that number wording to encore power and light there was down to about 40,000 this morning. this morning there are also about 400 flight cancellations out of dallas-ft. worth international airport, about 2,000 passengers forced to sleep in the terminals overnight as crews continue clearing ice from
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runways and roadways. take a look at this photo. ice in dallas so bad, canopy smashed over boats in lewisville. traffic a dead stop due to ice build up. i'm standing blocks away from the mecca of holiday shopping on 5th avenue in new york city. analysts say this weekend could have an impact on sales. >> it could have a significant effect. that's when the bulk of shoppers hit the stores. this year we have six fewer shopping days between thanksgiving and christmas. that's one a weekend, four weekends instead of five. that could have a major impact if retailers lose three days of prime time for shoppers to get to the stores and start buying. >> again, though, the best bet is to stay off the roads if you can. this wintry mix and ice while it
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may be heading to retailers, it poses a real danger to commuters out there. stay safe. >> it looks slippery where you are. thanks so much, brian. eric. >> just reporting ice is really a danger. that's not just dealing with airplanes and also dealing on the road. of course the branches come down and cut off your electricity. meteorologist janice dean there in the live "weather center" with the very latest. ice can really be a danger, janice. >> certainly we'll see power outages across the mid-atlantic, ohio valley and mid-atlantic as we expect ice buildup. storm system seeing heavy snow over the midwest and heavy rain as well on the warm side of this storm system. it's the ice we're concerned with across portions of kentucky, west virginia and virginia. accumulations are expected over the next 12 to 24 hours. d.c. right now getting mainly snow, but it's going to move
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into that wintry mix over the next several hours. so very nice white house shot, the capital. whiter than usual. it's going to transition as we go throughout the day. i am concerned with the evening commute and tomorrow morning's commute for parts of the northeast. so lets take a look at it. we have winter weather advisories, warnings in the pinks here. we have ice storm watches. also ice storm warnings and freezing rain watches in the morning for parts of north carolina through virginia as well. they just lifted one for tennessee. that's great news. again, it's a dangerous commute. the good thing is, it's a sunday. people don't really need to be on the road. certainly stay indoors where it's safe if you live anywhere where you see the pink. there's the 32 degrees line. as we track it throughout the day today, d.c. you're really going to see a mix of very bad weather for the next several hours.
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it's going to encroach into new york city overnight and a rain event on the coast and out of here by monday evening. again, next 12 to 24 hours will be trying for those across i-95 corridor. planes are going to be canceled. >> you have to watch out for black ice personal after sunset. that can really be a danger. >> absolutely. >> all right, janice. stay on it. thanks so much. great advice, janice. thanks so much. top maryland official in charge of obama exchange, did you hear this? reportedly resigning now. that would be the first official to leave a job since the troubled rollout of the health care law. national correspondent live in washington. steve, what do you hear about this one? >> jamie, it's not only that federal obama care website you hear so much about that had its difficulties, the state as well. rebecca pierce in charge of the troubled website run by the state of maryland resigned friday. according to our baltimore affiliates, some lawmakers are hinting she was forced out.
