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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 8, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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thanks, joe. if you have your own hit or miss, send it to us at that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching, i hope to see you right here next week. a fox news alert, a dangerous weather blasting all over and welcome to america's news headquarters. we begin in milwaukee. ice and snow being blamed for several multicar pileups. they are cleaning this one up now. to washington, d.c., the snow coming down at a steady clip bringing with it the possibility of significant icing in the virginia area. and this is a live shot of philadelphia. the storm is moving eastward and now philadelphia is really feeling it. a blanket of snow already covering the city.
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meteorologist janice dean is in the fox extreme weather center with more. j.d.? >> at this time in the next hour oo so or in an hour or two we're going to see the snow moving into new york city. delays all over the northeast i-95 corridor as we go through the next 6 to 12 hours we're going to see significant delays up towards new york and boston tomorrow, interior sections as well. call ahead. if you're at the airport, expect those delays and cancellations, unfortunately. let's go out in time and show you where we'll see -- see the pink on the map? that's freezing rain and sleet. we could see a significant accumulation into this evening, into the overnight. that's new york. mainly a rain event but we're going to see snow and then a change over into that wintry mix and then an all-rain event starting in the afternoon and then towards the afternoon the
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dinnertime, up towards new england and then we'll be done with it. however, over the next 6 to 12 hours, things are going to be tricky. there's our forecast precipitation. this is one of our computer models. you can see the pinks on your screen. that includes the d.c. area. not safe to be on the roadways really for the next several hours and into the overnight and then we could see some snow. we've already seen several inches in one spot around the philadelphia area we saw one to two inches of snow an hour. incredible. and here's another forecast model. this might be a little bitten thus yas stibit enthusiastic. three to six inches over new jersey and pennsylvania. a lot of local forecasters north of d.c. were caught off guard with this forecast. they got a lot more snow than
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they were originally forecasted. this is a dynamic system, a very strong system, and it's going to continue to bring a lot of rain, snow, and a mix of what is so dangerous. people need to stay off the roads. back to you. >> good advice. we'll check back with you, janice dean. thanks. >> okay. israel sounding the alarm yet again over the nuclear deal with iran. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu speaking today to a forum on the mid-east policy in washington saying that iran could be forced to give up its nuclear program if tougher sanctions were to be applied. connor powell live in our jerusalem bureau with are more. connor? >> reporter: the u.s. may be prepared to continue enriching some uranium. that doesn't sit well with benjamin netanyahu who has long insisted that iran's nuclear program, both the military and
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civilian sides, be completely dismantled. he said today that denying iran a nuclear weapon is the primary challenge of this generation. netanyahu warned the international community today to be aware of tehran's intention and not to ease pressure on iran. >> israel is prepared to do what is necessary to defend itself. we share president obama's preference to see iran's nuclear weapons program and through diplomacy. but for diplomacy to succeed, it must be coupled with powerful sanctions and a credible military threat. >> now, president obama defended the international deal which many allies in the middle east area really are very nervous about, insisting his bottom line is to prevent iran from collecting a nuclear weapon and the sanctions relief will depend on iran's actions going forward and that is what has so many in
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this region worried, greg. they don't really trust iran and they are afraid that the united states will be tricked by iran's sweet talking going forward. secretary of state john kerry insists that israel and the united states are in snync. from where you are in jerusalem, does it seem that way? >> reporter: there's a lot of tension. they are simply not on the same side although they are trying to sort of publicly get their act together. netanyahu and perez had very kind words to say this weekend and perez even saying that he's willing to speak with the new iranian president. so they are more on the same page this weekend than they have been but underneath it all israel's leader and in fact many of the arab leaders in this part of the world, the u.s. allies in
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saudi arabia and bahrain are very nervous and don't trust the administration going forward but right now they don't have a choice. they have to follow the white house lead on dealing with iran. >> conor powell reporting live in jerusalem, thank you very much. and growing tensions in asia. south korea announcing it is expanding its own air defense zone to include two small islands along with a submerged rock that is also claimed by china. south korea responding to recent actions by china to expand its air to zone defense in the east china sea. all of this is sparking concerns over the beginning of a broader conflict in that region. the obama administration is making a push to get young, healthy americans to sign up for obama care but as the numbers are very slow to pick up, the architect of obama care told our own chris wallace today, it's a
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lack of promotion, not the botched rollout that is to blame for low enrollment. >> no one has launched a big pr campaign to get these people signed up because of the problems with the federal website. we are about to launch a big pr campaign and that, i think, is going to persuade a lot of people to sign up. >> the white house may not have started its latest pr campaign but state exchanges are certainly looking to attract younger demos using racy ads like this one with internet means like this one like hey, girl, and cutouts of actors like ryan gosling. still, almost half of millennials say they are not going to sign up. joining me is a columnist for the washington times, charlie herd. the president has been promoting this thing for four long years with all kinds of things like wild promises and now one of his own obama care architects says
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he hasn't promoted it enough and that's why young people aren't signing up. maybe young people think we've been deceived and they've figured out it's a bad deal for them. maybe that's why they are not signing up. >> you're exactly right, greg. you have a situation where one of the largest transfers of wealth, forced by the government from the young, healthy people, who are generally -- they don't have much money. they don't have much property or wealth. but the largest transfer forced by the government from those people to older, sicker people and i think that despite what the obama administration and ezekiel emanuel may think of young people, that's a bad deal. as you point out, we've had three elections on this. there's nobody in the america who has not at least heard of obama care and i think that -- i think that what we're seeing is
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their very real refusal to go along with it because as you say, it's a bad idea for them. >> the white house, charlie, has to be deeply worried about the new harvard millennial poll. only 22% of young americans plan to sign up. 47% say it's unlikely they are going to sign up. i mean, those young people are the ones who are supposed to pay, as you point out, for the higher health costs for older and sick americans. if that doesn't happen, charlie, it could cause what experts say is a death spiral of skyrocketing premiums and then the risk, the collapse of the entire system. right? >> and i think -- absolutely. and i think that is exactly why the administration would much rather spend their time talking about what a disaster the website is and we're going to fix the website and get the glitches out. and you know what, eventually -- and they compare it to the rollout of the iphone, as if
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obama care is somehow could be likened in any other way to the iphone. the reason they want to talk about that is because they are probably right. they probably will fix a whole lot of the glitches with the website. but what cannot be fixed is this idea that under a socialized european socialist program, health program where you have young, healthy people paying the way for older, sicker people are just not going to go along with it and it will collapse under its own weight. >> you know, the president has now reluctantly conceded that the promise about keeping the plan was wrong, polling data shows a majority thinks he deliberately lied about that. does it also now appear, charlie, that his other key promise about keeping your doctor may be just as false and misleading because most of these obama care plans exclude many doctors and hospitals in order
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to keep costs down? >> that -- the promise about keeping your doctor is every bit, if not more, untrue than the promise about keeping your health plan. because even if you get to keep your health plan, it's very possible that you won't get your doctor as well. plans, it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to keep your doctor. but i thought there was something very interesting that ezekiel said this morning on "fox news sunday" where he said, oh, no, you can keep your dock are to, you can keep your health plan if you're willing to pay more for it. well, you know what, had president obama ran on that campaign, that you can keep your doctor or your health plan if you're willing to pay for more it, i don't think he would have won that argument as well. >> this is the latest tally of health plans canceled in the individual marketplace. 5,960,390. it's on the edge of six million.
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there's going to be another wave of even more cancellations of employer-sponsored plans next year as the business exemption expires. we'll leave that for another time, charlie. we're out of time. charlie hurt, as always, good to see you. thanks very much. >> thank you, greg. security concerns today as thousands gather to remember "fast & furious" actor paul walker. we're going to take you there live. and mayhem on the campus of michigan state. did you see this? riot police are forced to respond. we're going to tell what you sparked it. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male anner ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh, what a relief it is!
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chaos on the michigan state university campus after last night's big win over ohio state at the big 10 championship game. take a look at this.
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students starting huge bonfires and the situation quickly got out of control. police say more than 1,000 rowdy fans gathered in east lansing. there are reports of several arrests. the university president vowing those who took part will the punished. >> it is a solemn sunday in south africa as the nation mourns the death of nelson mandela. the sun is setting there now but earlier today crowds gathered at the anti-apartheid leader's home leaving flowers and candles. south africa's president called for a day of prayer and reflection before official services begin on tuesday. greg is live in johannesburg, south africa, with the latest. greg? >> reporter: it's been three days since the passing of nelson mandela. he died in the house just behind me right here.