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the maryland website signed up just over 3,000 people by november 23rd and only 700 more people one week later. the goal by the end of march is 150,000. lieutenant governor saying things clearly did not go as planned. >> everyone involved in launching the exchange is responsible and that includes me. >> meantime republicans continue to point out the shortcomings of obama care. here is rand paul. >> we're for competition. we're for selling insurance across state lines. above all we're for driving premiums down. the problem under the old system, premiums were too high. under obama care, the premiums are even higher. i don't see any way obama care can work. >> one of the architects of obama care was pressed on another promise the president made that turned out to be true. >> the president said you had
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unlimited choice of any doctor across the united states. >> no. he asked a question, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. did he not say that? >> he didn't say unlimited choice. >> yes or no. did he say if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor? >> yes. if you want to pay more for an insurance company that covers your doctor, you can do that. >> also today insurance brokers are complaining they are having trouble helping their clients because of problem with information at the back end of troubled obama care enrollment process. jamie. >> steve, thanks for your report, live in washington. good to see you, steve purchase good to see you. >> there are concerns about privacy of folks. "los angeles times" reporting the exchange gave out personal information of tens of thousands of people apparently without their permission. it turns out the customers had been doing research about it online. they didn't even fill out an application for it. state director of the insurance exchange defending what
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happened. he said the information was shared to help ease the process, he says, for the consumers. >> well, now to the latest on the effort to rein in iran's nuclear program. a team of u.n. nuclear inspectors are visiting a heavy water production plant in iran that the country agreed to open to inspectors as part of the agreement that was made last month. all of this comes as president obama and iranian president hassan rouhani both defended that interim deal with iran that calls for the country to cap the amount of uranium enrichment in exchange for a bit of easing of the sanctions it was facing. president obama says the u.s. needs to see if the deal with iran will work out and gives it a 50/50 chance. critics say that is too big a risk. >> in the pacific, china said we want it, so now south korea is doing it, expanding its air defense zone. the country responding to recent actions by china that decided to
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suddenly expand their zone over those disputed islands in the east china sea. now the new development is sparking concerns over a possible broader project in the region. the zone would include two small islands along with a rock that's been submerged and is part of the dispute with beijing. >> this morning our thoughts and prayers are with billy graham and his family. we hear his health is on the decline. he was hospitalized last month for a respiratory problem shortly after his 95th birthday. according to his son, his father has been very weak and unable to gain his strength chlgt he suffered from various illnesses in recent years. the reverended family is asking you as well for your prayers. it is a solemn sunday in south africa, as the nation mourns the death of nelson mandela. lets take a look live at the crowd gathered at the anti-apartheid leader's home.
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live now 7:10 p.m. in south africa, as you can see, the flowers and the candles and the cards and the notes and letters of caring and love and remembrance just get bigger and bigger, this as south africa's president has called today a national day of prayer and reflection. live in johannesburg with the very latest on this very special sunday. >> eric, we are just outside of nelson mandela's former, his final home. in fact, inside right now there is yet another prayer service going on that's being relayed to the hundreds and hundreds of people who have gathered here tonight nearby across the country today in churches and synagogues and mosques, filled with workers for the man called the father of south africa. one man with the ex-wife of nelson mandela, winnie, asked for people to pray for the nation.
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here is more of what we saw and heard earlier today at this wonderful, warm scene. >> it is supposed to be a day of prayer and reflection for the late nelson mandela. but as you can see and hear in this johannesburg neighborhood, it is a day of song and praise for the father of this country. they sang, chanted, all races, young and old, important to be as close as possible to the place where the father of the country had his last breath. the person who helped rid the country of apartheid and lead to a democratic government is no more. >> passed away thursday night in a johannesburg neighborhood. a huge mountain of flowers is being laid by his fans, by his
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friends, by the people of this country as they come here to pray, to mourn, to celebrate, to express their dealings. >> as you can see, the nation is mourning. we've lost a big hero. >> he did a lot. >> meant a lot to me. >> a terrible loss to all of us. >> for everyone. >> for everybody. >> when mandela i was celebrating, now with my baby. it's a bittersweet time for us. >> reporter: that's wonderful stuff, folks. as emotional and overwhelming as the scenes are today, tonight and tuesday are shaping up as a big day, a massive day where the world will pay attention to this man who is considered to be the father of south africa, maybe a global icon fighting for freedom. it is on that day that there will be a massive event at the soccer stadium here in johannesburg. tens of thousands of people in attendance and dignitaries, heads of state from all around
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the world will be there, including four u.s. presidents, president obama and former president george w. bush, clinton, and carter. the body of nelson mandela will lay in state three days in the capital of pretoria and then he'll be buried at his home village several hundred miles away. one more note, jamie and eric, one more note we're seeing in the media, thursday night when nelson mandela passed, he was off life support. he was breathing on his own. he was sleeping. according to one person who was there, he just seemed to give up. he fought and won so many more battles before that. back to you. >> all right, greg. much more on his life and legacy in just a moment. thank you. former new york city mayor david dinkins will be joining us coming up. meanwhile lawmakers on capitol hill are getting harsh criticism
9:15 am
as their approval rating dipped. is the so-called do nothing congress doing more than we think. >> as we said and as jamie just mentioned, the world is mourning the death of nelson mandela. the next guest, the guy right there on the left, he was the first official to welcome mandela to our country and then became his friends, former new york city mayor, mayor din inside will join us in a moment and his reflections on nelson mandela. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ [ female announcer ] can you bridge a divide with a fresh baked brownie? ♪ yes! yes you can. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house. bake the world a better place it's donut friday at the office. aso every friday morning they psend me out to get the goods. but what they don't know is that i'm using my citi thankyou card at the coffee shop,
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remember nelson mandela. reporting officials services begin in south africa on tuesday, presidents obama, bush and carter will all attend. nelson mandela visited our country just after he was released from prison back in 1990. our next guest was the man who matt him at the airport in new york city. quote, mandela was a genuine hero, also my personal hero, a transcend ant symbol of freedom, he believed against overwhelming odds he would one day succeed. he was ready to die for his beliefs. there may have been people equal in modern history but i would dare say no one was ever greater. joining us new york city mayor david dinkins. mr. mayor, welcome. >> good to see you again. >> good to see you, too.
9:20 am
we know him and remember him as an icon. you knew him personally. what was he like as a person? >> that's the thing that was most amazing about him, total absence of bitterness. i don't know who among us after having been imprisoned for more than 27 years in protest against a cause you deeply believe could behave as he did. but here is a man who when they asked him why aren't you angry and what not? his response was to be angry was to continue to be in prison. he was the same always. you wondered, was that his publ was he different in private? he was the same -- he stayed with us at gracie mansion. we have a granddaughter. you notice i see we, not i.
9:21 am
my wife taught me that. our granddaughter was born in february. this was june. so she was a little bitty thing. whether he was holding her or with the rest of us at small, intimate dinners, he was the same as when he was -- i'll never forget he was interviewed by ted koppel on night line and ted koppel leaned in and said, mr. mandela, the communist. they were the only ones that helped us. next question. >> you're talking about the controversial part, that he aligned himself with revolution areas like fidel castro, gaddafi and was briefly a member of the communist party. as you write about that in the book, he transcended that when he became president. he certainly didn't seem to follow -- and such. how did he do that?
9:22 am
how did he transcend that? >> he believed so deeply in his cause. keep in mind what apartheid was like. here he had a small white minority that controlled the fast population and assets. south africa is a beautiful country with many, many assets. it was terrible what was going on there. i visited south africa more than once. i was there, my bride and i, and a small delegation from our administration. we were there in '91 as a guest. >> you met them there. you talk about the bitterness and lack of anger. he didn't go after his opponents. he started truth and reconciliation. >> isn't that something?
9:23 am
truth and reconciliation commission, no one perhaps but he and bishop tutu, desmond tutu could have done such a thing. imagine if war ii someone had said lets have truth and reconciliation. you'd have had world war iii. >> is that a sense of legacy, instead of being out for revenge and this sort of thing, he invited jailers to his inauguration? what does that say to you, to what he means and what legacy he will keep? >> you're so right. far more than certainly i could have been, the way he behaved. when you say his jailers, these were not the people on high, but these were the day to day guards. he saw that they were seated in preferential seating and what not. >> was it something his spirit that made him persevere, his soul. you sat with him one-on-one many
9:24 am