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but still the passions and emotions continue to build. it's just approaching 11:00 and there are hundreds and hundreds of people outside of the house. as you can see, mountains of flowers being laid and candles being lit. earlier today in churches as well as synagogues and mosques, prayers were said and the man was remembered, the man who many people here consider to be the father of modern south africa. south african president zuma was at one church with the ex-wife of nelson mandela, winnie, and he called for the country to get together. in fact, the family issued a statement tonight and said, keep the dream alive. here's a little bit more of what we saw here in this neighborhood, the former neighborhood of nelson mandela earlier today. take a listen. >> it is supposed to be a day of prayer and reflection for the late nelson mandela but, as you can see and hear in this johannesburg neighborhood, it is a day of song and praise for the
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father of this country. >> i appreciate what he has done for the country, what is done for south africa. >> celebrating the life of a great man. we loved him and we're still going to love him forever and forever. >> i think for what he has done for the country, i think -- i'm out of words. i don't know what to say. >> he's gone to heaven. >> reporter: that little one had some words and there are more words that will be said in the days to come. tuesday is certainly shaping up to be the big day of the next several days of memorial. we're looking at a major ceremony at a stadium here in johannesburg. tens and thousands of the public will be there and heads of state, something like 53 from around the world will be in attendance as well as a lot of stars and luminaries, including four u.s. presidents, president
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obama, george w. bush, clinton, and carter. all of this demonstrating a wide, wide impact of this man. he will then lay in state for three days and then be buried in his home village several hours from here. apparently in the final hours of nelson mandela he was off his life support and not breathing too well and according to one witness who was there, they said, well, he just finally gave up. well, greg, as we all know, he fought so many battles and he won so many of those through his life. back to you. >> well said, greg palkot in johannesburg. greg, thanks. we're continuing to track a very powerful storm moving eastward here in the u.s. the weather radar looking brutal. snow, sleet, freezing rain up and down the east coast now. we're tracking this storm and we will have what you need to know,
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police are asking for calm as crowds are gathering at a memorial for actor paul walker the "fast & furious" star killed in a car crash recently. thousands are expected to fact the accident scene causing security concerns for l.a. county sheriff's office, who are trying to keep the unsanctioned event under control. dominic denattily live in santa clarita with more. dominic? >> hey there, greg. the county sheriff's department here certainly managing to do that. got to say the crowd are extraordinarily well behaved out in their thousands. we stopped counting at about 1,000. at least 7,000 people signed up to attend on facebook and during
12:54 pm
the course of the day it's very easy to see that they'll actually be able to do that. what you're looking at is a profession of cars, high octane models, including motorcycles who are out from the really the motor racing community, and also the sports car enthusiast community who really come to pay their respects to both paul walker and the film star's friend who was also killed in the crash on november 30th. they've erected a huge car port on the side of the truck where people are signing their condolences to the families of both men. it's an extraordinary, well work of art quite frankly because it's just what they're doing the motor enthusiast community. it's absolutely fantastic. also they're showing you some of the cars that paul walker rode during the "fast & furious" movies. apparently those cars are really symbolic to people here. this is what one of the orders explaced why they're exactly so. >> everybody out here today,
12:55 pm
they're all community. so fans of the franchise of the fast and the furious. they see all these cars represent paul and the movie, and i think that everybody resembles for that, they relate to it. >> the investigation into what actually caused the crash the sheriff's department saying they believe the speed was definitely a factor. it's going to take about another five or six weeks before they get the toxicology results. we may have to know then precisely what caused it back to you, greg. >> dominic, thank you. back to our top story. a dangerous winter storm slamming sections of the east coast, the system a mix of freezing rain, sleet, snow delivering a sloppy mess in virginia, officials say in parts of maryland, they're warning people stay off the roads, because of treacherous conditions. l elizabeth live in washington with more. >> what started as a pretty beautiful snowfall has now turned into a very dangerous wintry mix. we're seeing now freezing rain to start to fall. there's a winter weather
12:56 pm
advisory until about 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. within the area there are three major air ports, dwi, reagan and iad. all of those airports are seeing some major delays, anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour and 45, especially with flights heading north of here to new york, and laguardia. as well as philadelphia. now, some areas are have already seen a couple inches of snow in fact we have some photographs from fredrick, maryland, anywhere between 4 and even some areas northwest of that seeing 7 inches of snow. the biggest worry right now is for travelers tomorrow because a lot of this will turn into ice very treacherous driving conditions. >> elizabeth, thanks very much. and thanks for joining us, i'm gregg jarrett. a healthy view with carol alt is next. but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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