times. humble man. what did he say? >> funny thing. i got to go to south africa a few times every year for a little while for other business purposes. my wife when i'd come home would say, did he see mr. mandela. yes. what did he say? how is joyce? she said, he didn't say that. he did. he was a very likable guy what a sweetheart. every year i send him a note, e-mail that says happy birthday madiba. he and i both born in july. happy birthday, madiba. when you're 109, i'll be 100 and we'll meet and have a drink. i won't get to send that note anymore. >> clearly an emotional
9:25 am
situation for you. >> indeed. >> and for the world. mayor dinkins, as always, our gratitude. >> nice to see you again. >> used to cover you all the time. >> i know. >> while the world remembers nelson mandela, a wonderful tribute from someone who knew him calling him a sweetheart. we'll be right back. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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welcome back. the author of the patriot act is now calling for the resignation as well as the prosecution of president obama's top intel chief. republican congressman james sensenbrenner says director of intelligence james clapper knowingly lied to congress when he told senate intel committee in march the nsa, quote, does
9:30 am
not witnessingly collect information on americans. listen to the testimony. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not witingingly. there are cases they could inadvertently collect but not witingly. joining me congressman, i'm very interested to hear your comments on this topic. it's a question of no they don't, but maybe they do. what did you hear in terms of an answer, first of all, whether nsa is listening. >> general clapper was in an impact position. the week prior to that at a top secret meeting of the
9:31 am
intelligence committee, closed meeting, he did tell them what the nsa was doing. never expecting to be asked that in public, then you're letting the enemy know what we're doing and capable of. he would say it is technically accurate, nsa doesn't keep track of names, address. all it lists are phone calls made, doesn't say who made them, what their address is, the content of the call. he's in a situation where he was not expecting that question because they already knew what the answer was. if he saw everything publicly, he was in a difficult decision. >> even so, under sworn testimony you're expected to tell the truth. now there are calls for him to be prosecuted for no, sir telling the truth. is a question of national security by giving more information than he gave that day a reason to have not said the same thing he said behind those closed doors? >> i think he had a dual on
9:32 am
obligation. he wanted to save american lives. he told as much of the truth as he could. senator wyden knew what the answer would be. as far as sensenbrenner, to think of prrg him is wrong. he's carrying this too far, his opposition to what nsa is doing. they are doing a phenomenal job. they are not listening to phone calls, reading e-mails, they are keeping metadata. before anything can be done, nsa has to go to court to get a warrant. nsa doing a terrific job. >> at the same time when you look at one example, the boston bombers. if they had any information on them, we're not necessarily utilizing the nsa's information in time to save lives. >> as far as i know, there were no phone calls made prior to the boston bombing. there have been many other instances including attempted
9:33 am
subway bombing in 2009 which could have incinerated hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the new york city subway system. nsa was involved in stopping that the information we got from them, any number of other cases or instances where nsa has worked. in the case of the boston bombing, there were no phone calls made i'm aware of. >> we were promised transparency in this administration. it's a fine line i suppose when it comes to national security. but are we getting what we're promised and is the justice department in terms of your report card on them, lets say, doing what they need to do to call out those not giving us what we were promised without jeopardizing american lives. look at benghazi? >> the justice department is not doing its job. with benghazi, there's so much not made public, should be made public. that would lead to further investigations. the first moment of the benghazi attack, the administration was not telling the truth. they knew from the first moment it was not a demonstration, not
9:34 am
caused by a video. that was a coordinated terrorist attack carried out with very sophisticated mortar rounds. they knew exactly what they were doing. the administration to this day was not telling the truth on that. >> should heads roll? >> absolutely. at least heads should roll. an indictment, if you will, at least a political indictment of those responsible. why wasn't there more security out of benghazi, why allowed to go there with such a small amount of security, why were there no military resources in the area. >> as far as the nsa and clapper, you're okay with it. >> i support nsa, support general clapper, support general alexander. these are outstanding people serving their country keeping us safe. >> i know that is your goal in life. thank you so much. congressman peter king of new york who spent most of his career keeping an eye on homeland security. thank you, sir, very much. eric. >> thanks, jamie. have you heard about this? prices dropping in a big way for electric cars.
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well, have you heard about congress what they did not get done? passing a record low 56 bills. take a look at this poll. congress has a disapproval rating. man o man, 86%, 90% approved, what some are calling do nothing congress. republican leaders say what they stopped from happening is more important than what they passed?
9:39 am
is it? lets turn to chrformer chief of staff, political analyst, good to see you both. angela, let me start with you. why is not passing legislation, according to some, a got thing. >> this will be one time where i disagree with my party. bottom line is this, you can't say what you stop the president on when you have an unemployment rate of 7%. a lot of people are suffering these days and they are going to want to know what did you do and why did you do it? the blame game isn't going to work. it's not going to work from both sides. it's not just republicans but both sides. >> chris, do you agree with angela? >> any time you have one party and they go out there -- the health care bill they tried to repeal it 40 times, at some point american people are going what are you doing?
9:40 am
when it dos congressional approval, the house worked hard to earn those low approval numbers. you can be the opposition but have you to offer another agenda. that's where republicans keep falling apart? >> the disapproval rating is not the republican house but the congress as a whole. that means democratic leader as well. this has been do nothing congress. when you've passed 56 and 44 of them substantial, we don't have a budget, it's like groundhog day all over again. they are going to blame someone. it's going to be both house leerps and senate. >> the cliff thing, the budget, all this is going to happen again. the poll says 86% of americans blame legislators in washington for not getting anything done. how can this country break through the logjam? >> that's a great question. i wish i had the answer. i think the country will have to at some point, the leadership of both sides will have to come to
9:41 am
the fact you have to address challenges whether fiscal, immigration, fixing the health care bill. whatever it is, american people want answers, solutions. you can play the party game, political fight, it ends up blowing up in your face. republicans if you look head to head suffer more of the criticism. that's just the fact and reality. >> the president has done divisive politics and deflection and some in your party have done race-baiting. you are right, chris, they want solutions. they don't want politics, they want policy. people are tired of living paycheck to paycheck losing their homes. some people can't get a job. >> how do we get there, angela? what do you do in washington? >> if you continue to have partisanship, you're going to have a lame duck president. i believe midterm elections, gop
9:42 am
has a grand opportunity to reach out to those pop that have suffered the most. they can take over the house and senate if they do grassroots advocacy, if the tea party and party establishment would join as one we have a grand opportunity. >> chris, last word. >> a lot of this is going to fall on republicans come midterms, what do they want to do. for example, take immigration. if you want to address this issue and to be viable at a national level, you have to put something forward. if you're going to be basically trapped by fringe within your own party, you end up doing nothing. part of that is the reality. they have to come to the fact divisions are not -- >> senate republicans do something about immigration, chris. >> not house republicans. >> approval rate, low rate but we're out of time. angela, lame duck president has three years to go. >> i got you. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> we will be right back. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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there is a brand-new trend at cal dealerships. while prices on other vehicles have been rising year to year automakers are slashing the price tag on electric tars. lets bring in fox business
9:47 am
correspondent. i like these cars. they are getting better looking, some of them. >> some of them are. you're going to tell us about the good and bad. >> i'm going to tell yo about the latest one with a huge price discount. some may be because production costs going down. you remember when you bought a computer 10 years ago and how much it costs and now you can get one cheap was technology is improving. but mainly i think it's because people aren't buying these things. this is a mitsubishi. >> we just saw. >> looks like a battery car. >> like the tesla? am i talking apples and oranges? >> yes, it's beautiful. they said not many drivers are going to spend time in them. it's kind of like a top end golf cart. >> will they be a thing of the past? >> i don't think so. it's cheap. right now gas prices are low so
9:48 am
people aren't buying them. when gas prices were high, you couldn't even get into a prius. you were on a waiting list. these are down to $16,000 when you include federal tax credits. the government encourages you. >> tell us about those? is it worth it to do it for the tax credit? >> it's a good deal. average price is $30,000. you can't go very far on it, not happy in it. i haven't ridden in it. i'm just talking about what consumer reports said. >> you would class it up. >> i would pimp that ride, absolutely. >> what are car manufacturers thinking? is this a big bottom line boost for them or will they back off because they are not earning money on them? >> they are really cutting into their margins. they are doing that because there's no other way to move these things off the lot.
9:49 am
again, a lot has to do with gas prices. once they go up we see more demand. prices for other cars are going up. in one month from october to november, on average 3%, 1.1% year over year. these drastic price cuts could get them off the lot. >> would be nice to get into a tesla. >> it's a pretty car. >> as far as the gas prices you're talking about, the gas taxes are going up? >> they could. lots of talk that the gas tax is the way to fund -- can't find money anywhere. why not add more to the gas tax like they do in europe. >> right around holiday team. >> sorry to be the grinch. >> good to see you. catch brenda on bulls and bears at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. eric.
9:50 am
eric. >> jamie, i'm here. now back to international news. syria the human tragedy of astounding proportions continue there. there is sadly no end to the suffering in sight. for a look beyond that news, here is liz. >> reporter: the war in syria, birth place of christianity, cries for humanitarian attention. syria's needs are basic and dire. food, water, shelter, and safety for a people besieged by the violence of islamist and sectarian cruelty. relief convoys carrying food and medical are blocked. kidnapping are rampant. in less than three years of the revolution, more than 125,000
9:51 am
people have died in the fighting, half of them children. 2 1/2 million are refugees, desperate to escape the indiscriminate civil war. the next is a crossing in a fishing boat or an equally dangerous escape over land. meanwhile, the 1994 genocide in rwanda. in both cases like today, the world stands by offering only sympathy. armed intervention is not an option. the u.n. has charged syria's president bashar al assad with war crimes but he shows no intention of leaving as his own forces gain strength through atrocities and through iran's surrogate, hezbollah. last week, a report surfaced
9:52 am
that a group of nations including iran, saudi arabia, russia, and the united states is engaged in direct talks with a coalition of religious militias that call itself the islamic front. the idea is two-fold. first, to undercut al qaeda is making steady gains in syria and across the middle east. secondly, it's an effort to persuade the islamic front to attend talks in geneva next month. the much promoted meeting forged at aiming some kind of traditional government. perhaps they might consider a way to ease the sifuffering of those who remain in the country just over the border. opt miss is not running high. reporting the syrian story has been described as a roll of dice for reporters and photographers who dare to enter the country.
9:53 am
al qaeda execute journalists routinely. one survivor described the country as a place of evil. the middle east has always been constant deceit, especially now that every country seems to have a role in the complicated dynamics of the neighborhood. trying to keep track of the players is a game of who's on first. at the moment, saudi arabia supports those who are against assad and turkey is hosting most of the refugees, lebanon opposes the assad regime, jordan stands with the u.s. and kuwait, a country we went to war to defend in 1991, is reported to be the source of enormous private cash for jihadist rebel groups. doesn't this indicate that syria is a place to avoid? still, there are humanitarian
9:54 am
concerns, rarely the top priority of governments. frankly, they have no shame so why not give the private sector a chance? suppose a dozen or so of the world's billionaires called a meeting to find a way to deliver aid to the starving refugees, unbound by bureaucratic red tape which they can cut with money and influence, the rich men and women of the world may find a way where government always fails. impractical, perhaps? perhaps not. it's worth a try. all that winter weather hitting the west is now slamming the east, too. the white house living up to its name. is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy.
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i wonder if this happens to you, when you wake up you are all alone.
9:59 am
that's exactly what happened to this man flying from louisiana to houston. he fell asleep in the back of the plane and when he woke up in houston, oops, the plane was pitch black and the doors were locked. >> i called my girlfriend and she thought i was crazy. i said, debbie, i'm locked on a plane. she said, tommy, stop. i said, i'm telling you the truth. you better call somebody to get me off the plane. >> thankfully he got off the plane. united airlines, of course, is investigating to see exactly what happened and they have apologized to mr. wagner. so at least he got to where he had to go. >> all that and no peanuts. it's hard to believe. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> and i'm eric shawn. you can follow me
10:00 am
on @ericshawnfox. >> we'll keep you posted on airplane cancellations, closures, and just all around your weather for your monday morning, too. take care. a powerful storm system spreading snow, sleet, and freezing rain. it's already hit the nation's midsection and now has its sight set on the mid-atlantic. it's causing massive flight cancellations at major airports and forecasters say this could turn into an historic storm event. secretary of state john kerry testifies before the house foreign affairs committee about the deal, ahead. we'll talk to the chairman of that committee about to to expect. and constitutional scholars say president obama is getting too powerful and exercising what the constitution was meant to avoid.


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